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A large and copious I N D E X of fuch Words as occur in STEPHENS 
and AINS WORTH, of an obfolete, unclafTical, doubtful, or modern 
Charadler, with the proper and genuine Word frequently annexed : 

Alfo Another INDEX of the fame Kind, from 

To which are fubjoined, 

A THIRD, of the more common Latin Words in our ancient L a w s. 

The Notes of Abbreviations ufed in Latin Authors and Inscriptions. And 

A GENERAL CHRONOLOGY of eminent Persons and memorable Things. 


Redlor ofBucKLAND, in Hertfordshire, and F. SS. R. & A. 



Printed by Charles Rlvington and Jf'iUiam Ji^oodfall, 

For C. Bathurst, J. Bucklakd, J. Beecroft, W. Strahan, J. and F. RivmcTON, J. Hinton, 
I,. Davis, L. Hawes and Co. R. Horsfield, W. Johnjton, W. Owen, S. Crowder, T. Longman, 
B. Law, E. and C. Dilly, W. Domville, T. Cadell, G. Robinsow, J. Johnson, T. Davies, 
T, Po-j E, J. RoEsoN, W. Ginger, R. Baldwin, and T, Evans. 


•H T HO W 2 M I A T >i li a O : 

\ ^ 



^' \. T< 









Jiii ii 

t IK ] 




REALLY, Gentlemen, ye are fomewhat unreafonable in your application, & third time, to 
me, (at 70) for a work of this laborious kind. Ye may not know perhaps thofe lines of 
Scaliger, Si quern dura manet, &c *. But ye know in what contempt a Lexicographef 
IS held by the great Bolingbroke, who fpares not even a Littleton, (the moft pains'taking man in the 
profefTion) yet as All that nobleman has been pleated to advance is not Gofpeti and as this your 
application ii fome credit to tne, in evidence that what I have already done for you, has anfwered 
"your purpofe ; Jludio falknte taborem^ I Ihall iCndeavour to oblige you, and, I hope, thcrcirt the 
publick, on the following account. 

Far be it from me to decry a charafter fo well and fo juftly eftabliflicd, as that of Ain/wdrth. It- 
is by no means in rty difpofition to cenfure either the living or the dead ; But the prefent work, 
requires an apology j and indeed the pert not only of a Grammarian, but of A Critick : 1 hope 
therefore I Qiall be excufed in faying, that 

Mr.Ainfwortb in his Preface (p. xi.) fpeaks of his pfedecetfors, heing ftgardlefs tf & Hidtter (/ 
great importance in this affair, viz, The not making the Englijh and Latin parts to tally with each other j 
but has been fo regardlefs of this important matter himfclf, that of near one hundred words in the 
firft half page, there are not above four or five that tally with the Latin ; I mean, under the 
Latin word here given for the Englifh, there is no fueh Knglitti word to be found in the Latin % 
for inftance, to abandon^ not in the Latin under any of the three Words given for it in the Englifh, 
deferoy dejlituo, renuncio, &c. &c. So in the Latin part ; in the firft half-page, there is fcarce a word 
that properly tallies with the Englilh ; abalieno, is not rendered as in the Englifli by to abaliiHate\ 
but to throw, or caft off, to difpofe of; nofte of which have abalieno in theEnglilh part. The verb* 
likewife abfc'onio, abfolvo^ perverto, fubfirvio, &c, have not as in the Ettglifh, to abfcottd, to etbfohe, 
to pervert, to be fubfervient to, &c. And with regard to nouns, the word hint is not to be found in 
the Latin part, under any of the three words given for it iti the Englilh j fo, impartial, impartialfyf 
impartiality^ not one of them in the Latin under jttftUs, jujle, jujlitia. Improbitas is not rendered 
by improbity ; nor petulans, by petulant ; nor injurius, by injurious, as in the Englifh : And t-, w* 
injurious in the Englilh has not injuri»fus ; nor injurioufly, injuriose, as in the Latin. In (hort, there 
is not a colutnn throughout the whole, but what is fubjefl to this ftriclure, in the like proportion i 
which 1 chink worthy of notice, becaufe children of the lower clafs may hereby often want the 
nioft proper word to render the Latin by : For I well remember^ that Mr. yJntrobus, fcnior, one 
of the afllftants at Eton in my time, ufed to tell Us, that the fafeft way to render Latin, was by 
the term borrowed from it in Englifh. This dcfeft, therefore, fhould certainly be remedied j 
dnd it is fo, in fome meafure, by the addition of many Latin words to the Eng}ifl)» and v. v. but 
SO have done it accurately, would have required an age* 

* Si qu«m diira manet fententia judicis oltm, 

Damnatum acrumnis fuppliciifque caput i 
Hunc nequc fabrili iaflent ergaftuta mafsi. 

Nee rigidas f excnt fofla metaila manus ; 
Le)i!ca Contexati ham cn^tera, quid moror ? oflinM 

f cenararo facies hie labor unus bibUi 

C iv 1 

There are innumerable Latin words, not fterling, without a mark of rejection ; a$, averruncathf 
taliditasy cavitas, caiitela, congefiio, gratitudo, fidejujfor, ptnguedo, (profpeaum, n. ed. 1761,) &c. Some, 
I own, may have cfcaped me in the Enghlh part, (as, abafement^ deprejfio) this being firft printed j 
but, I hope, few or none in the Latin. 

Many bad words marked as good, vid. efus in efcatio, and comejiio in efus : And on the contrary, 
many marked as bad, for the uJe of which there is fufficient authority ; as, circumerro, circumfremoy 
fircumlujlro, &c. &c. 

There are alfo many words which I take to be neither Englifh nor Latin ; as, hunchimfs, gib- 
bofitas ; braivninefs, callolitas ; tiappinefs, villofitas j liquidnefs, liquiditas -, luindinefs, ventofius ; 4 
hazarder, pcriclitator ; frothily, fpumose •, woundabk, vulnerabilis, &c. &c. And 

Sometimes two bad Latin words without one good one, which was eafily to be had i as, recom- 
fetife, retributio, hoftinientum, 4- compenfatio, merces. But 

Mod amazing is the inaccuracy with regard to tautology ; whatever word was found differently 
fpelt, either by whim or cultom, fuch word is repeated even four or five times, with all its 
phrafes j as, eqfie, eafy ; cinders, finders ; to beray, to bewray -, to boil, to boyl, &c, but efpecially ia 
words compounded of the prepofition in, often changed into em, or en, and fo given under both, 
with the fame or different Latin ; as, to embalm, to imbalm ; to enchant, to inchant, &c. borage, 
horrage, burrcfge ; cion, cyon, fcyon -, dofen, dozen, doufen ; doucet, doufet^ dowfet ; evet^ neut, newt -, 
gaol, goal, jail; cRfier, clyjier, glifter, ghjler % cifers, cizars, fcijfers, fijfars, or fcizzars ; ghittar, git tar, 
guittar, gittern, tittern, &c. «c. near a thoufand. A green goofe, under both green and goofe -, fo a 
bobby-horfe, whirl-wind, &c. inviting, invitation, with the fame bad Latin : Nay, the very fame 
word repeated > as, mar^y, marJJoy ; offspring, offspring, &c. The like tautology runs throughout 
the Latin part ; as, in hiberna, hyberna \ fuius, fydus; filva, fylva; with all their derivatives ; and 
even four times, z%fecialis.,fetialis, facialis, foscialis; and the fame word likewife redundant; vid. 
indefefse, induifurus. 

The fame word with different fpelling and different Latin ; zs, gewgaws, nugas, tricse; guegawfy 
crepundia, gerrae -, fo, hainous, heinous j hainotifly, heinoufly ; aft eyelet-bole^ ilet-hole ; haywardy 
htyward ; chalot, fhaht, &c. 

Several Latin words to one Englifh, and fcarce any of them pure, vid. gliittonoufiy. 

The fame word in the Latin marked. good apd bad, v\A. pelliceus^ pellicius; and, as before ob- 
ferved, many marked as bad, when really good, vid. fupra. 

Many words in common ufe omitted ; as, probity, reliance ; to perch, to verge, to bid adieu^ 
&c. &c. 

Falfe references, or words referred to fuch as are not exhibited ; vid. a vail, the ginfifh, a phe- 
Jant ; to embody, &c. fo, id the Latin, vid. profa, pfccas, opinus, pra'bia, trpxalis ; piop. Oetus, 
"Tremetus, &c. . i 

Many words without e*amples, which were to be had. of good authority ; as, CircenfeSj P'irg) 
Julius, Id. jugeru'm, Cit. Hor. delibero, 'fer. tJv. Cic. labium, Ter. SiL introferb, Cic. 8cc. •&c. 

Many words omitted in the Latin examples, where neceflarily required to compleat the fenie, 
and fhcw the force of the example-, vid. concludo, N° 3. perfcribo, N" i. arrifor, defatigor, concep' 
taculum, ivgrandefco, infatuo, elautus, opitulor, permeans, fuflentatus,^ vanefco, venalitius, &c. nay, 
the principal word omitted, vid. afliitus. 

Falfe quotations; \\di, eblanditus, lacerandus, (perhaps an error of the prefsj hovendialcs, (Ed. 
1761.) grunnio, &c. 

Trandated and quoted in a wrong fenfe ; vid. tradere, caufam ; aures (for nares) pervado. Nei- 
ther fenfe, nor right reading, vid. mcejle. 

The fame example quoted twice under the fame word; vid. experiens, pervigilium, pexatus, oc- 
4alko, non. Sue. and in two different fenfes, vid. palpor. 

The fame example under both adtive and paflive ; vid, infefto, infeflor; under the verb adliv^ 
or deponent and the participle; \\A. renmuio, renunciaturus -, illabor, illapfus; as , alfo- Under thci 
p^flTivc and participle, vid. monflror, menflratus ; nobilitor, nobilitatus ; prJfcribor, prafcriptus j prt- 
tnor, premeridus, &c. ' 

Paliives and participles frequently under the verb aftive, as in imperito, &c. 

The fame example as a verb and a fubftantive, vid. migror, migratus. 

As a participle and fubftantive, \'k\. fufjixus, relicentia, 

——Paflive and imperfonal, vid. rtclamor, redanuitum efi, 


[ V ] 

Laftly, proper names unneceflarily inferted among the appellatives, as, Mmallmes, Ramm, 5y- 
iaritis, &c. 

Having, in a great meafure, reftified thefe inaccuracies and overfights, I was perfuaded to 
fupply the omiffions, and to add fuch words as the celebrated Dr. Johnion hath given us in his 
Diftionary, with their authority : And accordingly I have added at hz^ ftx thoufand, with fuch Latin 
interpretation, as, in my beft judgment, I thought proper for them; and which particularly with 
regard to Spenfer and Shakefpeare., (for I begin no earlier) may ferve as a gloflary thereto ; as, to 
areed (Sp.) aread (WiWi.) argofy, doud-capt (Sh.) to Romanize (Dryd.) ^c. ^c. 

I have added feveral Latin words to the Englifh, where there was but one before, and that 
perhaps an improper one, vid. increafe: And indeed almofi: in every column fuch as were necef- 
farily required, vid. preietice, and v. v. As the moit proper word for the rendering Latin into 
Englifh may fometimes here be wanting, I have frequently added many Englilh words to the 
Latin, vid. inconjideratusy inconjlans, inconfulte^ vemtftas, &c. &c. 

I have likewife taken notice of the different ufe of the fame word in different authors, vid. 
coarfenefs. And alfo 

Diftinguifhed the proper and figurative ufe, vid. gluttony. 

I have inferted many good words that were omitted, elpecially in the degrees of comparifon; 
as, well acquainted, better acquainted; more acute, very acute; more affeiiedly, moji accurately, &c. 
and omitted fuch as are improper ; or, if rarely ufed, pointed out the authority j as, an abufer 
(Denh.) addiBednefs (Boyle) addiSlion (Sh.) an achiever (Id.) &c. &c. 

I have generally ftruck out fuch Latin words to the Englilh as were not clafiical •, as, an ah- 
Surdity, ll abfurditas ; to abajh, || pudefacio, t?f. and marked fuch as are ufed figuratively, as. 
Met. confundo ; -}- evaleo. 

I have frequently changed a bad word for 3 good one -, as, fatherly, paterne (by the way, not 
in the Latin) 4- patrie, paterno afFeiftu ; to preconceive, prjeconcipio, 4 prsefentio ; fo, innocenter 
f^ innocue j vocatus, for vocatio ; momentum, for prjeponderatio, i^c. l^c. 

It has been my particular care likewife, — to give the fentence as it ftands in the original, and not 
quote it fo as to alter or deprave the fenfej as under abalieno, morsfola, &c. — when an unclaffical word 
is given, to point out what is ufed for it by the beft writers ; as, ablaSfo, 4. a la£ie removeo, &c. — to 
give examples of a verb, as it is uled without, or with, a different prepofition-, vid. abdo: — to give an 
example of a verb ufed paffively, under the verb paflive, and not under the adive ; as in abigo^ 
eblego, &c. &c. — to add examples of a verb ufed paflively, where they are omitted ; as in ab- 
rumpor, &c. — to add examples of the ufe of the participle, where wanting*, as in abnegatus, ab- 
nuiturus, &c. &c. — not only to mark an unclairical word, but to point out the author; as, || abo- 
tninatio (Laft.) — to alter fuch words, as are fcldom or never ufed in the Englifh language; as in 
abdicator, a renouncer, &c.- — ^^but efpecially to change the example for one, 1 hope, of better au- 
thority ; as Cicero for Curtius ; vid-, acquiefcens ; for L. Florus, vid. ful'picor, reftitutus; 
for Scribonius, vid. exulcqroj for Val. Maximus, vid. elinguis, abjeflus, ilkiftrandus; for Livy^ 
vid. aberro; for Columella., vid. amans; iox Martial, vid. accipio; for Claudiaiu, vid. prjeficior ; 
fox Jujiin, vid. acuendus, adjnvandus ; for ylfconius (the example not given) vid. fifcus ; for Litt. 
ex Liv. vid. illaqueor; for Pliff. &p. /-itt. vid. pervidco; for a doubtful example from Non/mSy 
vid. degor J fo, Firgil for St^tius, vid. accingo.; Tacitus for Boetius, vid. pr^co; Livy for Fefius^ 
vid. abaftus ; Tliny for Tertullian, vid. portentofus ; Ciefar for Ainm. MarcelltH. &c. &c. 

And further, to prevent confufion and miilakes, efpecially among the younger fort, and no- 
vices, I have almoft entirely difcarded all fuch Latin words as were obfolcte, doubtful, modern, 
qr not true fterling.; but have bellowed upon them a copious index or two, with the proper and 
genuine word frequently annexed. 

But to return to the Englilh part. The utility of works of this kind, I know, hath been dif- 
puted. But in our larger fchools, (as Eton, Weftminiter, Winchefter, and three or four more, 
which I call fchools) it would be impoffible to carry on the laborious talk of inftrudUng youth, in 
a dead language, were they not indulged in this fort of private tutorage. 

I fee no neceffity, however, for declining every noun, or forming every word, in the Englifh 
part. There are few children, of any docility, but who, having learned the grammar, know the 
declenfion or conjugation of a Latin word, from its termination, before they come to the ufe of 
a didlionary. Befides, it is very proper they fhould be frequently exercifing their memory, and 
when that fails them herein, they might have recourfe to the Latin part. 1 have therefore gene- 


[ vi 3 

Tally omitted this fuppofcd ejoendation, efpecially when the fpacc of a line or two coviM be gained 
•thcrebv : For tliis is what I greatly wanted, on account ot the forementioned additions, and having 
protniied you not to exceed Jhtfivorih's quarto. 

And now with regard to orthography, 1 really know not what to fay :— Ic wefo to be wiflied 
that Ibme ftandard, or teft of purity, could be fixed for it-, but, I fear, this is impfafticabk j 
for quel homines, tot fententia. To fpeak. my own mind, I could be very well fatisfitd with the 
judgment and authority of Drydcn, Locke, Addifon, and the moft elegant writers in the be[;inning 
of this century, or towards the end of the laft. Diverfe and Jirange have beetv the alteratioas of 
iate> in this refpeft, as in do£irines ; from the corruptions of ignorance, and cap-ices cf innovali^n ; 
^which by the way, in many cafes, is apt to do more harm thati good:) But come from what 
learned quarter they will, I cannot but bewail the lofs of e final in doilrin (^Lct. -do^lirina) and 
nam {Sax. nama) i^c. and Ihall ftill infcrt the u in honour, &c. as immediately defceoding to us 
from the Norman-French honeur, &c. rather than afFeft the original Latin word honor, &c. ot* 
■wc muft likewife change the pronunciation. Much lefs can I give my hand to an anonymous 
reformer (in 1724) or thofe of his opinion, who contend for the fpelling every word according 
to the pronunciation, as, uze, flejhure, nabor, &c. inftead of ufe, pleafuri, veighbour, d>cc. For to 
what county, or to what town fhall we give the preference ? I formerly knew a town in EJfeXy 
(not two miles from the high road) where the pronunciation, and even the tone of voice, was as 
different from that of their neighbours, as in any throughout Tarkjire, or Zomerzetfcire. But I 
cannot pretend to enter upon a full difcufTion of this point here ; for tho' it is what i promifed 
(fome forty years ago) in my preface to Chaucer^ I have not time at prefent, and have loft mofl 
of my papers preparatory thereto ; nor indeed would I prefume to attempt any thing of this kind, . 
after the elaborate preface of Dr. John/on to his Diftionary. 1 fhali only obferve, that 

The ingenious Editor of the laft edition of ^infafor I h, 1761, (which ye interleaved for my ufe 
before 1 had examined it) would have given me an infinite deal of trouble, if 1 had |,refcnde(i 
to corrcft his orthography ; fo very frequent are his alterations, particularly in almoft cv -ry adverb, . 
prsterite, and participle •, I therefore left it to the compofitor, to do as he pleafed 1 for I own, 
there may be fome propriety in the intended analogical amendments j though I fear, the generality 
would not agree with us. The terminations (now in vogue) of the preterite and participle are- 
fd and ing, (formerly ede, id, ende, ande,) which being added to the primitive, fuppofe, aequit^i 
lunkcs acquit-ed, acquit-ing ; but if the confonant (as here) be not doubled, is it not liable to be 
pronounced, as in requit ed, requiting ? fo, \nftriped (from tojirip,) how fhali a child or ftranger,' 
without the double confonant, diftinguifh the pronunciation from ftrip'cd, {tofiiipe) &c. 1 he 
fame Editor hath alfo kept the final e in the participle, as, ccme-ing, ferve-ing, trijie-ing, &cc. as 
likewife in the fubftantives, difpcfe-al, refufe-al, &:c. So, in other words, fubftantives and adverbs,- 
whofe terminations are nefs and ly, he has only added the termination without altering the pri- 
mitive, as, baftey, hajieynefs, hajleyly ; tolerablely, &c. &c. which words, be they right or wrong, 
feemed fo quaint and uncouth to me, as well as to the compofuor, that I cannot but think myfcif 
obliged to him for his rcftoration of them to thgir former fpelling and common ufage. Sibi judicet 

But after all ye will fay, PVhy this addrefs to us? Where it your dtiicatidH ? Sonte great name to 
patronize Jo expmftve a -work xvould be of fervice to us. Ye muft excufe tnc) for as to you, there 
are few names lb great as to enhance the fale of any book whatever, if its Own utility does not 
recommend it : And as to mylelf ; not being a dangler, or in any way importunate, by conftitu- 
tion } fincc, after frequent dedications, by permifTion, by rcqueft, 1 tan only fay with my late 
Jriend Dr. Icung, I have been fo long remembered, 1 am forgot, I was induced to infcribe this work to 
you, wiili whom alone I can boalt a mutual obligation ; and am therefore* 


Tour mefi obedient Servaftft 

Ii:S::f:r:! t, morel l. • 

Aluiih 1, J 77 J. 

O F 

C vii ] 
© F THE 


Relating to the P U R I T Y of th» 


THOUGH the origin, growth, flourifliing flate, and decay, of the Latin tongue may, rn my opinion, br 
jnbft properly represented by the different ages of man, as infancy, youth, manhood, and old age ; yet, fince- 
thofe periods of time have been more ufually diftingui(hed by metals of greater, or lefs, finenefj, as gold, 
filver, brafs, andiron; I chufe to keep to the method of digefting them prefcribed by others, rather than feem too* 
fond of my own opinion, by introducing a new way of my own. 

The gMer: age in this cafe is generally computed from the time of the fecoad' Pumck w»r, to the latter end of the 
reign ol Auguftzt Cafar, and comprehendeth the oldeft authors in tW Latin tongue now extant, excepting the fragment* 
nf Livius Jtii/ronicus. Though for a coBfiderable time after the commencement of this period, the language was buP 
yet forming, and by gradual improvements afterwards arrived to its ftate of perfeftion under Augujius. 

T\iejtl-ver age is reckoned to have commenced on the death ai Augujius, and continued to the end oTTrnjan^s reign.. 

The hrefen age began at the death of Trajan, and lafted till the time that Rome was taken by the Cothi, about four 
kundred and ten years after the birth of Chrift. 

The iron age commenced from the facking of Rome before-mentioned, after which the purity of the Latintongue was- 
very much ncgledled, and multitudes of barbarous words and forms of expreffion introduced, to the great difparagement: 
•f that noble language. 

How rude and unpolilhed this tongue was in its infant flate, appeareth from hence, that the hymns of the Saliar prieftj. 
inftitated by l/uma, were fcarcely underftood by the priefts themfelves, who were cotemporary with the fiourifhing 
time;, at Faiiuj tells us, Jfi/i. Orat. i, 6. And the decemviral, and pontifical laws had nothing of that beautiful', 
diction, which may be obferved in the writings of i\\e Augujian age. 

Ennius the poet is alfo defcribed by OiiiJ, Triji. 2, 424. as ingemo maximus, urlt ruJis. AniCtrciliui is faid by Tu/lj 
ad Ait. 7, 3. to be matus Latinitatis auGor. 

But in after-times the Remans took great pains in polifhing their native language, and even Crr/ar himfelf, when^ 
•therwife engaged in bufinefs of great moment, writ a book relating to the fpeaking of Latin accurately, and declareth 
therein, 'verbtrum deleiium originem effe eloquentia, Cic. de Clar. Orat. 72. Ca/ar, Cicero the father of the Roman elo- 
quence, Cernelius Nepos, Varro, SaUufi, and Lj-vj, may juftly be reckoned the greateft writers in profe, and P/autus, 
Terence, Lucretius, Firgil, Horace, and Otiid, the greaicd poets ; who all' lived in the golden age. 

Cel/ui, Patertulus, Cblumella, Curtius, Tacitus, P///y the hiftorian, Suttoniui, and fome other profe writers, flourifhed 
in the filver age ; and Perjius, Lucan, Silius lialicus, Valerius Flaccui, Jievenal, and Martial among the poets ; and the 
two Seneca's diftinguifhed themfelves by their writings on moral and other fubjefts. 

Ju^in, JEHms Spartianus, with the other writers of the Auguftan hiftory ; Eutropius, Fegetiui, Macroblut, and Aureliut 
yaior, writers in profe; Nemejianus, Aufonius, Prudtntius, and Cleiudian, poets; lived in the braien age, and wrre a 
confidcrable ornament to it. 

Though it is ufual to judge of the di£lion of the Reman writers by the age they lived iwj yetthat-this may admit of 
fome exceptions is evident from hence, that P^trwuiiu^ who writ even in the Augufan age, finketh in fome places far 
below the diftion of his cotemporaries ; and the ilile of Valerius Maximus, the writers of the Hijlsrite Augujia, Ammiamis 
M.trcellinu!, and Apukiui, is much worfe than of fome others who lived in their times; and yet feveral -lawyers, as 
jEmilius, Papiriian, Vlpian, and Others, writ in a good Latiti Kt\c andti Alexander Se'verus ;■ and eytn Lae'ianlius, a 
Chrirtian, writ good Z.a//n in the reij^n of C»75?«?;/;w ;; W/>///a.< ^fi'cr«» in the timeof Honorius; Claudiawl\\t poet in 
\\\c \\xae of Se-jeru! \ yta and long after, Mwdti Theodorick r\\t Gotb, Beethius, a mar* of confular' dignity,, wrote \n foi 
pure a Reman, flile, that if we were ignorant of the age he lived in, we fhould take him for a cotemporary of Cicero.. 

In after-times the beauty of the L«/iB-.tonguc declined very much, and many kife words were- introduecd into the 
l.ineuare, cfpecially by the ecclefialticfc and phyfical writers, the ufe of. which ought- to be carefully avoided by all 
oerfons ftudious of writirig in a good Lati?h ftilc : The forell way of obtaining which, is carefully to read, make 
cbf rvations upon, :;rd imitate, the purelk Lntin writers, efpecially thofe who cotac the ncarell to Cicero, to whofe. 
Kajuaiilc writings this language is very intich iodebte-d. A,. 

A^u ex Q R E a^ 

t viii J; 


Quorum fcripta, faltem nonnulla, jam extant, ordine tem- 
porum difpofiti, eorumque editioaes quaedam melioris 
notsc recenfitae. A. 




U C T O R E S Latini a3 auriam, argtnUam, aittam, 
ve]/errtam scatem rcferri folent. 

I. yfurea <etat a Mlo Punica fecundo ad txtremos ufque Atigujii 
Cajaris annos prffducilMr, ai anm/ciL V-C. Xixxxvi, ad 
annum DCCI.xvil, t)el ah anno ante Chrifium n at urn 
ccxvii, ad annum Clirijli xiv; duravit autem amis 
fire ccxxntl. 

Hujtw etatis -au^Ores fucre : 

(;aKXX.vii!.Li'Vuis Jadroiucus, trtgicos, qui primus fabu- 
1am docuit. Hujas fcripta, qTice fuperfunt, 
€dita funt inter Fragmenta vcterum tragico- 
rum, Lugd. Bat. 162c, 8. [Livius Cagnomento 
Andronicus de quo fiepe mem ionem fecit Cicero, 
j'uil Podta Comicus iif primam Fabulam dtdit nnno 
U. C. 0X1 V. a quo incipit Aurea jEtas. Mar- 

Ciieus Nietuitti, p'oeta, obiit. Hujus fragmcnta 
edita fuiu libro }am memorato. 
Marcus Accins Plautus, poeta comicus, fatis 
conccffit. Hujus XX comcediae jam fuperfunt, 
edit, cum comitientarii^ Dianyfii Latnbini, 
Parif 1576, fol. Fred. Taubmanni, Francof. 
16; I, 4. cum <vptierum notis .a Johanne Fre- 
dcrico Gronovio, Lugd. Bat. 1684, 8. & a 
JacoboOperarioinufumDelphini, Parif. 1679, 
2 vol. 4. 
CLXXVlli. Statius Caciliiis, poeta comicus, floruit. Hu- 
jus fcripta, quae extant, edita funt inter Frag- 
mcnta veterum poetarum Latinoruro a Roberto 
& Henrico Stephano collefta, Parif 1564, 8. 
CLXVii. i^intut Ennius, poeta epicus, obiit. Ejus 
fcripta, quae fuperfunt, edita funt inter Frag- 
menta veterum tragicorum, L. B. 1620, 8. fe- 
orfuffl Amft. 1707, 4. 

Publiui Terenlius, Afer, poeta comicus, obiit. 
Hujus vi coma-dia; elegantiffim:tadhuc extant, 
edit, cum 'variorum notis a Cornelio Schreve- 
lio, Lugd. Bat. 1657, 8. a Nicolao Camo in 
ufum Delphini, Parif. i67<;, 4. J. Leng. Cant. 
1702, 4. Richardo Btntleio, Cantab. 1726, 4. 
Sc Wefterhovio, Hag. Com. 1726, 2 vol. 4. 
M. Pacuviui, poeta tragicus, claruit. Hujus 
fcripta, qua; ad nos pervcnerunt, edita funt 
inter Fragmenta vcterum tragicorum, Lugd. 

' B.-lt. 1620, 8. ■ ■ ■', ■,:■■ ■ i! ( ,, r,. 

GZLiz. M. Porcius Cato, omtor & hiftoricus, diem 
claufit fuprcmum. Hujus fragmenta quxdam 
ex Originibus & alii? fcriptis collcgit Aufonius 
Popma, apud Plantin, 1590, 8. k Joh. Meur- 
f)U5, L. B. 1598, 8. edit, cum Columella, & 
aJiis, fionoD. 1494, fol. ap. Hieron. Comme- 



Ante C. 











lin. Hcidelb. ijgi, 8. & a J. M. Gefnero, 

Lipf. 173?, 4 

L Jtiiut vel J,c-us, poeta tragicus, claruit. 
EjUS fcripta, qui; extant, edita funtinterFrag- 
mcn-ta veterimi iragicorunv, Lugd. Bat. 1 62aj 8. 
C. Luaius, piTcta fatyricos, claruit. EJ-"' 
fcripta, quae ad nas pervenerunt, extant inter 
Fr.igmenta vetenim poetarum Latinorum, a3a 
Btroqae Stephan - oollefta, Parif. 1564, 8. 
Sex/us Turpilius, ^locta comicus, obiit. Hujus 
fcri|:ta, qnx extant, edita funt inter Frag- 
mciua veterum poetaram Latinorum jam me* 

L. /ifraniiu, poeta comicus, claruit. Ejus 
fcripta, quae extant, edita funt inter Frag* 
mcnta veterum poetarum Latinorum jam me- 

L. Ccrr.ciiu: Sifena, hilloricus, floruit. Ejus 
fcripta, qux extant, edita funt inter Fragmen- 
ta hiftoricorum ab Anfonio Popma collefta, 
Amll. 1620, 8. 

P. Nigidius FigttUis, mathfmaticus & gramma*' 
ticus, floruit. EJ4is fragmenta quxdara exhi- 
bent J.iii. Rutgerlii Varisc J^eftioncs iii, 6. 
C. Deciui ifl^/i7>;, raimographos, floruit. Ejus 
fcripta, qua: ad noltram aetatem pervenerunt, 
edita funt inter Fragmenta quaedam veterum 
poetarum a Theodoro Janfonio ab AJmevo- 
leen, Amft. 16S6, 8. 

T. Lucretius Carus, poeta & phjlofophuj Epi- 
careus, ad plures abrlt. Hujus vi libri d«' 
Rerum Natura editi funt cum commentariis 
Dion. Lambini, Parif. 1 570, 4. cum notis 
Tanaquilli Fabri, Salraur. 1662, 4, Michaelis 
Fayi in ufum Delphin. Parif, 1680, 4, & i 
Thoma Creech, Oxon. 1695,8. 
C. Valerius Catullus, poeta, obiit. Ejus liber 
edit, cum notii 'varioruma]o. GeorgioGraevio, 
Trajeit. ad Rhenum, 1680, 8, cum commen- 
tario If. Voffii, Lond. 1684, 4, a Ph. Sylvioin 
ufum Delph. Parif. 1685, 4, Cantab. 1702, 4, 
& Parif. 1723, 4. 

Publius Syru;, mimographus, claruit. Ejus 
fcripta, qua: extant, edita funt inter Fragmenta 
veterum poetarum Latinorum, a Stephanis, 
Parif. 1564, 8, & cum Terentio Ric. Bentleii, 
Cantab. 1726, 4, 

Cdius 'Juliut Curjar, imp. occifus eft. Hujus 
extant Commentarii de bello Gallico libb. vii, 
& de bello civili Ponipeiano libb. iii. a Go- 
thofredo Jungermanno edit. 1606, 4, Jo. God- 
wino in ufum Delph. Parif. 1678, 4, Jo. 
Georgio Grasvio, Amll. 1697, %, Jo. Davifio, 


Ante C. 












De auitorlbus Latlnis, 

Cantab. 1706, 4, &Sam. Clarke, Lond. 1712, 


ululus Hirtius Pan/a, fcriptor bellorum Alex. 
& Hifp. quae Caefaris Commentariis adjungi 

MarcusTalliut Cicero, eloquii Roman! princeps, 
Antonii juflu capite plexus eft. Ejus opera 
edita funt a P. Vidorio, Venet. 1537, 4 vol. 
fol. ab Elzev. L. Bat. 1642, 10 vol. 12, a J. 
Bleau, Amft. 1685, 10vol. 12, a Corn. Schre- 
velio, L. Bat. 1661, 4, a Jacobo Gronovio, L. 
Bat. 169Z, 2 vol. 4, & ab Ifaaco Verburgio, 
Amftel. 1724, 2 vol. fol. & 11 vol. 8. 
Cornelius Nepos, hiftoricus, obiit. Ejus liber 
elegantii&inns de Vitis excellentium imperato- 
rum extat, edit, cum commentariis Dion. Lam- 
bini, 1^69, 4, notis 'variorum, Lugd. Bat. 1687, 
Nic. Courtini in ufum Delphini, Parif. 1675, 
4, Chiiftophori Cellarii, Lipfiae, 1694, 12, & 
Patav. 1721, 8. 

I,. Cornijidus, rhetor, claruit. Auftor efle cre- 
ditur librorum Rhetoricorum ir ad Herennium, 
qui cijin Ciceronis operibus editi funt. 
Caiut Sallujlius Crijput, hiftoricus, obiit. Opus 
edit. % Grutero, Francof. 1607, 8, Dan. Chrif- 
piflo jn ufum Delphini, Parif. 1674, 4, Jo. 
Fred. Groapvio, Amftel. 1690, 8, Jofepho 
Waffe, Cantab. 1710,4, & Gotlieb. Cortio, 
Lipfiae 1730, 4. 

Marcus Terentius Farro obiit. Hujus libri, qui 
fuperfunt, de Lingua Latina, & Re Ruftica, 
edit, cum notis Jof. Scaligeri, Turnebi, & Vic- 
torii, an. ijSi, 8, & cum not. varior. Amft. 
1623, 8. 

Cortulius Gallus, poeta, obiit. Elegix, qu^ fub 
ejus nomine extant, fpurix a quibufdam cen- 
fentur. Edits funt Inter Fragraenta veterum 
poetarumLatinorumaStephanis, Parif. 1564,8. 
Pitblius Firgilius Maro, poetarum Latinorum 
princeps, obiit. Ejus opera extant edit, cum 
commentario Fred.Taubmanni, Francof. 1618, 
4j Carol. Ruaei in ufum Delph. Parif. 167;, 
iterum 1722, 4, cum noi.'varior. L. Bat. 1680, 
3 vol. 8, H. Laughton, Cantab. 1701, 4. & a 
Fancratio Mofvicio, Leovardis, 1 7 1 7, 2 vol. 4. 
jilbius Tibullust poeta, obiit. Hujus extant 
£legiarum libri iv. edit, cum commentariis 
Joan. Pafleratii, Parif. 1608, fol. cum animad- 
verfionibus Jani Broukhufii, Araft. 1707, ite- 
rum 1718, 4, & cum Catullo & Propertio, 
Cant. 1702, 4- 

Sextus Aureliui Prtperl'.us, poeta, Prriirt. Hu- 
jus extant Elegiarum li; ri iv, edit feorfuin a 
Jan. Broukhufio, Ami! i-^'-ii. it';rum 1717,4. 
& faepe cum CatuDo & 7'ihuV \ q. v. 
jEmilius Mticer, p'.eta, P .iit. lijui fcripta, qua: 
extant, edita funt inter Fr ^uienta veterum 
poetarumLatinorura a St.i> ui's, Parif. 1564, 
8. [.^milius Mdctr, Nr>t -li ille, qui Augujii 
atale vixit, Jed ahtr ilia n-:.''' pojlericr, Ij^ mi- 
nimi dignus yitfravf/ Argtti...i a'taff. Id.] 
Me^ala CorviKU',h]H'^nc\i: ' .riiit. Opus ejus 
cum Floro & aliis edit. Lu -i. B.?f. 1648, i 2. 
yitruvius Pcllio, mathemat'cis, floruit. Hujus ■ 
extant de Architeftura libl'. x. edit, cum com- 
mentariis Guil. Philaudri, Lugdun. i;86, 4, 
ti notis 'variorum a Joan, de Laet. Amft. 1649, 
SiuintMt Uormius Flauus, pctita I}rrica», obiit. 

eorumque editipnibus, ix 

Ante C. 

Ejus opera commenturiis eximiii illuftravie 
Dion. Lambinus, Parif. i6o;, fol. paraphra/i 
Frcdericus Cerutus, Verona; 1583,4. notis & 
interpret. Ludovicus Dcfprez, Parif 1691, 4. 
editetiam a J. Talbot, Cantab. 1699, 4. Rich. 
Bcntleio, Cantab. 1711, 4. & Thorn. Wade, 
Lond. 1729, 4. 

VI. Gratius Fali/cuj, poeta epicus, floruit. Kxtat 

ejus Cynageticou cum notis Tho. John Ton, 
Lond. 1699, ^- ^^^^- etiflin cum N'emtliano, & 
aliis, cum notis -varifr. Lugd. Bat. 1728, 4. 

IV. ir«T/»j/"/a«irj, gi>aromaticus, obiit. Fr.igmen- 

ta ejus extant inter Auilorcs Latinx lingu.x a 
Dion. Gothofredo edit. Gen. 1622, 4, t'j cum 
Fcfto notis A«d. Dacerii, & J. Ckrici, Amft. 
1699, 4. 

Poft Chrift. 





T. PhaJrus, Tbrax, poeta, claruit. Hujns ex- 
tant v libri Fabularum j^ifopiarum, edit, cunv- 
Xioixi -variorum, Amft. 1667, 8, Jo. Scheferi, 
Hamb. 1673, 8, Petri Danet in uium Dclph. 
Parif. 1675, 4, Petri Burmanni, Amft. 1693, 
8, Dav. HoQgftratani, Amft. 1701, 4, [cunt 
not. Gronovii, & Difpontini colLitartis, 
Amft. 1703.] & Ric. Bentleii cum Tele ntio. 
Cant. I7z6, 4. [T. Pha;drum itite^'Ju^cre). 
uiurete tttatis colh:ai'i, ne CI. Facci^ati crdi- 
ncrn in'verterem ; 'veriim reilius ut coniplurimi fa- 
eiunt inter erudites ad Argenteain atattiit tji refe- 
rendus, nonnulla enim in eo fur.l, e[Uit pire^rini- 
talemfapiunt. Et FacciolatUiJ)!^ in 'voce Plix- 
drus affirmat eum fub Tibcri9 impcralore libros 
futs confcripfijji -^ qua tentpore lEtas Auria jam 
Jiiiem habuerat, Jd.] /"v' 
C. "Julius Hygiiius floruit. Genuina illius f r- . 
ta, qux veteribus memorantur, ad .;[!:, n ■';;.- 
nia periere, inquit F.ibriciu-, fed c,\tint fob- 
ejus nomine Liber Fo':i^:aruii), .'^mftel. 1670, 
I z, Poeticon aftronomieam inter IVJyiliojjra- 
phos Latinos ii Thoma Munkero edit. Anilt, 
1681, 2 vol. 8, & Liber Groraaficus cum com- 
mentario Hermanni Rhabodi Schelii, Amft. 
1660, 4. (Hyginus, Augujli Libertus, ciim 
nulla plane clegantia fcripferit, indignus cjl, qui 
Aurei fcriptoris nonien oi'.incat ; quin ii:ib Kon 
de/unt qui eum negent Augufii temporihits hire 
frip/ijfe ; 13 cffirmant ca J:ripta tributnda ejji 
alleri Hygino qui tempore Antmiorum forucrit,. 

Puhlius 0-vidius N/t/o, poeta, ab Augufto in 
e-xilium pulfus. Ejus opera extant, edit, cum- 
tiotis 'varioncv, Amft. 1683, 3 vol. S, Dnn. 
Crifpini in ufum Delph. Lugd. 1689, 4, vol. 
4, & Pet. Burmanni, Amft. 1727, 4 vol. 4. 
Catullus, poeta, auflor I'ervipilii Veneris, cla- 
ruit. Edit, cum iiot\i 'varior. Kag. Com. 1712. 
M. Jlf.jK(7/'ai-, poeta epicvis, claruit. Ejus.Aliro- 
nomicon libri v extant a joft-pho Scalij;eri> e- 
dit. Lugd: Bat. 1600, 4, & in ufum Dclpk. 
Par. 1679, 4. 

TiiusLivius, hiftoricus, obiit. Ejm opera, qua 
fuperfunt, edit, cum notis 'variorum ii Grono- 
vio, Amft. 1679, 3 vol. 8, Jo. Doujatii in ufum- 
Delph. Parif. 16S2, 6 vol. 4, edit, cti-iin Pata- 
vii, 1694, 5 vol. 12, Oxon. «703, a Tho. 
Hearne, 6 vol. 8, U Aroftel. 171a, a Joanne 
Clctico, 10 vol. 8. 

a. II. A'senHa 

X De audtoribus Latini^f, 

II. Jr^mlta /rtas al eliiu Augufti ad ixcfjfum Trajani imft 
I, A' ah hpioo ChrljU XI v ad annuih' cx\l\ prcducitur, i£ 
dururjit aunts CI II. 

Toft Chrift. 




Hujus aetatis auflores fuere : 

jiureliuiCt>rneliuiCel/us,med'icus, claruit. Ejus 
de Re Mcdica libri viii extant, edit. aTheo- 
ricro Janfonio ab Almeloveen, Amllel. 1687, 
12, & iterum Lugd. Bat. 1730, 2 vol. 8. 
[ Serif tcr puriffimus. Id . ] 

Seriioniut Largus, medicus claruit. Extant ejus 
Compofitiones medics a Joanne Rhodio edit. 
Paiavii, 1655, 4. [Scribonius Largus, qui 
f.oruit fub Tiberio l^ Claudia Imp. Jlylo ulitur in 
cullc, ac parum ekganti. Id.] 
Faltrius Maximus, hiftoricus, floruit. Ejus 
Hbb. ix diftorum faftorumque mcmorabilium 
extant, edit, cum Pighii & Claudii Mitallerii 
noti-s Lugd. 1587, 12, Johannis Vorftii, Be- 
rolini 1672, 8, & Abrahami Torrenii, Leids 
1726, 4. [Valerius Maximus a Facciolato 
^ejcribitur inter au3orts tetaiis jEncrt, licet fa- 
iealKT ejus atatem ejje non omnino certain. At fi 
vir clarijjimus legiJJ'et qute ipfe ferip/it in fuo Lex- 
ico, omnem, credo, dubitcttionem exuiffet. Val. 
Maximus C. R. Hiftoricus tempore Tiberii 
Imperatcris militavit fub Sexto Pompcio, ut 
ipfe de fe teftatur, ubi de inftitutis antiquis 
loquitur. Scripfit fafla & diila memorabilia ad 
.cundcm Tiberium. Eum legifie fe oflendit. 
Gill. 12, 7. 

i^tecum ita Jint, Nemo non -videt, Valerium 
Maximum inter Argentete retatis Jcriptores omni- 
no reponcndum. Ab anno enim quo Tiberius reg- 
nare coepit ^d obit urn Trajani, anni funt ciii. ne- 
que ilium Argented eetate indignum reddunt 'voces 
ignelte hominibus fui tfvi Gratitudinis tff In- 
gratitudinis : Hts enim funt in in/cripiionibus 
librorum, quas Erudili niolunt minimi fiiiffe ab 
ip/o y-Aexio df/criptas, Id.] 
Cains Valerius Paeerculus, hiftoricus, claruit. 
Hujus Hiftoria; libri ii extant, edit, a Roberto 
Riguez in ufum Delph. Parif. 1675 & 1726, 4, 
Chrift Cellario. Lipf. 1707, 12, & cum not. 
laricr. Lugd Bat. 1719, 8. [P. Velleius Pa- 
terculus a nonnullis reprehciiditur, quod iis ali- 
qiiando ulatur <vocihus, quas nemo totalis Aurea, 
neque /cqualium fuorum unquam vfurpaverit, titi 
e. g. 'verkum taxare pro reprehendere. Id. Ta- 
citus Ann. 6. vocat P. Velleium : & e codice 
Burefii Publius appellatur, non Gaius, ut in 
vulg. Eft & tertia fententia. Nam Marcum 
vocat Prifcian. 1. 6. Ita enim habet & anti- 
quiflima editio Veneta anni 1477, & recentifli- 
ma Hclia; Putfchii. — Diflio ejus plane Roina> 
nus atque elcgans, Vojj'.^ 

L. Junius Modcratus Columella claruit. Ejus de 
Re Ruftica libri xii, quorum dccimus tantum 
carmine epicofcriptus eft, hodie extant, edit, a 
Fulv. Urlino cum Catone & Varrone, Rom. 
15R;, 8, ab Hicron. Commclino, 1595, 8, & 
.1'). Matthia Gcfnero, Lipf. 1735, 4. 
/sM/.'<n/«^ A/f/a, cofmograpliu«, ftoruit. E,\tant 
ejii^ Cc.fiTiopraphia: fwe dc fiiu orbis libii iii, 
f.lit. Mciiioiani 1472, fol. nciis Ifaaci Voffii, 
llapa; Comitis 1658, 4, & Jacobi Gronovii, 
Lu,^.d. Bat. 168; & 1696, 8. 
^itiiitus Curiius Rufus, hiftoricus, claruit. Ex 
ejus libb. X de Rebus Alexandri duo priores 

eorumqne editlonibus. 

Poft Chiift. ^ . ' 

' intercidcrunt, reliqui extant, edit, a Joanne 

Freinflicmio, Argentorati 1640, 2 vol. 8. ite- 
rutn a Johan. Hcnr. Rapp. 1670, 2 vol. 4, 
Mich. Tcllerio in ufum Delph. Par. 1678, 4. 
Samuele Pitifco, Ultrajefti 168;, Chrift. Cel- 
lario, Lipf. 1696, 12, & H. Snackcnburg, 
Lugd. Bat. 1724, 4. [De Quinto Curtio, 
quanquain dubium ejl, qua at ale I'ixeril, •videttir 
tamen opinio fat is prcbaMis eum Jloruijfe fub Tra- 
jano Imp. Id] 
lX. Porcius Latro vixit. Huic tribuitur a quibuf- 

dam Declamatio in Catilinara, cum Salluftio 
fa;pe edit, fed Voffius de Vit. ferm, 3, 6, Vi- 
bii Crifpi fuifle putat. 
LXni.' Aldus Perfsus Flaccas, poeta, obiit: Hujils libcr 

vi fatyrarum extat, edit, ab Eilhardo Lubino, 
Hanov. 1619, 8, nunc fere Juvenali adjungi- 
tur, q. V. 
LXiv. £^ Afconius Pedianus, grammaticus, claruit. 

Ejus Annotationes in quafdam Ciceronis ora- 
tiones extant, editae cum Ciceronis operibus. 
[Afconium Pedianum mnnulU -votunt fub ipfi 
Augufto Jloruijfe, neque mirum fit ; fcribit inim 
admodum pure. Id . ] 

Marcus Ann/eus Seneca, Cordubenfis, rhetor, qui 
Augnfti & Tiberii temporibus floruit. Hujus 
extant libri v mutili Controverfiarum, & liber 
LXV. Lucius Annieus Seneca^ philofophus, Marci filius, 

obiit. Extant ejus libri iii de Ira, vii de Bene- 
ficiis, vii Naturalium quaeftionum, Epiftola: 
cxxiv, Confolationes ad Helviam, Polybium, 
& Marciam; item libb. de Animi tranquilli- 
tate, Conftantia, dementia, Brevitate vitas, 
&c. Utriufque opera Juftus Lipfius notis iU 
luftravit, Antv. 1637, fol. & Jo. Fred. Gro- 
novius, Amft. 1672, 3 vol. 8. 
L. Anntrus Seneca, poeta tragicus. Decern Tra- 
goedia;, quae fub Senecse nomine ambulant, ^ 
quibufdam Lucio tribuontur, ab aliis Marco. 
Sed de hoc fere con-venit inter erudites, inquit 
Fabricius, decern has, quas habemus, non ejji 
unius audoris. Edit, a Jac. Gronovio, cum 
'variorum notis, Amftel. 1682, 8, & Joanne 
Cafparo Schrodero, Delphis 1728, 4. 
LXV. M Annetus Lucanus, poeta epicus, Neronis jufTa 

occifus fuit. Extant ejus Pharfaliae libri x, 
edit, cum 'i;ar/c>-i/;« notis, Amftel. 1669, 8, a 
G. Cortio, Lipf. 1726, 8, & a Franc. Ouden- 
dorp, Amftel. 1727, 4. 
Lxvii. Titus Petronius Arbiter, fub Nerone, incifis ve- 

nis, lafcivam animam efflavit. Hujus HbrJ 
Satyricon extant, edit, a Jo. Schefero, Upfalia: 
1665, 8, Thom. Reinefio, Lipfiae 1666, 8, & 
Petro Burmanno, Trajeft. ad Rhenum 1 709, 
2 vol. 4. 
Lxxvi. Caius Plinius Seeundus, Hiftoriae naturalis auc- 
tor, in Vefuvio periit. Hiftoria ejus extat, 
primum edit. Romae 1470, a Joan. Fred. Gro- 
novio, Lcids 1669, 8, & Joan. Harduino in 
ufum Delph. Parif. 1685, 5 vol. 4. iterum 
1723, 3 vol. fol. 
Lxxvii. Caius Silius Italicus, poeta, claruit. Extant 
ejus, carmine heroico fcripti, de bello Punico 
i xvii libri, edit, a Chrift. Cellario, Lipfis 169c, 
8, Sc Arnoldo Drakenborch, Traj. ad Rhen. 
»7|7. 4- 
LXXVIII. Caius f'elarius Flaccus, poeta, diem claufit fu.. 
prcmum. Extant ejus Argonauticon libri vH* 

Poft Chiift. 

De audloribus Latinls, eorumque editionibas. 

Poll Chrift. 







in primii Lexici I 
atalis jiij'exlea 

fc pars librl cdlavi, edit a Nic. Heinfio, Am- 
ftel. i6go, 12, & a Petro Burmanno, Leida; 

>724.4- '. 

Cains yulius Solinus claruit. Extant ejus Poly- 
hiftoria, edit, ab Elia Vineto, Piftavis 1554, 
4, Jacobo Graflero, Gencv. 1605, 8, & An- 
drea Reyhero, Gotha; 1605, 8. [C. Julius 
Solinus perperam hie a Facciolato iiiler autores 
itlatis Argenteie ponitur. Et Facciolatus ipj'e in 
i'0« Solinus, ait, non fatis conftare, quo tem- 
pore vixerit ; & fcribit a Salniafio affirmari ; 
eum pofterioreni fuifle Alexandre Mamma::!-, 
qui regnare ccepit anno e Chrifto nato ccxxii, 

Dccimus Junius Jwvinahs, pccta, claruit. Ex- 
tant ejus Satyrae xvi, edit, a Fred. Ccruto, Aug. 
Taurinor. 1603, 4. Eilhjrdo Lubino, Hanov. 
•1C03, 4, & 1607, 8. Ludovico Prateo, 'vel 
Dezprez iri uTu.!! Delph. Parif. 1684, 4, & 
Hen. Chrift. Henninio, Ultrajedli, 16155, 4. 
M. Valerius Martialis, poeta claruit. Extant 
ejus Epigrammatum lib/i xiv, edit. h. Jof. Lan- 
gio, Parif. 1617, fol. Mntth.xo Radero, Mo- 
guiitia:, 1627, fol. Petro Scrivcrio, Lugd. Bat. 
i6t9, I 2, & Vincentio Collcfio in ufum Delph. 
Parii". 16S0, 4. 

M. Fahius ^intilianus, rhetor, claruit. Extant 
ejus de Oratoria inftitutione libri xii, edit, ab 
Edmundo Gibfon, Oxon. 1693, 4, cum De- 
cLam. ab Ulrico Obrecht, Argeiitorat. 1698, z 
vol. 4, PetroBurmanno, Lugd. B.ltav. 1720, 4 
vol. 4, & Joanne Caperonerio, Parif. 1723, fol. 
Fublius Papiniu! Sta/iui, poeta, diem obiit fu- 
premum. Extant cjui Sylvaruni libri v, The- 
b.Vidos libri xii, & Achilleidos libri ii, edit, 
a Cafp. Gevartio, Lugd. Bat. 1616, 8, Eme- 
rico Cruceo, P.-.rif. 1618, 4, Chri.liano Dau- 
mio, Cynes, 1664, 4, cum notis i-ariar. Lugd. 
Bat. 1671, 8, & Sylvr, cum notis J. Mark- 
land, Cantab. 1728,4. 

Sexliis yulius Frcnlinus mortuiis eft. Ejus ex- 
tant de Aquaiduftibus urbis Roma; libri ii, & 
Stratagematicon libri iii, edit, cum notis Go- 
dcfchalci Stewccliii, Lugd. Bat. 1607, 4, Rob. 
Kcuchenii, Amfttl. 1661, 8, S: Jo. Fred. Gro- 
novii alioruinque, Lugd. Bat. 167;, 12. 
(,'. Cornelius Tacitus, hilloricu", obiit. Extant 
ejus Annal. libri xvi mmili, Hliloriarum v, 
^c. Edit, cum Jufti Lipfii comment. Antv. 
J 589, fol. a Mattl'.ia Bernet^gero, Argent. 
3638, 8, Theod. Ryckio. Lugd. Bat. 1^87, 
2 vol. 8, Juliano Piclion in ufum Dtlph. 16S7, 
4. vol. 4, & ex recenfione Gronovii, Trajed. 
Batav. 1 72 1, 2 vol. 4. - 

Cains Plinius dzcilius Seaindtis. Extant ejus 
Epidolarum libri x, ic Paneg. edit, a Joani 
Maria Catanrco, Mcdiolan. 1506, fol. lo. 
Veenhufio Lugd, Bat. 1669,^8, Chrift. ClI::- 
rio, Lipf. 1721, 12. 

Julus Gtllius, vel y/^t///;/; claruit. Extant ejus 
Noftiuni Atticarum libri xx, edit, a Jacobo 
Prouft in ufum Delph. Parif. 1681, 4, Jacobo 
Gronovio, Lugd. Bat. 1706,4. [Aulus Gcl- 
lius turn cb 'vocuin iio^ailfiint turn cliSm ob reta- 
lem in ^ua i/ixit, non imnerilo :iite\[j!itieat /crip- 
tores panilur. FhrU'il fuh Hcdriuno Imp. qui 
impcrium chiiuuil anno a Chrijlo nato cxvii. i^o 
tsmpore alas Argmtca jam fntm kalurrnf. Hinc 
tiiium non rfi, ft Fiiccidatusi qui 
Jut ediliiirilus cum inUr a-uOcra 

locaverat, in Jojlremis rtilius ilium ad .'Encnm 
It tat cm detrttdat. Id.] 

cxv. i. Annrttis Florus, hiftoricus, claruit. Extat 

ejus Epitome de gellis Romanorum libris iv, 
edit, ab Anna Tanaquilli Fabri fili.i in ufum' 
Delph. Parif. 1674, 4. Jo. Gcorg. Grxvio, 
Ultrajeft. 1680, 8, & cum Gr.-cvii & alioruia 
notis, Amft. 1702, 8, 

cxvi. Caius Suetonius Tranqhillus, hifforicus, tloruif. 

Ex fcriptis ejus extant Vita; xii Cxfarum, liber 
de IlIullribusGrammnticis, & de Claris Rhcto- 
ribus, edit, ab Ifaaco Cafaubono, Parif. 1610, 
fol. AuguftinoBabelonioin ufura Delph. Parif. 
1684, 4. J- Georg. Gra;vio, ll.'g. Comi'fs 
1691,4, Samuele Pitifco, Tnjca. ad Rhtn. 
169c. 2 vol. 8, iteruniLeov. 17 14. 2 vol.4, & 
nd ufum Jofephi Portugaleiifis per AlmciJatn, 
Hag. Com. 1727, 4. 

ex VIII. y///V/V/ C<2://»r claruit. Extant ejus de Re cu- 
Wnma. five de Arte coquiniaria libri x, edit. 
Venet. 1503, 4, a Martino Lillero, Lond. 
1705, 8, & Amllel. 1709, 8. 

HL JEtiea <ttas a Trajani obitu ufque ad R:mam a Gcttis 
captam, fell, ab anno Chrifti ex VI I, ad annum ccccx <-.v- 
ienditur, dura'vitque ccciw annis. 

Hujus atatis auftores fuere 

Jujlinus, hiftoricus, floruit, Extant^BTMifto- 
riarnmPhilippicarum libri xliv, cdi». a Prtro 
Jof CantelioinufumDclph.Parif.1677,4, Jof. 
Geor. Gra;vio, Amft. 1694, 8, & Tho. Hearne, 
Oxon. 1 70 J, 8. fjuftinusj fi VoJJio crcJimus, 
•vixit at ate Antonini Imp. Non dcjunt tamen cm 
■vclint eumfuijfe Tragi dijcipulus, qui fcr.'r/i; 
Jul Auguflo, Jd.J • 

L. Apuleius, Madaurenfisphilofophus, claruit. 
Extant ejus Metamorphofewn libri xi.Apoloctin, 
liber de Mundo, de Deo Socratis, de H3b?:u- 
dine doflrinarum & nativitatePIatonisphilcfo- 
phi libri iii, & Florida, edit, a Geverhardo El- 
menhorftio. Franc. 1621,8, Petro Scriverio, 
Lugd. Bat. 1624, 12, & Juliano Florido in 
ufum Delphin. Parif. 1688, 2 vol.4. 
Minucius Felix, Chriftianus, floruit. Ejus ODCr.i, 
quae extant, edita funt cum 'vaiicrum notis, 
].ugd. Batav. i6i;2, 4, iterum 1672, S, & a 
Joanne Davies, Cantab. 1707, 8. 
Palladlus Rutilius Taurus five Scaurus j¥.miliez- 
nus,^ floruiffe videtur. Ejus extant de Re Ru- 
ftica libri xiv, cum Columelbi & aliis edi-a. 
[Palladius Rutilius Taurus fcripfit pcjl Apuki- 
urn, auiiorum rvtatis uiLne^, quo tamen r£e cul- 
iior et Lntinior, Id.] 

Julitii Ohfequcns tloruifle videtur. Ejus ex;.-,t 
lib. mutilus de Prouigiis, edit, ii Joanne Sche- 
fero, Aniftcl. 1679, 8, & a Tlio.'PIearne cum 

Poft Chrift 







Me/Talo Corvino, & aliis, O;con 
Shiintus Serenas Sammonicus, medicus, floruit. 
Ex variis ejus fcriptis folum ad nos p?rvci;it 
Carmen hero'icum de McJicina pano protio 
parabili, edit, a Roberto K-cuchciiio, Aciii. 
1668, &: 1706, 8. 

Domitius Vlpiamis, jurifconfuhus, a Caracal!! 
occifus. Ejus qua: extant fcripta in Pandcilis 
legi poflunt. 

!ri:rf.v.'/a.TnfAffla/-ttr,grammaticiis, cLiruit. Scrip- 
j'j«. qua: fopcrfunr, edit.i Parif. i p 1 , 4. ^^^t 

ta oj'js. qua: fopcrfunr, edit.i Parif. 
ab Eiia Putfchio later Gran-maticcs 
a z 



De aufloribus Lntlnis, €orumque edltionlbvii. 


C C CI . 


Tod Chfift. 

Hanov. 160;, 4. [Tcrentiani Maun /rias 
iiiceria ejt. Viiktur feruijji fanU pcfl Marl^akm. 
MMTitui ilUtfn afpiUal J'ua-vijjimum Grammatko- 
rum. Id.] 
ccxxxvin.(.V«yor/>ia;, grammaticos, claruit. Extat ejus 
liber dc Die natali, notisilluftratus Henr. Lin- 
dcnbrogii, H^iaburgi 1914, 4, & cum addici- 
onibu'i, Cantab. 1695. 
ccixxxv. Tiius Julius CaJpurmiu!, Siculus, poeta. Hujus 
Ecloga; aliquot extant primuni edit. Parmiu 
J 748, 4, & a Jano Ulitio cum Gracio & aliis, 
Ludg. Bat. 1645, 12, & 1728,4. 
cctxxXVllI'A/..^'"'^"'-' Olympius 'Keinnfiamii, posta, claruit. 
F.jus extantCyiicgetica carmine iieroicodefcrip- 
ta, & Ecloga; iv, edit cum Gratio & aliis rei 
\'eiiatici fcriptoribus, LuJg Bat. 1728,4. 
^T.iius Sp::rtiaKU.', Jhlws dr^ilolinus, ^ litis 
Lampridius, ruUaliiis GallUaiiui, Trtbellitis Pol- 
ite, SiFla-vituFcpiJitu, floruerunt. lllorumfcrip- 
ta, qux fuperfunt, extant inter fcriptores Hil- 
tori.x Auguftx primiitn edit. Mediolani 1465, 
cum comment. Ifaaei Cafauboni, Parif. 1603,4, 
cum I'aricnim nntis, Lugd. Bat. 1670, 2 vol. 8, 
k ab Ulrico Obrechto, Argentorati 1677, 8. 
C/riius JuhliavKS, mcdicus, claruit. Extant ejus 
Celerum Jive Ecutarum piiffionom libri iii, ic 
Tarcarum Ji-ve chronicarum paflionum libri v, 
edit, a Jac Da'.ecliampio, Lugduni 1579, 8, 
& a (. Janf. Almelovecn, Ainft. 1 709, 4. 
Fia-viui Eutrcfius, hiftoricus, claruit. Extat ejus 
Brcviarium Romanx hiftori^ libris x, edit, ab 
Anna Tan. Fabri filia in ufum Delph. Parif. 
1683,4, & Chrift. Ccllario, Jenae 1697, 8. 
Calius Liiclantius Firmianus, Tullius Chriitia- 
nus, floruits Opera ejus, qua: extant, edide- 
runt .Antoniiii Thyfius, Lugd. Batav. 1652, 8, 
Tho. Spark, Oxon. 1684, 8, Chriftoph. Cella- 
rius, Lipf. 1698, 8, & Paulas Bauldri, Ultrajec- 
ti 1692, 8. 

Lucius Ampelius, claruit. Ejus extat Libellus 
memorialisplurimis Florieditionibusadjunflus. 
^^.litis DoniUus, fclioliaftc.', claruit. Ejus ex- 
tant fcholin in Virgilii iEncida & Terentium. 
Julius Firmicus Mattmus, rr.athematicus, claruit. 
Eju'i extant Mathcfcos libri viii, primiim edit. 
ii Matthia Flacco, Argentorati 1562, S, cum 
notis Jo. Wowcrii, 1603, 8, & Jac. Oifdlii. 
Li'gd. Bat. 1672. 8. 

Si.vtus Rttfui F:j7ui jivieitus,po'6t»,clanx\t. Ejus 
fcript.i, qua; cxt.nnt, edita iunt incer Epigram- 
mata Vetera a P. Pitha;o, Parif. 1593, 12. 
cccLXXX, jimmiaims MarcellitiL's, hiftoricus. clsriiit. Ejus 
hilloria extat, edit. ;:b Madriana Valefio, Parif. 
1681, fol. .'\: Jacob. Gronovio, Lugd. Batav. 
1693, fol. &4. 
CSCfXXXVl.Flatiius Fe^efius Rrnatus floruit. Eju'! libri iv, 
de Re militari extant, cutn commcntario God. 
Stewechii & Fr. Modii illuftrat. ap. Pjantin. 
1607, 4. 

Decitnus Magnus .'lufnniu!, poiita Hurdegalcnfis, 
obiit. Ejus pocmata extant, edit, ab Elia Vi- 
neto, Burdc^^ala; 157^,4, & Jacobo Tollio, 
I.ujd. Rat. 1671, 8, !t Parif. 1730, 4. 
jtuitlitis ThtoJcftus Macffliiis, floruit. Extant 
ejus Comment, in Somnium Scipionis lib. ii, 5f 
Saturnaliorum lib. vii, edit, a JncohoGror.ovio 
cum •i./?r;':r«m notis, Lugd. Bat. 1670, 8, ii. 
Lond. 1694, 8. 

i'^. Aureliks Syntmnchus floruit. Ejus extant E- 
plilolarum libri x, edit, a Phil. Pareo, FranCjf. 
i64«, 8. 








Poft Chrift. 

CCCXCV II. Stxtui Aiirdius FiMcr, hiltoncas, blaruit. Ejiit 
opera extant edit, cum notis 'uariorum, Lued. 
Bat. 167 I, 8, ab Anna Tan. Fabri filia in ulum 
Delph. Parif. 16R1, 4, Sam. Pitifco, Traj. ad 
Rhcnum 1696,8, & Chrift. Junckcro, Cobur- 
gi, 1703, 8. 

cccxcvili. Aurelius Prudentius Clemens, poeta Chriftianut, 
floruit. Poemata ejus, qnx extant, notis illuf- 
trarunt Steph. Chamillardus in ufum Delph. 
Parif. 1687, Sc Chrift. Cellarius Hal a: Mag- 
deburg, 1703, 8. 

cccxcix. Claudius Ciau</ianus,poeia, Rorah. Ejus opera, 
qua; extant, primiim edita fuerunt Parma: 1493, 
4, cum notis Barthii, Hanov. 161 2, 8, Nic, 
Heinfii, Lugd. Bat. 1641, 12, 'variotain. Am- 
del. 166;, 8, & Gurlielmi Pyrrhonis in ufum 
Delph. Parif 1677, 4. 

ccccxii. 5fri//«j //oTOrrt/.v/, grammaticus, floruit. Extat 
ejus Commentarium in Virgilium. 

ccccxvi. Paa/i/j OrOj-fu/, hiftoricus, claruit. Ejus extant 
Hiftoriarum libri vii, edit, Moguntisc, 1615, 8. 

IV. Fcrrea at as, qua, Jludiis humanioribusmgltSis, harhtf 
rici ubique feii grsjfata cji. 

In ilia tamen illuftres fuere : 

Poft Chrift 


Siilpicius Senjerus, hiftoricu,'!. Ejus libros ii Hi- 
ftoriarum primus edidit Flacius, Bafil. 1556,8. 
cum notis -variorum, Geor. Hornius, Lugd. Bat. 
166;, 8, Jo. Vorftius, Berlin, 1668, 12, & Jo. 
Cafp. Hofmcifterus, Tiguri I7€8, 8. 

CCCCLVII. Martiamis Citpella. Ejus Satyricwn lib. primus 
edidit Thad.-uus Ugoletus Italus, Parmse 1494. 
PrsftantifTima autem videtur cditio Hugonis 
Grotii, Lugd. Bat. 1599, 8. 

CCCCLXXXll. C Sollius Sidnv.ius Apdliitaris, poeta, obiit. E*. 
tant ejus Carmina xxiv, & Epiftoiarum libri ix. 
Primiim edit. Mediolani 1498, cum comment. 
Jo. Savaronis, Parif. 1599,4, cum notis Jac. 
Sirmondi, Parif. 1614, 8, fed prxftantiff. habe- 
turedit. Phil. Labbei, Parif. 1652, 4. 
Anicius Manlius Torquatus Scverinus Boethiu!, 
philofophus, juflu Theodorici interfeflas. Ex- 
tant ejus de Confolatione philofophiae libri v. 
edit, cum notis Jodoci Badii Afcenfii, Parif. 
1502, 4, Renati Vallini, Lugd. Bat. 1656, t, 
& P. Caliyi in ufum Delph. Parif. 1680, 4, U 
Patav, 1721, 8. 

Pri/cianusCafarieitJis, grammaticQS. EjusCcm- 
mcntariorum grammaticorum lib. xviii extant 
inter Grammaticos ab Elia Putfchio edit. Ha- 
nov. 160;, 4. 

Sexius Pompeius Fejius, Ejus frSgrnenta, & re- 
liquiae librorum xx, de Verborum veterum fig>- 
nificatione, edit. Venetiis i ;6o, 8, a Jo. Scali- 
gero, Parif. 1575, 8, Andrea Dacerio in ufum 
Delph. Parif. i68r, 4, iterum curante Jo. Cle- 
rico, Amflel. 1699, 4- 

Koniuj Marcellus, grammaticus. Ejus extat liber 
de V'ariii fignificatione verborum, primum edit, 
anno 1471, ab Adriano Junio, Antv. »565, 8. 
& Parif. 1583. 8. 

Jornandts, hiftoricus. Ejus liber de Re'.";s Ge- 
ticis extat, edit. Lugd. Hat. 1618, £: AmfMk 
1655, 8. 

Magnus Aurelius Cnjpodorus Senator. Chronicon. 
eju.s & alia aliquot fciipta ext.^nt. Chronicon. 
cum Floro Sc aliis hifloricis edit. fuit. Lugd. 
Bat. 1648, 12. 






C >»• ] 


In fuas -States deftributi fecundum Indlcem Criticum 
JoANNis Marchelli, Mediolani Ann. mdccliii. 

Horum non 
extant nifi 

Tf^T A S J tJ R E J initium ducit a bello II Punico, 
.ZJiIj tc pertinct ad extrcmos ufque AugulU annos. Ni- 
'miram ab anno U. C. dxiv ad annum dcclvii qui 
eft a Chrifto nato xiv. ^ 

"Livius Andronicus 
C. Nxvivs 
Statius C^cilius 
M. Pacuvius 
L. Attilius 


L. Afranius 
_L. Cornelius Sisenna. . 
Ho« inter antiques primofque Aureae xtatis Script6res 
NoltenJus nominat Attilium quendam mihi plane ignotum. 
Hiomnes Auftores locum obtinent inter Scriptores Au- 
rese statis, fed poiius ob antiquitatetn quam ob elegantiam. 
Summa in illis eft fententiarum gravius, led in qua faipe 
verbonun cultum defideres. 

P. Nigidius Figulus 

C. Decius Labcrius 

Verrjus Flaccui 

P. Syrus 

M. Accius Plautus 

M. Xerentius Afer 

M. Fortius Cato 

T. Lucretius Caru« 

C. Valerius Catullus 

C. Julius Cxfar 

Cornelius Nepos 

M. Tullius Cicero 

Sex. Aurelius Fropertius 

S. Salluflius Crifput 

M. TerentiusVarro 

Albius Tibullus 

Publ. Virgilius Maro 

T. Livius 

M. Maniliut 

P. Ovidius 

Horatius Flaccus 

Pedo A'binovanui 

Gratias Falifcus < 

T. Phadrus 

C. Cornlficius 

Aulus Hirtius vel Oppius. [Quorum alteru- 
ter Ca:fatis commentarios I'upplevlt.] 

P. Cornelius Severus. [Vixit illequidem Au- 
gufli temporibus j fed quar illi tribuuntur 
Car.Tiina, Crttici docent, fcripta fuifle a 
quodam Maximiano, incpto hominc.] 

fQ^Mutins Scxvola 

Noltemiis inter audlores Aureae Statis collocat C JuVum 
Hyginurn Se C r/arem Gcrmar.-rtim. Dc Hygino vid. Sup. 
C<e/aris vero Germaiiici nihil, quod fciam, reliquum eft, 
propter quo-1 noniinandus fit. Incer:um eft enim, an ea 
verterit e (i;a:cis cpigrammati?, quae ei tribuuntur. Neque 
ilolienius prrljat quod affirmat, ilium nimirum jirati Phae- 
nomena e Gneco tranftulifle. 


Cornelius Celfiis 
P. Velleius PatLrcuIus 
M. Annsus Seneca 
L. Annxus Seneca 
M. AnnKUs Lucanos 
T. Petropiiis Arbiter 
C. PUnius Secundus 
C. Silius Italicus 
C. V.-ilerius Place u-; 

C. Julius Solinus 

D. Juniui fuvenslis 
D. Papinius Statius 
Sex. Julius Fronliatis 
C. Cornelius Tacitus 

C. PliniuE Caeliiis SecundifS 

L. Annajus Florus 

C. Suetonius Tranquillus. 

Scioppius centendit Quintilianum, PHnium, Sactcniujn, 
Florum, Statiuin, Val. Flaccuni, Martialem, Siiium Ita!. 
Taciturn, Juvenalem, Frontinuni, .id ALncam a;tattni rcjici- 
endos ; rerum intempeftivus cenfor miminc eft audiendus^ 
nifi velimus rem Grammaticam omncm illias arbitrio fus 
deque vertere. 

Qu. Curtius Rufus 

^'a!. Probus Graitimaticu.s 

Sulpitia [Poctria nobilis Romana, cujiis 

extat Satira in Domitianuoi.] 
Scribonius Largus 
L. Fcncftella: Annal. 
'■ Fragmenta. 

^tatTs non 
prorfus certas, 

JCC. Quorum 1 Alfenus Varu. 

Fragmenta extant < ^ Antiftius Labeo 
inDigeft.s, (,Mafuriu8 Sabinus. 

A Noltenio inter auftores setatis Argentes nuoeraotur 

Phxdrus, [apte, ut opinor, ab Aurca a:tate ad 

banc rcjeitus.] 
Valerius Maximus 
Pa!l2diu& Rutilius Taurut 
Aulus Gellios 
jf-milius M-iccr 
^ Terentianus Maurus. 
4. JEt hi 



JE r AS iE N E A. 

Licinius Proculus 
Ncratjus I'rifcus- 
P. Juvcncius Celfus 
Priicus Jaliolenus 
Domitius Ulpianus 
Herennius Modeftinus 

J^^ Herennius Mode 

9^*1"°''^ SalviusjDlknus 
ragmenta ) i..i:_, n„;.,. 

extant la 

•^ Julias Caius 
/Emilius ?apilianus 
Julius I'aulus 
Sex. Pomponius 
Venuleius Saturninas 
/Elius Martianus 
./Elius Gallus, tff a//;'. 

! Ijinrcntius Valla mirifice Uudat horum fcriptorum Lati- 
jiitatem, & affirmat ex veteribus IC tis folis Latinam lin- 
guam fi dcperiiflet inllauxari pofle. 

S Valerius Maxim us 
Feft. Avianus, al. Avieaas 
Terentianus Maurus 
Minucius Felix 
Sofipater Charifius. 

Minutius Felix fcripfit feculo iii. Avienus Saeculo v. De- 
que video cur Facciolatus setatem Val. Max. & Juftini seque 
dubiam ftatuat atque xtatein Avieni & Minutii. 

Aulus Gellias 
L. Apuleius 

Q^Septimius Tcrtullianus 
Q^Serenus Sammonicus 
Ca:cilius Cyprlanus 
T. Julius Calpurnius 
M. Aurelius Nemefianus 
vElius Spaxtianus 
Julius Capicolinus 
yElius Lampridius 
Vulcatius Gallicanus 
Trebellius Pollio 
Flavius \'opifcu» 
Ca;lius Aurelianus 
Flavius Eutropius 

Rhemnius Fannius 

Arnobius Afer 

L. Ca;lius La£lantia& 

i'Elius Donatus 


C. Vettus Juvencus 

D. Hilarius 
Julius Firmjcus 
Fab. Marius Viftorinus 
Scxtus Rufus 
Fellus Hiftoricus 
Ammianus Marcellinus 
Fl. A'cgetius Rcnatus 
Auicl. Thcod. Macrobiu* 
(Jii. Aurelius Symmaclius 
iJtc. Magnus Aufoniu:, 
Sex. Aurelius Viiiior 

, D. Ambrofius 

Aur. Prodentjtis Clemens 

CI. C: ■■ 

Marc .icu.. 

• ' i'roba4;;iJcoj:;a. 

Syllabus Auctorum Lik cv x Latins. 
iExATis AuRE«[ad finenj Scioppii.] 
M. T. Cicero, "Editus a Petro Viftorio, Paulo Manutio, 
Dion. Lambino, Jano Grutero, Alex. Scoto. F.jos Edd. 
Vencta recentiores flammis aboleri debebant, cruces vero 
figi Typographis, ut documento fint aliis, ne tarn improbo 
furto cinptores emungere, & depecnlari audeant ; fenatut 
certe Vencto curx effe oportebat, ne iftae Typographorum 
fraudes tarn deformem Veneto nomini maculam impune 

Plauti Comoediae, edit* a Plantino & Raphclengio, & 
poftremum a Frid. Taubmanno, cum magni pendens & 
oneiis commcr.tario. 

Terentii Comcudix, editx a Gabr. Faerno & M. Ant. 
Mureto. In eas Commentarii Donati & Eugraphii vet. 
Grammaticorum editi funt, Lutetire Parijiorum. 

Ennii Fragm. cum Commentario Hier. Columns, edita 
funt Ntapoli : Annales cum Pauli Merulse Comment. Ludg. 

Lucilii Fragm. Edidit Franc. Doufa. Ludg. Bat. 
Catonis Opera, Lucretii Poemata (ut Sup.) 
C*faris Opera, cum variorum notis. Francofurtl. 
Cornelius Nepos, (male vulgo ^milius Probus) cum 
Savaronis notis, editus Lutetia ; & cum Lambini, SchottJ, 
aliorumque Comm. Francofurti. 

Catullus, Tibullus, Propertius, Editi \ Plantino, & cum 
Var. Comm. Francofurti. 

In Propertium Comm. Joan. Pafferatii, quo nunqnam 
quicquam vifum fuit perfeftius, editus. Parijiis. 

Varronis Opera, edidit Aufon Popma. Ludg. Bat. Ea- 
dem cum Ant. Auguftini, J. Seal. & P. Via. notis, Lute- 
/;>. Ejuftlem Libros de L. L. infinitis locis emendates. 
Edidit Gafp. Scioppius. Pari/. 1600. 

Vimilii Opera, cum Comm. Servii, Pari/. 1600. Vafta; 
molis 'comm. ediderunt Jac. Pontanus & Ludov. Cerda 
Jefuita;. . . 

Horatiiim, edidit Muretus, Xelander, Cruquius, Hein- 
fius, l^c. 
Salluftii Opera, edidit Raphelengus, Lugd. Bat. Sec. 
Catalefta Virgilii & Poctarum, edidit P. Pithajus, Pari/. 
1590, & cum J. Seal. Suifque notis Frid. Lindebrugius. 
Lugd. Bat. 1595. 

Livii Opera, cum Varr. Not. Franc. Modius, edidit/'r«nr 
cofurli. Sine notis Grutcr ibidem, fed ea editio panini 
refpcndit Gruteri voto, neque eft ex Icftorum ufu, cum ty- 
pographus typis cbfoletis & evanefcentibus ufus fuerit, 
operae vero frequsntius ofcitaverint. 

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> jiiUverf. 

M. Manilius. 



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Explication of the feveral Marks ufed in this Work. 

•J-TJREFIXED to a word denoteth it to be obfolete. 

JL II Before a word denoteth it to be bad, or ufed only by writers of an inferior dafs. 

• Before a word Ihoweth it to be of Greek extraftion. 

^ Is prefixed to phrafes and idioms. 

^ Denoteth the grammatical conftruftion. 

(J. Before a word Ihoweth it to be poetical. 

+ Is put before good Latin words fubftituted in the room of Greek, or bad Latin, words. 

= Prefixed to a word, or fentence, Ihoweth that two, or more, words in that fentence, are much of the fame import- 

Se Before a word, or fentenct, flioweth that two, or more, words in thai fentence, are ufed in an oppofite> or dif- 
ferent, fenfe. 

f. q. iot/td qutere, exprefling a doubt. 

q. V. for quod vide, or/et the wtrd referred tf. 

T H B 




A B J 

jt or an, btfore a Vowel it an article 
^^5r ptefined to Nount, and ufed in a 
^ -^ ^ vague fenfc to point one fingle thing 
^ of the kind; in other refpefts indc- 
lerminate; nor is otherwife exprciTcd in Latin 
than by tlic lingular number of the Noun or 
AdieOive; as, d^9^, canis; an tagUfi\i\i\ a 
'wan, homo; n jimi mart, fortis; or by the plu- 
ral, in fome peculiar phraCes, where it means a 
ftnall or great number colIe£lively taken, and 
therefore, confidercd as a whole, or unity; as 
many a man, a many, multi {bomims underllood) 
m thaufanj paeei, i, e. a mile, miUe paflur. 

A, being put, in fome vulgarifms, for the 
Piepofitions, hy, fir, in, to, is differently ex. 
preffed, as, j^t ttl, a day, a month, per ulnam, 
3icm, menfem, &c, 'yi (or o') clock, hora pri- 
ma, fccunda, £j'f. ^ivelve acres a man, duodena 
in fingulos hamines jugera. Once a year, feme) 
in anno. Atl to a man, omncs ad unum. And 
indcfinitelyj A man told mc, quidam mihi nar- 

A, before a Participle, or participial Noun 
(after a Veibof motion) as, logo a hunting, a 
jtjh'ing, ire venatum, pifcatum, ^c. And (pe- 
culiarly) Kvbat art a doing? quid agis? lama 
writing, fciibo. 

t Ahaft, Adv. A tergo, a poppi, puppim 
veifus. L. 

'i.To ohalienate, Abalieno, V. To a/ienalt, 
X yiijitcnation (I.) Abalienatin, 
Tt aiundon, derelinquo ; defcroj dellituo; 
rejicioj repudio. 

To abandon [refign, or give up] btmjeifio ^ 
, fc dederc. L. 

Abandi^md [forfakenj derelidlus, defertus 
defiitutus; defolatus; rejcQus; projeftus. 
, Ahandor.ed [wicked] perditas, flagitiofusi 
Ahandnr.ed [given up to] divuigatus ad, 
II jin aiandoncr, defertor, L. 
An abandoning, Dereliftio, deAitutio, 
7i, ahafc, Dejicic, Me:, depriiro ; minuo; lim 
Jilf, Sibi dtrogare, 

Ah/ifed, (Locke. ) Dejeflus, depreflut. 
An abjfemtnt, or iil>ajirg, Dcjcftio. deprefiio. 
7"^ ah.ijh, RuL»ortm .ilicui incuitre, rubor'* 
aliqucm fi fTundcrc./W/.confundi-ie, coiiflernate. 
An ahaji/ing, Kul^oris fufl'ufio, 
Ah'ijhcd, Rtbore fuffufus. 
Tt abate [-icl.] Detraho, 3, decerpn, demo, 
Af«. refrinpo, minuere, remitiere, fiiUdiKcre, par- 
tem aliquam cnndonarc, comminucre, dimi 
Imere, imminuere. 

^1 To abate cnc's courage, Animuni frangeK 

To aiae [neut.] Decrefco, languefco, quiefco, 
minuor, dir.iinuor, r^ dedino. 

abated, Dftraftus, diminutus, fubdu^us, de- 
dij*5lu5, infradlus, remiilui. 

An abaumctt, or itbaiing, Dctraflio, diminu- 
:io, lubduOio, deducHo, deceilio. 
,^ Alt a 'aftm^rt of a writ, \\ Exceptio dilatoria 
At abbacy, ^JI rcenobi.'^rchia. 
An aiiH,!, ' \\ abbas, « ij cguiobiarcha. 

An aii^i, *|| abbatilTa. 

An abbey, *|| Ccnobium, *|J abbatij. 
To abhrc-viatc, Contraho, in compendium re- 

AibreviaieJ, Contraftui, in compendium re- 

An albrevlatirg, or tUmiatim, Contraftio 

An ttbbri-rialor. Qui contrahit, vcl in com- 
pendium redigit* 
To abdicate, AbdJco, a fe alisnare. 
Abdicated, Abdicatus, alienatus. 
An abdicating, or abdication, Abdicatio, a- 

X To abduce [withdraw] (I.) Abducere. 
H Abed, In Itflo decumbeni. 
•jy Brought to bed, Partu liberafa. 
X Ahcirance, aberralim, (Cianville) aberrancy, 
aberring (Brown) abeiratio, cxcelTus, 4. Val, 

To abet [aid, or maintain] Adjuvo, i. auxi- 
iinr, favco, fuftineo; fuppetias alicui ferre, 
alicujus partes tueri. 

To abet [fet on] Concito, Met. impello, in- 
fligo, nutrio. 

Ahettd, Suilentus, concitatus. Met, impul- 
fus, indigatus. 

An abttirg, Suafio, infligatio. 
An abiior. Qui adjuvat j fuafor, impulfor, (}i- 
mulator ; comt-s ; •{* nutricula. 

To abhor, Abominor, averfor, detcrtorj ab- 
liorrco, ejecror; faftidio ; odi, defeSf. 

Ahhorrcd, Abominatus, deteiiatus, execratus. 
To be alborrei, Abhorrendus, abominandus, 
detel>andus, averfandus. 

An abhorrence, abhorrenry, (Locke) or abhoring, 
Execr.ilto, d-"tcI>.rtio ; odium, averfatio. 
Abhorrent, Abhorrens a, t/// ab, allqua re 
An abhurrer. Qui abominatur, tr/ detcflatur, 
aliquid. (Swift.) 

To abide [continue] Moror, commoror, ma 
neo ; Confto, fubfirto. 
To aliide [dwell] Habito, fj> relido. 

I Not It cbide [endure, cr fuftVr] JS^%^li ferre, 
pari, perpeti, fufl;nere, Alet. v.x concoqwe-c. 

Ij Net to abiifc [hatf] Abominor, i. oii,d,J'c(?. 
odiJ habere, abhorrert ab. 

To abide [lad] Duro, perd-.iro; perfillo. 

tj To abide by [a perfon] Dcffndo, tucor, vin- 
iico; flare ab, 'yf/ cnm, aliquo. 

To abide in. Met. Inhasrco. 

^ To aiide in en opinion, I'erfever.ire, a/r/per- 
fiile-e, in Irntentia fua. 

U An ahider, Habitator, incola, L. 

It Ar abiding, (Raleigh) Ccmmoratio, manfio. 

II Analiding [dwelling] Ilabir.nio. 
jj An abding ffuffering] I'trpefiio, toleratio. 
j; Not abiding [hating] Dettftatio, odium. 
11 An abiding (tarrying] Expeflatio, %. 
II A: aliditg by [a petfon] Tuitio, defcnlio. 
II An abiding in [a thing] Perfcverantia, per- 

tinicij, pervicacia* 

An ah'i.B, Homo atjeftus, contetnp« n, ni- 
iili, nujlu ia numcio, vilii. Mtt. dcmilTas, 


Allft3!f, Abjefte, humiliter, demifs*. 
Aijeaedneft, (Boyle) abjeaion, (Hooker) ti, 
jeffne/t, (Grew) Animi abjcaio, debilitatio. 

Abiliiiei [(kill] Peritia, fcientii, eruJitio. 
fl A perfon of great abilitiei, homo magni, acris, 
vel limati, judicii; emunftie naris, ufu rcruta 

AHlit) [power] Facultas, poientia. 
Ability [riches] Divitia, facultates, cenf^i, 
+• ^ ' '" ("'""gt" 'hem both up according to yoar 
ability, tu illos duos pro re tollefaas tua. 
Ahlity [ftrength] Robur, vires, p). 
J Abjuration, or an abjuring, Abdicatio, eju- 

To abjure [forfwear] Abjuro. 
To abjure [renounce] Ejuro, renuncio. ^. 

Abjured [forfworn, or fworn off] Abjuralus. 
The ablative cafe, Aufetendi cafus, fcxlus, vet 

Able [fit] Idoneuj, potens, valenji 
.^/< [ikilledj Gnatus, peritus, folers. 
Able I flrong] Fortis, robuftus, validus virium. 
Able [wealthy] Dives, opulentuj, 
^ Able to rule himfelf. Compos fui, potens fii. 
To be able, Podum, quco, 4. vaieo, 2. poUto. 
+ evaleo. ^ Every one prjvided at te -was able, 
pro fua quifque lacultate parabat. He war net 
able to bear fo great envy, tarn magna non erat 
par invidiae. J bare it as well ai I was able, «t 
potui, tuli. lietuas anablefp<,h(man confidcring 
tbofe times, mulium, ut tempotibns illis, valuit 
Jicendo. As far a: I teas able, quoad poflem. 
He -was not able to du it through poverty, non flvit 
cum egeftas facjre. You are hardly able to hi!d 
your eyes optn, vix fuDines palpcbrjs. 1 r.m allt 
to allow tbofe expenfei, eft mihi unde hac funt. 
He it not able to p,iy his d-.bti, non eft folvendo ; 
animam debet. Hbe was not able to fpeai a iixri 
more, vox earn defecit. He is mori l, tlan 
his income is able to allow, benignior eft quam rts 
patitur. / offifcii hm all I was able, pro me.i re 
adjuvi. / am afraid he will not be able to main- 
tain his refi'ution, mciuo ut fubftet. 

To.bemore, <ix very able, i^sx-yoWfo, pr^valeo, 
•, or very able, Prapollens, prj.pc!fns, 

II Abltnefs, (Sidney) Habilitas, V, Ability, 
X Ab'epiy [Blindnefs] Ca-citas. 
Abluiini, (Taylor) \ Ablutio. Macr. 
Abnegiiiim, (Hammond) Nepatio. 
Abr.onv.'mi, t^ Abnormis, enormis. 
^ To U aboard. In nare efle, sd verfari. 
^f To go ab'-ard, Navem confcendrr^. 
f[ Vrcm on board the admiral, E na*«,pr--t"rr's. 
jfufl as he come from on boardof the fhif- in :pie 
c nave defcenfa, 

Abidt [dwelling place] Habitatio, fed,!. 
Abode [tarrying] Commoratio. 
He abrxle [dwelt] Hahitavit , fcdem T- • 
II W< <ji;J< [endured] Tulit, pertulit. 
To a'ltlifh [alirogate] Aboleo, abrog 
quo ; M,i. refc'ndo, evtlio. 

To abitijh [dcliroy] pertio, Mel, dcmo'icr. 


Tt thtbjb [ri«e ovit] Deleo, extermino, ex- 
tin^uo, obllteTo, rcltgno j induco. 

■.bollli»» lb ogat**, 
an' :rfus. 

j'ic.-' roii i.iriiioyeJl rciditus, 
AMifbid frjzfd ouij Deletus, •xtermiiutus, 

'Ta hi akalijhtil, Abolcfco, abtogari, delcti, 
eitingui, antiquari. 

7i it ahoHjhtd, parr. Abolenda*, delendu!. 

Jn jhJijhing, ab^ijhimal, (Rooku^ aholithf! 
Aboltlio, abrogatioj difTulutto, txtin^iio. 

Ahcmirablt, AbominJndus, detelUndus, de- 
tcflabilis, exccrabilis, execrandui, averlabilisj 
ae'arias, •i< oefandus. 

IWy aioviimilf ij, perinTifus. 

fL^omiralfy, (Arb<J^hn»«) odiose, t^ turpiter, 
msj, f(Ediflime. 

Technvinju; Abominor, i. abliorreo, deteftor, 
1. fiigio, 3. 

jitmhalioK, Dcteftatio, "8? odium. 

yl'tvinaiitm!, (Sbakefp.) Flagitia, pf. 

AioriiiK^ or aUrti-vtntJii Abortio, abortus, 

Aheri.n/c, Aborcivos, fiuflra coocopreaj.lf''- 

Ts be al/tHvue, Abortum facerc, vd poti, 
ab««o, fDrr. Mel. [unfamfifil] In vanum ce- 
dcre, fru{lra effe. 

Aiiahrtivt, S. (ShaksCp.) aierimtni, (Bacoii) 
Infans immjturus, imperfeflu!; tjiOffa. 

./Ai atariiv* dtjign, Ncgouum infelkiter fuf- 

(I Aieriivdy, Mu. Ad liritum, psrum profpsre. 

.M^ve, S«ip«r, fnpra j «5, f[ JIc flacid iktn 
thive hitrjflft fiiper I'c eos collocavit. Atikui fat 
*hvvt me, i^trriui bxivw me, fkipra me Atticus, 
infra Vertius accubueiunt. //ii htad U aicvt 
xoaur, extal capite ex aqu.u It is a Jcct and a 
half al'ji't ttignum^t exta« e terra fe(quipede. 

y^Atve [in place, excellency, <v honour] 
M^or, prior, pisftantiori Superior, fl His it- 
ieraliiy ii alirvAtii aiility, nwjor eA benignit^^ 
ci;l> <juMii facultates. Hi wdt as mutb ahve 
him in i-pntur, as- inferior to bim in f^ftune, erat 
fuperior ordine, qua inferior fortune. Henoai 
al^( thtm ai/y. primas oblinuit inter eos. Jt i. 
Jiartily okr^e the knees, vix genua Aiperat, 

Aiove [more, cr longer than] Plus, ampliiis 
magis, quam. ^ A^ove ttvtt tboufand, plus duo 
millia. Theyfot/ght ahi-ve nui hauts^ amplm 
duabus horis pugnatum efl. Ahttte -what tons 
tonvenientf ultra quam oportebac. A'y^e thirty 
ytars oid, plus annis triginta oatus. Not abavi 
tntfvA hi^bf non pede uim> altior. 

Abwt [beyond, tir more than] Ante, prjcter, 
oltra, fuper, ex, — Abinie all. Ante omnia, A'l 
t« thing ahive the reft, nihil praster cattera, 
Aiove biiftringib, ultra, fupra, niel fuper vires. 
He Irufled him aitne all, ei ex omnibus fidem 
habebac. all fmore efpecially] Cum primum, 
potiflimum, ante omnes,W omnia. 

Ab'Aje itji [moreover] Ad haec, infuper, 
' Abwe [upward] Surlum. 

Fr^m ab^e, Deluper, fupernc. 

% All things abvut, Supera omnia. 

0-ver and ab<yve, Ad, extra, fuper hare j in- 
fuper. fl Over and abwe ihefe cahmiiles, ad hjec 
mala. Ovir and abcve plurjir, extra proedam. 
Vt'er and abwe his o'ber crimes, f.ipra cietera 
fiagitia. Over and abt^ve ivbat was Jiipulated 
infuper quam qua pafta erant. , 

II Abyve Itjrd [openly and fairly] (South) 
Apcrtc, incorrupt):, integri:, lincere. 

ft A'mr meniiKid, abmjaid. Supra memora- 

tu*. t«-/d"^ui. 

*1 At akcTie, Vt fupra e(V di£lum. 
f;^ A' tve ground. In \ivis. 
To biakve [appear higher] Exto, /Tlii, T. 
Tf be abmt [excel] Emineo, prajfto, fupcro, 
fupetior cvadcre. i\ He is above ihefe things, 
e'.* ' ■'tm ut ca agat. 

Antefer':ndui', aolchaben- 

A B R 


To beehive, ot-^ei aiove [furpift] Anteeedo, 
excrdo ; fupergredior. 

To abound [»ith] Abundo, fcateo, Md. 
affluo, •••rcumflu*) gtrfluo, '<2!i exubersr 

To abcund~[bc fugfctfluous] ^upereflit redun-, 
darc,"exflndare. • ^ * ^ 

Abounding, <J>Exundans, influens. V. Abun- 

Ab'iunJlng, Abundans, plenus, fostus, fre- 
qucns. Met, affluens, >|> undapxj dives. ' 

ylh.ut, having variout fignifleations, miy be 
■^iftVrcn^ly rendered ;^ a>rby 

Ad, ^ A''oul tin thoufand, aJ decern niiflia. 
Aiout which lime, ad qua tempora, 

Aliii, ^ If he be about the mariil, fi apud fo- 
rum ell. 

Circa, or circum, ^ About the green fields, cir- 
ca virentes campos. ,Ttcy winleied about Aqui- 
kia, circum AquikiaBi llyCmabant. There are 
divers opinions abjut thefe things, varia circa hasc 

' Circiter,. ^ Aiatit noon, circiter meridiem. 
About nine o*cloik, n.onam circiter horam. 

Cum, ^ I'bave all my ivealtb about me, omnia 
liiea mecum porto. 

' 0e; ^ T time to yoit aViiul your diiughter, ajii 
se dc,fi^!.|. 

Fere, <| AScut tit ftme' hour, eadem fete hora, 

Fermc, fl MuJ> about ibt fame lime,, iifdem 
fcrmc diebus. ' 

In, ^[ tou are long about this bujinefs, dju es in 
hoc negotio." Sonwiu^erc dhoul this houfe, in afi- 
qua parte domus. About the fircits of the city, 
in uibis vicis, " About us, in nofh'is regionibus.. 
Ten fo'A about y decern pedes in circuitu. 

Inltar, l(J About fevcnty, inftar fepcuaginta. 

I'Jus miniis, ^!^ About thirty days, i'.ti plijs mi. 
nCis triginta. 

QuaS, % About the bottom of the page, quad in 
extrem.t pagin.i. About ten »\loch, hora quafi 
decimal* About afoot big, quafi pedalis. 

Sub, ^ Ab'jut break of day, fub ipfum diei or- 
ttim, primii luce. About the fiime lime, fub 
idem tenapus. 

Siiper, ^ Men are not agreed-about the Age of 
Hemer and H^ficd., fuper a;tate Horacri & HeCo- 
di non confentitur. 1' nvill' ivrite to y'M about 
this affair, fuper refcribam ad te. 

Verfus, ^. AffOHt noon, ad meridiem verfus, ' 

II To be about [employed in] In allqua re labo- 
rare, occupari, verlari i traiflarealiquid, fl Kck 
frc long ab:ut that affair, nimis diu eo ncgotio 
occupatus cs, 1 am about it now, ibi nurc fum. 

7o be about [ready to do] is generally rin lered 
by the future in rwj. ^ The hiftory tue are about 
to write, hiftoria quam fcriptuti fumus. The cc. 
tnedy tvhieh -zve arc about to a^, comtxdia quam 
Rti^uri fumus. They are about to return home, do- 
mum ptofeduri funt. 

\To go about [attempt] Agjredior, 3. tento, 
\. accingcre fe ad aliquid agendum. 
I To go about [walk round] Obambulo, 1, per- 

' ^[ Ter have ene^s wits alout one, Eflc priefcnti 

II To lie about [be difperfed] Difpergor.Tij, 3 

To lie about [be near the'borders of] Circum- 
jlaceo, 2. adj.iceo. 

To loik about, Attendo, euro, circumfpicio. 

% To take one about the mitii:le. Medium ali- 
qucm prehcnderc. 

11 About with it, Circumage. 

Round about, Circumcirca, circuirquaque, in 

Abraham'' s- balm, or hemp- tree, \'ltcx, yds, f. 
■ t ^ t'eafl, yEqua fronte. 

To abridge [deprive o/"J Privo, otbo, fpolio. 

7'o abridge [fliortcnj Contraho, ('ecurto, i. 
brevio, ^int. compendium, vr/compendii faccrc, 
Plant. a6 compendium conl'crre, id, compendita. 
cio, id. I com pen fo, Sen. 

Ahr'idgedof, Orbatus, privatus, fpoliatus. 

Abridged [(hortencdj Contrallus, in com- 
^ndium redaftu?. 

An abridger, Qui in compendium redigit, 

Attabriiigingof, PrivaCio* 

A B S 

^1 airljg-ng [fhortening] Met. Contraaio. 

Ar, abridgment. Compendium, commentariolus S 
fn7f::,Ti',-^!'- S"-""" "licujus v=i,/epitome. 
. '.. Abroaci,^ jerebratm ^ipromei^ijio. 

To Jet abroach, or tap, Vas terebrarei relin?re. 

Abroad [from home, without dnorsl Foris 
|n publico, fub din. ^ r, lie ab-o,d aV •■,>// 
Pernoaare in pubUeo. A convenient place muli 
be taitm. abroad, Uoneus f«l»*o fumendus eft 

,jI' J^ T*^' *""'/""'» '''>'il"h abroad in tb, 
cold) nafnet fubjove frig!*, vfciator. 

^A'W[from within, out of doors] Foras, in 
aperttanri, medium, vel publicum, r lU go-tb 
abroad bctmes, mane exit foras. He went abroad 
m the open a,r, in apertum prodiit. //. ^amt 
abroad amongft them, in medium proceflit. / 
know you feldom affea„.bro»d, fcio te raro in 
publicum prodire. 1 ' . 

^irW [in, or from foreign parts] PeregrS. 
JH Ntng^^e abroad,. ftre^friMtt. d-com^nuetb 
^ong abroa,., pcrtijc diu h,ofatur. He latetVre. 
'/•^"^ffrom abroad, ,H,pirpercsrerei>U. ^ ' 

L(^'°*' 5™"^ 'J*"'- <"««>* the«] Late, 
^affim, uniiique, uf^uequaqae. ■* ' 

t>rod,r^, e.for,bus, Wtrftis, excedere. 
■ Jo difperft abroad, Difpergoi 

vulT! T^'''-''J! ^" " report]. In v<.lg« manare^ 
crebttit *^^"P'rtrancboard,-'f.m, per-' 

f^ To take abroad,, Foras fecum docere 

prolLmtf "''' ''"""'"' "''^""' °^"^'"''"'°> 

mV"Jc°^T' '^•^^^I"'*'"''™. antique, abdW 

',.(fsT ' '*'"''""'' "'"*'«"'"' «"iS"-'tus, 

Anairogating A,boVnio, abrogatio, abdioatio. 

11 'ojit ahrood, Ovis mcubare. 

/Itrup,, Abruptus, praeruptus . Met. intercifiis. 

-«'-'';>/, S. (Milton) ^, Abruptum. 
rufo '^'' ^''"*''' P'^fupti, raptim, exab- 
' ^^Ahruptnefs, or abruption, (WoodwarJ) A- 

An abfeefs, Abfcefllis, 4^ 

Abfc'-ffion, (Brown) AbfcifTio. 

Toabfcond^ Abfcondo, delitefco, lafeo, fallo. 

Abjconded, Abfcnnditus, abditus. 

'^ -An ahfctndcr [of himlelf or others! Occut. 
rator. -* 

An abfiovding, occultatio. 

Ab fence, Abfentia, Tae. Sen, 

Abfenc, [or want of a thing] defiderium. 
Wet. difceflio. '■ 

^T Done in one's ahfcnce, Abfente aliquo fadlonSi 

Abfent, Abfens. 

To ie abfent, Abfum, defunn-, drfideror. 

% To ai>f^r.t himfetf, Abfumj abd£re fe, nott 
comparcre, praefentem fe non fiftere, fe a loco 

To abfolve [acquit] Abfolvo, libero, t. 
'^ refolvo, a prena eximcre. innocentem decla. 
rare, a culpa libeiura pronunciare. 

To abfJve [perfedlj Abfolvo, perficio; ai ■ 
Snem perducere. 

Tc be ahfokicd, Abfolvor, liberor. 

y*/i>/«</ [acquitted ] Abfolums, liberatus. 

Ahfolved [perfected] {ab'olutc. Hooker) Ab- ■ 
folutus, Conteflus, pcrfeftis. 

Anabfolving, or alfolution, Abftlutio, libeia- 

Abfiluielf, Abfolute, planifljtne, prorfiis. 

Afo/I abfil.-iie'y, Abfoliuinime. 

II Ahfolutenefs [completnefs] Al folutio, pef- 

Abfolute, V, Unlim'itcd, 


(A5 N 

^ C C 

A C C 

Ahftlutenrft .[of'conditionj ■(South) V. Init; 

Mpuifiuft [\n government] (Bacon) Domi- 
^jBitio, 3. 

Ahj'ciuHryy (Ayliffe) -AHfolutOfiu?. 

jj .liiiJjKHit •flwrft ia founds -Mt'., unJuUahlc'] 
J^lanvrle) Aufonus. 

To al'.crb, Abforbeo. 

J ylbforbcriii^ Kemedia abforbenti^i. 
, To ahfitiin, Abftineo, ». fibi temperare, 5 fe 
* rejiccic, f[ }U ahpained finn plcajurtSy a volup- 
tflium iUccebris abhorniit, Thfy dtjired ib^m 
ftj aJfa'trt fnm murder^ frecabantur ut ciedibus 

j^n'ahjiatning, AbAiiientla. 

yihjiimhui, Abflemius, ibbrius, temperatu!. 

ylhjlemkuflyy Sobrie, temperate. 

Ahjlttmvujiuftf Abfiinentia^ teni{>erantia j fo- 
biictas, 3. 

Ahfti'gid, Abfterfus, dctcrfus. 

\AhJiirgtut^ (tr ahjierfi'vej Abftergens, detcrgens. 

/I'fiiiuiut, A'jAincntia, Ma. contiiientia, 
tenn| erdntia, 

Al>,!iKeiit, AbftintiK, continens. 

To aijiraB, Contrjio, V. Abri<lgc. 

Toai/xiS [feparate] Abfirjhojfejunfoj fegaro. 

An abfiran, V, A'/iiiigmun:. fl yillany in 
the abjh-oyit fiimmum ("ecus, 

Abftraaa, V. Abridged. 

Ali[>rj(i,-d [fcparated] Abftra£his, fejunflus, 

AliftraBcdIy, ox abJlrdHly, (Benlley) Separa- 
tim, vel per fe, confideratus. 

J Ahflraai'in, (Watti) || Abftraftio. 

Atjtrufr, Abditiis, abdrufus, occultus, ob- 
iciirus, rcco/iditus, Mel. retrufus. 

Viry ahjiru^t, Perreconditus, 

Abfirjiftly , Abdite, obfcurc, occuUe. 

Abflritfemfs, (Boyie) ahjirufuy, (Brown) Ob- 

Absurd, AbfiirduSjineptiis, arationeabhorrens, 

Somcvjbat ahjurdy Subablurdus, 

Very abjurd, t'erabfurdus. 

^, To be aifmJ, Abfurdus efle, i ratione ab ■ 

Abfurdily, Incptiaj I, 

An Sturdily, Res abfurda, res I'nepta, -vtl 
parum rationi congniens , repu^naatia. 

Abfurdly, Adfurde, inept c, parum congruenter. 

Some'zuvat abfufdiy, fubabiulde. 

Abundanct, Abundantia, 1, copia, opulenlia; 
sierras. 3. M^t. abundatio, aiBiienrla, proven- 
tufi. ft* Tbefaurlts. fl Aburuiatae of applet tin 
year, annus hie cxuberat pomis. JVe ha've-ter.rd 
abundanee oftalu, abunde fabularum audivimus. 
A'>if'dance rf ha-vesy foUorum luxuria. Abj'it- 
dame of flraiv and fodder ^ ftranainis & pabuli 
afKitim. iiucb an abundance of corn and mvuy, 
lantus frumcnri pecuniffitjoc numeius. 

T»o nmcb abundance, Nimictas, 3. Cel. rcdun- 
^antia, nimia copia. 

Abundant, Abondans, copiofus, uber. 

Abundantly, Abunde, abundanti-r, redun- 
damer, afiatim, copiosc, cumulate, effuse, plci) e, 
{>lena manu, r|i ubcrtinn. 

More abundantly, CopioflUS, cutnulatius, ube- 
rius, aHiuentiufs 

M'fi abundantly, accumulatiflime, uberrime. 

To atiuje [mifufc] Abutor, 3. 

^ To ab-ife, or dtceife a perjon, Aliqucm de- 
cipere, falitre, circumvenire. 

To abufe earnaliy, Vitio, ftupro; temero; 

To ebufe to one^sface, Scurror, iUudo. 

To abufeone in language, Convicior, art ; diftis , 
v/VconviciiS) aliquem lacelsere. 

To alufe one in aiinn, Mairfacio, 3. injuriani 
irifene aLicai. 

Anabufe [wrong ufe] Abufus, 4. abufio. 

An abttfe [in UStJ Injuria, fraus, iniqua 

An abufe [in languagej] Conviciuro, contu- 
(Oelia, maledidio. 

Abujed [ in words ]' Contumeliosc habitus, 
fcurtiliter excfptus, conviciis laceffitua. 

uibujti l/ix, faita] Ujurii* iiicdlitus, rioUtus, 
Is fan 

I An «biifii; (Ocnham] Violator, Iudific«tor. 
AbuJ^-e, Uicax, petulans, contumeliofui, fcur- 
rilis, maledicus. 

Abufwly, (Boyle) male, injuflc. 
Abufn'ty, Contumeliosc, fcuiriliter, 
Abulh:intfi, (Herbert) Pctulantia, ludificatio ; 
contutneria, fcurrililas. 

To abut [border upon] Adiareo. 

Abating, Conterminus, con6nis« 

An abyfs, Profundum. 

An.accdeeny, 'Academia. 

Academic, (Pope) or ornrfmjVW .[belonging to 
the ancient A.adimich'] •Acjdemicos. 

An academian, modern, (Wood) euadetnU, 
(Watts) academi/l, (Ray) )| Academicus. 

An acaialeffick verft, •j| Acatalefticos nrfus. 

To accfilc, Accedo, 

To accelerate, Accelero, I, depropno, feftino. 
J\iet. raaturo. 

Accelerated, Acceleratos, feft'oatu!,mafuratus. 

A ctlcralion, (Hale) Arcclctatio. 

XAcconfion, (Woodward) Inflammatio, 

An accent ♦tonus, 2. apex, Ids. m. 

To accent [pronounce] Verba accurate pro. 

To accept, Accip'o, capioj fufcipio. 

^ To accept of kindly, Gratum & acceptum ha- 
bere, aqui & boni confulere, aliquld i«ta fronte 

Acceptable, Acceptus, •carus, gratus, optatus, 

AccepiaUenefs, (Grew) Gratia. 

Acceptably, Apte, gra'c. 

Aceeptan't, acceptation, Acceptio, 

Acceptaiin [fenfe, or meaning] Senfus, 4. 
ootio, 3, fignincatio. 

Accep'ed, Grate acceptus, 

j) An accepter ^ Q^i aliquid accipit. 

II Accepttloti^nj Relalio in acceptum. 

Anaccefs, accelTus, 4. aditus, admitiio, via. 

To ba've accefi uiTto, Admittor, accedo ; ad con- 
srefium admitti. ^f TLat I may batie an eafy 
acccfi to four library, ut mihi tui libri paccant. 

A'lrjible, Cui acceffus patet j aft'abilis, comis. 

Aiccffion, Acce/Tio, additamentum, 

^ Ac efjion 10 the erown^Ad fummum impe- 
rium accdTus. 

•If Acctfjion to a treaty. Ad pafliones accelTus. 

An acce£ory. Culpa;, vel conjurationis. con- 
Tors, affinisj fceieris confcius, criminis, mel 
tacinoris, focius j particeps, comes, ^ It *tvas 
thought he wai tccejfary, prsbuit fufpicionem 

J The accidence, or accident!, •Grammatices 
introdu^io, .ye/ elementa prima. 

An accident, Cafus fortnitus. 

Accidental, Coritingcr.s, fortuitus. 

ALciJentaJ [not eUcntial] Adventitius, adfci- 
tus, nnn inn.ilus. 

A ci^'entdlly, Cifu, fortS, fortuito, fortuitu. 

An acrlatnation, Acclamatio, cxclamatjo. 

Acclivity, Acdivitas, 

To accommodate [fit] Accomtrodo, apto. 

To accommodate [fuiniffi with] Suppedito, ali- 
quCTi re aliquj infhucre, rem fufficcre alicui. 

To accommodite [make up a difteteiicc] Con- 
troverfiam dirimete, paccm redintegrate, con- 

AccommoJdted, accommodabte, (Watts) [fittedj 
Accommodatus, aptus. 

Accommodatsd [turniihed] Inilruiluj, fuppe- 

Accommodated [made tip] Reconcillitus, 

An accommodation of b-n'gmg, Coniroodum 

An accomn-odcllrg, or accommodation [fitting 
up] Acconimadatio, 3, [t'urnilhing with] 
Suppcdit.itio, 3. inftruflio; [a making up of a 
diiTcrcnce] pacis redintcgtatio, pacis concilia - 
to, , 

To accimipany [go with] Comitor; ^ comito j 
profequor J fe focium itineris dare, % lie ac^ 
lon-paricd tin:, fe illi comitcm exhibuit, lel 

To accompany [keep company with] Confo- 
cior, cjni aliquo vivcrc, conlubcrnjo alicujus 
familiariter uti> 

To aftompam [bring one on his way] Drduce, 
prrduco, perduflo. f Alary cccmpaniid 4>in 
home, frequcntes com dcduxere domum. 

Acctmpanied, ComitatuJ, coocomitatut, dtUuc- 
tut, prrdudlus. 

jj An acictrpanier, Deduflor, perduflor, Cuc'iut 
ilineris; contubernalis. 
An acccmpatiying, Deduflio, 
An acciwplire, V. Aiccjjoty. f lie lust an 
accomplice in that cmfpiracy, in caJcm tonjura. 
tionc verfabatur. 

To acccMplifh, abfolvo, impleo, compleo, ex- 
plico, expedio, cmoliur, Snio, con/icio, perficio 
Met. cxhaurio; coniummo. 

To acconrpltfh a command, IVragq, excqucr, 
^T To accomplip; a, Vctum perfolTcre, 
pr^/iare; voti (idem fojvite. 

t\ To have one'i d^ire Mc^npfifhed, Votis ftui j 
w/potvii; voti fummam confequi. 

Accompafhed, ConftjnimatuE, abfulutni, per- 
feilus, completus. 

^ Aii actmplifhid ferfon, Vir fummii animi 
dotibus inltruaus. 

II An accitr.plifher, <^i confiiminat, &(, 
An acccmplfhment, or accompUpirg, Coofiim- 
matio, fumma, perfedtio, peraftio. Met, /afli- 
gium J expletio. 

f Toaccompt, Compute, j.vid. Aiount. 
An accord [agreement] accordance, (Fairfax) 
or according, AflenQis, Concordia, confenfio, 3, ■ 
confenfus, 4. Of my, thy, hit, her, our, your, or 
their own aciord, ultro, fponte; voluntate n^el, 
tua, fua, noftra, veftra. He came to me of lit 
cvin accord, ultio ad me vcnit, 

t. An accord [in mufic] concentio. 
To accord, Alfentio, alVentior, confcntio; 
concordn, convenio. ^ I accord luilh you, yixxt 
tecum fentio. To accord in opinion, concurrerc 
in unam fententiam, uno ore confentire, 7t 
accord in mutual affeciicn, unum ftudcre, unuoi 
fentire, conjunftilTimc cum aliquo vivcrc. 
Accordant, Aflentiens, confenticns. 
Accorded, CompoHtus, reconcih^tus. 
According at, Prcut, perinde ut, utcunqtje, 
pro €0 ut, f[ Accorjirg to every want pleajurey 
prout cujufque libido eiT. According at tie opi- 
nion of c^:ry mant manners is, perinde ut opinio 
efl de ciijuique moribus. According as there fhall 
he need, utcunque oput fit. According at leould, 
pro eo ut potoi. 

According to. Ad, de, ex, feci:ndum, pro, S*;. 
f[ lie fpcakctb nothing according to truth, nihil ad 
veritatem loquitur. He doth all according to Us 
own mind, de fu.? unius fententia gerit omnia. 
According to appointment, ex compofito. He livab 
according to his o^un nature, fecundum naturam 
fuam vivit. According to their njillany, pro fce- 
lere eorum. According to try pcivcr, pro mca 
virili, W: mi,ft r.ctv go according to the times, 
nunc fccna; fcrviendum eft. According to my 
firmer cufl;m, meo priftino more. 

Accudingiy, Idcoj fic, pat iter j congruenter, 
merito; rite, ex prjel'cripto. 

To accoft [approach, fet upon] Aggredior, 
conpted:or ; adorior; accedo, convenio, 4. . 

To accofi [fpeak to] Aliquem adire, compel- 
Ure, alloqui, 

11 AcccflMe, (Wotton) Aftabilis. 
^ctfted, Compellatus. 

, An acctfting, CompeiUtio, congrefltis, 4, con« 

To account [reckon] Numero, fupputo, com- 
puto; dimetior, ratiocinor, ratione. inirc, rati- 
uncuiam fubduc2re. ff Ht eucountctb all that 
clear gain, omne id deputat efle in'lucro. * 

^ To balance, adjufi, OTjet:le, accounts. Rationea 
««iequare. componere, facSre, He faffed b'a ac 
courts, rationes comprobatae fucrunt. . , 

^ To cafi up bit accounts, Ratiooct computare, 
putare, ^r/ fupputare, coUigere. 

f[ To cafi accounts [as at fchool] * Aritbmetl* 
cam difcere, computandi artem edifcEre.. 
II To cafi up his atctunis, *Vomo. 
^ To call one to an account [f«r evil pra^icej 
Ad rationem reddendara vocarf, 

^ To caU are to an account [forcxpenfcsj^ump* 
tuum tatioBcm exigere, poftulare, poiccrc. 

A C C 

^ T» jh»*i titsmt efiiu't Je'tn^s, RitiOIUBl 


^[ T» ^fr^ tf» accent tf a thitg, Rem orJine 
exponfre, nartirr, relerrc. 

^ To ^/<ir» re acauni [among traJtfmcn] In 
raticnrs altcujus inferre. 

% Ttjljie an amum, Rat'onn inttr k confcrrt. 

^ T) «*«• mr arrwiK s/, Rationei iniie, rationes 
ab aliquo tccipere. 

jittaccMKi [terkoning] Ratio, Mtt. caiciilos. 
^ /( ;• a cittr acmint, x.lio apparct. Ti.u art 
Tight inynir a.f.krf, n&i ratlon-m tcnfs. Ht 
tM* ax accstiri/iim til farmer, rationtm a colono 
acrtpit. As/ar as I can fit hy ywr accourt, ut 
rationem te diflare iixelligo. He faiil he --cas 
feutjr ri^hi his account, rationem fe purjare dicf- 
bat. Oar arcwnti agree very tutll, bene ratio 
inter no acceiti ftexpenfi convenit. 

A" aetvintiag, Computatioj rationam fub- 

A little acntm!, Ratiuncola. 

Acctuntahle, Rationi reddendr obnoTioJ. 

Acccur.iahk [may be coontedj computabilis. 

% Billi tf account, •Scheda raiionum. 

<f A hot t/accmnts, Liber accepti & expenii , 
raticnarium Suet, 

Ar.acituiHarJtSatnetinii, arithmeticae f eritus, 
•lithnieiicisexercitatus; ratiacinator. 

Ti aecotinr, /Ei^imo, liabeo, facio. 

fl Trnnate great accof j if, Mapni zftimare, 
(accre, p«nd?re, ducfre; in deliciis habere, in 
oculis fctre. If you lao-Ji he atciainttdhnntfl mtn, 
6 »ulrit vos prthiberi proboj. 

«f TamaiiKoacccunI if, Flocci, nauci, nihili, 
niri magni pendtre, nihil penfi habere, li may 
htycj make htll: acauit <fifb~l Itcomitb of mi, 
foiUflequid c!c me parvi prndis. 

^ 75 acco-n: for [gn-e a reafon for] Caufam 
ejplicare, raTionem rcddere. 

\<f!^^ima^eaclta'lt<f, or dtfgn, a thing, Sia- 
lucre in animo, w/ fecum. 

^ To tunttt accmnt. In rem alicujus elTe j pto- 

An accomt [eftimation] Pretium. 

H ^f ?"•" acccunt, 'Carus, gratus, niagn!, 
vil quantivis, pretii. 

f A'bmg of no aceeuni, Riivilis, nullius pre- 
tii, nihin. 

^ A man of no arnunt, Homo nihili, nullm, 
•Jr trcITo. Men if no account. Homines viles; 
ignota capita ; numerus, fine nomine turba. 

fl To becjjo'ne, or «, fl«»iwr,Aliquo, Wnullo, 
efTe miraero, ordine, pr«tio. tyhat account rlid 
Citfar make of you f quern locum apud Calarem 
obtinuirtl j Hi maketh no a.count tffteafurt, vo- 
luptatcm nullo loco nomerat. No fctolar of any 
account hut knrtvtth lim, iKmini eft pauliim mode 
humaniori ignotus. Of great atfurt for iiirtue 
and fidelity, antiquj lirlute & fidee«irtimatus. 

An account [caufe, or reafon] Caufa, ratio, 
^ On that account, ea de causa, hac raticne. On 
ill accian', illiui gratia. 

To he accounted, exiftimor, habeor. 

Aicuimed, i^ftimatus, habitu), exiAimatus, 

f To accoafle, (Bacon) V. Te couple, 

+ To accourage, (Spencer) V. To encourage. 

•j- To accouri, (id.) V. To fourr. 

To accoutre [drefs] Apparo, inftnio, orno. 

Accoctrtd, Armit mftruAut, ornatus, adorna- 

Acccuirtmtnli, Arma pi. apparatua, 4, ornatus, 

A'aitwiirinjr, Apparalio, inftruflio. 

A'reti-,n, (Newton) Aecrciio. 

Aentiii, (Glanv.J accrefcens. 

To accrue, Accrerto, ex aliquit te orirt, acce. 
iirr, advenire. 

To mcumulare, Accumulo, coacetn) ; congero, 
Jlf«.'. aftruo; aggravo. 

Accutrulattd, 01 accumulative, coaccriratus, con- 

An accumulaiirg, or srcnmulaiien, Accumu- 
ktio, coacervatioj complemeaium. Met. a> 
Atc»rttj, at atturauii^i, Accuratio, rei accu- 


rat* r>ti», vel dcfcriptio. f[ To t'o ,1 thing with 
grtjt accuracy, .>liquid accurate, diligcnter, ftu- 
dii>:>e facete, magna cum cura diligent. aque pro;- 

Accurate, Accuratus, exqulfilus, if exaftus, 

A^.uralely, Accurate, ad, vel ex amuflim, 
ambitiosc, cooquifitc, cxquifite, emendate, egrC' 

Afofl accurately, accuratiffime. 

Toaceutfe, txecror, devoveo. <|r facro* 

A'Curfed, Execratus, devotus. 

A" aceurfing, (imprecation) devotio, Nep, 

Accvjahle, Accufandus, accufabilts. 

AiCufatary, Accufatorius j criminofus. 

To accufe, Accufo, infeftor, ctiminor ; arguo, 
poftulo, in jus aliquem vocare; diem alicui 
dicere, anioncm intendrie; reiim agere. fl 1 
do «-- / accufe yeu, te fcciflc non arguo. He ac- 
Cttfed him of things unlavifully taken, poftulateum 
de rcpoeundis. 

To accufe, or impeach, Accufo, I. incufo ; 
accerfo, inllmulo, poftulo, interrcgo. fl He ac- 
cujeth him oftreafon, majeilaiislaera.* eum accerfit. 

To accufe, or blame, Culpo, catifor, reprebeni^o, 
aliquid ajicui vitio vertere. 

To accufe fafely, Calumnior, invidlose crimi' 
noff, ficlo crimine inf'edtor, falfis fubders. 

To acc-jfi heavily, Oiiero, J,T^c. 

To accufe malici-ujly, Mel. Ailatro. 

To accufe fccretly, Uefero. ^ He accufed my 
friend for hriiery, nomen amici mei de ambitu 

^ To beaccuftd,ln]us vocari j judicioobftringi, 
poftulari; monftrari. Tac, 

Accufed, Accufaius, portulatus, infimulatus. 

V, Aicuftdfalfcly, Falso ddatus. 

Accufed fecrcily, Uelatus, occulte infamatus. 

The perfen accnfcd, Reue. 

An accufer, Accufator, accufatrix, f, delator. 
An a.cufer futorned, EmilTarius, 

Afalfe accufer. Calumniator, 3, 

A partalter •with on aciufer, Subfcriptor, 

An accufer corrupted by the perfon accufed, fix- 
varicator, 3. 

A fecret accufer. Delator. 

An accufing, or accufation, AccufatiOj crimi 
natio, delatic. 

Like an accufer, Accufatorie, 

A ffcrtt accufatitn, delatio. 

Afalfe accufiitton, Calumnia, 

A railing a cufarion, Matedid)um. 

tj To frame an accufation figainfi one, Ream 
aliquem peragere. 

fl To lonfuti acufationi alledgeJ, Criminationes 
allatasreiellete, repellere, propellere, coargucie, 

^ The accufativt cafe, Accafandi cafus, vel 

By falfe accu/tn%, Contumelioie, injuriose. 

To aecujiom one, AlVuefacio^ conCuefacio j in 
confu^tudinem adducere. 

To actuffom kimfclf, or to be eccufiomed, Soleo, 
fuefco, alii efco, tonfuefco. ^ It ii accuflomed in 
many things, multis in rebus ulitatum eft. Tbi 
thing our ancejiors have long ufed and been accufiomed 
to, eft hoc in more pofitum, inftitutoque majo 

Toaccufiom, est habituate. Met. Imbuo. 

Accufiomed, or viont, to do a tbiug, AlTath&us, 
affuetua, confuetus, infuefaftus. Ma. imbutus". 

Accufiomed, or viont, to be f aid, or done ; accu 
pomary, Ufitatus, ufurpatus, folitui; priflinus. 

A'of, Inufitatus, infolitus, infuetus, 
Infolens. fl' tJot accufiomed to receive truths, in 
folcns reri accipiendi. 

Accuflomabhj, (Bacon) or aecufiomarily, Ufitate, 
fiequenter, fjplftime. 

An accnjiimirg, Afluefaflio. 

The acepiint in the dice, Canicula. 

Tie ace [atcardtj 'Monas, A^ii, f. 

Acerb [marp, with an addition of roughnefs] 
Acerb"?, *actdus. 

Aciibiy ffliarpnefs] Acerbiias. 

Acerbity [fevcritj', Popt Met} Duritia, rigor, 

A C Q^ 

t Acifenl, (Arbuth.) acefccoi. 

An ache, or aching. Dolor, 3. 

^ The telly arte, Tormina uentrls. 

•I The bead ache, &c. Capitis dolor, cordil^ 
ftomachi, dentium, &c. 

fl An extreme ache of a bile, MJlcerit xftui. 

To ache, Doleo, condolui, ^r.rr. 

Ache, or fmallage, Apium. 

fl An ache bone, Os coxeadicis. 

To ath:cve,Va.\tc, perj>etroj conficio. peragd, 
gero; compleo. ^ I could not achieve it, \i ohiK 
non potui. He hath atcbieved hii labours, per- 
fun^us eft laboribos, 

Toaebii-ve [compafs, get, or obtain] A(ft- 
quor, potior, obtineo. 

Achieved, Coofeftus, geftus, patratus, perpe- 
tratus, aflus, decurfus. 

An achiever, (Shakrfp.) Confeftor. 

^ Anachiever ofvi^ories, Vi^loriarum compos. 

An achieving, Confe^io, confummatio, patra* 

A notable achievement, Facinus piaeclarum, egre- 
gium, illuftre. 

An aehiivment, vulg. ffachment [in heraldry] 
Infignia gentilia, alicujus defunct in fcuto de- 

Aebievmenis, or exploits. Res geftse. 

Acid [adj.] Acidus, [fiibft.] res acida. 

Somcfivbac acid, Acidulus. 

Acidity, Acrimonia, •acor. 

To acidulate, (Arbuthnot) Acidiilum teiiin. 

To acknonviedge, Agnofco, rccognofco; con6- 
teor, fateor; non nego, in me recipio, palam 
praedico. ^ / acknoivledge 10 hat you fay of me, 
agnofco quod mihi tribuis. 

ff To aeknonoledge him f elf guilty , Crimen fatcri, 
in feculpam fufcipere. 

fl To acknowledge a kindnefs, Memoriam in 
bene meritum animum pra:ftare. 

To aeknc^wkdpe that he otveihany thing to tbt 
kindnefs, unkintfncfs, valour, &c, of another, Ac. 
ceptum aliqurd benignitati, fifi, referrej impu. 
tare aiiqujd alicui. 

To acknowledge before an officer, Profiteor, 
fejus, 1, 

Aeknovi lidged, Agnitus, recogniius. 

An acknowledging, or ctcknovikdgment, Agni* 
tio. 3. rccognitio. 

An acknoiiittdging [or granting] confcnfus. 

An acknywicdgment [grateful return] Grjti 
animi (ignificatio, gratia referenda voluntas, W 

An acolyte, Acohtbijl, {Ayliffe) [or deaconi 

Aconite [wolPs-bane] •Aconitum. 

An acorn, Glans, dis, 3. 

A little acorn, Glandula. 

^ To bear acorns, Glandes fcrre. 

Blaring acorns, Glandifcr, 

II Acoufiicks [doflrine of founds] *[[ Acouflica, 

To acquaint, Admoneo, nuncio, commonefa* 
cio, indico, indicium facerc, aliquem de re 
aliqua certiorem faccre. 

Acquaintance, Notitia, confiictudo, ncceiHtu- 
do; commcrcium, ufas, conciliatio, %\ Our 
acquaintance is of tio long parding, inter nos nu- 
pera notitia admodum eft. I havenoacfuaintance 
Ttfith you, neque te, quis fis homo fcio. I have 
not the leaf acquaintance •with him, aibus an ater 
fit, nefcio. 

m An old acquaintance [the thing] Vetuft» 

A quainiarce [the perfon] Notui, familiarii, 
^ An acquaintance of mine, notus mihi quidam. 
An intin-ate acquaintance of mine, unus ex intimis 
meis familiaribus. A very ^reat acquaintance ofbitf 
quidam fummacum familiaritateilli conjun^us. 
H^e are old acquaintance, inter nos vetus ufus in» 
tcrcedit. Upon, or for, •zthat acquaintance ? quo 
nomine? qua gratia? unde ifthitc familiaritas? 

^ To creep info cne^s acquaintance. In alicujua 
familiaritatem fe infmuare. 

fl Tofeik one's acqjainiame. Ad alicujus fami- 
liaritatem fe applicare. 

Ai'quainted before, Praecognitut. 

ffell acquainted, perfamiliuu, petoecelfariat, 



Btlftr tcjua'snted, conjunftior, 

T» /'t acfuair.itJ, or kjiirwi, notcfcert alicui, 

Ttfi*. ^ / am <viry ivilt ac^uairrtcd 'with lim, cum 

eo fummus eft mihi ufut, eo familiariflime utor 

^ To bcionicacquaiitifd togeilicff Notiliam inter 

ft alcifcere. 

To htmaile arfua'mtedioUhf or informedf Cer- 
t!crfii<ti; cognofcete, ^ Should I not baiit irtr. 
made atquaiwid nuiih it firjif nonne mihi priuf 
CODimunic:itum uportuit? 

j^n acifuainfingf Admonitio, indicium. 

jStjurJIs. Res acquifita?, opes paratae. 

To acjukfce [reft fatisfied with] Acquiefco, 
requiefco, conquitfco; aflcntior, pareo. 

j^n acquiejcencif or ar^uief.ency, AircnliOy af- 
fcnfus, alterius voluntati fubtnililo. 

./ft-jB/t/cfi/m, Comprobatus, quo fum contentus. 

Acquirable, (Bentley) AfiVquendns. 

Toaiquhe [fetj Acquiio, colligo; pario, re- 
perio, compaio, confequor, afiequor ; lucror. 

To acquire [ItarnJ Difco. ^ He fioti acquired 
the knowledge of chj'e things in which he tvas in- 
JirfSicd, celericer arripuit quod tradebatur. 

yjcquired [gotten] Acquifitus, conip.iratus, 

Acj'i'rtd\^DO\. by nature] Adfcitus, ufu edoftus. 

An acquiring, or acquirement, Adeptio, compa- 
ratio, cmptio. ^ /i ptrjon of great atquirements, 
multarum lerum pcritus. 

Acquifiionj acqucji, or acquiji, (Milton) Ac- 
Ceffio, lucrum, fructus, 4. 

To acquit, Solve, 3. abfolvoj libero, di 

To acquit [free another from debt] AHquem 
aeiealieno liberare, alicujus ses alienum difTolvere, 
— [Hiir.felfJ y4irc alieno fe iiberare, debita loi- 
Vetc; fati&t'acerc ii^ quibus debemus. 

^To acquit one in judgment. Ex reis cximere, li- 
tcram falutarem fcribere, infontem declarare, 
from blame, Aliquem ex culpa eximere. 

fl To acquit himjrlf bandj.trely in a bufncfs, Lau- 
te munusftium adminiftrare, officio lautefunei. 

^ To acquit himfelfofhit votv, Votum folveie, 
perlolvere, reddere ; voto fe liberare. 

Aquial, m acquitment, (South) Abfolutio, 

Ww acquittance fr money receiueil , •IjApocha, I. 
H fecuritas, Cod, ' fyngrapha pecunia; acceptae, 
vet folatae. fl To gi-ue un acquilance for money, 
acceptam alicoi pecuniam hrts.—!nfull of all 
auounis, quiequiJ debcbatur accepium referre a- 

Acquited, Solutos, abfolutus, liberatufi. 

An acquiting, Solutio, liberatio. 

An acre, Jugerum. 

Acre by acre, Jugeratim. 

Acrid, or acrimor.icMl, *ActT, actdus. 

Acrimory [ (harpnrfs] *Acrimonia, •acor. 

j4critude, (Grew) 'Acritudo. 

iyl ronicclly, (Dryden) Sub noftem. 

Acrofi, obl.qu. Oblique, tranfverfim. 

Acofiick, •Atioftichis, 'idis, f. 

Toafl, ot do, *.Ago, facio. 

^ To af} lis pitrt, Officio fuo fungi, munus 
fuum adminiftrate. 

TiafI, crffeai, afainft, obtreflo. 

To all [imitate] Gefticulor, a^ionn allcojup 

To all JIage play%, I.odoj Icenicos ag?re, hirtri- 
oniam exerc le. ^1 We are going to a(i a flay, 
fcbulam afturi fumur. 

An an, or dcd, Faftum, gcftum. 

An an, or decree, Decretum, fenatus conful- 

Ai «/? of the scmmtni, Plebifcitom. 

An afl of i'dtnniiy, or chlivim, Injurianim & 
effeufionu'm obliviB, lex oblivionis, 

AnaSi in a play, • Aftus, 4. 

A great ali, or exploit, Facinus mapnum Si 
memorabile. ^ You taiie dene a great aa, pu- 

Ateiiitd, or beinoui afi, Flagition), facinus 
furpe, vel fcrdum. 

Afl' rigi/lered, • 

An afiing [mimicking] Gefticulatio. 

An sliion, • Aftum. 

^ A man ft for aflion. Homo gnavus & flre- 
yuiu, *d ^oidtis a|endufn aptus. 


^JneHionagainJI himlhat hath/Ma iaJiling, 
obliging him toiiih it again, Aflio redhibitoria. 
AnaUiin [fisht] Pralium, pugna. 
Action [in ordinary] Cellus, 4. aflio. 
yln anion [fuit at law] "Dica, lit, formula, 
actio (orenSs. 

^ An anion of cnenant. Formula pafti & 

IT An anion perfimtt, Ailio condiAi'tia. 
^ An anion of trifpaft, Injuriaium formula. 
If An anion upon the cafe, || Aflio fuper cafum. 
fT A" anion tfilhdraiiable, \\ Aftio refciflbria. 
% An anion •withdranun, Afiio refcirta. 
ff To bear an anion. Propter quod aliquis in 
jus vocari poteft. 

ff To bring, or enter, an anion again]} one, Ali- 
cui dicam fcribere, w/impingere ; litem inten- 
ilerc; experiri lege; in jus vocare, citare, du- 
tere, rapjre. 

^ To atijwcr to an anion, Reftipulor. 
^ T'o gain, or recover an anion. In lite ftare, 
judicio vincere, vel fuperare. He recovered bii 
anion, reftus (letit in cuiia. DJfl ibcu ever 
l.ear^ of an anion of nfj'ault brought againji we? 
cedo an unquam audifti mihi injuriarum fcri- 
ptam dicam ? 

f\ Tofue up'.n an anion oftrejpafs, Injuriarum 
cum aliquo agcre. 

^ To fue upon anion of debt, Debitorem in- 

fl" To hfc hit anion, Lite, vel avii, cadPre. 
Anicrable, Adioni forenfi,'i;tf/judicio,obnoxius. 
/inions [in commerce] Sortes (in publica fo- 

Anive f nimble ] Agilis, alacris, gnavus, 
promptus, (frenuus, validus, induftrius, opero- 
fv,8, efficax, aftuofui; c}>c-ler. 

A'live [in GramrrarJ •• Adlivus. 
Anively [nimbly] Gnaviter, alactiter, promp- 
te, ftrenue, aftuose. 

An.vely [in Grammar] || Aflivc, 
Anivily, aniienefi, (Wilkins) Mobilltas 
Agilitas, dexteritas, gnavitas, ftrenuitaj, vis 
ad agendum. 

All anor [a doer, cragen'] ♦After, auftor. 
An anor [ftjge- player] Hiftrio, mimus, ■jplu- 
dius; •acroama; perfona. 
An anreft, •Miitia, r^ ludia. 
Aned [reprel'entcd on the ifage] perfonatus. 
To bean anor, Suftinere perfonam, •u<r/ partes, 

Iht art of an anor, Hiftrionia. 
Of, or pertaining, to an aflor, Hiflrionalis. 
Anual, Ipfofado? aMually, reipfa, leapfe. 
J j-jnuality, {Chevr.e} ipfa actio. 
An anuary, (Aylifte) or jcribe of a ccnvocaticn, 

To annate, Animo, incito. Met, accendo, 

Anuated, Aiimatus, incitatus, incenfus. 
To acuminate, (Brown) Acumino. 
A^ute [fharp] Acutus. 

A ute [in judgment] Met, Subtilis, fagax j 

Acute [in repl|] Met. Salfus, acutus, acu- 

An acute [accent] •jIAcutus, f*/. accentus, 
.^ca/f/v, Subtiliter, fagacirer, false, acute. 
Acutertfs, Met, Sagacitas, 3. fubtilitas. 
An adage [proverb, or old faying] Provcr- 
bium. Met, oraculum, oratio. 

Adam'sapple [a tree] Pomum || Adami, 
Adamant, [loaddone] Magnes, eiis, m. 
An adamant [diam(;rd] Adamas, entii, m. 
Adamantine, Adamaniinus, 't> adamantxus. 
To adapt, Apto, accommodo, fe fingere. 
Adapted, Aptus, aptatus, ^iccommodatus. 
An adapting, adaption, (Cheync) adaptation, 
(Brown) Accommodalio. 

To add, or put, to, Addo, apponn, adjicio, 
acquiro; accefConcm facere, incremtntum tci 

Taadd, or join, to, Adjunpo, Afrt. conneflo, 
fuSnefto, attcxo, fubttxo, fubj^cio j >J> allaboro. 
To add, or rickeVf to, Adfciibo, aonumero, 

A D J 

I ff 7i *<«»« /, ,U number, Aliquem in nu- 
merum aggtegare. 

^ To add hn judgment, Jodiciom intrrponi're. 

VTo add fuel to the fire, 'Oleum camino.ddere. 

To addever and aherve, Supcr.ddo, fupeiinjicio. 

To add toge-her, Coaddo. 

To add [in fpeakingj Superdlco. 

To be added. Adder, jdjitior, .ccenreori 
accfdoj adfum. ' 

Added, Addituj, adjunflus, fupgeffnt. 

Things added befde the purpofe, * I'arctga, «/, 

An adding, Adjeftio, adjunftio, atceffioi 
• tpjtheca. ' 

An addition, or apfendage, to a book, building. 
&c. Appendix, Icii, adjcflus, 4. 

Addition [ornament] Additamentum, in<r«- 
mcnium, ornamentum. 

Addition [in Arithmetitk] || Additio. 

^ryir;oM/[rupernumiraryj adfcriptitiuj, con- 

Addii/e, (Locke) Quod addi potefl. 

\\Toaddeim, (Dani.l) V. deem. 

An adder, V\ji:r», coluber, colubra, t. 

A^oater adder, •Hydrus, hjdra. nalri». 

Oj, ot tile, an adder, Vipercus, viperinus. 

All adder's fiin, Vernaiioj exuviz viperine. 

Adder' s tongue [heib] * Ophiogtofrum. 

An addice, or addx. [a cooper's tooil Dola. 
bra; afcia vietoria. 

Aliii'e addi.e, or addx, Dolabella. 

% To adlia, or give, hiinfelf, Se alicui rei 
addicJre, devovcre; ad aliquid animum adjurj. 
ttcre. feapplicare — To fon-e an, Artem aliquatrj 
colcre, TC/e«ercere. — To live uprightly, Sibi le- 
gem innoccntia; indiccre. 

Addincd, Addiflus, deditus, devotus, donatuf. 

^c,^' "fi'^'^S- .'"''^'('"''•'f', (Boyic) addiniott, 
(Shakefp) Dicatio. 

Addle, Irritus, vacuus, cafTuf, inanis. 

^[ An ad'Jle egg, 0\am »urinum, fubventane- 
um, •zephyrium, ftetile, irritum, abortiviim. 

w^aW/f-iwi/.'i/jFatunSjftultus, putidus. ff Yntr 
bi aim are addle, non tibi fanum eft finciput. 

To addrejs [direit unto] Infcribo. 

To addrefi [make ready") Paro, apto, accingo. 

Toaddiefi[tfci]i. to] Compello, alloquor, adeo. 

An addnfs [direflion] Forma direihionis. 

An addre's Ipetirion] Libellus fupplex. 

An addre(s [fpeaking to] Ccmpellatio. 

Addrefi [behaviour in convcrfationj comitas, 

A crafty addrefr, Infinuatio. 

lynh addrefs, dextre. 

Tobe addrcfji-d, ailoquendus. 

Addrfjfing, Infcribens, rompellans, 

Addrc/fid unto, Infcriplus, compelUtus, Met, 
ambitus. ^ 

Adding ["iax.] Princeps juventutis. 

Adequate [equal] Adsquatus, 

Adequately, Ada;que, perledle. 

An adept, Peritus, ufu promptus, 

Toadhoe, Adhaerefco, adhxreo. 

Adherent, adbe/rve.^Tborrti. ) Adhtrrens, afSxu», 

An adherent, an adherer, (Swiit) Particeps, 

An adhering, adhertnce,m adhefon, Aihsefio,j. 

Adjacent [lying near] Adjaccns; contermi- 
nus, circumjeflui,contiguus, adjunct us, vicious J 

An adjtnion, (Brown) Adjeflio. 

An adjcnive, || Adjcftivum* 

/tiritiveiy, || Adieflive. 

Adieu [tarewel] Vale; falve & vale. 

To bid adieu, ijf valedicere. 

To bid adieu to, tenuncio. 

To adjoin [add to] Adjungo, addo, adjicio ] 
fuhiicio; adnefto, aiTumo. 

To adjcin [lie ilofc to] Adjaceo, attingo. 

Adfsmed, Adjiinitus. 

Adjoining, Adjaccns, continens, conliogens^ 
arciibans, finitimus. continuus, admotus. 

7i»<»</(ii:/rn (put off] Diftero; diftili; prolato^ 
I. comperendtno, amplio; prorogo. 

Ti adjeurn [as an afTcmbly] In alium dicok 
rejicere, ditierrc, diem prodicere, 

Aijauitid, DilUus, comperccdioatiu. 


An tfnurKaf,, Of aAytr^rntni [in LiwJ Plla-'l 

tio, ", ■ O'^mr'' rrrrlinmii,' ]| ampltatio. ' 

. pingitit. . 
'.o. addicb, ^. 
, laiirt IS. 
I'lin, II A(t}«Jicitio.; 
1. ;, ^_ -n, ^t'r.attmintculum. 

An Mini-'* [-« ibti^ ioinad] Adjunfltfin. | 
^] Ati'iynHliit, Adjunftio. ' 

Aii*rei:ni, ( Aitdifon) |{ Adjuratio. 
Tiudiitr^f Adjuro. 

TV aJK<ft [tni\f.c fit] Accomtnodo, apto. 
To jijufi [fct in order] Compono, orno, 

fl To aY/o^ [an account] Rationes confidSre, 
^otare, nxquare, 

A^'tJ^'J, Compofitus, accommodatus. 
Adfifttil [as accounts] Confcclus, cxiquitus. 
A'l'Jjiifti'^, oraii'ialmtKi, Accommodatio. 
An ai'utar.: [helpci] Adjiiior, coidjuior._ 
An ai//ii/<i* [in the army] Prafefli vicaiius, 

II 7i> adjuie, (B. Johnf.) adioto. 
I Aiijutary, Adjuvant, auxitians. 
Attmeafuniwnt^ mcnfura. 
To sitmitiijlerf orfo'it-ftf a cauft\ to nana^e^ j^c- 
■vt'K. or dijfcji of affairs, Adminiftro, procure, 

Ta ajm'in'j!tr [Phylick] Medicinam adhibfre. 


An aJntiniJiia-or [difpofer] Adminiftrator, 
curator, procurator, 

A' ailminijfrairix, || adminiftratrix, i,, 

Adminijiratkn [government] Refpublica. 

Afi adminiflratKntOt adrniuijliringf Adminiftra- 
tio, 3. procurjtio. 

% An adminijlralion ofjiifiice. Juris diflio, vci 

Alm'intjiraiirpip, Munus procuratoris. 

An edmtral. Copiarum navalium praefefluF, 
clafBs praefcflus, dux. 

ff iorrf high ailmiral, Summus clalTiarius, 
clafli; rccis mmmus pr<effftus, 

^ admiral, Clafliarii fumtni legalus. 

^ All admira! [(hip] Navis prsetoria, 

"Tht aJmiral/hip, or AJmiral'i cffice, cldflis 

Tht admirahy [court] Curia fumtna maris 

An admiral tif a fquadnn, Claffiarius. 
. fl Ad-niral rflhi rrd, ivhile, blue, Cbflis ru- 
bro, albo, ciruleo figno infignits pricfeflus. 

Rear admiral, Qui eitremw clafTi prarert. 

Admirable, Admirabilis, mirabilis, mirandus, 
fufpicicnduj, Mttt infignis. 

Admirably, Infifni'.tf, efregie, mitabiliter, 
#3mirabi'iterj mirandum in modum. 

An admirat-tm, or admiring, AdmiratJo, n^ira- 
tio, admirabilitas ; .}■ fufpcflus, 4. 

FuHofadmiraricr, niirabuudus, miratus. 

To admirf, cr tai-t in admiration, Miror, ad- 
Diiror, Met. fnfpicio. 

Admind, • Cnarus, egrepius. 

An admirer, Studiolu?, amator, alicujus rci 
admirator, S^n. ^int. rft miiator, miratrix. f, 

II Admiringly, (Shakttp.) Cum admiratione. 

II Admijfible, (Hale) Quod admitti potcft. 

Adrijiiin, or adirirance, Admiflio, accclVus. 

7t> a.imit, Admitlo, aTcriboj afcifco j adjungo. 
adhihe", allego, 3. coopto. 
%Tiia' cnt afrrman, afcifcere in eivitatem 
Admit it to he ft, (it fane, eflo, fac, finpe, de- 
rnuf, tta efle. To admit one intc cne^i ac^uaintiimi. 
aliquem ad necc(ritudinem adjungeie, in amici 
tiam recipe re. 

T« admit [allow of] nofco, aurcs immitlgrc. 

^ITo*fj<//>/Wiocoar.-i/,Admifccriin concilium. 

^ To he admitedintt orden, Sacris initiari. 

Mmitable, (Ayli(1>) AJmittendus. 

•I To laveadmitance, Aditum, copiam, convc- 
ciendi habere, ad colluquium admitti. 

Admited, Admi(P]s, afcitus, 

% Admited inlo a college. In collcfium cooptalu;. 

^ Admitted iiti^ irders, Sacris initiatus. , 

Ta admix, Admifcer, immifceo. 

Admixtd, AdmliiiM, immiftus, iaunbitua. j 

A D V 

Ajitntxcio; xntiluni. 
To itJrwiifit, Admoneo, a. moneo; cenio- 

Sf j Mbfwtijht ot^exbort, Hortor, adhortor. 

Adtnomjijed, Monitus, admonitu-, certio* 

An adrnzrAJheff H admoniu'oaer, (Hookef) Ad-^ 
monilar, 3. monitor. ; 

An adtnoitiff'ttig, admonition^ or aJmwiJbtrer.t, 
(Milton) Admonicio, admonituE, admoni 

Admoritoryy (Hooker) Monitorlus, Sin, 

^o admovey (Bxown) admoveo. 

To ad.-:itihtgf V. annibi/a:e. 

]\ Ado [ftir] • Turba, j. tuinuUttS,4. ^ f^haf 
ado there ii in the court I Quid turbse eft apud fo 
rum ! ff'^J^y do you kee/> fuch ado? Quare fie tu- 
mu'.tuar'.s? JVhat ado it maketb! ^uas traga- 
diascxcirat ! 

II Much ado, or with much ado, Vix, agrc, diffi 
cultcr, non iinemagrKilabore, magnotumconatu 
/ hjd much ado to contain tnyfel/t segrc me tcnui 
/^s/afi with mucbado JperceivfJf vix tandem fenfi 
Tixre was much ado to git that dune, di0ic\iUcr & 
xgic id fiebar, I had much ado to keep my har.dt 
frombitn, vix -tempera vi a manibus. 

((I Without much ado. Facile, nuUo negotio. 

^ H^iihiut any more a -o, Statim, fine mora 

4l To maki much adoy Magnas concitarc turbas, 
mjj^nos tumuhus cere. 

•[ To KaU much ado about ftothirrg, Magno CO 
n;itu magnis nugas agere, de re mhili laboraie, 
fiuO^^us excitare in fimpulo. 

Ado/cjlency, (Brown) or adolefcence, (Benlley) 
Adalefcejitia, 7. 

Adoiijik Vtrfe^ Vcrfus || Adonicus. 

Adonis firnver, 1 » a Adonidi*^. 

Tfl adept, or choGje, one for an heir, Adopto, i 
cooptoj fibifiliuttt cligeir, ha;redcm afcifcere. 

To adopt again, Denuo adopto, ilcrum co 

Adopted, Adoptafus, afcitus, cooptatus. - 

An adopter, (.}n\ 

An ad'^piin^j or adoptscn, Adoptlo. 

Adoptive, Adoptivus. 

AdorahUy Adorandus, divino cultu ifc honore 
dignus, profcquendus^ l'un£ie venei-andus & co- 

An adoration, or adoring, Cultus, 4. adoratio 

To adcre, Adoro, vcneror, advcneror, Sdet 
cojo, — Mrji re'pcfifuHy^ Summa obfervantia. 

Advd, Cul:us, vcneralus, '^ ador.^tus. 

Ar. adorer, Cultor, venerator, mirator. 

To adorn, Orn<v decoro, condecoro, cxcolo, 
expolio, aijorno, exorno, honeiloj Met. il.u- 
mino, vcnj{latetn accer^efe, limam adhibtre. 

Adorned, Ornatus, cxcultus, politus, decora- 
rus, condecoratuSf honeilatus, Met. confperfus, 

An adorning. Or adornment, (Shakefp.) Oriia. 
mentum, cultus, 4. 

An adotner, Qui ornat, 

f Adready (Sidney) tcrritus. 

Adrijt, Tbcjhip ii adrtftj Navis ad arbttrium 
venti terlur. 

Adrm [dcxtious] Solers, callidus, aAutus. 

To be adry, Sr.i«'j 4, 

Adfcititious, Adfcitus, acquifilus. 

Toad-vancefoiivard/ViQCt^o, pmmoveo, pro- 
veho. ^ He advanced not a pep, ilic cubilum 
uunqUara pioceffit. ^'<f made Jomt iitlU ad'vaac, 
_>romoviniiis alit[iianttiltim. / c tnnot aJi/ance n 
fyot forth r, non poHum m.iiis coutcirc pfdera. 

Tc advame Tor lift up] Atollo; cxidto j 
fj» excro, 9^ JVbcm virtue ad'oancfd, enty pulht 
tio'jvn, qutm virsus CAtulC, eundcm invidia op- 

To advance [piy money before hand] P*cuni- 
am pric manu rcpriefcmare, ve/ in anteceflum 
numcrarc j ante tempus dtponere. 

To advance [pteftr one] Evcho, 3, crigo ; 
effero, dienitatcin augcte, aliquem hnnnribus 
ampltficftre, ad honorei pcpmovtit'y ptottuccicj 
«b oblcuriUte in claritatem vinJicaic, 

A D y 

To (tiirdiff an opinion, £f^. E>hibfo, pMJtent, 
in medium proferre, afisrre, produccre. 

Ta ouvan.e [ncut.] Mtt. I'rogredior, proA- 
cifcor; proccdoj proficio; pergo. 

AiiiarMii, I'rovedlua, produdu*, elatus.-eve- 
ftus, auflus. Mil. piomotus, excitatua, pr«. 
duftus} propofitui, in medium allatwi. 

./^Utflii^J. [before thi: rert] prxiitus. 

Advanced [tbrwardedj apprapcratus. 

Advanced [ jeting out j Extans, eminent, 

^1 Ad-uaneed in age, ./State provcflus. 

An aiivatice, or advariiXment, Profeftus, pro- 
ercllio, progtciTus, procetfus^ dignitas ; iner«« 
mentum, Hutt. Met. afccnfus, 

Adz-aneing, Met, Promovcn?, firoTehcM, £^« 

^ Advante guaitl, Stationcs priorvs. 

fl AdvoKU Tiwieej, Pccuaia pras maiui svpraf 

AdtMtntage [gain or profit] Lucrum, coining- 
dum.emolumentum j fruftus, i)ua:i^us. 

Advantage [of time, cr place] Superior. Aiti 
this he doth not for your advanterge, but his erwB^ 
atque hoc caimen ilic non vobis, fed fibi, intus 
canit. It is net for yuur adtjaiuage, non eft in 
rem tnam. // iw// he for yostr advama^, .e re 
tuaerit. IVt look for fame advantage by them, eos 
fperamus nobis profuturos. ff it laere any ai(- 
vantogt to lis, {\ ex iifu elFet noliro. Youf^all 
j iiy you ha-ue laid out that iindnefs to adoantavj, 
fa-neratum iftuc tibi '.-cneficium pulchre dices. 

Advantage [over mcafure] Auftarium, addi- 
tamentum, corollarium. % Threw him in fume- 
thing by •uiay of aJvaniage, auclarium adjicito. , 

To advantage, Proficio, profuro, conducer*. 
^ This is for my advantage, hoc pro roe facit, 
Tou viert afraid it •would mi advantage ynu, nie- 
tui(^i ne non tibi iiluc foeneraret. 

To have an edvaruage of, •Pr»(Vo, Jfili, I, 
fuperior eiTe. 

^ To give, or yield one the advantage, Superio- 
rem alicui condilionem cedcre, heioam porrigcre. 

To male advantage of, or by, a thing, Lucro^, 
I. frui re aliqua. 

^T To fell to great advantage, Magno prctio 

^J To lake advantage cf lo another's frejudia, 
Opportunitale, vd occa/iane, uti ad aiieii\ts 

^ To lei flip an advantage, Occafionem rei be» 
ne gerenda: amittere. 

Let out, or def.gned, for advantage, Meritorius, 

Vl'iih advantage, or i/i/fr^J, ,|| Focnerato. 

Advsniagcd, Adiutus. 

Advantageous, Commodus, utilis, opportuous, 

Alvatiu.gcouJnii's, Commoditas, utiiitas, 

Advamagtoujhf, Commode, utiJiter. 

Ii To advene, (Aylifi'e) advcnio. 

II AJvenient, (Glanvillc) ailventine, or ad- 
ventive, (Bacon) adveniens. 

Advent, Advcntcis, 4. 

\ An advertal, Lorica. 

Adventitious, or adventua!, Adventitiuj, alir 
unde quaefitus. 

Tc adventure [cnterprife,fr e(?"ay] Auieo, Met. 
,iento. I. fufcipioj 3. aggredior. 

To adventure [hazard] Pcriditor, aleam ia- 
ccre, pcriculum (accre, lortunae niandare. .^ / 
ivill adventure and jeek jrf fortune , PcricJitabor 
fortunam, fortuna? me objiciam. 

t\ To advmtui 1 10 fea. Vela ventis dare^ ratem 
i'clago committcrc. 

^ To adventure his life, Vitani perieola.objU 
cere, in pcriculum provelierc. 

An adventure [cntcrprife] Pcriculum, aufumy 
facinus audax. 

An adventure [hazard] Difcrimeo, 

Adventure [chance] CafuS4, fu:», tl.'f.f. 

At adventure, Temcrc, cafu. 

By adttniure. Forte, fortnito. 

To be adveitfund, Audendus. 

An adventurer, Qui pcriclitatur. 

An adventuring, Pertclitatio, 3. 

Adventurous, Audax j testis. 

Alvemuroifly, Audadler, confideater, (CQie* 
re, periculosc. 

■ Ai ' 

A D Y 

'All aii^rk, Ij Adtorbmrn. 

jtiUxrbal, II Adverbialis. 

jlft adviijary [he, or Oa] Adverfarivis, ad- 
Verfatrix ; inimicus, inimica. 

fli. Ax ad'virfary that btaretb one ill mill. In 
aliquem male antmatus. 

it In an adverfary, Adverfor. 

AJvtrfe, Adverfus J infcftus, lifel, <t> nubilas. 

Adixrfity, Infelicitas, adverfi, />/. les miferae, 
advcrfap, angnftac, t<«/ arflar. ^ Ht is in 
oiverj.ty, eft afflifhis &jacens. Adverjity Iritth 
Jr'iiAdi, in anguftis amid apparent. 

fl Ttybelf in adwrfiiy, Ardis in rebus opem 
ferre, rebus incommodis aliquem fublevare. 

fl To fuffcr advtrfity, Savieniis fortunae vim 
^ti, in turbidis rebus elTe. 

To advert, (Ray) or mark, Mil. Aiy trio, 3. 
animadverto ; confidero, i. 

Adviritncy, (Swift) C\ira, confideratio. 

To advtnife [give notice] Edoceo, doceo, 
ccmmonefacio, commemoro, lignificoj cerri- 
orem facere, •{• aurem pervcllere, monitis 
erudire. ^ Tou v.uji admirtije a'ld tril hrforthand, 
priedicandum & prasraonendum eft tibi, i«/ edi- 

Tobtadvntijcd,Commanifio; refciTco; edo- 

%-lU tvill ml ttadverlifidi iimoniticn'i lonim 
Don relin<)uit. 

Adwiiifid, Edoftus, inftri!ftu5, cerrior faftus. 

An advertijan-rt, Monitum, fif nificatin. 
^y To truji 10 iisadvrrtifmerls, monitisilliu! niti. 
I lurire /art advirtifcmtiiis, aii te explorate fcribo. 

An adveriifer, Monitor. 

An advaiifng, Admonitlo, nunciatio. 

Ad-uire [cbunkl] Confilium, monitio, moni- 
tum; <}■ incns, ^ Hi wili /o.'/kv n^ icdy'i ad- 
•vice but h'li oiir., de fua unius fcntentia geric om- 
nia. Tou g't'vi ^ood advice, bene moncs. 

Dmt luub advice [deliberation] Deliberatus, 

horn •zuithciil advice, Tcmerarius, inconfultus. 

Advice [news] Nuncium, novff res. 

To advtje [counCel] Suadeo, confuadeo ; ca- 
yto; hortor, confilium dare, auitor efTe alicui j 
pjaseo. (^ Confulere alkui alio plane fenfu ve - 
teres dicebant. ^ / advik them to te quiet, moneo 
ut quicfcant. IVb'at do you advle me todo? Qurd 
das coniilii ? / do not advijeyiu to trufi y9ur Jafety 
t« ikf city, aufior non Turn ut te urbi committas, 
Jii>il/ nil adxije you at all, nihil ego tibi confilii 
hodie<jw:cquam dabo. It is no iU advice tbey gave, 
non male praecipiunt. 

To advifcwitb [confult] Confulcre aliquem, 
ioconfiiium advocare. ^J Advife -with him, hunc 
cape confilii focium. I tvill tai^ bis advice, is 
inihi quod rfederit confilii id fequar. // tibovfth 
US $^ lalte advice, confulto opus eft. 

Toadvifeofjitirg, Moneo, admoneo; com- 
nionefacio,certiorem de re aliquS facere. 

To advice one to do a thing, Suadeo. 

To advije to the contrary^ Diffuadeo, dehortor. 

To advife ii/ore band, Pra;moneo. z. 

Ac'vifat/e [to be confidered] De ^uo delibe- 
randum eft. 

Ai.'v:!calilf [to be done] Commodus, utilis. 

To he ivell advifed, Sapio,V 

%Ii i:advi'idfrom aircoii.Nuncium allatum-eft. 

H'ell advifed. Sapiens, cautus, circumfpeflus, 

Jl/^dvijrd, Incautuf,male cautus, teirerarius, 

Adv'ijectly, Caute, confulte, confulto, cogitate, 
cogitaio, iapienter, provide, circumfpc<ftc, per- 

fp-aa. . . 

To aFl adv'ifidly. En cogitata ratione res com 
popfre, ad confilii calculos rcvocare, nihil te. 
mere conari. t\ Wtethcr he did it ^i^v:fedly, or 
tnrned nrcrjiiy advice, isdouhed, confulione id 

Adiifidncjt, (Saunderfon) Prudentia. 

Aiivifmg [bringing advice] Nuncian?, mo- 
ucr*. admoneiii. 

Advljingt [confulting] Dcliberans. 

^'/k advipi [ore giving advice] Confulfor, 3. 
auflcr, confuafor, monilor, licit»tor, <!• borta- 
trin, f. 

'A F V 

Anadvt/er-lcnt taking affjice] belibe'rito-.-, 3 

Anndvifer to ll^e contrary, dilTu.lfor, 

Adulation, Adulatio, aflentatio. 

II Adulatory, Adulator.iui, Tac. 

Adult, Adultus, tevo m.iturus. 

To adulterate [corrupt] CcmmifcTOj M,t, 
adultero, rj, inquino. 

Adulterated, Adulterlnus, adultetatusj fallax. 

An adullerater, 'Mango, Sen. 

An adulterating, ot adullercKton, Adml^tio. 

An adulterer, AAaher, conrtuprator, "mcchus. 

An adulterers. Adulters, • morcha. 

Adulterous, Stuprofus; inceftus. 

Adultery, Siuprum, adulterium. 

The adultery of a ivoKatt, Pellicatu?, 4. 

To commit adultery, -f to adulter, (B. Johnf.) 
[of the man] Adultero, adultoror, ftupro, con- 
rtupro, mcechnr, conjugii fidcm violare, rup- 
tias inquinate, ^. cubile aliemimtemcraie, rlie- 
num Icflum concutSre, [of the woman] ftupio 

*T Taken in adulrtry, Stupro comjertus, velie- 

To adumbrate [ftiadow] Adumbro, umbra 

To adumbrate [make a rude draught of] Crafse 
depingere, defcribere. 

Alitn-brated, Adumbratus, 

Adutrbratian, ( Adumbratlo. 

An advocate, Advocatu?, * paironus, caiifi- 
dicus, caufarum a^or, defenfor. 

A fitly, or fdly a.lrocale, Leguleius, 2. 

The c^iceof an advocate, advocattnn, (Shakefp.) 
alfo, the advocates themfeher, Advoeatio j pa- 

^ To plead as an advocate, •PatrociBari alicui. 

"f- Adv'.utry, (Bacon) adulterium. 

To ctdvoiu, or otujio, Advoco. 

A^vozu:'e, * Patronus |] ecclefise, 

J An advonvfon. Jus patronntus. 

Aduji, (Milton) ndujted, (id.) Aduftus. 

Aduflion, (Harvey) Aduftio. 

Aerial, or airy, * Aerius, • aetherius, 

.^olick dia'tci, * yliclica dialcftus. 

An j^ra, Certum tcmporis initiam, 

Atfliral, /Efllvus. 

An M^uary, /Eftuarium, 

M-bttial, * /Etherius. 

Afar iff, Prccul, protenus; porro, Adj. dif- 

Front afar, E longinquo* 

AJfablc, Affabilis, comis, blandus, obvius, 

Very arable, percomis, percivilis j fumma hu- 
manita'e praeditus. 

Affablenrjs, or affability, Aftabilitas, comitas, 
urbanitas, clementia- 

Affably, Urbane, comiter. 

An affair. Res, neeotium, caufa. 

To affill [defign or feek after] Afftflo. 

To offifl (.love] Diligo, eyi, 3. 

ToaffeB [make a (hew of] Pra fe ferre. 

f[ ToaffeB with joy, grief, lave, ftar,Scc. 
Gaudio, mcernre, amiire, metu afficcre, irrito, 
percello, percutio, pulfo, pertenfo. 

lie that offtfts a iking, aticlflator. Flor, 

Afftdaf.on, or affellidntjs, Af?'eflatio, appeti- 
tioj atr.bitio; nimix concinnitatis confedlatio. 

AffeOid, Affeftatus. 

To te affe[},d, Alfeftandus. 

An affBid ferjon. Homo putidus, moltftus, 

Snmevihat affeaed, >^ Putidulus. 

An aff'Cltd thing, Accerlitus. nimis accuratus. 

^ /IffMcdat, or tviib, Triflitia, W gaudio, 
afi'eftus. perculfus, &c. 

, Affcfled ive'l, cr ill [difpofed] Bene, vel 
male, animatus, affeiftus. 

f Affibhd [by a difeafc] Morbo aScfltis, la- 

/■IffcFlcd [belcTed] Dilfflui. 

Kud'y affilltd, percupidus 


cr HI, afTiFied, I.ividus, matignus. 

f! lU^ffardethbecf/flcdf Qjid habet animi ? 
^Wjioj?; if?fi/ 11^.^,5113 um a. ccrfitum,fMtuiuni. 
Afftatdl^, Curiosi, cdio;«. 

A F F 

Mm sgiBtJly, aAe^aliui : exqui'fitiiit; to* 

tidius. ' ' 

I AfcFtcdly [fondly] Mr.bitiosi. 

! Affe-I.on (^love] Amor, »chorit«», gratia,!. 

nudmm erga. aliquem i aff.-«io, voluntas; de- 

ndarium, <if mens. 

1 AffcOion [or any paffion of Ihemind] Impe- 

|tu>, animi afROio, affiaus, motos. 

1 Affeftion [or cHefl j Contapio. 

, ^ To begemmed by bis afftfiioni Duel (ludiij 


fl To bridle the afftfficni, Cuptdllatea indomi- 
tas compefcere, afiefliones diftortas frznare^ 
animum vinclFre. 

To gain, or -win the affefiioni of a frrfott, Ani- 
mum, volontatem, benevolentiam, alicuius fibi 
conciliare. «[ He hack paired every bcdy's affec- 
tion, in maxima eft gtati.; apud omnes. 

fl To altemlit to gain the affefiicn, Bene»olen- 
tiam alicujus captare, 

fl To hft tie affcnion of aferfon, Alicujuj be* 
nevoleniiam a fe alienare. 

il To msT-e the affeFiions by Jf caking, Mentfj 
incendere, inflamniare, allieere ; in anin-.os pe- 
netrarc, ftfe Infinuare. 

H'l'l out affcc?i:n, Animi affeftibus carens. 

Evil iiffenhn, Voluntas aliena, • caccaclia, r» 

Afftaing, afftflive, (Rogers) CcmmovendiaJ.. 
'J'e/concitandis, animls i.loneus. 

% Full of affcfiion,' hmorc ^Xenm. 

AffcFtionate. Alicujus amans, vei fludiofus,. 
aliciii bemvoUis, 

AffelHtn [difcafe, or difordrr] Aftitftio, mal» 
corporis habitudo. 

Afftfii'jrately, Amanter, amies, benevolc». 
ftudio.'.e, ciipule, peram.inter, pir. 

J Affcrcrs [thoie that fine offenders in court- 
leetsj Juratores, taxitotes, qui rouJftas al'icui 

To iffanre [bettoth] Spondeo, defpondeo. . 

Afftame [tiuft] Fiducia, confifio. 

fl Ti have aijsjnre in, Alicui, vet aliqua re^ 

Affianced [betrothed] Defponfus, defpon'atos, 
fpo'fus, defiinatus, 

^ To be affijn,ed to one, Aliquem aftinitats 
attingcre, aftiiiis effc. 

An affaTittr [betrother] Sponfor,. 3. 

An affarcirg [bctro'hing] fponfalia, pL 

A" affdavit, Tcflificatlo, vel teftimcnivm, 
cum jurejurando, 

Affnii-^ [alli.^nce] AfRnitas, conlunfiio. fj ^a- 
(ontraB affinity tvitb a ptrjon, cum ali<}uo aftitti- 
tate refc tlevir.ciie. 

Affinity [likenefs] Convenientia, fimilitudo. 

To affirm, Affirmo, confirmo, alfevero ; aio,. 
priedic'i; autumo. 

To affirm before a 5'i/</|rf , jurejurando afSrmarev 

Affirmable (Hile) Qiind affirmait poteft. 

Affirmance (Bacon) confirmatio. 

An affrmatit.n, or /^ffirvtirg, Affirmatio, aficr*- 
tio, ?fli:vt*ratio. 

y^ffirmaiive, Affirmsn?, affeverans, alTirens. 
mio mairtain the affirmative, Affirmantium opl* 
nionem tueri. One holdeth the affirmaiivr, tbt\ 
other the negative, unus .lit, alter negat. 

Affimatively, A/firmatc, alTevcranter. •[ f 
fay nothing affirmatively, nihil affirmo. 

Affirmtd, Affirmatus, allifveratione affinnatua^ 

.rtn affirmcr, (Rogers) C^u^i affiimat. 

To affix, Affigo, anncdto, xui. 

Affiocid, Atfixii?, anneXDS, 

To affiifl. Met. Afiiigo, premo. pHngv; cut. 
cio, exerucio, 1. alicui dolonm aH<rrre,a4iquet-t> 

To affiSl cne's felf Se raacerare, vel afl!.A» 
ate ; aifliOari, vtl maceiuri. 

Affi'clid, Alfliftus, doleni, mo:reo>. 

To te affi.(l<d, rumpi malis, 

\A>iaffiici,r, A(H-dor, vcxator. 

AffiiOing, or affifirue, xnimncfiis, calanut<^ 
fos, A^f/. miier; tj> acerbus. 

Affiifl.ii, Affliilio; res a«lvrrfa»v adrer* 
fttcn, (li <^>iul advciii, Ttr.) oniie iii^ucntly^ 


A F R 

•tas; ilfr/wi. cm*. 

/fc egli*, (Hir»ey) V. Afflutnct. | 

Ml.€ni, «l>undinJ, iffiurns. 
Affifnei, Abundintii, «lHuenU», copU. 
r, afford, Reii'o, prj:bco, pcrhibco, mini- 
tro, fupptdiio, fupptdi'or. 

T»-.ft'rf fin fellinji] Vtndo. f /<■«"' «/- 
ftrrf i( « /o ImM a yT\,t, non poffum ontulc 
Tenure, /f «««» *< tffoi'i chaff, non po- 
tcft minoris »cnJi. / """ef "/"■'' " ''"^ '" J' 
wrandamn^cr, res inihi non fuppctit id untuni 

jifcricd, PraSitot, fuppeditatu!. | 

^(1 afnJinf^, Slippcdioiio. 
Aff<."Un. Prirbtns, foppedkani ; ttndeni. 
TiaffirrR, In fylvtm ccnvtTtcre. 
t To i'ffray, (Sptnf.) tcrreo. 
Tatffrni, Irrilo, provoco j inceflo, 3. petu- 

«ucui fai6r«. . „ 

fl T« K.v,f f «» tf/r»«, Contumeliain acapere, 
ifliuria afiici. 

■fl r» fut an affrtnt «pon a firrfc, Aliquerr. 
ptoiris appcicK, vrrborum contumeliis lacerart, 
Vfxare omnibus conl'Jnicliis. 

fl In fut up ar affion; Injuriatn inultam ^1- 
inliC;e, impunitam ftrre, inultam pati, prse- 
bcre 01 ad contiimeliam. 

Afrtr.iiil, Contumeliis laceflfitiis. 

jIn jffnr.t, or afrMmg, Contuinelia, i. ">: 
juria, pctolanlia. 

A grirvcu! affrom, infignis contumclia, gra- 
»iflima injuria. 

Af'crJing, or affrtmtmt, contumdiorus, in- 
juriofus; petulans. 

J W^aW (Boyle) Affulus. 

t Tnafy, (Shakefp.) Spondee, (id.) confido. 

/iffi.Jl.K, (Grew) Fufio. 

JtcU, (Milton) Ad pafcuum. 

AP'^!, Fluftuant, 

Jf^t, Pedeftris. ty To ivali ajM, 
ire, "pedcHre iter eonficere. 

II to fa afnt. In medium afferre, proferre, 
pcoponcre. „ , , 

II Afcn, Arte, prs. Secbifore. 

Aforiioirg, Pracedens. 

Afi.'claitd, Ante, inantecefTum. 

«t To it aforetarJ with, Pravenire aliquem. 

% Afmthani, Supra memor.itus, fupra d:ftu£ ; 

Ah'tttme, Olim, quondam. 

Afiatd, Timidus, trep dus, pavidus. 

S'oKi-whal afrmd, Tirpidulus. 

JVo((-mjf af>aJ, Intrcpidus, impavidns. 

liAtj/r.'/V, I'avco, timeo; mctuo, formido. 
m larr. afraid I cattmi, vcteor ut poflum. I urn 
af.aid to fty it, relielo eft mil.i d.c.-re. He •• a- 

A O A 

Afrigltnl, Tertit«i, confleriutrw, metu pet- 
cullusi altonituj, pertertitus, perterrefaflui, 

To kt afrighiid, Terreor, eonfternor, metu 


Af'iit, (Shakefp.) in fronte. 

t /If', A puppe, Wpuppi. 

After [before an oblique cafe] J, ab, t%, pcft. 
fl Prrfrnily a/tir tbifumral, ftatim i funere. 
-.vm a little after their time, recena ab illonim it 

tuit. Afic^that day, ex eo die. After bit death, 
poft ejus mortem. 

After, or after that, Quam, poftquam, poftfa- 
quam, ubi, cum, ut, pofthasc. fl After I had 
/he^vid them your mamteri, poftquam eis morel 
iiflcndi tuos. After I ivat gont in, polleaquam in- 
:roii. Aftcrheviaittme^hewentloihetonj-d, ubi 
is venit,confulem adiit. After ive tvere ]rt, curn 
confcdiffcmus. After Id.parted fiomyou, ut abii 
aba te. The ffth day after they bad reieiwd an 
^rftaer from theftnate, quinto die quam a fenatu 
rclnonfum accepiffent. 7hen be ivalked on the 
fhorc, after that into the bath, inde ambulavit in 
liiorc, pofthaec in balneum. The next day after he 
hai kilUd him, proximo die quo ilium intereme- 
rat. After the kingi ivere driven cut of the city, 

non minus quam qu 
7 am afraid he will not 

tfiaii to fty ^ 

mtchcfra'dasaiyf y 

vii veflrim fomudat. - „ , , , 

tUdt thtjh-xl, metuo ut fubftet. Seehovjfar I 

mn from being afraid, vide quam non refcrmidem. 

Areyouaf'atdl^doitl- Num duhitas id facere ? 

To be afraid ef, (Aa.) contrcmiko, 5>/>. 
A lamafatdof.'utry breath of air, omnes ter 
rent aa.2. nhre afrXid than hurt, vcl mulcas 
metuit praftervolantej. 

To be ion afraid, txpavefco, extimerco, ex- 
hcrieo, peihoirefco, pwiimefco, vthementer 
centurbari, maximo cictu efif , tola ir-entc con- 

ircmifteve. .„.-■, 

To be afraid leftebettul, Prarfonnido, praeti- 

To begin to be <,f'.'iiJ, Pavefco. 

To r,ol:e afraid, Perttrreo, * homfico, 

V To mate I a f afraid, Subterreo. 

|1 To be hJf afraid, Subtimeo. 

Ma-'e afrai>, Exaniiratus. V.Afiighird. 

Afnjh, Denuo, iterum. ^ hn grief iegm- 
«i.j/'"/*, renovalutluflus. 

To aHrighi, Terreo, territo, pcrterefacio 
•!• terrifico.attor.o.limoremali.ui indi e ej all- 
^uem infcnti metu affici^i', teiroribus »'exare; 
formidinr jninium oprrimerr. 

A„jf-ighi, or af'tghtaeni, (Lucke) Timor, 
ytvor, coollcuiatio. urbe rcgibus. 

Afer [referring to proximity of degree, ordfr, 
or fucceflioni Juxta, proxime, fccundum, fub. 
^ NextafterGod it it in'yourfo^iter, Juxta Deum 
in tua manu eft. Next afer thcje they are dear, 
proxime hos chari. Kext after hit irorberhe at- 
tributed much unto them, quibus ille fecundum fra- 
trcm phirimum trbuebat. Tour letters were read 
fitefnt'y after thcfe, fub eat literal ftatim recitatae 
funt lux. 

After, or afenvaMi, Exinde, poftea, poft, 
poftcrius, poftmodo. See alio, dein, deinde, mox, 
poftmodum. «n An hour afar they had condeir.ncd 
Gab.nius, hora poft Gabinium condcmnavcrant. 
tyc ivill anfider of this aftcriiiard^, pofterius ifta 
videbimus. Tiey tvill have cauje to rejoice after- 
wards, fiet ut poftmodo gaudeaiit. 

After [according to] Ad, dc, in. f\ Make it 
after the fame Kunnrr, ad eunJem modum facito. 
hie ctdltib him afer Lis own n.ime, fuo dlcit de no- 
mine. After my.wn way, meomodo, Wmorf. 

Afer [rendered by an aditftive] Foftericr, 
inferior, ^ He was a tittle after lis time, eral 
paulo state poftcrior. After wit, or thoughts, 
poftcriorcscogitjtiones, vtUmx. They were after 
ibcir time,\iVetiorfs erant quam illo-um xxis. 

A little while after, Paulo poft, non ita multo 
poft, poftea, aliquando, 

The djy after, poftridie. 

After [behind] Pone, a tergo. 

^ After two or three days, Paucis interpofitis 

One aft:r another, Altcrnus, alternis vicibus, 
invictm, ex ordine. 

Afer a^ii, or after timei, Pofteriora fecula. 

After all, (Pope) pofthac; dcmum, denique 

The afterbirth, Secuiidina;, arum, f. pi. 

An after-rlap, litus iterutus. 

An afer-gjine, Lufionio iteralio, lufus inte- 
gr.itio, certam":n iaftaurativum. 

lie afternoon, tempus pomeridianum. 

Afternoon, poft meridiem. 

II A'l afierr.ooii' s luneLeou, Mercnda, canula 

To cime or go after, Sequor, fuccedo. 

To gape after, Inhio, i, 

I0 look, or feel; after. Inquire, t'vi, 3. 

To look after, Ciirii, p-oiuro. 

An afer leekoning. Nova computatio. ^ He 
Irciidcth an afer reet'.niiig, lifai pratlimct, ne ite. 
iuro dcfarepolluleyr. 

yln A.a [oflitcr among the Turks] Satelli- 
turn praeleftut. 

A'TJin, I'er'jm, rurfns, denuo, de iotcgro, 
k\ Piaysnjtnoouhthereadingcguin, f!\\i\i 

A G A 

Again [heteifter] P6ft, pofthae, poftei, ^]f 
ever \ find you again in tbisjlreet, {\ platea in hac 
te oft'endcro port untoinj. If ever be do ft again, 
fi unquam pofthac. fybui: J had never fetn before, 
rssr Jhould ever fee again, quem neque unouani 
ante videram, nee eram poftea vifurus. 

Aga-n [in turn, likewife] Contra, inficem, 
vicifTim, mutuo. ^J If /be ctn.mend his leaury, dt 
you commend her^i again, fi laudabit h*c illiui for- 
mam, tu hujus contra. Now you lave the affairt 
of the city, </«jcii agaiti write what is done in the 
country, habcs resurbanas, invicem rufticas fcribe. 
fVbal is juft is bontft, and again, what it bonejl it 
jufi, quod juftum eft honcftum, vicifTimque, quod 
honeftum eft juftum eft. Tour love to me again, 
tuus erga me mutuus amor. He Icvilb me again, 
me mutuo amat. 

Again [after verbs] is often expreffed by re, 
as la co-M again, Redco, To fetch agiin, repdo, 

\ Again [even] Etiam, vel. ^Hiieanrung 
again, tinnivcruRt etiam aures. So that hit teeth 
chattered again in bis bead with cold, ut pra fri- 
gore vel dentibus ftridcret. 

Again and again, Iterum atque itcnim, etiam 
atque etiam, £?•<■. f Illhurdereth again and again, 
with a huge rumbling, iterum atque iterum "fra- 
por intonat ingens. Confdcr again and again, 
etiam atque etiam cogita. / tianxdbim again and 
agai.-i, iterum ac tertii) nominavi, I entreen you 
again and again, iterum ic fzpius te togo. 

H -f' *<i. ffall, high, Sec. again, Duplo ma- 
jor, minor, aitior. 

II To etnd again, ultro citcoque. 
Back again, Retro. 
Oirr again, Dfnuo, deno\o, 
Agjinji [denoting defence, or prefervalion] a, 
ad, advcrfus, adveifum. ^ I defend the myi'ei 
itgahfl theco'd, drfcndo .i trigore myrtos. K'l 
may be guarded again/} firangeri. teifti eftc ad all- 
enos poli'umus. Iltoncys g.ithered up againJI the 
c:mm.orwealiii, pecuniae' ctncilitatiadvtrfus rem-' 
publicam. / d fended myfelf by arms againjl tim, 
me armis adverfum eum dcfendi. 

Agairji [refering to time] Ante, dum, in, 
51 he fureyou get it done agairiji that right, an-e 
iftam vefperam opus expeaitum approbate. Fi- 
nifh it againjl he come hither, interim perfice, 
dum ille hue vener it. Againfi the evening, in 
vefpcram. Againfl to-morrow, in craftmum. 
He inviiid him to fupper etgainfi the next day, ad 
canam inviiavit in poftcrum diem. 

Agairji [contrary] Adverfus, contra, prater, 
fl Jwillnotprive againji you, non contendam ego 
idvcrfuj te, Hejlrivetbagaitijl theflrtam, con- 


1^ nrn f.itis cignae qiia: iterum Icpaniur. //^ /^ 'rcpnprvdn'c, ratura. 

IjI'rn ftek agairr, dc intepro incidit inmo:bum.l Agaick, * Agaricon, 

tra tOTCntem brachia dirigit. // was againji hit 
mind that it fell out jo, praeter ipfius vofuntatem 

AgJiiiJi [ro the preiudice cf] Adverfus, a^- • 
verfum, in, ^f Should Ijfeak againji himf adver- 
fumne ilium caufam dici-rcm ? You order ihisfadly 
jgainjl yMrfcIf, pclllme hoc in te confulif, 

II Againfl [by, or at] Ad, an c. I will erne 
igaiijl a certain day. Ad, vel, ante certam diem, 

AgainJI_ [or over agalnft] e regione, ex adver- 
fo, contij, 

Agiiir.Jl [rendered by an adjeaive] Adverfus, 
fl They tend ag,iinfl yuu, adv'crfa vobis urgent 

To be a^ainf, oppugno, impugno, advcrfor, 
Hftt. obluflor. 

To go, or run, agaiiJI, Occurro. They run 
with their for/biaris i,ne againji anotbir, idvcrCs 
frontibus occurrunt. 

To daf J one agairji another, ColHdo. 

II To go againfi [be naufeous to] Ingratum, 
Vi/ minus gratum, cile. 

fl A^aiiifi the hair, or againfi iht grjin, Inviti 
Minerva, adverfo animo, 

Againfi one' I nill. Invite, invitus. 

Agairfl one's na'ure, Invita, adverfante, vet 

pyten ibrf had I fled ibtmjlvcs up attain, ciim fe 

IrurfusexiulifU-nt. A iuiUwlUe after he ireiit in 
again, baud mult6 poll recepit k iotus denuo. 

A • a'uteftoiie, * Achates, a, m. 
f Tojti a thing agate, Vum apcrire. 


A G I 

'*' T ["f ' ''"''''" •■• «^'"»J ^O' J * » 
»iim. HI / inmnivc cwi, a^, fcio ,io „,;,, 

"■■"'!' I'^- ../"'J'""- ".ff «v.:f f, (4, «„r,, ego .ft 

•uti. ,n prefrflas f„n,. 77,,, „;^ „., 
/ir,r day, hi^^ecn iheir ag,,, triduum non intrreo. 

^1 J:xit<n yan cfag^t, annns njtui fex-lccim. H, 
»<.f «r'. « putri! ««flit, a<h,ltu5 e(t ,dol<-vit, 
«tat.m h.b«. 53P /Et« Tini. fil«, domm 

■^Y^ L» h>indrfd)t,rs, o^lonj fpace of timcl 
Sa!""' ^' "'""'■ ^ '""■-'' """yi?". P" '01 

^'""■■'i', Inf^ntia, pnpillarcs anm. 
_ t//jrf'r „g. [0, o« under age] Jmpubcs; rf 

Great agf, Seneftutls dinturnitas, longinoui. 

_ 0/ilcJemn^4 f living in tli« fame a"el Qn 
m rndini C'lm alinfccnlo vivit, 

0/ cne j/Mr-, agi, AnnicuJui, hornotinut, rf. 
Jimnut. Ofnviyca;, B.fnnis, &c. 
Of'hifrfi «(,,, Primarvus, 
/« /^;f agt, Hodic. 

Ag'd, Granda!vu<, annofus, irtate proveflus ; 
•}• cantis; feneflui, arfj, 
y^ryngrd, Pra-grandis natu. 
^H ngid mur. , Senei, n, ^. 
ytn rged livKan^ Anu-, w, ^, 
fa hf curat aged, Con'encl'co, 
^«//y, [or, like an old man] Seniliter, 
Of full, or rif!, egr, Adultut, maturut, 
OUege. V. 0;d. 

rmm 0: r rrrdrr agr, A tennis ungu'culls. 
W/rtvyr [aaion] "Aaio, 
flgincy [aaing tor another] Curatio, procii- 

free agtucy, Libenim atbi'rium, 
^>;af«ff[who doth any tljina]»A?ent, •jftor. 
Wb agt>ri [who ifleth for mother] Curator, 
3. procnraror. 

An agent [in a foreipn country] || Reddens. 
Jl To aggircte [heap up] Apgero, occumulo. 
Ti cggknuratt, (rhonifen) Afplomero. 
I'oogf^lMinatt [glue together] AggUitino. 
Aftglvtiiiatrd, (Harvey) )| Aggluiinatus. 
_Ti tg^rtrdizr, 4d itiagnas dipnitates prome- 
vcre, dignitJtcm alicujos amplificare, alii|iieni 
aiviiiis k hrnoribus augcre. 

Aigrandixid, Ad magna: dignitafef promotut. 
I0 aggravjit [a mtter, rr crime] Aggravo, 
Sfrro, ciappero, afpero ; urge ; 1^ accrbo. 

To aggravate [ptovokej Met. Incendo, pro- 
»cto, ' 

To aggrav:ttt [pain] Augeo, adungeo. 
Aggrj^aud [a» a crime] Exatteratutj ag- 
gravatul. J •• > 6 

. _^K'-'».'i/<-./ fprovofcfd] Incenfijs, commotus, 
ira acienfus, 

All aggravating, or aggravaiiim. Commotio 

To aggrigati, Aggrego. 
The aggregate, (Bentl.) Summa aggregata. 
Aif aggregation, (Drown) Concervatio. 
Azgi-iJ/loi, (L'Eftrange) Aggreflio. 
■rl" aggrrffor.Qm aggreditur aliquem, obftnbt, 
oppugnator, gralljitor, 

7'» agfrerie, Dolote, mccro-e, friftitia, ali. 
^ucm ifficCre; contrifto. Sec alfo, 7i, ;„/»«•. 
Aegrh-vid, Mad us, dolore affcflns. 
Aggiieved, Iiijuria, vc/damno aftVftuj. 
T,agg,,up, (i)ryden) V . To combine. 
^/v// (rather agajl, i. e. agaied, Samuel 
Johnlcn) Atton.tus, ftupcfafluf, conflerna- 

Apic [nimble] • Agins, vegetiu. 

AfUiiy, • Agilita', dextrritas. 

h'l h agi/iiy. Dtxtie, agister. 

To agitate fan aft'air] Agito, negotium gerS- 
IT, traciaicj de aliqu," re diflirr«re, w/dtlil>crarc. 

To agitato [ftir up] Inccndo, coromoveo, j. 
toncitu, I. 

Aptaiid, Agitatuj, commotus, concitatus 
incenfus. ^ Ihto Ug have thcfe thing, bttn ,r. 
0g>iat,oaf Qgamiliu hac agitata luoi i 

A G R 

Agiia-ien, • Apitatlo, 

^;"«r ff''"',^ Cnmmotlo. 
brafleoU ^ "*• ''''"' "' ""''J B:.aea 
M^:;„pl/' '''^'' •'«'•'■•»* of th. nails] ^ 

Agnation, Agnatio. 

^J^tii^, facknoM k.d,Tmef I] Agnltio. 
ca^/l r'"=f""^.th,s time] AbAinc, ame. fT u- 

rundredyear, „e». o„„o, f„J oflingento; ^ 

hand f^n-^ ''T- . ^ ^' " "-•' '"^'■Z' %cc, 
hand fan, rf,„ ^ ,j„ ^^ ^ S J 

J>hleagc >«, i, rf„rf, „„p~, ,„ „^;,^^^ j,^ 

fior vid«pe,, in dudum. ''' 

N',-whngagof QMjm dudum > 

■]''''"yT») Tamdiu. 
„, i'^ '"/'•' ""' Vg, InrendiTe aliquem ad ali 
qu.o agendum, aliquem rupiditate rei 

Anar.ny [anguift] 'Angor, Met. cruciatus. 

An ago,y [confternation] Connernitio. 

ci»:z:i::' ^^"'^^ <>^ *"■— ^-y, cu 

f Full efagon.,, • Animam agens. 
I! An agomfl [champion] Pugil. 
l^J'^ac., (Spenf.) V.Tofirv^r, to greKe. 

mere. inrem-Mmon.f« /<^«j:n ■ r ,- ■ .. 

A G U 

I tu. e« d;,r -^ " "^""' "' f'^"* " """♦""- 

'L'«greemor,clune, Concilio. 

c^fetun^^r"^"' '""*"'i °""-' «- 

Krufnr'lti'^"'"''"'''"'^ Condntaneou,, c«,. 
Kruens. gratu. compar, aptui , + cognatu,. 

ch.r'Z "^ ' ''"S"'". peijucu^jui, pn. 

1-0 1,0 agre,af.le, or/,, Competo, conveni.. 
^jreeMe^j, [fi„,fs] Convenienti,. 

rui;^!;:;:*''"'^' tp'"''""«'''j G.atific«io, ]«, 

nie'^C^'^ [Stlj,] Apte, congroe«ter, .onve- 
Icidf^'"*^^ fpJeafantly] Cra.e, j«UBdi, pi.- 

J'X'r^' Confentitur, confenfum eft. 

-^wrf [as a bargain] • P,«us, tranfaflw. 
liatur ^" ' '"'^"'""J Compcfitu.. kco«u 
,e,f£!r''"^' '^f""". confontoj, confrm.s 
conj^ra™:' ''"'""^' "''■""'"'' ""S"-"' 

Koi agreeing, Dinenfanei.s, difcrepin.. 

r,orTr"7' '"'%""'""' Coafafus. confen. 
"Oj concordw, confpiratio. 

-f''''^''''"""" fbTgain] Sponfio, conditio. 
,,^" "^r*^ t'ovetiant] • Papula, compic-- 
tum, coDjuratio, forfu,, ftipulatio. ' 

An agreement firconcilinjl Receociliatio. 
conipofino. reditu, i„ gmti.mVpaT^ ^ 

An eigrtment [ppoportionj Partium inter A 

nvenientia. anr. ■,,..: i ,-.■ " 

■"> intepri conduflo pretio^ ' ^'^""f"" °- L.'f",,^^'"^' t'" ""«] Coacentus, conlbnan- 

^ AtakingqftL-arkt.the freat. Tirit,.rr.r.>„,., 'm'j,'.'-, r 


■.■e^.e.f,!^^^"^ ^■"■'r'^h'f"' great, Redemptura 
xe/iedempi.o, opens .ntegri condiflo pretio. 

fcV %?'[''"''"'• "■>'''"* *°] '*«^"''». »«■"• 
cor, aftipulor, .mnuo, accedo, acquiefco. 

Toagree Ur, be alike] Concurro; confiilo. 

7i «;,„ [„,ak. up a d.ffwcnce] Compono 

;' 7*0' fr'f'/ '*<>' fl/i.v „ ,h, faii,F<,aion ,/• ^// 

/•<7«,«, ,Uud cum boni gratia compofuerunt in 

To agree [be of the fan* mind] Confentio., ^ „r,k 
»=' "rt-„«5 ^' i'^-^'^ W/. fequefter: 

confent.tur, W conftat, inter oi«nfZ! 'Th 
"greed together, ilMs inter fe convenit //• ^ 
'Xr« a.;,i /./„y^^ fi fihi ipfi confei>ti.t. The, 
'" 'greed t, hi, froftfi,;,^^ omnet in .am fcn 

tervoTp;:™:- '*""'«'^>""/-'"«.'« m. 
7i -jc--", or &,«f, rt,^&^, Congf.ov 'oka^. 

I'clco, col«reo, inter fe confeatirc. «f w^-^,,. 

V^'mtf 'V^' ""='■" '^"*"" "^'^S^'' '<»t:ruit, 

«| /&_>■ a/, a^r,, !v,il,er, or aS 4y .ll^.-rw-,,.' 

Omncs compadio, ex compafto, dc compaflo 

rem apunt. I'"". 

To agree and fmt fitly one. mitt aKotktr, Ccn- 
gruo, quadro. f\ H:, uiord, andaaion, do not a^ e- 
Fafla nos cum diflis riifcrer»nl. ^// .,/, i; ' 
y«n! '» "/«'■ '" ter, omnia tu.-,,ia in ,ftam qua- 
drate v:dentur, ^ 

To agree [make a bargain] • Pacifcor, de- 
pacilror; ad paflionem accedere. fl //, ,^„ 
ag'eed,utlanyc.nefirj!,/<eml, nunquam de mi-r- 
cedepaftuse/J. 1 huve agreed Tor the fii.e, con- 
veni de pretio. Uo nr, Uleve tic jkall epee 
nonconrenturum inter no« arWtroT. ' 

Tomait /lerfoni^gree. In gratiam rccigi're, fi. 
multates dirimc-ie, «| / ,„,// ^,.„, ,;,,„ ' 
pacem inier eos componi volo. Aeyo^ agreed ? 
num red.;ft,s jn conccrdiam ? Ttey a,"ee a^ain 
redrunt rurfus in gr.iiiam. yir, you "invo agreed 
vet, J fray? jamne pax eft inter vot. Q,..cfo 
duos ? ■ ' 

Toairecufon a thing, Coadico, •;. ^ Tit, 
agrred ufon a truce, Innucias ccndiicrunt. 

H To agr.e with [live peactablyj In pace cum 
ahquo drg,-te, vei t,\i,t. 

.):,!? '^"''" °^ "P*""!, F«<l«ri« wtituji, con. 
ditiores, capita. ' 

IT To bring „, or mait, an atreemenl b.f:,ii,t 
f'tte, Lites inter aliquos eomponfre, in gruiam 
redurere. • 

fl To.,„e to anagr^,,,, [»!,,„ ,he .aitics 
have fallc, out] ReconciJiaii, in gmtiam reiligi, 
ad Concordia:?! adduci. ' 

'^'"fl't an agretmcnt, 01 fiif^latiu, SiipuJor, i. 
A m^hr of dgrttfmri%. Arbiter, iranf^acr. 

Ae,ordingi,»grHmc,», Ex pafflo, eut cMspaAo. 

^Agr.flKaJ, or agre/Uci, Aprcftis, riaflicus. 

Agrtariiar,, Agriculswa. 

AgriwKny, H AgrinKMii,--, » aupjtorium. 

An mgrttre, Aeidnli Upoiis cerafum. 

Agromi^d, Kumi incens profiratus. Vl Btit 
agr^.un.;, ulterius non rotefl protcd?ie. 

f To run a Jhif aground. In terraiu navem ad- 
duiSre, appellfre. 

^T^he vunagr„md [as a ftijp] Intsrrim. 
vr/vadum, inipingc'rr; ad fcopulosallidi. 

A" ague, * Febri.«, horror in lebri. 

A Ittile, or flight, ague, Ffbrlcula, i. 
.^n arue continuing but otn day, Febris, • 11 e- 
phemcra. " 

At ague comingby ft,, Vihth intermittens. 
A orjumptiveague, Febris, • fheilica, perj etua. 
A quotidian ague, Febris qiiotidiana. 
A le'iian ague, Kfbris ttrtiana, •||trltaa. 
fl A fuaran ague, U Febris quartana, qua- 
drini c.rcuiius febris, w/quartis diebuj rc-curicns. 
The inrnirg ft of m ague, ♦ |; C.n:l'on. 
The fit ,fa\ ,g:,e, or o-her dftenfer, Acctflus. 
4. impetus) •jlpamxyfrnus. 

I^'t k 'fundgui, Febricitans. 
To hate ah ague, Fcbricitor, febre laborare. 
^e/ corn pi. 

A/iiierirgwth, Or irclimnt to at, ague, TchjU 
citatio. L. 

Tk/hivrring, iv/iaUng, fit ofar.ague, Hoctof 
febns, npor, u//. 

II Caufrg an agye, Febrim affcreaj, eicitsiu. 
vei move/js. 

A I R 

Af^ft, •fil, (SbJkefp.) Fcbticulofusj 

Ai'ii-f"}, (Shaktfp.) Febri vix obnoxiut. 

Ak, Ah. 

Aid, Aoiilium, la. xijumentuir. Ma. ?<irri- 
niiiulum, rubrnJium ; fuppctijr, pi. ^ lU ir.inattil 
tit aiJ, implcrit tjus fiicm. Ill vot f"" J'j' 
«;i/, luSfidiu milVuscn. 

7bi reytl a'.J, or futfijy mnry, Ccnfur, 4- 
trilutuni quod regi ex pkbifcico in fumptu b^Ui, 
&r. pr;vftitur. 

fl An ad dc cdnf, Ducis in excrcitii adjutor. 

"Titid, Auxilior, jo»o,sdjuvo, adjuto ; fuc 
tnrro, fuftcnto ; Mi:, adminiculor. .Subvenirr 
alicot, fuhlcvjrt altqurm, alicui adjumrn-n c(Tf; 
fubfidium, fuppctijs, ojicm, alicui fcnc; adcll 

AidiJ, Adjutuj. 

Aiding, aidant, (Shnkerp.) fir aidam;, (id.) 
Adjovjns, openi frrens. 

An aidir, Auxlliator, adjutor j amicus. 

A'Ji'/i, (Milton) V. 

An ail, ailing^ or ti/mmi. Morbus, malum. 

T»a;/, Doieo, i, ^ ff hat atltth ? qviid- 
nam tibi dolft? ijoid tr furbat ? quid tibi eft : 

(IVtat .: Iii.y^u II tip fadi' O'lid lu es trifti? ? 
Iftit ai.'ilb'him In kr jt ar^ry ? quid illi acci.i'.t 
ut excan.ti kcnx ? fVe ail nabinr, nibil ""bis 
dolct. II IVbM ai/nb ytu ts abufe r.uf qtu dsr 
causa l»d t me? 
■•||, V. SiVUy. 

7i o'lm [at a mark] Collinco, i. ad mctam, 

it aim at \ar M\^'\\ Conor, defipno; p=lo, 
moliot, fibi aliqniH prnporgre. ^ / anti at no 
Ibinfiar y'mr loftly, nihil laboro, nifiuttofal 
vus fis. Tbryaimfd at til dtft'uRiot, exitiuir 
illi dcrtinarotit. H'tal dolh ibe min aim at ? qujtr. 
hie rem agit ? T aim ai ^rtairi mjii^rs^ ctijm ina- 
Jortl'mcrer. 7tiyain:ai Ugh it,"^', magna fibi 

An aim [or defipi] Conatus, propofitum ; 
intentlo, ^ AH tke:r aim '.vas ihal, nihil ahuH 
quxreba:ur, tiifi ur. {{ / am ^uili nut cf my aiw, 
it iria decrffi, propofito, xv/aufii, excidi, aber 

YBya'm, (Spmr.) Corjtftui-a. 

• 'jtm<d at [as » maik] Ad uMtam, tW fignum, 

Ai>:idiii [dcfignedj Pctilus, propofitui, 

W " "J?, 'I' MeJit.ins, fc, i^tum. 

^l.i'.in:!ra:, Petitor. 

An aiming at [as a mark] Direftio. 

Air, • Acr, • afthcr, aura, cialKm. ^ Tli' 
air it fe J am bardly atU tt tfldurt it, v,x 
fuftineo gravitarrm cali hujus. '"•//'*; halite a lU.h 
£ir ri'ind about us, nobiE aijr cradus otftinditur. 

C6$l evening air, • C^uri vetjjtrtini, no^cs Jc 

^] Inthetfrnair, .Sub dio. 

An air tj' tbi cruntsnance, Faciei forma, njil 

An air fgt««i gr-'^^] Concinnitas. Tcniailas. 

Ancir in, Suavis moJuIus. 

An air [the mien] (Milt.) Cedns. 

An air [.'Fpearance) (Pcpe) S)iecies, 

A fiu, c/rn, Aer vacuus, Viig, 

'tt air trirtai^ Ac'ri rxponSre. 

To air riinenf Ad ignrm exficcare, 

7*9 air I liquors] Calcfac-'o, ietii i-xconere. 

An air bdf, air-Jbafi, (R.iy) Spiramenium. 

ff All air^ftimff * Macbina ad aistcm exhaU' 

To takt the air [go abroad] Apricor, deambulo, 

To lait .;:•- [be difcovered] Patefieri, retegi, 
evi'lgiri, cnrnciari. 

f[ A'.rtd at.rwd, Soli expofitus. 

<(j Aird 't ibefirt [a« lincnj Ad ignem cxpo- 
t<f*t, ipnc rificcttos. 

yiir^il l.yihtji'c [js liquors] Calefaflus. 

A"i'/t' [of a plarel Arndrftitaf) apricitas. 

Arin'fi [:( a p-tlin] Fcftivitas, 3. Irpor 

• h'laHiai, Mri. levitat. 

An airinji, Dejmbolitio, apricatio. 

9 Tt gi'vi ir.e tin ailing, Ad deambulantium 


Airiffu (Shakefp.) Acre vacuus. 

An airy place, I.ocus fpatiofus, amoenus, 

An a\ry perion, an airling, (B, Johnf.) *Ala- 
ccr, fcftivus, lepidus, hihris, Alft, Icvis ; <i* 
celer, V, A btau, 

^ Airy mt'iors, Leves in/it:? in animo rcrurn 

^ To fri/t on airs, Iiacundlse InHulgere. 

v^jr)r[bek)nging totheair] *Acriu«, "ffthereus, 

Aiy [trefli anJ coolj Frigus amabile, vel 

Airy [thin, or light] Tenuis, exilis. 

Akin, (Prior) V. K.n. 

A ''ib^jier y* AHh^^XMrtiy 2, • alabaftritcj, rf, 1. 

^ An ahhafter box, * Myrotbecium fx ala- 
biftro confeftum $ onyx, 

{I A'aclkf ahickaday, Va? mihi mifero, hei mihi. 

A!a rioufy, Cum aLicriiatc, 

Alticrity^ Alacritas, hilarUas. 

A'anvji, More novo Sc elegantl, ad formulano 
concinnam, ex ("cito cultu. 

Alamode [a fort of fiik] Pannus'ferlcus tenu- 
nimii filis contrtctus. 

A.'attii, (Diydcn) V, LamleJ. 

An aiarm^ or ahtrum [in war] Clanicum, 2. 
concUmatio ad armi. 

^ A faffe tilanny Jnanis ad arma conclamatio. 

An alarm [fudden fright] •Trepidatio, 'pa- 
•vor, conftematio, • terror. 

An alarm cl'ciy or iva'cby * Horologium ad 
al'qiiem ex fomno fufcitanHum. 

^ To ahrmj or ^'vce an alarm [In war] Ad ar- 
ina vocarc, conciaoiarc; bcllicum canere. 

^ 7« fcurd an alarm, ClafTlcum cancre, tub.* 
Tignum pra'lii dare. 

T* alarmy V. To/right. 

A'urrneii [frighted] Territus, confternatus. 
^ Tbf armytifJi alarmed, incidit tprror excrcitu'. 
1 ba! acc'idtn: aftirrried sbem all^ cafus illc trepida 
rioncs ubiquc fecit. 

A!arm:n^, A<.i a: ma conclamans, pavorcm 
injiciens, perturbans. 

Alti'j Ah, hcu, chcu, hci mihi mifero, heii 
me mifcrum! 

Alas for Jhawe ! Prohdcdecus! pro pud or ! 

Alas for forroTv ! Pro dolor. 

II AJate [of late, or lately] Nuper, modo. 

A ay. %tt Allay. 

An alhe [a prleft's white vcftraent] Alba fa- 
ccrdotis vrllis. 

Albeit, Tamctfi, ctfi^ etiamfi, quamvis. quan- 
tumvis, qujinquam, quamlibtrt, qu^niun~.tibet. 

"^ A Ittginecu*, Albugincm repra»rcntaos. 

■f A/^akf^, (Arab,) Omnia diflTolvcns. 

-f An alca'.d, (Arab. Span.) Praefeftus; ju- 

Al^'aik n.rrfi; Verfus *Alca'rcu«, 

Alchymy, •jj Alchymia, *||chvmia. 
■ Al.bymical, (Brown) *|| Spagiricus, 

Analibymji, *\\ Akhymilla. 

AnaUoie, Locus forntcat us. 

Ibealcyon [kingsfifherj • Hjicvon, v:is. 

A'derlit^tji, (Shakefp.} Dii a fiimus. 

An alderman^ Stfnatcr urbanus, civis patrlcius. 

% To lualk an aldernran: put, Junonium (i. c. 
lento gradu,L.)incedere,Ienro5pan'us trahcic. 4. 

An a/derm^n^t robty i\> Aboila. 

^ The a'dennan* s btnch^ Scnatus curia, L. 

Aldiiminly, (Swift) Senatoie i magnifice. 

An alder tree, Alnus, 2. 

Alder, aldtrn, (May) or made of alder, Alneus 

A %r<yvt if alders, || Alnetnm, 2, 

Al^-i Ccrevifia non ||lupjlatJj • zythum, 2. 
^Gtod a'e is meaf, drink, and cUth, calida polio 
'I vcfViiriuseft. 4. 

l^ito ale, • MuHum, 2. 

cm ale, Cerevifia hederacea. 

Strong a/e, C-'rcvifia prima. 

Small ak, Cerevi/Ja tenuis & fecundarta. 

Staf'' a'e, Ccrevifii vctuJa. 

II AUherry, Cerevifia cum pane U • macidc 

An ale bretver, \\ Cerevifiarius, • zythepfa. 

An ahboufe, • Caupona j * ftyihopoliuni. 4. 


A ilinj alfhiufe, or ti/>f,lingbouft, Cauponnlt. 

% To haunt altboujti, >J. In caapona viverej 
habitare popinis. 

Aldouji, Dt bthnging t» an alibnfe, Popinalii, 

Analcbcufikirper, • Caupo, *!( jythopola. 

An alaoamr. Qui mynus cercvifiam guftandi 

Alaift [herb] • Coftus hortotum, 

Akgar, * Acctum cerevill*. 

Alclmf, or ground ivy [herb] Hedera terreflril. 

■f An alitnighi , (Cambdeii) HopinOi 

Analnoifi, || Popiaaria. 

A" a!embick [a ftWl 1 Vas extrahendit per diAiU 
iationem fuccis, vai diflJIandis fuccis. 

Ahrgtb, In longum porreOus. 

ALii [brift] • Alacris, v-getui. 

Alcitntfi, (Addifon) Alarritas. 

Alexifbarmiris, • Alexipharmica, aruir, n. pi. 

■f Afgam, tj> omnimodis. 

^/^.iia [the art of literal arilhmetick] 'Ij A!- 
gebia, I. • arithmetica fpeciufa. 

Aiialgebraifl, * ArithmetifrB fpeciofaeperitus, 

li Algul [chill]- • Algidus, fiigidos. 

I Algidity, * Algor, 3. • fiig-.s, ciit. 

Alirart^zvim, Vinum regionis Iliicitan.-p. 

Aa alien [flranger] Extcru-:, alirnus, ei:er» 
"'". pi'regrinusj • alienigena, i. 

AUtvabk, Quod alienari poteft. 

70 a.'icne, or ali.-tiaie [eHrjnec, o, withdra-w 
from] Alicno, abaliero; avcrto, avoco, d.mi- 
nuo, abUico, alienum fareie. 

To alienate [fell away] • Abalieno, emancl- 
po; al.eni juria facete. 

To alienate [put to fale] Bona profcribere, 

Aiena'e, (Swift) or a/rfM(<-rf [eftranged] AH- 
enus, alienatus, disjun^u?. 

AHerand [fold] Ahalienalus, emanclpatus. ' 

A' [put to fale] Profcrintus, publicatus. 

V Ti naive a thing alienated, Poftliminio re» 

A/i'raiirg, or altenaii:n, Abdicatio, al'enatio, 

To alight [as a bird] Subfido, se^i, :. 

To a'i«:ht [fiom a horfe] Dcfilio, ai, 4. ab 
•jc^uo delten ieic. 

Analigliing [from a hoifej Ab equo defcen. 

AUghtcJ [did down] Delapfus. 

A:ih, acj. Par, comparj apquus, aequalis, 
iequabilis, fimilis. 

{{ Alt alike, Communis. 

Alke, adv. yCqi^e, parlter, perlnde. 

Tt he alike [tqual] Concurro. 

Aiimir.t [nouriflimcnt] Alimentum, natri-' 
mcntum, pabulum. 

AI mental, or alimentary, || aHmomtm, (Harvey) 
Alimentarius, pabulars. .. - 

Alimony, Alimentum, [| Alimonia. 

Altfardfr [lovagc] || Leviiticum volgare. 

Alive [living] Vivos, vivens. 

A'sve [furvivuip] Suuerftes, (fiiis, I 

To Ik aL'oe, Vivo. Of He is chve, and /He i» 
he fo, vivit atqoe valet, h he aliiief >}> fupe- 
ratr.e & vefcitur aura ./^itherea ? K'hilJI I am a- 
iive, nse vivo. The bcji ph'!o;'oi.ber ibi, day alive, 
princeps hujus «iaiis philolophorum. 
kcep'tb Imal'Vt, fpes alit. 

Aiaiengi [winter fhciry] Sol.mum rubrom. 

A:l, * Omnis, cundus. ^ Put when 1 tad 
lone ail, fed cum omnia frciliem. Alexandria 
and all Egypt, Alexandria cuniftaque y5l(..y..tue. 
A'l my fault is, ib,it, fumma criroinis eft, quod. 
But yet ibnt is not all, fed iiequaquani in iflo (uat 

All [the whcU-] Totus, Integer, univerfus, 
perpes, j-etii. ^ A'l day, toto die. y]ll the 
moild, univerfus mundus. K'lf it ail m yourfelf, 
inttgtum tibirefervet. Known all the tv^id obiter, 
'{1 toto notus in orlie. Thife liirgs I fpeak of all 
in general, ha;c loquor de univeifis. There 1 
rtfltdall nght long, ibi quievi noflcm perpelcm. 
yyitb all my heart, llbentt-r. 

AH I 'or all and every one in particular] Sin. 
gull, pi. quilqtie,.unufquiique. 

All [for all in |encrall Univerfi, cunifli. 



All [when it figni/icth on)y] Unuf, foliis 
^ lie is aU my care, iJJum euro unuin. He it ah' 
for birrjelf^ fibi Toli cavet, duntaxat prol'picit, 
fibi commodiis unus eft, lla%e Lr all to vmrf.lf, 
Iianc folus habcto, Thry live all upon lort^, mcllt 
folo vivunt He is all hut the lead under v/atcr, 
extat capite foJo ex aqua. 

j4ll [lignifyiTig as much as, fo much a;, &c.] 
Quantumcunque, quod, quicquid, quantum quam. 
m I iviU take all fie {are I caty qu^m, 'vel quan- 
tum, potero cavebo. A'l I may^ all I can, quan- 
tumciinque poflim, quantum p6cero. Tkcyl'ftall 
the beauty thy had in their youth, quod 6orts in 
jnventute erst amifei nn'. Afhhe judl^t^'oit I had, 
quicqtiid habuerim jnciicii. I •w.uldjlrivealt thai 
ever f could^ quam maxime pofll-m contendfrem. 
Makeall rhe laf^eycu can, qtnn'tim poteris reilina. 
^ Ail in all f Prori & puppi";, 
^ Fortune it all in ail in the i^/Ji^jffs, Utramque 
paginam facit fortuna, 

l|T All in all, or veryjam':/iar ivjtb one^ Pcr- 
familiaris, intima famiiiaritate coniun^tu*!. 

^ To heaTrn all -rniih ore [influence] Plnri- 
mum polTcapud altqucm. 

All afnw, Unoiq'iej pafilm, undlquaque* 
AUal'.ne, Solus, folitarius. 
Alone, Perindc, idem, £ff, ^ Thlt is all one. 
fir [f I Jhotdd fay , hoc perinde eft tanquam fi ego 
rficam. 1 reckon it all ore ai if , perinde cenleo ac 
fi. Tley once ivere all one ivi-b the Aademicksy 
qunndjRi iidem erant qui Acadcmici. 

^ It is all one tvleiher^ Nihil intcrelt utrum, 
tar.tundcm t-ft, iiih:l refcrt. 

^ It IS all one to you, tvbithtr, Tua nihil refert, 

% It teas all one to thofe that killed h'm tvhat he 
/aid, Ncn interluit occidenrltitn quid dicerct. 

^ // is all ore to me, Nihil motor, nihil me:! 
refetr, non magnopere loboro, I'el euro, 
^ A" I at Of:ce, Simul & fcmcl. 
Ad alorg [always, ever] Uique, cbntinuu, 
perpetuo, nunqn -m non. 

All akng [lying prcrtratc] Pronus, proflra- 

^ All the ichilcj Per totum tempus, 
^ ^f// loonier [all at once, cr in company] 
Omnrs, fw univcrfi firaul. 

Altogtther [wholly] * Omninn, prorsus. 
% AH unir Qvr^ \3x\\ atque cadem opsr.i, 
Bynllmcani^ Quoquomodo, 
Onaltfidery Quaquaverfus, quaquaveifum, un- 

^ On all hards, Ex omni pirtf, 
fi Ji'l't-n all ccmtth to all, Tandem, ad extrc- 
mum^ demtim. 

f[ Ad IS huj/.t, Onum & altum filcnrlum tfl-. 
All on a fudderty Dc improvifo. ^ All on a 
ftddtn tletvar broke out, belhim fubito exarfit. 

ff Tbii is all that is left of the mocey, Hoc tan- 
ti'm pecuni;e reliftum eft. 

^ Gi-vino all for gone, Tranfaflum de partibu^ 

^ To go up(/n all four , Quadrupedantium mort 

All this while, UTque hoc, ufque ad hoc tern 
pus, utque adhuc, tamdiu. ^ JVe ha've hadfuch 
tad tueat her all this lohile, ita u/que adverta tem- 
perate ufi fumus. 

All wer [throughout] PalTiin, 
^ Itfiallvvcr [done, or ended] Finitarcscft. 
% All the better^ Tanto melius, 
II To call one all to naughty Conviciis aliquem 
Jacerserc, W nrrafcindere. 

f[ All the klndnefi you car do rhem is not luorth a 
rufh, fi quid bcne'acjaf, pluma eft levior gratia. 
^ All if hfi that it put in a riven dtfh, Pcrtu- 
fum quicquid intunditur m dollum perit. 

II It it net all a cafe, Non par ratio eft, alia efl 

II Jufl for all thenvorld ai, SimJllimc atque. 
II I u-ould not do it for all the zvorld, Nullis 
rationibus addvi^ii", id taccrrm. 

II It corActb all /« cue, Eodcm rccidit, reJit, 

f[ A'l to BO purpofe. Nihil agis. 

11 To all irietUi and ^urfufes, * Omnino, pror- 


tus, pen-lus. 

II // it a// car nvti, Noftra omnU lis eK,omnis 
res f ft in vailo, vr/ tulo. i 

II / V/ d// iliat, Necjiie eu fccius. I 

II for all^u, Te invito. 

\\ Fcr fti:d ami alU Omnino, prorsiis. 

II Here ami ihre, and all al cmc, Hlc & illic 
Imul, life * uSiqac, 

^ All it tccll that indcib ■ttvll, txitus afla 

6[ Al h not lighi lui.ij tbm, Aliquid monftri 

V\Allcimt, all lojt. Qui totum vult, totum 

^ All Is m gold that glijltreth, Fronti nulla 

fl T/'.J ;i all, Tantum <(l. 
At all, » Omnino, prorsus, % I dt rot at all 
nf^rer 10 that, NuIIo mnrfo prorsiis a (Tent ior, I, 
iruih you are ajkatxd af n:lbii:g at all, nihil tc 
quidem ijuicquani pud':t. 
II Af all Tever] Unquam, 
4r M'f! of all, Pra-cipi-.e, pr.i-fertiin. 
^ Nfst at all, Ne omnino quidem. 
fr All-faints-day, Die's fcdus omnium faofto 
rum memorise confccratus. 

^ ^ll-fci'k-day, Ferilia ftbrua. 
A'l bearing, (Pppe) •{? Omniparcns, omnifer 
A'UiCvet.rg, tj* Omnivolus. 
A'l-dc'vourinr, (Pope) Omnivorus, Vlin* 
All heal [an herb] I'anait. 
All-in.tirng^ Qiii omnia fcit. 
A-'lirigl'ty, ot aJl-joiV'rfu^ Omnipotens. 
All'fieii!^, 'jl? Omnituens , omnia uno in 
tuitu luftrans. 

A^t-it-arderhg;, Orrnlvapus. 
All-i'::jt', Qui in omnibus fapit, 
Ts a//j>' [abate, crleffen] Sedo, mitigo; nllcvo; 
elrvo, Icnio, Mel. reftinguo. ^ He alLyed li 
burner ii'ith haves, levavit famem frondibus. 
He allayed bis ^ercenefs ar.d ftverity tuith iO:tr-eoui 
ltibi.-viovr, fcveritatem acerbam multis condi 
mentis liumanitaMs mitig ibat. 

73 U he allayed, Oeftrvcrco, lilet. fubfido. 
^ ^be ^riej tvas allayed, dcferbiiit, vtl fi;pora- 
tus eft dolor. TZi tewf^ji it allayed, temptllas 

^ To allay [mingle] iLune luitb 'water, Vi- 
num lympha merum tempeiare, vel dilucrcj 
*Bacchum lymphis tempcrare, vir/commircere. 
To be allayed, Tcmperor, diluor, commifceor. 
Allayed, Lcnitus, f^ fedatus. ^ Hutjger al- 
layed ly ban^uet^, fames exempta epulis. 

Allaytd, Tempcratu?, dilutus, commifttis. 
^ too muih allayed, vinum plus fatis dil'j- 

An allnyrr, (Harvey) fappeafer] Deiiailor. 
Af! allayer [mingler] Temperator, 
An all.iyin^, or ailay, alla'iment, (Shalccfp.) 
[abating] Lenimentum, leninien, allevatio. 

An allayirg, or allay [mixtuic] Teiripciatio, 

Allegation, AUcftatio, Squint. 
AlleHive, Illectbrofus, allicicns. 
'lo allege [by way of" excuTe] Allcgo, excu- 
fo; rji cauforj caufamaiFctre, ralionem rcddcie, 
vel fubjici-re. 

S| Toallcdge one aiaii autbour, • Au£lorem af- 
lerre, citare, laujarc ; poiiete. 
To alltdge malicioujly, Calumnior. 

^ To alledge falfcty, Aufloritatcm emcnliri, 
taisi) citare, t/i'/ laudare. 

Alledged, Allegatus. 

Alledged [quoted] Allatus, c'tatus, laudatus. 

Allcdgivg, allegans; caufatus. 

An alledging, or allegation, Allegatio, allega- 
tus. e. 

Afalfe alle^ati-.n, Calumnia, t. 
Werh ' ' " " 

Alleyianct, Fides, 6, 5. fidcjitas* 

An allegory, •jj AUcgoria. 
Allegorical, II AUegoricus, pet || 

a llcgoriair. 

Alkgorically, || Allegoric!:. 
To allegotiae, *|| AIlegorico,_/c» 'jj parabolico. 
ToalUt/iate, AUevo, lerot 


/ AlA-vlatid, Allevatuj, Jevalui, 
/ An allniaiing, or alLi/iaiiui, Al-'evit'o. le. 
' Allelujah, I) Alleluj.1. 

Allelujab [wootl forrcl] •Oxys.trifolium •II4. 
cetofum. " 

An alley [walking plarej Ambulacrum. 
An alley [narrow I'alEigc] An(iportun|/ 2, 
•xyftum, vel xyftus. 

An ally in a garden, \\ fub.lijic ambulacrum) 
/a/7, fubJialis ambuLitio. 

^f Al!-l.alhttii-tide, Fefta omnium janQotOta! 
Allanct fncar] Nccfiritudo, ' .. 

All an t f by marriage] adinitas. 
Alliance [in blood] Confjn|!U:nifi|, 
Alliance [of ftjtes, &c.] Sucieias, fi»di;s : 
coDJundtio ; amicitia, Nep. 
At die fbymaiTiige] AfTinis. 
/ft; <3///> [oflhe ftatc] Sccius, amicus. ' 

To allie, (,'cnjungo, dcvircio, tj- afcifco; f<<'f 
dere, vr/ focfciate, conjungfrc. 

/«//(■</, Conjunflus, fccdiYe devifluj. ' '" . 
Allied [by marriage] Affinis, propin'ijuuj, '" 
Allied [in blond] Cognatus. 
A'teiemy, (Glanville) Attraftic, ^^uint, ' 
Allegation, Alligacio. 
An alligator, Crocodilus. 
AlliJIon, (Woodwa d) CoUifio. 
Allodi.l, II AUoJialit. 

T, allot (one f.ime bufinefs] Delego, T. af- 
figno. ^ He allole^ me Jotre bfinefs^ me huic 
nrgotio de!egavit, mihi hoc negoiium comtnlfit, 
vel tredidit. 

fl To all t fontnobot to ine, Sonito tribuSre. 
To be alloted utiu, or bave by lot, Sortior. 
^ / am alleted to f'unijhment, or an tj/itf, Sortiol 
pa'n.:m, Wmagiftratum. 

A.: allotment, allotery, (Shikefp.) Allegatio; 

To alltnv [approve] Probo, eomprobo, »p- 
probo, agnufLO, 5. judicio fuo confirmare. ^[ / 
alUiti of tbat reaf.n, accipio caufaTi. 

To allow [give] Exhibeo, aliribuo, contribuo, 
prabeo, fji prasHo. ff I iii'l alloto bim ntcney, 
dabitur a me argtntum. lamahle to alloiu it, ell 
unde hitc fiant. As you areabltto allo-w^ pro le 

Toallrw [grant, fr yield] Concedo, idmittq; 
permitto. ^ /x is alLvtedof in men of cur years', 
atati noftrae conceditur. Tbty tiill not allow any 
but a wife man to be a good n:ar, iiegant quca- 
quam bonum virum cftif, nifi fapientem, 

^ Sometbing is to be allotted for cujiom, Aliquid 
confueludini dandum eft. 

^ To allow i.r.i his cxi:cife!, Sum.f tus alicui 
ruggererc, v:l fuppeditare. 

To alktv [p^-rmit] Permitto, concedo, recipio, 
fino, do, p.itior. ^ Tbe narinets ^tvouil not alkvj 
e to attend u^on yott, expeflarc te per naiitas non 
eft liciium. I allozvcd iim tofllow bis own in- 
tUnati'.ns, fi'.i ut animum fuum expleret. He ;a 
fcareely allnv-d to tcke irea/b, vix liuic I'efpirandi 
potcftas datur. Allvio itse to prefer curs to thi 
Greek'-, dabis banc vcnlam, ut noftros Grarcis an- 
teponam. All tie tvorld all.wethfme divcifion tt 
t bis age, datur conceiTu omnium buicaliquis lu- 
dus .xtati. 

To allo^.u in rechfilng, Decido, dc fumma ali- 
quid minuere, T-f/deJuctirej totum non exigeic, 
Alioxvaile [approved] Probabilis, laudabilis. 
Allo^fable Ijuft] Juftus, legitimus, 
Allowahlenejs, (South) Jus, fas. 
An alktvance, 01 allTwing [apptobationj Ap". 

An allowance [gift] Donatio, dcmer.fum. 
Alktuance [granting, or yielding] Doni, vel, 
merctdis, attributio, copcelTio. 

Allowance, or an allnving [permiflion] Licen* 
tia, I. permifiif>, 3. potcftas. 

Allowance [in reckoning] V. A'tatemmt, 
A juji allowance, Jufta, pi. 
f\ To keep oie at piori allowance, Arfle, C6n- 
renteque aliquem habcrcj exigue fump'.um all* 
cui prabere. 

Allowed [approved] Ptobattti, comprobatut, 
approbatusj tatus. 

C Z Alhtxti 

A L O 


A M B 

^Hi^i'tJ fpfnnltfj] Conctffu«, petiti'fliu. 
w*/.'.»tf../ j> niismVr, DeJiftui, fubtridgj 
W/^Mtft^ [?ivrn] Prxbitnl} |> cii)ibilu<. 
AUf, (Utke) V.Jlilai. 
1. j//k.V, Alludo, eUiiiui ali^uid Ung&t, 

AlluJtd It, Cul iliqaii illuitir, 
-' i^ftf alLJing, or aHulivt^ Lufus in »*t1> », in- 
•diciJOi,— V9 ri* niimt 9/ a thirg, ajnominalio. 

AlIudiKg K, altu/ivr, (Rogers) AUudens i-b 
Jiquc tangent, w^/ pciftringens. 
yUlumt • Alamcn, 7jb,'j, n. 
To flZ/ic* [fnike] Illicio, atlic'o, allefto, in 
wito, follicito; Jtrrjho; delefto j obleiSo ; Aft/. 
iiiuio. *([£<><//«/ lint are aVuiuI tjfaije. 
glnni inviuntur prvciiia ingent.). 

T» «//i(A< [wliMdJe, w cajole] Leuocinor, 
klandior, l.rflo, vetbit Ulecebiofis jliquem c^p- 
%\K, il'icere. illicere, pe!licen*. 
7i aUiitt forth, Pjolic'io, prolefto. 
AllureJ, Alie^n'i ilte^ut, invililtas, M:'- 

Anmrmeril, Bbndimcntaai, ipeitjtnentum 
illicium, knocinium; elecebra, il!ccebr>. % He 
ftiv* bimffif tohtlly to ibe allurements of'litxurf^ dc 
-dit fe totum vit orum illecebris. He hai many 
tttturtmmis ^itx ci^ ouilca lutfc^at iaviunenti 

jin aHi/rt', HI'x, alleAor; folichator, Sew. 
^Iiirirg, lllecebrorus, bUnduf, ^ pellax. 
An flUur'iiiT-, Alleflatio, 3, folicitjtio. 
AHur'mg [part,] Alliciens, pellicieas* 
^Uvring'j, ^liaii-f ilkcifcrose. 
} Aiiwvii^i Allu«io. 
^ ally. Socio?, amicus. V. Allit. 
X Aa alman, or altmain £in muftclcj Modu- 
lus, y Alcnunnicus, 

An, Tafti, pi. • Ephemeris. 
/in iilntviiik ti.itktr^ Fa/loruDi, W • ep^ieme 
rdutn, fcriptor. 

Ahiighimfi, (Hooker') Oinaipotentii. 
^Va'.ftiy, Omnipoteas. 
Ai OiWrtf, • Amygd^lum, nuK <Craec«, vf 
wfi iilimi tret, * Airy|dala, 
j-ilwfnid, or <if, or I tr atmondi, • Amgydilinus 
^riv aitnaifis cf ih* eari, more pcoperiy cf the 
■irufi, I, Aurium glardula;, toDullie. 
Art n'moKer, "S-ipis lat^itnd* adminiflcr. 
<ff A cl'ief. or lirU-a/, Ssipit l»rgtend» 
fumrrTJS acminiftcr. 

^ Afuia/mirur, Stifis Urgieadje v»cati,os ad- 

Aln-'p, Tere, fermd, pece, propi, propenio- 
■duro, modo non^ tantum jion, (]u«rn, ufauf, 
ju»t4. ff Ti£«r< II ro/ ad.iy aim J} hut be ame.t I;. 
^'hiiijr, i\ei fere nullu! ell ^uia dtmium me:»Ti' 
'Vtatitl-t. ^veJijfiJi'-g^orn .was olmiji rr^e, fegcs 
f roptjxn miiura erat. Who. iiito ii ivat tiinKift. 
J'uH~jet, cum j*m ad "rflLs occafum cfli:t. 1/ ca>/.i 
ulrasjl to a Uditi-^r., JMita 'ertjtior.em venluiji eft. 
\Vitnie j..%u ibi R^mont aim^} furroundtd ivifh 
tke ri^ht nuinf^, ubi v:dit ^&omai!os t^atum nn;i 
ciKumiri a daitio curng. li is almcjl lime thji, 
prope adeO cufp. Alrr.zji drunk, rbrio proximu^. 
^h*y bc:f ahnffi iki:e it, paium abruit quin. // ij 
alui/iii niftff «nt Jf iieu;, ItU elmsjl one acUk, 
io.'iui hora prima. 

r^i%! (Milicn) *]j Eleemofyna, 
.rtnalrri, Stips pauperibus lUta. 
jIt alrrjhwfe, •'! (*^ochoif<.>phttim. 
An almjhuuje fcr atd mtn, lix wimtn, *l|'Getor- 

y*'rfl', or hhnfing tt^lmi, *|| Eleemofynat'U'. 
^■i almgiver, la, •v./e<;ga,.j.iuperes benignus, 
larfif?, libt.fali^ 

^J 'U ajik almx, "» StipemTOpare. 
^ To gt I'e alms, Mcadico fttpcin j^orria!*!^, 
A'l eUfmim, *|| Hro.cufticns. 
W» alntfitr, or an/ngir^ Meudtt *4 lalnani. 
^4ii, Alpi', ej, f. 

JTir i/r/*#- ^jW tf alin. Aire fucoorrina, 
llr ^rtfir iind of aKfi, Mai cakaljin.i. 
4 ■■ ;' fruits find iF cjsi, *HXf 

J<M'' 'mm, liBniim aroe?. 

^it- J." -t-l.Ai'j- AIU>, ExciJlfut, fuper- 

"us, P.e^, (Mihcn) fapra. Adv. fopra, fuTCom; 
infuhlioiei alt*. V.dnigh. ^ At of en a 
'xe .tirre carried alp, t(a!K\tiX.o\)t\,smat in altum. 
()■' fi up ii:> ftJItfo, feblimem hone rape. 
The iiuflt grew up aloft, in excelfum etnicant 

'""!• ^'^*' '"' " ♦"T'li/ ctUf:, eitematiis ai-i 
''ubiime /tttur. 

It Tofe' aloft, Eitollo, tjlK. 

Trmaiiift, Defiiper, 

Al-ifie, Solos, folitaiio?, unions, onus, inro- 
mitalut. ^ jit tfvtas mtditaiing ly himfrif ahne^ 
ciim aliquid fecnm agitaret. You n'ay irujl b'm 
alone, psfens abfisnTque idem erif, || You are noi 
alone m it, teceruot alii fae^. »1 will do it -alone, 
per r*os agemas. 

Ahne, Adv. Soliim. 

All ahi.e, Perlblii!. 

To leave alone, Derelinqno, j . defero, ui. 

Left nhie, DeWatus, defcrrjs. 

To let ahne, Mitto, mliruin facSre. ff Le! 
him alone for mv (ah, mitte hunc mei causa. 
Ij h t ui letthofe thinrj alone, miffii haec faciamus. 
'^\ Let mt hut ahne, £ne moJe. Let meal. ne.zuith 
it, quitfcas, CJ1 videro; id mihi da negoti 
[I Lrf rr.e alcnr, vr 1 iv.ll give you a do^t/!^e in 'hi 
te/i, crepabuntmanu inal;e tibi nifi meomittis 

Alon^ Per, orejfe by an aWativecafe, ^ 1 
loill fei d fome ahrg lie Jhore!., per littora certosi 
dirniitam. / nvat going j/ong the bigiway, pub 
lica ibam \u. 

AloKf, fccu5, rentnduni. ^ Ahrglht river' 
fide, fecus, t-e/recundum^ finviuna. 

Al-ng with, Una cum. ^ / willgoitintalong 
.zvithyeu. una tecum ibo domum, 

AJlalor^ ("every wlicrc] Ubique. 

II A7 tilanr [pro^ratc] "PK>ftr.4tu«. 

<| To l.e ahng. Gorporc extrjifo jacere., 

fl All al ng ]^lhicnjhout my \'t(c\ Tola viui, 
per totam vi?ann. 

j'.kofofT, Eminos, longe, flelonginquo, 

Al'.ud, Clare, ciar:*, mcl intenta, voc«, 

Aialfe fbulfinch] H Rubicilla. 

Al;ta fihefifft'Gredk letter] » Al(*a, indecl. 

yfi<»//fa.*.t, Litcrae-ordine dii'polita:, olementaj 
iitcrorum exordine collacaca. 

A'plahttiial, Bx oi^io*, vel feri«, litararcin' 

Aipiatictii-aVy, *f A,^fhtihttke. 

Already, Jamdudom, dudum, pridciBy jatn-i 
priilcm, Jam, iannj.irn. 

A^fir.e p^ejb] Auricula muris. 

Alfa, Iieir, <e(itm, ^uoquS, Hecaon, ^atiter, 

Alf'^ or irornver, *Q«>nt4iaiB, ptxttrea, yiot- 
10, autrm, infuper, adbaec, hue acccdit quod, t 
A't tiliar , Altaic, is, n. •sit. 
^^'tfrdjr-, *Quod ad tlATXl ■oi'kil\ili JucTum ex I 
Aliar-.iwifc, Ad mddvn aharhiro. 
*ro alter \chin^t'\ Mwto, commute, detnuto, 
mmuto, perrai/tQ, varioj Aierto j H/> inilcifto 

7o dl.'er Jby courfe, or t«r«s] It e^triuife, 
(M>lton) alterno. 

f Ahmmt, (Bacon) Ciri VR eft ali^niH mu 

•[ 7) ahtr tmt'i cendltivn rni»"y. 4^ " man] 
DticPre uxorem, [^fa vKman] nubo, ■^. 

•J To al er oni'i opinicn, ISe Icuteniia dfcedere, 
jliqiiid TententiS mulara, 
Alier.ible, MutabiKa. 

Ai a/lering, -nr alteration, Matatio, 3. -raria 
io, Tliet. convcrfio, ^j^great aluratit.nij' tknes'j 
for ihe twitfe, 'jniratcirtpccis incUnytio, 
'] Alterative, AlieiairiK £wuhaa. 
Al:e,ed ftr fbtwaffe, i'eHiiutaliw. 
Altered, Mutalu9,>iisva<iis, <variaius.j ioBexus;! 
motus. I 

To be al-ered, Immgtof, sovor ; •«}► migrp; 
rcccHo. ^Tii iujlr,mis fenmutat alurid, dcSexiij 
^ jde via con fticludo. There u^^s r.oihmg that Jthoughi 
I fil toallfr tn the /«di, fiihii iiabulquod pular4l>lj 
nov^dum in kgibut, t2ift> cafeitaluud, xerum 
facirt mutira ('ft. 
i^litring (flying but :atnne1 TciDperatiut. 
Alunatiin |coiu4ini«o} dUtotonityjuiaiym 

TUl. I> 

AtfnMH, akvn, (Milton) or tlumttiw', A|- 

Altimattly, vr a/HrnvivaJy, AltoiM, altenu 
vice, ahemis vicibus, per altcinas vicei. 

Alieraaiion^ tlioritity, (Btouo) P«r vices fiM- 

Alilf^, Licet, ^antittnlibet, qian^uam, 
quamvis, q«dmlibcr, ctiamfi, tametii, ctit. 

J Aliimetry, Altitudimim menrurt. 

^i(ir«,^<^ ]tiei(ht] Alutudo, excct&tis; jk^ 
ceritas, iublinit«s. 

jlhogfilKT, • Otraiina, prorfiis. \ A>e ym 
cmtfor thiftttirf Aa £c vevit lA ottn redi- 
turus 5s? 

flAnahtary, Alvnrr, alveariugi. 

JHum, * AImbch, 7/ijj, n. faifugo tcrre. 

^ Roach alum, • Afumen ♦ peci;e. 

yHjm.v-us, Qi full of aUtr, * Aluininolus, 

Alivays, Semper, perpetuu, jugiier, it^mqaaai 
nan, in «:einuis. ^ Hi it aiioay at iis i^et, 
caput de tabula aoatollit. lie it al :t:.tys utt at 
li/e fan.e njtt, (^urda (emperdbf-nat eadrna. 

/ am [tli« (ign onlyef a veib pjffive or ceatarj 
as, I iimtaught, Doceorj ItuafUi, a;groto. 

7 am fexift] .Sum, e»'#o. ^ / am ciarly 
againfi it, anrmus abhorret. lam.onieaitd^'iti 
any thixg, mibi quidvia eft. He inowah I em 
c.ming, fcit me adtffe. I ant ofy.ur nsii.d^ tecuaa 
lentio, tibi a^oticr. 1 am upon a jeurnty e%, 
milii iter cA ia. At far at J aa able, quod ^ae«. 
I am tiove lUrty yi^rs aU, plus aaun t(igiM« 
natus fum. 

II AitvUlilf, (Taylor) V. Love.'in/fi. 

nmaln, Vchemenie-, tlicRiie, pro vliili, 

X Amain [3 fea termj] U.nnttiie vela. 

An anifinucnjis., A^ epiftotis. 

Amaramh, • Amaranthus, 

Amar.tudc, (Hari<y) V. Si-ternt'!. 

To :imafs [heap up] AocjoiuId, macervo. 

A'naffid, CojJi.'cftus, toaccrvilus. 

An amjjfnsr, Accuniulacio, cuacox^'atwu 

Amatory^ (Bramii-atl) Amatorms. 

To amasie '[allonirti] O^rtorcfacio, alitjucai 
in AupoKM «anji'cerej -cociiai iaopem wd- 

To anunce ]" datmt ] Terterre/acVj, aUqucp 
mente coallemett-, attomtuoi redocic. 

Tobeamaxtilut, ^ 

Amazed, SiuperaiSlos, attonifus. ^ Hi {s «- 
•n.xedU body t,nd tnixlt, «iino fc corpore rorpet, 
Tieciiy is amazMi tviib Jtor, urbs iyn>pi;4t* e4 

Amimidiy, A«oo;t=. 

Ami:xidn£fs, (it amaK:meTtt, * Aflimi fsrtutb^- 
ti(>, wt/iiupgr. 

A'nazinr^ Mirabiiis, oiirvodas. 

An:a;:isngl^ IViirabiJiter. 

An aftaj'ad »r Ft, or mtS^^4i<»'', Spaa. (V. 
Ji^hul'. didi.) I.etiatus; j5/</, orator. ^ lie u an 
MrbaffaJourot Parit, legattfs eft, Icgcliuneiu «gjt, 
■vi'l gel it, apud Parifios j l^a' ifiis eli in ie^*t,v*ic. 
~r~Hii allffvuentt, |] L«"g?t:vuni, I. 
— His charge.^ or ^ e, Xtegati muutK. 
— /#; ordirar'i, .LcgTtu^ ordinarius, 
— Exiraardinary, Lciatus, i/t/oiaior, extra^^ty 
,lii)arius; extra, W prater, ordrueiD niiHiup. 
An ambajjednifs, Lfgati conjujc. 
An ambajjiige, (l-Koa) or tti:hjjy., L«g^tio, 

To fend en ambiiffifge, Ixp), \, )cg3tiogieai 

~;na«d^/.c'. ^ lie fent ambajoilours tn treat of 

eaf€, tnifit jegatosdepaiv, wl de Lgcder^ i^* 


To gy on an-ttmbajfage, ?.?gdtiiijae ^ngi, Inga- 

tiojien) obire. Hf lie tvas fert im an apt' afjag^ to 

be ling <tf JllexenJrji^ U^itia t>«m Afui fi/fSH 

^mber, "Succinum, iJ* elcftrum. 

Amktr, ■aeoKodftfambtr, Succtnu^ (ifvuKfai 

A langutt-ofombtr, X^gurinm. 

.Ambergris, II A-mbiaa, || jmbaram, 

^n,bes-a€e, Amho efics. 

jIn anihidcniet^ iiiniftta jiniaclc 'l||ens '•c ^"^ 
tri!( !!4H.<S»1tW.U»u 


A M 1 

;/lmfiiitxtrni!, (L'Efl-range) In etnimque fir- 

/tnjHtri {compairvn^ »bout] Amhiens. 
Aoii'iguhy, Ambigttiut, »fi>phiboli«, Cittn, 
• impbrb*Ia;ia, Sijiini. 

./MigMHi, Ainbijuus, du'b'ii:, ptrplfxiM, 
<|y An ambigu'vt Tv-jr/i^ Dictum ex ar.ibiguo. 
jimiigkoitj^ Ajpbi^c, ptrpltj-c, pcrplcscim. 
Airhri^ A-mbitus. 
^Imlincrrft 4* AtakkM) honoris, «e/ hooo- 

yimhitit-H [prmil] Ambitiofos^ koaatum, 
ck/ (Isrie, appciem. 

^^mivttiui [ddirous (^f] AvitKis, cupidus. 

f]'To be amUtloutf HonoKS ambire, honorh 
fame Fa^rarc, imp^T.-um, «'c/ iMRufu, 4ti£^arej 

jiD-bitioujly-t Ambitiuse. 

to tKbir^ GrBirus glenrwtiice, binBmerum iin- 
^ults, ctilliecre, solmtm IpceiKirp. 

j*t o«6is <T -ami/in^ pJi^ InMlTji nanntrofus. 

.ui*ambUrt ar arnhhrgj^rjc^ E^uuc tolucaris, 

j^mhling'^y ToKrtim, 

j/^B anib-cy ["paatiy] Ce'Ha penarla* 

^aiittfci [herb] Ambrofia, Artemifi.i. 

^tibrsfu [the diet of the gods] Ambrufia, i. 

^mbrolial, Ambiofius. 

AibiiUiCf'y [vi liking j Affibulatoiiusi 

jiinbuhtlon., Arabuijtio. 

Vhttmhury [inhoifoj Verpnc»fpengiofa fan- 
•guinc plena. 

.*: tuniufceit, mAuJb-, or aeHmjhmtit, InHi'tx. 

76 lit, o:hc, in emhifli, lofulior, iniidias ali- 
<ui )>nicre, in)1diis fobfiderr. 

4y taiJin emhttjh^ in i»&diis ppHtuc. 

W l:ur in ambujh, InHdiatcor* 

■By ttmiuji, Ek irt£ lii<. 

.^KvUc't, * Olyra. 

.^wm [f<] be itj 4ta fiJt, amen, iVfti-. ffto. 

ttX'w. M.'Jt, fc. lorlw law, (Davis) Gbjioxius. 

Jltnixantet (Sf pnf.^ **f It^iaiiiiur^ I. ficftos. 

Vc awW [itpairj Jli parci, reScin, yWrf. re-: 
Carcioj T-jfHiiro^ reconcinno, r^rjifto. 

Ti aweix/ [make iettei j Emcnda, Wf. cor- , 
frigo, •i'ecqgiiu'i:o, in swJius mutaic, •vil verttri, 
^ Hi amimhtii Ui %t rk, politics iiioat opus, 

7o iiwffft^ -[change fcis w^y of liiving] Rtfi-j 
pifco j ni0T4s in melius a-»ut«K, ie a4 'boaani: 
»'ra}e«i Mcipcrt. 

TV tiffif/.i/ £ia bi'jitbj G«niutlei<o, ralutcm re 

^rteriitJ, EnKml.rTijs, refinSui, -ijp calligalu!. 
d^ini<; jyi^ ii ja%ri t,ti.i;ttt4, lutuoi Jilentli premium. 

T»t»,cni6< tnnyic, anxniki, tmervdiibilis. 

JV'ij u> tis aatndbi, Inemendabiiit, -Sll^hu 

An amcr.dir, Cenfor, coutiior, emcncjator, 
^ cjftgatiT. 

vtf^,:Ji!ig, or tiKntiAmrt , 'Cotr«Ai<), ^fti^ ^ 

Amtidi, Compenfatie, fati^fjftio. 

*fibit rniiUufs 

ITd maktuinenii, CempeoJb, perifU; Tepeodo; 
•cerrigcj dJOlnuin rtfarcir*. -Ilj H^maittih av.fnji'_ 
^br liy h^*^^t radimij-cujpam ptefterjTam. 
. .jinitnilf, (BfoWBl fplc^tf^ntnefsj Amwnitas.J 

Sfo amerit [f»*«] Multr^ "»»/ muldo, <* pu 
Vio, iDvllam -alkwi diicie, icdkcei% uspunetc,, 

yurttjti, MuItfltliS. 


M^ amv^Vy. Multaioa. 

:An MnUatlo. 

.t/" onifft.ot «!»*«, (Wilt) ■[•■ppBiHi gri^ft'si 
.la'*'-] !| .ioiii'Jusi <acri)iti. 

jrfi tmtkii'i- [niolet-foioiired] * Ainethyftiis, 

-^ntMjU,^ Arr.abtlia, vanuftus, pet^uJther. 

^U.i<J>!cnij., DecOT, p«lchriiudo, »,enuit«j. 

^./4^'y, ArT'3biliter, d*(Core, ^eauHp* 

AmicnUi, Ani;cit£, -IjeneiKDue. 

^ekcilcK'^, Bona graji*. 

j'/ziAuWy. Airict, b^ntKuIi:, .caQi'bon» gratia.^ 

ylmitij; -inUft in mtjdio. I 

Jtiiifi '{»at rijjhiiy] .Pravut, vitioTas. ^J Jf. 

■uigbtMid ictttjxmdtfiijf, f| ali<iuid'«iict offcnCum/ 

iWr/'WBi'i' <:mi/i, -non incommode, non -iii» te,' 

ttr ju/// K(f jc jun/^^ ncm ctit aJicnuBi. 


Anifi \nok right} PravJ, niili, ewBdo-e 
lAiVfi, perperam, viiioii. r«< ttUgi amift tfiit,' 
■ hsc male iudicas. Nmhin;; ctmeth ami/, to him. 
omn:bi>» fe »cccmn"»dat wTiNs, einitia nevit, 

\ A^ift, (Shakefp.) [Ink] Damnum. 

T» da tm':{i, Offendo, pet CO, ^tUnqno , In (t 
dcll«UTO admitiiSie. ^ Ttry ,Mamini ■abttit dim 
or/j, <ru:a in en pfccatiim HtexquiiMnt. Ifyn 
bad dor.) rvir fa Utile avnfi, <i taiwi>luni pcccifles. 

A»^'l, *\\ Incairduni. 

Tiamrt, (Brown) [lofe] A mitt*. 

Amlfy [i'riendfliip] Amicitia, bene«»T««liK; 
coj^iiBftio; famtliirita!, accefijiudo. 

jSmrmtnitfonf Armorum copia, apparatus Al- 

AanKuni' on, t)r kihng'mg M 4mmjmiiiM, Cj 
ftrcrifis, milttaria. 

An amrfip lajurianm &ot}enliomiinoklivio, 

lex oblivicrnis, 

Jrr.img, -or amm^'jl, Apud, in, intfr. ■^ Hf« 
'ktre firfm waxy jrrriit dili-ordi am;ngfi tht Ailxni- 
,iin,'hincaj>«id Athi-nienfes magnaefiifcoidiie-nt^ 
iiint. 7 II.-VII- linughi morcy!oa< n hi reriomJ ,i-i 
iK'jng gccd tbirgi, nuni;uam ego prcuniavfn bonis 
:ire nurrer«ida« putav L. tie h mi ic it rt Imai 
minsr great -men, liic in maenis viris non *A ha 
I bendus. jimtug friendi all ihings are cortmm, 
communia Kjnl amlcorum orrmia. I cncvj tlef^^ 
'biitfi aid 11 ie pid OKotrg lie Greti:, nnn ftim: 
nefcnn tfta int«r Crsecos diri fi.lere, TK» jrei 
ii: Hiked i>tiiiig tti^eimiKcii Jcr'^ naa , 
ur inter vulgt^ 

/>ow /tm^rg, "B, -ex. 

A' amcr'iji, or amerofaf Amator, prrciia, 

Attrc:,!, Aroatcrioj, 'J? lafcivus, irnSlis ; 
imoribus dedrtnj, •Dr/occupattts. 

ytn r'Ut piiiiti', *Ph:lrra, -pi. 

jiy.nri.ujly, Am«oric, blande, •*}• TnoIlilfTi 

A>rit'[.i{B.\eti] \'.<rfius, trirtit..! aBVAus. ! 

f^ .-iU imurl. Trifiitiatomscbdiifll.'5. 

A-i't [killed] ^lortuus, -morlc tnultatui. 

J 7i„(7i;i7;«, fBicon) Annuacpeniioois ob'' 
ligaticne (v^e PxTolvera. 

\ AmriMatit,n^ {A)l>ile) Anrnue peirGonis 

3o oviflme, fSpenf.) Amov,eo. 

^1 aKAU/ [total fuai] Totirm, fumma. 

To oTKcuM, CreCco, p«iireo. ^ The Juta -a-- 
nonrtett U liiimLb, redit fumnaa ad. 

^'»;5u;i [lovesj Amorcs, pi. amcr lafcivus, 

An anfpl iiiat/s ciMture^ * Atiifnal ancepe. 

il ^htfih-h'kpy, (Hrown) V. &nib'iguii^, 

II A'rphibol.ks, (HowelJ') Ambiguus. 

An antjibiiheai' e, • Amphitbcatrum. 

'Vf an mifhithialrc, An^pbitheatralis. 

A)n^k-, Amplufi, copicfii5, largvs^ latus. 

^-rfH/tlidr^ (Ay.'iffe) W . AirfliiClon. 

^■Kfj/'ifrd, AtTipIificarHs, cxaggcratUb. 

j-Inatrflhfier, Amplificator. 

To anfilify, Arafiihcc, naggeni; augeo, am-' 

plio. _ f 

-An amf.7ily.hif, or amflifoaiieitf AmplI'Gcatio,, 

irc<imiiv.iftlo, Squint. ' 

..•Imphiiule, amplintfi, (.South') Airflitudft. 

Amply, Ampl3» abund^ <opin$>., cutrvuUtc | 
"se, Urge, kte. i^o-jr, •Amj'lifliBie, libewtif , 
lime. ; 

^ Toawpi/fj/*:, (WiT'-man] Amputo, , 

^Amputation [cutcmg tffl?) Amputatio, j 

^ av.tilri ifgainfi •u.'it'Jurafl, Amuletum. 

Ti amiife [delightfully enrertain] * Aiiimyrrj 
detincre, occn^k^tionibus diftinerc. 

To nmujt [iDafcfl thouthtful] rcpit't'onen-i 
.■Jiciii injittM, aJiqveinobftiipefakeK, altaauun, 
.jAiw^t "D4t«nlin, occupatas. 

An amu/irrgy or amuftmer.t, T)elentiQ, ocrwpatio 

II Anufkr, (Thoinyforx) JOetincBSi in.ilupo-" 
rtrt> conjiciens. 

y<'/irtniJ^ii^'.y?,Q.»i homines adcltaBtafs i| l»p- 
tiganJos cenfe, *ij anahaptijla. 

.An an^. i orite [hiMm'.t, or rr.ori] 'Qfii in foli- 
tufline vitam agit. 

Areerron-ick ven'e, ■Vcrfus^ Apsf «»»'•<«»• 

^iugrxtiikitij}, *-\\ At:att»m3l*«oin'fcrjpt,ir 


tutinf ecu qui a aiorbo coiwalefrunr, ft. ajimea- 
ta, «t fiercitjtio., ot malogtut, "fl Analogus. 
AnaJcguaSf, (Cbeynt) V. &if. 
yAia/i/i/jifanagreemrfltJ Similitudtiiia pro. 
portio, compataiic^ conver.ientia. 

./hta«al\fii (nftfeldi^ng] 'il An-ly«», i,, f. 
.Analyti<al, vt imalyli.A, '\\ Analvlicui. 
Tiana/jin, || <oo»pe<ka i<i friric. oia pri«nt «- 

llXrarf*, (Milt.) •Anatcha. 
Ana.tly, •■|| Ama'chia, 
AiatJufrnt [iturk] •![ Anathema, atit. u. 
Ta aiaiicm4iit.a, •iH Anaihemai* percuteK. 
An anatomy, * Sceletof, I, in. 
^ Tit art tfariKimy, Ail incidendi, vtl difiW 
candi, ..-M^a humai*. 
Ani.iumciti, * il Aiiatomico!". 
An anai<m:ft, *jj Aaatomicus./ 
To anaiMoixc^ Kuflaaoam -corpttl irKidett 4c 
rinfulas partes rciutari. 
.A-iafcmlKing, Corporis "hmnatTfl tacifto. 
Aei'Jieri, Antaceflbres, oirfjiwe*, priotes, pv 
tres ; -J, a«i. 

^ To ieniisie iit anctfori, Majotum ■*efi»gii» 
inhsrtre. -^ 

% Ta tKdl lit ancrjiorif Familie dignitatem 

Belonging f$ tme/hrt, Xanajhel, (HaieJ Cnw 
lilirins, avit4is. 

X/nlrktJiitarx-jhrt, Degfner. 

Derived t-f lie anceft^K name,*]] Pctroaiymioov 

Ancflry, iProf.'pia, ■flitps, flemma. 

•An ani-bcr, * Ancbora, *b savulis cncus. 

Of, tsi tke, an nmior, * Ancboralie, 

Tiecab/e ofan anclor, Ancborale, Ji, -n. 

^ To an' bar, «r cofl anci'j', ADc1>orain jaci^re* 

•J To iftiyh anthory Aucboram IoI-vcfc, to- 
lltre, pra-C'die. 

C[ Ai nnrb^r, Stans in anchoris, tff/ad arubor«4;, 

^ To ride at^nchx^r, Ad anchoras-^apc. 

AnniKriig*, Anchor^F <jaciend;e loco« idORQtis* 

An anelorei.^ '^i agit vitam=rolitariajBi. 

Andr'^.y, •jj Enchraftcholw, 

Aneitr.t^ Antiijuiis, veiuftus, tietas, prilcos, 

An ancier-t nan, or tuomaa, S«nex, i«, gran4z- 
\««, grandi-eva, t^ longoewa. 

An entient f^ithtr, Avus. 

An a;.c'.ent [enlign] Sifoifer, vexilS»rii». 

An amient l[fljg, or^M«i«r] ^ A^lufttuni, 
a pi u Ore. 

To gro<a' ancient, Inveterafco, 5, 

Citivn ancient, SetK^lute, Ktl fenio, oonfco- 
tus , im-eteraitis. 

■^ A -utry ancient ru^cm, VetartifrnT* inufu eft. 

41 '='" aiiiient .-fliUe, Ofti avit*. 

An,itn:i^,*Q\\m, artiquitu?, cucndacp, aoti- 
i^ais tcrrprrlbug, majorom artate. 

Arcietiir.tfi, .^nti<iuitas, vetuOas. 

Anient, y, (ShakefpO V. Anift'y.. 

Tie i^cierji, Antlqui, piifci^ vcittes, xix- 

T<i« aiitfe. Talus, <J? <iira. 

T^e jmie b:nei. Malleoli. 

Cojnhtg dcnvn -o ittmntUi, Talaris* 

il Ahjnuii^e [felon] Futunculus, olcoE. 4. 

/•!•".(, E", ac. arque, necnon, que, tnrn. fl J 
cm.m.nd th.m, aij ibai dejrvedfy, egoillojiau- 
4o, idqiie njrrito. 

\\41^.d:ui ifijind andiyfUfii, abtjut condi- 
tione &; pattiouc. 

Jbhl i(. Si, quid ii. ■f W^hat and ify.uf.ail 
it? r,uid igitur ft vn'.eiilis ? || hut at.dij \^u 
lutU r,ot fiigite, fi aiitem non repoifecit, j| Yi>, 
and fi'ta'e'C.d, jm.^, tfi Deo plaoeu 

.A/<d<tvi'M, Sin.iil. 

j^,i.V.«f,€t m)n,i:ec,t)cna<itcm,&V. ^ Tin 
man if le a fret witi i.mjllf, and be not fonelirru 
'yve'C'jme iviih giodneft if neturi, hie ii Iibi ipfi 
confrntiat.&ncn interdvim natur3Bbcnit«te-»in- 
catuT. //« hegimih the old ivan agai/t, akd tMenot 
V ya.Vr, renovat ptKlina bclU >nec potell yUcU 
ceie, And.<l<i not Jayyou lutre na ulioftbi:, 'Oe- 
quetii hoc dieas t';bl.aun pradiftam. .A^d ■not 
long nfirr, ne^ieiita lonjo int«»allo, neqo' it« 

JJ-<*aai/>/(V4,'Qiiain natoralaa'iubitunjTtai-- mulli j:bft. tjiidjiucaimxiurinuw it, &»««' 




him, and not rjU at birty Oi'Ortct li 
mtnem, noil autpni jurgi adoriri, 
\ .J - ^y forth, Et lie dcirtvCps, & qu* I'c- 

Ami •btrtfart, Proin, proindc, id«), idfirco 
^ Attdtbtrtjirt^^biUyiu iintetimt, conJiJer, prcn 
tu dum eft icmpus coftita. j^tA titrtf^rt ht a 
•<«urmgtoui at ib< cat requires, proinde Uc tantuip 
iinimum habcjs, q-ianto opus (ft. 

set rih man, conl'ul videt, hie tin en vivit, 
'l.ft-jhrfirnr^ rafijnefs, ord yt tvbat rajbrffs ^vj 
tUreimitf do i<au»s tfmeriratis irfar, etfi qi'a 
fuit ill» lemciicas? jimi yt( ivhy J}?vu!4 I lead 
■^M<tciif ^uanqiiam tequidrnv q-iii t'oc Jo e<m ? 
.•//.(/ yft ail csnr.ii In i^cfioi, ncc tanien omnes 
polfunt die Scipiones. 

No'r, ard i« nm t'd when the former of twc 
#rrbs, coupled by it, is changed into a particij'le 
^ He rai'td at bim, arid ixjt bint, conviciis Ucc- 
r.itum cccJdit, far cnnv;cMS lactravit & cecTdit 
■ff'tim bis voib.r e-^acel'vcd and hire, quem mate 
Ciincfptum gcnu't, 

Not«, the Eni^iifh idiom and is fometime.' 
tranllitcd by a' ; as, %^ lUio fltall I defrnd h'lrj. 
and not be f^vity ? q'lomodo ita eum d< (endan;, 
ut culpae non fim affinis? Hotu ian loe go cut 
and not be frert f quomodo ita pon'umus cgredi, 
ut non conrpiciamur ? 

II Af-d all, Etiam.qnrquc. % And yiu ai-d all, 
^ tu (t<Jm, Hehifdl'^bisftti'bardaflf perdi- 
ditTcl fidem quoqne. 

j:^ And is fomctimes included in tbe fupine; 
as, ^ I ti'JI ^0 ard Jrr, i^o vifum. Let us g'. 
aidd'tnk tc^etitr, e;im'.;s compotarum. 
• P A little m(,re and be bad leen kiltdy Parum 
jibfuit qu'n intcrficere^ur. 

And'zvbyjo? Nam quid ita? quamobrem tan- 
dem ? 

An andiron^ Subcx, vel canihcrius focarius. 

* Aneidvter, Res peftse nondum vulgata:. 

A'^i'nvie, or emcny [finwcr] * Ancmonr, es, f. 

Atf^v, Dc intcgro, dcnuo, dc novo. 

Anet:t [overagainO] £ regione. 

Anet [heibj *Anethuir. 

J] An.iveji [near, er about] Fcic, ferme. 

An ar^el, \\ AngsJtis. 

A good angel, Bonus genius, argclua cuftos, 
^el tutelaris. 

An evil angel, Malus genius, • cacodapmon. 

An angel (^coin] Nummus aureus qui valet fe- 
te decern folidos. 

An anfjljijh [fcate] SquatJtia, 

A'tge'i'a [hctbj *!] Angelica, 

Af^gelical, or angeiuk, *|I Angrlicus. 

Angtry Ira, i.iracundia; indignatioj lurorj 
Meio.1. bills, ftomachus. 

Extreme an^er, Excandefcentia, 

Angtr incurred^ Olicnfa, 

ANneJt to anger, Iracundia, 

*ro argcr, Irrito, cxacerbo ; incctTo ; *t» afpfro ; 
animum, W ftomachum, altcui movere, bilem 
concitare; aliquem inceofum dare, ira aliqcem 
•ccendere, incendcre. 

Aigered^ Irritaius , ira ir.citJtn?; percitus, v.-/ 
.Seftuans j Met. inccnfus. ^ Tb: beji afm<n arc 
j&mttimei argettd, optimorum virorum anJmi irri- 
ta biles funt. 

fl Ai acutti ^"A* ^''?"^> **' "!^^'» *^^g^t 
• Anguliis acutuR, gff. 

An angle [corner] • Angulus. 

An, or angling rod, rj» Arundo, pertlca 
pifcatoria, calamus piUatorius. 

An angler. Qui pifces arundine plfcatorJacapit, 
Vt/tnercjtj • hamiota, at-, in. 

To angUj Incfco, hunium in aquas ad pifcei 
inefcandot dimittere. 

An apgU [or hook] F-)amui. 
' An atrgHcifm, Locutk) Anglicana, 

^ Ao anglhg line, Linea pifcatoria. 

S^'f^lyt or jffony angry, Iracundus, ftoma- 

•/^fgf-Jt Iratus, u% ardeni", indignabundus: 
ia'quus, f^ indijjnansj turbidus. ^A>gry,'ei- 
tv»^ vdeiitfs liiero;. 

A N'N 

Somt^bai angry, ^\\}i\TkX^t\ (pecviili) triAis. 

Sc-on angry, Iniubills ) (more angry) violen- 

Exceeding angry, Ira incenfus; ira vchcmenter 
commotus; iiacimdia ardens, frcmens,accenlu8. 

To he angry, Iralcor, fuccenleo, rtomachor; 
dilicui cenfcie, ^a/r. aliquid indignari. % He 
'WM angry at it, hoc animo iracundo tuUt, ^ M 
it angry a! you nctv /tt tba', is nunc proptcrea 
tibi liitccnfet, I'iey are ungr-^ toi-b one an^jtltr, 
ira inter ecs iritcrccifir. {{ f am jo atgry tl^at J 
am not tnyjeif, prte iracundu nun lum apud me. A 
firall matter mi^keih tbtm v:ry attgry^ pro levibu£ 
noxis graves iras pcrunt. 

Tq l-e "vay anc^'y, Euro, f»vio, Jefluo ; Met. 
fXCan-iefco ; dcbacchor; j'la ardcre, graviicr 
ir.u'ci, gravius, comrroveri, turgfre. 

^ T» be argry for a fjery trifie, Dc afint um- 
bra altcrcari, de jjna caprina rixari. 

To ceafe to he angry, Dd^vio. 

^ To lookangiy, or argn'/y [as a pcrfon] Tor 
vc aliqnem afpe^taie. n/il intueri, - 

^ To Loh cngry^ or ai.grdj [as a fore] Mul- 
turn infiainmar'. 

A'lgri'y, Iracniide, irate • (^more) ftomachofiuf . 

Angrily [in UxjlcJ Torve. 
Argniy [in T 

rpeech] Afpere, fafvirer. 

Argu'ijh, * Angor, folicitudo ; jT^t:/, affli^io, 
acerbitJS, cruci-itus; dulor intciii'iis, ae;^ritud(] 

A^giilar [having corners] Angularity engu- 
l.ui, (Glanv,) angulorusj argulattdi (Wcod 
ward) angulatus. 

II Arguji [narrow] Anguftus. 

Anbeltuicn [panting] Anhclai'o. 

11 A i^btSi No£lu, nndle, 

II Aniliy [wcmens old age] «t» Anilitas. 

Anitnaeherflm [corredlion] CaHigatio. 

Animadve'fton [obfcivdtion] Animadverfic, 
notatio, obfcrvatio. 

T» attimadvei t [correfl] Canigo, animadver 
iifrc in aKquem. 

Tc anmadxcrt [take notice of] * Ammadverto. 
obfi-rvo, * animum ad aliquid adverteie. 

Anivrad-V! t ted [corrt^ed] Cailigatusj [taken 
notice of] * animadverfus, notatus, obfervalus 

An a •imaduerltr, (South) Cafligator, animad- 

Animadverjive, (Glanv.) Cui |facultas eft ani. 

Ananimaff •Animal, • animans. 

Animal, or b(/or:gtng !o animals, • Animalis, 

Animal life, Anima. 

An anima'cu'e, jj Animalciilum, V, Lat. 

To animate [encourage] Cohortor, extito, in 
cituj tiiccndo, ftudium alicujus inflammare 
mentcm alicui incitaie, animum adderej cohor- 
cationibus aliquem ifppelie:e. 

Animated, Excltatus, incitatus, inrenfu?. 

To animate [^ivs life, er quicken] Animo. 

Animated [quickened] * Animattis. 

An animating^ Cohortatio, incJtatio. 

Af'iiration, (Bacon) An matio. 

An animator, (Brown) Qoi animat. 

An anker [of brandy] Uoliclum. 

Animofiiv [heat] A/r. Ardor, im[ielus. 

Ai:imiffy [grudge] Odium, fimulras, • fto- 

Anifty or ani feed, Anifum. 

An anaift, Annalium conditor, faftorum 

Anuah [yearly regifters] Annale?, pi. fafli. 

A'lvatei [firft fruits] Primitia?, pi- 

Anr.eal'.ng of ti/et. Sec, Tegularum, lamina 
rum, nietallorum, £fc, proba cotflio & duratio. 

To annex [join to] Annedlo, appono, impo 
no; adjungo, adjicio. 

To annex [aflign] Afctibo. 

II Annex, (Brown) a^ne^menf, (Shakefp.) or 
J tbir.g annex'd, Additamcnttim, appendix. 

Anrex'd, Anncxus, appofitu^, adjun^us, ad- 
di(u«, adjeOus. 

An annexing, annexion y (Rogers) ar.nexatii.n', 
(Hjmmond) Annexus, appofitio. 

To annilihie [bring to nothing] Aliquid at' 
oibilum rcdigere, omnino delcre, funditus ex- 

A N O 


To be ar.n'ibitaud, Pereo, intereo. 

Annibilated, In nihilum redaitus; on".ni.i# 
dcletus, funditus extin^ue« 

AKnibilatitg, or annihilation, Exttnftio. ' 

Anniverjary [yearly] Anniterfarius, annuus, 

An anniiitrjary fafi, Jejunium anniverfaiium, 
'vcl folenne. 

Annl-verfary feafts. Annua fcfta. 

A>:i:ctut\on, Notatio, nota, commenUrium, 
obfrrvat o. 

A'no-ator, Qm commcntaria (cribit; qui auc- 
tcris vitia virtutefve examinat, commentatio* 
rum fciipror. Annotator, PHry* 

Tarmun.e (Milt.) Annuncio, 

To anncYf Incoirmodo, la^do, t-ffendo. 

An annofame, or annoying, Noxa, damnum, 
inccmmoiium; ]a?fi(), olt'cnfio. 

Anno'ied, L^ftis, oft'enlus, damno affedliis. 

An ann/yyc, Q-n aliquem incommodo atHcit. 

A''*'!'al [yearly] Annuus, foiennts. 

Annually, Q»iot;tnni?, fingnlis anni^. 

An annuity Fenfio annua, reditus »nnuu9,- 

To annuil fmike void] Abrogo, refcindo. 

Annular, or annulary. Annularis. 

AnnuUid, Abropatus, refcitftis; fohitu!. 

An annuUi-.tT^ Abrogatio, abolilio, 

*7o annumfrate, Annumcio, 

Annumeiated, Annumera'us, 

To annunciate [bring news] Annnnrjo, 

Tbe anmtnc'ta nn [Lady-day] || Annunciatl» 
Marine vi-ginis. 

To anAnt, Ungo, Irungoj lino, obMnc, al- 
lino, ill;no, illinio. 

To anoint about, Circumlinio, cir(umlino. 

To aroint all over, Perlino, perliniu,. txungo, 
pernngo, per^nun^o. 

T' an§i>.t <fccn, Unftito, i. 

To ant'int upon, Superinungo, faperlino. 

Anointed, Unftus, delibutu?, f^ litus, illitusj 

Anointed 9vitb /zveet ointments, Unguentatus. 

Arrointed all over, Perundlu?, circumlituc. 

An anointing all o^^er, Perun^io, 

An anoinrer, Unctor, 3. 

An anoinicr cf a dead corps, PollinfVor. 

yln anointing, Un£lio, inunftjo } undlura. 

Anointing, or hihnging fcan'Jniing, Cnciuarin?. 

Arotwl.ui [irregular] Anotmis, cntrrais, 
11 anomalus. 

Atjon-aloufy^ (Brown) Contra regulam, 

II Anomaly, (South) lna>qualitas, |j anomalta, 

\\* Ancmy, (Bramh.) Legum contcmptus, ini- 

\\Anon [by and by, preftntly] Coiifeflim, ceo- 
ttnuo, exiemplo, c veftigio, ilJico, mox, projc- 
diem, prutinus, llailm, abfque mora, citra mo- 

Ancnymeut, •Anonymus, 

A'Cny/rouJly, (Swift) Sine nomine, 

"l Anr^exy [loathing of food] Citi fanidium. 

\\ E-vtr and arov, Identidcm. 

A'lctler', * Alius. ^ H: it cf another mind, aVi^ 
ter putat. He is ofant'tber mnd no'w, dc fciitrn- 
cia dedufl'us eft. If your cafe icere wineycu tvould 
be cf another mind, tu fi hie r(Trs aliler fcntires; 
Left ke it of ar.othcr nurd, ne fentontiani mulct, 
Tlty/land no^v on one feet, then en tfe clb^j alter-^ 
nis peoibus infiflunt. Good tuns dene byone to 
another, benefiria ultro citroquedata acceptaque. 
He dfperjtd iherr. abroad, fame to one place, fomt 
loanotler^ alia alio diHlpavit. 

One another, .-Mii alii, alter alterius, fe invi- 
cem. ^1 'lley n\:\ ke a help to one another, alii 
-<iliis prodeife poHiinr. Bear ye one a not btr^i bur- 
dens, alter alterius onera portate. j| One mifbief 
vn the neck ofanotbir, almd ex alio malum. They 
ki/'ed one another, mntuis iflibus occidcre, Tberr 
foeiety one loifh another, focietas ipforum inter ip- 
(<:>%, Tlcylikcor.e another tvell, uteique utnque 
eft cordi, 

^ One after an'>tber, Alternis vicibus. 

One tviih another, ^ They cofl me ten fillings 
one wiih another, finguli^ fi numerwn acquaveris,^ 


ftctm f>;liJis conftiterunt. }Ii fold ibt fruit tie 
tiHfh attothtr, proniifctic fruftus ventiiilit. 

/it amtlfr time, CT l>h,e, Alias. ^ Ont wt!h 
le ammflttb myjoldiers, aymllcr limt my friends, 
modo milites mcos, modoamicos foiicitac. 

Anaihtr man's, Alienus. ^ Free of amitet 
mjn'i f'urfe, de alirno libcralii. 

/Another way, |1 m^ther^a^net, (Sidney) ani- 
tterguejs, or guij:, (Arb«tnnotJ Alioi-rum, aiii; 

7« anpn'tr, Rpfpondeo; fubjicio, refrrnfa dare ; 
>{< excipioj rffero, fub<?o, fubjici'. ^ He hi 
ftuoeth frcm ibe purfiof;, aliemim rcf^ondct. l/r 
arfnoereth like for like, par pari refert, lege tali- 
onis agit. 

Tij anf-zver [rorrefpond, or fuitj Congruo, 
convcnio, quadro. 

To anjwer [excufc] Errufo, atiqucm culpa 

liberare, vel eximere, ^ Ydu can ne-ver anfivei 

tiat faulf, te de ilia le nunquam excufire poteris. 

To anfwer for [be anfwerable for] Spondeo, 

ad me rccipio. 

To anjiuer for [be fecurlty for] Pro aliquo 
praedem, v^/vadrm, fe fiftcre. 

To anjwer for [give an account of] Rationem 

To anf-wer [ferve for] Utilis, -vtl idoneus, cfle 

To anftiitr again, or cfi.n, Refponfo, refpon- 

To arpioer, ai on echo, AfTonf^, rcTono. 

To anfttirr [as fervants] ObliKjuor, pro 
tCTVc rcfpondere, 

Toanfiucr a^a:n [rail at] Regeitre ccnvi'ium 
in aliquem. 

Tp anfviir an aff'on at law, Reftipulor. 

VToanvjiroli'ieai'-'t!, Adverfarii jioJos difTo'- 
vtrr, rei ot^eAse occurrere ; a forcjeen argument, 

f[To crj-wtr croUi^aticn, Gratiarum, velht- 
neficinnim, rrcmorcm fc uripbercj p.ratiam re- 
fcrre, pntmia pro aceptis bencficiis rcpenderc. 

An anfiver, RcfponHo, rcfpcnfum. 

An aiJtverfromGcd, Oraculum. 

AnJ-werahle [ccrref('ondent to] Ccngruens, 
canfonqs, confcntanfus. 

Tileaifiicralle for, Pricflo. t^ The father i; 
anfiverab'e for the faults of his child' en, pa"er{a- 
milizprjeftaredebeteaijuae ilibiris fiunt, a pa- 
ttefamilie jure rvpetitur ratio ecrum qua faciuni 

Anfwerahle to, or fr, Obligatus. 

H An(iverabUncjs, Confenfio, tongrusntia, con- 

A'fvcrah'y, Pariter, fimiliterj cnnp'uenter. 
■ ^ Anjivered for. Pro quo vadimoniuno obitur. 

Ananftvertr, (Swift) Refponfor. 

Au ankverer for another, Fraesj vas, •vadis. 

An anfiurrin^, Refponfio. 

The anftveriti^ fan adkn at lam, Rcflipuh- 
tio, 3. 

An anfivering for, Vadimonium. 

An ant [e)\irr^\Te'\ Fuimica. 

An ant-hill, otani's nifl. Caverns form'cofj, 
giumulus formicii repletus. 

Liieants, Formicinus. 

An aotaiomj] [adverfary] At'vcrfariuj. 

The aniarBi.i [fnurh] pole, * Polus aufttalis 

T-j antecede, (HjIc) Antrcedo. 

Antecedence. (Hale) Primatuj, principatus. 

An anitieder.t , Piincipimn. ed'ni [loresoing] Antecedens, pra?ccdens. 

Anie^edcniy, (South) Anie, antra, prius, in 

An antechan^htr. Anterius conclavr; * anti- 
thalamus, Knn . Vitr. procEtion, Plin. 

To attedate, Ternpus antiquius quam par cfl 

An ansedate, *y Pnichronifmuj. 

Ai:tei!aied, Tcmpus antiquius quam par eft ad- 

Anteriour, (Brown) Anterior. 

Ananibcm [a divine funp] ♦[I Antiphona, 

Si. ^nthory s fire, 'H F.rvfipdas, atis, n. 

A'ii<i';0, "il Antichririus. 

Amichrijiian, *!} Antichriftiannt. 

Te uniicifate [prevent] Anticipo, antccay;o 


antcoccupo, prxoccupoj prcecipio, occurro j pra- 
vcn'o, pr.T(umo. 

/Irt'uifat dy Prsecccupatus. informatns. 

/In ant'uipatirgy or artfii^arinrnf Anticipatio, 
antencrupjiio. praoccupatio, * prolejjfiJ, it, i'. 

j^nn'riput.rr^ fpart. ] t'ricncrnpans. 

11 An anTkifatcrf Qui anricipal, vr/prserccu- 

/JrHiiks [in buildings] Signa antiquj, fi^ur^ 
anrlqiias; grylli, Pl.n. 

An anthk [mimickj Hflrio, •mimus, lu- 
'ius; ludro. 

W'jn',-//y, (ShaUefp.) Inrpte; antiquo mo'p 

The aniicr fin horfcsj Fcbiis pcftilens, phlcj 
mon '■ circa peflus ftipata. 

/^n artl^otCy* Antiiotum, * alrxipharmacum. 

A't antUjpe^ Hircns reciirvis cornibus-. L. 

ylnimo»ar(h cal, Regiae tiominationi aJvcrfa . 
rius, unius dominatui inimicus. 

Afvimony ["a fione found in filver min«j Sti- 
Mum, ftimmi, indec. 

Aniipatiy [a natural avptfion] Odium, faftl- 
dium; rrpugnantia, averfatio, * antipith'H. 
Pt.n. ff To have an amipathy fo a perfon^ af' 
iliquo natural! o»iio refug?ie. The antipathy end 
f'n\'pa'bf ',fir.av:ina!e be'irtf'y odia amicitiitque re 
vum ffnfu c^ri-ntium. 

A't-periftafity *i| Antipeiiflafi?, r, f. 

Aatifjodei [vvhnfr feet are againft oursj * An- 
tipode?, UTTif m pi, 

Ai att quary^ Antfquar'uE, ?m'quitatum ftii 


7'o antiquate [Dryden] Antiquo, V* ahol'tfh, 

A'-.t'iqvattds Amiquatus, abrogaruF, abotttus. 

Amiq-iCy Antiquus, txoletus, rj* archaicus, 

Ar.uqii'xy, Antiquicis, veiuftas. 

AntJirofLf [convctfion] a figure in rhctorick, 
whtrn in the tame fentrncc one word is ufcd i 
various fcnfe«, * j| Antirtrophe, ?-, f. 

Antirhe'-i [oppcfuion of words, or fentiinents] 
»H Antithefis. 

Anilers [brow anllcrs] Rami primigenii cor- 
nmim eervi junioris. 

An aniU, Incus, udis^ f, ^ Tbitt affair is 
Kcta ufiTi theart;iij de ca re jam dcliberatur. 

An nn-v Vt ft.iky Tiuiicus intudls. 

^ To hjmmtr upon an ati'vU, Incude aliquit? 
^ub.gffc, mollire. tunderc. 

Anx':(i\if AnxietJf, anxietudo, ALt. cruciatus 
folicitudc, agritudo. 

Artxicusy AnxiuF, fullcitus. ■* 

Antjoujly, (Southl Anxie. 

To be atxiousy «Ji Trepido. 

Any, UMus, quil bet, quifquam, quivia; om 
nis. ^ A'fir ccu/d any nu'ir.d hk'zv, huf, ncque 
iUms alfl.^re vcntHS piterar, quin. || Ar.y mvtr 
fmali a wa'ter, quarlibet vel minima res, Ar.y 
'.heo^youy q\iivis veftium; Scaref any hatb eUaptd 
he lUe deaiby baud feie quifquam taiem Inttri- 
um effugit. Bit if there be any r.£ce£ity fur rh'r, 
fin quae neceflltas hujus obvcnerit, / ufc himile 
•fiofany, hfK: ego utor uno omnium plurimo. 
ffhi^/} there ivat aty treaty of peace ^ quoad de pace 
geretur. He tovk ax much paws as any of yen, 
«qae ut unufquifque veftrum laborJvtr. Ifyot* 
■jro^oke me an^ mere, pr^cter liaec ii nie irritas. 
'n any tb'rrg rather than tbts^ ubivis faciJiusquam 
■n hac re. Jf they bad any »;iW, fi in animo 
•Het. Cortren ed wiib any prince, qujHcunqur 
jrincipe content us. f vnAcrfiard not any cne ivord^ 
vcrbum prorsus nullum intelligo. Jh (OT.ebnor 
'■eKnd any fr grandeur f ncmini cedic fpl'-ndure. 
There WiJi nevtr ary d^uU cj itt de eo nuiiqu.ini 
Tmnino dubitatum eft. Sheitfaid to rcfpcff tbi'i 
ibo-ve any other country, fertui terris m3gis omni- 
'lus banc coluifle. jyitheut any dangfr, fine 
imni ptr'iciilo. 

Any rran, hcdy, cne, Kcquis^ ecquifnam, quif- 
piam, quivis, qnivis unus. ^ //o, is ,viy body 
here? huns, ecqu'S Inc eft? IVbereas ycu ait 
hethrr thne he ary bnpe, quod quxris ccqua fpes 
fit. /i an^man a'ive more fo;tunate than Jf ecquis 
me vivit hodie fortunatior .'' If ary one ask fbrme^ 
(\ quis me qii;f rat. 

y?'7^/'ji;/, Qutcquarr,T-A'qmdqnam, quidpiam, 
quippiam, (juodviB. ^ Ar.y th.n^ ^haptb | 

A P O 

milii qnidvlj fa. eft. )( Iff_ , J,„,tany ,hht, fi 
iu:d leccjt. H'as le any thit,/r tie ruh^ f nun J 
quid cop:ofior fuit ) gather la !u«,r any ikur 
quidvis pati malle. If the Haft hath d.n. aVy 
h'-n, fi uredo qnippiam nocnit. Tl-<y demrd ii,^t 
't,y had cinyforticr cmmaad-, negabantfibi iilttj 
lu/cquam m.indjtum cfTe. / have n 1 [aid any, 
'h nr falj.h, nihil quid^uam meniitns fum. Hi 
■oohthnot after any thing to find fault -w-.tlal, non 
requirii quid reprchcndat. Is be any thing the 
ri.htrfor it t an poplerea ditier cvalit. Any. 
'hint »/ a gen lean voulj fctrr 10 do :t, aiiqui 
naulo hutnaninrr ir.di 1. jJ, aeere noDet, 
atfiri atanytbir^, , regruto, 

A-y further, UiCfiu', ampiiiis. 

Aty i;no, C^nquomodo. 

A'y longer, utius. 

Aryn.o^e, AmpJius, 

Ary iilcie 
fpiam. fl 

I am 

Ofquam, alicu'ji, ubivis, uUlibet, 
It tiere htlter to live aty iihre, 
i'ratlhnt:ri5 fueiit ubivis gentium artatem a^Jre. 
lyh thr there le aryUlu wriitn ary v h,te, cr no, 
(in eft uiU lex fciip-a ufjiiam, (ive nufquam. / 
do not ielieve I pall ha-jc a'y tt:bere ary fnlri 
-ihtde, rommuraturum menufqttam arbitror, |'f 
tufj hr tvere any tilrri here aUui, iitiriam hic 
efli;l alicubi Ifyoti are any n'herecul ofiixnay, 
G u 'prain -tblif, 

■// aty luhire, Sicunde. 
Ifata^-y itne, Siquando. 
Aiy mti her, Qiioquaiti, iifqoam, quoplam. 
V Are yott going any ichirhfr ? ituturn.' qu o'.'iam 
■s? Nirinr'ecd did I go any ichere after thai day, 
rtec vero ufquam difi edebam ex co die, 
Ary ^vhilcy Aliqiiandiu. 
At aty tint:, Unquam, quandocunque. 
Aoii/l[Gret\i lenfe] Iii.lcfin.tuni,2.*y aoriflus. 
Ap'tce, Ciio, ccler ler. pri peie, leftinanter, 
irrirulo. ^ It rails, hafjce, vehementfi pluit. 
lie ruonc'b apa e, cuirit gradu incitato- He read- 
tb apace, cuiCm legit. He fpeaklb apac, pi»- 
cipilat feimonem. lie jhip j'ailelh apace, tlafli»: 
fertur cito gur^ite. 

Apart, Seorfum, fcparatim, fisiilatim. ^J Thef 
ivo'ctxantired iipnri, dlvtrfi inrerrogabantur. 
Ajiart frot't, Stjiinftus, ftcntus, legre^atus. 
T" fiattd\<^o, i.H\t,->. 
An apartment [n a paiace] Portio quaedam 
^alatii alicui ad liabitandum allignata. 

An apartment [any lodging] /lidium pars, c- 
dificii membi'um. 

Apathy, Artefluum v.icafirj Wvacuitas. 
An ape, Sitvi'i^. 
A little apf, Simlclus, fimiolj. 
An a per [fifti] A per, pri, m. 
To, or itritate, a, Innitor, aliquem 
imitando cfnngere atque exprinicre, imitat.une 
conffqui, fel afTtiqui. 
At^cpfy^ Cruditas llomachi, *|] apepfia. 
Aftrtent, aptriti^i e, (Haivcy) Apenrns, 
Apeiinifr, (Hiilt'ei) aperture, Apeiiura. 
Apirtly, Aperie, plane 
Atetal'.us, Herba ftncfolii;,. 
An tijhor:[m •[» niai'm, or fliort fcntcnce] 
Placjtum; brevis definitio* 
An apiary, Apiaiium, 2. 
Apiji-', * Mimicus. 

Afiijh tri kt, Gtrtr, pi. incp'.iaj mimi, pi, 
;tftus ridimli. 
Apjhly, Rid'cuji, •}■ ttiimice. 
Apthntts, Gefticulatio, * mirr.ica, ve/rldicula,. 
Apt'Ce, Sinrulus, or iinguli. ^ They had t^irt 
pro,v:nres ajjigned ihtmapiece, t in;/ provinciic de- 
c-ctft (ingulo. He Jet them dcivn i<xel-ve acres 
apiece, duodena in fmgulos linmines defnipftt. 
Theapocalyps [revelation] * || Api>ca'ypfis, ;j, f. 
The apocrypha, Libri * j| -'pociyphi^ 
Apocryphal, *t| Apocrvphus, dubix fidci. 
Apodiliual, (Brown) Demo.iftrativus. 
Apogee, •[[Apogxum. 
A/ologetiea/, (Coyle) • Apologeticuj. 
To apologize, or matte an apohpy,for, Aliquem, 
•uc/aliquid, pureare, dcfcDticre, tucri. 
At apologi/l, Df fen for. 

An apcltroe [I'able] Apoloju-, SiiW. fibula, 

A P P 

A P P 

A P P 

Al^l f«wre] Dcftnfio, flit*. (Mititio, 

/tfpybtpm f 1 flioft wUfy frmciiee] Diftnw 
Mutual <c breve ilicuiui »iri illuftnt. 

JtMltairt, 'H Apofledlcos, «t»olBit. 

jhafflay. afofltx, (Dryden) [Otid palfty] 
Ncrvaram rrfolaTin. 

jf/vfirfrSf, Reticrn^i*. 

A,<Ji'{s. Ab inftitoro «lifi«f« iSeftftio-, 

A' afzjuin, •fChrijKinie Mt\, «' rtligioni', 
defer for. 

T« •^fljf«.-. t>rci(«s c>c*cio, fidsi naufra- 
gi-jmficfrs, tcli^ofnm inftitutum (irforere. 

/*^ j^:fl,i«, (Brown) aptjlumi, (Hinrey) Ab- 
fcelTus, fuppurati*. . 

A" at»ft:t, Prim'H 'H Chrifti»nse doOnnie 
ptarco, 'if ipoftalui, ». 

Af-^l'jbif, *\ Apoftoli munus, "U apoftolica 

yf^/j/;.-*/, maf-H^M, *\ ApoftrilicuJ. 

^» af.flnpht, Elifte alkaius vocalii noti. 

^ To ifi/lrafhf t tnrd, Vocalcm elidere. 

An af^finpbt, Sermonis aJ aliqaem, vtl ali- 
quid com-erfio. 

Tj afcfirci^hixe, (Pope) Ssrmonem, convertere, 
W avrrtere. 

An iftihtctry; •Pharmacopoli, medicamento- 
rum confeflor, medicamcntarius, Pli". 

An af,itljc:ary'sjh;p, • Pharrnacopolium, me 
dicamentaria officina. 

An tpoeim, Decoftum. " 

Tj afpall [aftonift] Conflorno, piUorem ali- 
coi incutcre. 

T» a/ya/A tfak, (L) [daunt, w difcourage] 
Pcrcello j aliquetn • terrere, *»/ parterrere. 

Atfaiki, Confternalus, perciilfui, perterritus 

AfpaKmcnt, affaltmifit, (Bacon) Confternatio. 

II Affanagc, (Swift) V. Al^nragi. 

Ap[»»rtl, Veftis, viftitus, araiftus, cultvi, ha. 
bilu< ; «ftimeintum ; indntus, 4. 

Afparil [in forgery] Vulncrari* corationi^ 

Afpn'tl [tackle of a (hip, £ff.] Apparatus, 4. 
% 'III affrel himftlf, vcftem itijuiire, induete fib 
vcftem, induere fe vffte. 

Toapfarel eimttr, VeRio, alicui veftem in 
duete, alicui veftitum dare, t/.7 prribcre. 

||T« apparel [make ready] S'; acciireere, parare 
apparare, compararc ad aliquid ajrendum, 

AtfaretM, Am ttot, veftitus, veftc indutu-;. 

Appardid galhntly, Concinnatus, eiornitus. 

ApfartUd rnatly, Concinnoa, cultus, comptus. 

Appjrdti mtaaly, Vili, vcl pannosa, veilr 

ApfarcUi in niurwing, Pullatus, pullo veftitu 
indiitiii, lugubn habitu veftitus. 

Appardal tiniamlfimtly, Incultus, inornatos. 

An appartliri^, Am\(iui, veftiliu ; ciornatio 

Apparent, Minifeftua, liqoidus, evidens, cor. 
fpicuui, Met. oerfpicnus, -i' apparens. ii\ Ap- 
parent nkem of wi.keJntfs, exprefla (celeris vefti. 

An apparent rrlme, Crimen flagrans, vel fb 
(itiofoni, / 

^ Heir apf^rtnl, Cui jus eft procimum ad hx- 
reditatem. \ 

To he apparel, Pareo, comiJaTeo ; rliiceo. // 
iietpparrnt, li<]uido tonftar, rrs ip'^i kxjuitur. 

To make apl'arcr.i, Palefjcio, dcmonftro, ap. 
probo, Sael. obfcuritaiem tolljire, tcoibras dif. 
•utere, nullum dubitandi locum reiin<jucre. 

Made apparen', Pltefiihis. 

App-innily, Apfrtc. perfpicuc, manifefte. 

1; Apparerinfi, Perrpicuitaa, evidentia 

An apparition, Speflrum, viAo, vihim. 

■*i apporiiir, Liflor, apparitor ; calacor. 

Itappay, Su'af ac\o, fe^i, 3. 

AtpaiJ, (Catiden) Contentiu. 

Ita/pfatb, (Shaltefp.) V. Impeach. 

'i'o apprai [ii:t\i(t,iii.'^ Afcufo, defrro. 

to appeal to, Ap^)tl^). provoco; caufam ad 
aliqunn referre. % I appeal 10 yu, tr teftem 
f ppello. He app'taiel ftvn tit freetyr to the tri^ 
b^net, a prctorr ad trih'-inos appelfavit. He ap- 
fialrj to th pecpk, ad pepulum provecavit. 

An appt^, or eppialui^, ApfcUatio, 3. pre- 


Lrtiiri ofippeal, Libell! || appellatorit. 

A praltit [acculed] Accufattii, dcUtut. 

AfftalMto, Appellatus, pro«ocaeu«. 

An apftakr, or apfillatit. Appellator, provo- 

To appear, Appareo, compareo, pareo, ^ A: 
far as tan appear from ^tfbat •was vjriten, quod ii- 

Tt apriar above [water] tito, jTiii, i. 

To appear ahtne [othirs] bniinco, wpeiemi- 
neo; prrcminco, lac. 

fl It appeartit iy itts. Hind indicium eft, 

^ To appear a^ai^ift, Se fiftere conrra ali^nflm. 

f^To appear far [fide with] Alicui favc.e.tu. 
rari partes aticuius. ■ 

^ To for one [before a Jii'^.ge] Se fiftcr? 
n jtidicio ad aliqueni defcndendura, vadimoiiium 
obTe> ad vadimonliim venire, -tr/ occurrere, 

Tc appear hrf'jrt one, Obverfor; occurro. 

ff To appear in print, Auftor cfle fcripti 'ty- 
pis maodati, vf/Iibrl alicnjus publici juris faSi. 

To appear [fcemj Vidcor ; »t» clueo. 

To appear [become vifible, asof tbt fan, {?<.] 
llluceo, lilucefco, effulgeo. 

^ To appear operrty, In ir>edlHm, vel in orbis 
'heatrum, prodire; in luce wfari, c tenebris 

To appear [arife] Exorior, orior ; emrrgo, 
emico, furgo. 

To appear as through a glajt, Tranfpareo. 

7'fl be^m ta appear, Patefco, 5. 

To make to appear, A perio, demonftro, mon- 
ftro, oftcndo, eihibeo, V. Totnakeapparert. 

It appeartih, Conftat, liquet, paiet, videtur, 
liquido patet, patefcit. 

An appearance [look] •}» Afpe^us, 4. 

An appeararee, or appearing [cotwnrd (hew] 
Species, .^ vultus. ^ A-l l>it rrlitfion comfifie'hiti 
Jt>pra'ar^e, omnis iUius pietas in fpecie fiOie fi- 
mnl^tionis apparet. He it a geot man tonllap.. 
pearan^e, hie fpeciem pr?e fc viri boni fert. 

AppFJratce [concrurfc of people] Frcqtu nti.i. 
I. concurfus, 4. celebritas, 5. ^ There nfucr 
WJS fn great an appearante of all fyrfj of p:xple 
in thii city, ntinquam ha?c civitas tanta cclcbri- 
tate omnis generis hominum floruit. 

Appearance [likelihood] Simititudo, veriiimi. 

Appearance [in a court of juflicc] Ad vadimO' 
alum occuifus. 

Appearance [figure] Perlbna. ^ He maieti 
•treat appearance at ccurt, mai»nificam tn aula pcr- 
fonam fuftinct. He maUtb hut a tttean appear- 
ance, improbam perfonam agit. 

An app'arance abai'enrater, Emcrfio, 

At appeararee [vifion] Vifio, * phantafma, 
fpfftrum, * umbra, <4» vifus, 4, 

A fi/i appeirrnee [rifinp] Exorcus. 

^ A day of appearance. Dies ilatus vadimonij 

f[ The laji day of appearance. Terminus || pe- 

^f Default of appearami, Vadimonium defer- 
tom, vadimonium non obitum. 

% To make one* I appearance, Se fi litre. 

%To he bouvH f^r ont*i appearatKC, Vadimo- 
nium promitterc. 

Appearing, Apparens. See the Verb. 

T-y appeaCt, Compefco, Aiet, comprimo, mi- 
nuf-, conipono, reftinguo, remitto, o'aro, fedo, 
paco ; pacifico; lenio; mulceo; A/i-*, dcmul- 
cco. remulceo; tranquillum facere, placidumred- 

^To apptajir one''t loratt, Aliquem iru fureo- 
tem mollire oWlenire; iram alicojus ccercerc, 
placare, permulcere, fedare. 

To appeafe hy Jat'ifiee, £>pio. lito, placoj 
propitio; propitium reddere, *fi elScfre. 

Appeofahtc, Placabili^, inpenio flc4ib'l>s. 

N^t appraleohle, Impiacabilis. 

Appealed, Piacatur, paeatu':, fedatiis, propi- 
tius ; lenittu; 3frr. fcporatus. t\Avjarnctto 
he appeafid, bellum ineapiabile. 

Thirofgh/y appeafed, Perpacatuj. 

To hafpea/td, Placorj -^ rcmollefco, mi- 

tefco, def*»!i<, defervaftj demitigOT) cum ^ 
quo paciftcari. ^f Hi ii appea'ed, fervor animi 
efedit, /fVii- itfir anger wai appaajed, cumic:* 

Tj tt a/pcafed, Avernmc.indu«. 

Aa eafinefi a it apptajed, PbcaKlita;. 

An appealer, Pacifica'ir ; iji pacator. 

Anappeafaig, ^appiafimut, (Hiywuii) Paci- 
ficatKi, placatio, fedatio, 

Tbji wbicb appeajeth, Placamefl, placemen- 

App.lltit, (Ayliflt) Qoi accufalor, •iWdefer- 

At cppel'atitet, Appellatio. 

Appe'ilMi-je, P Appetlativut. 

AnapyelU [the pei foa appealeJto] Appellatoi. 

I! An appeh'jur [a criminal who difccvcrcth bia 
accomplicei] Accufatsr, delator. 

H Anappcllo-ir [chaHeneer] Provocator, 

Appcndem [h,-ingin^ oa] Appendens, 

II 7o ir^^nn^ Appendo. 

Appended, Appenfus. 

II Appenicaied, (HJe) Additus, adjunflut. 

A^perdi ation, (id.) Additamenttrm, 

An appendix, or appendage. Appendix, "uii, f, 

AfK.jlli!p^cnd/x, AppenHicola, i. 

X App:nna,-y, Rc'iiius natu minertbus fratri- 
hus c regia ftirpe afligriati«, 

Toapprrtnin [belong] Pertinea, attlneo; re- 
fpicio, ()ie<na. ^T Afur li had tattn away alt 
that appertained to ttt, cum ademerit nobis omnia 
:\aT noftra erant propria. He tMnu every thing 
2vhico appertained to the art of -war, nulla tea in 
i^u militari pofita huius viri fcientiam ^a%\\, 
Tbi: ^ueflioi afpir'ainab to phibfophy, h«c qiae- 
ftioin philofophi.i vcrfatnr. 

It apptrtaineih, Inrereft, refert. ^h ipper'ait" 
'th to the fafctf of -'he puhli.k, filuiis cummunit 
:ntercft. ft apf'ertai'riJh to nine oivn C'lvar.ta^e, 
airvtll auhn efotheei, mei intereA % alioturo. 

Appertaining, apptrtinent, (Shakefp.) Pciti- 
c\e.n'', fpedians. 

An appetiainineni, (Shakefp.) Id quod ad alU 
ctijus dignitatem pertinet. 

Appertenancc, (Brown) Appendix, acccilio. 

Appetible, Expctibili", cxpetendns, 

Appeicny, (Bramh.) appe-ence, (Milton) ap- 
petiiim, (Hammond) Appetcniia, appetitio. 

Anappe!ite, Cibi appetcntia, avidiias, cupidi- 
tas, fames j 1}* cupido ; animi irritatio. Sen. 

^ To get an appetite, Famem opfonare, ♦ fto* 
machum acucre, appetentiara ciborum prxAaie j 
u'iditatcm ad cibos adjuvare; aviditatcm cibi 
f'arcre, t-el excitare. 

7'j ha-T'e an appctit'.; 'E'lirio, 4. cibum appetSrc. 

f[ To b'fue no appetite, Nullam ciborum appe- 
fentiam (entire, nulla cibi aviditatc duci, 

m To mi^he one Icje bis appetite, Alicui ciborum 
t'.'ftidium at^rre, ■L'f/ciborum appctentiam hcbe» 
tc-re ; alicui cibi aviditarcm auferre. I haie kfi 
>ny appetite, cibi fatietas Sc faftidium nne ccpit. 

A good appetite to eat, or driai, Cupiditas e- 
dcndi, hibendi, 

II Full 0; apt>etite, Ciborum avidus ; gtilofus. 

An tvfatiahfe app'ctite, Ingluvies, cdeiidi r^ies, 

Appttiiiie, (Hale) Facultate appetcndi pr*. 

To ctpplaied, Plaudo, appla'ado; complaudo; 
A^iY. adhinnio, ad; AVwr. adniu-muro , pltnlu 
comproborej aliquem plaufu profsqu;, v^Haudi- 
bus a(Terrc j benedicere, tit fiemo, 

f| To be applauded, PlauTum acciptfre, laudibuft 

Apfdau.led, Plaufut. 

Alt apptauder. Mil. Appliufor, plaufcr, lao. 

An apphufe, or applauding, A pplaufus, plau- 
fus ; ijt latus fonii". 

yain apilaiift, Ventus popularis, 

^ 7 3 excite applanfe, Plaufus movere, excitare. 

ft To gam apflaufe, Laudibus effcrri, gloriatn 

^ To feek applaufe, Plaufum captaie, aucupari, 
vCNari, afto^arc. 

AfaLi^ applaufe, Popularis jafilatio. 

1 Defe/-vin^ 

A P P 

A P P 


Vif'Tfiiig app/aiifr, PUunbiliji 

/In apple, Pomum, malum. % Appht, tggi, 
and nun, me nay eat after Jluli, poma, ova, at- 
que nuces, f\ del tibi ford.da, guftes. 

^« apple fan roiin, Pomum fugax. 

Ajummer apple. Malum priecox, vtl <t> proe- 

A lutmer apple. Malum ferotinunii 

An oak t('ple, Galla. 

■ji pine apple, Nur pinea. 

A fuhce apple, Malum cydonium. 

The apple of the eye, Oculi pupilla, acieSf 

Apple of tcie [herb] Pomum amoris. 

An apple core, Pomi loculus. 

An apple p^e, • Poma crufta fafrea incofta 

An apple tofi, Pomarium, PUn. 

An nppli mender, * Pomarius, Uor. qui, tiel 
qua;, poma vendit. t^ lie talkelh like an old af- 
file Tvonran, Inepte garrit. 

An apple Irety Malus, i. f. 

Of, or lehnging m, an apple tree, * Ma linus. 

An apple yard, or place planted •ai'ub affle-trecs 
• Pcmetun^ i. 

JSearirg applet, <J> Pomiftr, •}< malifcrus. 

Full of applii, >{■ PomofuF. 

Applicable, or having applicaiilily, (Digby) 
epplicahlenrft, (Boyle) afinejtto he applied, Q^A 
applitari, vil accommodari, cuipiam rei pottrt. 
% There is nothing ivhirh is not applicable to him, 
nihil eft qurd in eum cedere non videatur. 

Applied, Applicatus, accommodatus, adhibi- 

. An applier, Qui al'quid applicat, wl accom- 

An applying, appliance, (Shakefp.) or afpli- 
taiiJii, Applicatio, accommodatio. 

Application [diligence] Diligeiitia, 1, curaj 
fludium, fcdulitaf, attentio. 

^[ 1o d9 a thing 'with great application, • Ani- 
tnoattento, orfintentu, aliquid agere, conCde- 
tfic, perpendtre. 

f[ TV make one's application, or aJdrefi, to a 
ferj'jn, Aliquem adire, accedcre, compellare j 
ab aliquo opfcm petere. 

Applicative, (Bramb.) applicatory, (Taylor) 
Id quod appllcat. 

To apply [accommodate one thing to another] 
Applico, apto, accommodo; aliquid ad aliudad- 
movcre. ^ Having applied the afp to her tody,Jhi 
departed ihit life, afpide ad corpus admota, vita 
privata eft, 

^ To apply cupingglaffes, Concurbitulas impo- 
ni;re, admovere, accommodare, adhibere. 

To apply [addia one's felt' to] Se ad aliquid 
applicare, appclli-re, accommodare, rei alicui 
opeiam daie. ^[ Tbry apply themfehes onitcayoi 
ether, animum ad aliquod ftudium adjungunt. 
1 nvta apply my fcif to that , ad id nunc cperam do. 
He applied hinijelf to the management of nveighty 
affairs, fe ad magnas res gerendas accommodavit. 
To apply bis mind to, * Animum ad aliquid ap- 
pellerf, adjungcre, rei alicui applicare ; animum 
intendcre, in, vel ad, aliquid incumbcrej (lu- 
dium in aiiqua re poncre, collocare ; vet alicui 
KC! dare, impertire; ftudio aliciijus rei operam 
dare. ^ Ueappliedhis mind to writing, animum 
ad fcribendum appulit. lie applieth all his thought', 
togrt prafc, incumbit toto pectore ad laudcm. 
Heaiflieth, or plieth, bis task, penfum accural. 
He diligently applitth 1} his hoks, fludiis k totum 

_ir "J"" "ffb'i •"■ ^"y «"'> money, Pecuniam rei 
cuipiam adfcribcre, attribuSre, impendere, defti- 
Bare, transferre, defleflere. 

To appoint, Statuo, conftituo, inftituoj dif- 
pono; propono. 

f To appoint a tutour for hit children, Liberis 
tutorcm ad criberc, 

m To ai>pa„t the people to pay lax, Tributum 
populo indicSre. 

Tc appoint, Otdt/gn, AITigno, dcfignOJ torn- 
paro, annoto; propono; do, 

^ To appoint ty lav/. Lege prsfcribSre, fta- 
tut-re,- fancire. 

To ap'point upon agreement, Condico, xi. 
To appoint, orfrt, Prsftituo, dtfinio, praefi- 
110, prisfcribo, prodico, dico,'indico. 

To appoint btfirehand, Praefcifco. 

To appoint inanotber plar,e, Subftituo, fufficere, 
w/fupponere, aliquem in alterii« locum. 

Toappoint bmnJt, Termino, determin», limito. 

Appointed, ConKiWilMS, ftatutus, flatus, pra- 
rtitutus, praediftus. 

Appointed [afligned] Legatus, defignatus, de- 
fcriptus, diftus, addiftus. 

Appointed, bound, or authorized to do tt thing, 
Auitoratus, Hor. 

Appointed before, Prasfinitus. 

Appointed [furniflicd] Rebus necelTariis in- 
ftrudius, rr/fupped'titns. 

One appointed to aid another, Sublidiariui. 

It is appointed, Comparatum eft. 

An appointee, Conftitutor. 

An appointing, Aflignatio, defignatio, prae- 
finitio, prafcriptio; defcriptio. 

An afpcintmer.t, Conftitutum, cnmpaftum. 
fl" If you have made an appointment tvith the gout, 
put it off till another day, h quid conftitutumcum 
podagra habes, facin alium diem diff*cras. 

An appointment [alTignation] Diei &locicon- 
ftitutio, rei certo quodam loco ac tempore fa- 
ciends denunciatio. 

An appointment, or order, JulTum, mandatum. 

^ To make an appointment, Diem & locum 
conftitui^re ad aliquid agendum. 

By appointment [or agreement] De, vel ex, 

By appointment [or order] Juffb, cx mandato, 

ffithout appointment, Injuflu ; fine compara. 

T'o apportion, i^qualibus partibus dividere, vel 

«[ Appoint what judge you 'will, Cedo quemvis 

^f It II fo appointed by nilure, A natura itn 
comparatim eft, it» ratio comparata eft vitse, vc 
nafurE noftr*. 

ai afpoi/ii [or name] Nomino, dctcrmino. 

Apportioned, /Eqnaliter divifus, iit/diftribotus 
} Apportionment, Squalls diftributio. 
II To appofe, (Bacon) or p'fc, Examino, ali- 
cujus facere periculum in Jiten's. 

Appofite, Appofitus, * aptus, idoneus. 
Appofitely, Appofice, • apte, idonce. 
Afpofition, appofitenefs, (Hale) Appofitio. 
To appraife, ^ftimo, alicui rei pretium im- 
ponere, conftitucre, flatucre. 
An appraiser, /Animator, exiftimator. 
^T A fivorn appraftr, /Eflimator jurejuiandn 

An appraifemer.t, or appraifing, j^ftimatio. 
To apprehend [conceive, or undcrrtand] Depre- 
hendo, intelligo, rem tcnere, pcrcipiire, cum- 

To apprehend [fear, or fufpefl] Timco, fu- 
fpicor, i'ufpicionem alicujus rei habere. 

Ts apprehnd [or I'cize] Apprehendo, com- 
prehendo, pichendo; capio, coiripio. 

To apprehend, Or take unawares, Interclpio. 
fl /In excellent appreheifion, Ingenium egregi 
urn, excellens, eximiiim, illuftre, optimum 
praeclarum, fingulaie, fplendidiflimum, fummum. 
^f Aperjoncf quick apprebtrfton. Homo ingen;. 
• acris, acerrimi, piracris, perarguti, fubtilis. 
% According to ny apprthenfon, Meo judicio. 
Apprehended [underftood] Comprehcnfus, in. 
telleffus; M,t. perceptus. 

Apprihmded [fufpecled] Sufpeftus. 
Apprehended [fe,z:d] Captus, prehcnfus. 
Apprehending, Ucjucriendcns, &c. V, the 

.^^/■rfAnz/To* [capacity, orunderftanding]1nge 
nium, captus, facultas, intellijentia. 
_ An appr.henfun [tVar, or fufpicion] Sufpicio, 
timer j metus. f^ Uc tvas under grievous af pre 
henfon, quam maximt timuit, prstimuit. 

An appreienfion [fciaing] Gaptuia, prchenfio. 

To be Jpprchenfive of, AnimaJieito, oblcrvo; 
danger, mctuo, foimido, timeo. 
j Apprehtifve [quick of apprehenfion] Met 
Sagax, capax, pcrfpicaxj acutus. 

Apprelenfiinly [acutely] AcntJ, fagaciter. 
II Apprchenfivtiy [eafily to be underftood] Per- 
fpiruc, palam, aperti. 

II J^pP'ehenfiveneJs, (Holder) Sagacitaf, fnb. 
tilitasj 'acumen ingenii. 

An apprentice hoy. Tiro, dilctpalns, qui «rti. 
fici fervit artis herilis edifcendi causa, 
A little apprentice, Tininculus, 
An apprentice girl, Difcipula. 
% Tobind, or put cut apprentice, Aliquem art« 
aliqu.i imbuendum,«j/crudiendum, artifici dare, 
committcre, tradi-re, 

fl Toptve an afpreniicefhip, Sub aliquo tyroci- 
nia poncre, alicujus artis rudimcnta adJifccre. 

^f To be out of one' I apprentieepip, Tirodnii 
rudimcnta deponcre. 

An appreittieefhip, Tirocinium. 
^ To apprizce one of a thing, Certiorem alU 
quern faccie de re aliquS. 

To be apprixtd of, Sentio, intelligo, certior 
fieri de re aliqua. i|[ Youfeem not to be enough ap^ 
prixed if his impudaxe, paruin perfpexlffe ejus vU 
dere audaciam. 

To approach, Appropinqoo, advento; accedo, 
jppeto, immineo, rj^ propinquo. 

An approach, approaching, or approathment , 
(Brown) Appropinquatio, acceflus, aditus; in* 
terventus, 4. 

^y To bate an approach to one. Ad aliqnent 
admitti, copiam aliquem adeuDdi habere. 

% To make approaches towards. Ad aliquem 
adire, accedl'rc, appropinquare. 

Approachable, Cui aditus, vel accefTcs, pras- 
betur; cui aditus patet; of away, pervius j of 
a perf.n, affabilis. 

Apprcachcd to, Prope admotus. 
An approacbcr, (Shakefp.) Qui appropinquat. 
Approachinjr [near at hand] Inftans. 
^ApfioacUcfs [inaccefliblc] InaccrlTus, cui au 
ceHiis minimii patet. 

Approbation, Approbatio, comprobatio. 
Toapprpteraie [haften] Appropero. 
To appropriate [take to one's felt] Aliquid fibi 
vindicare, al'cifcere, afTerSre. 

Appropriated, Sibi vindicatus, aflertus. 
Appropriate, appropriable, (Brown) [fit, pro* 
per] Pioprius, idoneus, • aptus. 

An appropriation, appropriating, or claiming, 
II Vindicatio, proprictas. 
An appropriator, V. Proprietor. 
To approve, Approbo, tomprobo ; probo, life*, 
applaudo; fj< fubfcribo. ^ I approve much of 
your defigi:, ego tuum confilium veheinenter ap- 
To approve [confirm] Addico; ratum hab rei 
Approved, Approbatus, comprobatus, probatus, 

An approved authour, Auiftor claHicus, vet 

A man of approved integrity, Speflata: fidei, 
vel integritatis, vir. 

Thoroughly tried and :ipproved, Per'*pc<^U3, 
To be approved, Approbandus, Tc\c. 
An approver, A^frohitor ; au£lorj applaufor^ 

An approver [acCufcr] Delator. 
An appro'.-ir.^, approvement, (Hay.v: d; Ap- 
probatio, comprobatio. 

Appulfe, (Harvey) Appalfus. 
An apparienarce. Appendix 7aj, 
Apiicatian [warming by the fun] Apricatio, 
Apiicity [lair weather] Apricitas, Piin. 
An apricot, • Malum, Perficum, vel Arme« 
fl An apriect-tree, * Malus Armeniaea. 
April, Aprilis, 

An apron, Prircin.3orium, Vcntrale, is, t\i 
A tiadefman's apron, Semicinflium artificis. 
Apt [fit] Aptus, idoneus, congtucns, con» 
femaiieus, commodus, appofitus. 

Apt [inclined) Met. Pronus, propcnfus. 
Apt [aflive] Agilis; alacer. 
Apt to, break, Fiagilis. 
^ Tso apt torn iii'ge, Nimis indulgens. 
Api to Irarn, Docilis. 
Apt to hi merry, • Hilarij, facctns. 
To he apt to fall, Propendeo, in iu:n.ira ver- 
6«e. o r» 


It malt e/>t, oi ft, • Apto, Kcommojo.l 

^fiitmir, (Loclcc} or af^mfi, HibiliUt, na- 
t«n habilis. 

jifintft, or prmmfi, Propcnfio, 

yiptntft to do g w/, or tvi', ] nt^olcf • 

yiftitfji n Uiitn, Docilitat, duteiitas} inge- 
AlijTn aa difiiplinam docile, 

^^^, Apte, idonft, appofiie, altenip«r»te 
acccmmndaie, etpreise, conpiusntcr. 

f- It is aft to te Jo, Ita aflblet fieri, in more 
pufiium elt. 

jifioii [withoot cafe] •J Aptoton. 

jifyrexf [the abating of a fever] • Apyreiia 

jljuariut [oneof the II fijnsj Aquarius. 

j^yuatiikf itfuati.-^I, or ajuatiU, a^uteut, (R*y) 
[watery] Aquatilis, + aquaticus. 

jiyusvitef Aqua vita;, 

jiquafiriiSf Aqua fortis. 

jIniujaiduB [conduit] AquzduftuSa 

^^uilj [a fi(h1 Aquila, 

^aui/inty AquHinus, 

Atahian, Arabicus, Arabius, 

jin Arabian, •Arabs, iii, m, 

Arakiik, Arabicus. 

U Arjiici, Arabic^, lingua Arabica, vel A- 

Arable, Arabilis, ager cuUurz habilis, vel 
jdoneus; arationes, pi. 

An arbalifl [crofs-bow] Arcubal'fta, 

An arbiter, or arbitrator^ Arbiter ; an arbf- 
trairix, ijiarbitra; difcqitator, difceptatrix, f. 
fltftimator. . 

A'bitrabit, Quod atbilrorum judicio petmitti 

Arbitrage, a'hUralhn, arbitriniaU, (Milt.) Ar- 
bilrium, arbitratus. 

Arbitrarily [at Ills own choice] Arbitrario, ex 
trbitrio, prolibitu, vc/libidine. 

Arb:lrari!y [lordly] Imperiosc. 

Arbitrarintft, (Temple) Dominatio. 

Arbitrary [left to one's choice] Arbitrarius. 

Arbitrary [lordly] Imperiofus, libidinofus. 

^I An arbitrary frince, Princeps fui aibitrii, 
«tr/fui juris. 

Arbitrary government, Dominatio, fummum, 
«w/plenum, imperium. 

Aa arbitrary manner of pro:eeitin^, Licentia. 

To arbitrate [juilge between] (^aeftionem,t;^/ 
controvcrriam, decidere, Wdirimcrej decider; 
it contraverlia ; queflionem perfolvere. 

A bond, or engagement to jlani to an arb'.tration, 

^ To commit an affair to arbitration. Rem arbi- 
trorumiudicio permittere, rem arbitrisdifceptan 
dam committere; comproinittere ; arbitris rem 
judicandam tradere. 

ffTo agrtty Xix fland, to an arbitration , Com 
f romilTo ftare, vel minere. 

A^ arbor, or arbour, Pcrgula, trichila j ar- 
korcs arciLir:?, i/c/ cameratK. V.Bower^ 

Atarhorifl, (Howel) Arborum peritus. 

fl An arbour.maher, Qii^i arbores arcuat, ar- 
foandi arbores peritus. 

Tt: arbnte fruit, Arbutum, fatu! arbuMus. 
An arfuie'irer. Arbutus, i, f, 
- Cf, or ^thnging to, an arbutetrte, Arbutcus, 

Areh (cmfty, or fub'.le] Vafer, fubtjis, cal- 
lidui, afhitus, 

A'thnrfi, IIVaTriti, Sot. aftutia, calliditas. 

An arcb, Arcos, fornix, camera. 

To aril, Arcuo, fornico, in arcum finnare, 

Anarcb.dt'xf, Camera fornicata ; laquear, 

Toynaieai arch-'tiroof, Canc*mero, 

^ Tie tribet of a tridgi, Cameric pontis fbr- 

<J The court ■if archet, Curia de arcubos. 

.^r^^'d, Forntcatus, laqjcatus, concamcratus, 
CVcualas, >J»jrqaatu!,'ni. 

An 0rcbing orvtr, Fotnicatio. 

Aribv^ife, Arcuatim; rornicatim* 

Ai arthaj^tl. • Anjclus -Timariutt 

j^riiang* [Ocad ncitlc] Lainium, 
Aa arclbi/iop, •[) Epi'c-ous piimarius. 


At! n'ttJittecu, *|| Diaeonns primariiKi 

An arihleaconry, or arthdeaanjbif, * || Aichi- 
Jiaconatus., II Archiducalis. ' 

An atd'duke, Dux prim.irius. 

Ana'd^tubtj!, II ArchiduciflTa. 

A'tlel\pt, • Typus primarius, +• archetypus. 

An arthdtikedcm, || Archiducatus, 4. 

An arthir, Sagiitarius, <^ arcitenens, fpicu 

A fi'lfull arcber, + Sagittipotens. 

An a-cltr on iorfiiaei, * Hippotoxota. 

A'liry, Ars fjgittaria, 7>f/ fapittandi. 

ff^aier anber [herb] ^| .Sapittarii. 

Anaich hcntitk, *1| Haerefiarcha j "H bare. 
ticonim antefignanus, 

Archiepifcf.paf, *|1 ArcblepifcopaKj. 

An'efi [mafter-builder] • ArchiteftuSj 
architefton, w^/ • architeifto , architefia, f. 

A'\biteH tike, Aff;»bic, eleganter. 

A'cbiteflure, * Architc£>ura, archiieflonice. 

Of, or bcUnging to, arcbiti^tin, architcBive, 
(Denham) antitiB.nii; (Boyle) * Architeflo- 

ff Apiece nf arthiteilure. Opus architcftonicis 
ratioriibus extruflum. 

An archknave, Veterator, callidus. 

Archtreafurer, Quaeftor primarius, fummus 
:clarii priefeflus. 

Ar bitrave [the chapiter of a pillar, or chief 
beam in a building] * Epiftyiium. 

Anbivet [ftore places for old records] Tabula 

Anarclprieji, ♦j] ArchipreftytiT; flamcn. 

TbearchpritlV I office, Flanrinium. 

The arllick [northern pole] * I'olus *|| arQi 
rus, «i7* borealls; cardo feptentrio.^alis, circu- 
lus feptentrionalis. 

Anua'e, (Ray) Arrnatus. 

Ardertry, crdour [cagernefs] Ardor animi, 
mentis fervor. 

Aideacy, ardour [heat] Ardor, aftus, 

•^, Vi'!, et fljmma. 

Ardent [ea%;r'\ * Acer, Af./. fervidus, flagrans, 
vehemens. ^ At ardent deCire of recovering their 
libertier, acerrima Sc fortiHima libertatis recupe- 
rand^e cupiditas. 

Ardtnt [hot] Ardens, candcns, ferfidus. 

Ardently, Fervide, acriter. vehementcr; Mel. 
ardenter, ardentius, atdcntiflimc. 

% To defre ardently, Intenfius, vel cupidius, 
iliquid petert?, cupere. pofcere. 

Arduous, Arduus, difHcilis. 

Aiea, Area, Superficies. 

Arc] we, ye, th:y, are, Sumus, eftis, funt. 

tr^ Are is likewife the (ign of all pcrfons plu 
lal in the prefent tenfeof verbs paflive ; a^, IVi 
are Lvcd, amamirj ye are taigbt, docemini ; 
they are beard, audiuntur. 

To arctd, (Spenf.) aread, (Milt.) Moneo. 

To arefy, (Bacon) Arefacio. 

J Arenaceous, (Woodw.) Arenaceaij arena- 

ArgJtJt, Argentcus, candidus. 

Arg'-lkiis, (Brown) ArgilJofus. 

X Argojy, (Sbakelp.) Navis oneraria. 

II Argiletitrs, Equitcs ferentarii, vel leviter 

To argue [difpute] Argumentor, difcepto, dif- 
puto, litrgo; ingenii telis pugnare, in contra- 
rias partes difTererc. 

To ague for prove] Argoo, evinco, probo. 

To ar^uctte cafe, Exooftulo, 

Argued [difpured] Difceptdtus, difputatus. 

Argued [proved] Eviflup, probatus. 

An xtrfrver, Difputator, difputatrx, f. 

An arguing, Difteptatio, difputatio, ratioci- 

An argument [prefomptWe proof} Argumen- 
tum, ratio. 

An argument [fubiefl] Arpuracntum, mate- 
ria, vel materies, de qua ag'-tur. 

Theargumtnt to a comedy, * Erabolium, comcc- 
diK argumentum. 

A cunning argument, • Elenchu5, fophifma. 
iiin argumm [from contraries] Ccmmcntumj 


• enthymema, 

full cfargumen't, Arfumentofas. 

f[ To kcld en argument nuitb ore, Advcrfus all- 
quem difputare, cum aliquo fcilnoncs cttrdeie. 
verbis contendi;re, difceptare, difputare. 

Argumentation, Argumentatio, difieptatio. 

Argumentative, Argtjmentis clicicndus, 

II Aygt•te^ >Vrgutus, argutulus, 

Ar'.i.mfm, Atii doftrina, 

A'i'ins, Alii fclhitores. 

Arid, (Thomfon) Aridus. 

Ar dry. .CS^oni) Ariditas, aritudn. 

f Aiirebiin, Ediftum regis, quo omnes ejui 
bencHciaiii it; exercitum convocintiw. 

Ariel [one of the twelve figns] Aries 

Arigb; Reae. 

f To jet aright, Aliquid ad praiccpta, vel re. 
gulas, artis exigcre, vel redigcre. 

To i^rije, Surgo, affurgo, exfurgo. 

To arife a^ain, Refuri^o, 

loarife [take life from] Nafcor, provcnio • 
proficifcotj r^ exirtercde. ' 

To arife as the fut, Orior, exorior. 

To iirife as ivaves do, Undo. 

Arijing before d^iy- light, A iitelucanus. 

To arife together, Confurgo. 

Tocaufe to arife, Excito, exfufcito. 

A'ifcn, Surreftus, onus; obortut. 

Arifing uprvards, Acclivis, acclivus. 

Arijirg, Surgens, oriens. 

An arifng again, Reditus ad vitam. 

Theitr/ingofah:!!, Acclivitas niontls. 

Anjlocracy [government by nobles] Refpsf,, 
Ilea ab optimatibus adminiftrata, optim^tum 

Arfi-cratical, 'H Ariflocraticus, 

Arithmetical, * Arithmeticus. 

Arithmrtiiaily , • || Arithmciice. 

An ariibmciieian [one well flcilled in arithme- 
tick] » Arithmetics exercitatus, • atithme. 
ticx peritus. 

Arithmeiik, * Arithmelica, art numerandi, . 
Wfupputandi^ litcrx, pi. 

An ark [chcft, cr coffer] Area, t. cifta. 

N'jah's ark, || Noemi navis, vel navigium. 

An arm, Brachiom, lacertusj -frji armusi 
^ My arm is loofhorf, al.t mea; pennas non ha. 
bent Byfleng'b of arm, valida manu. Stret h 
your arm no further than yourjkcve Vfill reach, ut 
quimus, quando ut volumus non liquet, A, me- 
tiri fe quemqu: modulo fuo ac pede verum eft, 

A little arm, Brachiolum. 

An arm [of the lea] Sinus, fretum. 

An arm [of a tree] Ramus. 

Tie arm [of a vine] Palmes, liis, m, 

A bracelet, or armlet, (Donne) Brachiale, 

Having lorg arms, or branchc, Biachiatus, 

An armftiV, Manipulus. 

An armpit, or armhde, Ala, axilla. 

ff To pull a thing oM of one's arms, Aliquid a 
corrplrxu evelieie. 

f\ To cany a thing under one's arm, Sub alS 
aliquid portaie. 

To clafp, or lake, in one's arms, Amplcflor, 
aliquem, v^/ aliquid, ulnis tcncre. 

Toatm [take armj fjr war] Armoj bellum 
adornare, partite, apparare. 

^ To arm [put on arms] Se telis induere; 
armis accingi ; arma induere, W fumere. 

<[[ Tc <!»■»» ffurniOi with arms] Armisaliqueftl 
inftrueie, tela alirui fuppeditare. 

To arm one's felf agairfl [aft cautioufly] Ca- 
veo, [prepare for] fe ad aliquid fuftinendum. 
p^rare, ve/accingere. 

An armadcj, ' laflis armata. 

An, Bellicus apparatus. 

Armature, dr arming, Armatura. 

Armul, Arrnatus, araiis ir.ftruclus, munitat, 

Armed cap-afe, * Cataphtaftus, prrarmatus, 

A'med *ivitb a buckler, Scutatus, clypeatus, 
clypeo indutus; lattb darts, pilatus j tuith a 
[word, cnl'e, vel glacfio inftruflos; with a coat 
of mail, loricatus, palunatus. 

t Arr.gauni, (Shikefp.) Gucilia. 


A R R 

A R 5 


'Jtimn'tam, Arminii fcSatoret. 
^rminianifm, Arminii dodlrin*. 
/Irvupoiii:!, •{• Armipolcns. 
II Armon'tack, or ammoriark, * AmmoniaCUm 
j^rmrial. Ad arma pertinens. 
^f Atn.orial mjigm, Gentilitii fcuti inlignia. 
Armani-, Armalura, arma, pi. 
jlrmntr fir ihf th'gh, Femoralc, /», n. 
j4 ccar afarm^w^ Lorica, pAludamcntum, 
jin armcurir, Faber, Wopifex, armorum. 
Armonrj [blazonry] Ars infi^nia gentilitia in 
fcuto retlc d?p;ngcndi. 

•J Ta bi tvell ■verfed in arirciry, Quae ad gen- 
tilitii Icuta pertinent ea expcditiffime explicare, 

yfn arimury, or armory, Armarium, aimamcn- 

Arm [weapons] Arma, pi. 
^ T'y hear arm iiiiltr a grrtrn!, Sub aliqtio, v:i 
fjb aliciij IS fipnis militare; aliquo, W Tub ali- 
quo imperatore mcrciej flipendia meieri. 

Dem's [feats] o/artn:, Res be'.licae, gella mi- 

To be in arms, Id armis elTc. fl Sici/y is up in 
arms, Slciiia bello arde(, «-■/ flagrat. 

To lay diiun amis, Arma ponZre, dcponcrc, 
abjicere; ab armis difcedere. f[ Th/y laid ucm>i 
Ibeir arms, and cnlltd for quarter, armis pofitis 
ad impcratoriim fidem confugiunt. 

^[ I't try tbefirlune cf arms, Armis & caftris 
rtm tentare. 

A man of mar, Vir belli<us. 
Scaring aru:s, ^^ Armiftr, armiger. 
Fire arms, || Eombarda, i. fcloppns. 
^I By farce of arms, Manu, vi & armis. 
i\ To bear arm [a coat of arms] Infignia gen- 
tilitia in fcuto ferre. 

X% To hlaKon arms [as a painter] Infignia pen- 
tllitia in fcuto reSe depingere; [as a herald] fi 
g'jras fcuti gentililii conceptis verbis & ordinere- 
ctnsere, -vel cdificrere. _ ^ _ 

J; Armi rthaied, Infignia immutatione allqua 

t Arms rthaied, Infignia pura, in quibu! 
nihil imminutum aut miitatum eft. 
Fa'fe arms, Infignia adulterina. 
f Armsm:llblax-jned, Infignia ex artis legibus 
in fcuto reftt expreffa, defcripta, dcpifta. 
An army, Exercitus, 4. militum copiae. 
A little army, Copiolae, pi. 
An army on march, Agmen, Itis, n* 
An army drawn tip fir battle, V . Array. 
Tie general rf an army, Imperator, dux. ^ 
To lead an army, Agmen, vel copias, ducere. 
To march an army, Exercitum ducere, pro- 

To marjhal an army, V. Set in array. 
To muJUr an army, Exercitum Inftrare, re- 

To ra'fe an army, Milites confcribere; exer- 
citum colligere, comparare, conficere, coaflare. 
Aromuiik, or aromntical, * Aromaticus. 
\, To aromatize, (Bacon) Frugibus odotatis, 

Arcfi, the perfeft tenfe of arife, which fee. 
Ariinid, Ciicumcirca, circumquaque, undique. 
Toeioufe, (Thompfon) V.Tonufe. 
\\ ArciP, (Dryden) Ordine. 
^ Arcynr, (Shakefp.) Apage, 
Arrack, or rcit, Potus quidam Indicus ex fuc- 
to II Toddi exprelliis. 

7o arraign, Poftulo, criminis reum agere, 
injiis aliquemvocaie. 

Arraigned, I'oftulatus, reus peraflus, in jus 

Arraigning, Poftulans, in jus vocans. 
An arraignment, * Aftio, q'lieftio judicialis. 
Arrangement, Digcliio, ferics. 
Afravt, Mcrus. fl An arrant lie, merum 

fy An arrant knave, Purus putus nebulo. 
fj An arrant rafcal, Vilis Iiomuncio, homo 
trellis, vi! nihili. 

Note, Arrant is ufed for very, the fign of ihe 
fupcrlative in a bad fenfe; i^, an arrant thitf, 
furacifiimus ; an arrant jluggard, ignavillinius j 
Ml arratJ liar, mendacilTiaius. 

II Arranily, (L'Eftranjte) VcrS i tnrpiter. 
Arras [hangings] • Aulaea conchyleatn, vel 
punicea; tapes, ciis, m, • Periftromala Phrygia, 

A<ray [clothes] Vcftis, veftimentum, vefllttu. 

Arrayed, Veftltuf, indutus, ornatus. 

Toarray [clothe himfelf] Veftem indu?re, fibi 

'■eftem inducre, inluijre fe veftc. % He arrayeih 

linf If very finely, fciti & eleganter fibi vefles 


To array [clothe another] Aliquem vertire, 
alicui veftitum dare, vel praebcre. 

Array [order] Acies, ordo, difpcfilio. 
^ To ft in array, • Aciem difponere, compo- 
nerc, ordinare, inftruere. 

ff To ma eh in array, Ordine incedcrr, profi- 
cifci, iter fafSre. 

Set in array, Compofitus, ordlnc difpofitus. 
^ A battle Jet in array, 'Acies aj pugnam 

^ Commijftoners of array, Qn^ibus cura militum 
armaturse legitime demandatur. 

Ou! of array (adj.) Incompolitus, palans, ef- 
fufus, m-il$ difpofitus. 
Out of array (adv.) Incompofitc, incondite. 
Arrearage, or arrears, R?liqua, pi, ^ To pay 
II arrearage', aes alienum omnino folvere, vel 

^y To h in arrearage, AliquJd infolutum re- 
Unquere, reliqua tr.ihere, 

To arrrjl [as a bailifl'J Aliquem prehendere, 
x-r/comprehendere; ma niimalicui,i^f/in aliquem, 
injiccre; in jus aliqurm trahcre, vc/rapere. 

To arrefl [as a pbintilV] Dicam alicui impin- 
gcre, aliquem in jus vocare. 

An arreji, or arreting, Comprehenfio, pre 
henfio; manils irjcfVio, 

An arrefl of judgment, Ampliatio. 
^ All arrefl of fai-liametii, Senar'is decretum, 
fenatns confnltum, fuprema; curia? ferfntia. 

Arrefed, Comprehenfus, prehenfus, in jus 

Arriere guard. Noviflima, vel poftrema, aciesj 
noviflimuin, <yf/ullimum, agmen. 

An arrival, arriving, arrivance, (Shakefp ) 
Adventus, accelTus, appulfus. 

To arrive [come to a place] Aliquo advenire, 
accedcre, venire, pervenire, in, vel ^i. 

To arrive [as a perfon from on board a fliip] 
* Navem, vel nave, appellere; navem terr^, 
vel ii terram, applicarej terram tang^re j in 
portum penetrare. 

Toanive [as a fliip] Appelli; applicari. 
To arrrive at [attain to] Adipifcor. 
Arrived, Appulfus. 

An arriving, AcccflTus, 4. Jfdventus, appulfus, 
fj To be near arriving, Aliqud adventare, vel 

Arrogance, or arrogarcy, Arrogantia, fiiperbia j 
faftus, 4, 

Arrogant, Arrogans, fuperbus, ^ faftoftis. 
Arrcgantly, Arroganter, fuperbe. 
To arrcgale [take to one's fclf] Sibi allquid 
arrogare, fumrre. ajfumere, vindicare. 
Arrogated, Slhi alUimptus. 
An arr'/iv, Sigitt.i, calamus fagittarius; te- 
lum, Meton. arundo. 

^ As fill ft as an armo out of a bctv, Volucri 
fagitta citliis. 

A broad and barbed arrozo, Tragula. 
An airoiu bead, Sagittx fcrramentum, mucro, 

An oto head [herb] || Sagiitaria. 
^ To Jhoot at viitb an arroiv, Sagittu, vel telis, 
aliquem petere. 

^ Tnpie-eetviih an airow, Sagitta configi;re 
aliquem, vel aiiquid. 

Tofinot iiiih arrows, Sagitto. 
Hearing arriius, <!• Sagittifer, telifer. 
Of, or belonging to, an arrow, arrotoy, (Milt.) 
Tb' arfe, Podex, lets, m. 
^ To tnhib one' s arfe, Aliquem verberibus, fla- 
gro fiaei-llo, vel llagris, ratdore, 

llf To bantr an arfe, Tergiverfari, cunftari, 
gegre ali^u^d lacerc^ 

j4i nrtrfool fa litter diver] Mergnlos* 
The arjega', Infrfiinum leOum, 
The arf hole. Anus, '!> • cuius, 
Arffmari [herb] || Pcrficaria. 
Coded arfflmart, ]| Perficaria filicujtl. 
An arfaal [ftorehoufc of armour and zvewn^-* 
nition] Armarium, i. armorum repofitorium. 

Aifenict [ran bane] • Arfenicom, amrpig- 

Arjeriik cohur, Sandix, Icit, 
II Arfyverfy, Su'cue d''qiip, prappnftere. 
An art, Ars, fatuk.ns; .t' doftrina. 
The liberal arts, Artes ingenuK, liberalej, vil 

^ Meibanical aili, Artes fotdidar, humile«, 
vet vulgaies. 

f A mafler of arts, Artium magifter, m»gi- 
llri artium laurea doratus. 

Art, II artfuUnefs, (Cheyne) j] arlifcialnefi, 
Ars, ariificium. 
A't ffltill] Intellljentia. 
The biack art, * Majice, «, f. ars • magics, 
Tl'uart, Es. (t5»It is alfo a fign of the 
fecond peifon fingular in the prefent tenfc of 
verbs pilTive; 3i, thou art tofigbi, doceris. 

An artery [blood veffelj * Arteria, »arte» 
rium, fpirltus femita. 

f[ The great artery, *Arteria magna, •jjaorta. 
Ate ial, or drif /3/<j, Ad arterias pertinent. 
f The rou^h artery, • Aiterla afpera. 
ff Pull of arteries, * Atteriis abundans, vel 

An incfion cfthe arteries, • Arteriarom incifura. 
An onicbokc, <%' Cinsra, Co/ ca£lo5 \.Phn. 
^ A yenifahm articioke, || Flos folis pyrami- 

Ar/fid, art'tfc'.al, Arte faftus, artificialis, 

Artful, ingenious [cunning] fubtilis, callidui, 
aflutus ; Met. fag.'X. 

AitMly [like ati artift] Affabre, eoncinne, 
eleganter, V. Artifially. 

Atfu!'-/ [cunninfly] Sapaciter, fubtilitet 
Arthrftiik [gouty] • Ai thriticus. 
An article [joint] Articulus. 
An article of grammar, 1] Articulus. 
An article ["head of difcourfc] Caput. 
Articles of faith, *l Chriftiana fidei capita. 
Articles ifp'ace, Conditiones pacis. 
Articles of agreement, Conventa, pi. capita foe- 

^ Arli.les of account, Rationum capita, vel no- 
mi la. 

Aniclcs of marriage, * Paftio noptialis. 
fT To urtirte, or enter into articles toith. Cum 
illqoo pacifci, Wdepacifci ; * paftionem cum 
aliquo facere, conficere, conflate. 

^ To branch into ariitbs, Articnlalim dividers. 
i\ To break articles, * Pafta convellere ; fo;- 
dus frangerc, violate, rumpere, dirimere. 

fl To draw up artic!e< agairf. one, Aliquem in. 
'uriarum, Wde aliq-.ia le, poftulare; aliquem 
criminc aliquo accufare, vel infimularc. 

^ To drazv up at tides againU or.efcr high trea-*- 
[on, Aliquem proditionis, majeftatis, vel lafc 
maieftatis, accufare. 

i([ Toftand to his article;. Stare conventis, con-' 
ditione atque pafto manere. 

ff To fuirender himfelf, a dry, or cajlle, ufein 
articles. Sub ccriis conditionibus fc, urbcm, veZ 
arcem, dedcre, 

Article by article, articulately, Articolatc, ar- 
ticulatim, dillimlVe. 

A'ticld, Conventt'S, • paOus. 
Articular [belonging to the joints] ArticB- 

Artictila'e, OTdJiirf}, t)iftinflos. 
To articulate, Diftinfti votes cfferre, tt/pro- 

An artifice, * Artificiuro, ars. 
An artifit [cunning] • Artificium, • flro- 
pha, Si'B. •terhnij fraus. t^ He is full if ar- 
lifce andfaljchoid, hie ex fraude & mendaciis lo- 
tus conflat. 

Art ar-tifcer, arlljl, or arlifar, • Artifex, rpi- 
fex; faber, operarius, • mechaaicus, V.J it. . 
Di A:i...:r. 

A S 

A S 

A S 

jfr.u/idal, Artifex, a6\, artiiircfttj; • A't? 
eljfcoraius, ccocinnu;, affibrc f-ftus j rp J«' 
djtltu, diedaleus. 

A»t:fi'iCi!jt • Artificiosc, •artificialiter, ^'ir.t. 
ad jmuOim, ad ungucm, ad normam, fciiCf pc- 
rjte, fumma artc^ conteOus. 

7')/ ' - ^^ T - =. art'ijiyuiUst Fabrcfacio, feci. 

jirti IX bcUica;, tcrmrnta beliica. 

fl /i .\ry, Tormentorum bdiico- 

rum icricT^, -t-W apparatus. 

Thcarttlkrycimpany^ Socictas fniKtaris. 

^ Furmflj-d ivtih'artil/eiy, M^chinis bellicis 

f 7he art I'ery yarJ, " Palaeftra mi'.it.nis. ^ 
Jfrt/t/t, Sine arte, vel x ificioj infuUe, in- 
srtificialitcr, P/in, 

j^K ariltfs fxrjtH, nfjlfuf, hebcs, traffus^ in- 
ers, AUt. 

Ai [implying time of a£Hon] Dum, ut, ciim, 
jn, ubi, fuper. inter, t^c. % Ai JJlood at tbt 
tic9r^ dum ante oftium fto. Ai the money -tvai 
faying down the man Iflff'rted to come in on e 
Ju' numerab-iiur fonc arpentum, interve- 
nit homo de improvifo. Ai I ivax fMir.g up 
tkit hi:erf cum complicarem hanc epiftolam. A 
I was going irto the ntirftry^ ubi in gyncc.tum 
ire occipio. He fiudicfh at ht is trat>elllng, in 
itinere fecum ipfc meditatur. Uad this befallen 
vitt as yott tvere at jupper^ fi inter ccenam hoc 
tibi acudiHet. Thep things did he talh as nvczven 
Jet tttjupptry hac i!lc dixit fuper caenam. *p And 
as be frw he looked d'.nvn upon tie fiddsy agrof- 
que volans dd'ce^abar* 

Ai [in comparifons, andanfwering tofuehtfot 
icc.'j 1$ made by Qui, or qualis. fl Nor are tee 
Jucb at enemies cannot defame^ ncque cnim ii fu- 
mus, quos vituperare ne inimici quidem pcffint. 
Sheiv you'jelf no^v to he fucb a ore, ai you have 
alnady Jbiion ycurfelf before y fraebe tc Talem hoc 
tempore, qualem tejam antca praebuifti. 

Ast in one part of a Tenrcnce anTwcring to/o 
in the other, is made by Atque, qucmadmodum. 
<iuomodo, ficut, ira, velut, ut. ^ So [or Tuch] 
jhaU rvr the end offelkity^ a\ it luas befre, fimilis 
crit finis boni, aique antea tuerat. if this he fo 
full as / /javi fi plenum fit hoc quemadmodum 
dico. You have fo made me conjul as few ha-vc 
been made in this city, ita me (eciftis confulcm, 
quomodo pauci in hac civitare fafti funt, Asyou 
faidj fo it fell out, ficutdixi?, ita evenit. From 
Hvh'tih Judgmint he efcaped naked as fnm a fie, 
^uocx judiciovelutex incendlo nudus ef)'ugit. As 
that 1VJS tfoubltfome, fo tins nvas pleafant^ ut illud 
rrat molcftum; fic hoc ett jucundum. Should hi 
ke fofoMJh as fo truf me ? aa ilk lam cflct ftul- 
tus qiiam mihi crederet? 

Aiy in the latter chufe of a fcntcncc anfwer- 
JDg toy*, or as great, muchj little^ joon^ fafly Sec. 
ii made by Quam, quantu?, qui^ or ut, with a 
fiiperlative; as, fl Let the bufmefs bedif^aiched as 
LoKf and tvith as little trouble as may bet quam 
piimum Sc quam minima cum moleflia res tian- 
figaiur. At g^e^t honour as might he was given 
10 r6^/A/.',diis,quantusmaximus poterat, habitus 
eft honos. J ran aivay as fofi as I ccu'df ego me 
in pedes quantum quco conjeci, I eommtndedycu 
to Lim at diligently as I eoitld^ fic ei te commcnda- 
vi, utgravifiime.diligcntiflimeque potui, I fkeiu 
y-iu as muh "fp'^ ^* <*>" hty qua polTum venera- 
tione maxima tc profequor. He accofteth the man 
as eowteoufy at poffMe^ appellat hominem quam 
biandifiime poteft. Ihavefetfrtbtheorailesas 
hrifftf as I could, expofui quam brevil3:mc potui 

Atf redoubled with an adverb, «r adjet^ive be 
tw;xi, and the patticles // /j, thef bey Ac. after 
it, is made by C^airrbet, «rquamvis, 9\ Airich 
etvou arey he careth not a pin fr yoUf non en 
pili f-K^it tc quamlib^t divitem. As if it were 
any hard matter for me to name them, as many ai 
liey are, quad \tth mihi difficile fit, quamvis 
iDulta, nomin^tim profcrre. 

Ip^ Somelimd it is put for hcwfoever, and is 
ir.ade by Qnantufcunque, or quantulafcunque. 
^I Aii fhit, as grca: at it is, is tbnej totum hoc, 
q^uaaiumcuaquc eft, tuam eft. Sy tiit ^hith 3 

(ey^ 41 tiitk Si It (', may he jvtfgtdy tt fo quft' 
dico, quantulum id cunque eft, judical! potell. 
4i to'fe a tn.m as ary in our city, fapiens homt 
cum piimis noOrie civitatis. 

As is fomctimes put for in tb't regard, or re- 
/>>f.9, and then is maile by Ut, qua, or tanquam 
fl Itvill purfut him to the death, not as a jufi ene 
my, but as a poifiKous mu>d:rcr, ad intrrnpcionem 
mihi perrequcnduseft, non ut juflus hoflis, fed ui 
pcrcuflbr vf neficis. He is not t-alutd as Le is ary 
ma n""! fen, but at he ts a mfitt, non qua fiUus ali- 
cujus, fed qi^a homo iftimjtur. And command o 
'0 fheak n.t as a f natcur, but as a t>trf-ti accufed 
ju/Tumque dicere non tanquam fcnatorem, feii 
tanqiiam reum. 

Ah anfwering to/*?, or ^ r, where equality i^ 
intinVatcd, or comparifon of one thing with ano 
thrr, is made by i^iquc ac, ;rque atqiie, aqut- 
i^uiimj tarn, qu"m; non, haud, or nihilo mi- 
nus, quam, ff IVhat profit tvould (here be in prof- 
per'ity, wiihcut a man bad fotr.e b-Jy as iv^ll to re- 
foJce at it as himfdff quis elftt tantus frud^us in 
profperis. rebus, nifi haberes qui iUis, sctyic a< 
cu ipfe, gauderet ? ^hffc birie/ifs are not to be ac 
ountcd fn great, as thofe. ivh'.cbf hsec bcneficis 
aequc magna non funt h.ibeniia, atque ea. qua- 
They ran fee as iVcUby n'ght as by day, not^ibus de 
que quam die cernunt. Hd tt afa'id of harm a^ 
m-jch at any of ycu, non m'nus quam veftrum 
quivis formidat malum. I thought he made a- 
^reat account of her*, asofhimftlf quam ego in- 
tellexi haud minus quJm feipfum magni facere. 
He is in as great mi fery, as he that, nihilo mi- 
nus in miferiaeft qcam ille qui, / loved you a^ 
my cion brother, te in gcrmani fratris diicxi loco. 
77>fy are asveryfooU, pari ftultitia funt. 

As, fignifying a.vor^;n£'/y, ot prcponionabl^ as^ 
is made by Ur, uti, ficut, ita ut, pro, prout, pro 
CO ac, pro eo atque, perinde ut, perinJe atque. 
proinde, proinde ac, utcunque, &c. f| As xou 
'ieferve^ ut meruifti, Asyoufaf, utidicis. H- 
fled to his loufeas toan aha'-, ficut in aram con- 
fjgit in hujus domum. I Icvd him as my cu,"!, 
amavi pro men. As every cne plejfeth, prout 
cuique libitlo eft. As I ought, pro eo ac dtbui. 
U muji be accounted of as dme by no right, pro eo 
habendum eft arqus fi nullo jure faftum cflct. 
As I fhall tell you, perinde ut dicam. He did not 
feem to apprehend it, as I had thought, non, per- 
inde atque ego putarim, arripere vifus eft. He is 
not hated as he defeiveth, quern nequaquam, per- 
inde ac dignu3 eft, oderunt homines. At occa^ 
fion fhall be y pro re natS. As then fy all be need 
>iffpeahin9, utcunque opus fuerit verbis. 

As [which, or which thingj Quod, id quod. 
ff She did as her mother bid her, mater quod fua- 
lit fua fecit. But if our country offered us, as it 
ihould 1-ery much, at ft no5, id quod maxims de- 
bet, noftra patria dilcxit. 

As is fomctimes ufed for if, ff Asycu /fiveme, 
Si me ames. At I live, fi vivo. 

m As fure hs can be, Quam certi/fime. 
As fir, or as to, De, quatenus, quantiim, 
quod ad, ad. ff At to the preferring our liberty I 
agree ivltb you, dcUhcrtite rcrinenda tibi afTcntior 
As for tvhat be fpah ffrel-g'on, quatenus de rC" 
ligione dicebat. A ftr at I could apprehend, quan- 
tum affiqui potui. As for Pampin'.usy quod ad 
Pomponium. / liill io that which as to ths fe- 
verity of it, fhall be more mild, and, as to the com- 
mon faftty^ more prof fable, faciam id, quod eft ad 
feveritaiem lenius, ad communem falutem uti- 

At being, Ut, iitpote, quippr, fcllicct. ff As 
being one to whom very f^trat forroio cam', by his 
death, ut ad quern fiimmus mccrormorte fua ve- 
niebat. A pecple that may be numbered as beings 
fmall, populus numcrabilis, utpote parvus. De- 
mocritus, as being a learned man, thinketh the fun 
to be of a great compaft, fol Democrito magnus 
videtur, quippe homini erudito. And I, as being 
a very wife man, prefently underfiood, ego, fcilicet, 
homo prudent i Aim us, ftatim intellexi. 

As far af, Qu^i, quonrum, quoad., ufque, «f- 
que ad, ufque eo. f[ As far at one could fee, e\x^.i 
vifus crat. As far at it it in mypQivtr^ quantum 

Rtum eft In nobis. As far at poffhle, quoad ejui 
fieri poteft. As far as Rome, Komam ufque. As 
far as thetvoiki, ufque a,i molem. At far a$ 
fball be needful, ufque eo qi.6 opuserit. 

Asf, \\at though, Quifi, pcriodc quafi, per- 
inde ac fi, tanquam, ut fi, tanquam qui, tan- 
quam fi, non fccus ac fi, juxta ac fi, ita ut Vu 
^ As if hit Ife lay at fiake, quafi vita? difcrjinen 
agatur, Tou require that %oef}jQuld conftm that as 
though it were done by our order, poflulas ut id, 
tict'inde quafi fa^um fit noftrojodicio, confirme- 
mus. They tremhhd, at f they had be:n furpnxtd 
''V an ambufh, perinde, ac fi infidiis citcumvcnti 
fuifTcnt, trcpi^araut. She fought at if /he had ne 
mind to conquer, ita pugnabat tanquem quae vin- 
cere nollet. That they ffj^ldfalute him as though 
be had been conful, Ht iftum, tanquam fi effet con- 
ful, faJutarent. This is all one at if 1 jhou^d fay, 
hoc perinde eft tanquam {\ ego dicam. As if you 
were my ozvn brother, non fecus ac fi frater meus 
cifcs. As if he bad been my oiun brother, juxt* 
ac fi meus tratereflet. As th:!ugh be had kno^vn . 
nothing of the matter, ita ut fi rem iftam non nof- 
fer. He as though he bad ig<:n willing^. 
difiimulat fc voluift'e, 

Aittivere, Ut, ceu, quafi, tanquam. 
As long as, Quamdju, tamdiu, t.intifper dum, 
quoad, ufque dum, dum. ff Tou pjaU ham as 
long as y:u ivill, difces quamdiu voles. He lived 
in the eiry as /org as he could conveniently, vixic 
tJmdiu quam Ilcuit in civitaie beale vivere. As 
long as ycu oblige him, Dum huic obfcquare. / 
w.vy? play leafl in fght as hng as the matter is un- 
dccided,\z\.tnd}im eft tantilper dumnegotium non 
confeftum fuerit. Do notfirbear writing to me^ 
as Ung as ycu can conveniently do if, quoad ejus 
facere poteris, neintermittasfcribere ad me. As 
long as tbey live, ufque dum vivunt, / gave at 
loTg as 1 lad it, dedi dum fuit. 

As big as, at bad as, Inflar. ff As big as a 
hook, inftar voluminis. They think it as bad as 
deaths inftar mortis putani. 

As many at. Tot, totidcm, quotqaot, quoiJ- 
cunque. ff As many years us be has li-ved, tot 
annos quot habet. There are at many tbargei of 
voicet as of minds, vocis mutationes totjdcm funt 
quot animorum. As many at there he, quotquoc 
erunt. As many foldiers as you can get together, 
quodcunquc militum contiahere poterifis. Twice 
as many as the number offervants requireth, duplU 
ciaquam numerus fervorum cxi^'it. 

As much, Tanjum. ff Though I ufe as much 
Wire, etiamfi alterum tantum pcrdcndum fit. 
iVbo ought to uje things as much or more, quem 
parifer uti his decuit, aut etiam ampliils. Add 
as m-ucb at ysu will thereto, it loill keep to ita. 
kind, quantumcunquc eo addideris, infuogenete 
maneblt. They are' as much to blame, fimih funt 
in culpa, tam funt in vitio. At much as lay in 
me, quod qu'dem in me fuit. H^e bavedjne as 
much as •tue promifed and undertook, fatisfatStum 
eft promiftb noftro ac accepto. / will do at 
much for you, rcddam viccm, reddetur opera. 
IFhicb it as much at any p!a\n;iff can dcfne, 
quod eft accufatort maxime oplandum. He 
made as much account of the gc^-.d ivUl of hit mvn 
freemen, as of bis own credit, voluntarcm munici* 
pum tantiilem, quanti fidem fuam fecit. 

As much at ever, Ut cim maxime, quantus 
maxime. ^ Thehoufe is as much celebrated as eve^, 
domus celebratur ita ut cum maxime. / wi/l 
[peak tvith as much brevity as ever I can, dicam 
quanta maxime brevitatepotero, 

A^ of in tfj,Quoticfcunqoe,toties quoties. ff At 
often as J f peak, quotiefcunque dico. At often as 
it it commanded, toties quoties pra'cipititr. 

As (ton as, Ubi, ciim, cilm primura, ut, ft- 
mul ac, fimul ut, fimul atque, 

ff As fen a.' ever, Ubi primum, ut primum, 
c»im primum, fimul ac primum, ftatim ut. 

As well as, ut, tam qua m, seque ac. ff Jwil/ 
Uar it as well as lean, ut potero feram. I love . 
thee at we// as myfrlf, tam te diligo quam mcip- 
fum. //* f/.ey eouUl endure our vires as well as our 
commands, d tam vitia noftra quam imperia ferre 
potuiffent. As loell as /, asquc mecum, juxta 
xnccum, mccum parltcr. They can fee as weH h^ 

A S H 

titgt' « fy if)> r.oflibus ftquc quum die Ki- 
nunt. lit liiuhib ri/.ndy can do as well ai him- 
Jtlf, nil''! n\(i quod iplc facit teiflum puut, 

j4!jtt, Adhuc. 

iS'o/ aiyti, Necdum. 

jls light as afcathn. Plum" kvior. _ 

/is Iran at a mile, Olfa vix tegit macles. 

jii fmras 'Jch, Iio pauperior. 

/litricc as lit Gi.jptl, Apcllinis rtrponfum. 

^ Asyi^u hriWtfiyiajhall buki,\i\. fememtem 
feceris, ita & metes. 

jis rich as he .1, ut ut, irl quarolibet, dives. 

i'.ici cs ii is, Qualis qiialis. 

^c ajctnd, Afcendo, confccndo ; alta pclere, 
furfvtm cvehi, altiusemergere, 

Tc afcenJ gniJuiilly, rp M«, Erepo. 

ylftinJani [power] Aufloritas. 

IJTogJWtlc afitiuUnt, or afccmleney, overcr.e, 
Tn aliquem auftoritatcm habere, auftoritatem, 
Tr/ fatis ponJeris, habere apud aliqucmj pluri- 
nii^imapiid aliquem poflf, t-{'/ valcre. 

Tit aficnj.inl [of a nativity] • Horofcopus, 
iidera natalitia, Waftri natalia ; affeflioallro- 
rum. ^ Supftofe it be material tuhat is the afccit- 
dant in a cbMiT s nativity, fac in puero referre qua 

An afiinding, or a'anjim, Afccnfio, afcenfus. 

Anajcent, Afcenfus, locus alius, excclfus, W 

to a/certain, Aliquid affirmare, confirmarc, 
cettum facere, (labllire. 

^ Toajitrtain the f rice oj go^is, Mcrcibus pre- 
tium imponcre, ftatucre, conftituere, faccre. 

Aj(erlair.!ti [fixed] Certus, afSrmatus, con- 
firmatus, conftitutus, determinatus. 

yi^mtaivtd [informed] Certioi faflus. 

|{ An, Confiimator, ceitus auflor, 

Ai> afrerfaining, Confirmatio. 

Afceiiilt [belonging to praaice] *1| Afceticus. 
, Afiititious, (Pope) Adfciius. 

% Afilepiad -vtrft, Carmen Afclcpiadeum. 

I0 afaiie, Aliquid alicui afcribere, attribuSre, 
tribucre, imputare. 

^ To efrriie to iimfilf, Aliquid f-bi attribiiere, 
iibi fumere, imputare, arrogare,, vel vindicare. 

Afcriliid, Afcriptus, attribotus, imputatus. 
■ jijctihablt, (Boyle) Afcribendus. 

An aj..ribing, or ajiriptiin, Afcriptio, attribu- 

AJhair.eJ, Pudore fuffiifus. 

To be ajhamtd, Erubefco; verecimdorj pu- 
det, dtfpudet ; pudore affici, vJ fuflundi. ^ Ih 
ioa\ ajf^aniedtt) come inyoitrjigkt, erubuit ora vc 
flra. I am ajharr.ed ijf you, pudet me tui. Are 
Kit you apamed? ecquid te pudet ? I am a/hamed 
to ba-vefuiha trick put upon me, difpudet fic mihi 
data elTe verba. He 'was ajhamed to /peak in pub- 
ftck, pudore a dicendo refugiebat. / nvorder you 
at e not ajhamed to look me in the face, te cum me 
aff icis pudore non affici miror. 

fl To make ajhamed, Pudore aliquem afficete, 
pudorem alicui incutere, vcl fuffundcre, 

^lam half ajhamed, Suppudct me. 

Shameful, or to be ajhamed of, Pudendus, pro- 
Wofus, turpis. ^ A v;ife man ivill endeavour to 
get riches by means he need not be ajhamed of, fa 
picn; rem familiarem quasret iis rebus a quibus 
iibe(l turpitude. 

An ajh, or ajh-trce, Fraxinus, ;', f. 

Atoildajh, * Ornus, /. f. 

Ajh coloured y aftiy, (Shakefp.) \faU as ajhes, 
Cineieus^ cineraceus. 

AJhen, Fraxineus, fraxinus* 

AJhen keys, Frodlus fraxine\i«. 

An ajh grove, \\ Fraxinetum, 

AJh Wednejday, Dies facrorum cineruoi. 

Ajhtaeed, || Hetba Oeraidi, 

Ajbts, Cinis, eris. 

% Buck ajhes, C\m% ad lixivium. 

A maker, or Jeltcr, of ajbts, Ciniflo, onis, m, 

% Potap^es, Cinis ad vitrum conficieadam. 

To burn toajkcs. In cinerss redigcre. 

Baked in ajhes, Sub cintre coflus. 

Ajhore, In teilure, fuper terram. 

^ To (oir.e e:Jhoie, Terra potiri, exfctnfum ex 

A S L 

navibui JD terram faccre, in terram egredl, vil\ 


f[ To put an army, goods, &c. on fkort, Copia;, 
mcices, in teirara deponere, w/exponire, 
Afide [Epart] Separafm, feorfum. 
Afde [a wry] Oblique, a latere. 
^ To !:ok afide proudly, Vifus fupctbos <it< ob- 
liquare, afpeflum coutorquere. 

To call afide, Sevoco, i , 

To lay afide, Sepono, removeo. 

II To lay afide a defign, Confilium rejicere, rf- 
pudiare, rcfpucre. 

To go, or crMC, afide, Sccedo. fl Come afide 
hitter, Sofia, fecede hue, Sofia. 

fl To Jet afide, Seoifum fi-ponere. 

To Jet afule [an order, or decree] Rcfcindo 
antiquo, irritum fatere. 

Te thrown afide, Atjicio, rejicio, 

Afinir.e, (Milt.) Afinarius. 

To ask a ^uejlion, Rogo, interrogo, fcifcitor. 
^To ask, or dejire, Rogo, aliquid ab aliquo pe- 
'ere, aliquid aliquem, vet ab aliqao, pofccre. 
^ A man may ask, ropet quig. He asked him by 
letters, cum pctiit per literas. Ask Ccd Jorgive- 
nijs, pofce Deum veniam. 

To ask again, Repcfco, repeto. 

To ask earnejily, Flagito, efflagito, expofco, 
dcpofco, ctiam atque ctiam rogo, •{> erogito. 

|f[ To ask advice, Aliquem confulete de re aii- 
qua, ab aliquo confilium pctei-e. 

To ask, ox irquire, Quaro, exquiro-; inquire; 
interrogo, percenter, + fcitor. ^ They ask them 
ichal^ neim, quas res cognoverunt quxrunt, vel 
exquiruDt. uls I -was asking the porters tuhether 
lyfhip 10a! come, dum percenter portitoies ecqua 
navis venerit. 

To aik more, over and above, appefco« 

To ask, or require, Rt-quiro. 

To ask boldly, or demand, Poflulo. 

To a' k Jo as to obtain, Exoro, impetre. 

To ask the price [to cheapen J Licitor, ab, vel 
ex, aliquo mercis pretium, vil quanti aliquid 
vendat, percontari, ^ ffhen Theophraftus asked a 
certain old tvman the price ofjucha thing, Jhe re- 
turned an anfivir, andfaid. You can-not buy it cheap- 
er. Cum Theophraftus percontaretur ex anicula 
qiiadam, quanti aliquid vcnderct, refpondit ilia, 
atqueaddidit, Non potes emere mineiis, Cic. I ask 
'hepriceofibe fjh, Rogito pifces, Plaut. 

To askthe price [as the feller] lodico, ^They 
ask dear, indicant care. 

fl 'Joask people its the church, Solenniter futu- 
ras nuptias denunciare, vel premulgare. 

To ask f ejuenlly, Requlrlto. 

To ask buvsbly [fuppiicatc^ Supplico; aliquem 
fupplicibus verbis orare* 

To ash indufirioujly. Percenter, perquiro. 

To ask mournfully. Implore, 

Toask Jecntly, Suppete. 

To ask as ajuitour, or luooer, Proco. 

Askance, askaunce, or arijAflV Oblique, torvJ, 
tranfverse, limis oculis. 
■ Asked, Rogatus, inferregatus, poflnlatus. 

An asker, Pelitor, poftulator, rogator. 

An aiker of queflions, Percen Cater. 

A Jeucy asker, Pctiior procax ; flagltator. 

Askivi [awry, cr crooked] Limus, obliquns. 

Askevi [adv.] Oblique, tranfveise. 

f\ To look aiieiv, Limis, .vet obliquis, oculis 
aliquem intuert. 
. ^ Looking akew at, Torvi irttuens. 

An aski Kg, Kofntio, pctitio, poUulatio. ^ Shall 
f give him •zvbat he ask-for btr ? tanti quanti pcfcit 
emam illam ? 

An asking of advice, Confultatio. 
, An asking a que/iion, Rogatio, percofltatio, 
• An asking humbly, Supplrcatio. 
' An asking [inquiring] Inquifitio, rogitatio. 
\ An asking [entreating] as a favour, Obfecra- 
tlo, deprecatio, .petitin, fupplicatioj precis. 
.1 ^ Anesk'ng in thecbunh, V . Bidding. 

% The asking [ftanding candidate for] the con 
Ijiljhip, Pctitio confulatfis. 

.^n asking, or demanding one's Jul, Poiiulatio, 

An asking often, Rogitatie, 

Ajlant, Oblique, inebliquuiat . 


yffeefi, SopHut, foponiut, fomne oppremn.. 
T heajleep, Dormio, 4. 

_f To btfaft ajleep, Altc dormire, forono tor, 
peie, r|, fomno fepcliri, Wopprimi. 

To fall afl.-rp, Dormito ; obdormifco, 

Almofl ajleep, fleeM, or half ajk.p, Somnlcu. 
lofut, femifonmis, (coiifomnus; fcmifopituj. 

fallen ajleep, Soporatus, fopittts, fomno op- 

To /ay, or lull ajtetp, .Soporo; confepio; fom., , 
num alicui afierrc, conciliate, tnduccre, movere^. 

Ajleep, Torpeo, ftupcK ^ My right fcot i- 
ajleep, mhi pes dexter torper, w/ftupet. 

^ A laying, or lulling, ajleep, Sonini Concilia, 
tio, V I \nia(X\o, 

AJbpe, Oblique, in obliquum, 

I0 m.^ke af.ope. Oblique. 

Made iijhpe. Obi iquatus. 

An ajp, or afpick, Afpis. Idis, f. 

An ap, or afpen tree [a fpccies of the poplar} 
Populuj alba, Candida, tremula. 

Anafpenleaf, Populi'albi foliolum. Belmgin^: 
to an ajpcn tree, f^i Populeus. 

Afparagui [herb] • Afparagus, 
, An aJpeCl, Afpefluj, 4. vultus. 

Anajp-aofaplace, Profpeflu!, 4, 

Toajfea, (Temple) Afpicio. 

^&f^7ji/i, (Raleigh) Vifibilis, 

AfpeSlion, (Brown) Confpeflus.- 

Afper, (Bacon) alperous, (Boyle) Afper; 

To afpirate [make tough] (Boyle) Afpera> - 

Afpcriiy [roughnefs] Afperitas; duritas^ 

To ajperje [fprinkle] Afpergo, confperge. 

To ajperje [fpeak unhandibmely of] Alicui 
infamiam afferre, aliquem infamia alpergere, , 
alicui turpitudinirnotam inurere, alicnjurexifii- 
matiorlem violare. 

AJperJed [fprinkled] Afperfus, confperfus; 

Ajperjed [blemiflied] Infamia afperfus, infa- 
pnatus, di^amatus. 
L An ejperfing, or akerfon, Afperfio. 

An afpe'ifion [fpeaking illof] Infamia, exifiii, 
matiunis violatio, vel la-Ho. 
.An aspirate [in grammar] Spiiitus afper. 

An ajpiration, or breathing, Afpiratio. 

^[^ An a'piring after. Ad res magn^s cententio, , 
nonerum, dignitatis, &c, return qiagnarum'af* - 
feftatio, ambitu5y.cupiditas, 

To afpire, or blew upon, Afpiro. 

To afpire, ox jirive, Annitor. 

^ To afpire unto honour, Konorej ambire, fadne* - 
ris fame nagrare, ad honores contendere. 

To afpire at, to, or after. Magna fpeilare, it-, 
feftare, cupirej appetere; afpirare tendeic, ad, . 
»l* fufpirare in, vel aA, fl There tvas a current ' 
tepori that he ajpiredajier iht crown, regnuni euia ■ 
affcflare fama fercbat. 

ff A man of ais afpirirg lemftr, Home eUti tt" 
jfupcrbi animi. 
, Aphodel [herb] * Afphodelus. 

Afportaiion, Afpottatio. 

Afquint, Oblique, tranfverse. 

To took afquint, Tranfverse intucri,' 

^ To look ajquini at, Limts oculisali^uerB^c^' 
iliquid, fpeilare. 

All afs, Afinus, 

Alitileafs, Afellns. 

Ajhe afs, Afina, afella. 

A wild afs. Onager, gri, jn. ■ 
■■ An afs coll, Puilus afini. ' 

Of, OT belonging to, an afs, Afinariuv- 

Aft' afs driver, ot afs herd, Afinarius, . 

Anafs [or fool] Stultus, fatuus, infulAis, init- 
eptus, ftipes, fungus, ^ Hi is a very afs, mulo 
eft infcitior. 

^ To ride en an afs, Afine infiJere. 

AJfafctt.da [gum] || Afia fcetida. 

Toafjail, Adorior, &ff. %ex AffauU, 

An ajlailant, affailer, (Sidney) affaulter, (id.) 
Gtaflator. oppiignator, obfeflbr. 

Af'araback [wild fpikcnard] * Afarum.- 

To ajp>£in, or ajfajfinai e , Aliquem ex i.^Sdii» - 
percutere, interficere, jnterimei«, trucidare. - 

An ajjajjinr, PercuflTor, ficarius. 

An aga£tr.ati.n, aJJ^JJirate, (P«pe, Johnf.) 


A S 9 

tCititf, vtl interemptio, per immiiTiffl percuf- i 
•ibrrm, vtl ex infidiia. 

yljftim, (Brown) Aduftio. 

Tj eff^uti, or ojlail, Afgtedior, graltor, ado- 
"Ticr, in hofttm nii:r«, irro?re, invidere, ingtu- 
«iT, imprcflionem, W impctum, facfre, 

Ti ajfiuh a placi, Urbem, cppidum, vtl ar- 
^cem oppupnare, invad^re^ aggrcdi, adoririj at- 
tcntare, <t> alTilire, aflultarf, incclTere; inop 
pidum imprtliionem farere, urbi oppugnationem 
infcrre, imiitn^r* oppidum, in oppidum irrupti- 
onem faciSrf. f[ 'ihty afieni'ardt affautiid tbt 
mvn mire fur'nijly than Itfirf, inde oppugnatic 
•4J atrocior, ante, adoita efl. 

/f/i ajjjai, or affnuliirg, Asgrefilo, oppugna- 
tio i irr.pclus, ■ »{» affultus. 4. ^ (/" y^" f'"J 
fanil iktjirji ajjaalt, primam coitiontm fi fufti- 

K To bring an adiim tf jJTaalt and tall try a- 
giinft tn>. * Dicam alicui imp'rngJre de aflullu 
& 11 peKuflione. 

To deftnd A^ainft an ajfauhj rropuITo gr q-r ^ 
Iravtlj r,pulj,d the ntmy-s tlpull, im ' " op! 
pugnantium tortiter propulsanint. " ^ 

^ To fahf, or tvin, a tczvn by iJJ'juUf Oppi- 
dum vi capcre, 'tfd fafta imprelfione expugnare, 

T" ^0 ojjauli [as bitches] Catiilio. 

j^ rakirgt ortvimitif, by ajfuuht Expugnatio, 3. 

Won by ajfaiih , Expugnaius, vi captus, 

jiJJ'atiltrd, Oppugnatus. 

/In affiiy, nx effay. Specimen, tentamen. 

Toajlay [maketiialj Aliqiiid conari, lentarej 
expcriri, periclitari, probare; alicujus rei pericu 
Kim faccie, Wexperimcntum capcie. 

To a/fiiy aga':n, Rctento. 
!^ To ■aJJ'y nuiat he can do. Vires fuas praeten, 
taie. See tjiry. 

To ajffy btfireiant, Pratento ; prsludo. 

Toaji'ay [taftj firrtl Ptjrgufto, pralibo. 

To ajjy frhily, Subtento. 

v^/?jvf.-/, Tentatus, cxpertus, probatus, 

TJot ajj'ayed, Intentatup, inexpertus. 

An ofjayery Teniator, probator. 

% An aJTaytr of e-j\n, Monetse ciidendae inTpec 
tcr, metallorum probandorum priefc£lus. 

An "JT"/'"!;, Tentatio, tentamen, pra;l«fio. 

y^n<i/r«i/flj?,Coacervatio,coagmentatio, com- 
paftio, conjunflio. f\ An oJfcmUagc cf txct, 
lent fva.'iieiy eximiarum dotum complexio. 

To aj'embje [call together] Convpco, congrego, 
•ggrega; cogo; concio; conduce. 

fl To ajjemble tbt Jennie, Senatum cogcre, con 
Tccarc; ccDventus agere. 

^ To a£-:Tt:bU an army,- Exercitura conflare, 
legionea, v*! milites, confcribere. 

•y To affimhU many ithgs tegeiher, Multas res 

To tjftmh't [ne.ut.] Convenio, congredior, 
Cueo. fl TLey aJfcir.iUd frivalcj, clam inter it 

Afftmhkd, In unum locum coaftus, colleftus, 
congregatus, a^gregatiis, convocatus, 

AJcmhlid [joined together] Coagmentatus. 
topulatus, conjunOus. 

An a£'tnsbi:ng [aft.] Convcc<»tio. 

An aJ/imHing [neui.] — an affimi/f, Convwi- 
tus, frcquentia, cclebratio ; ' <i» chorus ; ho- 
tninum multitudo in-unum Jocum congregat?, 
hominum congregatio, conflio, conprcliio. 

An aJJ^t.y ofibefeo/^e {to chafe officerr, &c.] 
Comi[ium, comkia, pi. comitatus. 

An ojjenbly met to bear a dijcourft, Concio, ec- 
elefia, PTw, -^ }lecharn>ed the ajjimlly ivilb hh 
fli^aiKce, dicendo hominum cietuj leiiuit. 

An aJjeir.hly^QT ring, Corona; circulus, Tac, 

m An affemtly of dniMei, Conleirus, vel *\\ 
;iynodu5 •]! theologorum. 

A diforderfy afftmbiy, OoTtio, tumultos, ctttss, 

• ^[7i hold an ajjimlty, or tffice, in any f! act, 
■ ConvrntuE ae?rc, v^/crkbrare. 

'% Todijmifiiiuajmby., Catumdimittftt, vel 

AfmtlUffmAly, Coneiunaila ; ronventiculum. 

Of, or htlinging to an ajjemhiy, Concionalis, 

To^<-ii/,.ac<jiiiclco; anirno, + iiflK-ntio.' 

Iiajjent, at ^izurx's cjaii tc, Al^ui rci af- 


fentiri, ifcedtre, fententiam tfcribSrf, confen- 
fum prafbere, allenfu luo probare^ comprobare, 
conermare. f[ I ajjir.t to ysu in that matter, iU 
lud tibi inentjor. He could not be peijuaded to 
gfvt bit flJTent thereto, CO adduci non potuit, ut 
huic rei alfentiretur j ut id Acret, nemo ab eo 
confenfum extorquere potuit. 

Anajjei.t, AiTenfio, ancnfus. 

Aljentaiiin, ajjtntmcnt, (Biown) Aflintatio, 
't' ftipulatio. 

By theajfent, or anfent, AHipulatu. Plin. 

^ AJJ'ented unto, Cui affenfum eft, de quo con- 

AJjiniing [of the fame party] AfTenfor. 

loo jorzLHird affint, Opinatio. 

To nfftrt [affirm, O' mairttain] Aliquid affere- 
re, alievcrare, Waffirmare. %Tbey ajj'ert that 
theivorld tvatcompo'ed of atom, Allcvcrant ex 
corpufculis mundum efle perfeftum, 

AJferted, Arfertos, affirmatus. 

To aJI'irt [vindicate] Dclendo, tucor, vin- 

AJJiritd, Defcnfin, vindicatus. 

An ajjeri'on, AHertio, affirmatio. 

An ajcriing [affirming] Affl-rtio, affirmatio. 

/*i ajj'crting [vindicating] Ucl'enfio, confei- 

Ajftrtlve, (Glanv.) Pertinax. 

At ajjcrtir, AiTtrtor, confcrvator [conftrva- 
trix, /eri.'\ Vindfx. 

To ejlrfs [tnx] Cenfeoj alicui tributum, ve! 
ftipendium, impcrare, impon(?rc, inducere. 

^ To ajj'ejt tbrrnfelvet, Pecanias in commune 
confer rf. 

AJf-ff'd, Cenfus. 

AfJ ajj'jj'mer.t , Cenfus, tiibutum. 

Ao ajjiff'-irofioxfs, Cenfor. 

./*/> a/7^ir' [in an alTcmbly] AflciTor. 

y4^rfj, Bonafolvenjisdebitis&legatisreftantla. 

An ajlrveration, Adeveratio. 3. 

Ajjidi/ity [tiiiigence] Afliduitas, fedulitas. 
fl Ajjiduity tnajiereib difficulty, Gutta cavat lapi- 

AjJiJuoBi, Alliduus, fcdiilus. 

To be ajffduous, Defcrvio. 

AJfiduovjly, Afliduc, fedulo. 

7o i^Jftgn [enjoyn] Impono. 

ToaJJivn ^appoint] Conftituo ; delego. 

^^1 a ajfign the time and place,T>\cm &locum ali- 
cui r^'i fuciendac prsettitucre, dcftinare, indicere. 

^ To affign a piece of Litd to one, Alicui ali- 
quam agri partem aHignare, attribucre. 

^ To ajpgn one a fenjisn, Honorarium alicui 
ftipcndium ftatucre. 

t\ To ajign eijtr a leafe, Locationem aidium, 
•uel agri, alicui alTijnare. | 

^ To (ijjign a reason f'-.r; Rationem, vel C3M- 
fam, dare, exhibere, reddere, pnctexcre. j 

A' djjign'', °' ajjign, Alicui rei alfignatus. 

Ajjkra^le, Qii^fd alter) aflignari poteft. 

AJJign.'d, Aflignatus, addiftus, dccrelus; at- 
tribu'.us i delegatus, m This prcrvince ti-ai; aligned 
tj you, heec provincia tibi riHignata Sc addicta eli. 
An annual penjioit ivaioj/igned bint, annuus fump- 
tus huic decretus eft. It bath a certain plate af- 
fignedit in the heavens, cerium habet in calo ac 
definitum locum. 

% A day, or place, affigned. Dies, -vel locus, 
ptajftit'itus, vel conftitutus. 

% An ajjignalion, or ajjignment, of time and 
place, Diei & loci conftitutio, rei certa quodam 
loco ac tempore facienda denunciatio. 

An ajjignalion, or ajfigrmen [diftribution] Af- 
fignatio, diftributio, atiributio. 

To trale an offignaticn, Promitto. 

% An ajignment of a leajc, Locationis ffidium 
alteri affignatio. • 

Affimilablr, (BTOwn) Qnod iflimilari poteft. 

To njpmtate [liken] Allimilo. 

A£imilated, Aftimilatus. 

AJftinilation, (Bacon) || Facultas afllmilandi. 

To (ijfimulate [counterfeit] Ailimulo. 

An ajfmulation, Afiimulatio. 

An ajftjt, or offjts, Judicum ad jus ftat's die- 
bus diccndum cotifeflus, comitia provineialia^ 
iaridici conventks. t 


fT To hep, or Uli, the oj/ifes [ai 1 iujge] Tin 
pro tnbunali dicjre, vel teddSrej jiiri djcuado 
proviiTcias obire, 

ff A clerk of affiles, Qui afta, vel decreta, in 
judicum confeilu in tabutas refert. 

f To ajfje tveigbt and neajiin, Ponderum & 
mrnluramm jura ptacfcribere. 

An ajfifer cf tueighis ai:d meajures, /Ediliti 
ponderum & mcnfurarum fignator. 

To ajij^ [aid] Adjuvo, juvo, npitulor; aux. 
ilor; miniftro, Met. a'Iminiculor j r^ afpitoj 
fubfidium alicui ferre, alicui adede, nvl fuccur- 
rcie J manum aux;liatem alicui porrigHre, fe pro- 
pugnatorcm alicui dare, fuppetias alicui ferre. 

ToaJ^jl [ftjnd by] Affifto, a/I,, sdfum, tueor, 
a parte, ■«»/ panibus, alicuju? ftare. 

/ijfjlance, Auxilium, ad;umentum, fubfidium. 

f ^0 dejire ajjijlame, Opem ab aliquo petcrc, 
implorare, fljgitare; ajicujus auxilium, oic/fup. 
petijs, inrocare. 

^ To give ajfflanci, Alicui ferre auxilium, 
vtl fubvenire. 

An ajjljlance, Collega, adjutor, adjutrix, f, 
adminifler, adminifirix, f. 

fl To he affiflant to, Aliquem juvare, vel ad. 
j'jvarej alicm adefle, 

AJfiHed, Adjutus. 

Ajlifiii.g, A"(<juvans; fuffVagans, gdjutabilis, , 

AJfoiiMe, Congregabilis. 

An aUic'tate, F.imiliaris, focius, collega. 

To ajjoaafe himjclf, ot leep con:pary ivitb; So. 
cietatem cum aliquo contrahcre, fa<erc,conflaie^ 
ccire, w/inire; aliquem fibi focium adjungcie, 
■vel afcifcSrej fe agcregare. fl He aJJo.-iatcd 
h.mJJftmth lie lejl of men, conjunxit fe cum op- 
:imis quibufcunque. 

t\To ajociate in -war, Arma cum aliquo foci, 
are; confociare, focia agmina juiigere. 

/IJpdated, In focictatis fojdus afcitus, conjun. 
ftus , confociatuE, c^* Junflus. 

AnaJJuiation, or ajim'ating, Hominum inter 
fe confociatio. 

To af',!l. V. To acfiiir, exccmmunication. 

To ajr, (Spenf.) V. Eifct. 

To ajime [take upon himftlf) Aliquid fib? 
fumerc, aflumSre, artogare, vindicare. Met, in. 

AJicmed, Sibi affumptus. 

An aj/iimer, (South) Qui nimis fibi arrogat. 

An aj/imin^ [Boldnefs] Fiducia. 

An ajfutrption [in logick] Affuniptio, fump. 
tio, [in rhetorick] » enthymema, aiis, n, 
' II AJJamptivt, Aflumptivus. 

An eijliirance [warranty] Cautio. 

AJI'urance^ [certainty] Certa, explorata, non 
dubia, minime dubia rei alicujus notiria, fT I 
have a perfeli ajpirance if alt that, ha!c omnia 
Ita fe habere non modo nondubiuraeft mihi, fed 
certiflimum ; hasc omnia ita efle certo, i>f/ cer- 
ium, fcio; exploratum plane, pcrfpeflum & 
compertum habeo. 

With afjurance, Certo, indubitanter j afleve- 
ranter J confidentcr. 

AJfurance [affirmation] Afleveratio ; confir- 

Affiance [confidence] Audacia, cohfidentia. 

ff Aman of great afjiirance, Audax, homo per- 
friflae frontis. 

AjJ'uranee [lecurity] Sccoritas, fiducia. 

Af'rance Medge] Pignus. fl He gave tKe 
ctt affiirance of bit fner.dfuif, amicitiiE lua: mihi 
pignus dcdit. 

fl Puhliti afl'urance. Fides pnblica. 

/tjurance [icfdutionj Fidentia, firma animi 
confifjo, fidutia. 

%\ Tt defend a caoje with great affuramc, • A- 
nimocerlo & connrmato in causS confirti-re, 
1 % To do a thing with great aj/'urenc; Fidentl 
animo. aliquid agere. ' ■ 

Affiirance f or a thing lent, Catatio. 

7o give ajjurancefj- the j erftrmance cf a thing, 
Satifdo, vadimonium pr;eftare. 

A giving Jecurily for ferfrrrance, Satifdatio, 

To take good afjuranct, Satifaccipio, caveo. 

AS T \ 

ff Tofftali viUbaJUram, Conftinti vultu at 
euc habitu Icqui. 

To r.Jj'un [affirm] Aliquld afleiere, aflf verarC; 
WaSirmare. J alJurt ynii, tibi confirmo. 

Tocllart [piote'a] Aliquem tucri, delendere, 

To ejjhri himftff, Certo fcire, compcrtum cx- 
ploratumque liabtre. % 1 affure rrrjjtif, perfua- 
him hab™. j^ffuri ynrfclf, fie hsbeto. 

^ To aJJ'ure a ibini 'it, one, Tignoribus datis 
•liquid «liciii nrmar«. 

^ To aj'irt e fafon by premift, Fide interpolita 
poUiceri, fidem alicui dare. 

f To nffure by ban rclaiUn, Certiorem faccre, 
£dent:r affirm re. 

Bound to ajjure, Plgnirati !. 
■ /IJ/urcil, Ceitur, confirma«us, afHrmatus, com- 
pertof, exploratus, perfpefln?, non vcl minimi: 
dubius, indubitatuF, .•J' indubitabilis. 

^ A" I'Jarui friend, A ailcus ccitus, fidus, fi- 

^0£k(s of ajfurana. Collegia, qua ex com- 
paftodamna prieftare tencntur. 

^ To be affiled of. t ibin^, Ccito ftirf, com- 
pertiim, perVpcflum & exploratnm habere. 

f To fc ajfuri.l [refoived] Apud fe ftatuere, 
in propofito fufceptoque confilio pernianci- 
certa in fententiaconfidere. 

To be ajjurid [engaged] Devincior. 

To be 'Mill afured [confident] Confide. 

AJI'uridly [certainlj] Ccrte, cerlo, profeflo, 

J£'ursd!y [boldly] Fidenter; affirmatc. 

II JJJiiridnefi, Certa rei ratio. 

yln ajurrr, Confirnnator. 

^ An ajl'unr, or injurer, ofminty, Confirmator 
pecuniae ex compaflo ; cautor. 

A" ajfurirg, Ccnfitmatio. 

To ajtvagi, aff'-'gi, {}■) mitigo, fedo, placo ; 
irmlceo, remulceo, permulceo; knio, mcilio; 
«ompefco, contundo. f Time aj/wagelb grkf, 
dies lenit agritudinem, doloris vis diuturnitate 

7ii tjpwuge, or bt ajpivagtd, Mitigor, refido, 
ccnfldo, conquicfco, dtfeivcfco ; decrcfco j fe 
remittcre, i^el relaxare. f That firmv btgir.e'h 
to cff-wagi, dat intervalla & relaxat fe dolor. The 
Je-u'r U ajjviafed, fehris conquiefcit. Tbh fury 
will bt y«s 'ijff'vaged, decedet ira hac brevi. 
Tbat ibefim-enefs of the king may be affviaged, ut 
impetus rclanguefcat regis. Tie ncaves -ivere aj ^ 
(•waged, conciderunt flu^us maris. The tumult 
vjasafl'ivagrd, tumultus comprellus fuit. 

To ajiujge after /welling, Uetumeo, deturgeo. 

AJwaged, Mitigatus ledatu?, Icnitu?, emolli- 
tus, placatus, relevatos; M«. cartigatus. 

An ajpivager. Qui mitigat, i/t/placat. 

AJwaging, ajjitafim, (Pope) Mitigatotius. 

An ajjwaging, ajfuagemtnt, (Spenf.) Lenimen, 
Iwiimcntum, kvaraenium, delinimentum j riii- 
Cigatio, ftdatio. 

Anaferijk [little ftar] 'H AfterifcuE, 

y^na/Jm/m [conftcllaiion] • Aftrum. 

t Aflern, (Dryden) V. Stern. 

\Toaft,rt, (Spenf.) V.ToJiarlle. 

An ajlh-na [difficult breathing] Anhelatio, 
♦ oitbopnara. 

Aflhm:i\ al, or ajltmatiti, Anhelatnr. 

To ajhnijh, Aliquem conturbare, perturbare, 
•t> exteinare, conftcrnare ; teiriirf, exterrere, 

yiry much to ajlound, (Milt.) Aliquem fliipe- 
fatere, • obftupefacete > rj. alictijus mcntem 

To bt ajion'ipid [or foroewhat furprifcd] Com- 
raoveri; aliquid mirari, admlrari, demirari. 
^ 1 am alior.jhed al your, tuam negh- 
yentiam.f.itis mirari non queo. Tou ought nat tc 
be aftonijhed al if, mirum tibi videri non debet. 
J tuas alwayt aflordjhed at your greainefi of mind, 
ir.agnitudinem animi tui fcmper fum admiratiis, 

Tobei^onijhtdvrrytmcb,ConH^tniT\; -^ Ha 
peo, 2. ftupclio, obftupefco. ^ Tliytcirecx 
te^'.in,!, (tjl.rijlnd, obtcrpuerunt animi, flevva- 
£j:on:j)jia at ibi ftpht, afpcftu obmutuit. He pn- 
Uzdid II be vc'j muih aflon'Jhid, attonituni fe ac 

A T 

jperculAjm firr.uUvit. 

Aflomjhtl, Attonitus, conflernatut, exanima- 
tus, petleiritus, pcrculfns, pcrturb.itus, flupe- 
tJilus, obftupefaftiisj timore ftupidu! j <}> ex- 
ternatus, cxanimis. ^ Thry flood aflonijhed, 
attonitis hafierc animis. AJioniJhtd at tie Ji ttnge- 
iiefi oflbe thing, reinovita'e perculfus, percitus. 

An a[loniJhirig, Conftcrnatio, cxanimatio, 
perturbatio; animi ftupor, 

A/loniJhtneni , Stupor, • pavor. 

To go ajiraddle, arflraddUng, Varico, varicor. 

ff To ride, or Jit, ajiraddle, Divaticatis cruri- 
bus federc, equitare. 

X AJIragal [a circle about a pillar] * Artra- 

AJIral, (Dryden) V. Starry, 

A/lray, Etrabundus, errans, deerrans. 

'Jo go a/iray, Erro, decrro, vagor, palor; a 
curfu redlo djvcrtere, vaiiiserroribus duci. 

^f To lead af ray, A refla via abducere, iner- 
rores inducere. 

A goiiig ajiray, Erratio, V. Stray, 

Ajfrifled, (Arbuth.) Aftridlut, conflriftus. 

An ajlrilfion [binding] Aftriftio. 

Aflriflive, or ajiringini, Aflringens, reftrln- 
gens, af^riftoriam vimhabens, alvo fiftendx uti- 
iis, * ftypticus, Plin, 

To ajlringi [make coftive] Alvum, vJ ven- 
trcm, aftringere, comprimere, tenere, durare, 

Afririgeny, Aftriftio, 3. aftriftoria vis. 

Afr'tde, Cruribns, vel uh'm, varicatls. 

An afnlabe [inftrument for taking diftances] 
II Aflrolabium. 

An ajlrologer, an aflrologtan, (Camden) • -Aftro- 
logus, r{> mathematicus. 

Aflrr/'jgfr, coTta^(. f 01 Arijiolothy [hart wort] 
* Anftolochia; 

Ajlnlogicat, Ad aflrologiam pertiner.s. 

Ajlrohgicaily^ Secundum artcm aflrologlae, 

Ajirokgy^ Sidcralis fcientia, aftrologia, 

fl Judicial aflrchgy, Aftrologia divinans, ars 
quasx fiderumcontcmplatione futura prsenunciat. 

An ajironomer, *|| Aftronomur, »|| Aftrono- 
miaf profcfTor, fcientia fideralis p eritus. 

AJImicmicat, *|| Aflrcnomicus. 

AJi, on'.micallf , Secundum artem '||aftronomis, 


Aftronomia, fideralis fcientia. 

Afunder, Separatim, feorfum ; difperfim 

To cut afunder, Diffeco, ui, i. 

To part, pull, or take, afunder, Sejungo, feparo, 
difTolvo. ^ /; is tafer to take things afundti 
tc i i:h are aptly put tigether, than to connefl thr 
dijfipaiid parts, facilius eft apta difiblverc, quaro 
diffipata conneftere. 

An afylum, ' V. SanSaary. 

At, IS anfwered by divers Latin prepofitions ; 
•vix. a, ab, ad, ante, apud, de, cum, ex, in, 
inter, fub, fuper, pro, (S'r. tL% ^ 1 nvill begin ai 
Romulus, incipiam a Romulo. Nor ivas all fuiei 
atfea, necab cceanoquies. At the day appointed. 
ad' conftitutum diem. At the name of Ihijbe he 
looked up, ad notren Thifnes oculos erexit, Ai 
latter lammas, ad Grscas calendas. At tin 
pKaJure of a icman, ad arbitrium mulieris. A. 
ihefrt, ante focum. At the gate, ante jamiam. 
At my bcufe, apud me. Caj'ar tr:eamped at Corf- 
nium, apiid Corfinium calVra pofuit Cjcfar. You 
■were therefore at Lecca's boufe thai night, fuifti 
igitur apud Leccam ea nofte. H^ben I am at his 
boufe it is all one as my own, apud cum fum tan- 
quam dcmi me.'E. he ivcr.t atc-ay at kreak of day, 
cum diluculo, cum prima luce, vel fub luccm, 
abiit, At that -wcrd, cvm i'i&o. He iiint aivay 
al midnight, de media nofte deceflit. He is per- 
fumed at iny ehatge, olet unguenta de meo, Ht 
loved her at hiij.'eari, ex anrmo amavis earn. Ai 
foinedi^ance, ex itltervallo. No longer ibanyjlcr- 
day at the ftaf, vel heti in eonvivio. At jeiool, 
in fchola. At church, in templo. / Bed it at 
the ■veryfitjl , jam in principio id mihi placebat. 
My tonju'jhip is nctu at an end, in exitu eft lam 
meus confulatus. The memory lieth at the I'oii' " 
of the ear, eft ir»aure ima mcmotia locus. A: 
• very -word the tears fall, lachryma: in fingula 
verba cadunt. Uefeurd tim jif at -.vo'k, viium 
in ipfo opcie deprehcadit, jtCad ihh befallen you 


a/ flipper time, fi hoc inter canam atcidinef. jgf 
the li^ining, inter inilia. Anheyio^r, at ileir 
cups, inter fcyphos, infer vina. Aifunfei tlef 
gave over, fub cccafum folii deftiierunt, //}» \ 
•wickidnefs leas the common laU ofallarfupper, de 
hujus nequitia in commune cmnes luper carnj ' 
ioquebantur. At lie door, ab oOio, aj forej, 
pro fori bus*. 

^ The prepofition is fomelimes underftood, 
as, ^ Aifrjljiglt, prime afpefto. Ai one b.Uu, 
uno idlu. Al my injlance, impulfu meo. At my bid- 
ding, me imperante. All things are ordered at 
tie ivill and pltafure of God, natu & arbitiio Dei - 
omnia reguntur. At your plcafurc, tuo arbitrato. 
PP'hat •would/} thou do-ivith him f quid illo facias-? 
jG(,o</a/fl</jfr,jacuJo bonus. Al my peril, mm 

As for to [by a dative cafe] f || Wiat •wilipt 
do at m,ef quid facfet mihi ? 

Al borne, or at the boufe, Domi. ^ 1 10111 bt. 
at home, if you •would have any thirg *wiih me, do* ■ 
mi ero, fi quid me voles. 

At, before a city or town, of the firft or fe. 
cond declenflon, and fingularnumber, is render- 
ed by putting it in the genitive cafe ; as, at ' 
London, Londini. At Oxford, Oxoniie, At 
Camirid^e, Cantabtigiat. ^^ But of the third 
decknfion, orplural number, in the ablative;*. 
:ts, at Car/hage, Catthagine. At Athens, * A. 
thenis. At Paris, Parifiis. At ycnice, Venc-' 
Al a venture, In incertum, temerJ, fottuito,' 
At hand, Pra?ft6, prope. 
f^ Al fecondband. Sccunda emptione, ■ 
% I ivill not lake tvit al your banch, Iftud haud * 
inultum fcrt's:* 

Al all, Omnino, prorsu?, quicquam. 
\[At all ]"ever] Unquam, ff I it ill not Mt ■■ 
no-w, if at all, nunc non faciamj fi onquam, ■ 
Le/i at any time, Nequando, 
At b'f, Vl cum maximc. ^ Thin Athens ivai ' 
at its beji tjlate, • Athene turn maxime florue** • 
runt. This, at beji, is but a pitiful performance^ . 
ho? ut nihil pejus dicsm, res nihilieft. 
At fiijl, Primo, primiim. 
At lafl. Ad ultimusi, ad txtrcirum. 
A'ikeleaji, Minimum. 
At no time, Nunquam*. ■ 
At snoji, Summum, ad fummum, plnrimilm, . 
ut plurimrim,* omnino, ^ He gave at mcji 11119 ^ • 
ihoufand ^icc.s cfmuiey, or est K'Ji three thoufard, ' 
duo millia numnrium, aut fummiim, tria dedit, . 
Four, or fvc at the moji, qualuor, aut quinqne 
ad fnmmura. They produce but fi-ve at the noil, • 
pariunt plurimiim quinos. The ihJTcrerce it but ' 
three at moJi, tribosut piuriltlum diftat, pf^eivere 
about tico hundred of us al mojl, t\iimtis omnino' 
-ad ducentos. 

At ibai time. Tunc, torn, eo, ml illo tem- 

At prefeni. In prajfenti, in prfffentsr. 
At ibis time. Nunc dierum, jam, hodie, 
Al leaf. Saltern, certc, vel. fl Rid me of thin 
pain, or al tcafi eafe me of if, crii^e mihi hunC ' 
dolorcm, aut mtnue faltem. Ai ieajl I /hall vex 
J.tim, moleftns ccrte ei fuero, Jf nit in a good,* . 
.It Icaji in a fettled, JIate of the city, fi non bono, . 
at faliem ccrto, ftaiu civitatis. - 
Ac leijurc. Otiose. 

At length, or ■« /a/7, AUquando; tandem, de-.- 
mum, deijique. 

At onte, S mill, femel, pariter, fimul & femcl,*. , 
una atqtie eadem opeia. 

At lineiBtirts, Inopinatoj ionninantcr, repeptc, ■* 
ex improvif", infpcia:^ ; dcrepent^. - 
^ At the viorji, ad ex'remum. 
11 To be at, er engagfdin a lb ng,~ltl aliqi:a re 
:occup.iri, vel vtrhsi, ^ fVijt looield be be atf 
quid fibi vuJl ? • 

^ To be. 't charges ivith, Sumptus in aliquil in— 
fumiire, pecuniam in, •••el td, Aliquioimp' nd?r?, 

•T To bt at the pains ol. In al quid agenda l»» 

II To he at a pcrf'n to do a thing, Aliquem ur«. 
^cre, impellere, indigare ad ahquid-agt^ndunu- 
Tijii/cil^'f, y.AibiiVe, 




t*tt, tdi. Sec Eal, 

/Ichti/m, aihtiJU.aliifi, (Hammond) Scelui 
corum qui Deum elTi: ncjant. 

A' athJj}, Qui diviium nitur»m aut Dsum^ 

.ifbeift'wti, sibt'ipc, (Ray) cthnus, (Milt.) 
Ad divimm nataram tolleiidara pertinens, im- 

jAhtifliealfy, Secundum (oi quidivinara natu- 
fam tollunt. 

To te atkirfl, Sitio, fiti afiici, teatzii, Vai- 
lij •«!> areo. 

jitHtticalfy, * Athletice. 

jtitUlUk, Achleticus. 

Athwart, Trjnfvcrse ; abli(iu2. 

Ault, (Shskefp.) V. To tilt. 

Atill, (Spefl.) V. To lilt a harril. 

Aimljfbcri, Vaporum • fphatra. 

An atom, -f tuomy, (Shakefp.) Corporculum,' 
• atomus, «J» glomeramen. 

Aiimica! pkikfofhy, (Bfntley) Epicurl doflrina. 

Ananmift, (Locke) Epicuri feftator. 

ToatoiK, or mail atuntineni, Eipio, luoj con- 
«ilio, reconcilio; placo; in gratiam rcdigere, 
favcrem conciliare. 

To alone [make amends for] Rem unam cum 
alia compenfare. 

An atoning, or atonannt, Expiatio, piatio, pia- 
mentum, '}> piamen; conciliitio; fupplicium. 

An aiening facrifict, Sacrificium expiationis 
cauCa rufccpcum j piaculum. 

Afntd, Piatus, cxpiatusj conciliatus, com- 

Thai ivhUb cannot be atonal for, Inexpiabilis. , 

Airiplci [herb] Atriplex, "icit, f. ' 

Atrodoui, Atrox. 

Airoc'uufy, Attociter. 

Airocity, (Clarendon) [liercenefs] Atrocitas. 

^Bfl(r3^^ [confumption] •Atrophia, Ct//". 

1l» attach [tack together] Rem aliquem ad 
Bliam alligare, Wcum alia coUigare. 

To attach [detain] Aliquem detinere, demo- 
Tari, remorari, tenere, morati. 

To aiia.h [take prifonerj V. arrtji. f[ He 
ciiacbed my father for deht, pignoratus eft patrem 

Atlacbei, Prehenfus, apprehcnfus. 

^To hi aitacbed to a person, or thirty, Alicui 
sdhxrere, inhaerere; alitujus partibus tavcre, ab 
aliquo <)are, fefe partibus alicujusdederej in ali- 
quid incumbere, 

fl Aliothed to an (.finien, Alicujus doilrinae, 
vel lenteatix, favens, adherens, dediCus, ad- 

An ana b'wg, or atiacbmtnt [a tacking toge- 
ther] AHigatio, coUigaiio. 

An allaclmeni [detaining] Retentio, 

An allachnuni, V. An arri-fi. 

Anacbmerl lo a f>crfin, or tbing, Adhsefio. 

An attack [fetting upon] Aggreflio. 
, An atiaii [the charging of an enemy] Im- 
f reflio, impull'us, impetus, "t" alTultus, vices, pi. 

An aitaA [made on a town] Oppugnatio. 

^ The attack of adiftemfer, Morbi tentatio, 
vet impetus. 

to attack [begin a quarrel] Aliquem provocare, 
impugnarc, adoririj tj. alicui incurrere, convi- 
tiis laccfsSre, Wprofcindere. 

^ Taattatk an fmniy.Hoftcm aggredi, adoriri ; 
hodem, vet in hoftem invadcre, irruerc, vel im- 
preflioncm facEre ; in hoftes impetum faccre, vel 

^ To attacka inun, Oppidum oppagnare, cin- 
gere, W invadeiej urbem aggredj, W adoririj 
in oppiHum impfcrtionem facere, urbi oppugna 
tion'^m inferre, irrumpcrc oppidum, in oppidum 
irTLp-Lionem faccre. 

Attacked, Provocatus, lacclfitus; oppugnatus, 
/|| yf'a/'rfiff, Provocator, oppugnator. 
T/ atia (I ■/-/«, Aliqua re potiri, aliquid attin 
^crc, coii; ngere, confequi, aliequi, pdre'* 
<J» nancifci, ^F;rtiie istve ready tvay tr attit t 
a i;uM l](t, tranquilla vitx fcmita per v i i ir 
ratct. 7hcy cr.nnA attain to that f>ratfe, ad ijJan"- 
: •idem aljpirare non f offunt. Eafy ways to at- 

tain prmu'm, adttus ad capelTcndei henorti 

Ai'ainthle, Ancquendur, cbtinendui. 

A:ia',n.iliUneJs, (Chcyne) Adipifcendi pote. 

An attainder. Crimen majeftatis procerum fof- 
fragiis judicandum, 

'^A hill tfatleieJer, Libellui accufatorius apud 
regni pmceres. 

Attained unto, Impetratus, 

An aiiaining unto, or attairmeni, Impetratio, 

fl Amen of good attainmenii, Vireruditus, do 
iflrina darus, ingenii dotibus clarns, prasclarus, 
eximius, cgregius. 

■[Attaint, (Shakefp.) V. taint. 

to aiia'M, Aecufo, evinco, reum agSre, vel 

^ to attaint of high treafon, Lafa; majeftatis 
aliquem accufare. 

To attaint [corrupt] Inficio, corrumpo. 

Aitaintedf Accufatus, conviAus, evi^tuSi 

II Attainted [flefli] V. tainted. 

^ Atfainture of blood, Sanguinis corruptio. 

to attemfer, Attempero, Sen. mifceo, commif- 

Attmperaie, (Hammond) Accommodatus, 

Altemftred, Miftus, commixtus. 

Aiiemfering, (Pope) Attemperans. 

An attempt, or aiien.piing, Inceptum ; com- 
milTumj conatus, tj> aufum, conamcn. 

fl to make afoolijh atitmpi, Inepte aliquid mo- 
liri, conari, aggredi, tentarc. 

to attempt, Conor, molior, commolior, incipio, 
ctepto, inctpto, audeo, txperior, ij" adurior; 
tango, feftor. 

Attempted, Inceptus, molitus ; attentatus. 

An attempter, (Milton) Inccptor, molitor. 

to attend [wait for, or upon] Prxftolor, ma- 
neo, opperior, expeflo, famulor; »}> appareoj 
profequor. ^ I .will attend you, te manebo. / 
attend your orders, expefto quid velis. 

^ to attend unto, Alicui aufcultare, infervire, 
obfequi } animo adeffe, aures vacuas dare. 

to attend upon [condudl] Deduco, comitor, 
latus alicujus claudere. 

Attendance, or attending, Expeftatio J Met. 
obfequium, minlQerium ; famulatus. 

f[ to attend a fick perfan [as a phyfician] JE- 
grum, .vel xgrotum, curare [as a nurfc] agroto 
fervire, infervire, «j» afliderej auxilium prxrtare. 

Aiter.danct on bufineji, Cura, diligcntia ; affi- 

fl the attendance, or train, of a prince, Afleda- 
rum, Waffcftatorum, turba. 

An attcndatiiC of appariicrt, &c. Apparitio. 

A great man'' s attendance, |{ Famulitium ; mi 
nifterium j turba dientum, comitatus nume- 

^ to dance attendance, Szpe & fruiira comi- 
tari, aflc^ari, viiitare aliquem, favorem obti- 
nendi gratia, 

fl to gii/e aitendanee, Aliquid cnrare, in ali- 
quid incumbere, rei alicui operam dare. 

An attendant, ailender, (B. Johnf.) AlTecla, 
comes, adminiftrator, miniftrator; f. miniftra- 
trix; afl'eflator; falelles; Mrf, canis; dediffe- 
quus, pedilfcqua, »J' minifter; f. miniftra, 

the attendant of a difcaje, Efi'eflus, exitusj 

Attendant on, Pra?ftolan$, expeflans. 

Attended [taken care of] Curatus. 

Attended [waited on] Deduflus, 

Ai tended viith, Conconiitatus, Plaut, 

Attention, Attentio, intcntio. 

%todo a thing teitb aiienlion, Aliquid intento 
animo agere, curare, conficercj diligenter & at- 
tente in aliquid incumbere. 

f\ to p'ocure atieniion, Auditores attentos red- 
Jerc, auditorum animos dcmulcere, 

A tentive,atienl, (Milt.South) Attentus, in- 
tentus; Mi . iji arreflus; vigil j fufpenfus. 

^ery attentive, Perattentus. 
•f to he attentlw. Ad aliquid attendere, ani- 
mum ad aliquid advertcte, adhibcte, in aliquid 
diligcnter incumbcre< 

% to w.akt attentive, Attentum aliquid facJre, 
expeftationem alicujus erigSre, habenas alicujus 
animi tencie, expeftationem facere. 

Aticntively, Attenie, arreftit auribus, altento, 
•r/^/intento, animo. 

Very atter.tivcly, PerattentJ J perlludiosS. 

Atlenlivenefi, Attentio, animi intentio. 

To alternate [ledirn] Attenuo, extenuo. 

Aitcnuaiion, Attenuatio, ex^enuatio. 

Attenuated, attenuate, (Bacon) Attenuatuf, 
extenuatus, <Ji tenuatus. 

To attejl, Aliquid teflari, teflificare, atteftari, 
teftificatione, vel teftimonio, probare, compro- 
bare, confirmare, ratum faccre. 

Anatiejling, Teftificatio, teflimonium, 

fi An aitcftaiitn by writing, Confignata lite, 
ris teftificalio, 

AtieJIed, Teftimonio confignatas, w/coniirma« 

that ranntt beaileflid, Inteftabilis . 

Autre, Ornatus, ornamentum ; amjftus; 
cultus, ^ Clothed in rich attire, Ttftibut fumptu. 
ofis ornatus. 

To ailire one, Orno, veftibus ornarc, exornare. 

Attired, Ornatus, exornatus ; amiftus. 

An atttrer [roafc] Qui ornat, vel cxornat j 
'J" ornalrix. f. 

An attiring, Exornatio, 

^1 he attires of a flag, Cornua cen'i adulta. 

Attitude, Corporum filus in piftuia, 

Aitollcnt, (Dcrliam) Attollens, 

to attone, V, to atone. 

An attorney at lav). Procurator rerum foren- 
Hum, litium procurator. % this affair cannot be 

managed by an attorney, delegationcm ret ifta non 

V '^he king's attorney, or attorney-general, Cog> 
nitor regius, regiarum caufarum procurator, 
Akna^vifh attorney, Piocurator pr^evaricans. 
A prating attorney, Rabula, se, m, 
fT to all by an aitirney. Per procuratorem agere 
^ to appoint, or maU one his attorney, Litteris* 
datis procuratorem ftatuere. 

^ A letter of attorney, Litcrae procurationis, at- 
tributa fcripto negotii gerendi aufloritas vel 

An attorneyfhif, ox attornment, Procuratio, de. 

to^ attrad [draw to] Ad fe aliquid trahere, at. 
trahere, w/pertrahcrc. 

To atiraEi [allure one by fair fpeeches] Ali. 
quern ad aliquid allicere, illicere, pcllicere, alle* 
ftare, invitare; aliquem obleftare. 

^toattraeiiheeyesofaperjon, Alicujus ocu. 
los in fe converterc, rapere, allicere. 

AiiraBed, Ad fe traftus, attraftus, pertraflus. 
Attralied [allured] Alleftus, illeftus, invi- 

An attr ailing, er altraBion, Atfraflio. 
An altraHing [by fair words] Blanditiae, pi, 

An aitraaing [alluring] atlraST, (Butl.) II. 
lecebra, invitamentum, incitamcntum, illicium. 
AtirafUve [drawing] attraflical, (Ray) At« 
trahendi vim habens, attrahendi vi prseditus. 
AiiraCiive [by fairwords] Blandus, pcllax. 
Atiraliive [alluring] Quod oculis valde blan. 
ditur, oculos ad fe rapit, oculos allicit, Wper- 

AtiraBively, Illecebrosc, blande. 
An atirahett, (Glanv,) altraflor, (Brawn) 
Qu^i attrahit, 

Atlributable, (Hale) Attribuendus, 
An attribute, Ornatus j titulus, 
^ the attributes of God, Divina attributa. 
toaiirihute, Aliquid alicui attribucre, tribucre, 
afcribere, imputarc; alTignari-, Mrr. adjudicare, 
fl" Ileaiirihutetb hit vices to old age, vitia in fcacc- 
tutem confcrt. He a'Irihuieth his envn prafe to 
another, laudes fuas ad alterum tran.'^fundit, lie 
atiributeth to me the fafe- guard of the nuhole empire, 
'judicat imperio Romano 8c orbi tcrrarum me at- 
tuli/le falutem, 

to attribute to himjelf, Aliquid fibi attribucre, 
afcifcere, afliimcre, fume^e, arrogarc, vindicare, 
^ He allributtib praije to biinfelf, laudem fibi af- 



fumit. I do lit ciiritute ihal vilfStm tomffilj, 
lion iftam rnihi afcilco lapientiam. 

To kt mtribuud fjfcrjbeilj perhibeor, tribuor. 

jlttritultd, Aiinbutus, tnbutus, aiTumptus. 

./in attrihutixg, Aitributic, 3. 

ylllritkn [rubing] Attiitus, 4. 

7o attune, (Milton) || Modulationem (fare. 

To avail, Profum, confero, refero ; conduce, 
valeo, juvo. ^ // ai'aiUii nothing to a good life, 
nihil ad bene vivenrfum confert, What did it 
a-vail? quid retullt } 

A-vailablr, Valens ; efficax j utilis, conduci- 

/hailment, ava'ilahtenefi, (Hale) Emolumen- 
tuffi, fruftus, utiliras. 

// availelh, Confert, conducit, refert, intereft. 
^ II a-uaiUlh little, parum juvat. It availetbmucb, 
multijin juvat, plurinium prodeft, 

Avant [away] Apage, abi. 

A'varice [covetoufneis] Avaritia, j. pecunia; 
aviditas, id cupiditas j ij> argenti fitis, aurl fa- 
mes i avarities, 5. 

Avarice [niggardlinefs] Nimia parfimonia ; 
fji lordes, pi. 

Avaricioui [covetous] Avarus j auri, pecuniae, 
divitiarum, cupidus, avidus, appetcns. ^ lie ii 
a liilU too tpvariiionsy ad rem avidior, vtl attcn- 
tior, aliquantum eft. 

Avaricioui [niggardly] Parcus, deparcus. Met. 
rtfltiflus, fordldus, tcnax. 

Am'r.c:o''fy, Avare, parce, fordide, 

Aticncio^Jreh, Avaritia. V. avarice, 

X AiaJI [hold a little] Mane, manej ne 
nuid tcmere j fat, f.itis. 

A" auiliin, or puhhck Jitle, Auflio. 

AuHionary, (Drydcn) Auftionarius. 

An auEfioneer, Venditor vicarius, auflionnrius. 

To Jdl bj, or put up to, auSioii, AuiSTonor, 
auflinnem facere, in auftione vcndere, hafta 
pofua vcndere. 

Audacious, Audax, confidens, improbus. 

/iudacioujly , Audafler, confidenter, itnprobe. 

Aud^cicufr.ejt, audacity, (Shakefp.) Audacia, 
eonfidcntia ; improbitas. 

Audiile, Audiendus, auribus percipiendus. 

A'iditk [loud] CanorUs, <}i fonorus. 

Audilly [heard] (Milton) Clariflime auditus. 

Audience [aflion of hearing] Audientia. 

An audience [affcmbly] Catus, 4. concurfus, 
conventus j frequentia. * acroafis. 

^ To gitie atidiin e to, Aliquem audire J alicui 
aurcs dare, adhibere, praebere ; alicui audien 
tiam facSre. %\ Tbi king gave audi nee to the 
amhajfadar of the irioji Cbrif.iun king, admiffus ad 
rcRcm *|1 ChriftiaHiflimi regis legatus, ab eo 
auditus eft. 

Audience of leave, Audientia valcdicendi. 

The court of audience. Curia audientiae. 

fj To get one audience, XJx. aliquis audiatur 

An audit, Teftium auditio, rationum exami 


^ To audit accompts, rationcs exaininare, ad 
calculos vocare. 

An auditiur. Auditor. 

An auditour of accounts, rationum inquifitor, 
3. calculator, ratiocinator. 

^f An auditour of the Exchequer, Fifci proco- 
rator, thefaurarii vicarius, a rationibus publicis. 

An oudilour's clerk, ■\ Scriptuarius. 

Auditory, (Nevvton) Ad auditum pertinens. 

An auditory, (South.) Concio. V. Audience. 
. An auditory [fchool] Auditorium. 

To avenge, Ulcifcor j vindico ; par pari rc- 

^f To avergt one's ftlf if a ferjoti, Vindicare 
fc ab aliquo, aliqUem ulcifc). 

Avenged, Ultus, vindicatus. 

Not avenged, Inultus. 
, An avenger, Ultor, ultrix, f. vindex ; exe- 

An avenging, avengtment, (Spenf.) Ultioj 
\]ndicatio, vindifta. 

An avenor. Return qua: ad regia equorum fta- 
kula pertinent infpefior. [ 

An avenue, Aditus, 4. intToittiti 

A V O 

Aaeni [heil] 'K Caryophyllata, 

To a-uer, Aflero ; aio j ferio airev^rare. 

Average [duly of carriage] Portflrium j ope- 

rarum pr^tbitio. 

Average [equal (hare] i^qua ejufdem rpecici 
portio, diftributio, vel collatio. 

ff To put to an average. Rem arbitrorum judi- 
cio permittcre, rem arbitris difceptandam com- 
Avered, Seri6 affirmatus, exploratus. 
An averring, or averment, Confirmatio, pro- 
batio J tcftimonium. 

To averruncatt, (Hudib.) Averrunco, 
Averfaiion, (South) Aveifatio. 
Averje, Averfus, • alicnus, a, we/ ab, aliqna 
re abhorrens. f Averfe to learning, a Mufis a- 
verfus, .1 Uteris alienus, a (ludiis abhorrcns. 

Averfion, or avcrfenefe, Averfatio, Inftidium. 
tJ He hath an averfion to marriage, abhorret ab 
uxore ducenda, He hath an ave'fion to tre, eft a 
mc alienior. That thing is my averfion, ab ifta re 
"nimus meus abhortet. Nobody ever had a great- 
r averfion to literature, nemo unquam fuit tani 
averfus a Mufis. 

^f To give one an averfion to, Aliquem ab ali- 
quo abalienare, "uf/alienare. 

^ To have an averfion to, Ab aliquo alienum, 
vel averfum, cffej atieno, vel averfo, animo 
iffe ab aliquo, <}i abdico. Met. paveo. 

Dcferving averfion, Averfandus, f}> averfabilis. 
To avert, Averto, abduco, abftiahoj depre- 
cor ; deteftor ; Mel. averrunco. 
Averted, Averfus, abdu£lus. 
An averting, ab aliqiia re avocatio. 
The iing's avery, LoiMt ubi pabulum regio- 
rum equorum conditur, 

A" auf, or elf [fool] Stultus, fatuuj. 
An auger, or augre [tool] Terebra. 
Aught [com. ought'\ Res; quicquam, &c. 
Had you aught elfe to do ivith her f num quidnam 
amplins tibi cum ilia fuit ? Dofi thou ptrceivi 
aught? fcquid fentis .' If aught pouldbefatl you, 
fi quid tibi humanitus acciderit. Hdd I been 
aught but a blockhead, ni eflem lapis. For aught 
I hear, quantum audio. Good for ought, frugi 
You it'ill never be good for aught as hng as I 
live, dum ego vivam, nunquam eris frugis bouse. 
To augment [increafe] Augeo, cumulo ; ad- 
augeo; alicui rei incremcntum afj'erre. 

^ To augment one's revenue, Rem fuam auge- 
re, exaggerare. 

Ts augment [enlarge] amplio, amplifico. 
To augment, or he augmented, Accrefco, in- 
crefco i augeor, augi-fco. ^ His infirmity vai 
augmented, valetudo increvcrat. 

Augmented, Aud^us, adau<5>us, amplillcatus. 
An augmenting, augment, (Walron) or aug- 
mentation, Auflus, 4. adaudtus ; accretio, adjcc- 
0, incremcntum, fj>augmen. ^ An augmentation 
of honour and fortune, acceflio, vel amplificaiio, 
dignitatis So fortune. 

An augmenter, Aniplificator. 
An augur [ftiolhfaycr] Augur, 
Auguratinn, or augury, Augurium, «|i omen. 
^ he dignity of an augur, Auguratus, 4. 
Belonging to an augur, augurial, (Brown} au- 
gurous, (Ch.ipman) Auguralis, augurius. 
Auguring, (Shakefp.) Aupurans. 
Augufi, Auguftus, magnificus. 
Aiigufi [month] Auguftus, menfis fextills. 
An aviary, Aviarium. 
Avidity, Aviditas. 
f AM, (Shakefp.) V. Old. 
Auliei [belonging to court] • AuIIcos. 
^ie aulick council. Concilium imperii aulicum, 
■f- Aumeilad, (Spenf.) Variatus. 
An aumbry. See Almonry, 
^ An aumulet, Ovorum intrita in fartagine 
frixa, vel frifta. A. 

An aunt by ibe father's fide, Amita, 
An aunt by the mcther s fide, Matertera. 
A great autit by the father's fide, || Proamita. 
A great aunt by the mother's fide, || Promater- 

•}■ To avoctte, (Bnyle) Avoco ; impedio, 
Avtcetiin, Avocatio, avocamenlum. 

A U T 

An Aouation [hindrance] Impedimentum. 

To avoid, Vito, dcvito, evito, fugitoj fugio, 
refugio, caveo j pra:trreo ; dcfugio, fubterfugio, 
efrugio J Met. decline ; + evado j exeo ; ex li- 
qucis avolare, ex malii emergjre, com farcinis 

To avoid, (retire, Shaiejp.) Se fubducere, ilf- 


5r To avoid iy fieol, Alvum evacuire, exina- 

To avoid by urine, Meio, m'snxi j * uiiiiam 
reddere, vel facgre. 

fl To avoid the fight of one, Alicujuj afpcAum 
aufugcre, vitare. 
^ To avoid a Uoro, lOumdeclinare; eluderc. 
To avoid by nugbing, Extuflio, lufliendo ex- 

An avoidance, (Bacon) Exinanitio. 
Avoided [feoned] Evitatus, devitjtus. 
Eafily avoided, avoidable, (Locke) Evilabliit, 

Net to be avoided, avoidlefi, (Dennis) iiKviti- 

An avoider. Qui evitat ; qui aufert. 
An avoiding, avoidance, (Watts) Evitatio, de- 
vitatio, vitatio. 
Avtrdupois vitigbt. Libra fedecim unciaruni. 
Avchtion, (Glanv.) Effugium. 
To avouch, Aflevero, atteftor, aftero, autumo, 
defends, confirmo, conftanter affirmo, aifte 

^ To avouch for another. Pro aliquo fpondere, 
vel fe fponforeni dare. 

^ To avouch one's authority. Dignitatem ali- 
cujus tueri, defendcrc, W vindicare. 

f[ To avouch art auitour, AuAorem laudarr, 

Ai'Ouchahle, Quod afiirmari potcft. 
Avouched, Artirtnatus, alTcveiatus, laudatus, 

Au avoucher, Sponfor ; qui affirmat. 
An avouching, Sponfio, 
An avouching, avouch, (Shakefp.) Teftimo- 

Ty avo^u, or juflify a thing, Aflirmo, confir* 
mo, approbo, allero, 

Toavotv [own, or profefs] Profiteor, ?gncfc<s 
Avoviahle, Quod palam affirmari potcft.' 
Avowed, Palam afHrmatus } agnitus. 
^ An avovjed enemy, Hoftis apcrtus, vel de- 

Avowedli, Aperie, ex profeftb. 
An avotuer, Qi^i aliquid aftiimat, vtl com- 

J Aroiury, purgatio. 
II A'^otoiry, Adullerium. 
Auricular, Auricularis, ad aurem pertincnSj 
Auricularly, (1.) Privaiim. 
Auri.le, Auricula. 

A:.fpice [Met. ptoteflion, B. Johif. iriflaencc, 
Drydcn.'] Aufpicium. 

Aufpitious, Felix, fauftus, aufptcatns. 
Aujpicioufiy, feliciter, faufte, aufpicatd. 
II Aalpicioujnefs, Fclicitas, 
Aiijicre, Auiteruf, durus, afper, feverus, t^- 

% An aufiere life, Viflus, cultufque afper, 
vita diira ; vitx afperitas Sc duritia. 

Aiflercly, Auftfie, duriter, fevere. % He It^ 
haved bimjelf Jomcivbat auflcnly to others, al:is 
duriorem fe pr^ebuir. 

Aufierenejs, or Aujleriiy, Severitas, aOfterita;, 
II To aufiialize, (Brown) Ad auftrnm indi- 

Authcrtkal, or aulhcntici, Fiima auftoritafe 
comprobatuS, auftor^iatc ratus, tes ccna fidci. 
Ai.lheniically, or auibenlicUy, fumma fide. 
Authentick papers, Auttoritatrt, pi. id qood 
in auftoritatibus peifcriptis extat. 

<([ To make dutbentcel, Ralum facere, fi.m.i 
auitorltate comprob-re. 

Auihenfiealreis, (Addifon) or aatbertitkiiefi, 
Certa, vel explcrata, rei cognitio. 

Made ttuttenliik, Fiiinl auAorltateccmpio- 

E jf.-i 

A W A 



rfi aylhjiT [•rltei] Auilor, fcriptor, 

yijt aHtitvur [coniriver, or inventor] Conditor. 

J viill tfUjKi my aialow, Auftorcm nominabo. 

jilt aurh^ur tf tht ^wtji ag^s. Alitor clafiinis. 

1'bejiifi autlckr of r:i cbuj\ Caput fccleris. 

7Z>r ctiif auttvar, Dux & fi^nifcr, 
^ Tc hi autiour of one^t o^'n h'trm, Afciarr 
truribus Tuic clidcre, fibi malum' crtare, fuo m- 
dicio pcrire. 

Ttt tutlxir of a Ian, Lfgis later. 

jfiiiUriljlivt, Audoriiate firmalus, probatus, 

jluihyritai'.ve^y, Aii^lorJr.ire, 
~ jlaiboriiy, Auftmitas, dominium, impcium j 
dominalio ; jus, jSris^ n. poteilas, potentia ; 
•}• auTpiciurn. Ma. pondus. f\ Ht i> advanat! 
to rhi t'tghefi authority, icrum faftigium tenet. 
}^o man rvat in much greater auiiority flan another . 
nemo magnopere cminebat. 1m ut rule ^^pU 
^ith f^ual authority, communcm hunc popu]un> 
p«ribus aufpiciis regamus, ha^vs have no au- 
Iheriiy in war, filent leges inter anna. They 
were in great authority, in republica, judiciifqut* 
plurimi'im poilebant. lie dotih ii of hit own au 
tbo'try, fuo jure agit. 

Authority [leave] Licentia, f[ / have autho- 
rity to do it, id mini agere licet. 

jl^lborily [credit] Fidts. 

Chief authority, Primatus, 4. principatus. 

A ntjn in g'eat authority, Vir pr^potens, in 
^uo Aimma au^oritas eft Sc ampiitudu, vir auc- 
toritate gravis. 

• A man of fmall authority, Vir aujloritatc pa- 
t»ni pollens. 

One in authority, Magiflratus, 4, 

Chief men in authority, Viri optimales, magn.^ 
ftu^^oritate pulK-ntes. 

Vc he in authority, Auftoritatem habere, vel 
ftbtinere ; plurimi^m pollere, aufloritate vatcre, 
Sorcre, pollere. 

To cite or ^uote authorities, Aiiftorita'cm, 'vc! 
auAorem, laudare, citare, proCetre, ailegare. 

^ 7*0 tvart a proper authority, Vcterum pa- 
Ifocinio carcre. 

^ To tlo a thing of 9tt^i vwn authority^ Suo 
]v«e aliqiiid agerc, 

t\ To exeel in authority, Praepollco, prafideo, 

fl To give authority to a thing, Alicui rei au- 
ftoritatem aft'erre, adjitcre, liibuerc; pondus 
alicui rei addere. 

^ To fut in authority, Aliquem allcni rei 
prxficcre, auAoritatcm alicui dare, tiibucre, 

^ To put out rf authority, Alicui magiftraturr 
ab^frgare, magii)ratu aiiquem privare. 

Put out tf authority, Exaudoratus, magiilra- 
tu privaius. 

^ T» ffoai nith authority. Cum poteflate lo- 
, ^lyitb authority. Cum privilegio, cum im- 

To authorize, Auftoritatem alicui dare, ve/ 
•ribuere ; aiiquem audotitaie munire. 

Authorized, Au£loriute, vej * diplomate 

An auilorifirg, outkorixation, (Hale) Au£io- 
Vila^, licenlia, copia. 

Autography, Propria manu fcriptio. 

A.,tomMout, (Brown) or aut<,malical [lelfmov- 
uij] • Auton^aius, Vitru. 

Autumn, Antiimnu^, autumnitas. 

Cf, or lelonging to, autumn j or autumnal, Au- 
tumnalis, e. 

Aful/ion, Avulfio. 

Auxii.ary [helping] Auxiliaris, auxiliarius. 

Aaxiliari for es, Copi.<, vr/cohottea auxiJia- 
ttt; auxilia^ pi. fbciorum cnpiae, 

^ Await, (Spent.) V.»'j.i. 
I 7otrti>ait, Eiptdo, maneo. 

Awjie Vigil, vigilans, 

m Ttorciigl fy aiaaU, SoniBO foliitus. 

To atcatc [aSiveJ Excito, fufcito, exCufctto; 
%ipergeracio, fbmiwm alicai rumpcre. 

9V atiiaii [neut.J Exfcriiifcor. 
T*if, mJuef, •jw&^ VigU*, -f «»igiIo, j 

Vj t.-ip one imvii', Aiiquem vlgilem faciSre, 

To lie a^vjke, Infomnis cubare. fy / have lair 
iivake all thit night, fomnum in bac no^e ocu 
IS non vidi meis. 

fl To awaken to a duefenfe ofthingi, Aiiquem 
id te^c cogitandum commoverc. 

Awahed, Experreflus, expergcOftus, 

^ A^v.1^eneJ luiih a fetfi of Cod't mtrciei, • 
Oei fceneficiis coirmolus. 

^ Atuakening Ji cmrjei, Sermones qui ad reflc 
tc Deo cogitandum conimovent. 

To atvard, Adjud'co, addiro, difcepto. 

To award, or maul off, a hltna, Ictum aver- 

fl lit awarded the blow by bending lit body a 
little, i£tum patva corporis declinatione aufugit. 
He awarded the ilvw tvitb bit Jhitld, C'ypco ic 
turn excepit. 

An award, Sentcntia, arbittium. 

Awa^did [adjudged] Adjudicatus. 

Aivarded [warded off] Averfus. 

Aioare, Scicns, providens, <^ praefcius. 

Not avjare, Ignarus, nefcius, ncc opinus. 

To be aviare of, Caveo, praevideo. ^ / wat 
not aware ofyatt, baud tc afpexeram, IJere it wy 
majier, ard I wai rot aware of htm, hcrus eft, 
ncc prsevideram, lie luat upon him ere heivai 
aware, imparatum adortus eft, Lo'^k hack at if 
you had i:ot hen a^vnre, quafi de improviso refpict 
ad cum. He (urprifed ihtm befre they <iucre aicart, 
inopinantes deprehendit. She tafled of it hfjrc 
fhe was a^jjare, de eo imprudens goftavit. 

Away [tyj Vah ! f\ Away, there is m daa- 
srer, van! nihil eft periculi. 

Away [begone] Apage. ^ Atvay •euiti you, 
ippage tc, aufer te hinc, 

II To away [go away] Abeo, faceftb. fl Will 
you not atvay f fugin* nine ? A%vay ivith all 
fpecd that can be, temigio vcloquc quantum po- 
teris fiftjna & fuge. 

To away with [take away] Aufeio, tollo. ^ 
Away with this muft, aufer mihi oporiet, Auay 
with that barliirous cujl'^m, tnllite birbanmi mo- 
rem. Awjy with thefc fopperies, pellantur hap 

To away ivitb [bear] Fero, palior. ^ T tar;- 
not away with a Crf' ian R'.me, non pofTiim fcr- 
re Gra^cam urbem. / cannot away with this air, 
hoc ccclum non parior. 

To be away, Abfum, dcCipror. 

To bivr, or carry, aw.ty, Aufero; abduco. 

To drive away, Pello, abigo. 

To raji away, Abjiclo. 

To fall ait/ay [apoftatiz?] A * Ij Chriftiana 
rdigionc deficcrr, ftl defcifcere. 

To fall away [grow thin and meagrej Ma- 
cefco, macrefco, emacrcfco ; emacior. 

Tt> ^et, cr^-., aivay, Bvado, 

II To hie away, Feftino. 

To pine away, Contabefco, macrefco. 

To run atuay, Fugio, aufugio. 

Tojmdaway, Ablego. 

To fi and away f Abfiflo. 

% To fiial away, Se fubducere. 

Aive, Reveicntia, metus, timor. 

To he in a^oe, Timco, metuo. 

To awe, or keep in awe, Reptimo, coerceo ; 
timorem fui alicui injicere, 

Tofland in awe of, Revereor. fl Ue perceiv- 
L-d y^u to Jiand in awe of him, intcllexetat vertri 
vos & mctuere, 

Atved, Abfterrltus, deterritus, 

^ Over awed, Magno metu abfterrituj. 

Ai'}ful, Vcrendus, terribilis, fanflus, >J> hor- 
rcodus, horribilis ; f.icer, 

Awfully, (South) Cum veneratiooej <{> lior- 

Awfulmfi, <t> Horror. 

f To Awhape, (Spcnf.) Perccllo, conturbo. 

Awhile. V. m.le. 

Awkward, (J trak, L'Eftrange) Ineptus, mi. 
nu5 aptus, inhabilis, incallidus, perverfus. 

Atokwardlj, Inepte, minus apte, perverse, 


Awitaardnijs, Ineptia ; perverfita!. 

An awl, SubuU, 

/tutltjs, (Slwkcfp.) fine vewratione} velii- 

in*rf J vacuus. 

An awn, or beard of torn, Arlfta, 

^I An av/n of wine, Menfura vini circiter 360 


An awning, Velorum prztentura ad arcenJum 

Awoke, Expergefaftus. V. Awake. 

A wry [crooked] Diftortus, obhquus j per. 
verfu^ J inclinitus. 

A making a wry, Diftorlio, 

Awry [crookc.liy] Oblique. 

II To g> a wry [out of the' way] Oberro. 

To look a wy, Tranfversc, w/ oblique, tueru 

To tread a wry, Diftortis calceis incedHre. 

To turn, or fet a wry, Torquco, diftorqueo. 

An ax, Afcia. 

An ax [for execution] Sccoris, is, f. 

Abroad, or f^uarlng ax, Dolabra. 

A tattle, or poll ax, Bipennis, fccuiis beUicj, 

A chip ax, DolabelJa. 

Chipped iviih an ax, Dolabratus, 

A pick (3v, Bipenn's. 

A little planiitg ax, Dolabella. 

An axle tree. Axis, is, m. 

Axilla y. Ad axillas pertinens. 

An axiom, EfFatum, enunciatio, 

The axis [diameter of a fphere] Axis, media 
linea dimetiens * fphxram. 

Ay [yes] Imo, maxitne. 

II X F"' ay [ever I In ae'ernum. 

Ay [ay me] Hei mihi, eheu ! 

Ay tgreen herb] || Semper vivum. 

An ayry. Nidus accipitrum. 

J Azimuth, Circulus verticofus. 

Azure [blue] Caeruleus, • cyancuj,. 

An azure Jione, Lapis lazuli. 

B A C 

TO haa, or bay, like a peep, Ealo, 
To babble, Garrio, blatero, dcb):itero, de- 
canto J quicqirid in*boccafn venerit effutire. 

A bii.''blfr^ Gjrrulus, Inquax, gerro, blatern 
f\ He is a Tpy bM'l.r, Rimarum plenus eft, 
ha; iil.ic perfluit, 

A la'Llmg, or labile, babbltment, ( 
Loquacitas, garrulir.ra. 

Mete hahlh, Nuga, pF. 

A fit'tr, Intan;, tis. c. 

A little bate, ot baby, Puerulus, pufic, m; 

Bahijb, (Afcham) Pueiilis. 

Ch'.ldrnis bah-es, balxry, (Sidn.) Crcpundia^ pi, 

A bahy, Pupu", pupa. 

Biil^yj'ly.p, Infantia, 

Baby things [with women]^ Lineamenta zA 
infantes recins natos involvenda. 

A baboen. * Cynocephfllus. 

BobyKniJh, • Babylonius, 

Bacchait.ils, * Bicchanalia, * DIonySa, 

Bacchus, * B icchiis. 

Abachthr, Ccelebs, ;iJ3. 

A knight h.ttbelor, [f Miles batala'iuj. 

fl A bachrhr of arts, Ptimam lauream adep« 
tus, i'(/confecutLS. 

A bachelor of divinity, * [| Tbeologi* b;icca» 

A bachelor t degree, || BaccaUureatuj. 

Bachehr^s but In, • Polyanthemon, i, n, 

Bacbelorpip, C(ilib.itus, 4. 

To back, or ajjijl, Adjovo, fuftento; alicui 

'To back a I'orfe, Equum confcendere, in equo 
federe. ^ He fnffcred none to la.k him, fclforent 
nullum paiTus elf. 

To rack, or break a hcrfe, Equum domare. 

To brtvg hack, Rednco. 

To cafi back, Rejicio. 

To come back, Redeo, reverter, revenioj ff 
I tuiil focn be back a-ain, a^tutum redibo* 
Make hafle back, m.itu'.i r"dilum. 

To drive ba.k, Retrcago, repello. 

To give back [retire] I'edem referre, retroce. 
do ; in fuga-m inelinare. 

To give back, [reftorc] Reftituo. 

Togo lack, ■Regrcdior, dsmigro, 

f 7f 

B A C 


B A I 

^ To go lid from hii icorJ, FUem TioUre, 
4c gradu ccJcrc, piomijfis non ftare, 

J^goir:g />:nt, Rrgrefl'us, 4, 

To urile buck, Refcribo. 

To tttf tack, Demoror, rcmoror, cohibeo, re- 

j1 ieff'mg tad, Cohibitio, retentioi 

7o hok back, Ref(.icio. 

10 pay tack, rciiurr.eto. 

11 J pull bjik, [hindrance] Impedimentum. 
'fop-jl! tack, Rttraho. 

To put back, Rtpello. ^ He ivas ful lack, 
rcpulfam tulit. 

To find lack, Remitto. 

I] To backjUc, A rcligione * || Chrifliana defi- 
cere, W delcillere j *H Chriflianam religioneni 

U A Uckjlidcr, * II Chriftiana fidei, vcl reli- 
gionis, dclt^rtor, 

II .4 ! a.kjVuihg, A ♦|| Chriftian: fide defeftlo, 
•[I Chriflianse religionis deTeitio, 

£aikivafj, or ta^k-zvardi [:kdv.'j Retro. 

£<it<:iv)rf [aveife to] Alicnus, Met, averfos, 
a re aiiqua abhorrens. 

Backii/ard [negligent] Otiofus, negligens, re- 

To be bachtvard h doing a thing, Tcrgivcrfor, 

yi Iting backtfarJ, TergiverTatio, cunftatio. 

Backivardly [ unwillingly ] Tcrgiverfanter, 

Backviard/y [negligent])] Otiose, negligenter, 

To go lackivard and forward, Obambulo, ul- 
tro citroque ambuUrc. 

^ To go backtvard and frivard in ajlory, Rerr 
alitcr atque aliter narrare, recitare, cxponcre. 

To go backivard [as crabs do] RctrogrcJior. 

Baci-tvard [Oow] Piger. 

Tit backicard, (Shakcfp ) V. Riiroffea. 

Ba.k^vardnejs [averfion] Averf^iiio. 

Backwardnefi [ negligenca ] Ntg'.igentia, re- 
Biiflio, 3. 

Baiktvardn [s [flownefs] Pigritia, tarJitas. 

j^ baik, Dorfuni, Icrjium. fj My taek n-.vf. 
fay for it, fcapulas peididi. He ivifl be the fatrit 
tffore yrjur face, and behind y^ur ta k, prosien, 
abfcjiique idem erit. Bcrfe this f/U-w en yr^ui 
bi-'ck, and ca'-ry b]m in, fublinitrm hiinc intio 
rape. Tiey jet him on horjiback, ilium in cquun. 

To fgbl on iorftback, ex equo pugnare, vc/ 

•7o r:jn atvay on borjeback. Cum equo fugere. 

To ft en horftback, Equo federe. 

Toferxeonhorjeback, Equo merer! , 

^ Tie back of the bami, Manus pars averfa. 

^ To bear on one's back, Humeiis ferre, gella 
re, porlarc. 

To break one's ba^k, Delumbo. 

^ To break one I hack with a cudgel, Lumbo: 
dolare fufte. 

H f] T'o break ore's back [ruin] Aliquem for- 
tunis omnibus, Tf/ bonis, tundiius cvertere, •vc. 

11 ^ To clap a writ on one's back, Alicui * di- 
cam impingere, aliquem in jus vocaic. 

To turn tack, Reverto. 

To r-J! back, Revolvo. 

^ To turn one's back upon [forfake] AlIqueiT 
dcfertre, relinquEre. 

II ^J To turn one's back to [allow him to exrel] 
Alicui (ecere, iranus dare, herbam porrigere, U 
*iftum, "L"./ foperatum, elTc confitcri. 

Broltn backed, Elumbis, dclumbatus, delurr.bit 

II m Bnken tacked [ruined] Omnibus fcrtun 
/uitditus evcrfus, •y/exutus, 

OupspbOikcd, Gibber, C.-//". gibbcrofus, ^rfrr 

Ba,kcd [alfiOed] A.ijutus, levatus, 

Ba kid as a iorje, Domitus. 

^ 7o put his horje c. be backed, Eqtium domi- 
tori ttni'LTe, dare, commiticre. 

Tie backing 'f a hcrje, Equi domitura. 

A ba kin;, (Shakefp.) Auiilium, 

To baik'ice. Ml. Ri'do ; abfi^nti infamian 
aScire, ali^ii(.ni int'amia afpergere, turpitudin' 

notam vita alitujus inurere, alicujus exiflima- 
tionem lartere, W iriolare ; aliquem obireiitare, 
clam vituperare, niorJete; contumdiosc de »li- 
quo dic£re.> 

A backtiter, Obtreflator ; maledicuj j qui 
alter! infamiam affert, vcl lab:m afpergit. 

A tackthing, ObtrcfUtio, • aliens fama; vi- 

The tack lor.e. Spina dorfi. 

Of, or belonging, to the lack bone. Spinalis. 

I he back pans, Pofterima, tm, n. pi. 
Set ba^k to back, averfi colligati. 

A binding tack 10 back, Averforura colligalio. 

II ^ pig ba.k, Ter^um recirvum. 

To carry ott fig ba.k, * Humeri! infantem fcr- 
• e, gedare, portare. 

Afaddlebaik, Tergum fublidens, Wcavum. 

II Saddle backed, P.indus. 

jf iai* (/so»-, J.inua poOica, oftium poftjcum. 

Aba^k room. Camera interior, ^t'c! poftica. 

A back pjop, Taberna interor, cfHcina pollica. 

Ba k fiairs. Scalar pc/lirs. 

fl A fage of the ba k flairs, ram»lus qui ad 
rcgiic ftalis porticao miniftral. 

Alackfde, or yard, Pofticj, >{■ chors poflica. 

The ba kfje of a leaf in a bcok, Pagina averfa. 

Ihc bactfide, Podex, Ids, m. 

On the backfule [behind] Pone, pijft, retro, a 

LHvt/ling on the baclijide, Porticus, 

Ba k [adj ] Pofticus, poftcrior, averfus. 

Abackbliv, or back Jlrcke^ id^us averfus. 

A bac< friend, Inimicus, obrreftaior. 

A lack Jivord, * Wachicra. 

A reviling bcljnd one's back, Sanna pollica. 

Ba-on, Ljrdum, i/./laridum. 

Rulty bacon, Laridum raiicidum, 

AJiitcb of baccn, Succidia. 

A gtiKrnon of bacon, Petafo, Mart, 

Bacn grcajt, Axunjia, 

p ^ I'o faiie cnc's baccn, Se a malo'confcrvare. 
yoft- prir.cip;a fibi cavere. 

Bad, P avus, malus, nequam. ^ It is a tad 
liofirefs, occifa eft hxc res. He is as bad as ever, 
iurfus ad ingenium redit, lit takctb bad iOurfcs, 
in fl.igitia fc ingurgitat. 

^ A'o tad man, Homo minimc malus, 'vel 
praviisj non improbus. 

Bad [fick] .^ger, .Tgrotus, qui male fe ha- 
bet, T,v'/ adversa valetudine luburat. 

Bad roads, Vias ai'perse, lutofae, lutulenta?, 
confragof*, falebrufa?. 

Bad limes, Tempoia calamitofa. 

<(J To keep bad hours, Scio, vel multa no£le, 
domum redire. 

Bad •weaihir, Teinpeftas nublla, vel parum 

^ To be ve>y tad [lick] Veliementer sgro- 
tare, pefiime fe habere j » moibo langucrc. 

11 ^ '7o U vety bad [poor] In re tenui contli- 
tui, ad inopiam redigi. 

Ij Bad [bidden] julfus. 

/, tbou, be. Sec. bade, Jufli, julTifti, juflit. ^ 
Give her as much as J bade, quantum imperav 
date. She did as her tnoiber bade her, mater quoc 
fuafit fua fecit. If y-M iiould have dor; as I bad' 
yotCf n meum imperium exe^ui votuiiles, vej I' 
me fatis audiviflts. 

^ I bad/o much money for it, Tanta mercedc 
iicitatus fiim, tantum piciium obtuli. 

Badly [wickedly] Male, ptavc, improbc. 
II Badly [difficultlvj /Epc, diHicultcr. 
II Badly [fiikly] Male le habcns. 

Bailncfs, Vitiuni, piavitas. 

Badnijs 'f road, Viatum afprritas. 

Bjdncjs of weather, Cieli intemperies, vel'itt- 

A badge, or lokei, indicium, fignum ; teflira 

A badge, infigne^ (i, n. 

Badg^d (Shakefp) .{. Notatus. 

A badfcr, * Taxus, • aielis, is. 

A badger [one that buyeth corn and felleth 
t again] Mango frumentarius. 

To baj/le, lu,iificor ; Aliquem fal'ere, deci- 
pcic, fraedare; alicui verba dare; aliquem duiij 
icludere; prcduccre aliquem inanibus verbis. 

Bailed, Ueceptus, delufus. 

A bajte, Kugjf, pi. f /, ;, alia iajfe, Me- 
rz nug.e funt. 

A bajlirg, Deceptio, fraus, • dolus. 

Bajlinr, Decipiens, deludtn;, fallens. 

A baffler, Deccptor, Sen, rj< lufor. 

A tag, Saccus, ptra. 

A ha: her bag, ct purfe, marfupiom. 

A li'ilc bag, LpcuIus, faiculur. 

A'loakbag, Mantifa, • hippopera, .V)r. 

A haivking lag, Vidulus, vidulum aucupato. 

A meal tag, Saccus frumentariuj, Saccuj ad- 
tarinam contincndam. 

Aficeet tag, Sacculus ad odoiomenta costi* 

A bag bearer, Portitor cnimenw. 

A tag net. Reticulum fublilius. 

A bag pipe. Tibia uiricuUris, tun, 

Abagp:/er, utriculaiius. 2. 

A bag puddirg, Mafiula farinaria in face* 

A baggage [impuc'ent woman] Mulier impu- 
dica, vtl improba. 

Baggage [lumber] Scruta, pi. 

Bag and bageage, iir.pedimenta, pi. farcina. 

Bag by bag, PcratJm. 

To rr:fs up lag and baggtgt, Vafa, v:I farci- 
nas, & Ccccs colli^cre. 

To give orders to march tuith bag and baggage, 
Vafa contlamare. 

To march atvay tag and baggage, Sarcinis, vef 
valis, colleflis proficifci, abire, difced<:re. 

B aggcd up, S ace a t u s . 

A bagnio. Balneum, 2. 

•f To baigre (Carew) Madefacio. 

Bail, Vadimonium, faiifdatii. 

i?ii/7 [furety in a criminal matter] Vaj. 

Ba'l [furety fur debt] Pra;?, dis, m. fponfori 5, 

^ To accept of, or adn:i! to, tail, Vadimoni- 
um, v./pfttdem, acci[cie. 

^ To dtmar.d ba I, Pradem, vtl vaJcm, pof» 

ce e. 

^ Tj except agciivji bail. Contra pradem, vel 
vadem, exceptioaes faccre. 

To give, OS put in, hail, Prredem, iv/ vadem, 
dare ; pro aliquo fpondere. f| 7be ether becare 
bail fcr his appearance, vas faftus eft alter fiilen- 
di ejus, He rc^uireih me to put in bail, vadatur 
hie me. He pumth in bail tofiand to tie esv:ard, 
judicatum fo!vi fatifdat. 

To fave himjtlf and bis bail, Vadimonium 

^y To bail a perfon, Vadem fe pro aliquo fiflerf. 

Baitalle, Res in quu vadimonium interponi 
pot eft. 

Bailed, Interpofito liberatus vadimonio. 

A bailiff [magirtrate] Prsetor urbanus. 

A bailiff 'lerjcant] Lifter, apparitor. 

A b-e Iff ftewarJ] Difpenfator, procurator. 

A tail ff [of a hundred] Villicus, 

To do de effic of juch a bailiff, VUlico, I. vil- 
licor, villici munere fungi. 

The office of a bailiff, or bailfh'p, Villicatio. 

A bailing, Vadimoiiii inteipofitio. 

A baili-xick, Prsetoris, vcl viliici, provincla, 

A bain, or ball', Balneum. 

A bait, V. allurement, 

A bail [to catch a thing] Bfea ; perleceSra. _ 

To bail [lay a bait] inefco. V. To allure. ^ 
You kn^ic- ml hotu to lay baits for men, nelcis ;ft- 

To bait [at an inn] Diverto, divertor, diver. 
I'nr, cibo apud diverforiiim fe reficerc, in hofpi- 
c o publico cibum fumerc, 

f[ A bait, OS bailing, at an im, Ciborum »• 
pud hofpitium reftftio. 

fl To baci a bear, or bull, Urfum, vtl tau- 
nini. cum canibus cornmiitcre. 

9\ I0 bail [a hook] Efca hamum obdurcrc. 

^] To bait [cr fct upon] one, Aliqutm convi. 
ciis impetcre, invarlcie, lacefst^re, pr^ftindcre j 
mi'left am alicui exhibcie, inierre, pr.vliire. 

^1 A bailing, bear tailing, tei, Ccrlamca in- 
ter ul (us fc canes. 

E 1 

B A L 



>f Uii'iKg fUzt [liy the wiy] Divtrrorlum, 
hol'^'icaiin J ijbnna divcrfcria i *ii caoponi. 

W iaiiiriji [-la I [icr wild tcaD&J Arena, am- 
phiihratrunii 2. 

% tlttaiith [of a hawk] Alls conttndit. 

Baix/'t l*annu5 villofus. 

7o I jit, Torrro ; paiiei, w/ a]ia cibaria, fur- 
no ccqutrc. ^ (Prov.J At }<iu iiewtfoyeujliiill 
inKf, ut fem:n:fm teceris, ila & metes. 

^iakelKuff, Piilrinum. 

A fmall Uk^bcujf, Piftrilla. 

Cf, or i / c^/rj ra, <» Aaiftoa^V, Piftrincnfis, 

BaitJ, PjiJus, coftus, coflilis, furnactus. 

% Baked urjtr lie ajhes, Cinerc coflus. 

e.afy la le hated, Coflibilis, 

Bihd miali, Pifla, pi, 

A inker, Piftor. 

ji fjier e/fzueit miali, Piftor dulciariuj, 

5 Baker Iged, Valgus. 

W haker'i trade, Panificium, art fiftoria. 

Akak-n^, Coflio, L. A. 

Of, or A./»(>.>j It, iiiiing, Pirtorius, 

A Bj/ji:ce,'Libii, trutina, ftaura. 

The teamof a b.hnc!, fcapus, A. 

Tie b.U mlcttiitilt halanu lurnctb, Trutina, 
J asina, A. 

Ti« I'jnguc ef a kahnct, Hxamcn ; icipus. L, 

Ibe feak tf a tilmce, Lanx. 

Ti bitlat'Ce. pcnJus zqare. 

That •abieb ii fat irio the hianee ts make 
^ven zveigtif Sacoma, ^/r. 

AlaUncing [evfn weight] Libramcn, libra- 
^mentuni, Squipondium. 

Balanced, In xqutpondio pofiius- 

fl -T^ balance accent::, Raticnes ae-,uare,ir/ex- 
irquarc. 7tey lave balafxcd accent:!!, convenii 
ini-^r eos ratio accepti Sc expcnfi. 

^ Tt faji itt ia'ai::e. Quod in rationibus fu- 
per;:{> numerate. 

*\ To h'.ll ibe balance of fcKcr, Imperii lan- 
tern tinere. 

7t ba'attce (t.ocke) V. To hej!ta:e, 

A bcl^ncee, Libriprns, dif. 

Balaujlittei, V. Pontegiar.a^e* 

Abalaiy, •Podium,^/.'/-, mcniana pi. C;V 

Bald, CjIvui, depllis, glabcr. 

il A bald difcoutje, Serroo triviaiis, infipidus, 
Siiltibidus, incptus. 

Bald btf ere, Prjccalvus. 

Bald behind, Rccalvus, recalvefter, Sen. 

% Bfld by a dfeafe, • Alopecia depilis, Cetf. 

Ti. be bald, Calveo calvefco. 

To be tr.ade bald, Calvefieii, Var. calvus fieri 

BaidcrJap [of drink] Potus mixtus, ml com- 

II BaUerdjfh [a ccnfufed heap of things] Far- 
raito ; iodigeda renim vilium cougwies. 

BaldneJ:, Calvltics, calvitium. 

.rfWi//ic, (Popc)Balteus. 

J To tale ajhif, Acjua navem vafculis cxone- 

A bale cf g'.odi, Mercium colligataruin fafcis. 
^^ulligata mercium farcioa. 

A little bale, Fafciculus. 

Baleful, Triftis, mirftus, funeftus. 

Baleful [hurtful] Noxius. 

A Balk, or ridge, of UrAbttvxmt'wofurmoi, 
Porca, I. lira. 

A balk, or bettn, Trabj, bis, f. tignum. 

'J'o bait [rr.ake a balk] Imporcp, Col. aratro 
fublato prceterire. 

To balk [pafs by] omitto ; ficco pede piaster!- 
re. ^ / will net balk your boufe, domum tuam 
□on dcdinaturus Turn. 

To balk [difappoint] aliqucm decipere, fru- 
ajiri, fallcrr, deliiderc. 

Te bjik ajhul', Emptores ab officina avertcre. 

To he balked as " fhop, Emptoritus vacare, 

Falird I as land] In'ip<ircatus, omilTus. 

l?<(/(.-i/{'1ifappoinie'iJ Deccptus, delufus. 

£<i/W [ac a fliop] Emptoiibus varuus. 

A b.lttr [in pktu^hing] || Impu-caior, im- 

A.halkmg rmakiny of balks] || Imporcatio. 

A balkirg [vJlTing by] Omiaio, prajteraiinic. 

A tall lojlij luitb, y)\i. 

^ To tlay at hall, PiWs \, 
A little bi'll, Pilula, orbic.lus. 
5r A bitid ball [tennis ball] pila palmaria. 
t\ To flay at band ball, Datatim ludSre. 
Ball flafir^, <J> Pilaris lulio. 
A ball f layer, Pilariuf. 
Tie retound cf a ball, Pilz rtfultus. 
Tbe iijer cf a, Djtor. 
Af^ot b,:l!, PiU pedali?, follis. 
A ball cf wild fire. Ignis Phrygius. 
The hail if the tai:d, * Palma, vola. 
Tbe ball cf tbe eye. Oculi pupilla. 
Ibe be I cf the fact, Planta pedis. 
A h^ll, or bulla. Globulus. 
^I A canr,iin ball. Globulus I'erreus e toriBen 
tis f xplodend'js. 

A n:vjk ball, or htieet ball, PaftiUus. 
The ball of a p:l'ar, Scotia, Vitr. 
A iciajh ball, * Smegma, 
A ftioTj Ml, Globulus niveus.pilluh nlvaria. 
A primer's ink ball, Tudes, L. A. pila atra- 
mcnto linita. 

^( Soajt balls, Pilae mattiacae, Mart, pila; ex 
!'apone& » fn:egmate confe£t«. 

A ball [dancing] Cclebies chorea, • chore- 
arum celebritas. 
To keep balls, * Choreas celebrare. 
To g'i to balls, • Choreas frcqiienta'C, 
A ballad. Cantilena triviaiis, vcl de ttivio J 
carmin mifcrum, canticum, nenia. 

A ballad finger, Qwi, -vil quje, cantilenas in 
triviis canit. 

BaUafl, Saburra, fabulum navale. 
To hutlafi, Saburro, faburra gravare, 
Ballajied, faburratu*^, faburra gravatus. 
Ballajiiitg, faburia libramen, •t/f/libramcntum. 
A halloin [gtcat ball] Follis. 
A ballot box, Cifta in quam fufl'ragia mit- 

To ba'hl, fuffrafia in ciftam minSre, 
Aballuing, b.:lletatior. (VVotton) Suffragiorum 

Bal:n, * B^lfamum. 
Bc:lit: [herb] Apiartnim. 
Balm gentle [or Mint] Melmum. 
The balm trtee, Frutex Judiacus. 
Balfamiite [water mint] Sifymbtium. 
Balfam, *, Plin. 
Balfam mint [an herb] <f Amaranthus, menta 
G aca. 

Balmy, or balfamick, * Balfaminm, 
X yi balneary (Brown) Balnearium. 
J Balncaiicn, (id.) || A£lus balneo lavandi. 
A balu/ler, ot balujiradc, Clathrus, 
To kilujler, Clathris fcpire. 
II To bamboozle, Aliquem decipere, deludXre, 
•al.cre, alicui verba dare. 

|] A bjmbccxler, (Arbutb.) V. A IrickJIer. 
A ban, Edidlum,decreCum. [a curfe, liabighj 
imptecatio, dirje, pi. [an interdiftion,] 

To tan [curfe] Execror, aliquem diris devovc- 
re, imprecationes contra aliquem fulminare, 
mala alicui imprecari. 

Baned, or banned, Execratur, malediiflus. 
Aland [tie] Copula, ligamcn, ligamcntum, 

^J To bundle up tvith a hand. Vinculo ligare, 
alligaie, colligare, deligare. 

A neck band. Collate, collarium, collaria, 
Plaut. colli ami£lus lineus, fericus, Sec, 

A head hantl, Fafcia caput cingens, anadema, 
A bat band, Pctafi cingulum. 
A lit'li band, Fafcicula, fafciola, tasniola, 
Afwadlingbard, Fafcia infant. lis. 
A band of Jolditrs, Caterva, cohors, grcx j 

To dividt into fmall bands, Dccurio, in curias 

Of a hand, or company, Ca'ervarius, turinalis. 

A band tf footmen, Peditatus, pedilum caterva. cfmen, Cohorticula, copiulie. 

A band under ci:e captain, Manipulus. 

By bands, Turmatiin, catervatim, gregatim, 

liy bard of ten foldiers, Mani|>ui.\tim. 

A bandage, Fafc a, i. 

Bar.dalien, Monile cum nidis pulvere fulpbu- 

reo rifertij, • pyrii f ulvcris • ihccic. 
Banditti, Laliones Italjci. 
A bandog, Canis catcnAtus, 
A bandy, C'ava filcata. 
ff To bandy a ball, Ciava pilam torqucre, 
^ To b.indy at tennis, Rcticulo pcllcre. 
To handy [make a faflios] ccnf,iiro, conjuro ; 
Faftionem concitare, coitionem faccre. 

If To bandy aga:t:Jl a perfcn, Aliquem dan- confil'is oppugnarc, pricre, )iei:eie. 

fl 'Vo bandy reports abiut, Rumoics fpargi-re, 
difpergere, cinfeminare. 

Bandied, (Swift) Exagitatus, 
Batily legi'd. Valgus, 
Bane [poifonj Vcnenum. 
Bane [death] Mors. ^ He had like to hate 
tatcb^d bis banc, mortis periculum adiit. J^viil 
be lie bate: cf hint, ad mortem ufque ilium per- 

To bane, (Shakefp.) Veneno toUere, 
Baneful, Kcftiferus, noxius. 
Rats bane, * Arfcnicum. 
H^olfs bane [herb] • Aconitum. 
A bang, * Colapliuj, plaga, ifluf, verier. 
To bang, Aliquem caedere, puICare, verbeiarc, 
pugnis contuiiderc, obtunderc, pujnis ocerarc, 
lumbos alicujus fufte dolare. 
Banged, Casfus, verberatus. 
A banging, Verberatio. 
To b^^rjjk, Aliquem in exilium mitlcre, pel. 
lere, reJegare ; exilio afficete, punire, muliare. 
g He hanifhcd Imfif, in voluntarium exilium 
conceflit. Thy luere iarjjhed tieir Ciuntry, a dili 
penatibus exterminati funt. 

To be lari'ped, Exulo, I. dcportor. 
^ To he hanifhcd the court, a curia pelli, ex 
aula retia in exilium peiii, 

BanffKed, Exulans, ablegatus, relcgatus ; <'e- 
motus, cxterminatus, profcriptu;, patiia pulfus, 
A banifiidman, Exul j a io!o palrio cxtMiiis. 
Aban.fher, Profcriptor, exterminator. 
A banijhing, relegatio, ejedio j profcripiio, 
amandatio in exilium ; exptiitatio, Sen, 
Banjhment, Exilium ; fuga, 
^f To recall from lanifimeni, \n patriam levo- 
care, niel redccere, exulanti civitatem reddcre, 
cxulem in patriam reftituere. 

Baitifiers, Clathri, clathrorum feftum. 
Tie tank of a river, Ripa. 
A bank to held hack tvater. Moles, agger, 
y4ea"i [hillock] Grumulus, tumulus. 
A bank, ot pilf in the Jea, Arenarum cumu* 
'us, arenarea moles. 

A fttep bank, Piecipitium. 
A little ivatcr hank, Rjpula. 
Ibe ralfi-g of a hank, I'em aggeflit^ 
One that divellttb on tbe bank's fde, Ripariui, 
A tank of oars, Rcmigum fubfellium. 
A hank of m'.ney, Sois ; pecunix acervus. 
f[ A public lank. Locus publicus ubi niulto> 
rum pecunia fervatur. 

A bank [b.inket's table] Menfa argentan'a, 
vel nummularia. 

A bank of exchange, Taberna argentaria. 
^ To put n.oncy into the hank, Pecuniam la 
fidem publicam deponere. 

fj To lay up money in hank, Pecuniam ad ali- 
quid emendum rcl'ervaic, condcrc. recondere, 
A bask hill, * Syngrapha publics pecuniaria, 
A banker, Argentarius, menfarius, nunimula- 
lius ; * trapezita. 

^ To depofit money in the bands of a hanker^ 
Aigentario pecuniam committere, concrtdeie. 
Tie banker's trade, Ars argentaria. 
The lofs, or gain, of money in hank, * Collybui. 
A bankrupt. Homo xrauis ; dcco£lor j con- 
turbator, Mart. 

A cheating btnknipt, Creditorum fraudator, 
A defpcrate hanhupt, Obasratus, qui non ell 

To be, or turn, bankrtpt, Decoquo j contur- 
bare, fc. rationes ; f lum vertcre, foro cedi?re. 

fl To turn bankrupt in order to cheat one's cie^ 
diiors, Creditotcs per ioofix fpecicm Cmulatam 

Be/lit v/itcj. 

B A R 

Ba'.huptcy, or ibt iiaming a banhupl, Ra- 
tiu/iuni coiiturbjtio J a (bro ceiTio, 

^ Afit^tuu of bankruf>uy, Dt'cretum quo con- 
<uibatoris poirL-n'umes aliorum fidci concreduntui 
ad debitas pecunias folvendaf. 

yi banmr [colours] Vcxillura beliicum, figna, 
vel \nf\p\\i n>ilitaria; 

<U To liiffhy a hanner, Signum attblleie, tol- 
Jtte, c.ijjire. 

Achurtb ianrtdry • (| Labarum. 

yi knight b^tnmretf Bques vfiillarlus, 

Bar.n\ if matrimmy, Futuraium nuptiarum 

A /-ar.^uetf Epulum, ppuly, pK convivlunij 
Concffind':o, daps, i/cpis, t, 

Ta bjTi'^-jct, Convivor, 1, cpulur , convivi^ 
agirare, tpul.ts ce!f^)tarc. 

^ 7'o irahe a b^nquit^ Convivium agcr", opi- 
.paris d.ip:bu5 couvivari, hofpires convivi') acci- 
pe-p, convivtum, vel cpuluni, ornare, ilrucre, 
inflruere, parare. 

Ti,bii>tjuii riu.ujly, Commi'Si^r , luxuiiosecon 
vivar', T'f/ cpulari. 

/I no'oui bjn^uetf Ccimminatio, luxuriofu-ni 

Alsnqnii bffre jurpee^ Merenda. 

Ar'uh ijnjutt, Piilluftum ; votivum epiilum, 

A banijun tv'tfbout iiini, coJlviviwm abftemi- 
•um, vel (iccum. 

<jy A princily bavqutt, Appjratus PeHicus, 
iaucus, Hiagnilicus. '^ ccna dubia. 

A h.;n:juet maker, C'^nvivator, ohfonator, 

Ahanqucuiy Conviva, epulo, fwri, m, 

A ntitzui banqudcr, CommiiTator. 

Having ban'pttted, Epulatus, 

_A bttnjueiiag, Epula:io, ommiflritio, 

£aifuctirg)h.'ff, UapeF, pi. billaria, pi. 

A banjuetiTrgh'jufe, l| tpularium, L. A. 

Of, ax far, a hai:quct. Convivial;!, cpularis. 

A banffickU [filli] II Pur.gitius. 

A ban:er, Joci.i.te tavilluin, • fcomma ridi- 
•culum, facetum, jocoJum. 

Alanlcr, otta:i!e'i}ig, Jocatio, irrifio ; irri- 
■fus, 4, rj> I'anna i jocoCi dicacitas, lulus fcui- 

■To ianler, Dclicias facfre. Pi'aul. 

^ To birur {iKe, Jocosa daacitate aliq-ien: 
perftqui j iiliquem dcndCve, irridere, fannis ex- 
Cipe.p. tangcrc. 

By -way if banter. Jocose ; per r!diculum, per 
der^ciicu uti, 

fl To run ibl banler uf'.n, Joculariblis cavillis 
al^uem deridere, cum aliqui- jocari ; cavillari. 
^ To wrr. into banter. In ridiculum convcriere, 

Atanitrer, Jrculafcr, homo jocularis. 

A- ban /irg, Hi fio, • pucrulus. 

B.'ftifiK, *1| Baptifmus, "jl baptifrra, ci!s, n 

Baf.ifmj!, '11 Baptifmalis. 

The day '/ cue's bajitin, dies luflricu', 

Tt.b.'fixi, Aliqutm • II b.iplizare, facro*|l 
■baptiimatis lonte abluere, falutaribus, i/c/farrir, 
aq'iis infpergere , •||CliriftianaB reiif;ion:3 facrts 

Abaft:Jle'y, Saccr "H bapiifmi fons, *|| bap 

A baft p, or anabaliifl, Q^i infantes •H bap- 
-tizandos tfle ncgat. 

Bafiized, *|| Baptizatus, *1| Chtiflianx reli- 
gicnis fjcris initiatus. 

Laelybaptix-ed, 'H Ne< phytus. 

ti baprixer, *\[ Baptizaior, qui aliqaem *|| 
diDiliana; leSigionis lacris initial. 

A UpiUing, ♦ II Baplizatio, 'H Chriftianj- 
rtligi'^nis initiaiio. 

A bar, Veftis, I'l, m. 

A bar la keep fe'.[.!e frt,m l;a rear a caurl, Cla- 
.tbr y pi. curiie repagula, i'</clauft:a. 

Admrbar, Ob»x,Tc:j; rtp.igulum, V^ Lat. 
Tj break optn ihe bd't, Rcpagula convellere, 
TU ^ar of a haven, Rcpafulum. 

^ To bar a iko', rcffulum foribiis obdere, rc- 
■pac"'l s aeties occludere, rr.unire, firmare. 
A tfr I hindrance] impedimentum, mora. 

^; 'J put a ^ar upon a thing, Aiitui rei mo- 
tfam & impedimentum ailerre. 

The bar in a£ub.kk b'.u/, * Abacus ntioniiis, 


Aharmlawt Cavillatio, excepdo ||diUtorfa 
Tff bar [keep from] Interdico, exctulo. ^I 
He barred the Romani of ah' Francfy omni Gdllia 
Romanis interdixic. He ii to be bartedfiom giv- 
ing /is voiccy dc F""^*^ dcjiciendus ell. 

^ To pitib the bar, fudcm jaculaii, -vtl y.Ci\.i 

A little bar ^ PcfTulus. 

^iar [ftartirg place] Repagulj, p', 

^ bar [where caufes are pU-adedJ CUtlirt, pi. 
cancclii in foro. ^ On myfrjt iipiearan^e at the 
^ar, ur primum fomm aitigi. He hath hjt the 
'ar ard LOintf falutcm dixit foro & curia". He 
maktib a gcod fiiw t at the bar^ in foro flciet, efl 
in fpiendore foreufi, verfatiir in foro optima fid;* 
& fjDia. He a^pea etb m more at the kir, forenfi 
luce c^ret. The bar re^uireth a giod and flrmg 
-voice, ful.i'dlia ^brenfia gravioreoi & pleniorcni 
rc;m defidir^nt, 

<JI 79 p:ead at the bar. Pro tribunali caufas 
aerC) deft-ndetc, defenfitare. 

Barrfdf Oppcfl'uhtus, pefiulo firmatus. 

Crojs barred, CU'hratus, cancellatufi. 

Blurred from^ Exledlus, I'lin. 

A Ba'b, or Barkaiy horjc, Eq'jus * NumidU 
lUS, -uct * Mauritanicus. 

A barb^ (Pope) £picu!um ; baiba. 

Ta jf-jri, (Shakefp.) Tondtoi abtado. 

X To barb a hbfl^ry Locuftam dilTccare. 

Barbed, B.ii batus, rj* barbiger. 

A barbed Jat'f/ittf Jaculum ?eiro prspilalum, 
•vel prstentiim, A. 

Barbi [for an horfe] Phalcn, pi, tegumcnta 
*: quorum. 

Ba-k'd [as an hoife] Phaleratus, 

Barbarian, barbaric, (Milt.) * Barbarus, * 

A barharifm, • Barbanfinus, 2. * foloecii'mus j 
* barbarics, 5, 

Batbariiy'y or barbaror/fnefs, Crudclitas, trucu- 
Icntia J immanitas, inhumanitasj 'J,i baibaria, 

Barfarou!, cruJelis, iuhumanus, f^^vus, tru- 
^ulentus, immanis j *J» barbarus. 

Barbaroujhy inhumane, inhumaniter, atroci-, 
tcr, trucuienter ; barbai-e. 

^ To (peak barbaroujjy, Oratione IncuJia uti, 

A barbel, Mullus barbatus, barbitulus, 

A barber, T^nfor. 

A ivcmaft barber, Tonftricula, tonftrir, 

^ A barber furgecn, Tcnior * chriuJgicus, 
tonlbr * chirurgum agens^ v^l * chirurgiam 

A barber'' sjhcp, Tonflrina. 

A barber'': bajhr, Pt-Ivis lonToria. 

^ A barber^ s ca^e, Capfula ad novaculas, 'vel 
cuItuKj r. ferramcnta tonforia fcrvanda. 

Of, cr belTvging tc, a karier^ Tonforius. 

A barberry. Spina acidas pomum, 

X A barbican, I] Antemurale, n. tormento- 
rum bellicorum frdes, ^'.7 locus, A. fptcula, L. 

A barb'wg^ ov Jhatlrg, J'onlura, 

I The barbhs [ot beaitsj Ran:p, Cf/. in liiu^ 
guis ulcera. 

A bardf Po'cta antiquus. 
^ To bard, or beard, ivool, Extrcmitates ve]- 
lerum tnndere. 

II A hardajh,, * Cinjcdu$, pwfio j fj> *draucu3 
Bare [a verb) He bare it nviib patierce, JS.- 

quo ammo tulit. 

Bare [nakeJ] Nudus, nudatus ; tj» patens. 
i}_ J iv'ili Jl.ear him to the bare fk\v.^ tondcbo hunc 
ulque ad vivam cutem. 

Bare [mly] Solum, tantum, tantummodo, 
f[ He •wdl beUi've me upon my bate ivord, mihi 
injurato credct. 

Bare lovhout graf$, or hair, Ghber. 

•y Bare in clothes, Male \eftitus, pannofua, 
paiinis oV'fiius. 

To make bare » Nudo, denude. [To uncover] 
A perio. 

To be i(irf[withouc h.iir, ^r.] Glabreo, 

To begin to be bare, Glabrefco. 

To be made bare, Glabror, j. CoU 

Bare [le. n] f/taccr, gracilis. 

To kcc'.me bare, or Uatif Macco, cmacefco, 


macrerco, emjcrcAo. 

To make bare, or lean, Emacio. 

A baiejhi tiithaut graft, G.'abretom, Cat, 

Bare o/ money, Inops, indigrns pecunia. 

Tb' ead h.tre, 'i'ntus. 

^I As bare a, g btrj'i (ail, Nu Hor Icberidf. 

Bj'cboncd, Stiigorus, 

Bartjacd, Oet.-fla. W reicflj, facie. «[ A 
lartfaeej lie, magnum & 'mpudens mcndaciumy 
vel manilcrtum. 

Barrfaated, Difcalccanis, exci»lceatns. 

fl To nn barrfoit, I'ede nudato curri're, 

fl liairfoot and bare legcd. Feces & crura nu- 

ff To tatlk bareheaded, Capita aperto ambu- 

Barely [(larce'y] Vix. ^ He tan hut barely 
Ime, vix aut ne vix qiiidem vitam toler.>t. 

Bately [poorly, flcndtrlyj Ttn'iitcr, exiliter, 

Ba'enej!, (Shaktfp.) [nKkidncJsl N'uditaj 

fl B'irencji in cbtbit. Pauper cultus, vel ve- 
il ifjs. 

Barenefs of hair, Calvittcs. 

Barer.fs of m.ney, Tcnuitns. 

A bar^a n [agreement] Paftum, compafkom ; 
conventum ; pjilio ; conditio, (lipnlatio. fl He 
lath pajid it away by bargain, pjfl one tranf- 

A /mill bargain. S ipu!atiuncula, 

A bargain [pennyworth] Parvi, vel vilis, 

fl To break ene'i bargain, A paflione abire, 
■vel diftcdire j pa£tum frangere, rumpcre, vio- 

To buy a bargain, Parvo, W vili, pretio ali- 
5uid enii;re. •,] 7'ou have bougll it at a very 
giid bargain, pecunia tua bene collocata eft ifto 
mercimonio. A good bargain it a pit kpurfe, quod 
non opus eft, afle carum eft, Sin. 

^ To fell one a good bargain, Vili, W parvo, 
pretio alli^uid venderc. 

fl To fland to onc'i bargain, Conventis ftare, 
paftis mancre. 

fl A bargain [it is agreed] Placet conditio. 

A bargain [jelling on a peifon] Ludifioto. 

fl To fell one a bargain, Aliquem ludificare. 

To bargain, make, ox Jlrike up a bargain, * Pa- 
cifccr, depacifcor; ftipiilor, i. p.'<5tum, ■»£/ pac. 
'.onem, cum aliquo faie.e, cunfldre, faucire, 
icm cuni aliquo contra! ere; contrahcic indu- 
cias, pacem, focietatcm pangere. 

To bargain for [hire] conduco. 

A bargain-maker, Patlor, ftipulator. 

Bargainee!, PaClus, ilipulatiis. 

A bargaining, Pddlio, fponfio. 

A deceitful bargainings Fraudatio, pa^io frau- 

fl To deal deceifu'ly in bargaining, Alqiiem 
rebis contrahemiiii circumKiyre, dccipcrc, rrau- 
dare, deluderc, 

A barge, Linter, • navigium, .Ji cymba. 

Afetry It^ge, Ponto, onit, m. 

A barge-man, mj/ler, ox owner, Naviculatorj 
navicularius, «^i portitor. 

Tie bark if a tree. Cortex, felt, f. 

The inner baik. Liber; coiicx interior, vej 

H htle bark, Corticula, Cc/. 

To bark [pxl trees] Dcrortico, excortico j 
jefquanio, I. coriicrm detrahere. 

Haiing a thiek iark, barky, (Shakefp.) Cojti- 

To be barked, ex peeled, Detoriicor, 

Barked [peeled] Decorticatus. 

Barked, or tttv,ng a bark, Corticatu*, cortice 

A barker of trees. Qui arbores decorticat. 

A barking of trees, Uecorricaiio, 

The bark, ax J'ju I's bark. Cortex Peiuvianus, 

A bark, or Ivtlejljip, * Navigiolum j lenib-jsj 
■lavis fpccnlatoria. 

A jwift bark, or pinna e, • Myoparo, Ztii;, m. 
To bark [as a do» j Latro, latratum cdcie. 
fl To bark at, Ahquem sllatrare, vel latrai* : 
latratu aliquem ptijre, vf/ perfeqiii, 
111 bark [like a fox] • Cannio. 


B.A R 

B A 8 


7^ farijfrairfi, ObUtro, • ob|innio. 
hark [j dcg's nimej •Cirwche, «, f.Ov, 
JlirkJ at^ AUatralus, latiatu petilul, 

^1 hj»k'T!f% L\:ratu$, * gaiinitus, 

£athy^ llorJfum. 

Basics 'Jitur^ Po'enta, 

J'jr'.y xffuur^ PtiTana ; ptifanartam, //>r. 

f/'fj birUy [bcarbjriry] • Zea. 

<t Aharhy cm [in mcalurel Hordei granam. 

Barlicy^ 01 biloitging tj bwley, HordcaceuSj hor- 

Jjarhy hrraJ, P.inis hordraceus. 

B-'tley i'Cifhf Jufculom hordeaccum. 

Barley picUi, Hordeum glumis^ vW follicu- 
lis, cxemptum. 

Barm [ypft ) Ccrevifia? fln», crcmor, fpuma, 

^barny HiVreum, granailuni. 

jiha^biirny FtrniU, ;j, n. 
j^ httU ba'tt^ Horrcol-^m. 

^ barn-floor^ Area horrei, *c/ cranarii, 

Jl ham keefer^ Horrei curt^s, jj horr:Mrius, 7. 
^ barnJoor fo'W^, I'nIIus pr« g' anario paftus. 

j^ harn^ ox irarne [chUd] * I'ucUulus. 

y1 ha made f b r.ij * Chcnjlopfx, tas, f. 

yl barna:le fiRftrunaent] * Ep rtomium, 

Bjrr.i;clis, OX b,T nic/es, *]j Conchse ^n^ttifcra?. 

j4 barotKfter, Inihumcntum ad gravlcatem in- 
cuoiKcntis aeris mtticndem, 

j4 baroTJ, II Raro, o/ris^ m. • dynafta, /pm. 
^ j^ba'^onoftbeexihtquer, Q^ieltor fitValls. 
% The lord chief taron^ Qusitorum fircalium 

Earonagty || Baromtus, 4. 
j>i harwijiy j( B.iron!fij. 
ji baronet i j| Biirunculus, || bjronetas, 
ji taronjf II Baronia, dynaftia; fatr^pia, 
•T ^ ^tfrcw of bicfj Lumbus bovillus cum • u- 
joj y<;io d.lTlflus. 

^Inrro'k^ Cjfa militaris, 
yii^inf, Dolium, cadus, <[[ Never a bar- 
rel the bclfer heirin^y fiffjilcs feabent iabra Irfdlu- 

j4 little barrel, Dolio!um. 
Of, or b^.'o.rP'trg / , a b.tne!, Doliaris. 
Tie barrel <j a dmm, • Tympani lignea corn- 

The barrel of a ^ur, Tormcnti fiflul.i. 

lie barrel (./ a jack, Fufus qui vcrfat verii. 

^ The la'rtl yfa c/ociy Fufus -* horo'cgii. 

^I Barnl c d, Afellus lale invtteratus. 

To barrel up. In doliis, t^/ ca.Us, reconderc. 

Barreled up, Duliis reconditus, cadis fer- 

Barrel-bellied^ (Dryden) Dol'aiis. 

Barren, Sterilif, inracundus, cffcetus* 

To j^raiv barre/i, Stcrilefco. 

Barren ^veed, • Epinienidium. 

B-irriniy, Stcrilitcr, effxtc, Afjrt. 

BMrttineJs, SniiliMs, inftrcunditas; exHitas. 

A barre^tr^ Vl t ilitigator J rabulaj [j caufa- 
rum conciliJtor, XJlp, 

Parreiry^ Calumnia lit'mm, ^ ■ 

A barticadfi, Mi>Hitio c doliis Jn aditu via- 
ruiHj dutioium feptum in faucibus vi;e alicujus. 

To barncadOfOT barr'uude, L»cij i/^/via?, aticu- 
jns fauces cbjtftis doliis obftruerc J viic aditu? 
doliis occlu^ete, objcAo munjmine locum oble- 
pirp, pra*f€p;re. 

H[ To barricade h.'mfrff in, Objeftis doliis (t 
Oiiinire, fepris intus (e muniie. 

BarrifadM, Duliis objr^is munitus, praefep- 

jff./-r;Vj^f boundaries] Limites* p!. fines, tcr- 

Birricrs f before a houfs] • Prothyruoi, J'//. 

Barriir:^ *Pa!<i-flra, lufut militaris JQUa can- 
jC»'Uoi, t/*/carccrft. 

7^ p'ay at ba-riers, * Palarftra concertare, 

yi p'ater at bjrri^rs, • PaLTHrha, a, m. 

^^ ''U'uper a! latv, Jurifconfultiis, caufidicu5, 
cmr^rum a^or; patronus, advocaius. 

^ba'rirtVt Vehicolum, 

•f A barr^nv '<i arry •>'( dm^, fcc. Vchiculum 
q*o |)j:ji-»'r«jiM botto'um auierijiitur. 

^.-/A^c-i barrszv, Vchiculum minibus por 

^ A whet! Urroiv, Vchiculum on5 rota in- 

To drive a %vbefl barrow, Vchiculum agitarc, 
agtrr, JmpcUtre, 

^ A harrowmaher, Vcliiculorum fabricator, 
^ A barro-w hog, or pi^, Porcus majalis, f^arr. 
fy Barrctv ^reaje, Adcp« porcina. 
Barter, Men, city f. 

To barter, Mcrces commutare, mcfcem mercc 

Bartered, Commutatus, pcrmutatus. 
A b.jr!ererj MiTcator, qui nicrcfs commutat. 
A bartcrir.g, Mercium commutatio, vd per 

A barton fir poultry ^ GaMinarium, Col. 
Battram [herbj '*|| Pyiethrum, 
A bafe [foundationj Fundamentum, bafis; 
't» fumumen. 
A bafe [fea woin Sarg««, 
The bafe [in muhck] Sonus gravis. I 

f[ Tojing ba e. Gravis canuls partes fudinere. 
A flngir of baft', Cravium partium cantor. 
% A .^afe vie/, Fides primaria lono gravi. 
The thorough bafe, Sonus imus primarius, fo- 
nus gr.ivis fundamcntalis. 
A bajc court. Curia inferior, 
A bafe eflate, ^dium, ty/ terrarum, fervitus. 
A bafe tenure, Clienleld ferviiis. 
B ife [mean] Humilis, vul^a is, obfcurus, 
Bdje [cowardly j • Aiiimi pufilU hoiiiO, ig- 
navus, limidus. 

^ A pttfon of bafe, or mean birth, Ignobilis, 
[>lt;beius, ignobiJi loco natus, ignobili ex familia, 
humili atque obfcuroloco cditus, obfcuro genere 
jrtus, qui parcntibus humilibus fatus eft, 
Bafe lorn, V. Bajiard. 
Bafe [counterfeit, as metal] Adullerlnus. 
Eafi [Itnavifh] Fr.uidtilentus, falLix, improbus. 
Bafe [diameful] Itit'amis, fanioTus, fundus. 
Boj€ [dark naught] Ncquam, pravus, nulLui 
pretiij fji ncfandus, 

Vafe, oiv'le, Tuipis,vilis, rj« trcffis. ^ Th ^ 
ke lare neve- Ju.h a bafe flLiv, ut homo tur- 
pifTirtiUS cITct. She gen tvealtb in a bafe 'way, 
inhonpfti* parat dlvitias. 

% Obafe! O fjcinus indignum! nc'"arium ! 
A bafe af:itn, Rcstuipis, indignj, fcedj. 
Mof.ey of bafe all y, Nummi fequlorls met.illi. 
AbaUtack, Verfutia, dolus^ llropha; PA«. 
One nobo uf-tb bafe tr':ch, Vcruitus, vetcrator. 
Abafeivretch, Nebulo. infamis. 
BaflyJmtAn'] Abjeftc, demifse, humilltcr. 
Bajdy [cowardly] Jgnavc. timidc . 
Bafely fknavi/hlyj Improbe, nrquiter, 
Bafely [^ftamcfuily] Fa;de, turpiter, indignc. 
fl To come off bafely^ Turpiter fc dare. 
Bafenefs (f birth, Ignobilttas^ generis humi- 
litas, obCcuritasj indignitas. 
Bafemfs [cow irdline^'s] Ignavia, timiditas. 
BaJ-nejt [knaviflinefsj Fallacia, fraudulcntia , 

Bafenefi [fhamcfuJncfs] Turpitudo, fceditas. 
A Bajhiiiv, Provinciae pr.>rf!s apud Turcas. 
■f- To b.ifiy (Spenf.) or, be bafiful, Vctecundor. 
Bafi^fitl, Modeftus, vciecundus, pudibundus, 
pude!:s ; timidus. 

BaJhfuHy, Modeftc, vcrecundc, pudcnter. 
Bafifuirefs, Modcft;a, vcrccundia j pudor, 

Bafl [herb] • Ocymum. 
C'.tv bajil, Vaccaria. 
jVld, or fmall, bjfil, *1I Ocvmaftrum. 
Ab.ifi/ick [ftately edifitc] • B.Uilica. 
A bafii fs, * Bafilifcus, rcgulus, 
A bifilijk fa great piece of ordnance] Tor- 
mentum dccumanum. 
A bjfn^ * CoJJs, is, f. 

^ob^jjif Ad ignem,'yt'/Tolem, foverl; aprlcarl, 
A bajkit, Corbis, qualus Jaljgncus; ^y fcir 
"Alnt'ebafket, Corbula, fportula, fportclla, 
A I'cry I ttle bajl:(t, Corbicul a. 
A biijketofreedst Qua/illus, vr/quafi!Ium, 2. 
A head bifkct, Pandrium, r|i panariolum. 
^ A hard h.ijlet , Corbts palmari^. 
^ A jho-'l'erbafict, Corbis doifualis, 
Auvig bafktt, * Cophinus, 

AtvUker bafktt, Clfla tcxta; fcirplcului, 
A bafktt bearer, Coibium portitor. 
% A bafktt yi'.mar.^ FcmJna mercrdnia con* 
dud^a ad cibaria domum portin*^a a rocrcatu. 
A bafktt maker, • |[ Cophmariua, 
fT A bajht hilt, Nfanubrium Helvctkum, W 
ad formam fportui* confiaum. 

A iafkmg fn the fun, Apricario, 
A bafon,x.\KhtTbafui, (Shakcfp.) PoHubrum, 
2. pi 1 vis, is, f. 

A Hide bafw, • Concha. 

A bafm of a fiunta-n, * Crater, ern, m, 

V^nuif'sbafin [licibj Labrum Veneris. 

BafJ'-j reluvQ^ Opus ciHftaium parum promU 
nens, vel cxtans. 

Abafiard, • Nothus, filius nothus, ftteu no- 
thafiiia; infiiivj Kbcri, /*/-(/'</. 

Baflardcd, (Bicon) b.fiur.iixed, (Shakefp.) 
Ortt's infamia notatus. 

Bajlardi^ed, Adulterinus, 

Bafiardly, (Donne) More fpuriorum, Auf, 

Baflanfy, Ortus infamia, natalium infamia. 

To haflemear, Carnem, dum ad igncm verfa- 
tur, lardo, vel * butyro, li4uato mollire, vel 

A bafiingfiicif or laMe, || Deguttorium, || Izt- 
darium, L. 

II Ta bafie [beat] Fufte aliquem cxdgre, verbe- 
rare, puifsrc, dolare } mae multaic. 

^ To bafe a garment wth thread, Filo raro 

H Abafling [beating] Furtuarlum, 

f[ A bafling of treat, Carnis dum ad igncm 
vcrfatur * butyro humeftatio, 

Bajhrtg thread^ Filum futorium. 

To bafinad'}, Fuftc c:edere, V. Bafte, 

A baftinado, Fuftuarium, 

AbafiUn^ cr bulwark, Propugnaculum, agger* 

X Abajii^n [officer of the fleet] Apparitor, A, 
iidlor, L. 

A hat [bird] Vefpcrtih'o, on'ir^ fn. 

%Rat fuivhng, Vcfpertilionum aucupium, Ai 
r. aucLpium ni'durnum, L, 

A I at [club] CI.iva, fuftis. 

A brick bat, l.aterculus, 2. 

A ivhirl bat, C:tflus, 4. 

To bat [as ihrelTiert] Tribolo, Cato* 

^ Bat'Irle ground, Ager dc quo litigatur, 

^ A batch of bread, i^^nci tornnce fimul co£li. 

To bate [ocut ] Decrefco, V. Al'afe, 

To abute [money] De fumma reniitteic, dc- 
mittere, detiahcre. 9^ 1 cannot bate a farthings 
nummus abtfie hinc non poteft. He bated him 
rot an ace, nihil reticuit. 

To bate [as a hawkj || Volaturio, A. 1| dc- 
volare, L. 

■\ Bate, the piaeterite of A;/tf, (Spenf.) 

]| Bate [ftrifcj Lij, con:entio. 

<([ A make bate, Q^ii lites fcrit inter aliquoSj, 
feditionis fax, T;<r/auCtcr. 

[I A bating of tfioney f Remi/Iio de fumma, 

II Bating fmefiu, Paucis exceptis, 

ll Bating that, Nifi quod. 

^ Tb: bating of a hi^'wk, Alarum plaufus* 

A bath. Balneum, balincum. 

A litfle bath, Bahieolum. 

The bath jHe, *|| Thermocantharus, L. A, 

^ A knight of the bath, H Miles de balnco, 

A hot bath, Thernn.v, Alton, fudatio, 

A little hot bath, % Thermulai, Mart, 

m A cold bath, Cella frigidaria. 

II To ie all in a bath [very hot] itftuo, fu- 
dore dirHuere. 

A batb-kref'cr, Balneafor, g. 

To bathe, Bilnco lavarc, injjatarc j balneariii 
aquis fe proluere. 

To bjthe. crfi.k, Macero. 

Bathed [foakedj Maceratus. 

Bathed, Balneo lotus, s. lautus. 

She bathes [of an hav.-k] Proluit, immerglt fc, 
7hc pla:e at de both thty lay the.r clothes 
tuhi e bathing, * Apodytetium. 

f AbatU'i, (Shskcfp. / or bat':rgfaff, PJmula, 
qua tundunlur lint'^a dum lavantur, 
A batoon, Fuft's, baculum. 

Battalia, A^^ics inftiuda. 


B E 

B E A 

Ji httljUiH, Agitien — Of/oi', Phalanit. 
^fyuari ijltalion, Agm^n ijuadratum. 
^ tricngular ha'lalkr., Cuncus. 
The midttii baiialitm, <r>iifijiifg cf 8oco anrng 
the aKienrs, * Phalanx, ^i), f. 

To iatien [grow fat] Pinguefco, crafTcfcOt 
fohalten [make fat] (Milt.) Saginarc. 
To baiien [weltfr] Volutari, fe volutare. 
II A batutting [weltering] Volutatio. 
Bolter fr puddinf, Farini cumlaiSe, Gff. com- 
irixta ad faita conficienda. 

It batter, CoUido, contundo, obtundo; vcr- 

fl To batter one^s fate, Alicujus os batuare, 
iralas palma porrcfta ferirc, os manus Tuae pal- 
ma verberare, 

To batter il^wn, Dirtio, 3. everto, perverto ; 
ieftruoj demoiior, diflurbo, 

^ To '.Mtcr tviib gnat g:int. Ex eiiito mania 
tormentis quatcrc, coiicuttrc, pulfare. 
Battered, Concuirus, quairatus, 
yl battered tvtore, HioOibuIum. 
/I batterer, Qni diruit, pulfat, ©■<•. 
Abatlerirg, Concuffio, quaflatio. 
/I battering ram, Aries, etii, m, 
jibaitery [breach] Ruina, feneftra* 
Battery [befiegingj Oppugnaiio, oppugnand. 

^ Affault and battery, || Affultus & verberatio, 
irjuria || pcrfonaiiF, 

Abattery [bulwaik] Tormentorum bellicorum 
icde!!, majorum tormentorum fuggeftuin. 

fl To rafca battery, Tormenta beliicilocarc, 
d.fponcrc. "w*/ conftituere, in aliquo loco. 

A battle, Prxlium, pugna, certamen, con- 

Tbefrtnt of a battle. Prima acics, 
A bac'e befwrea two [duel] Certamen fingu 
]are ; daellum, 

A general battle, Dimicatio unirerfai 
A doubtful batile, Prxlium anceps, 
A bUt-dy battle, Prarlium cruentum, vel Irv- 
culentiim, • 

^ To give ar, enerty baffle, or to fight a battle^ 
Cnm h'lfte cnnfii£,tre, acie, tel armi' concur 
lire; acic ccngredi, pr^lio dimicare, figna con- 
ferrc, tranum canferere, priclio dcccrtare, arm.-^ 
decernere, prarlium commitlcre, coUatis figriit 

To begm a batik [fkirrriffi] Velitor. 
^ It came lu a battle. Res ad manus atque pug- 
jism vcnicbat. 

^J To fnvoie to battle, Hoflem ad certamen 
f rovocjre, ad pagnaro 1 icefsPre. 

^ To gain a battle, Vincerr, fiperarr, prslir. 
fuperioreflc, prarliiim fecundvim taccre. 

Titlofe a tattle, Vincor, c.cdor, fundor, pro- 
fii^or, fuperor, 

^ To run the laxard of a general battle. In 
carum oniverlse dimicatinn:s venire. 

% The battle vjai doubtful, Vaiio martc png- 
jiJt imeft. 

fl To rr.aie one't felf ready for battle. Ad cer- 
tamen fe accingire. 

An arrry diutun up in battle array, * Acies, 
acics inftrufta, exercitus inflruftus. 

^ To draiv up in battle array. • Acicm in- 
itroere, dirigcre, ordinarc. 

t\ Tomarth, Quadrato agmine inredSre. 
^ 'Cofrefeni ihtmjrivel in order for battUy Co- 
pram pugnandi Tacerc. 

To refufe a battle, Certamen dctreflare. 
Afitebed, or jet, battle, Pugna ftataria, pug- 
la prxliaris. 

A battle of grant!, *11 Cisantomachia. 
A beittll of frogs and miii, 'H Batrachomjo. 
atachia. I. 

The beginning of a battle, Vclitatio, 3. pugnac 

A battle ly fea, V. A fa f git. 
II To battle It viiib one. Cum aliquo deccrtare, 
^el contenrcrc. 

To battle it out, Depugno, tamdiu pugaare do- 
aec alter fupcrior evadar. 

Cf, or belonging It, a bailie, Prirliaiij, e. 
' % Tt iatik ["at a college} ViilCj Ucbita St, 

irrpenfas in nomlna r»fcrt«, 

A battle ax, Bipcnnis, I'l, ft 

A battledo-ir, Ferul.i, 

A battledore [horn book] Tabclla f lementaria, 
libellu5 literas appellire dilcentium. 

^ A battledore fbolar, Elementariusfiro, 

A battledore [at tennis, or Ihittlfcock] * Pal- 
mula luforia qu.i pila emittitur ac repellitur. 

Battlements, Lonca, corona, pinnx murorum 

^ To make battlements, Muri taiiigium pinnis 

A battler, \\ Batalarius. L. V. Lat. 

A baube'c [a farthing] Q^ladran», L. triens, A. 

Baubles, Tric^, pi. 

^ l^'ry baubles, GeiTS Siculre. 

Baublmg, (Shaltefp.) Vilis, contemncndui. 

A female baud, Lena, lupa. 

A male baud, Leno, 

To play the baud, Lenocinor. 

Baudiy, Lcnoclnium. 

Baudry in fpeech, Ubfccenitat, fpufcitia. 

Baudy, Xmpudicus, obfcoenus, fpurcus, *t» la- 

A baudy houfe, Lupanar, luftrum. Melon, for- 

^ To haunt bandy houfes, Luflra frequentare, 
impudicos amorcs fibi conciliate. 

A haunter of baudy houfes, Scortator, ganeo. 

Baudily, Obfcttnc, fcede. 

To talk laudy, Vcib.T obfcosna proferre, 

Talking baudy, ipurridlcus. 

A bavin, Fafcis, fe. tenuium virgarum. 

A little bavin, Fafciculus. 

To hatul, Cl^mo, vociferor, clamorcs edrrt' 
i/f/toilcre; ingenti clamore obftreper*;, fttcpitu 
rurbis dare, plenis fauc'bus ejacul.ire, plorare. 
%\ fie came baivl^tig up to me, venit ad me clami- 

A batvter, Clamator, clamo'us. ^That ii 
iray be underfood ivhom I call a baicler, and ivhorr. 
an '.ratour, ui intelligi polTit qiicm exiftimem 
iTmatorem, qucm oratorem fuifle. 

A ba'Tvlinf, Vocif' ratio, clamitatio, Cxcla 
m.itio, li^ Vou had b-iur rot haic kept et baivlin^ 
here, noji tfcilTc erat melius hsc conviiium. 

Batilrg, Clamitans. 

Of', or belonging to, ianlir.g, Clamofus. 

To baicl, Exclamo, intono. 

Aba'.tfn [badger] * Melis, (j. 

A bay [road for fhipi] Stario. 

A lay [creek] Sinus. 

A bay [dam] Pilj, mole?, is, f. 

The cherry lay tret, J] Laurocerafus, /, f. 

The rife bay tree, * Nerium. 

A bay tree, Lai:ru5, baccalia. 

A place ivhcre buy t'-cesgtinv, Lauretum. 

A bay A. rry, Bacca lanri. 

Bearing bay\, rf> Laarifer. 

Dtvarf bay, }1 Lauruflinus. 

Ci vzBned -with bays, Laureatus, lauriger. 

Ti hold, or keep, at a- hay, Muror, fifto. ' 

T f and at bay, (Denham) Hoftium impetum 

A bay horft, Eqtius badiul, vet * Phanicei 

A bright bay, Fulvus. 

A bay [chefnut colour] Ex badio fufcus. 

A dapple /a)', Fulvus albis maculis diftinflus. 

Bay fait, Sal niger. 

A bay luindoiu, Menianum, /V. a'dificium. 

■f To' lay [bark] (Spenf.) Latro. 

A bayonet, Sica. 

Bayes [cloth] Pannus villofus. 

Coarfe t>ays, Pannus villofus crafllor. 

Be, a particle in compcfition, fet before verbs, 
figoifietli all over, and Is made originally by con ; 
as, to bedaub; confpergo, coinquino. 

To be, is varioufly rendered in the Latin, ac 
carding to the word following it. 

To be [exift] Sum, fio, exiflo, t\ I believe 
be ivi.'l be here ly and by, credo ilium jam ailfu- 
turum cITc. fffl'e treverfimucb ahn, ft cognata 
eft maximc. ft happened as irell as could be, me- 
lius fieri haud potuit quaf;i faflum eft. If he be 
true to himjelf, tic fi fibi ipfi confenliat, lel con- 
feouneus fit. [j If Jo bt t< tt uilling, fi eft ut 

telit. Admit !l to be [0, fac ita eft, vfru-n efto. 
You mere 100 young to he there, cui pti xtatem noa 
interfuifti. Dfirous to begone, copidus deredendj. 
Toieagainfl, Adverfor, i. jbhorrete ab, afper. 
nor. ^ They are fo mi'th agairfl a commoimeatit, 
ita a republica funt adveifi. J am clear againU 
it, animus adhorret ab eo. // the (male he rot 
againflii, non afpernante fenatu, Tamiciagaii^ 
it, nihil impcdio, non repueno, nulla in meent 
mora. Ii will not be agniff your duly to do either, 
utrum vis falvo c fficio faceiepo'es. 

To be at [prefcnt] Adfum, ioteifum. fl /.'« 
zvas at that feafl, in coovivio inrerfuic. 

To be at [doing] • Ago. ^Wojtvialdyou 
be at f quid vis ag?re? 
Tobeaiuav, Abfum. 

To be by [prcfent] A<!rum, inferfum. ^ I 
was not by, ego non adfui. lie -was by uhen it 
was fpokc' , ei firmoni inlerfuit. 

To be far from, Longi abeflb. ^ In gxd truth,- 
he ivill he fjir from b iieving tie retfonscfihe phi- 
'oftpbers, nse ille longe aberit ut ai gumentis cre- 
lar phiiofuphorum. 

To be for one, or one^i JtJe, Cum apqao' 
lare. ^ They are for Caefar, Ciefaris rcbur 

To be mad, Infanio. % IJhallbt at madotht, ■ 
infaniam profeflJcum illo. 
To be ftiiel, Quiefco. 
To fo/,i. V. Sid. 
To be of no au hcrity, Parum valere. 
To te in danger, V. Danger, 
\\Tobeoul [miHaken] Erro, fallor. 
To bttvitbout [w^nt] Careo, egeo.- 
1 fhould, cr might, be, Forein. 
/ have been, Fui. See Been, \ 

To be h:reaf:er, TutMrils, [ 

^ 55^Ua fiat. 
A beach r/hrub] * Afpal.ithu^, 
./^ifaii [or ftibre] littus, 't> a(fta. 
Bea.bcd, (ShakelV.) Undis expofitus. 
Beady, (id.) Ad littus pertinens. 
Aheacrr^ Specula. 

A burnlrg bea.on, Ignis fpeculatorins. 
Afignalfrom abea:on, Specularis rgnificat?0', 
Bfa.onage, Tributum fpeeulare, vf/fpecul4to- 

%To fre the heaton,!'^ci^\Mm adventum igne" 
accenfo in fpeculu nimciarr, 

^ To tt;atih at a beaecn, De fpecula ob.'ervaie, 
Ahv^itderat a beaon, Excnbitor, fpecolator. 
A btfld, *Sph«cniIa perforata. 
A bead [to pray witbj Pilula, W Tpbaerula 

Apn'r-ffbead', * T'-lTcrs^precatorhe. 
A nrck'ace of precious beads, Monile ex- gem-* 

A firing of beads fir the arm, Ai'mill'a. 
A heaiifman. Orator. 

A beadle, I-icT*or, viaror; prjEco j fubmotor^ 
ad^tHS, f||» anteambulo, Tlfarr. 

Abcadleofh^gar:, Flagelbirius, L. liiHOr pj- 
ftiinariu*!, A. virgator.. 

^ A bead roll, * Catalogn* precum. 
A I eagle, Canis venaticus , eatolus animaliuat'' 
indagator, vel inveftigator. 

II A pre.ious beagle, H6mo fiStilis, intptiti, »«/■ 

The beak [of a rtiip] R6ftra, pi, 

^ The beak head, EJctremitas • prcrx, 

A biai, Roftrom. 

A little bra\ Roftellom, Co/.' 

Beaked, Roftratus. 

A btaker, Q^Mh'tns, A.cyathus, L. 

A beat, or '.L^hel^, Puftula.- 

Full of heals, Puftulofus,. 

To beal [aather matter as a fore] SoppnrSI • 

A large beam, Ttelb*, atfis, f. 

A jmall beam, Trabecula. 

^Che principal beam of a h-iuje, Llicunar, 

Anveavcr^s beam, Jugtim textorium. 

The beam of a carriage, Temo, ^ij'j^ .m..- 

^ The beam cf a pip, TrabS r»tij. 

The beam of a, H Scapu*. 

The beam of a great balance. Stater, 7ris, taV- 

Ttebeaa of a iidij.Ceninicoinu ftijts.. 


B E A 

B E A 

B E A 

^t.-am [nieCof] Trabs ardsni. 

j1 draw ham [wind hotp] • ErgaW, VUr. 

yifuit bimnty JuSar, radius folis. 

Of, or Hit, a t'Jm, Trabalis. 

Ccnf.jJ/rl tviih btJms. • Radiatuj. 

"JMe ham irrr. |] Aria, L. A. 

In ham, (Pope) cj< Radio, i. 

Srairy frafting forth rays] • Radians. 

j1 tea", Faha. 

j1 Irncb, Gmxa, (L.) or ktdi^ty,lxan, I'hafto- 

^ tutle btan, Fabula. 

the y~\-t if a hian, Hilum. <|f Every han 
hath iti bfjik, vitiis nemo line nafcitur. 

Of, or beLn^ittg to, a bean, Fabalis, e. 

Or, one that hyei ufcn bran:, Fabarius. 

^ bciifi (a^t, Fabacia. 

■ A btxin cod, Silrqua. 

yj btiv flit:!, Fibw • concha, valvulus. 

^ hfenfla'i, Fabale, is, n. 

Stanjirarc, Stipula fabalis. 

Bran fttrridit. Puis fabacea, M-icr, 

Bean miaU Lomentuin. 

Bei^n chaffs Tunica fabx. 

^4 bean plat, \\ Fabetum, L. 

lobear, or carry, Porto, gcfto, hajolo; fern, 
humcris fuftincre, ^ Thej btar the bcU tiv>ay, 
facile primas ferunt, • \] / Jha/l bear vjUb any 
body, at I cannot bear tvine, ego qucnquam feram 
qui vinum ferre oon pofTnni. 

To bear [fuffir] • Ffro, fuftero, tolcro, fufti- 
nco, patior, f[ He bcarelh :tt change of f-,ritirt 
veryjioaily, fortuitos cafus m.ifnii arimo fufti 
ner, jii far as y,ur epaie 'will bear, pro re tua 
He givetb more than his efiate iviU bear, benigrior 
eft quam res patitur. We muji hear ivhat falLth 
to our lot, quod f rs feret feremus arquo animo. 

fl' To bta'- an o^e, Aliquod niunus fuftinerr, 
adirinti^rare, ezequi ; munere aliquo fungi. 

f[ To bear arms as a joldier, Arnia ferre, vel 
portart; militis munere ftjngi, 

%Tobeararrrs [a coat of arms] Gentilltia 
in fcuto infignia ferre, ^/r/geftare. 

Tj bear aiViy, Aufcro, abd'ico, ar;, 

H To hear away from a place, A loco aliquo 

To bear, t>x bring forth fas animals] Pario. 

*To bear, or behave, htmjelf, Sc gcrere. 

To bear, or bring f,rth, fruit, Fruflum ederc, 

^ To hear the charge of, Sumptus fuftinere, •vel 
alicui rei foppeditare, niil fubminillrare. 

To bear or.e company, Deduco, comitor, fe comi- 
tcbi alicui praebcre, vc/focium adjung' re. 

^ To bear date. Diem adfcripum, appofitam, 
vel adnotatam, habere. 

To bear doTi-u. V. Tofnk. 

To hear one doivn in difcourjcf Evinco, verbis 
obftinate contendere. 

To bear d'jvjn a thing in itsivay, Pioftcrno, ob 
ruo J proturbo. 

y To bear hard up:n one , Aliquem acerb'u 

^ To bear dn imprejjion of a thing in one^s mind, 
Veftigium alicujus rei in animo retincre. 

To bear an imprtjp'in [as a book] Aliam im- 
prefBonrm, e/.'/ rditicnem, admittcie. 

To bear a grudge, S'muItStes exerccre. 

To hear in mind, Reminifci, recordari, in .me^ 
moria habere. 

fl To hear in tvlth a hirbour, Vento fecundo 
in portiim ferri, vc/irnpeili. 

fl To bear the Icfi of a thing [make it good] 
Damnum praeftarej [rake it patiently] damnum 
ipqi'o animo ferre, Mit. petf:;ne, 

II 7ii<.Tij?" [atadiftance] AbfiHo, ^/r/, 3 

II 7« /toi-o^[j£1.] Prohibeo, protelo. 

Tohtar ij^a blow, Idlnm avcrtere. 

To bear, or jit, cut, Promin'-o, exto. 

7» b:ar a frice, Vigeo. fl They bear a good 
price, eorum pretia vig^nr, prelium hahent. 
Thry bear little or no firice, vili venduntur. fyiai 
price tear frvine here f quibuihicpretiis porci yc- 
neunt ? 

To bear one a grudge, or fp'le, Odifle, infenfus 

ff To tear great affiliitn It one, Aliquem amare, 

deamare, WdiligiSre ; fingulari amore, ««/unice, 
dilig£re; fummii bcnevolcntiacoroplcAi, ex ani- 
mo bene alicui velle. 

t\ To btar one good toill, Animo elTe in aliquem 
benevolo. He bcaretb gocJ luill to that maid, Illi 
favet virgin!. 

II To hear oat [fave harmlcfs] Tueor, • pa- 

^ To bear a part in. Partem alicujus rei fufti- 

C To bear a proportion to, Alicui rei refpon- 
dere, aptus, "w/confentaneus, effej accommodari, 

^ To bear a rejem'-lavre, or likentjs to. Ad al 
quid Hmilitudine acccdere, alicuju:, rei limilicu- 
dinem habere. 

To bear refpefl unto, Coio. 

^ To hear ritle, or prvay, Dominarl, imperiim 
cxf rce-e, rerum poiiri, alicubi cum imperio cfle. 

^ To bear the ftnfe of a thing, Scnfum alicu. 
jus fei in anirru) tenere. 

f\ To bear fucb a finje, Talem interpretatlo. 
nem admirtere. 

To bear toauards a coaji, Adnavigo, adno. 

To bear, ot prop, */>, Fulcio, fuffulcio; fufti 

ff To bear up under a calamity, Calamitatem 
ferr<^, prrferre, lolerare, pati, perpeli, fuftcntare. 

To bear up agoinfl, Rcfiflo; obnitor, Met, ob- 
fifio. ■ 

% To bear up to. Ad aliquem curfum Jirigere. 
They bear up'with them, fe illis aeqtiarunt. 

To hear, or lean, upon, Inniror, incumbo. 
' To bear ivirh, In-lulgeoj lurtineoj noxas ali- 
cujus difTimulare, mores perpeti. ^ One tray heat 
icicb a litlle inconveniency fcr a great deal rf con- 
■, multa ex quo fucrint commoda, ejus 
inrommoda *quum eft ferre. 

To bear vuiti ef ,Tel\nr, tcftificorj teftimonium 
perhibcre, ■veliiieie, de re aliqua. TourJelfJhaU 
btar ivitnefs, ipfe mihi tu tcftis eris. 

j4 bearer [porter"] Bajulus; geflator. 

1] A bearer out, Sponfor. 

yi bearer of a corpfe, Vefpillo. 

Ahearing [carrying] Bajulatio, portatio; gef- 

A bearing [ftifFcring] Perpefllo, 5. 

II A violent bearing doivn, Oppieflio. 

Bearing date, Datus, confignatu^. 

A bearing, or jetirg, out, Prominentia, pro- 
jeOtira, Vifr. 

Pajl hearing [of treej, females, lands, &c.] 

The bear antlers [of a buck] Superior & fe- 
cundus poUex. »v 

A bear, Ulfiis, 2. ^ 

Ape bear, Urfa, I . 

The bear [conftellation] • Arflos, • arifto- 
phylax, acis, 

^ A bear -ward, Urforum magifter, vel cuftos, 

./^ ^ffl'- </o^, Canis urfinus. 

Of, or like, a bear, Urfinus, Col. 

^ A bear-garden. Locus ubi urfi, &?c. cum ca- 
nibus decertanr, locus ad certamina urforum cum 
canihus defignatus. 

Bearjhrecch, or bear's foot [herb] *Acantbus,2, 

Bears ear [herb] Auricula urn. 

Bears garlici, Ali'um urfinum. 

Biarsii'ort, II Arftium montanum. 

A ieard, • Barba, ^ His beard is iteii'ly 
grc'u'n, barba memo fuccrevit, prima te£lus la- 
nugine m?las. 

A great, or long, beard, * Barba promilTa, 
immiiia, prolixa, 

A little beard, B s r b u 1 a . 

A goat's beard. Spirillum, 

A cat's beard, •!] Gsnobarbum, L. A. 

A beard if corn, * Spica, arifta. 

To beard, or begin to have a beard, \ Barbef- 

co, A. 

% Arou^h beard, • Barba hirfuta, vel prolixa. 

Bearded, * BarbaCus. 

Bearded ears, Ariftse * fpicat x 

fl Having a great beard. Bene • batbatus. 

Having a little beard, * Barbatulua. 

Having a red beard, Ahenobarbus. 

Bcwdlefs, Imbeibis. | 

The jirjt bearding tif men, Pubes, prioi a lah(>« 
go. «. 

II To beard a perjon [affront one to his fccej 
Convitiis roram laccisere. 

% To beard tooil, Vellus truqcare, 

1\ Tbebeajel, or beanul, of a ring, Annul! pala> 
vel funda. 

AheaJI, Beflia. 

To become a bcafi, || Brutefcs. 

Agrcat bcafl, Bellua, A. 

Aliitle beaft, Beftiola. 

A mild leaf, Fera. 

A tame beajl, Bcft'a cicur, i»ir/ domeftica, 

A beajl of burden, Jumentum. 

All hinds of tame kaJIs [flocks, or herdsj 
Pfcus, oris, n. pecus, uelis, f. Note, Flocks 
[chiefly flieepj are generally txpreficd by the 

A beajl for facrifiee, Viflima, 

A hrd of beafls, »}> Pccuaria, pi. 

Beafii of chace, Feiae campeilres. 

Beafls of forefi, Ferie fylveftres. 

Beajiial fbelcnting to bcaflsl || Belluinue, 

Beafliality, CoVtio cum bellua. 

Beaji:allf, Turp ter, fade, Uf ivc, impudicc. 

Beajilinefs, Feritas. immanitas. 

Beafthnejs [kvvdncfs] LaTcivia, impudicitia j 
(ibfcttnitas, 3. faiacitasj fpurciiia, 1. vt'/fpur- 
cities, 5. 

Beajilinefs [naftinefs] Immunditia, i. fordes, 
is, f. 

Beajlly, or be/ial [lewd] Lafcivur, impudi- 
cus, obfccenus, falax, Ipurcus. 

Bea/lly [nallyj Iinmtindus, fordidus. 

Beat of dru-r, • 7'ympani fonus, 

fl The biat of ibi pulfe, * Arteria;, vel * vena:, 

To beat, Verbero, pulfo; cacdo; puqnif, vel 
fuftc, ferire, contundere, obtundcre. ^ l[',ju beat, 
I only am beaten, tu pullas, ego vapulo rantum. 

/ vjill heat out your brains, tibi jam cerebrum 
difpergam hlc. 

To beat, or bruifr, Teiere, pilo aliquid con- 

To beat [conquer] Vinco, fupero, 

^ lie cnvned himfrlf beaten, Uerbam porrexit. 

T^beat agaiT!j1,A\\'\io,\\\\io\ impingo, plango, 

1^J To beat an alarm, Ad arma conclamare, bel- 
licum canere. 

y To heat a charge, Ut impetum in holies fa- 
ciant • timpani fono edicere. 

^ To beat on an anvil, Incudi fubjiccre. 

To beat back, Kc^Wo, repercutio, averto. 

To heat back again, Reverbero. Sen, 

To beat back often, f^ Repulfo. 

Tobeat the hrea/l frgri.f, Plango. 

II To beat h:s brains about a thing, Excogito, in- 
genii nervn? intendere. 

To beat hla k and blue, Sugillo. 

To beat, or han.mcr, a thing, to make it hmgcr, 
or thinner, Procudo. /?. 3. 

To beat to death. Ad mortem ufquediverbeiare. 

To beat, V. re hatter, dcrwtt. 

^ To beat dovstt the price, Quam minin^o lici- 

^ Tobeat down fruit, Fruflus ex arborc decu- 
tcre, concutPre, fternerc. 

To heat a drum, * Tympanum pulfare. 

^ To beat out cf countenance, Pudortm alicui 
incutcre, aliquem robure fuft'undere, 

m To beat up the enemy's quarters, Falfis terro- 
ribus boftem excitare, trepidationes inter hoftes 
fiflis rumoribus faciire j metum, vel • pavorem, 
hofli inani ad arma conclamatione inj cere. 

To beat [as the pull'e] Lentius, vel celeriiis, 
moveri, micare, ^ My pulfe beateth ill, * venje 
non :vquis mihi intervallis moventur. 

Tobeat, or run, up.mddo^vn, Curfito, 

To heat in upon [as rain] Impluo. 

^ The clock beateth ivell, Penfile horarii libra- 
mentum aqois intervallis movetur. 

fl To beat f/h into a net. Aquas quatere, «/ 
turbare; pulfando pifces in rete adigere. 

^ To beat upon the boif, Callem carpere. 

Tobeat, or knock, Pulfo, plango. 

To beat, ox knock, often, Palto. 

B E A 

^ TV luot vi'ib ibijift, Piigriii contundlfrt. 

'TebtaMtthtgroui'il, h^\ia, */, 5, 

•ta bial Q-^l [Tcjrch for] mhwHii, Indsso. 

Ta icJl •w!il> a hanmir, Tundo; pettunJo. 

To heat into f^L meinary^ inculco. 

To iw/ mach, Compulfo, devcilxro. 

Ty At'ar out, Excudo, extcro, 51 /'^' *'^" wvfr 
ic iiy/ car if bit efimon, ex atcsjjtJ fumei opc- 
jiione nnnquam movcri pot<.ft. 

To i^a/ CI// ri>£ hraint, Exccrcbro. 

^ To taita failey, • Tjmpani figno ad collo- 
quium evocarc. 

^ '/o &-(» lofo^vlc. Ad pulverem redJtISre- 

To teal trjgeiber, Cullido. 

To hmt as the '.iwis, Illido. f[ Thi 
Ifot againfl ibt port, fluflus illiduntur in lictus. 
^be iv'tnd b.-ittetb vliknt/y on that pfaie, venlus 
letluat ineum locum. 

To bt hcaiin, Vtrberor, caeJor, vapuls, 

To be btaurt, ar diivcn b^.k. Impeller, 

To he bcattn to the gmurd, ColUbtrfio. 

Beaten, Vcrberatus, cjefus. 

xln old ie'^terijolri'wr, Miles emeritus. 

yln cIJ I'tatei: argutncj:t , Argumentum tritum. 

Biaten [overcome] V;iflus, fuper.irus, 

Beetiti agaitjji, Impaftue, allifuf, iiiifus, 

Btatcn iaei, RepcrculFus, repulfjs, reverie- 

Beaten black and blue, Sujjillatus. 

Beaten [as a hedge in hunting] Exagitatu?. 

Bciiten to death, Pugnis, W veiberibus, occifus, 

Btaten doiun, Diiulus. deturbatus. 

Beaten tuith haitjicfiet, Grandinc percufTus. 

Beaten into the memory, Inculcatus, mcmoriff 

Beaten cut, Excuflus, «»tufu!. 

Abeaten fatb, Callis tritus ; via trita. 

Beaten fote!y, Pcinine contufus. 

Beaten iv'ith a fiaff, Fufte pu'fatu', 

Feattn, ot Jlamftd, tjgttler, Stipatus, 

Beater, together, Contufus, 

Beattn uvdw, Subtufus. 

1Vea;Ur bejtm [at lea] Venlis quaffatus. 

ff^ IV^atber beaten by a journey, C«Ii intem- 
pcrtate fatig.atus, vet dclafljtus. 

Worthy to be beaten, Verberandu5, * plaoib 
dignusj verberabilis, verbereue, verbero, plaut 

A beater, * I'lagofua, verbeiatur, 

A beater doiun, Demolitor. 

Abeateroutoftvork, Extufur, 

fl A gold beater, Braflearum aurearuni con 
■ A beattr [rammer] Fiftuca, pavicula, 

y? iiari/!^, Vcrberatio, pulfatioj pulful, 

A beating hack, RepercufTio. 

A biOtiKg blaek and Hue, Sugillatio. 

A beating of the breaji^ Phngor, planftus. 

A bea'ing tvith a cudgel, Faftuarium. 

A beating dotvn, Demolitio. 

A heating one tbir-g a^ainfi another, CoHifio, 
confii^ip, contufio j confl;«5lus, 

^ TRg^e beatetb, j| Leput vagit, L, A. 

tie beatigt oftbefulfe, * Arteria?, vel * ve- 
rs, puirus.\ 

Tbeouiik l/tthig 'ftleffl'e, Creber polfus. 

To beatify, MP, alicjuem in, vtl inter, bea- 
(08 refeire ; i;^B><°C'u^ beatorum afcribere, 
beatis afcribJrfr 

Biaiified, BeatuP, 'jtotis afcriptus, 

Beatifal, or hcatifick/'Q^oi ad fummam feli- 
citatem coafert, ~^ 

Bea'iji ation, Alicujus^kbeatos r^Iatis, t^elin 
fceatorum numerum afcripi 

Beatitude, Beatitudo, bSkitasj beata vitn, 
fumma felicitas. ^ 

A biai. Homo elegans, vel liliniz in veflibu 
elrg'intiae fludiofus. 

Beauifh, Bellus; in veftibus e!egantior, 

A beater [beaft] Caftor, fiber, ri. 

Of, or belonging to, a beaver, Caftoreus, fibri 

A beaver hat, Plleus caftoreus, vei ex pili; fi 
fcrlcoaftusj fibiinus galeruc 

BeavcreJ, (Pope) Pilcatus. 

Braver [oil] Caftoreum. 
. A beaver, i^t beverage, Mcrcnda, 

B E D 

<f To /c#vr, M<rMd4in fufflM, 

Beautecas, or bmuilful, Fuimufuf, pulchcr. 
(V'ciofu', venuftuij niiiJui, 

Soani/tai btaniiftil, Venuftulut »Ji flor'dulus. 

Beauty, If aurfttUveft, or leauteiUj'nefl, (Donne) 
Pulchritudo, formofitat, vinufl.n, tonna; digni 
tat, vel «logantia j candor, fl TA^ beai4iy of 
ihf.icnce, eloquen;i:s nitor. T/« fe'/'eff beany 
of the age. xvi decor integer. Beauty is but a 
ll-J,m, tcrma bonum fiagile ert. fieauiy is al- 
ti-vys liable to JIander, .J. fcinper formofit fabul.i 
pcQna fuit. 

The begitty of t flace, Loci, horti, ruri», a- 

A ferpa beauty, Mulier, ^c. eximij venu 
late, 7f/egregia formS. 

To beautify, Orno, cxorno, dccoro, condcco- 
ro; Met, illumino. ' ' 

Beaiitifed, biauiied, (Shalcefp.) Ornatus, ex 
orna[u5, decoratus, condecoratus, 

A beautifying, namcjitura, ornatut, iji de- 

fl To make ihefkin beautiful, Inducl^re cuti ni- 

to he btaui'ful, Niteo, fplendefco. t^ Cmffui's 
Jly/e tras more ieattifn/, Craffi magis eni.ebat 

B-.auif: I'y, Decore, nitide, prnj"e, pulchre, 
fpeciose, vcnuflj. 

To l-j'e one^s beauty, Dcflorefco. ^ She hatb 
lojl her beauty, deflortTcit formae dignitas. 

A bcat-ty-ffot, V. Afiil; a/>:it.h. 

fj 7be beazoar fme. Lapis Bezo'-r. 

7*0 becalir, Paco, fedo, tranquillo. 

Beealnred, Pac»tus, fedatus, tranfjuijlatus, Nep. 
vento deftitutuj. 

A beealmirg, Sedatio. 

It became, Evafit, fiebat. 

Beeauje, Quia, quod, quonlam, proptfreaquod. 
*| Neitlcris there aryman lot etb pain beeaift 
it it tai'', neque quiiquam ell qui doloiein ipTuin 
quia dclor fit ame*. He dffleafed tv ih n.r, 
Iteejufe I eef'.nded him, mihi quod det'endifilm Ic- 
viter fucccnfuit. Tct fl.c muji die, beeauje pe tvas 
sorn of human lace, tamen ei moriendum fuit, 
quoniam heme naturS crat. Because you afled 
the fattfago'd fervant toivai ds me, prcptcrea 
quud lerviebas liberaliter. 

Be.aufeof, Ob, propter, gratia, ergo. N-Ae, 
Ergo in this fcnfe is put after the genitive cafe 
itgoverneth; at, ^ if 'e came for his fake , illius 
ergo venlmus. 

Abiccafco, (Pope) [bird] Ficedula, 

\Tobedi'anee, (Shalcefp.) V.TobefalU 

A beck, or rill, 'Rivulus, 

A le k, Nutus. <[| Read\' at a beck, ex nutu 
pendens. At his maf1er\ buk, ad dumini nutum. 

Tobeekon, to beck, (Sliakcfp.) Nuto, innuo, 

To beckon agaiji, Rcnuto. 

Ti Ictkoi: back, or fr.m, Renoo, tei, 3. abnuo. 

To lector, to. Annuo. 

A bukoning, Nuta;io. 

To become [to be fit, 'fitinf, cr becominc]^ 
Deceoj par,di{.num,'r.Vdetoruin,eirL*. f] Til>o 
garnci.t tecometh me, decet me hwe veft:s. // 
tvoulJ fcarcc b'com', vix fati5 decorum tfTct. 

I0 become [to grow, or be made] Evado, fio. 
^ It becometb incurjble, evadit infanabiiis. / 
think I becme a Cad, ut piUo Deus fio. U :i be- 
come a proverb, proverbii lorum obi^nuit. 

Note, To become, befoie a verb, is often ten- 
dered by turning the verb into an inteptive in 
/;»; as, 5] I become rich, Jih'-I, &c, dittfco, 

To be.ome of. Fieri. %\Vlitt tfiV b.eome of 
metienf qiiidmihi fiel pollea.' Vou caie ncttebat 
Ucotretb of me, tu quid de me fiat parvi curjs, 

/; ill be.omcth, Dcdecet. 

A becoming. Decor, decn', oris, n. 

B'-oming [convenient] Decens, conveniens. 

Beccmir,g [graceful] Dcconis, 
Be.omingly, Record, deccnter, venufle. 

Becomlngmft, (Crew) IJeconim,decentia, con- 

/« bed, Leau% torus, cubile, (Iratum. f //. 
■gtth Jufpt'l-J' '« ^''« '' tu^^uoi incenatut. 


n'tmol H itd, subitum diCceflimui. /♦< »•« 
bavf Btadcyttr beiiyti wufl lie in it, Wit hoc 11- 
infil libi omneeft ijedindum, 

Abedi^pH, Pulvnar, A,>, n. 

A bid In a garden, ArM, ateula, pulvinut. 
. f 7«£« (0 M, Jiiire lei^um, in lefluro ft- le- 

f To bedviiihyeti, M le^um vo» r«eipir«. 

% Tsrralea led, Lejium ftf rnCre, inflrrnrp-, 
oinarc, cor.cinnarc, flrajjU Irfti componi!ie, 

Bedfine, Hora fomni. 

Tie tid [of a tiver] Alveuj, fluvii • jinn, 

Alit'ebeJ, Leflulcis, tornlus, 

A tiuelle, or imntlle bed, *|| Parab^um, .A, 
.1, paraKjflus; leOus veifatilis, L. 

5[ A dotvattej, Culcita moUioribus avium plu- 
mis rcferta. 

Afe.ilLer led, Culcita plumea, Cie, 

A flock bed, Culcita janca, vcl tomeii.'o 3» 
fioccii refcrta, 

A pallet bed, • Orabntui. 
,^<^ frejs bed, Lc^ut ad formam firinii v9- 
(^iarii foimatus, 

IT ^fiiatu bed, Leflct flramineus, tomtntuja 
i.ircen(l', culcita flraminc lefeita. 

A bride bed, Torui gcniaUs, %-el naptsalis, 

^ A fciile bed, Ufiut (ellae formam habens. 

Afljtely bed, Leflus dapfiiis. 

tf A table bed, Leilus menfi» fotmam referenj. 

Toil! brongit to led, Enitor, pario, pa.'tuiic, 

A being brougl t to />ci/, Puerperium, 

One brought to led, Puerpera. 

A bed^sbead, Cubitale, is, n, cervical. 

The bed's feet, Lc-ai pedes. 

A bed's tefser, Leili umbrella.' 

.rfiir<^Mrf,Plu:cum, Icfli fulcrum, ^ fpon- 

A bed's p'JI, Lcrtl colurona. 

Abedmai.r, Lc«, firator. 

A bed mil, ot tri, Cukita. 

Bed curtains, Leili vela duft'Jia. 

fl Til bed/lib, Spatium Icflum inter At pane* 

To keep one 's bed, Lrfto afflf i. 

To bed a toife, (Shalcefp.) Uxorem in leAaia 
fibi acclpere, adniattie. 

To bed tc'itb one, Contumbo. f 

A bed ciinrber, Cubiculum, 

•If Age-tlcman of the kii.g's bed ctamber, No. 
bills a regio cuJiicuIo. 

Belonging to a bed' chamber, Cubicularis, »J> cu- 
biculirius. , ■ . 

Eea clothes, or bcdiitg, Stragula, pi, toraie 

A'cd [in bed] Cubans fiipinus, le£loaf)ixMt 

A lying in bed. Decubitus, 4, 

Beded, In leflum receptus. 

Beded [put to bed] Inkfto phfitus. 

Bedriie, (Sh.>ki-fp.) |l [us ie^i iponu.!;. 

Abedfii;,fer. (ij.) V.HarU, 

Bed rid, * Cl:n^cL's. 

Tobefiek :« bed. Decumbo, ctbui, 3. 

A bedfellow, bed mate, (Siiak.) Conlbrt left}. 

Abed of fas:d,S:<. Stratum. 

A hekhid, Cepetum; poriina, 

Laly'sbedflraw [herb] *| CaJium, 

'To bedafxb't Oram velHs collutare j vrflem 
luto afperix.e, tt/ iijfiitie ; veilem per lutu;r, 
aut roiem, tiabere, 

Bedaggled, bedraggled, (Swift) Per lutum, 
autrorem, tragus, 

A bedjfgiihg, Luti, vel toi'tt, afperfio. 

To bedap, (Sh..kefp,} Afpei'go, fi, j, 

% To bedap all our, Luto ctiitperire, 

Bedaped, Aqua, -r's/luto, aiperi'us, 

% Bedaped aJl over, Luta coopertas, 

Aiedajhing, Afpeiilo. 

To bedaub j Inquino, ccnfpurco, maculo, ccai- 

To bedaub v'.tbdi'i, ObI'mo. 

A bedaubing, Inquinamentum, label. 

To bedaub niiib colly, otfmyt, Denigio> 

To hdsub vilb in', Atiamento ci.mio«C»l»ie. 

Bedaubed w:ih g-ld !<.ie, A»r« cuopanus, 

f ScdtuiJ 


B E F 


gtiouhti, Confpurcatus, icquinatns, micula- 
tat, commaiuUtus. 
Tj i>:Jtck, (Shakefp.) kdakiJ, (Mill.) V. Tc 

ji Mir [under milftane of u oil mill j Mo- 
laris inferior. 

Ttr iairiu, + Roro, irroro. 
Ss it btdtvitJ, "t" Rorefco, irroror. 
BtJnueJ, Rorulentui, irrorJtus, •!• roratas, 

ji htdtjoing, Roratio, irroratio, roris afperfio. 
■\Bt*gbt, (Spenf.) V. jliU^ntd. 
+ To htdirn, (Shakefp.) V. To mah dim. 
\'roMr,n<b, (id.) V. rUrtn.b. 
■\ Ti, tedrcp, (Milt.) V .'Ttbtjfri.Me. 
BidUm, or Btihlthtm, Hofpicium infancrum. 
% Btdlam I'j ibefatft placi far him, dignus qiii na- 
Tigct Anticyram, Helleboruai ci potandum eft 
tliquot dies. 

. A iediawi, (Shakefp.) or htillamite, Infanus, 
furiofus, "t- cerritus, lyniphatus. 
Btdlam likt [adj.] Furibundus, 
Bedlam likt [adv.] Furibunde^ furiose. 
Ta/xdung, Stercoreinquinatej fi>rdibas volu- 

Ftdur^cdf Stercore iiKjiiJnatns. 
A teiiingini, Inquinamcotumftercore faAum. 
T0 ttdufi, Pulvere confpcrgere, 
BtduJItd, Pulvere confperfus. 
+ To ttdvtarf, (Ponnc) V. To/aat. 
jl bte, Apis, fl jis ia/jiai a- bte^ in re aliqua 
ftmper occupatus. 

Adnne he, FucUf, a. 
jl nillt hit, Apicul a. 
jigajke, Afilus, tab.inus; • oftrua, 
jIn bumhi'e hie, || Bnmbilius, L. A. 
B<i g!ut, * Propolis, is, f. 
. 7be iee-eater [bird] Apiafter^ merops, 
Y'.ung titi, • Nympha, pi. 
fl Ajtoarm ofbtn, Apum examen, 
9\ to drive bees, Favos ex alveis cximere. 
A bee hive, Alveare, alveaiium, aJvcus. 
Aheemaficri Apiariiis, z. 
Of, or htlonging tCy bees, Apianus, 
A beech trie, • Fagu?, »', f. 
% Beech mafl. Clans fagea. 
Beechen, or iehnging to beech, Fageus, faginus, 

ff A grove of beech. Locus fagis confitus. 
Beef, Cato * bubuU, vel bovilla. % Afta 
ittfeometb mujiard, aquas infundit in cincres. 
% Pcnudered beif, Bubula falita. 
^f Marilema!, or hung, btrf, Bubula fumo in- 
4'Jrata, vet infumata. 
A beef, * Bos, ivis, 3. 
/ have been, Fui. ^ / have been here a long 
tijge, egp jamdudum bic adfum. Tou have beer. 
hng enough about this bufinejs, falls diu jam hot 
iiaxum volvis. As toe have ever been ufed, ui 
confuevimus hadenus. 1 have been up and dowi- 
ajl Afia, 3 me A6a tola peragrala eft. Hehail 
been abftnt three months, ties menfes abeft. IVhei. 
I had been at hit boufe, apud eum cum fuifTem. 1 
nvas afraid you bod been gone, metiiebam ne abi- 
yiki* Death bad been before mt, mors ob oculo: 
mihi vcrfataeft. I •would it bad not been, noilem 
foAum. / tviUtnake as if I bad been there, quafi 
affuerim affimulabo. Sec To he. 
Beer, Cercvifia, 'lythum, zytbus» 
jN*tv beer, •-Muftum, 
Beir hepped, Cerevifia {| lupulata. 
Frefh beer, Pctus rectos. 
Strong, or double, beir, CeMvifM primaria, 

SmalLbetr, Cerevifia tenuis. 
Slate and hard beer, Potut • actb(, vtl * acr! 

Dead beer, Vappa. 

Beet [herb] Beta. 

Bt'i [without fcent] Clitum. 

A beetle [fly] • Cantharus, " fcarabseus, 

A dung beetle, Scarabxus ftercoratius. 

The veatvteui beetle, or long'leg, * Bupeftris. 

^ The knohed horned beetle, ScarabaMis Qodofui. 

n* iteilifdh, Cantharus pifcis. 

f AiUiiidia itit/i, UiflcA ciccioi« 

A beetle, or mallet, Malleut, tudet, hit, 

A l.ttlebielle. Malleolus. 
fl A bettle for flax, |{ Lini frangibolum. ' 
A bu.kingtretle, Tudicula. 
A paviour^s beetle, Pavicula. 
Beetle brotved, Caperatus, fiipcrciliofus, 
Bettle headed, Facuus, flipes, Mtt. caudeic, 

To bietle, (Shakefp.) Promineo. 
Te <^^//, Continpo, obtingo; accido, incido ; 
evenio. ^J If the fame thivg jh-.uU bifall me, fl 
eadcm mihi ufu vcnirent. / In.iv loh't hjth be- 
fallen me, quod mihi obtigerit fcio. This befell 
•re contrary to exfeHalion, prater fpem hoc mihi 
obtigit. There hath nofrrmv befalUn htm in his 
'oy, huic nulla aegritudo gaudio interceflit. If 
iny thing fhou'd befall me otherwife than ivell, 
n quid mihi humanitus accident. 
Befallen, Quod accidit, vel contiglt. 
// befell, Evenit, accidit, faflum eft. 
To heft, Decere, congrue:c, con venire* 
Bifting, Conveniens, idoneus. 
Tobcfool, Aliquemridere,irridere, ludere,Iudi- 
ficari, dcludificari; illuderealicui, Win alquem. 
^ You befool me »«<», tu nunc me ludos deliciaf- 
■]ue facis. 
Bifoohd, Dcrifus, irr'fus, delufus, illufus. 
A befo-Jing, IrriHo, illufio. 
J3^5</3r;is varioully rendered in Latin, fome- 
;imes, and rooft commonly, by 

Ante, as, fl Ncr did I ever ft eyes upon th.s 
ivoman before to-day, neque ego banc oculis vidi 
jnte hunc diem. Lay iibsforeiur door, ante ja- 
nuam noftram appone. iyhom I love before my- 
(elf, quem ante me diligo. He died ihr year htfon 
I ivat ctn^or, anno ante me cenforem mortuus eft. 
N;te, Ante, in this fen.'e, is fometimes ufed 
abfolutely without a cafe; as, ^Alngtimtbt- 
fjre, multo ante, / thought of it four days he^ 
fore, id tpfum quatriduo antecogitaram. 
Apud, as, fl Before the court, apud curiam. 
Coram, as, fl The cavfc ivas pleaded before the 
fenatt, coram fenatu res a£la eft. I am afraid of 
commending y^M any mere before your faie, vereor co- 
ram in OS le laudare ampltiii. 

In, as, fl Before their fathers fates. In ora pa- 
rentum. Before the face of all men, in omnium 

Ob, as, fl Death toas often lefo'e my eye', ob 
ocujcs mihi fa^pc mors vcrfata eft. Banfimcnt 
•.I'as befre mine eyes, mihi exilium ob ocuios ver- 

Palam, <tt, fl / commended thtfe things iefore 
ro:i, haec te palam laudaveram. 

l'r:c, as, fl Bifire the lioor, prae foribus. Do 
you go before, I ^oi.'l folloio, I pra:, fequar. 

Pricter, as, fl Before their cton mens faces, 
praetcr fuorum^ora. Theyivere all carried before 
Loll'ius, pra;ter ocuios Loflii omnia. ferebantur. 

Prior, piius, as, fl IVe laill go bifore, nos 
priores ibimus. I wrote to you iefore, prius ad 
te fcripfi. 

Pro,, as, fl Before the camp, pro caflris. Be- 
fore Cajlor^s temple, pro a:dc Caftcris. 

Sub, i^,^ Before their eyes, fub oculis. Ihe 
matter isyes befire the judge, adhuc fub judicc lis 
eft. Before the gates, fub ipfos poftes. 

Supra, as, ^lfbichltitrue(fbtforc,ei\ixfa- 
pra fcripli. 

Bifire [before that] Ante, antequam, citius, 
priufquaro, potiiis; as, ^ IVhiih caufcwas dead 
htfore you ivere hern, qua? caufa ante mortua eft 
quam tu natus cfles. Btfore 1 depart this life, 
antequam ex hac vita migro. } fhall tvant voice \\ 
bcfoie I want names, vox me citius dcficiet quam 
nomlna. Before you began to fpeak, priufquam 
toqui. crpifti. I tvculd run quite att>ay before J 
tvould come back, iufugcv&m [iotius quam Tcdfum. 

Before the y&er tvas gone about, non toto vertente |caboIum hominis, S^ per Mitoii. Irut, 
anno. Before a man can tell nuhat^s that, di6lo i?«?frr^ [mean] Vi!i!5, abje6lus ; proletarius, 

•tmJ'ing, priJie nuptiarum. 

fl Before all men, Palam, in publico, 
fl Before band. In antecelTuni. 
Bff^re noto, or this time, Antehac. 
Pefiretben, Antea. 

Bfcretime [formerly] Olim, dudum. fl 5.*» 
fore ai:d behind, a frunle & a tergo. Theyear 
befre, anno fupcriore. The night before the dayi 
on which the murder vias comnntted, ea no£le cui 
illux't ditsca'dis. 

Tolebtfo e, Prarfum. 
To ha/IcK btfore, Praccelero, 
Tefa^tn before, Pr;efigo, ari, 5. 
Tu get before ore, Pravcrto, /;, ^. 
To go before, Prarcedo; praeco, Ivi, ^ 
To learn before, Praedifco, dtdii^t, 3. 
Torun befoit, Praecurro. 
Tofng hefore, Praicino, ui, 3. 
To luatl: before, Anteeo, 4. 
Befre going, Praecedens, antececJens. 
Beforehand in the world, Opulentus, diveSr 
■\ To hefortune, (Shakefp.) V.Toietide. 
To befoul, Coinquino, comrajculo. 
To befriend, Alicui favere, gratiam impertiri, . 

That will befriend, Faoturus, 
Befriendtd, Gratia fublevatus. 
To be befritr.ded. Gratia fublevari, commo* 

A befriending, Gratificatio, bencvolentia. 
To befringe, (Pope) Oino, V, To fringe. 
To beg, Mendicare, emendicare, flipem pe- 
tere. On the high way, propter vias. 
To beg [entreat] Oro, rogo. 
To brg hupybly, Supplico, fubmifse petcrej 
fuppliclbus verbis orare, precari, implorare, fl' 
She heggabyou would. proteB her, fidem vcilram 

To beg eamefily, Obteftor, obfecro, obnixS 

To obtain by begging, or entrea'ing, Exoro. ff 
Let me beg it of you, fine te exorem. 

Tobe^ [the queftion] Principium pelcre,idcia 
affirmare de quo litigatur. 

/, &c. began, Incepi; incepifti, &c. 
He began {to If tiV.^ Infit. V. Begin. 
To beget [as a father] Gigno^ gcnero, pro» 

To icget [procure] ConcUio, jaro j producoy. 

Aiegster, Genitor, procreator. 
A hegeting, Generatio, procreatio, 
Beged\ii an alms] Mendicatus, emendicatus, 
Begtd [entreated] Oratus, rogatus. fl Let lirn 
be begcd for a fool, ad agnatos & gentiles dedu- 

Abeger, or beggar, Mendicus. ^ Sue a be 
ger and catch a.louje, rete non tenditur neque ac- 
cipiiii, neque milvio. Set a beger on hericbaek,. 
and he will ride a gallop, afperius nihil eft hu- 
mili cum furg't in altum, Claud. 

Beger'ybufh [the place of their rendezvous] ■ 
Clivus Aricinus, hi 

Begrrs brats, MendiCabula hominum. 
A Hitle, or yourg^begtr, Mcndiculus. 
To beger, ad inopiam, cgeftatem, vc/ mendi. 
citatem, redigere j cgeftatem alicui afFerre. 

To be begereJ, Bonis exhauriri j pauper, vet 
mops, fieri ; ad inopiam, egeflatem, vel men- 
dicitaiem^ redigi. 

Begered, exhaufluf ; ad cgeftatem, W inopi- 
am, reda^lus. 

Begerlinefs, or beggary, Mendicitas, paupp-. 
Ties, pauj^rtas, egeftas j penuria, indigfntia j 
rei familiaris anguftise. 
Begecly, Inops, pauper, mendicus. 
yery bigtrly, Pcrpaupfr. 
A beger ty fellow, Homo pauperculus, mendi-'. 

citius. Sht came in, befre 1 had done complaining 
nor.duraquecelaro finieram, quumillainicrvenit, 

fl A little before, Paulo ante; jaiDduduna. 

Long before, Jampridcm, 

Btfore all things. Imprimis. 

TbtJajiffoie^Vnix, ^ Tht Jaj ieftrt lie ^ Tit* iijiBj /'/»", Fratics mcndicantts, 

Begcrly, btgingty, Mendicc, Sei 

Aiegiig, Mendicatio, Sen. fl He gettelh iisi. 
Hving by heging, mendicando viclum colligit. 

fl This thinggoeth a itgirg [in traffick] Me- 
Imo emere vult ni(i Vili pretio. 



ff A i*pnl the fttfiicrt, PetitlO princtpli, 

V'o i>tgi"i Incipio, occipio ; occepto ; oniior, 
exordior, aggredior, inchoo. IfJ / ivi/i brgin 
Xuitb Romi:Iuij incipiam a Romulo. She bega. 
hff trade, qua^ftum occepit. / had a mind to 
btgin ivitb tbatf ab eo exordiri voJui, lit begbi- 
ttb his hijiory, ad hiftoriam aggrcditur, hiHoriani 
inchoat. / um to tegin, mc« prim^ funt partes. 
Clarity hg'inelb at home, tunica pallio piopior, 
Bfjore I begin tofpeetk, ante<iuam diccre inftituo. 
^hey btgan the batik^ ccrtamcn inierunt. Whtr. 
iht year btginttb, incuntc anno. Since the iv-rld 
h(gan, ab orbe condito, / ktgan tofufpc^^ mih 
incidit furpicio, The day legmtib ti ireak, Ju- 
ccfcit hoc jam. 

To l>egiK [take begining from] Orior; nafcor, 

To begin again, Rcdordior, inltauro, itero, in- 
tegro, redinlegro, repeto. ^ He bcginetb (be Ud 
Koarz apa'Wf renovat piiftlna bcUa. 

Tfl begin to rife [as the lunj SuboiJOFi 

To begin a dcjignj Inftituo, 

To begin a jQutmy, Jter Ingredi, 

To begin a bat :U^ Pralium inire, capefi^re. 

To begin afrtjhy or anc'w [ntuX..'\ Intcgrafco. 

% To begin an-iffice^ Magiflratum inire, adire, 

To begin ruddy [make the firft draught] Dc- 
lineo, * I'ciographiam defignare, yur. 

To begin a thirg^ Rem aufptcari, aggredi, ten- 
tare, inceptare. 

To begin a ivar^ Brllum fufcipere, 

^ To begin ivelly Aufpicato, -vel bonis aufpl- 
cijs, rem aggredi, fufciperc, tentare. 

■Jl To begin ivith [provoker] Lacefib, trc. 

To begin the nuorfdy Quaeftum aliquem occipere. 

Ahegxner^ AuOor, inceptor ; princeps. 

The chief beginer, Produdtor, 

Ayoung beginer^ Tiro, tirunculus. 

Beginingy Exorfus, AH, Met. Aufpicans, 

^ At the Inter initia piima, in initio. 

A bcgtnlngy Initium, prJncipium, exordium, 
txorfus, exortuE, inteptum. ^ Relate the hf- 
tzry fr^m the begintng, exordium narrationis in- 
/l.lue. Evenfrim the jam inde a prin- 
ci^io. At my firft hgrnlng to aH it, cum pri- 
Tniim earn ageie ccepi. Fnm [he bcgin'irg of my 
yjutby ab inei>nte ajolefcentiii. riomtbe begin. 
'"S °/ ^utuinn, ptimo autumno. From the tc- 
gining of tU fprif!gt incipiente vere. From /he 
beginh.g to lie end, a carceiibus ad metam ; ab 
cvo ad mala, / ^-as of that opinion from the he- 
fining, a prime iia mihi erat vifum. 

^TbefrJJbeginingsofanarfy or fcience, Ali- 
,cujus aitis, W icientiae, prima rudimenta, initia, 

A good, or had, begining of bufmefs^ Bonum 
•z/f? malum, aufpicium. 

A begining, or rife, Origo, prlmordium, prJn- 
cipatus, $([ That tvas the begining of his misfcr- 
taneSf ex illo flueie coepcrunt illius mala j labes 
\\xc prima malorum. 

A frejh heiiningj Redintegratio, ' 

Of, or bei(/nging to y a begining, Piincipalit. 

To begird, Cingo, prffcingo j circundo, ob- 
f;pio, obfideo. 

Segirdedy or begirt, Cinftus. 

v4 beglerleg [I'urkifh] Provincias praefea. 

To begnaw, (Shakcfp.) V. To bite, to gnaiv, 

Hebciotf Genuir. V. Beget. 

To be begoten, Gigncr, nalcor, 

BegQtrn, Gcnitxis, cditus, prognatus, fatus, 
fufceptus-j -generates. 

Firfi begoten, Primogcnitus. 

An only hegoten, Unigena, fiHus unlcus. 

To begreafe, Adipe ungere. 

II ff To bigreafe the fat fizu in the tail, Divi- 
tem pecunia corrumpere, locupktcm doms cu- 

Begreafed, Adipc unftus. 

To begrime, AUquid dcnigrare. 

Begrimed^ Denigratus. 

To keguiky Fraudo, defraudo, cirtumvcnio, 
fal!o, dolis dL-ludere, decipere, la£lare ; fpe va- 
r.a producers, alicui fucum facere, allqucm ali 
t]ua re defraudaro, promiHis in fraudt-m impel 
4erc, veiba^licuidarc, imponcre. ^ Although. 

B E H 

T liave letn biguiliJ in ihii Itfort new, tlCi fxff 
jam liic fpcs me t'lultrata eft. 

BeguiUiif Frauditus, decepCus« 

Abigu'iUr, Homo lallax, fiaudulcntus, frau- 
dator, i-l.inus. 

A itguiting, • Dolus, fraudatio, fallacia, 
truftratu«, 4. 

Bcgur, C«ptus, inceptus, mchoatus, exortus. 
^ JVcU higun is lalf iar.c, pM'ncipium dimidium 

Begun arn^v, Novitius, integer, 

{I I have irgun, Cccpi. V. Begin. ^ C« m 
as you have f>egut:f pcrge ut occcpiHi, 

In behalf, Vin-. f[ /;; niy htha'f, mca causa, 
meo nomine, mea vice, nieo loco. 

Ta ttham, Gero ; fe pr.-cbcre, ^ I am rt- 
f^lvcdfo to itbjve tnyfelf, mihi condiuituni eft 
ita gcrere. Hi tehamd himjelf valiantly, ftre- 
nuum, w./ fcrtem, homincm fe prsebuit. IIi 
bihaved kiirfelf will in hit ojice, bene admini- 
ftravit provinciam, vel rem, fuam. Havtyou 
fo bekavrd yourself ? itane parafti te ? 

/// Uiavtd, Male moratus, inurbanus, pravc. 
ingenio pneditiis. 

^ell bebatul. Bene moratus. 

Behaviour, Morum geftus, vita?, pi. 

Good beba-vi'jur, Morum urbanitas, 

Bfife beha-viour, Morum impurit^s, 

^ To be bound to ore i good behaviour. Ad bene 
fs gercndum obligari. 

Tfi behead, Dccollo, obtrunco ; caput cervici- 
bus abfciniiere, alicui caput pr*cid{;re, coUum 
'e^are ; aiiquen) fccuri ferirc, Wpcrcutcr^-j ca- 
pitis fupplicium fumere. 

Beheaded, Caput, vel capite, truncatus ; de- 
collatus, capite plexus. 

To bebcleadcd, Obtruncari, capite mulftari, 
-ye/ ple<fli J cervices fecuri labjiccre, 

Abeheadcr, Qui aliquem capite truncat, 

A btheading, Securi perculHo, dccollatio. 

I beheld, Vidi. See Behold. 

Beheld, (Pope) Confpeftus, fpeflatus, vifus. 

Plainly to be beheld, Confpicuus, 

fyorthy rt be beheld, Sptftabili ., fpcftatu dig- 

f A behejl [promife] promifi'um. 

Bebefii [commands] Jufli:, pi, mand.ita, 

•f- BehigLl, \ Bdol, (Spcnf.) promilTus j 

Behind, Fonc, port, a tergo. As, fl' Behind 
Cajlor^i temple, pone xdem Caftoiis, My ivifi 
Cometh befjind, pone fubit conjux. You h^< lurk- 
' tg beiifid fie /edge, tu port caie£la bcebas. //; 
fet I'fon them behind, afgrefl'us eft a tcrgo. He 
tool; her uf> bthind liw, cam ad terga rcccpir. //( 
Cometh not behind diiy, nemini cedit. 

Behinil mv bait. Me abTente. ^ He 'will be 
the fiinit before your face and behind your back, 
pra;fen8 abfenfque idem erit, Iioill come behind, 

fl To be left bciij.d, Relinqui, fuperefle, re- 

Behind [remaining] Porrci, reliqiius, ^ L 
there any thing yet behind? etiamne eft quid 
porro? Is there any more mifchief behind? nun- 
quid eft aliud mail reliquum ? / 'will not be be- 
bird hand, non poftcriores feram. Another thing 
is behind, aliud fiipereft. fl^hat is behind iv'lt be 
done luiihin, intus tranfigctur fi quid eft quod 
eftjt. He is behind in faying arrears, Aliquid 
infolutum reliquit. 

fl To be behind antlher in point of learning , 
Alicui eruditione cedcre, herbam porrigere. 

To be behiird hand in bvfnefs, Ccftb, moror, 

fl Behind harj in the tvorld. Ad inopiam, vel 
egelhtem, redaftirs ; are alieno opprefl'us. 

Behold, Ecce, en. 

Bel'old bin; Eccum, ellum: b, hold her, eccam. 

Behold them [mafc] Eccos, tllos [fcm.] eccas. 

To behold, Alpicio, mfpicio; fpcito, inlpcfto ; 
intueor, tonfpicor, animaiivtrto, ^ Beluld his^ 
countenance, contuemini os. 

To behold afar off, Profpicio, fpeculor. 

To behold above, Sufpicio, .fi Cufpefto, i. _ 
2« iebald, OS Imk ebiut, Circuoirpicio, iefpi- 

B E I 

cio ; luflto, colluHro, pctluflro, pcrrpefto. 

To behold earnefly, Contemplor, oblueor, alif 
quern intcniis ocujis, vel acetrimc conteniplarf. 
To behM iviib umpaffinn, Rc^icio, aicuju* 

Tt beiiild often, Refpici'o, afpefto. 
Beholden, It \\beUU,ng, Obftii«u3, oblifs- 
tus, dcvinilus, addiflus, obnoxiua, fl / iiiai ntt 
beh-Jden to him at alt, oWigatus et niliil eiani. 

fl To make »« beholden to him, Dc .il;quo bene 
mereri, vel piomercri ; aliquern fibi obligarc, 
obHringJrc, ir/dcvinccre 

To be beholden to one, Alicui obligari, obftrin- 
%\, devinciii, %\ lye etre mhhilj beholden M 
'hem, illorum bet.eficiis maxirr.c dcvindi fumut. 
lie luai beholden to ir.t, that, mihi dcbebat, quod. 
/ am beholden to b.m for wy lift, illius opera 
vivo. He is bcUlden to me for i;i life, mihi »i. 
tarn acceptam rc.'ett, I am much behtldtn toyom 
for tie bull. on, de raudufculo muitum te amo, 
IVe are behitden to than fir our livJibcod, illo- 
rum bencficio panem manducamus. / tm be- 
holden to tUm, bene de mc meriti iunf, 

A being biholden, beholdingmfs, (Sid,) obligatio. 
Aleholdcr, Spectator, fpeculator, infpc^or, 
A beholding, .Speftatio, contemplitiu j coar 
fpcftus , 4. afpeflus, intuitus. 
A beholding upward, SuTpc^uS, 
An earmjl beholding, Contuitus, cbtuitus. 
Behoof, Commodum, gratia, utilitai. 
Bib.oveabU, Behooveful, (Spenf.) Commodu^ 
opportunu?, ucilis. 

It is belooveable, Intetefr, refert, 
^ It behooviih, Dccet, expedit, oportet, opera 
prttium eft, operac eft, 
■f- BthoovefuUy, (Spenf.) Comniode. 
t To hehmul, (Shikefp.) V. To htncl at. 
Being [cfllncej Natura, eflentia. 
% An anion irfereih biing, elTentiam indicat 
opiratlo. Theje reafons plainly declare the being 
of God, hx rationes dare oflendunt Deum ex* 
itiere. Befort we ivere in being, antequam nati 

II Biing [feeing that J Cum, quonlam, quan- 
do, quandoquidem, Cjfe. as, ^ Being it ii f,^ 
quod ciim ita fit. Being you come not bilh/r, 
quoniam hue non vents. Being I fet y.u d^in 
It, quando te video defideraie. That beir.r jeur 
deftie, quandoquidem ita fu vis. 

A being hei e, there, or by, Prefentia. ^ heji 
my being here Jhould binder, nc mea praefcntia 

11 Aleing [hubita'ionj Habitatio, commemo- 
ratio , domus, domicilium, ^ Pray provide 
him fome kind of being, peto a te ut ci de habita- 
lione acconmioiits. I believe I Jhali have no fet" 
tLd being any tuiere, commoraturum me nuf- 
quam fane arbltror, A man of no fettled beings 
homo incerti laris. 

Being is often made by /am, exprelTed or in- 
cluded m another verb j as, || fl There is no be- 
ing for me at Rome, non licet mihi efTe Romx. 
I believe it ivill be the jafefi being for you here, te 
hic tuti^me fore puto. Tou need not trouble your- 
felfat bis being gone, quod deceirerit non eft quod 
commovearis. For he being eovful in Gaul, iiic 
enim cum eiTet conful in Gallia. 

^^ Being [for if, vihen, icbilfl, or after t 
am, ivas, &;c,J may be made by the ablative 
cjfc abfolutej as, ^ Bibulus being amful, Bibu- 
!o confule. Your father being alive, vivo patrc. 
After t am deed, me extinflo, vel mortuo. 

Being [for -ivbo, or 'u'hicb am, 'was, &c.] may 
agres with the word preceding ; as, ^ My fa- 
ther being, or who is, a man, lirjeth me being, or 
zuho am, a clild, paler meus vir amat mc puer- 
um. They drive atvay the drones, being aflitg- 
gijh cattle, ignavum fucos pecus a prafcpibus 
ircent. The Gauls being ttuiie repulfid icilb great 
lofs, confult ivhat to do, bis niagno cum detn- 
mento tepulfi Galli quid agant confulunt* 

^ Mayor, Sec. for the time btittg. Qui pnetoris 
utbani muncre tunc furgetur, 

fl To keep a ibingfom being dene, Aliquid ne 
fiat prohibcrc, impedire. 

F J fft 


^ II ■a/is KMr t(if<{ dtiu, Puam ibfuit 40° -^ 
ft ttt. 

fl / or ft /«• yfs* i int, Tanti m ibeft tt! 

n 7t t<iii nf, II IS W<«, Aliqti^m piipnis, 
»r'l«lflt, contimJirr, c*J;rt, ili'Iare, vrr!«rjrc. 
|l B./jfowrrrf, p t.-fjnmiJ, Cafui, veibtratus. 
,1 MitfitMixf, vcrbeUMo. 
Vo *tA».r, T.rniam rtxtilem vertl conCuere. 
PtttcM, TwniS tfntili rpnluTU!, tf/ ornatiw. 
jl Bp/«fft/{itf- behind] I'onJ reliAi.!. 
•1 t tOdt ttlalcJ,, N'jx mc occupavit. 
Ti btlaf [wjyliy] Aticui in via infidiari, 
lufidiai Ctujte, vr/parart. 

I T« Ma} (a rope) V. To fflUf, 
.1 hcieh, ur te'.tiirr, Ruflus, 4. 
T' *r'c6, Rufto, ruftor. 
Hf 7*0 t^/f* in oKr'i face. In OS aliciilusruftari. 
«[y 7) ie/cb cut 6ia'plxn:U!, Impia in Deuni 
Vffba profundcfe j fccleOo ore contumclias in 
Perni effundfre, divinum ii.;men verbis violare, 
" To Mcb fpcK, Ruflito. 
7i b;lcb cm, Eruflo. 
Be/delicut, f}« RwftatuS, 
^ BtltbiT, or that caufcih la btUh, <}' Q<i^ 
Wfttit, [fem.1 ruftatr:x. 
Givni to tckh:m, R^ftuofiis. 
A htlciatr.t, BelTona, aniciila, tettila. 
7^ iettigutr [bifiege] Urbem obfiJerP, cir- 
Cumriderr, obfidio, wr/obfidione, cingere j ob- 
ftflatn tencte. 

ji biUagurtr, Olfeflbr. 
/t htltagvtrhg;, Obfidio, vMe^\0. 
Bcl'ugvtre.l, ObfiJione cinfltis. 
f Btlgdrd, (Spcnf.) Oculorum conjeftus ; 

flt!gi.-i [Dutch] BelgiCUS. 
7» belt, Aliqucm calumniare, falfum eri 
irifn in atiqucm intendeie. 

To belit » thing, or frrttnit tint ivkib h not, 
tmeniior. Tity btlitd tboje ■whom ibry haled, 
ementiti funt in rO! quos oderant. / am he, 
tbju iifi bdie, ilium quem emsntitus cs, ego 

/ffW, Falfo tielatus, infimulatus. 
j1 Itlfiyrg, calumnia, fjlf.i critti'natio. 
Bilicf, or « bt/iming, F;dcs,T», f. 
T« ii ef liittt btlirf" iy\A\ !o, fufpicof. 
Pi^ Mkf, Fidctii iupcrans, incrcdib li>, fide 

/.igbttttfi, or f*^rr/i, '/ brXtf, CredulJtas. 
Li^hi, or ea'y, cf hJiLf, Ciedulus. 
Hard of bihtf, Iiictedulus. 
La:ii^ or karintji ef Mi'f, DifSdentia, ftru- 
^ulus. dubitatio. 

7'lt bdlef [ApoMn Cr<ed] * Symkolum • 1| 
Apnftolicum, If! » H Apoftolorum. 
To bttievt [give affent to] Credo. 
To btlu.vt\»a^] Alicui confidere, (idem dart. 
Tobe/irve [ttiink] Eiiftimo, fviro, arbitror, 
kfiinor, ^ / car.}i'<! IdifOt ar:y fitb ttiig, miiii 
«juidero hercit non eft verifimile. / could r,ot 
it/iive it, »i id credendum non potui animuro 
indutert. Vou art » fool n it/Uve him, (lultus 
t% qa! huic credas. ^ie coH mate him btHt'ur 
the fitiort is made of grten chuje, mcro mcridie (\ 
riiKerit till tenebras efle, credit. 

To bi ixlirved, Crtdor. % U it ItUtved m eli 
hands, palTim Creditor. }f i tnsj 6c bil.evrd, fi 
^ua niihi Adts. 

To male out leKcve a ihiig, Aliquld alicui 
ptrfuadrre, (idem alicujus rci Cacere. ^[ H< 
*Lt^i'A/ makt us hrllevt ie is a fjrfu^ perfoK, no 
kis perfoafum tlTc volt folerKtn iplum virum 
rflc, fou fhall ntvtr makt mt belteve this talr. 
B'jnquam milii fidcm faciet Kujui fabuix. 
Be^'tved, Creditiis. 

Bel.ivahlr, CreJibilis, rredendus, fide dignus. 
Nor to it believed, Jacrcdibilis, fidci abfonus, 

vf ^fr,'ili ml la ie ietitvtd. Or crtJittJ, *J fl 
xritvejs, Imenabilis. 
,/1 btltvtr. Credent. 
tl brihvn [among divines] Fidvis, vel fidelis, 
pet fervus. 

ttiitt/rrig/y, Moret«ru(n|uiiaD««!ncredunt, 


B E 1^ 

7t irtie hil.tvi [pretend] Simolo, pra ft 
fcrre. ^ / only made you Mieve, ea gratia fi- 
mulavi, Ht -wtuld makt tij ielieve bt it s fod 
inai, fpeciem pr* fe boni viri fert. 

] Vcritaii cunfonus, veiinm.lis. 

Bi'ih [adj. 

Btl'ttt [.idv.'] Ut videtur 
j1 till, /Tls'lj campanum, campana, H nola, 
/i t':t't bell, Tintinnabuliim. 
/i p-fjir.ghill, II Cair.pani fur.ebris. 
A \:'inCs Le'.l, II OampanuU facta. 
A in:le cl-t'^sktll, * Ho'ologii tintinnjbulum. 
Art alarum btll, Tincianabulum ad famlliani 

A .l':ld's it'!, Crepitaciifum, • crctalum. 
fl A Irw tell [about a ram's neck] Tintin- 
nabuliim arietis collo fiifpenfum. 

A /-to bell [for catcliing birds] Tintinnabu- 
lum .-lucupatorium. 

ff To hear aivjy ihi btU, Ferre prctium cer- 
taminis, viftoriam reportare, * palmam ferre. 

II ^ To cttrje one 'rvitb leH, bosk, and candle, 
Aliquem omnibus dirij dcvovcre. 

A .'til claftr, 11 Nolae, rr/ tintinnabuli, mal- 

A Ml founder, Qiii mctalla id |] campanas 
conficiendas liqiiefacit. 

A bell man, Prxco noflurnus. 
% Bell metal, Metallum ex .quo |1 campan.-e 

^ belfry. Locus in templo unde j] campanat 

^ A btll wtatter. Dux gregis, vervex fefla- 

Blue Mis, or it" Jiezuers, || Campanula flore 

}fed(t bells, II Tampanula minor. 
^ To MB? the htth, II Campanas modulate, 
Wnumerosi, pulfare. 

% A ringing of iil's, II Campanarum conccn- 
lus. vel modulata pulfatio. 

^[ A ring cf bells, Piures J campana modu- 
late fonantes. 

A bel't, (Popt) f hcliboKe, [Spenf.) Virgo, 
nobilis infignis, cgrcgia, 
Ti bclLtv, Mugio. 
To belhii' again, RemuglOi 
To bellonu out, Emugio. 
To bellow re, Admugio. 
Abet/owing, Mugitus. 
A pitir vf belloivs, Follis, is, IT». 
Tie nn'e, or pipe, of the U'kivs, * Crater fbllis 
The bellno: of an organ, Follis * pythauli. 
A fmiib's btilitV!, Follis fabrilis. 
Bellaine [belonging to beafts] Belluinus, 
A billy, Venter, uterus, alvus, (, f. ^Tte 
helly hath no ears, venter pracepta non audit. || 
i^tfily you ivill ^uichly have yottr belly full if hih:^ 
T\x tu propedicm idius faturabere. A-iy belly 
thinke:b my ihroal cw, jam annum efur"o. fyhai 
gx,t under the de^iVs ba i is fpert under bit belly, 
mal4 partum male difiwrit, vtl iialc parta male 
dilabuntur. lie pincketh his oiun belly, fuum de- 
fraudat genium. My eyes art biger than my belly^ 
oculos cibis pafco, non ventiem j oculi pli^s de- 
vorant quim capit venter. 
Cftar bellied, Vtn*ricofus, 
Great, or big, bJliid [as a woman with child] 
Gravida, ptaegnans. 

A iv.mar^s great belly, j^quor ventris. 
A lilllt belly, Ventnculus. 
A belly band, or girtb, Cingulum, 
The loiaer pirt of tie belly, * H Hypogaftrium. 
The part of tht btHy about ibt fioti ribs, * \\ 
^ The belly ache. Tormina ventris. 
Trouhlid -aitb ttt itUy ache, Alvinus, alvi do- 
lore laborans. 

Btlly ihter, btlty-llmbtr, (Hudib.) Cibaria, pi. 
A belly god, (Hakewell) Helluo, gulofus, vo- 
ta>) Ep'curi de grege pofcus. 
A belly friend, • Paralitttt. 
A btlly full, Satietas, ■{• fatias. % A belly 
full it J hilly full, fatis eft quod fufficit. 
Full h.tticd, Satur. 

Apaunth, m gerbtllyt Vcutriofus, w/venlri- 

To leVy cut iviti fat, T^iitiicofus ele. 
To belly out [as a wall] Frominerc. 
A belly luorm, Lumbricus intcninoriiin. ' 
The belly of a lu't, Cuncavuii teftjdinis, 
Tobe-ork, (Sliakefp.) y.Toloek. 
To beting, Attineo, p;rlineo j ompeto. ^ 
H'lat ditb that belonjr to mef quid iftuc ad mo 
attinet ? Vfjemhling hehtigcth w-t lo'me, non mea 
fft (imulatio. lit judged it to bel-.itr to titm, id 
illis adjudicavit. This qtiiftion bclongeih tc phi, 
t'jfophy, hac queftio in philofophia vcrfatur. 
Belonging, A'tinens,* pertinens. 
Belemed, Dilcflus, amatus, gratus, charus. 
^T Dearly beloved, ChariiTimus. 
Below, adj. Infernos, inferus, inferior. ^ 
So that zee C'uUfee all ahyiie^ belrtv, and hettvcen, 
■jt omnia fupera, infcra, media, videremiis, 
Tl oft above arc piperleft, ihoje belotu have fupcd, 
t'uperi incGtnati fuTit, canati infcri. 

Below, an adveib, infra, fub'.Jr, deorfum, 
%\ They that are behto, qui infra func. All theft 
things •ZL-hlch are above ar.d belo^u, omnia haec 
quas fopra & fub'cr fimt. Ihty tvill eat up be- tvhiiifver is drcffed already, deorfum come- 
dent fiqiiid coxernt. 

Below, a prcpofition, Sub, fubter, infra. ^ 
Sehtv th'fe hill!, fob tllis montibus. f^inue 
hath all things beiew ilfelf, virtus omnia fubter fe 
habet. There is nothing beloro the nl:.otl but ivhai 
is mortjt, infra lunam nihil eft nifi mortale. 
From btlotu, Infcrne, defub, fubtus. 
To hektvte, (Camden) Convicior. 
A le'fwiJgger, (Drydc/>) Rcrum a fe gcfl^ 
rum iaftator ; * thrafo. 

A'belt, Balteus, vel balttnm, cingu'iim. 
A belt iKater, Balteoium confcftor, vel f»» 

f[ AJhoalJer lelt, Baltcus hnmeris induendus. 
Bemadding, (Shakef.) Ad infaniam agens. 
To bcmire, Se inquinare, in cccnum, vel cte» 
no, demergi, vel immergi. 
Bemired, Inquinatus, in coeno demerfus. 
A bcmiring, Inquinamentum. 
To bemoan, Dep'rro lamentor, alicujvs vicem 
dolere, fortunam miferari ; pro aliquo gemerc^ 

To be bemoaned, Flebilis j <1> dolendus. 
Bemoaned, Deploratus. 
A bcmoaner. Qui dfp!orat. 
A bemoaning, Planftus, luftiij, 
Semodning, Dcplorans, lugens. 
Like one Lemoaning, Deplrrabundus. 
Bemufed, {!*opc) Stupidus. 
Bev, or behtn [an aromatick not] * Balanui 
* myriftica. 
A bench, Subfellium, fcamnum; fedile, fella, 
A bench [of juft-ce] Tribunal. 
A bench [of junices] Confefl'us. 
^ Ihe king's bemb, \\ Bancus Regius, 
^ Tit lord chief iujii-e ef the k:ng's bench, 
Prie"or, vel primarius, [j banci Regii. 
A li'tle btnth, Scabellum. 
A bencher, Afleiror, confe(lbr. 
A b,nchtr [prifonfr in the king's bench] Qiji 
in carcere l| banci Regii detinctur. 
Benches [in a (h p] Juga, pi. trandra. 
Abend, Plica. 

The bend of a /hip, Latenim • navis carva* 

To bend, Fleflo, tyrvo, incurve, incline } 
torqueo, »Jt intendo. 

To bend one's rrird to, Animum ad aliquid ad* 
jungere, appellere, ad aliquid incumbere, ftudi. 
um in re aliqoa ponere, ad aliquid conferre, (iu- 
liio alicujus rei operam dare, ftudiurh in aliqua 
te rollocare, vel alicui rei impcrtire. ^ He 
bendeth his thoughts to nothing elfe, ad id unum 
cogitationes intendit. Bend ye-ur rrhole mind t^ 
■his, toto animo id age, totam huic convcrte 
mcntem. This is all he bendeth his mind to, huic 
uni fludet. He bendeth himfelf wboUj u this, 
omni Audio ad hoc incumbit. 

To bend back. Recline, rcflefto, ret«rqueo. 
To bend a botv, Arcum tendeie, curvare, C- 
nuare, fleiSEre. 
To tend r-.und, Itt Qrbem fiei>.ef». 



B E R 


TV hni, or U lim, liU a kiv, Arcuor, Ctt«- 
vor, Hnucr, 

T) bend hh hrrwi, Frontem operate, vc\ cor- 

fUf 3K. ' 

Tti '^cr.d h\s ji^.i, Pugnos rorrplicare. 

1'u hind Qrt" I c^frjc) Allquti cuifunMendSre. 

Tc ititdfi'WJ'di, Intrno, pro:lino. 

Vi htifr'jm, Rcclino, dctiinn. 

7i hnd ir.viatnh, Incurvo, inflcOo. 

Vr> htnd IttBiit ds, A ( c' i no . 

To hrj Uli/ludy, Ann Inr, concr ; V, fup. 

7c hind, "with i-w!gs, Vieu. 

Ti ier.d [neut.] Vergo. 

V'c I'ir.d, ir. ihs midJ.'c [neut.]!o, !. 

To her.d [ihiinkj u'uic a burden, S»b pondcic 
fiv'tare, por.c*eri lucc'jrnbfrc, 

Ttj hcpn ta hnd, Inciirvefco. 

Wi«W[in hsraldry] I'jfcUt 

Birdcl, V. £f;f. 

^ ffi.'E tmdid, Flexir Efnibus. 

ji tir.ilii, Fjfciola. 

Eajj la b!r:d, or Mfi'y intt, Flexlis, 

^■■(■^^^[mufclcs] Mulculi oigitonim flexores. 

Ji^d'rtg^don'rjf PiT>, 

Btndhg farwardi, Virgens, procurvu*, pro- 

BtrJiitg f'ov.-warjt, Declivis, praccps, 

il,-i:d:r:g as the h^vtnl, Concavus. 

Striding inviardi, Acclivis. 

Bindirg tc, Acdinans, 
. Binding, or Ucning, Innttenr, conniius. 

y/ bending, or hczv:rg, Cvrwtio, curvamen, 
curvjtura, ftexuia ; ftexio, flcxus, 4. 

j^ lending eii:!it, [t CircumStxio. 

ji bending a^dvivije, Sinuatio. 

ui bending d'-rjn, Dsvexita? j deflexus, 4. 

Ihe ienaing, ot JJ.-ehing cf a hill, DccJivitas. 

Beijing diicnzL-jrdt, Dfcli»i3. 

Bending 'Jtnvard!, Accliv s. 

ji binding firtciird, I'roclinatio. 

^ bcndinrfio:n, Declinatio, dcflcxus, 4, 

^ bending unic, Iixlinatio. 

j1 beniirg in the middU, Pandatio, I'itr, 

Bendingi, or turnings, Oiveilicula, pi. 

Bending tike 1 bnu, Avciutim. 
, Bind-aiih [hctb] Viburnum. 

B'ncpth, the fairjc with Bclcau 

f BitiidiSint mo-iis, * || Mona<lii ordini' 
fanfti Bentdifti. 

BenediSioii, b^nifr, (Shakcfp.) Faufta pre 

A tenffatin-, or henrfur-hifs. Q_iii, vd ofi-x, 
jiliquem beneficiis afllcil, m/ bencficia in ali 
jquerrt contulit. 

AbenefaH'im, bmefaBure, TL, A.] Bencfici-, 
um j largiiio; btnetafluiji. V.Bemf.i. 
. A bemfariar It iaiimd men, » Patronuf, 1 
Mel. Marcenas. 

Ahinefiee, Cura * 1| ecclell«ft!ca, muous ec 

^ A f<">' beniftc, II Beneficium tcnue. 

ff A rich heTiefice, )| Bencfitium pingne, di- , 
vef, opulentum. 

Btr.tfcrd, Pra-fr>Sui gtegl, ad curam * fl re 
(lefudicuni admilfus, 

Benefiietee, Beneficentia, liberaliias. ' 

Benifici., Bentfitus, bcnignus, libcrjli?, 

Btnrjie'taJ, Commoduf, utilif, frufluofus. 

Benefcialnejs, (Hale), commcdum. i 

A Ixnifieiary, || Beneficio * \\ eccUfiafiico 

Abamfx [pocd turn] Beneficium, oflicium ;, 
inunu5 ; gratia ; ir.eritum, p'omeiitum, pr^-- 
jniom, bcnefaftum. 

fl A henrjii if clergy. Crimen condonatum 
^ clerl graiia. 

Tc benefit [do good to] Profuir, ccmmodo, 

Tobt-ntfii [neut.] Proficio, progred'cr. 

^ To benefit unilcr a minijier, Frudum ex fjus 
concionibus xaperc. 

A benei>tjleme [voluntary] Largitlo. 
■ Benevolence, Benevolcntta, favor. 
- gcnetv>/e'il, Bcr.evcluj. 

Benjamin [gum] • )| Ecntoinum. 

Vli bcri lUrjamin, * jj Sil{hiu«, 

flf/n'tgliti, Ni (Tlf pr»vcnfuj. 
Itcnign [kindj Kenignus, cl'iriCri!, hutnanu' 

Beniinity, Benignitas, clennen'ia, human'ti', 

Berign.'f, Brnigne, cirtn nte'> Mimaniter. 

Berjjin, Laffr, iris, n. Rijs ^y^i.^'!I?. 

Bennei [I.erh] » \\ CjrycpliyDara, || fana 
munda benetiifia, 

B<-M [bowed] Fl'xus, tenfus, Carvatns, inwii- 
natus i fmu.'tus. 

Berif [ready] I'ronnptus, • pronnf, proclivif. 

Aleut, cr incHn.v'tn, vfn/md, IncliDatio vi - 
Juntatis, propenfio, fludi\im j prodivius. ^ 1 
tai-t rii the hint of bis kcv), Cfo illius fcnfuri 
fulchrc calleo. 

•I Bent sgjirjl, Advei-fus alicui, averfus all 
quo. ' 

^J To he firmly bmt againj!, * Animum eor- 
tra al (juid obfirm.ire. 

To le II hint, fanguinem fitire ; odii 
implacabili arderc. 

II Cruelly bent againp. Furore contta aliquid, 
W jliqucnn, incenfus, acccnfus, fljgrans, 

EjrniJIty bent, intcnTos. 

Bent Itikivard, Recurvus. 

Bent like a bciu, Arcuatus, terfus, intpntus. 

Bent do^nvards, or in the Kiddl:, pandatus j 
*t* pandus. 

Bent forward, Procllvis. 

Bent many tvay^, Sinuatus, finuofus. 

Bent refolutilf, ObfiimatuSj obft-nittufi. 

Bent unto, or on, Addiflus, dcditus. ^ Js I i 
fo lenton it ? Iiane obftinate operam dat ? Ben 
on U^ pleajures, pftufus in voluptatcs, propenlu: 
in voluptatem. Whi^lly bent on hisftudiet, literis, 
wf/ literarum ftudiis, omn'no d^rditus. 

A bent, or bsnts, Juncus, fcirpus. 

Not to he bent, Inriexibilis. 

Tc- binum^ Stupefacio, 

To he ber.umed, Torpeo, obtorpefco. 

Beniinied, Torpidus. Afa. obtupcfaflus. 

To be benumed ivith eold, Algeo, frigeo. 

A lenuming, or being benumed. Stupor, torpor. 

To befain', (Shaktfp.) V. To faint, 

f Befiimhed, (Chapm.) Vcllicatus. 

To h.fifs, Covnw)ii)ii, pritl, cixamixtam, fuji- 

Bepifi, Lotio madcns. 

To bequeath [give by will] Aliquld alicui le- 
gate, vet tL-Ilimonio relinqu^re. 

Bequeathed, Legatiis, teftamento reliAus. 

A tling le^ucarhtd, l.cgatum, i. 

The pirfoi to ■whom a thing is hejutathed, || 
[.egatariu5, Svet. 

A be^ueatber^ J Legator, Suet, Qui aliquid 

A ht^tearhiiig, Legatio, 3. 

A bijuejl [lti:\cy'] I.epat'im. 

The berbeiry, |j BerbTis, ;j. 

Toliteave, Aliqnem aliqua re privare, orba- 
re, fpollarc j .J-* viduare. 

To It bi'eaied, or deprived, Aliqua re priva. 
ri, orbari, fpoliari. 

Bereaved, or bereft, Orbatus, privatu', fpo- 
listus, vidiiuf, <t> viduatusj captus, y^-. oculis, 
■jcl auribup. 

Bci e.ivement, or bereaving, Orbatio, privatio, 

A hergamot pear, * Pyr^im Bergaitienfe, py. 
rum Etruriae. 

Abtrgh mafer [a bailffF among the miners] 
Scaptenful^ magifter. 

The bergar.der [fowl] VulpanTer, *chelanopex. 

The hergh mole, Curia || Oannaria, 

To beitytne, (Sbakefp,) Cclebro. 

Ahe'im [coach] Currns 1| Bfrlinienfis. 

^ Bernardine monks, • |] Monachi ordine S. 

•}■ To bench, (Spenf.) V. To >ci. 

A berry, B.icca. 

A little berry, Bacttila. 

A bay heny, Bacca laurea* 

^ bill berry, Vaccinium nigrum. 

A h'ack lerry, • Mnnim. 

A-iranic'ry, Vaccinium paluftre. 

An ildet terry, Sambuci lacea. 

A'l itij lf"y, • C<irjmhii!. 

^ A foojeiiiry, Oiofluljiia- a inm. 

Onheirj, Heibj parij. A, 

Ar,fp hary. Id i lubi bacta. 

A fl'tiivbiriy, Fia^um. 

A -wild finiti berry, Arliulul. 

A fervier beiiy Solium. 

Av-bve lleiiib.riy, Zura. 

Bearing hen lei, >^ BaccifeT. 

Bearing berrirt Ike ivy, »J» • Coivmbifer, 

Having buries, Baccatut. 

{ Rerh [a lea tent), convenient fea roflmj 
Sparium in quo navis hue illiic (erri po'.ell. fl 
lie hath gt a berth, Nauricum munus obtimiit, 
ad ^ubcniindum navigium merced? eonJu^lm 
=IK He bath incide a good bttih of it, Luctolam 
navigationem fecit. 

I'erlram [herb] • Pyretrum, 
Abiril\\\ant\* Beryllui. [uncoired gold offered by the king at 
tlic altar] B)Ean:ii nummi aurei. 

Befanis [in hcialdryl Byaantiis nummii di- 
ftinftus. ■' 

Bfjcreen'd, (Sbakefp.) Celatus. 

To bifceh, Oro, obfccro, rogo, fupplico ; 
P'jto, obtcflor, prccor, qua^fo. 

^[ 1o tejeeib earneflly, or he/i'tily, Magroperc, 
enixc, obnixe, vcbemcnter, oijie, vt/obfecra- 
re J etiam alque etiam orare. 

^ To be'eeih humbly, Supplicaw, fupplicirer ac 
fcmifse prccari, fupplicibus verbis orare. 

51 To bejcecb with tears, Iir.plorare muttil la- 

I hefee k thee, Amabo, fodes. 
A be'eciher, Kogator, prccator. 
Bc'ctihing, Obfecrans, fupplicans, orans. 
Abefeeehing, Kogatio, obfecratio, fupplicatio. 
To bifeem, Convcnio, deceo. 

% It Lejiemelh, Decet, convenit, par eft, x- 
qiium eft. 

Bejeeining, Conveniens, decens. 1\ Nothing 
s more lefccmtr.g the nature of a men, nihil eft 
[laturas hominum accomniodatius. 

Bejiemingly, Deccnter. 

II Befeemingnef, Decentia, deconim. 
To bcfet, Circumdo, oblideo. 

To bejel on all fides, Circumfideo ; fuecingo. 

^ Troubles and fears bfet me on all fides, Cir- 
currfu'ae m'hi undique moleftia; & pavores. lit 
is bcfet miih lie multitude, fre^uentiS populi cir- 

Befet, Cinflus, obfefllu, 

Bcfet on all fides, CircunofeiTus, c!rcumc!n£luSi 
undique cindlus. 

f[ Hard bcfet, ad incitas rcdados, ad triarios 
res rediit. 

fl Befet wilt jewels, Gemmis interflinflus, 
ornatos, decorus. 

A befetting, Circumfertio. 

7o b'ejhiie, Concaco, ftercore infirfre, fniqui- 
nare, tcedare. 

Bcfi.iten, Concacatas, ft«fCOt« inquinatns, i-H 

To hifhie-j), Alicui maledic^te, itiala, vtl 
male, impiecari. 

^ Bejhrc-w yotir heart, Male tibi fit, abi oui 
dignns es. 

A hefhrr^i'itg, Malediftio, dirae, pi. 

Befidt, or befides, Porro, prwterej, pr«ter- 
quam, ad hoc, turn, fin^ul. fl And hfirles, tr.j 
•wife ivould hear of it one ivay or ar.cthir, atque 
porrj aliqua uxor mea refcifteiet. And tUn he- 
fides, her fecrd dvtvery is hfl, turn prafttica, 
qune fccunda ei dos erat, periTt, / afk x-u n« 
re^Otird bifides the eternal remembrance of U:s tta^-y 
nullum a vobis praemium poftulo pr^terquan 
hujus diei memoriam fempitcrnam. Brfides, bt 
jet upon rhm in due feafon, ad hoc eo6 in temport 
a;igr' (Tus eft. Jlefides, I iai'e no mind to rob hrr, 
turn ipfam defpoliare non libet. Befida, you 
knew not this, fimul & illud nefciebas. 

Befidt, or -htfides. A, ab, abs, extra, tuxt), 
praster, propc, propter, fecunduro, (Sc, <(f Si* 
[at bfiji the reapers, fedit a la'ere meflbrum. 
They are brftdt the eup'v.n, or bufinef* in hand, a 
re difcedun', aberrant a iafi»j, r'jira aleas f«- 


B E S 

B E 3 



• U ZM,biih,JH» myiclf, hoc n=nu,„ p.^tc, 
Wm Bc/W« r^'. rA,>,>. /•'/ '/jr.. -;. 
rcgi. .lybhb hhjblc ,bc city. <!«« contermina 

'^•r»"'/'; i.>/« i"V'^. »««'»' '»'■"■"'• ""'' 

"'i^^« .« . /«ir, Amens, infanienr. mrnir 

'^' Ti>' hfi'", Obfidco, circumfijEo, infideo, cir- 
^umveniol oppugno, circumvallo ; pr^ 
«ppiaum copi.s, cin^Eve. fl Hf 
-Ificgrd the diy, ciKumded;t urbtm 

B'M'^, dbfelTus, obfidione cmftus. 

W brfurer, Obff flbr. 

Ab-R^ixt, Obfeffio, obf.d.oj obfidium. 

t r. i>Mf, W hijminb, (Shakcfp.) the 

fame wiih ,,, , ,. 

STt, heftniar. Lino, allino, illmo, obnno; ej(- 
ungo i confpurco; Mil. inquino. 

■Tc btjnuar a liitle, Subline. 

Tt befmtar urtdernealb, Subterlino. 

BtfJtared, Illitus, delibutus. unam, "lun- 
Aus, confpurcatu», Afrt. inqu.natus ; -J. ob- 

''°B^/mured tvef, Superinunftus, fuperlitus. 
j^lover, perlitus. 
jibefmearer, Unftcr. 
jitclmcaritig, Unftio, inunaio. 
To belKoak, infuroo, fumigo. 
Stmxikcd, Infumatus. 
Sij'iroakiig, Fumans, 
•r^kfmui, Fuliginc dtnigrare. 
Stjmuted, Fuligine denigratus. 
yibefom, Scopse, pi. 

W litiU befim, Scopula. _ u . ,„„ 

^f Ts/w4 w/'A" ¥»". Scopis vmcrf, con- 
VCircre, eveircre, purgare. 

+ Bcfort, (Shakcfp.) Comitatus, 4. 
To bifirl, (Shakefp.) Conven.o. 
To fc/if. Infatuo, fatuuir^. .nfulfum, ftupi- 
■Jum ac pecudi fiinilcin, efliccie. 
To 4e/«» w/fi i^ri/ii, Inebrio. 
Sifctcd, Fatuus, infolfos, flupidos. 
Bcjotti-witb l<qmr, Temulentus, mebriatuS: 
vino, -vil potu, gravis. 

A be! ting, y ■ S'jiiip«ijt' . 
/, thou, lie. iejc^ghl, Rogavi, rogaviR.. 
Bifouglt, Imploratus, oratus. 
Tibcbtjought, Implorandus, cxorandus. 
Bt'pcngled, (Pope) Braftfatus. _ 
To^*j>Wr[bedaggle] Luto mfpergere, con 

T= i«/M//rr [defame] Calumn.or ; al.cui in 
famiam inferre, aliquem infam.a afpergete, 

Arw«£rt</tl>edaggled] Luto confpctfus. 

BtffMercd [defamed] Infamatus, diftamatus, 
infamia afpcrfua. . 

A btlpotitrhg [bedaggling] Lut. mfperfio. 

A b'ejfaii.rirg [defaming] Calumnia, a.ienir 
famx violatio. ^ . r « 

To brfpanut, • SpuSre, confpuerr, defpuere, 

«To bifpatol a ferfot,, or fhu, Aliquem, wi 
iJiquid, coofputare, fputo confpurcare, w/ con- 

Bei'ta-wltd, • Confputus. 

Abifpmultr, SpuUtor, 

A b'.Jpawli':g, Sputo confperrio. 

Te if//.«fli, or meh bh addrrju to, a ptrfor., 
Aliquem »d>r«. alloqui, «/compellaie. ^ . 

« 7'o iffr.a* oM, or fi7^og« on hn J:t.i, All- 
quern in partes fuas trahfre. W pellKcre 

facSre, .mmum ad aliquid advertendom Wtar., ^ J j _, _-^^ ^^ ^^^^ |<„,,, ,„, d.U 

.„imum.dar.q«idconfideranJuma.l.cJre {( }, bene. /i.y?«u«i n,y «« ««9 

« To ic^wJ w<jro Ahquid facicncuni, Tf. 

cmendum, mandate, jubere, procura.e. 

^ *./;.;^»r, (Wotton) Qi. al.qu>d mandat 

'■'tip/., MaculisinterflringoJre, diftrin- 

'";:>"ife;:' Mlculis dininau,, intcrainaus, 
1 vermiculatus. 

' ^ tc'ucklmg, Ma^ul" d-.ttrnflio. 
To i^^^:", ' Confputo, • convonr.o. 
j/,,yi,e.zu:„?. • Vomitu confiKilio. . 

To%;::e/(shakefp.) Aromati. f— '"^ 

"'"rl'bkit, In aliquem infpuSrc. V. Bf//««>/. 
Il>i-,U»In'putatu5, "fputo confperfus. 

Hfbdp^kc. V. n *=//("■«*• 

•I ;^.r* i.>i^ Aliquid faccnduiT, -vi. e 
mendum. ceno quodam tempore ■">"^>'""- 

•70 i<.//K.r, Maculo, commaculo ; maculis, d,- 

Btpot(d, Maculatus. 

?fI^;,V*/.. Arp=rgo, Cohfpergo. .nfpergo, 
refpcrgo : affundo, perfundo. . , „r, , 

B^fUikUd, Afperfu., conrpeifus, mrperfus 


afpL-rgo, sli'i, f- pe-fufio- 

rcbefpullir, * Spu'.o confpurcare. 

optimum e, teftis. / ir.ow not ■ I bad J / 
lofirft, nefcio quid ptimnm .xequar. 1 ■^^dUo 
JLl>, S=dul6 faciam ; quod P"'""' Jullj'' 

cuta erit. Btft of ail, tanto hcrde me us. To 
Zuflljmy Jr, quod queo. P- ''" 7/^«- 
DoyL/bJ.,g<tit ... opetam ut^fi. da^«. 

^^i,:!*^:<^^ Q^^con Lcapiemu.. 
/ ,&■«* ,( i.y? foryo", nih.l puto t.b. elTo ut.l us. 
wtLlbip^oilU.! himbf, quern ccrtat.j 

Ta cuiqie res ei{ T^',*f^f '"f //^ 
,„orfl »o come iy, diffic.ha quae pulcUra. || 7 : . 
hJnot beft kni^ ■'•'tat >'»"/' *«7' '" f.' ^' 
fapis, quod fcis, nefcif. 1| Th' b.Jl ,n:,ft baj 
,bcir\, ofalUtvana, homines fumus non 

vi utismoventur. So that the, r,ayb^ bang 
toiiiher, ita ut quim apHflime coh«reaat. 
%'To do the If one can, Pro, «/ fl.m 
mis viribus, aliquid agere. ,■ « . 

11^ To haJth ¥ of, Aliquem al.qua re 
vinctre, -vtl fuperare. . 

II it T» «..*> 'i« i^;? 'f" 'k'-S. Al.quid dlh- 
eenter adminilUare, agete, curare. ^ 

£,;^ 0/ off [adv.] Optiroc, maxime, potiffi- 


i,.2., Quantum fcio. poffum, mem.m. 
Toii^", (Shakclp.) Maculare. 
To*^«<i, (Milton) Commodo, adjuvo. 
Bi/lial, Beftiarum mote, bellumus. 
Be/lialitv, (PopO Beftiarum quahtas. 

'"robeflirone^sf,!/, Aliquid dilig'"'" »8?r|. 
omncm lapidcm movSre ; Met. experg.fcor. f 
7cb.M-l l-"!''f'"fl''}' horninem ftrenuum fe 
prUiit. 7«- ij^i-rf yo'-rjelf "• defence of the 

! defendendam rempnblicam. 

T» befloiv [give] Aliquid alicui dare, doflare, 
.mp^r&rJbCri, largiri; d.ftnbuere ; ah- 
quern aliqua re donarc. _ 

To befl'.iu libeially, dilargior. 

To i.//«.- Ilay oit] Expeudo, ^^f^J"'^^ 
mo, erogo.i f-niptum. vel impenfam, fac5,e. 

ulCu^m aque bene.' I bejloiied wy o^vn tnoney 
u.KD It, impendi de meo. 

To i^^o^u [place] Lcco, cloco, cclloeo. 

To ifV-*- ""'■ """ '»• "^""P"' '" ^i'' » 
ponifre, fonfun ere, tcreie, conteitre. ■ ^ U(.w 

™,V/ yo- beficv,y^<"Wf Qi'd »«""'' «^ • ' 

T /.</!j«i. [i»y up] Rcpciio, recondo. 

<fl To kjl^-w a daughter, Filiara nuptam dare, 
elocaif, collocare. , 

f To i.>w « £'«' ''"' »/ A""' "/'"' ," "". ' 
Multum laboris in aliqua re ponjre W conla- 
mere ; multum laboris in al.q.d infumSre. 

B4<fwed [given! Datus. donatus, coUatus. 

B>.w«/ [laid ouj Infumptus, impenfus J 

"Vfl^'d \M"i} CoUocatus. f My W.;./ 
TOi/Ae wil beji<m'.d, bene erit opera pofita. 

B(^o«!</ [laid up] Conditus. reconditus. 

To i< bepwed upon, irrogandus. 

A beflerjur, Oator, largitor. 

Eeftowment, Oonum, largitio. 

A be/!oviing. Donatio, coUatio. 

Ateflo'u^ing [hying out] Impenfa, fumptul. 

A llorderly biftm-ing, Eflufio, largitio. • 

Beftraught, [oM ot his fenfes], (Shakefp.) 
Lvmphatus, mente captus, cciritus. 

fobeftride, Cturibui divaricatis alicui rei mli- 

' ff To befiride a borfe, Inequito ; equuro con- 
fcendHre, cquo crutibus divaricatis mfideie. 

A bef rider of a h'jrjc, Equitator. 

A bcftndmg, Equitatio. 

Bepo^wn. (Milt.) Conftratos. 

Bettuck, [Milt.) PerfofTus. „ , , 

To bet [lay a wager] Pignus deponcre, fport- 
fionem facere. f / wiU bet nothing ivuh you, 
nnn audm deponere tecum. I -wiU venture you 
.zvLat bet j'oa [Itaje, contendam tecum quovi. 

^"^a"^, Pignus, depofitum. f Namey.ur bet, 
tu die mecum quo pignore ceites. Ha'uing a 
mind to make hetx, fponfionibus concitatus. 
Beted, Oppignoratos. .^ ^ . . . . 

Aheier, or he-tor, (Addifon) Qui pignus de- 
ponit, vel fponfionem facit. 
A beting, Sponfio. 

K To betake onc'ijef to a tb,ng, Ahcui rei ft 
dedjrc, animum ad al.quid adjungere, ■•":'mf- 
iSrc; (iudium in aliquJ re coUocarej ad ftudl- 

urn rei alicujus fe confetre. 

To betjke ont'ifelf to a place, A'jquo fe con- 
ferre, -vel recipere. fl / prejently betook me to mf 
tee',, me contuli protinus in pedes. They betook 
tiemjelvex to fight, in fugam fe eontulerunt. 

« To berake one' i fef to h,> -weapon!, Arma 
capere, vd inducre, armis accingi. 

r To betake one-^fe'f to a perjon for frote^.on. 
Tutelar, wel prafidio, alicujus fe cornm.ltere, tW 
tradere i ad alicujus tutelam fe recipere. 
Betaken, Deditus, commifTus. _ 
A becking, Addiftio, deflmatio. 
'^Tobetin., (Spenf. Shak.) V To bejioj,,. 
it To bethink one'tfef, Ot: aliqu3 re med.tarf, 
coptare; aliquid cogitatione repetere, in ammo 
habere, 'erfare, fecum volvere reputare. 
A h.thinhng, Cogitatio, confideratio, medi- 

fe fecum refla reputavit via. 

To betide, Accido, comingo, even.o. 

Bttided, Quod accidit, conugit, evenit. 

m. Woebeii3eyou,yxti\i\. m r .l r 

Betimet, Tempor" ="^. ">""'.*• , ^ ^" '*'^* 
.o.t;-.T«i-«. rL«i betitne., In ns Iocs matu- 

Betintei in the mrning, Bene mane, multi 
mane, diluculo, prima luce. _ 

Bele [baftard peper] Piper aduUerinum. 
n«U.r. SiBnificc,indicOi portend 0, pra- 

'^^Betotened, Slgnificatus, indicatus, portentoi. 

fi<roi/y, Bttonna. ^.^^ 



B E W 


Hvler hcifty, \\ ScrophuUrU aquatlca major. 

fVood betonyj Scionica fylvcftris, i/?/ purpurea. 

J betook^ Me alicui rej dcdi. See To betake* 

f Btiajfed, (Shakefp.) Agitalus. 

Vo betray, l*rodo, trado, 

^0 betray, ox dij cover, a tb'^ttg, Indlco, pro- 
do ; profcro. 

Betrayed, Proditus. 

j^ betrayer, Proditor, traditor, 

A Betraying, Proditjo, 

•f To betrim, (Shakefp.) Orno. 

Vo bctroibj Derpondeo, 

Betbrotked, Derponfue, defponfatui* 

To be ietrmbed, dcftinor, 

ji beirorber, Sponfor. 

^ betrothed Huornan, Sponfa* 

^betrothing, Sponfalia. p!. 

To bstrujf, (Walts) V.l'o intruft. 

Better, Mclior, potior, prxftantior, faticr, 
fuperior. % That I bcliet-e to be the better 'uay^ 
CfCdo iftuc melius eflR:. No better a jold'ur than 
« eitlsnen, nee in armis prjeftaniior quam in to 
ga. It luere better I tvere dead, mo:i me fitiu 
cA. There the Rvrtam got the belter, though nc 
tftuih, ibt quanqam parvo momento fuperlor res, 
Korrana erat, Tou ^'ouU do a great deal better y 
fWus agas. I can never ha-ve a better time, mihi 
nunc occafio q^uafi decidit a calo. Our foldiert 
lad far the be:t:r of their, noftri milites facile 
fuperabant. Notv ot^ftdt had the better, notv the 
ether, vario Marte pugnatum efl. Better limes 
Vifdl come, grata fuperveniec quae non fperabitur 
hora, Ike better day tie bttter deed, diccnda bo- 
nd funt bona verba die, God loveth tnar: better 
than man lo-vetb h'mjelf, charier efl Deo homo 
quam Tibi, For Letter, for 'wotfe, five mdior, 
five pcjor fuerir. A/i the better, Tanto melius 
^ y4 loull ten foot high and better, Murus plus 
qiiam decern, pedes altus. 

Better fcheapcr] Vilior. 
. Better [adv.] Melius, fatius, potius, praeftan- 

fl Better and better, Bonum bono cumulatum, 

^ Never the better, Nihilo mclior, 

Sone^vtat tetter^ McliuTculus. 

ITo /iJM/- [m.ike bcitcr] Amplifico, proveho. 

^ To beititr oiieifortut.e, Rem famiJiarem au- 
jcr-ij.rem tuam exaggerate. 
, ^ ^0 better om^i Jelf in buy'.ng, Prctio vlliori 

fl" To repay tvith belter mtafme, Meliore xatix- 
fuia rcddcre. 

To be btiter^ Prnefto. ^ IVhat U one man bet- 
ter. -iifun another f Homo homini quid pra^Aat ? 

To get the better, Supero, vinco j Superior cva- 

To grvv letter, Mcliorefco, Coi. 
^ To grciu better in health, Convalefco, meliuf- 
cule Te habere, 

^ Te gro7v better in manners. Ex vira vitjosa 
emergere, fe ad bonam frugcm recipcre. 

To mnie. better, Corrigo, emendo. 

// is better, Frsftat. ^ Better he idle than 
«5f «:*// employed, praeftat oticfum e/Te quam 
male agere. Better be happy than ivije, gutta 
^QCiunx prx doiio fapientix. 

A better h.irgain. Potior conditio, 

A better f)r tune, Fortuna fecundior. 

fl Better once than akvays, Pra?ftat femel 
qii'ira fcmper. 

To have tbe.better of it, Pricfto, pra^ceilo, 

To giiut one the htter, Ccdo, herbam poirigere. 

Betieted, or rrade better, Emendatus^ amphfi- 
catu?,. in melius prove^ut^ 

One^s betters. Pi oeftan! lores. 

A bettering^ In melius provefllo. 
' }^ A btcty, or beitee, Inflrun:Kntum ferr<um ad 
fores eflrigendas. 

Bettvecnf or bettvixty Inter, medius, in medio, 
(^t ^ Let ut be friends betweer, ourjeli/eft ami- 
ci inter nos fimua. So that ive might fee all ab',ve 
and betiveen, ut omn'a fuptra & media v:dcre- 
mus. She placed her jeif betiveen them, fc mtdi- 
aorj locavit. Thert ivas a parcel of ground left 
bttwctfif aUquantMOQ agri in meditt /cli£tu;n clt< 

Thefe/tate appointed him to be utnp'.n Ictivtenthemt 
arbiter illis a fenatu datus eft. There are huge 
tvajics heitveen^ vaflac intcrjt^ae fuiit. 
Uath there nothing elfe been betiveen you and her J 
Num quidquam amplius tibi cum ilia fuit ? 
Betiveen two joint fools dotvnfal/eth the difh, du- 
os lepores fecutus, neulrum Cdpit, 
Befween^bothj Medius* 

^ Between b-Ab [Indirtcrent] In neutram par- 
tem propendens, in confinio pofitus. 

Bcttvcen the one and the other, Altrinfecus. 
I^eing, or lying, betieeen, Inlermedius, inter- 

[| To come, OT go, betiveen, Intcrccdo, 
tl A coming betiveen, IntercoHio. 
Befwcen ivhi/es, Per media intcrvalls, inierca, 

Put bettueen, Interpofirus, mterjcfluB. 
Of a middle nature betiocen gods and men, Me- 

A bever, Beverage, or beaver drink, Potus 
fucco malorum & aqua dilutus, vinuni yipldum 
Sc ac'dum cum aq-ja mixrum. 

^ To p^y beverage, Pccuniam ad combiben- 
dum ob rtcens aliquid cmpium praebere. 
The be-ver of a helmet, Buccula. 
A bevil [inftruroent for adjufting angles] In- 
ftrumemtum fabri lignarii ad ajigulos formandos. 
Bevy greaje [fat of a roe deer] Adeps cervina. 
A bevy [as of quails, £^<:.J Grex, caterva. 
To bi'waily.'PUito, deploro, lamentor ; fleo, 
deflco ; lugeo , plango ; ^ueror i ingemifcoj *i» 
ngcmo J tVemo. 
Beivailobte, Klcbilis, lamentabilis, lugubris. 
Beivailcd, • Dcfletus, ploratus, deploratus, «Ji 

A beivailing, Fletua, lamentatio. 
7*0 beivare, Caveo, profpicio, omnia concilia 
experiri. ^ Beware ivhat you do, vide ctiam 
a'que etiam quid agas, Betvare that you be not 
furprifed, ne fallaris vide, Bevare that thii 
■neat be not too n.uih boiled, tibi, ne nimis co- 
quantur cibi, cautio eft. 
Ore that beivareih, Cantor. 
To beware of [/hun] Vito, 
To bera'et, madf^facio j rj|i humefto. 
To bewdikr, or be bewildered, Seduco^ de 
via deflcflere, crrare, deerrare. 

Bitoi/dered, Errabundus ; Met. devius. 
To be-witjh fenchantj FaTcino, efFafcInoj ^ 
excanto J aliquem incantamentis, i/iV fafcinati- 
onlbus, atligare. 

To bewitch [charm, or pleafe very muc^i] 
Alicujus animum mulcere, demulcere, pcrmu]- 
ceie, delinire ; alicujus aurcs ad fe rapere, vel 
convericre. 4f ^^ beivitibed me ictb his tongue.^ 
me fua eloquentia irreiivit. He is beivitehed tvith 
the love of this luorld, divitiarum, honorum, 
voluptfltum illccebris irretitur. She bc-witcbeth 
all nitn ivith her charms and addrefs, omnes vi- 
ros eximia fotma & lenociniis ad fe rapit & 

; Bewitched, ^ Incantatus, 
: A biviitcher, • Magus, venificus ; qui ex- 

A bewitching, bewitchment, (Shakefp.) or «- 
chanting, Incant^mcntum, fafcinatio, cfTafcina- 
tio ; cantus magicus. 

^ A bewitching face, Formx pulchritude ex- 
imia, egregia, prieftantillima. 

To benvray [difcl^e] Prodo, manifcfto, divul- 
ge, cnuncio,; revelo i retego, paiefacJo j les 
arcanas effunder?, occulta ap-ul cmnes expo- 
nere, arcana in publicum emittcie, x-c/ profcrre. 
f[ He bewrayetb his own cowardllnefs^ imbcllcs 
animos dcte^lt. Your own knavery •will bswroy 
you, tua ipfius ncquitia ce prodet. J have be- 
ivrayed n-yfelf meo indicio mifcr,perif. 
To i«i'rflu [defile] Fcedo, confpurco. 
Bewrayed, Proditus, reteftus, patefa£lus, 
Bctvrayed [defiled] Inquiiiatus, turpiter fa- 
<^att!s, pollutus. 

Aleivrayer [revealer] Arcanorum proditor. 
A biwrcyer [df filer] Qui confpurcal, 
A heuraying [difcjcfingj Proditio, indicatiO; 
patefa^o.. . 

A bewraying, V, DefUng. 
Beyond, Extra, prscter, fupra, trans, ultrf, 
f[ Tou mvfi take heed you be not expenfve beyond 
meajure, cavendum eft ne extra modum fumpta 
prodeas. The Athenians are excellent in that kind 
beyond ethers, Attici in eo gencrc pretcr c:tteros 
cxcillunt. Ihy ivere aflonifhed i eyond meajure, 
''upra modum pctceUebantur. At that very time 
I zuas beyond fea, eo ipfo tempore trans marc fui, 
fyhi!ji I was wandering without any care beycnd 
my bounds, dum ultra terminum curis vagor r x- 
pcditus. It is lengthened beyond what ii needful, . 
ultra quam fatts eft producitur. 
Beyond fea, IVanfmarlnus. 
To gu ley end, Tranfeo, tranfgredior. 
To go beyond, or tyvtr reach, Circurovenio, dc* 
cipio, fallo, • dolis allqnem duccre. 

To go /^'ckj:/ [excel] Prseflo, fopero, exupero i ■ 

That ii biytndf Ulterior, fl Seek notthtngs &- 
yond your reach, nil pete fupi^. 

The bezantler, Cornu ccrvini ramtis fccundus* 
The bexoar jlone. Lapis jj bezoardicus. 
A bi-aiy Inclinatioj momentum. 
f[ To bias a per Jon, Aliqucm ad atiquid fcdu- 
ctrc, tfahere, pertraherc. 

^ To be braffed. Ad aliquid inclinare, pro- 
pendSce j. in alccranr partem proclinari, vei ver- 

^ To bt biaffed to a farty, Partium ftudio* 

fl To go, or ran, a bias. Oblique cunXi^. 
^ To put one out of one's bias, Aliqucm de- 
turbare, perturbare, externare, 

Biajpd, Inclinatus, propcnfus, fedu6ttis^ 
A hiaj/ing, Inclinatio ; propenfio, 
A bib, Infantis pe£lorale ; fafcia. 
A bib, or Jutking bottle, Atn^iilU iiifanti ii»v 

To bib, Pitifin, potito, 

A biber, Bibuxj <j?- potor, [.otatorj temu* 
lentus, vinofut. 

A biblng, Potatio ; temulcntia. 
Thebib%^ *|| Biblia, pK fcriptura,. Wpaginta j 
facra, facrae Htera?. 

Bibulous, (Thomfon) Bibulus. 
Bicipital, bicipitous, (Brown) Bicepf. . 
To bicker. Cum aliquo altercari, certare, con- - 
ccrtare, contendere, difceptare, litigate, confii- 
gerej inter fe velitari, 

A bickertr [mafc.] Altercator, jreoneerralor^', 
litigator, difceptator, f, difceptatrix,- 

A bickerings Alttrcatio, concertatio, veJiCa — 
tioj captatio, contentio que vcrborum, 
Bicorne, bicornous, (Brown) *i> Bicornis* 
To bid, Jubeo, impcro, mando; prsecipro^ 
m mandatis dare. Are you afraid to do it, "ivben 
t bid you.f Num dubitas id me imperante faccre ? 
Ygu may bid them ri rtg your pajjing bell, licet ad tu- 
biclnes mittas. Bid the boy en^airef puero oego- 
tium da ut quarat. 

To bid [invite] Irfvito, voo^- rogo. ^fV* 
bid him to /upper, rogavit ut ad ccenam vcniret, 

^ To bid adieu, orfirewel, Alicui valedicere^ 
jubere aliquem valere, vr/falvere. 
To bid adieu [renounce] Rcnunclo.- 
^ Td bid battle, or defiance, Haftem ad prseK- 
um provocare, ad ptignamlacefscre, 

% To bid the bans, Matrimonium promulgajr,,. 
futuras nuptias folenni more denutKiare. 

To bid one good*ft:orrvw, Si\uKo, faWer ubeo. 
f[ To bid a holy day, Fcrras indicerej vel dc- 

^ To- bid prayer. Ad precandom hortarii 
To bid money for wares, Ltcitor, merccm pre- 
tio liceri, pretium mercis fatere. ^'IVbatdo 
you bid for it? Quanli licitaris ? To him that bid*' - 
dith mofl, ticitanti plurimo. If any body idd b 
more, fi exiftat qui pius liccatur. 

ff To bid up for a thing. Plus pccunijr,- w/ aj«- 
jorem fummam, oiferre, 

■ 0i^ To do as he is bid, Morsm monenti gerrre, 
monitis alicujus parerc. 

\ ^ To bid one wdeome, Aliqnem cum -^at t!a- 
tioneexcipcre,adventuni alicui gratulan, aliqiiccSH. 
hiiari Yultu rccip?rc. 

B I L 

(^Ahidfrsyr, OrMiohoi'.ttQili, 

.J ".a j:,, 0! ^;,i j!i, 'Cam cnUati'ii. 

/f.<'./-i, Impcritm, juil\>«, minJatus, 

BuiJ'ii rinnitfdj Inviutvis, vo>4ta!. 

Na iiJJtn, InjutTus, invoc^ii?, minimi lO- 

,4 HJJn-, Qji jobct ; impsutcr. 

.4 kJlir [tuvitet] Vocator; <^ inviUtor- 

jihUUt-rifmonrff Ltcitjror. 

AhidiTtBg [coramjnJing] MtnJjtum, juffvim. 
^ ^-it yyjr hi-tiiiKgf juilu tuo, fi't:bzut jour hid- 
d'i-f, in ufl'j tuo. 

jl HJJir.g [inviting] Invitatio^ •{< vocatio. 

A f'iJJ.'ng a-priccj Licicdtio. 

^.IhiJJ'mgofprjyers, Ad prects adhortatio. 

fl .IbMingifihtbani, Nuptiirum futurJrum 
folcanii dcnunciatio, promulgatiD. 

'Tc hiJe^ OT tarry, V ,To ab'.iie, '' <• 

ji bidding, ot tarrying, C^mmora'.io. 

Bi.Unlaf, (Swift) Bidens. 

Bitnuial [of, or belonging to, two years] Bi- 

A'oic f.r the ditd, Feretraro, loculus j fan 
Jjpila, capulunn. 

Buh, or, Coloflra ; colodnim. 

Bifold, (ShaJtelp.) V.rwfi'i. 

Bifurcottd, (Woovtward) iJitiircus. 

Big, Magnus, grandis, in^ens. ^Annr.dto' 
hig for bii ejiatt, ajiimui quam fortuna major 
Ai big again aid better , altcro tanto major. A'o/ 
ah-/vi an acre big, uno non major jugere. 

Big in bulk, CralTtJS, magnus. 

Big in autinrify, Ampins, poten<!, prrepotens. 

Big with child, or big bc/'t:d. Gravid i. gravis 
prsgnans, ti. firta. f She grcvi biglcUied, pon 
dera vcnrris tumefcebant. 

Big [with cxpeftation, pride, {^.■.] Inflatus 
lu'gidws, tumldus. ^ He inlktih li^. Ampulla 
lo(]'i;tur & fcfqiiipsdalia verba, tie loil^th big o; 
him, vulfu ilium iniMCtur torvo. He foksth bi, 
«ff :>, frontem caperat. He I'y.kcib ai big ai buJ. 
h.f, Titanicum pra; fc afpcil im fcrt, I am n'j' 
Ji^ridu-ithycur big wjrds, tuam nou moror mo 

'\\^A/c::erai bigatabiak, Iiiftar volomini! 
epiftola. . 

V, Barley big, Hordeum • Iclrafticlion. 

*f'o gri'u- big, Tumco, turg 0. 

tj T'o glow ligtvith ebdd, gravefco ; In par- 
tum adolcfccre. 

Bigamy, Ircratum conjugium. 

j4 bigamift , Qin duas uxorea duxit. 

Bigir, Major, grandior. 

'^'c gro7v biger in bulk, Turgcfco, crefco, 

yij grc-iv bigtr and biger inj}ature, Adolcfco. 

Tte bi^fr arTH'binff • Ulna, 

111 ma lie biger, Ampliflco, eitenJo. 

S BigJy, (Drjden) Turgide, intiati;, fupcrbe. 

Bignefi, Amplitude, inoles, is, ^ Theftar i,/ 
V. Kiii tom.ib near the bignefi of tie fan ard mean, 
fidus Veneris amulum foiis & iunx. It n cf 
tit bignefi of a point, pu[i£^i rationem obtinet. 

Bigfvitlne, (Addifon) V. Turgid, ready ic 

Biguddcred, (Pope) Mammofus. 

ji biggin, Linea puerorum |] calantxa. 

^ To put on a biggin, || Cilantii3 rediniire. 

,^^j^^;, Ciiculusrudentis inurbem convoJuti 

A bigot, Supcrilitiofus. 

Eigoud, Supctflitione afflatus. 

Bigotry, Superftitlo. 

A halerry tr:c, Vitia Ida;a vulgaris. 

BUbcri, Cippi navaki. 

J A miiiigfgnte [fcoldj f. Rixofa, trivialis. 

Bi.'infgalc language, (Pope) Ve. ba rixofa, & 
trivialia, furdida conv'icia. 

To afi tit bil.ngsgaie, Malediflam ex triviu 

A bilunder [fea vellel] Navigium. 
,A bii't [fwelling, or o'cir] Tuber, ulcus ; 
tebcrculuir, futuncuJus, Celft 

Bile [cho'er] Bilis. 

A little b.le, • Ulcufculum. 

A frjtilent bile, I'apula. 

A lienemo-ti bile, • U'cus pcrttlcn?. 

Tbt lipiof tb'k, * Ulccium margines, vc. 
«*.». 6 

^ Vh^ 

T) i'M* lui lull a bile, Extuber», exa!cwo, 
in ulidra ernmjj'r*. 

TbefrUkii'g if a ii'e, JEttM, vel iolor, ul- 

A hrtiUnr oiii intc biUr, Exolceralio, 

Tallef bVei, Ulcercfus. 


A bilge, Fundqra navia in latitudiKem ex- 

f To bilge [as a ihip] Ad Txi, faxis, w! si 
cautem, irr.pingSre, V. B:.!g.d. 

Silgid, * Navis <}use aUita ad fcopulos rui- 

nam a^st. 

To bilk, Aliquem dolis fallcte, deciperf, frau- 
dare, defraudare ; prom iSs in fraudcm imptl- 
16r,; J alicui verba dare. 

^ Bilk at cribbagt, Sors calTa. 
Bilked, Dolii deceptus, fraudaius, defraudatus. 
A bi'ker, Fraudal;ir. 
A bilking, Fra-jdatio. 
A bill, or fcro'l, * Scheda, » fyngrapha. 
A little bill, Schedula. 

A bill of debt, Cautio alicujus manu fubfcrip- 
ta, • Ch::ographum, * fjngrapha. <([ / bam 
fe't yiu a bill under my band, tibi mifi cauiio 
n^^ni chifograplvi mei. 

^ To pay a bill of one's hand, Sclutione chi- 
fographum ir.a em fa^ore, nomina llberare. 

Bills of ex.baige, • Teflira numatia j • 
fyngrapha »j| colljbiftica. 

Bank bills, • Tk/iera: argentarra. 
A bill in eiancery, Acl:o in curia |{ cance'Ia- 
rii iliata. 

A bill of eojis, Tabula impcnfarunr). 
Ahillof eri'y; T-ibella meroium mfctiptarum. 
A bill of di'usrce, RepuJium uxori milfum. 
Bills of fate, Tabula; auaionariae. 
A ill: of fare, Cibariorini'la. 
To Jet a hill over a door, Jj^its profcribere, 
aedcs in{cribi;re mercede. 

A bill [catalogue] * Catalngus. 
Ahill\_nt ind Om-nt] Ubcllus accufatorius 
To find a bill of indi:tinei:t, Libellum accufa 
toiium admittcrc, tomprobare, 

A hill of complaint, Ubellus injuriarum, cri- 
minis poftulatio. 

A bill if lading, Tabella rerum veflirum. 
' A bill of parcels, Tabella icrum fiugularium 
A bill of recj'd, Libellus memorialis. 
A bill\\n parliament] Lex roganda. 
^ The hillis pajjid, Ltx a fenatu admittitur, 

•(] The bill was thrown out, Senatus legtm pro- 
pofitam rejccit. 

<([ To bring in a bill to the h-ufe. Ad fenatum 
rtferrc, legem rogare. 

Tie bills of mortality. Tabulae mortuorum. 
A hill up n a d,.or, • || Programma, jf;i, n. 
A bill, or bosk, Falx, cis, (, 
A bill, or halberd, i^ilum longum rccurvo 
I'eno pr^E'.entum. 

A bedding bill, Runca, runcina. 
A III lie hand bill, Fa.'cula. 
A bill mill, Falcatjus, i^ falcifer. 
Like a bill, Falcatus. 

To bill [as doves] Uoftrum roftro infercre. 
To biH, or lop, Falco. 
He I bat lofttb with a bill, Frondator, 
A bill, or beak, Roftrum, 
.4/.r.'/f ii//, R.,ne:lum. 
A, or note, ' Sihedula. 
^ A billet u'oux, Epirtola amatoria. 
A lillet, Bacillum, truncus j talea, 
A III le billet, Taleola. 
A billet of gold, MjU'a auri. 
Soldieis billits, • Tcllcraj militares. 
^ To billet fo'dierr, Militum hofpitiu.Ti per 
teCcris alTignare, 

fl A billet if iv'.od, Fdflicu'.us virgarum. 
Having a bill, Roftrjtu?. 
A billirr, Roftri roftto inferiio J fuavia Ibper 
fuavia, pTaut. 
A bill birry, Bacca vitis Idarae, vaccinium. 
Billiards, LuTus ludicularJ-, pile eburnew 
' H 7o ilaj at htlUards, Pilim citrcaro pulfare. 

A billiard Jluk, Clava eburasa vcl thott vt^ 

A billow, Fluflus ir.geoi, W de,;uman..s. 
Ah,n, orbitt.b, Panariuro. cifta panania. 
J>inay, ad b:jlai re; perlincns. 
To bird, Ligo, obKgo, i;|igo J nefto, con. 

^ To bind one band an,! f:ot, or neck and heels. 
i^adrupedem conflringcre, 

-Jo bind about, Ci.cumligo, circumvincio. U 

To bind the belly,- Alvnm afhingSre, w/tenere. 
Ti bind back, Reflringo, revincio. 

^ mih his h.tndi boutHt behind him, Manibus 
ad terga revineiis. 

To bind before, Pra!igo. 

fl To hind ttiith benefits. Benefices aliq-jc.-n 
devincire, t.f'demereri. 

To b'md biol:!, Libros ccmpingcre. 

fr To bind a bargain «,«* earnef, Arrha datS 
pact-am confirmare. 

To bindfafi, Stringo, conftrlngp, deftringo, 
liiftrmgo. • * 9 > 

To bind by friendfhip, Dexereor, 
To bind a gaimen', Priteso. 
To bind hard, Afirinjo, conftringo, prafttlnW 
™j coerceo. 

To bind himfelf to appear, Vador, i. • 

To bind himje'lf by promife, Repromitto. 

f[ To bind hi'^fef to make good bis voiu, Vo- 
ium fignare, fc voto cbflringlre. 

To hind hiwfelf f jay ti-bal isjudotd, Sa'ifdo. 
judicatum fo!i?re. " ■ 

To bind one's legs, Prapedio. 

Tn bind one by uitb, Jurejurando obftringerea 
jusjurandumexi^Crc, TWdare. 

%To bind one apprentice, Tironem artifici tri- 
dcre ad artein ediftcndam. 

To hind a ftrvant by giving earnefi, Objerb : 
luftoro, I. ' 

To bind iviib ofiers, Vico. 

To bind ly prom'fe, Stipulor, 

To bind with rupts, Scirp'j. 

To bind to, Alligo, fubncfto. 

To bind together, Conjungo, connefto, colKgoi 

To bind uiidernea'b, Subligo, fubfttin^o. 

To bind upon, Superalligo. 

To bind up, Dtl'go, I, 

To bind up a lanund, Vulnus obligare. 

To bind up in bundles, Fafciculis conftringcre. 

^ A hind of eels, CompiQ'io 250 anguillarum. 

A hinder 'f bo;ks. Qui libros compingit; U> 
brorum concinnator. 

A binding, Ligatura, llgatio, nexus, vioAu» 
ra, vinflus, 4. 

A binding again, Reiigatio. 

A fafi, Condi. ft 0. 

A binding hard nviih a cord, Aftriflio, 

A binding in ffiendfbip, Vindlio. 

A binding eurfelf by promife, RepromilTicj, 

A binding together, Conntxio, culligatio. 

Binding [ccftivc] Aftriftorius, ventrem di»> 
ran?, alvum aftringens, » Aj-pticus, 

Bind iveed, Ctinvolvulus, Imilix, aeis, 3. 

A binne of fkins, Menfura pellium 33. 

Binominal, .J. Binominis. 

A biigrapber, Vitarum fcriptor. 

Biography, Vitarum fciiptio, 

Bipariititc [in two parts] Blpartitu:. 

Biped, (Brown) Bipcs, 

Bipennated, (Derham) Duabuj pennis in. 

Birch tree, Betula, vet betulla. 

Birchen, E betula, 

fl A grove of birches, Betutarum locui. 

The birch cock, \\ Grygallus. 

I A bird. Avis, volucris. ^ [Piov.] It is an 

II bird that defletb his o^vii i.el, propria vinrtA 
csedit. One bird in hand is nuorth two in the 
hup, fpem pretio non cmam. Hi kilielb i-wo 
birds tvitb one ficne, eatiem fidcl.ii duos parietcs 
dealbat. Birds of a feather wiihjhik ii-getUr, 


B I S 

B I T 

B L A 

• pare* cum piribus ricilllme co«jregantur, Tiu 
hrirtg up a bird ta fid out your t-yttj Icrpentcfri 
alii. , One ktattth the iujh, another caichetb iti 
hi'J, (w vos non vobis; alii lememem faciun< 
alit metunt. 

A lint bird, Aviciila, 
^ gnat bird. Ales, T(;j, 
A t>ird of prty ^ Avis rapajf, 
A young bird, Pullus, avicula recens exclufa. 
A bird tage, Cavea. 
A bird call, Fiftufa. 
% A bird ivpir, Avium niitrltor. 
\ A jail bird, Fuicifer, fufpcndio dignui, 
A bud boil (Shakefu.) V. Small fiot. 
4 A btrder, or bird^ca'cUr, Au«ps, eilpis, c. 
^f A hird filler. Qui avcs vcndif, 
A hirding, Aucupium, 

To gn a l:rdiiig, Aucupor, avibui infiJiaa fa- 
cSrc, aucupio indulgcie, -pel vacate, 
A I'irdittg ret, Rete aucupatorium. 
Of birding, O': catching of bird^, Aucupatorius. 
% A birdmg fitcc, Tormentum aucupatorium. 
% To fall a iirding [as an ill made hawk] 
Ad avicularum prasdam le dtverterc, 
Birdlime, Vifcus, vifcum, 
•[} A birXs 7tef, Nidus avis. 
Birdinift, birds eye, m birds f Ml [herb] * |j 
©niithopodium, * || Haralyfi; montana, 
liirds cljerry, * \\ Padus Tlieophrafti, 
Birds lares, || Aracus, 2. 
A birg^snder [h\r\\^ Viilpanfcr, L. 
Abtri [fifli] • Rhombus. 
Bint), Ortus, 4, partus, nixus* ^ Citixem 
'iy birth, cives iiati, iiigenui. 
A Birth day, Dies natalis. 
^ Tu keep one"*! hiribday. Diem natalem quot- 
annis agerc, v^/ celebrarc ; natalitia dare. 
the hour ef ene's binb. Hora natalis. 
The Jlar frefsJiitg al one's binb, Sidus natali- 
ii\im, aftrum nalale. 

A birth [parentage] Natales, pi. genus, n, 
Of, or belonging to, one^s birth, Natalis, nata- 

^ Of good binb. Bono genere natus. 
^ Of man birth, Ign.)bilis, homo infimo lo 
CO natus, inAma iiatalium humilitate, terra; 

By birth, Natu. 

Birthdom, (Shdkefp.) .^tatis privilegium, 
Jufl, Or, 

^ Binb right. Jus major!, vel maximo, e 
fratribus ob asratem debitum ; jus ad majorem 
^■el maximum, fratnim ratione a^tatis pertinens 
fj He bad the eftjie by birth rigli, gentc ad euni 
edJit hxreditas. 
A birih nigbi, (Milt.) Kbx natalis, 
fT Birth place. Solum natale. 
^ A neie birth, Cencratio nova, novus, vel 
alter, ortus. 

fi An laiiiinely binb, Partus abortirus, 
X Birth [fea term] V. Berth, 
The after bifib, Secundx. pi. 
The birth, OT bringing forth of afiy thing, Par- 
tio, fetura, fsetus, 4. ortus. 

A tvcman bearing twins, Gemellipara. 
<(J To give binb lo a thing, Principium, inlti- 
um, exordium, alicui rei dare. 

Jiiithjirangled, (Shak.) Partu ftrangolatus. 
Birih^vort, * Ariftolochia, 
Bifcuif, Panis bii co£^us, vel naaticos. 
To biJeS, Difleco ; in duas gecjuales partes fe- 

■ A Ufefiion, Diflc£lio, in duas aequales partes 

A I'ijhcp, * jj Epifcopus, pontifex. 
A bijh:^j.h^ [confirmation] • [J Epifcopi ma- 
nuum impofitio. 

^I To bectme a bijhop, 'H Epifcbpor, •H epif- 
cupatui inauyurari. 

An arcbb-.Jhop, * |j Epifcopus primarius, • ]' 
archiepifcopui, z. 

A bifhop's crofitr. Pedum paftorale, 
A bijijop's htuft, or fee, * [] Epifcopi palati- 
um, «W sedcs. 

A bip^ip of ibt thief city, • )( Mctropoliles, 
«r, m, * jj anctropotitanus, 2, ^ 

A bt/hop'i mliri, Mitra "H epifcopalii, infula. 

Ofabijhop, •|| Fpifiopalls, pontificalis. 

A bijhoprick, |J * Epilcopatug. 

Bifhop's leaves [herb] Bctonica aquatic*. 

Bifrcf's wieej, * Atrmi. 

t A B,fk [king] Sorbitio. 

BiJ-.n, (Shakcfp.) Amplis & diatntis pwdi- 
tus oculij. Skinn. blind, (Jcbf.) 

X Bifukous, (Brown) Bifulcus, 

Bifmute, or Bijmutb [in glafs] Metalli genus 
ex quo ftannum confit. 

Bijexiile [leap year] |1 BilTextilis, annus || in 

Bipri [herb] Birtorta. 

A bit, Fruftum, bolus; momenlum, Plin. 
bucca, Suet. ^ || Never a bit, ne hilum, ne 
gry quidem. There is not a bit of bread 10 be got 
.tee, falinum fervo obfignant cum falo. 

By bits, Carptim. 

fl A bit and aiuay [Prov,] Canis ad Nilum. 

A Utile bit, Fruilulum, 

A tit bit, Cupediie, pi. pulpamentiim. 

To tear a thing to bits, Fruilatim difccrpere. 

The bit tf a bridle, Lupatum, 

He bit, Momordit, W. To bite, 

A bitch, Canis feminp, 

A Utile hitch, Canicula. 

A proud, or fait, bitch, Canis prurient. 

A bitch fox, Vulpes lemina. 

The lining of a bitch, Initus, 

A bite, Morfus. 

A bite [clieat] Homo fallax, vcterator. 

To lilt, Mordeo. % Tljis bitcih him, urtt il- 
ium.^ He bitethon^he britilt, iram coquit, cun 
coquit, diffimulat, obtegit filentio, ' 

To hire again, Remordeo. 

To bite off, Demordco, premordeo, irordicus 
aiiferre, abripere. 

ff To bite ones lips. Labia corrodere, fremcre. 

f[ To bite one's nails, Ungues arrodere. 

Ta bite to the juick, Admordeo, 

To bite round, Ambedo. 

To bite often, Morfito, 

To bite into Utile pieces, Fruftatim difcerp^re, 

m To bite an the bit, Frsnum mordere, man- 

To bile [cheat] Aliqnem fallere, decijcre; 
alicui fucum facSre, 

To bite [as pepper, froft, 6ff ] Uro. 
A biting, Morlos, 4. ^f [Prov.] by biting and 
fcraichin^ dogs and eats come topiher, faspe ex 
male prmcipio magna familiaritas conflata eft. 
Biting in lafle, Mordax, airij, edax 5 afper, 
^. A biting je/l, Afpera facetia, falls mordj. 

^ery biting, Mordaciflimus, 
A biting, or fiinging, Mordacitas, 
Bitingly, Mordicus. 

^ He taun.'cih him biting'j, Aceto ili«m pcr- 
Biten, Morfus, demorfus. 
Bitcn by little and little, Carptos. 
Bilen Iff, Priemor(»3. 
Bitcn round, Ambefus, 
Hunger hiten, Kfuriens. 
Frop biter, Celatus, frigore udut. 
X A biitjcle, Repofitorium acus nauticSt 
Bitter fill tafle] Amarus. 
Bitter [fevere] Acerbu?, aculeatus. 
Bitter words, Verborum acuici, accibx voces, 
dif>a mordacia. 

Bitter cold weather, FrigiM intolerabile, vel 

A little Utter, Subamarus, 
Very bitter, Pcrquam amarus. 
To mate bitter, Afpero, exaccrbo. 
Note, Thcfe words are mod jencfally ufed 

Bitterly [in tafte] Infuaviter, 
Bitterly [feverelyj Acerbe. 
f, To inveigh bitler.'y again/, Diftit morda- 
cibus aliqucm lacefsere, 

Bitternrfs [in taftc] Amarilics, amaritudo j 
Biiiemefi [in fpeech] Verborum xfpcritas, 
J!(>/fr v'tei, Ervvim, 

Tiiit nfkilternefs, VaHe amirui. 
Btlter J-weci, Dulcii amariiiri, tait.!l. 
Bitter tvott [herb] Grniiana, 1. 
A bittern, or biiiour, (Dryd.) Ardea ndUtis,, kitume, (May) Bitumen. 
Bttuntirous, Bitumitiofus. 
Tollab, Cartio, effutio j blatero, dcblaleie. 
aliquid p.tlarn facerc. 

A I'lab, blabtr, or ilahirgfellov), Furtlis, lo. 
quax. 5; lie I, M 'blab of bh toxgut, Verbo- 
rum parous eft. 1 
Bb'bed, Effutitus. diblatera'iis. 
Blazer, vulg. blolber and bluUer liped, labtt, 

Blaber lips, Labra demifTa. 
Black [of colour] Atcr, niger, nfgrani, f^Blfti 
luill luke no other hue, nijrjB Janarum nullum bi- 
bunt ccl'ircm. 

Black [wicked] Seeleifus, fcz-Ieratu.', impro- 
bus faciniroft.., .,h niger; ca.Uine notaniTui. 
^ A black bujimfs, facinos fcelcftum. 

Black brotvcd, (Shakefp.) ^•iger ftontej. Mel. 
trifti*., horridu!. 

Black mouthed, Niger ore. 
Sme-uhaf black, i.s NigiHus. fubniger. 
To be black, Nigreo. || ^ Ttu cannot fai 
Na-k IS his eye, cm lu nihil dicas vitii. Black 
hyour day, v* tibi, vel capiti tun, 

f Every bean bath its black. Nemo fine ri. 
liis nafcitur. 
To black, or make black, Denigro, inftifco. 
Claatbed in blnrk, Atratus, pullatus. 
To be Katie black, Nigrefio, faflus. 
To grom black, ^ Nigrefco. 
Bljci and blue, Lividus. 
To beat black and blue, Sugillo, 
_ f To have a thing under black and v>hitt, 
Cautionem fcriptam liabere, vr/ fcripco man> 

Beaten blaek and blue. Sugillatus. 
To be black and blue, Liveo. 
The black art, Ars • magica. 
The blackberry eater [bird] Rubetra, 
A blackberry, Vaccinium. 
A blackberry tree, Rubus vulgaris. 
A blackbird, Mctula. 
The black cap [bird] ||Parus paluftrij. 
Black caps, Poma cofta aromatibus. 
Black foot [a dog] • Mclampus, 
Black friars, Fratres || Dominican!. 
Black broTvn, Furvus, 
Black had. Stibium. 

A black, or llackmoor, * Maurus, ^thlops. 
A blackmoor ivoman, * Maura. 
A black-guard, Pannofus, balatro. 
Blatk ochre, Nigra petra, 
^\ Tie nfer of the black rod, Oftiarius || par. 
liamentarius, Vf/magni fenatus. 

Bhok as,' or tvitb, fiol, Fumofut, fuligineus. 
^ As black as a coal, ox pitch, Ti.n a;er quam 
^ft carbo, vil pix j nigerrimus. 
A black fmitb, f abcr fcrrarios. 
A black tail [fi(h] • Mdanuros. ' 
Slack vine [herb] • || Ampcloniclaena, 
Black ivhcat, • (I Mebmpyrum, 
Blacked, Atratuj, dcnigratut, 
ff To die Hack, Pannuro, vel fcricam, nigT# 
colore infiocre, ' 

fl To blacken tnf's hair, CapiUum denigrare, 
capjjlos nigro colore infict-re, nigritiam capillis 

^ To blacken » pirfons claraner, V. To de~ 


Ahlackener,or blatker. Qui, i«.'c|uap, denigrat. 

Blacking, AtTamentum. 

A Harking, || Denigratio. 

BiacliJJ.', o\ of a Uackifh blue, Fufcus, nigri- 
cans, ■!■ nigrllus, (ubniger. 

Blaiknefs, Nigror, nigriiies, nigritia, aigti, 

Blttcknefs and b'ltenefs, Livor, 

A bladder, Vefica. 

7'o bioiv a bla^dtr, Veficam irflare. 

A little bladiler, Veficula. 

fl To bladder as fiap, I n vcficDlas turgCre. 

The gall bladder, Veficula fellij. 

G 4 

B L A 

B L A 

A Haiter blawM, UtHl. 
ji hlndJir aut, Nux vtftr^rtj. 
Blaiidrr.ftna, (Mi)ler) Culuti^a. 
y1 iituii: of corn, nr ^'<jj, C^uliB, Cdpus* 
Having hut oM/ht^e, Unicaulis. 
Jhv;ng mj'.y h!.ut>tt Mihiciulis. 
To tt in the hliiiU, Caulem emittere, 
7ht htaje of mn Inrh, folium. 
T/< WaA of an o«.o<i, or hck, • Thallii!. Cs/ 
'Af </Wir [«f an oaij Rt-mi "f tonia, itl 
palm lib. 

y* Arofifr r/ ibe blade, Thrafo } homo petu 
land's frKxi'atis. 

Tot hlm'e! of a pnatr. CipilUmentum. 
Tht hUdi of a f'Witfi, oi ifl//>, I-amina. 
lit biejifi tlatU, tlives, vel cUviculffi pec- 

TU Jhoi'lifer hhtft, Scapila. 
fl An a3ixejiuiig bUdc, Juvenis proroptus, 

^ Made [gallant] BrRus homo, 
^ A cunning bladi. Homo nifutus, fagax. 
^ A Uijiy bladt. Homo robulius, fortu, va 
lidus, manti prumptus. i 

A"! M cunr.iug bUdc, Veterator. 
A bloilc [fvvordj Enfis, \ 

A blain, * Ulcus, irii, n, 
f'-jil of b.'ains, Ulccrofus, ulceribiss fcatenj. 
Blaint, Culp.i, crimen, vitium. fl He to^« 
nvitbont blame, culpa caruit, extra. culpam fuic. 
a culpa abfuit, culpa vacavlt. He bsre the 
iltime, fuftinuit crimen. 7"i?rj is what J blame, 
hoc in crimine pono. He it as much to blafnc 
as if tarn eft in vitio quam fi, Ue bore tbt 
blame, rei vituperationem fubiit. He watvola 
»f bliime, a rfprehcnfionc abfuit. Let me bear 
tl>e btatfit, me faafore alqiie impulfore id faftum 
dicito. But I Jhall be blamed for it, at enim 
iftaec in me cudetur faba. But do not after- 
mards lay tie blame on me, veriim ne port con- 
feras culpatia in me. He -will lay the blame en 
you, culpam in te transferee. 

To blame, Aliquem c^lpare, incufare, rcdar 
guere, feprehendere ; alicujus rei culpam alicui 
tribucre, W attribuere; aliquid alicui vitio da- 
re, vel vertere. ^ I am net to be blamed for 
this, a me hac culpa procul eft. See, I pray, 
vjhat they blame him for, quam rem vitio dcnr, 
quxfo, animadvettite. He llameib another for 
tis o^un fault, invidiam fafti in alium transfer!. 
Bljme Attiais far it, Attico alfigna. Tcu •wilt 
be extremely to blame for ibat, magno id tibi vi- 
tuperio futurum eft. 

To blame, or chide, Increpo, accufo^ caufor, 
jcprehendo, vitupero. 

To bhwe a little, Subaccufo, 
To blame often, Increpito. 
To bear the blame of, Alicujus rei vltuperati- 
•nem fubite. ^ Ton bear all the blame, in te 
•mnis hsret culpa. 

^ To free from blame, Aliquem culpa, rcpre- 
henfione, vel vituperatione, liberare ; aliquem 
ex culpa eximcre, ijel culpa exfolvere. 

Blam.t'^le, or blameworthy, hlameful, (Shak.) 
Accufabilis, vituperabilis, roprehenfione dignus. 
Blamiablenefs, Quod vituperari, vel reprehen- 
i>, poteft. 

Blameably, (Ayliffe) vitiose. 
Blamed, Culpatus, accul'atus, incufatus, re- 
prehenfus, culps affinis. 

To be blamed, culpor, incufor; reprehendor. 
Blameless, inculpatus, innoxius, irreprehenfus. 
Blamelcfy, Sine culpS, ifltegre. 
Blamelejnifs, (Hamm.) Integritas, 
A blamer, Vituperator j criminator, 
A blaming, Criminatio, incufatio, objurgatio, 
Xprehenfio, vituperatio. 

Blanch fa dog's name] • Leucon, itiis. 
To blanch [whiten] Aliquid candefacere, vel 
^albare j alicui rei alb^dinem inducSie. 
To blanch, or taie ojf the rind, Decortico, 
Blanched, Candefaflus, dealbatus ; decortica- 
A brancier, Linteorum, &c. miindator. 
A blanching, Albcdinii induflio, infojatio. 
flmi, (Milt.) Blasdui j leuii ; fUcidiu. 

fWhJte) Albus ; candiiluj," 
Mijh, Adulor, blando ftrmone dellniri:, 

Te blani 
verborum lenociniis rnulcere, demultSre. 

Blar.dilo^uencr,oi Bianditofiiy [fljtteryj Blan- 
ditl*, pi. blandiloquentia, blandinientum. 

Blmdijl'ing, or Blandijkment, Verborum le- 

A blandijher, Blandiloquus, qui blandis fer 
monrbus, vel verborum icnociniis, uiitur. 
Ablofik, » feiTera pura. 
A hiark, (aim, ShAkc'y ) Album. 
.B.O«i [ pale and waiij Pallcns, palUdus, 
Blai:t [out of countenance] Met. Confufus : 
rubore fiilfufus, f[ He made him Ihok very Han! 
ufen it, iilum it ftatu fuis verbis dejecit. 
A blank [in a lottery] Sors carta. 
Blink [at diet'] Jadus fupinus. 
A blir.k [in writing] Spatium relidlum ad ali- 
quid infcribendum. 

^[ Blank verfe, Carmina non eodem fono tcr- 

m A blank.bujineft, Res quae male fuccefllt. 
Foint blani, blanUy, Wane, omnino, penitiis, 
prorfum, ptorsus, ex toto, in toium. 

To blank, [damp, confufe. Milt.) Met COB- 
fundo ; iilicujus animum trangere. i 

To grota blank, or -while, <i> * Albefco, ♦ al- 
beo, albico, 

^ To grotu blani, or out of countenance, Eru- 
befcere, rubore. fuffuodi, vull'us colorem mutare, 
Blankijh, or famczvhat blank, SubalbicanSj can- 

A blanket, Stragulom, lodii lanca, torale. 
A little blanket, Lodicula. 
j4child''s blanket, Fafcia; puertles. 
To blanket, (cover, Shakefp.) Slerno. 
To blanket, (tofs in a blanket, Pope) V. To 

f\ A blanquet fear, • Pyrum fubalbidum. 
To blare [as a candle] Liquando fcintrllarc, 
vel vacillare. 

To blare, or bfllvzo, like a cow, Mugio. 
To blafpheme, Execrpr ; impia, nefaria, afro 
cia verba in Deum profundere ; divinum numcn 
verbis violare j fcelefto ore contumelias in Deum 

Blajpbemed, Ncfandis verbis violatas,Wlaefus 
A blaffbemcr. Violator numinis nefarius, di- 
vini numinis obtreftator. 

Blafpbemous, or blajpbematory. In Deum con 

Blajphemoujly, Ncfarie, in Deum contumcli- 

Blafpemy, Vox in Deuoi contumeliofa, ver- 
borum impietas. 

A bla/l of wind, Venti flatus j flabrum, 
A contagious blajl, bUJiment, (Shakefp.) Affla- 
tus noxius ; (jderatio. 

A contrary blajf, Reflatus, 4. 
Ablaf, OT found, Flamen, Inis, n. 
To blujl, Uro, amburo, comburoj exaro, per 
uro ; rubigine ferire. 

% To blaji with lightning, De c<e1o feiire, -J' 

fl To be blajled with lightning, Fulgnre per- 
cuti, vel tangi. 

To blaft a defign, Confilium fruftrari, f\ Hit 
Jifign was blaflcd, res male cccidit, perijt, infe. 
licem habuit exitum. 

To blafl one's reputation, Infamo. V, To defa>rt 
Blafed, Afflatus, ambuftus, de c<elo tailut 
i^u fulminis percullus. 

Blafted [planet ftruck] Sideratus. 
Ablafting, Slderatio J carbunculatio, fVin. 
Ablajl, at blojiing of corn, or trees, Rulwg< 
uredo. Corn /ball not be killed with bhflmg, fif 
rilem rubiginem non fenttcE feges. 

Aplace blajltd, Locus fulguritus ; bider,tal. 
A hlajiing by thunder and lightnings FuJ^uracio. 
Blatant, (Dryd.) Mugient, 
f 7i blatter, (Spenf.) BUtero. 
Ablay [fifh] AJbuinus. 
A bian^e, Flamma. 
W I ttle blaxe, Flammula. 
To blaxt, CI aakca ilaxe [as fire] Flanmu, 

B L E 

■ TtllaKi ali'taJ, Divulgo, pervnlgs, proTaI« 
io; publico j palam facerc. 

^1 Blazid tb' otd. Res in vulgus pervujgtla, 
ur/ in lucem prolira. 
A Haur abroad, <1> Vul^ator. 
A blading abroad, Prumuljauo, piiblicatin. 
A iilazing far, • Cometa, to/ cometet, «>, 
Ti. ftclid ctiniii J fidus crinitum. 

A blaao/i [coat of arms] Scutum gentiliiium, 
mfipnia gcntilitia in fcuto defcripta. 

fl To I'lixon arms, Infignia g.ntilitia propriii 
colnribus depingcre. 

%> blax-on [difplay] Virtutes, W vitia, ajicu. 
ius edifercre, enartarc, promi^lgare. 

% Wellbla-vined, Infignia gentiUtia in fcut» 
r.ite defcripta. 

^[ A hiaxoning of arms, Ceotilitii fcuti infig. 
Ilium defcriptioi 
AblxTaner cf aims, Fxcialia, 11, m. 
Blix.inry, Ars gentilitia infignia, vel fcuta, 
fcite exul:candi, 

T» bleach [whiten] • Dtalbo, candefacio, in. 
folo, I. 

BUache4, • Dealbatus, infolatus. 
A bleacher of linen. Qui lintea dealbat, 
A bleaching, Infoiatio. 

% A bleiiching place. Locus ubi lintea, vet ra 
alias, dealbare folent, 
Ablfak [firti] Alburnuj. 
Bleak, bleaky, (Dryd.) Frigidus, •{> algidui. 
Bleak, ox pate, Pallens, pallidus, iuridus. 
To grow bleak, or cold, Frigefco. 
To grow bleak, or pale, Pallefco, exalbrfco, 
^I He became juddenly very bleak, rcpenie fiac 
vultu Sc fine colore conliitic. 
Bleakly, P.>lli(le. 
Bleaknefs, Pallor. 

t\ To blear the fight, Alicujus oculis caliginent 

Bleir eyed, Lippus, lippiens. 
Blear^rejs of eyes, Lippitudo, 
To be blear eyed, Lippio. 
To bleat like a fheep, Balo. ^ ThtUtmbs lift, 
balatum cxcrcent agni. 
To bleat like a goat, Capriflb. 
To bleat often, or much, Balito. 
Ableaiing, Balatu;, 
A bled, or biifter, Vefica, 
To bleed. Sanguine Hucre. 
^ To bhed one [let blood] Alicui • venam i«. 
cidere, fanguinem emittere. 

^ To bleed [be let blood] Sanguinem amitte> 
re, perdere. 

fj To bleed for lovt, Mifere amare, vel dept- 
rjre, aliquem. 

A bluder. Qui • venam alicui incidit. 
A bleeding. Sanguinis fluxus, vel profluvium. 
A bleeding that coma hj opening tbt end cf » 
vein, * Anaftomofis. 

A bleeding heart, Cor vulneratum. 
To Pop. ot Jianch, bleeding, Sanguinem fiftere. 
A blein, or blain, pimple, pufh, or rafli, Pu- 
I'ula ; puflula, papula, Celf. 

A blein, or ulcer, * Ulcus, en's, n. 
A blemifi, fpot, or defeli, Macuh, labes, vi- 
rium J dehuneftamenium. ^j The: c was no bit" 
mijh in his beautiful body, nullum in cgregio cor> 
pore raevus erat. 

Ablemifh [> ifgrace] Calumnia, infaroja, ig. 
ominia, nora tutpitudiois, macula inufta ^ de* 
.it< u^, n. ptobium. 

'/o blemtjh, Maculo, contamino, inquino, 
^ To blemijh a ftrfon s reputation, Alicujus fa. 
px^otam :urpitudinis inurcrc, alien infamiaoi 
itferie, w/labtm afpergure. V. To dtfamn, 
A hiiUblerriJh, Labecula, navui. 
Creat blimifhes, Tubfia. 
BlemJheJ, LxUn, afperfus, maculatut, 
Blemijhtd [ \ n repu tation] Inl'amiii notatus, af> 
eifus, vioJatiis 
lullofbhii.i/hei, Maculifus. 
A bitn,ijbiitg, Alicujus exiftimatiooit Izfio^ 
.. latio. 
To blench. V. I0 fori nk, fly off, (Sbakelti,) 
To blench, V. Te ebjhuii, (Carew.) 

B L I 

B L O 

B L O 

To iltnJ [fix] Rem tliquem lUS. vet «in, 
tnifCLTC, adniifccre, comm (cere, confiin<lcre4 

B/enMtif MixtuEi comiriixtu^. 

/iUcnikr. Qui rem alia mifctt, 

^ blciuiinv, Mixiio, mixtura. 

To h!epy Bcncdico, 

To hlefs [wilh good fuccefs to] Afpiro, fecun- 
iOf fortuno, Coi ilejs your dcJignSf tua ccepta, 
vtl confilia, fortunet, ffcundtt, profpertt Dtus ; 
iitinam cocptis tuis prorpcros fucceffut det Deus j 
tuic corptis adfic, vel afpiret Deus. 

To i/e'i [conl!crateJ Solennibui precibui ali - 
quid ccnfcfiare. 

^f To i'ej's Cod for bis irerdn, Deum laudaie 
•b munerai 1/ 1 propter beneticia, fua. 

PleJJ'jd, or hicp, Bcatus, benedi£lus. 

fl */r^erf with a good wife, Felix uxore bonis 
Dioribus prxditd. 

Tbc bkjj'td in biaven, Ccelites, pi, faofti cceli 

Bkjfedly, Felicitcr, beale. 

BleJJeihefi, Felicitas, Beatitudo. V. Lat. 

Ablejfing, |1 benediftio. 

A bkjfmg [wirtiing fuccefs to] Faufta preca 
tio, votum <juo alteri felicem eventum alicuju 
rei optamus. 

A bkffng [benefit] Beneficium, benefaftum, 
Bierituni, promeritum. 

ff the llejjmgi of Cod, Beneficia a Deo, ac- 
cepta, divina beneficia, tr/ munera. 
. I blew, Suffljbam. Stt Pi(/iu. fl tVhat •u}itiii 
hlrio you hither f Q^it ventus te hue impulic ? 
Abtiglt, Ruhigo, urfdo i lues, 

Te bligtt, (Ljtt.)Uro; rubigine ferire, per- 
cote re. 

/J//^Z'«</, Rubigine perditus. 

Blighted [decayed] Corruptus. 

Bl.ghuJ corn, Segcs rubtginofa. 

Blind, Ca;cus, oculis captu;, luminibus orbus, 
TProv.] ^ Blind men cannot judge of eolours, 
quid ca-Co cum fpeculo. As blind as a beetle, 
Hypfea, Tirefia, lel talpa, csecior. A bin,l 
man may ^enhance hit the mark, fiepe etiam efl 
olitor valde opportuna loquutus. lytin the de- 
vil it blind, ad Grxcas calendas. 

Blind born, rji Cxcigenus. 

^ To become blind, Oculos petdcre, lumina, 
%rel arpe£lum, ani:tt(5re. 

Stark blind, Luminibus orbatus, v^/caflus. 

To be ha f blind, or dim Jighted, Ca?cutio, f^arr, 

fur-blind, V, porellind, Lufcus, lufciofus. 

Blind in one eye, Lufcus; codes j altero oculo 
captu!, altero iumine orbus ; unoculus. 

Blind [dark] Coccus, cbfcurus, tencbticofus. 

A blind flory, Narratio obfcura. 

A very blitid jueflion, Qua;flio perobfcura. lit 
is but a fort of a blind oratour, orator eft fubob- 

Ibc blind pit, Intelllnutn czcum, 

A blind niiorm, Caecilia. 

•J /I blind for tvindovis. Velum feneftria prz- 

To blind [deceive] Fallo, decipio. 

A blir.d [falfe pretence] Prxtextus, 4. obten- 
tus; pretextum, fpecies. 

^ To attack a J^rfon on his blind fii'e, Imbeci- 
Ittarem alicujus aucupare^ al'xui incauco infidias 

To blind, or maie blind, C;eco, excseco, ob- 
caeco. ^[ Avarice blmdetb our eyei, nos ciecoj 
rcdcit avaritia. The ht^^ of plunder blindeth 
tieir ntindi, fpcs rap.endi atque pradandi occae 
cat animos eorum, 

% To blind, or blindfold, Oculos obvolvere, 
velamen oculis induceie, f e/ obtendere. 

To be blind, Caligo. 

^ To flay at blind and buffet, Andabatarum 
more pugnjre. 

To be pore-blind, ot farJbl.nd, Lippio ; lippi- 
enles oculos habere, oculis Iippientibus hborare. 

Blinded, Caccatus, cxcccatus, occcecatus. 

Blindmans buff, * |{ Myinda. 

Blinded, or blindfold, Obvolutis oculis, Anda- 
batarum more. 

Blindly [with refpeS to fnht] Claufis oculis. 

B.indly [raflily] Ckco animi loipeiu, tcraeic. 

Bnndneft, Cxcirat) caligo. 

Blindnefs of mind, Caecitaf, rf/caligo mentil. 

Blindjidt, (Swift) Imbeciliiat. 

Blind nettle, \\ Scrofuiana. 

To blink, Connivere, oculos diltor^uire, crt- 
bro niftare. 

A blinkurd, blinker, or one blink eyed, Strabo, 
psetutus, lufcus, •{• paetus. 

Blinking, Qui eft oculis diAortis ac drpravatii. 

Blinking candles^ Candelse tenuioies, lucernie 

J ^T To blink beer^ Cerevifia: ferroentum viti- 
ofum tacSre. 

^I Blinks, Sparfa a venatore feram indagante 
ramalia notandis fera: veftigiis. 

To thrmv down blinks in the -way, Ramalia 
fpargere, ve/dcfigere. 

Blifs, or blifsfulnejt, felicitas. 

Blififul, Beatus, felix. 

Bliffully, Bcale, feliciter. 

II To bliffon, bliffom, (L) [tup the ewe] Coeo; 

II B'iffoning, Coitus, 

AhiiJIer, Puftula, pufula. 

A little blifler. Papula, ulcufculum, Celf. 

A blifler in the eye, * || Ophthalmia, 

BUfierffies, * Cantharides, pi. 

^ To blifler, or apply a blifler, Veficatorium 
alicui applicare, t)Wadmov?re. 

To blifler [rife in bliilcrsj in veficulas inflari, 
vel turgerc. 

To raife bliflers, •}« Ulcero. 

Bliflered [full of fores] Ulceratus, 

Ablifer j.laifler, Veficatorium. 

Bliflered, Veficatorio laceratus, 

A bliflering, Veficatorii applicatio, 

A bliflering [rifing in blifters] Inflammatio 

Having bliflers, Puftuhtus. 

Full 0/ bliflers, Puftulofus, 

Blite, or blits [a kind of beet] Blitum. 

Bliib, blithfcme, Alacer, hilaris. ^[ Look blith 
on it, exporrige frontem. l^ery blith and joyous, 
Lstitia, vel gaudio, perfufus. 

To be blith, Lx'itia etferri, vel perfundi. ^ 
Be blith on your font wedding day, hilarem fac 
te in gnati nuptiis. 

Bliihly, Lacte, hilariter, 

Blithnefs, or blithfotiumjs, HiUritas, laetitia. 

To bloat [pufF up] Tumcre, inflari, turgere, 

To bloat in an oven, Torreo, furno indurare. 

Bloated, Tortus, furno induratus. 

Bloated [fwelled] Tumidus, infiatus, tumens. 

Bloalednefs, (Arbuth.) Membra tumida Sc tur. 

Blob cleeied, Bucco; Met, >{• venofus. 

Blobberlipt, {Dsyi.) blobberlippcd, (L'Eflrange) 
V. Blaber. 

A block, Truncus, flipes, fl Tou h,:ve thrown 
a block in my way, fcrupulum jnjccifti mihi, 

A blockade, Urbis circumclufio, omnium ad 
rcem adituum interclufio, i/e/ obftruilio, 

A block [for a hat] forma pileaiis, • typus 

^ To bring to the block. In periculum capitis 
inferre, falutem in difcrimen vita? adduccrc. 

To block up pafl'ig'S, Aditus priccludcre, in- 
tercludcie, obffnieic, prxfepire. 

^ To block up, or bhi kade, a place, Locum 
praefidiis circumcludcre, circumfepire, infidere, 
obhd^re J aditus omnes ad locum aliquem pra?- 
.ludcie, oppidum pra-fidiis intcrcluium teniri;. 

Blocks [for fhip ropes] Orbiculi volubilcs. 

A blo,k head, Hcbes, ftipei ; fungus, tardus 
ingenii j cjudex ; infulfus, ^ A very block 
head, flultilTmio ftuhior. 

A block houfe, Arx, munimcn, munimentum, 

Blocked up, ObfefiuJ, infelTus, circumclufus, 
inclufus, pixclufus, praefeptus. 

A bio. king up, Obfeflio, priEclufio, 

Bloikiflj, Fatuus, inlulfus, ftulidus, ftupidus, 

1'^ make bloekiflj, Infatuo. 

Blockiflly, Infulsi-, ftolide, 

Blockijhnf, InlulfiUs, ftultitia, 1, flupor, 3. 



j Bltmary [the forge of in iron mill] • M«. 
china fuforia, 

BkoJ, Sanguis. ^ My blood it up, mihi ani- 
mus ardet, fanguis miM fervet, cor cumulatur 
iti. To be whipped till the blood come, verberi* 
bus fie accipi ut i vibicibui fanguis exeat. 

Of, or belonging to, blood, Sanguineus, 

fl A diflemper that runneth in the blood, MoT' 
bus gcntilitiut. 

Blood [gore] Cruor, 

Black blood, Tabum. 

Blood corrupted, Saaiei. 

Bad blood, Vitiofus fanguit. 

Clciird blood, IJCiumus, L. A, 

Good blood, Incorruptus, i;// integer, fanguisa 

To blood, or Itl blood, » Venam fecare, inci- 
dcrej pertundSre ; venij fanginem dttrahjre, 

^[ He was let blood without any pain, mi (Tut 
eft fanguis fine dolore. 

Bloodleting, or leting of blood, • Vena h&ie, 
vel incifio ; fanguinis detra^io, vel miffio. 

^ To blood, or daub with blood. Sanguine all. 
quern polluere, inquinare, foedare. 

^ A blocd letter, or Icter of blood. Qui • ve- 
nam aiicujus fecat, vel fanguinem ^b aliq<j« 

Lofs of blood, Profluvium, vel profufio, fan- 

^Toflaiincb, ot flop blood, Flucntem fangui. 
nem Gftere, vil cohibere. 

^[ To breed ill blood [exafpcrate] Alicujut 
animum exafperare, aliquem exacerbare. 

^ To dip his hands in blood, Alicujus fan* 
guine fe cruentare, vel pulloere, 

ff To train up in blood, Cadibus innutrire. 

^ To turn into blood. In fuccum tt faogui- 
t\tm vertere. 

^ Of noble blood. Centre infignis, illuflri fa« 
milia ortus, natalibus Claris, claro fanguine ge- 

The blood royal, Stirpj regia. ^ One of the 
blood royal, regia ftirpe ortus, vir generis regii. 

Defiled with blood, Sanguinolentui, cruentui, 
tabo fqualidus. 

Not defied with blood, Inciuentatot, 

^ The blood of the grape, Vini fuccus. 

Full of blood. Sanguine plenus, vel abundant. 

An inflammation of blood, Inflammatio, fup* 
puratio, tumor. 

An immoderate fux of blciod, Immoderata fan- 
guinis eruptio ; • hemotrhagia, Plin. 

A blood hound, Canis indagator, vel veftigator* 

A fpiltcr of blood, Sanguinem exfputns. 

Ajpitting of blood. Sanguinis cxpuitio, 

A blood flone, * Ha;matite*, re, m, 

A blocd fuekcr, Hirudo, fanguifuga. 

Blood luarm, Tcpidus. 

Blooded [let blood] Cui fanguis detra^us eft. 

Blooded [daubed with blood] Sanguine imbu- 
tus, pollutus, fcedatus. 

Ahlocdflripe, Vibex, ;.;». 

^ Blood red, Sanguineo colore. 

^ Blood thirfly. Sanguinis fitiens, avidus, Ctt- 

Bliitidfhed, Sanguinis emiflio, vel eflufio, 

^ To be guilty of blood fied, C<rdem faccre, 
coromittcre, patrait, perpetrate j cocde fe cru- 

Blood/hot [eyes] Sanguinis in ocuIo fuftufio, 

Bloodfkoten. bloid-boltered, (Shakcfp.) Ctuen- 
tatus, fanguin^i etlufus, 

A fux of blood. Sanguinis fluxus, 

A bloody fux. Sanguinis proriuvium. 

Bloody, Crucntus, fanguineus, fangtiinolentuf. 

A bloody fgli, Pra:lium, vel ceriamen, cru- 

fj A blojy vidory, Sanguinolenta pa)mi| 
i<5tnr:a cruenta. 

A bloody, or bloody-minded, fellow, Sanguiaa- 
rius, lanienam meram fpirans. 

Bloodied, Cruentatus, fanguine obllrus, vel 

perfufus. ^ He was ftaincd with tie blood tf 

the cit'txrns, cruenlus fuit fangume civium. Tete 

fv/ordt of our legions were diped in ilcod, imbutt 

C a fueraat 

B L 

B L 

B L U 

fucioni finguinc gilidii legionum noftrararc. 

Bhtdlj, Crucnie ; fzviier, h. 

AtloMiKg, or Haiii fudJin/;, Apexabo, /'irr. 

Full ef terrupt hlood, Saniol'us. 

BkuiltCi, or loitlmii i/W, Exfangiais. 

fl W timlleftjight, Pr.ilium incruentum. 

7\'&r httviieJ, Incruentatus. 

Blood [or kindredj Profapia ; natales, pK 

^«vr ji; tloodf Conlanguincus. 

Sk»d, or iixr/giiiliiniji [tor murder] CaeJes, 
liomicidium^ iniercmptio. 

^ £/!>»/ wir, * Multa pro fanguine humano 

BlooJ inrf, Herba fanguinari^, WC>nguir.a 
lis, * polygonon, 

j1 kloom, or hlo/fom, Flo!, flofculus. 

^ T(6<f ^&0m cf ftlumbsi grapet, Sec, ntialy ga- 
tbctaf, Prunoruni, uvarun), &e. recenter carp- 
tcium florldus color. 

j4 ihom [in iron workij mafla quadraU me- 
talli bipcdaiis. 

^ Thi very lloctt of youth, Flos ipfe setatis. 
7« tloifi, or b!vJ/om, Florco, florcfco, ger- 

of ymlb , Juvenili »igore 


^To te inlbe hli 


BhMiH, or bloffm'd, Floiiilut. 

Bloomings f^ Fluridulus. 

j1 tlooming, or bloJJ'oming, himvlh, (Raleigh) 
floTum, -vtl flufculoium, eminio ; germinatiu. 

^ A hioomirg beakty, Adolercrntula floridu 
Colcre, eximia vcnuftate, W egregia forma. 

Bloomy, or thick %vub iloom, Flofcvlis abuo- 

Blore, (Chapm.) V. B.'afl. 

jiilol, Litura, macula; label. 

A kloi in one's refuimion, Infamia, ignominia ; 
labes, dedecuSj Srij, n. 

A little hlrj, Labfcula. 

To hlot, Aliquid maculare, -vel limris con 
^rgerc, ^ tU blotstb the mans reputation by 
comn-.ciiding him, viro laiidatione libeculam af- 
pergit. Tou have bloltd the paper ■with ink, atra- 
inento labem aTperfilh charta:. My paper hkt- 
ttb, charta mea perfluit. »J> / bloled it ii/ith 
Keeping, lachrjmae fecere lituras. 

To blot out, Peleo, expunge, induco j oblite- 
ro ; c tabulis endcre. 

fl Tfi blot out a fault in viriting, Mendum 
fcriptuijE toilere. 

ff To tate a blot out of ihisihi, ToUiSre macu- 
]aro e veflibus. 

Blotlefi, Sine labe. f He is of a hhtlefs repu- 
tation, Integra eft famae, tenet fajnam fine labt. 

\AbtMb, (Hatvey) Pullula. 

Bhted, Macnlatus, lituris conrperfu:, 

Bloled out, Deletus, erafus, interlitus, 

A bhter. Qui macular, vel lituris conlpergit. 

Abhitrout, Qui dtlel, wr/deftruitj delecrix, 

A bitting, Macularum afperfio. 

Aiiotii.g lut, Abolilio, obliteratio, 

A bioimg paper, Cbattula bibula. 

A blo-w, • Colaphus, * plaga, iftus ; verber, 
fl He mijfti lis hIiKo, vires in ventum eft'udit, 

A blo-w imtb a club, Fufluarium, 

A bhno on the cheek, or ear, Alapa. 

A Jide blow, Idtus obliquus. 

3[ To fliihe •a/itb a blow, Aliquem pcrcutere, 
Ere, lerire. 

ST tP'iihout ftriking a bitno. Sine iAibu!. 

^ To come to bandy hlrwr, Cominus pugnare, 
id manus atque pu^nam venire. 

% He is but a ivord and a ihjv, * Oeftro per- 
eilus eft, cito ira accenditur. 

To a-uoiJ a blnv, Utum dcclinare, eludere, 
Titare, devitarc. 

To deal blow), llSus gemioare. 

Tc bloiu, Flo, I. fufflo. 

lo blow upon [breathe] Spiro, afpiro, atBo. 

To tli/w upon [defpifcj Tcmno, fperno, de- 
Ipicio i nulio loco numc <:e, snagno cum fafti 
*io prieterire, nihili rftinure, Wduci-ie. 

To klotu arninfl, Reflo. 

% T" ke klir.iitd asainji a place by contra'y 
tirinds, reflantibes veils in locum aliquem rejici. 

To bUto a-way, Difflo, diflipo. <| He blowtd 
•KMU Ibt legions wilb a fuff cf bit breath, fpiritu ^ 

legienes difflavit. Th» tinndi How moay th 
chads, venti perHant nnbila. 

To h'o^o down, Flatu dejiccre, ejicere, fter- 
nere, ptofterngre. One might have blown iheir, 
dctvn at a blafi, Q;ios fi fuiBa(r« cecidini-nt. 

To blow up, SurBo. 
I % To hhw up a houft, mine. Sec. Pulverc ni- 
Jrato evcrtcre, lejiccre, profterncre. 

V To blow in a cavJle, Luccrnam flatu Otis 

Tc blcza in, or upon, Infpiro, 
To blow into, Inllo. 

V Tc hkia bis p-.rrid^e. In pultam fervidam 

To hhta the coals of fedillon, Seditioncm ac- 
cendcre, facere, concilarc, commovere, conflate. 

To blow one's nop, Eroungcre nafum. 

I'o blo^u out, F.fflo, »> prnflo. ffiih the fame 
krtath he bloweth hot and told, ex eodem ore ca- 
lijum & frigidum etHat. 

^ To blow out a candle, Liicernam flatu ex- 
tinguere, vel reftringut-re. 

To biiiu, or puff and blotu, Anbelo, anheli 
turn duccie. •[ He came in puffing ttnd blowing, 
•with the fatigue, <{i fclTos quatit aegtr anbelitu 

To blo^v together, confio, conrpiro* 

To blozo up a bladder, InHo. 

% To bliKu one up [reveal one's fecrets] Ar. 
cana alicujus confllia detegere, palefacere, vui 
gate, divulgate. 

fl To blotu one up [ruin one] Aliquem fortu- 
nis omnibus, vel bonis, funditus evertere. 

7s blow 'vehemently, Perflo. 

% The -winds blow vehemently, <t> Venti tur. 
bine perflant. 

To blow a trumpet, lorn, ttc. Buccinam, vel 
cotnu, inflare. ^ They lonie together tvhen thi 
trumpet blo-wetb, ad infljtam buccinam conve 

To llo<w the fire, ignem conflare, fuftlare. ^ 
He blvwetb the fire -with his mouth, bucca focu- 
lum excitat. Take the blloti-s and blotu the 
fire, admotis follibus flatu ignem accende. 

A blower of a horn, Corniccn, clnis, m. 

^ To blotv as ajiovjer, Effiorefcere, dehifce- 
re, calycem aperire, fefe pandere. 

A blower [in a (love chimney] Ferrcum ig- 
nis furcitabulum. 

^ Soft gales blow. Spirant aurx, * Zephyri 

A blowing, Sufllatio, flatus. 

A /lowing hack, Reflatus, 4, 

A blotving on, Al^atus, afpiratio, 

A blowing the nofe, Naris emunOio. 

Hard blonving tieatber, Calum procellofum, 
immitCj turbtdum, 

^y 7he bl'wing of fhuiers, Calycum apertio, 

Mttwn, Flatus, conflatus, fulBatus. 

Blown away, Vento difllpatus. 

m Blown dcrwn, Vento dcjcAui, everfor, pro. 

^ Tbejlcrns is blown tver, Tempeftas refedit. 

fl^ Blown up as a mine, boufe, &ct. Pulvere 
ntirato tverfus. 

^ Blown up [mined] Bonis funditus cxutus, 

m Bfown upon a place, Rcflantibus vetis in lo- 
cum aliquem rejed^us. 

Blotvn upon, Contemptus, defpeflus, fpi-etus. 

Blown [pufivdj Inflatus, turgidusi tumidus. 

H'hich be blown through, Perflabilis. 

Eafy to le blown, Flabilis. 

A bloioxe, Puella rubida & tumidu facie« 

Blubitr fan infeft] Pulmo marinus. 

Blubber [the fat of a whale] Adeps • jjcetacea. 

To blubber, Cenat inftat infantum lacbrymis 

Bhblered. Inflatus. 
Blub .heeied. Emce. V. Blaher. 
A bludgeon, Inftrumentum cuitum e ligno quo 
latroneK ad aliquem caedendum utuntur, 
//«< [fubft.] C.«rulcum. 
Blue [adj. | Oruleus, cerulus, • cyaneus. tjl 
True blue viill never Jiain, antiqua homo virtute 
ac ftic, 

Blackeji, or darktji blue, Lividui. 

Blue, more imlinin^ to purple, * Hyacinthinut, 

Slut viib a eaft of grey, Cafiiii. 

^i Faint blue, Catruleum evanidum. 

PJeJi blue, blue,/h, (Shakefp.) Subc,-erulcu», 

m The bluejhark, • Cbucus Bellonii. 

To blue, Caerulum reddire, cacrujeo colore in- 

Blue bell, ot blue bottle [flower] • Cyanus, 2. 

To be blue, or bbsck and blue, Liveo. || ^ ff, 
looked very blue upon it, valde pertutbatlis fuit. U 
// was a blue bout to him, iftud illi fitair fuit. 

1 Lcknfi and blucnefs from a blow, ot ether 
aife, Livor. 

Bia:k and blue. Livens, lividus. 

Blued, Cicriijen colore infe^us. 

Btuely [badly] Male. || f He came off but 
lluely, male res lucceflit. 

Bluefy, (S«v.) raeruleo colore, 

Bluencjs of a firipe, Livor. 

If Tlie blue, or bluentfs, of fruits, FroQuum 

^ Blue mantle [one of the purfuivants at arms] 
Faecialis a c^ruleo pallio nomen habens. 

Blueey(d, (Dryd.) Cffiritleis oculit. 

Blue hairrd, (Milt.) Caruleis capillij. 

^ A bluff fellow. Homo agreftis, ruftitnj, 
tumidc intuens. 

A blunder. Error, erratum. 

To blunder, Praecipitanter aliquid agere, vrl 
diccre ; confuse & inepte rem aggredi j hallu- 

^ fl To blunder upon a thing, Aliquid conjeflu- 
ra alfequi, «/</conf'equi. 

A hlundcrbufs, • || Sclopuj grandior, totmen- 
tum bclircum. 

A mere blunderer, blunderbufs, or llunderheadf 
Hunt witted, (Shakefp.) Batduj, flupidus, 

A blundering, Hallucinatio, erratio. 

iff A blundering perjon. Qui fape errat, ftupS> 
dus, ftolidus j mendofus. 

£/»n^r [colour] Subcasruleus, caflus. 

Blunt, Obiufus, hebes, etis. 

Blunt [in fpeccli] Afpcr, durus, rudis, agre- 
ftis; homo hebetions ingenii. 

To blunt [affuage] Miligo, leaio. 

^ To he blunt [in behaviour] Rufticit cfle 
moribus & impolitis. 

To be blunt [as a tool] Hebeo, 

To grotu blunt, Hebetco. 

To blunt, or 10 make blunt, Hebeto, obtundo, 

ff A blunt-headed lance, Pilum fraila cufpide. 

Blunted, Retufus, ubtufus ; hebetatus. 

Ablunting, Hcbetatio, 

Bluntly fclownilhly] Afpeie, dure, ruftice. fl' 
ffhat can be Jpoken more bluntly f Quid dici p©- 
teft obtufitis ? 

Bluntly [freely] Libere, audaciter. 

BluntneJ! [clowniftinefs] Afperitas agtellis it 
incuncinna, n^orum ruflicitas. 

Bluntnejs in fptech, Libercas loqvendi* 

A blur. Macula, labes. 

To blur, or flain, Maculo, commaculo. 

^ To blur a perfons reptitatiin, Alicujus fa- 
mam Ixdere, aliquem maculi afBcere, alicui in* 
famiae notam inurcre, 

^ To cafi a blur an bis ovtn reputation. Com- 
maculare fe crimine, fuam famam ladcre, 

^ To blur a :run:pet, Raucum fcnare. 

Blured, Maculatus, maculis afperlus. 

A bluring, Macularum aTperfio. 

II fl To blurt out a word, (Haukew.) Temera 
verbum piofcrre, quitqiiid in buccam vencrit 

11 Blurted out, Temere diflns. 

To bl'ifij, Rubere, rubcfccre, erubefcfre, ru. 
bore fuftiindi. t\ He blujhed at red as firt, incan- 
Juit ore rubor, 

%[ klijh colour, bhijhy, (Bacon) Color ruber, 
rub'dus, rubens inftar rof:e. 

A blujli, or blujhing, Rubor. ^ At the frft 
blijh, prima fronte, primo afpeftu. H To gel a, 
biujh of a thing, per tranfennam afpicere. 

^ To male one bluJh, or put to the bluJh. «$»■ 
Rubefacere, ruborem alicui movtre, incurcre, 
inducere. ^ Tou made me bluJh, me in rubo- 
rem dedifti, Sle was put It the blujb, iaSaii 
rubore eft. 



To Ihfi^-r, or Hufir ab:ut, Fremo, .Ji idfrc- 
•10 ; (trtpo i turbjs cierc, •w/cxclore. 

A bluftfer^ hiuflrcutf (Hutl.) or hlujitring fel- 
itiVf Homo turbulcntus, • Thrafo. 

ff Blujlering letaibir, Colum procellofuin, 
immiie, turbidum. 

y1 hlufier, or tlujitriirg. Fremitus, tumiiltus j 
turbac, pi. ^ He maktth a Hujimr.g mij't and 
Rivy Calumque tcrram()ue miftet. 

A boar, • Aper, fn, i. + fetigcr. 

AivUd hear, Apct rylveftris. 

A young boar, Verres, is, m, 

A b^ar jfear, Vcnjbulum, 

A boar"*! neik, Gl^ndium. 

Tbe bjar tree, Sambucus, /', f. 

Of, or bdonging to, a hoar, Aprugnus, 

Aboard, TabuU, afiis. 

to board, orjioor 'zvUb boards, ContabuJo, co- 
alTo \ aHibus compin^crc. 

Te board in, Tabulis circamfepirf, re! cir- 

Tc board over, TabulU circumtfgere. 

Boarded tuiib boards, Tabulatus. 

A boarded f Mr, Tabulatum. 

A hoarding wiib boards, Tabulatio, contabu- 
latio, coaflatio. 

^i OiiJh:J/ hoard. In • n»vi. W navigJo. 

^ On board tbe admiral, In * navi praslorla. 

^ To cafl over board, E • nave dcjicilrc. 

fl "To beard a Jh:f, In • navem infiliie. 

the bearding of a jhip, * Navis cccup..tio. 

A board of commijjioners, &c. Confiiium dcle- 

It Jun.-mon a heard, ConciKum advocare, vel 

Afde board, • Abacus cui apparatus cpula- 
ris imponitur. 

A board tiiherion toftt / ots er vejfch of v/aler, 

9l[ to do a thing clove board. Ex • animo 
fimflicitir, finceic, candidc, aliquid agere. 

^ Board wages, Pecunia fervo data ad cibos 
iib: emendos. 

Board, or hoarding, in a family, Pretlgm ob 
»ifliim domi alicnie jnini/tralum, pafta ob 
convifti-.m mcrcc.«. 

fl To heard wi/i, PjiSo pretio habitationem 
& menfam alienam conduccre, in conviflum ad- 

^ To tail to board, Aliquem domo tc mens.i 
pafta merted^ acciperc j aliquem pa^o pretio 
in cpn^iftum admittere. 

t\ To fay for one's board, Prctium pro con- 
n'.Ciu foiveie. 

Boarded, In domo aliena hofpes, vtl conviva 

A boarder, ConviftoT. 

A boarding, Conviftus, 4. 

A beardirg to'fe, Contuberaium, domus ubi 
plurrs pafla mcrcede in conviflum admittuntut. 

^ A hoarding jcbool, Lndus literariu! ubc fu- 
eri, .»f/pueilaB, paflo pretio ia conviilum ad- 

Boarijh, (Shakefp.) Crudells , aprorum more. 

To boafl, Glorior, jaflo, oflento ; exulto. % 
Meiee/liib of bis exfhits, fua narrat facinora. 

^\To make a boafl ef, Aliquid dc fe pra^dlcare j 
aliqua re, df, vei in, aliqua re gloriari j in all. 
qoa re gloria & prjedicatione fe tfftrre j mag- 
Bificc fe jattare atquc oftentare. 

floated, Jaflatu!, magnified oftentatus, 

Te he boafltd of, Przdicabiiis. 

A boafl, or heofling, Jaftatio, Gloriatio, of- 
fentatio, venditatio; jaOantia, exultaiio. ^ 
IJe made bis boafl that be ivat deji ended from 
AehiUes, Achillc auftore gloriatus eft. Greoi 
loafl, fmall ronfl, Briareus apparet elle ciim fit 

A loaflur, C!or:ofu5, j.iftator, oftentator ; 
magnidicus, Plant, * Thrafo, ^ lit is a mere 
heafler, umbras falfas gloria; confe^atur. 

B-iafl^ng viards, AmpulJss, pi. ampullata, 
*#/ tumida, verba. 

Bonflingly, Cloriosc, jaflantcr, 

A heat, • Cymba, navtcula. 

A little b^at, Linter, cymbula, * fcaphiila, 

<f| A* advice hoat^ Navigium aAuwlum, na- 


vis exploratoria, 

A hng boat, * Scapht. 

A ferry hoiit, ot fi iff, Navis vefteris, pooto. 
, ^ AJi/};er heat, Navigiolum pifcatorium. 

^f A jacket leal, Navit afluaria ad fafces 

A pliajure hoar, Navigiolum ad animum 

Afy bjat, * Myoparo, onis, m. 

^ A lilt boat, Navicula cooperta. 

To go by boat, •}' Naviculor, Mart. 

^ To hale a beat ajlmrr, • Cymbam fubduce- 
re, ad littus applicare, vel appellcre, 

A boat botvl, * Cymbium, 

A boat man, Remex, Igis, m, 

A hoot pole. Trades, contus. 

A hMt snail's calling, * Navicularia. 

A beatj'wam, bojon, [Dryd.) • Proorcta. 

II Boalion, (Dcrh.) Boatus, 4. 

To bob [moclc] Aliquem deludere, vel ludifi- 
cari ; alicui illudSre, 

To bob [ftrikej Aliquem ferire, cisdeie, per- 

A dry bib. Facetiae, pi, diflerivm, 

A bob [or flout] Sanna, 

A bob [ear ringj Inauris, is, f. 

To hob [jog one in writing] Manum alicui 

ff Boh tail, Canis Cauda carta. 

\^ A heb tatted tvbore, Prodibuhimy fcortum. 

Bobed [mocked] Illufus, didleriis exceptus. 

A hohiiig [Inflrument] Calamus textilis, 

A heiing [mocking] Iljufio, ludilicatia. 

A bobing [joging] Succuflio, AiccufTus, 4. 

^ Bob tiirry [a play] Tantali lufus. 

Bo.afm [fine buckram] Subaflum a fullone 

Botes [fmall fiflics] ♦|| Leucomanides, L. A. 

To bode, Praefagio, poitendo, auguror^ ominor. 

Boded, PrKfagio oftenfus, 

A boding, hidcmci.t, (Shakefp.) Prsfagium, 
k men, augtirium. 

To hoilge, (Shakcfp.) V. To boggle. 

A bodice. Thorax muiicbris Ane roaniciii 

Bodilfs, Corporis expers. 

Bodily, Corporeus, corporatus» 

A bodkin, Subuta, 

A tc'omans bodkin, Calaminriim. 

fl A bodkin to ci^rl the hair tuilb, • Acus Cti- 
nalis J difcerniculum, A'rfrr, 

^ To prick with a bodkin, * Acu crinali pun- 

A priek, or hole, made vtitb a bodkin, Punftu- 
ra acu crinali fa£ia. I 

A boi^y, Corpu?. ^ J tvas ivell in body hut 
fick in mind, a morbo valui fed aeger animu. |l 
l^yhat can a body do ? quid agam ? 

Any body, Aliquis, aliqua ; quifqam, quje- 
quam, ^ I do not fear any body's fnaing it, non 
metuo ne quifquam invenial. Let any body he 
judge, cedu quemvis arbitrum. 

A little body, Corpufculum. 

II A pretty body, Puclla, -vtl mulier, praftanti 

A dead body. Cadaver, n, 

^ The body of a church. Tempi! pars interior. 

Tbe body of a Ire,; Truncus, ftirps, caudex. 

A ii'jdy cffot, Peditatus, 4. 

A btdy of borfe, Equitalus, 4. 

A body 1 company] Socictas. 

^ Tbe body of a battle. Media acies. 

Body of [divinity, w- law] Corpus. 

Every body, Unufquifque, Anguli. ^ Every 
body cricth Jhanie on it, clamant omnes indig- 
nilTime fjdtum. Eveiy body kKo~u'eth, nemo ig- 
norat. // is in every body's mouth, in ore el^ om- 

populo. iJ^lot luill every body Joy? qui ru- 
mor erit populi } 

No body. Nemo, nemo homo, nuUus homi 
■.um, <P IJere is no body here hut ive, hlc foil 
fumus. No body undeijlaiidab me, non intelligor 
ulli. That no bodyjhould hurt any bedy, ne cu' 
quis noceat." See you let no bedy co'^e into iht 
boufe, cave quenquam in a-des mlromifrris. N- 
body tbinkeihfo but I, hoc nemini prui^ei me vi- 
detur. / Lad m do then itiilb r.e body el/e, quo- 
cum turn uuo rem habcbam. No iodj souii 

B O L 

ff/ff In inecrto emnes fuerunt, 

Someio^y, Ali^uiit, aliqtu ; quidam, (luafdam, 
ff 0/>ft fie Joor ^uukly Jwitbo^i^^ spcritc aliqui 
adhitum oiii'-im. 

A bujy bbdyt Ardcljo. 

fl Tofbrm into a h4j, or t% botiy^ (Shakefp.) 
in iinum corpus formare, ordinate^ ledi^eie. 

Han/ing ttuo kottitty Bicorpor. 

liig bodied, iupy bodiedf Immanit, corpulcn* 


£i^ntfi of body, Corptilentia. 

j4n ab/f, otftrong bodied, rran^ Robviftus. 

Strong bodied 'wineSy Vina Arminima. 

A bogt Limofus, r-efcanofas, gurgcsj limofa, 
vel ccenofa, vora^n ; cluvtcs. 

A bog honfe, Kotica, Utr'na. 

II Abofr trotter^ Per paludcs curfans. Ma, qui 
;x lapto vivcre fdlet j Ltro. 

\\ Bo^g/e bee, Mjnducuj, terriculamentum, 

7b bogti/f, Haefito, titubo, duhiio, cunflor j. 
Met, pr.rvaricor, teigivfrfor; ar.imi pendcre, 

A bo^glingf Tergiverfatio. 

AbogglmgfeIiow,m boggier, (Shakcfp.) Hae- 
fitator, qui ncque mente neque voce confiftic ; 
Mtt. Strigofus. 

Soggy ground, Humus paludofa, locus paluf- 

A bo'il, or bile, Furunoulus, • ulcus. 

To boil [as heated liquors] Bullio, cbullio^ 

Tc begin to boil, EfFervefco, 

To ceafe to boil, Defervefco. 

To boil over, EbuJlio^ liquorcm ferventem ef» 

To boil again, Recoquo* 

To boil much, I'ercoquo, ercoqno. 

To boil vehemenily, «t» /Eftuo, exoeftuv 

To boil bffurehandy Prsecof uo« 

To I oil irtf Incoquo. 

To boil ^ttn, Co^lto. 

To i oil together, conccquo* 

m To make t» beii^ Aiiquid fervefac?re, ve/' 
infer Vffacc-re. 

^ To boil meat, Cibos coqucre, concoquSre ; 
aqua ferventi incoquere, mollire, macriare. 

^ To boil till *>alf the lifuor be conjumud. Ad 
dimtdiam partem decoquere. 

My blood boHeth in my body. Sanguis lei^uat 
in vcnis. *|. His heart boiletb with (holer, Ina* 
ftuat bilis prxcordiis. 

His ehief care it to make tbe pot to boil, Studc t 
maxime ut olU ferveat, ut accuretur prandiun)»~ 

Boiled, coAiiF, elixus. 

(hrer boiled, Nimis elixus. 

Boiled a-way, Decoi^us. 

Boiled befcrthand, or overmuch, PfGCCoflus* 

Kafily boiled, Coitilis. 

Half, ox par-boiled, Scmicoilus, fcmicruduK- 

Boiled a little, Subfervefa^us. 

Under bailed, parum, vel non fatis elixus* 

Boiled nvell, Kxco£lus. 

fl A botler tf meat, Ciborum cooler. 

A boiler [kettle] * Lebes, etis, m. 

^ Boiling hot, Prx aftu ebuilirns. 

A boiling of tneat, Ciborum co£lio, vel coc« 

A boilary of J<ilt, SaUna. 

Boijierous, Violentus, turbidus, furcnf^ ttt»- 
multuofus, rf» imperiofus, 

l[[ Bcijitrous weather^ V. Bluflrir^, 

A bo'ifterous ^u.nd. Turbo. 

Boiftrovjly, Violcnler, turbidr. 

Bolferoujr.efs, Viclcntia, impetus, 4. 

To boke, Naufco, crufto ; ad vomitum ten- 

Bold, Audax, impav4dus, intrep'dus, inter- 
liluj. ^ No body e%-cr thcught that ary or.%. 
locutd lave been Jo bold, nen-o qucnquam tam 
jud^cem fore arbitrabatur. He is a boldfi'lot^v, 
habct OS ; plus anJmi quani ronfilii habei.. 
ff^i-o Jo bold at blind. Bayard f infcitia confiw 
dentiam parit, 

5i>/c/ frree] ff Audaculas ; liber. You are not 
more told than u'^V«ffl;<, oiccum rem oieam cum- 



B->!J[nth1 Temtrnius, confil'o pneceni. 

ff/./, Uii-Jart (faiicyj Impudin!, inftiltns, 
inviccunsus, qui eft I'ruiite (icrfriAa, W o" 

[I V .4 MJ beiinrr, Mulier imp'oba tc effrons 

It hi Ulil, or irah hoii, Amieo. % Up-«y.' 

rfuK'fi rve hirvi madt hold m fuak, tuis primiliis 
reti lin^uam refoJvimus. lUv) dare you be jo 
h^ditdaitT quS fiHucii id facer: audeas? / 
d-2r* be hcli t^ fay, aiifim iiflirmare. 

fl Ta make hud iviib, Libere cum a'.iquo con 

fl Tifat ma bold fact, Andere, a«dafler & 
Kber^ lo<]ui, 

BMy, AudaAer, aadenter, impavide, intre 

^f To /peak hldly, Libere loqui, nuUius Ai- 
peuilio prohrberi. 
tiitcWy, or freely , Libere, confidentcr. 


BMly fraihly] Temeri. 
BMy [f-u ■ ■ ' 

ducilrj Impudcnter, inverecunde. 

PdJly f floutljj Fortiter. 

Bold/tiji [raihners] Tcmeritas, confidentia. 

Btildnefi ffaucinefs J Impudentia, infolentia, 

Boldnijil^HaxiXaei J Audacia, aniuii fortiludo, 
vtl firmitas. 

BMnefi in ajking, Piocacitas. 

% Buldnefs in Jfeeck, •writing, &c. Libertas, 
■w/licertia, Jiberior, loquendi, fcribendi, &c. 

% Bi'e atmcniac, * Bolus Armenia, -uel Ar- 

AhoU of fax, LIni culmus, calamus, caulis. 

BolUd-, Habens culmum. 

H BC'tlimang [or mingled cornj Farrago ; tri- 
ticum mircejjaneum cum fecali, 

yl btlfler. Cervical, pulvinar, pulvinus. 

'the Mfier of a faddte, Ephippii farcimentum. 

fl A idjlcrfcr a toound, Linlcum obduAum 
ebitri^lumque vulneri. 

Tj hdfier up, SufFulcio, fuftento, 

fl To bUJicr up a xuound, Vulnuj linteo obdu- 
ceic, fc obrtringere. 

% To boljler up tferjon, NimiCim alicui in- 
- dul^ere. 

Bolflired up, SuflTultut, fullentatus. 

The hit [of a door] Feflulus; obex. 

^ TAf toll of a lock, Serae peflulus. 

A boh [daitj I'ilum, jaculum, fpiculum. ^ 
he hath pot hit holt, jaculum emifit. A fool' i 
toll iijoon jhot, quic<]uid in buccam veneiit ilul- 
tus lo<iuitur. 

A boh, oTfaier, Compes j manicx, pi. 

A bird bolt, Spiculum i telum catapultariam. 

Boll roprt, Relinacula, pi. • navis habcna;. 

«(y To *o/f a door, Oppeflulare, pcffulum oftio, 
ve! foribu5, obdcre. 

fl To bolt i" upon, Continue fe intro conjl- 

fl To hit out, Subito fe proripcre, w/egredi. 

To boll in, Aliquem in loco includere. 

To boll out [fliuc out] Aliquem foras exdu- 

To toll, or kunp, out, E«tubero. 

4c. • ]] Bombardis difplofis locum infc(l«i», '«■ 
ccfserc, oppu^n^ie. 

Bern ardeJ, • jj Bombardis dirplofis laeelTitir 
■vel uppugnatus. 

Bomiardieri, Qui • {| bombardal difploiunt. 
A htrmhatdmeni, (AJdifon) Oppognatto, 
Bombafine [i kind of flurt"J I'annus bomby 

Bomiaji, AflTumentum golTypinum. 
^ To homhafi naiib cotton, Goflypio, infulcirc 
vel infarcire, 

BombaJ), or hmbajlick exprijjions. Ampulla, 
pi. verba ^mpullaia. Mil. lufflata oiatio. 
Bombilarw; (B own) V. Bo'nce. 
A bona roia (Shakefp.) V. ff^bore. 
The h:nage, Crates ofTca, compares ofTaria. 
A bond, or obligation, for a de/ii, * Chirogra- 
ph! cautio, * fyngrapha, fvngraphus. 
A bond [tiej Vinculum. 
A bond of appearance, Vaiiimonium. 
^ To enter into a bond for appeaiance, Vadi- 
monitim promittere. 

f[ To enter into bend for money lent to a perfon, 
* Syngrapham alicui pro pecunia credits dare. 
1 give homi, Satifdo, i/tVi, j, 
f[ To taki a bond luuh a double penalty, In du- 
plum cavere. 

An arbitration bct:d, CompromiiTum. 
^ 7o lend niiney upon bond, Credere pecuniam 
alicui per • fyngrapham, 

^ To Jut one upon a bond, • Syngrapha cum 
aliquo agere. 

Bondage, Servitium, furvitus, captivitas. 
To be in bondage, Servio, in (eivitutem veni- 
re, libcrtatem amittere.' 

^ To bring into bondage, Manu capere, in fer- 
vitutem dare, jugo ferv.tutis prcmere. 

^ To free one from bondage, Manumittere, e 
fcrvitute liberarc, emictere, eximere. 

fl To deliver from bondage. Ex vinculis libe- 
rare, exim^re. 

Of, or belcn^ii:g to bondage, Scrvilis. 
A bond man, or bondjiave, Servus, mancipi- 
um j verna. 

A bond ivoman, Serva, 
He that fittetb a bond-man free, • Patronus. 
The making a bond-man free, ManumilTio. 
A b'jndman, OT fecur'ity for money, Sequeiler & 
confumator pecuniae. 

Bonds [fetters] compedes, pi. manicae, arum, 
f. pi. ^ In bondi, vinculis altriflus. He put 
him in bonds, ilium compedibus cciircuit, ilji 
vincula injccit. Handcuff tbejlave, injicito ma- 
nicas maf^igiae. 

A bone. Of, ojjis, n. ^ He is all /kin and bona, 
ofla atque pcliis totus eft. 7 tremble cme/y bone 
of mc, tota mente atque omnibus artubus con- 
tremifco. They may as Joon rake a hone from a 
dig, lupum agno cripcrc poftul int. || He made 
no hones of it, non dubitavit facere. J have giv- 
en htm a hone to pick, injcci fcrupulum homini, 
[Prov.J That tchiib is bred in lie hone will ne- 
■der be out of the JUjh, naturamexpellas furca li- 


Btrey, Odiui, o/Tibui ibondans. 
Jbc i.'ejkin^ of bonei, Odium frafluM, 
Tc. guihtnxgof bones, Oflium colieflio. 
Boniliji. + Exi>», offii, 
A homfiri, Kogui j ignii feftui, ml trium- 

Abonigntct, • Umbraculum, umbella, i. 
A boning, or taking out bouts, || Exoffatio. 
Apic ' 

A bonnet, Calericulum, redimiculum. piltui i 
'i< m.ira. • 

Bonry, Bellus, lepidus. 

Bi-nnydabber, ( V, Bullermilk. 

A great booby, Afi.ius • Antronim j bardui. 

A book. Liber, cod x, volumen, n. 

To get, or learn, viiiboui book, EdifcXre, me- 
mori* mandare. 

To fay wttbout book. Ex mcmorla Kciure, 
memoriter repetcrc, 

f[ To make an end of a book, Librum ad um- 
bilicum dutcre. 

To learn one's book, Edifcere leftionem. 

To read over a book, Librum pcrlegere. 

II H I'og" '"to one's books, [be refpefted] Fa- 
vorem alicujus fibi conciliare. 

II H '^« '■"'' tnto one's books [debt] jEs ilienuin 
contrahere, w.'conflare. 

fl To book a thing down, Aliquid in codicem 

^[ To boll meal, Farinam cernere, incernere,|c=t ufque recurrrt. 
»,/ fuccernJre. II % To he, otfjll, up'.n one's bones, Aliquem 

"^ To holt out a rap exfrejfion, Temere all- caedcrc, i^r/pcrcutercj alicujus latera fufle do 

quid dici;re, i)t/ elTulire. 

To bolt, or ffi, out, Excerno, ci'eai, 3. 

•[ To bolt a coney, Cuniculum excitare. 

t To boll a cafe, De aliqua re difceptare. 

J Bellini, DifceptJtio juridica. 

^ Bolt upright, (Addifon) Omnlno ereflus. 

A thunder bill, Fulmen. 

Boiled [as a door] OppenUlatoe. 

5 Bolted [as mealj Cnbratus. 
A bcliel [in architeflure] Fimbria, vel 
Bia'go, majori loro fuperjefta. 

A bolter [fieve] Incerniculum, 2. cribrum fa- 
riniiiuin, »,rfpollmarium, 

ff A bolter of meal. Qui farinam incernit, 

Cf, or belonging tc, billing, Cribrarius. 

A bolting boufr, Piftrinum. 

A itl'is in fhfi'k, * Bofos. 

A bomb, •Globus cxcjvatus ingefloque pul- 
fere ni'rato con'ertui ; glans igniaria. 

A To ion.h, [Prior) bembati, a laftk, city, 


A little bone, Ofllculum. 

^ A bone if eonttnlion, Caufa contentionis, 
litis occafio. 

The back bone. Spina dorfi. 

The ch.ek bone, or javj hone, Os maxillare. 

The ciiile bone, TeWam. 

The hip, or buckle bone, Oi coxx, vtl coxen- 

The pare hone, Os pubis. 

The pin bone, Os tibiae. 

Ibefpindle bone, * || Paraftata, Vegtt, 

Tie poulder bone, Os humeri, 

A whale bone, Os • cetarium. 

Of or belongir.g tt, bones, OITeut* 

Bone by hone, O/Hculatim. Nonn, 

B-.nes, or fcraps, • Analc£la, pi. 

To bore, or pluck bones, ExofTo. 

fl Abonefeicr, Qui luxata membra reScit. 

Boned, ExolTatus, 

A little book, Libelluf, codicillus. 
A bock of accounts. Codex rationarius, liber 
accepti & expen/i. 

A bound book. Liber compaflus. 
A church book, Regiftrum * || baptifmale. 
A day book, or memorandum book, Uiariuin. 
A niws hook, Novellie, fc. liiersr. 
A note book, Adverfaria, pi. 
A pocket book; Libellus in loculis poitandus, 
f A fcho-1 book. Liber • fcholafticus. 
% Apop book, Mercium emptarum & vcndi> 
tarum commentarius. 

Aftitched book. Liber confutus. 
Books of record. Tabula* publica;. 
A book of remembrance, Commentarii pi. 
Statute books, Capitularia, orum, n, pi, 
^f To mind his book. Studio incumbere. Audio 
litcrarum operam dare. 
A bock worm, Blatta. 

A book without the autbour's name to it. Liber 
• anonymus. 

fl A book Jet out under afafe name. Liber fub. 

^ Abookfet out after the autbour's death, O- 
pus pofthumum, 

Booki/h, bcckful, (Pope) book/earned, (Dryd.) 
bookman, (Shakefp.) Librorum helluo ; libris 
affixus, ti/intentusj ftudiisjugiter vacans, ad. 

A book binder, Qui libros compingit j Libro- 
rum glutinator. 

^I A book keeper. Qui mercium emptarum & 
venditarum rationes curat, 

A hook mate, (Shakefp.) V. Schoolfellow. 
Abookfeller, Qui libros vendit , cj. • biblio- 
pola, m. Mart. 

A booifelltr's pop, Taberna, vel officina, li. 

Of, or for books, Librarius. 
A booly, (Spenf. Irip) || Qui vivit more Scy- 
thiorum. Al. Skinn. Bo'.ly, Amator. 
A boom of a pip, • Malus. 
A boom [bar ot an harbour] Portus repagu- 

A boom [pole] Contus longus* 
Booming, (Pope) Irrumpens. 
A boon [favour] Donum. 
A boon [petition] Pctitio. 
^ A boon companion, Compotoi bellus, vel fa- 

II To boon [repair the roads] Vias hyeme cor» 
ruptas sftate teparare, vel inftaurare. 

ji boor [clown] Colonus, ruAicui j agrellis. 
Boonp, Rufticus, agreftis. 
Booripnefs^ Rullicitas, 

Boot, Qi advantage, £molumeatun>, comma- 


B O R 

^ Ti ^?f* om fitntthhg to hoct^ Supra ttrn 
■erinutatdRi aliguid preui acic:£re, vel iidjiccre j 
aliqiird loco prxmii dare. 

^1 It boiteth vat, Non expedit, nrn referr, ni- 
hil inttrcft. ^ PJ'hatbwith it t Quid prodcd ? 
Bocr/tiSf locafsuni, fruftra. 
BcctUji, Adj. (Spenl. Sliakefp,) Inutilis, ir- 

Ahiot, Ocrea. 

^ 7V!>e bo'ji of a coach, Rhcdarium clauflrum, 
Thcd.Tia lorira. A. 

^ To boot, tirazv, or put on boots, Ocreas in- 
ducre, t*/inducere; crura otrcis tegere. 

To ptill off onc^s biotSj Ocreas detrahcrc, ^ Tf 
pull ojf oie i wn boon, ocreas exuere. 

BMlt!l, Ocrcatus. 

Bo'tkoje, (Shakefp.) V. Sfaiie-dafes. 

^ booicalihir, (Swilt) Qui ocreas dcirahit. 

j4boQtbaUr, 01 free booter J Predator, pr;tdo. 

^oa/ irt/i/i^ [lleaiingj Furtum, latrocinium. 

Boots [maim marygolds] Caiiba paluliris. 

^ booth, Tabernaculum, tentorium. 

Booth ctoitei. Velaria, pi. 

^ booty, Hrffida, fpolium. 

Bso/y belfittgtng to the general, Maniibiaej pi. 

To gtt boity, fracdari, prtedam facere. 

To play booty, Praevaricor, colludo, L. A, 

to flay at Loptep, Celare fe & mox oftcndcre. 
% Met. To hide hbnjelf from his creJitcrSp latita- 
te, fe a creditoribus iubducere, 

fl Bopttp, Facie velaia & mox rcveiata lufus. 

A horaebo, Uter coriatus, 

A I'tttle horacho, Utriculus. 

Borage [herb] Borago, gtn'is, f. 

Borax, Borax, • chryfocolla failitia. 

•\ ji hard, boiird, boord [L. A.j Jocus pra? 
ftrtim fequiori fenfu. Siin. 

T< bourd, Jocor, illudo ; di£leria in alicjuenn 

^ iordel [btoihe]] Lupanar, luftrum. 

Boreal, (Pope) Borealis, 

The border of any thing, Ora, marge, extre- 

The iorjer of a country. Finis, terminus, li- 
mes, m Thy cannot agree about their borders^ 
ambigunc de nnibus. 

Pertaining to fuch borders, Coniinis. 

The borders of a garment, Limbus, fimbria, 
ft> inltita. 

Borders [among printers] Topia in locis libri 
vacuis ad ornatum delineata. 

^1 Borders in gardens, Puivinorum hortenfium 

A border [brim] Crepido, tTinis, f. 

fl To border together. In conliniis fitus efle, fe 
invicem contingere. 

To border upon, Adjaceo ; conterminus, con- 
tiguu^, confinis, finicimus, vicinus ci^c* ^ 
Faljhood bordereih upon truth, falfa \eris finitima 

The outmt^ borders, Extrema confinia. 

^he borders, or marches of a country, Confinia. 

Bordered with fringe, Fimbriatus. 

A borderer, Accola. 

Bordering near, er upon, Confinis, contermi- 
0uS, conttguus, 6nitimus, vicinus, 

^ Bord halfpenny, Tributum in foro pro ta- 

fl Bord lands, Praedia refervata ad viSum. 

To bordrage, (Spenf.) V. To plunder, 

A bordurt in heru/dry, Limbus. 

J bore [praet.] Tuli. f[ / bore them as tvell as 
J could, ut potui tuli. He bore his age vcty -well, 
aetatem bene ferebat. See to bear. 

To bore, or make a hole [with an auger, fife] 
Perforo, penftro, teiebro. 

To bort, (I pierce through, Teiebia pertunde- 
rc ; tranfigo j fj» cavo. 

^1 To bore, or pierce, through a waJl, Patie- 
tem perfodere. 

fl The bore of a gun. Oris • || fclopeli am- 
plitud<', 'vel mudus. 

fl The bore of a loci. Sera foramen. 

Bored, Hertoratus, percercbiatus, fcitufus, 

Boreabte, + Forabiiis, 
A borer, Qvji perforat. 

Ji boring, Tetcbiativ, 


To be I'm, Nafcor, orior, exorior, in vitam 
edi, m Jucem luliipi, >, Wai that eutr I tuai 
born! mc mifeium I Hty are born und.r tii 
• oridiiion, hac lege gentrati lunt. 

To he liorn again, or grow again, Renafcor. 

To be b'rn of, Enafcor. 

To be born, ox p-otu, itigb to, Adnafcor, 

To be born, oi bied, in or.e, Iiinafcor. 

To be lorn before the time, <J> Abottivus/<r. 
abortu nafci. 

Born, Natus, cretus, creatus, procreatus, or- 
'UF, prognatus, ('..tus,. editus. ^f Born under ar 
II planet, mn'.oaHro, genio finiftro, iniquo Mer- 
•■■uiio, diis inimicis & iratis, naius. She tuai 
born a mortal ereffturc, homo nata eft. 

Born after his father's death, Poil humus. 

Born again, Kenatus, iterum n.Uus, 

Born after us, Pofteii, pi. 

Lately lorn, Reccns natus. ' 

IVell born. Loco liooefto ortus, bono generc 

Porn of mean parentage, Infimo, vel liumili, 
loco nitus. 

Firjl born, Filiorum, natu maximusj nato- 
rum prima!vus. 

Baje born. V. Bajlard, 

Born and bred in thejesme place, Indigifna, 

Born in the country, r^* Rurigena, 

Born of the earth, fj» Terrigena, 

f[ Stillborn, Natus mortuus. 

Born of fuch ajloek^ Oriundus, 

Born together, Congeriitus, iimul natus. 

^ Born to a great ejiatt, Cui magn-T, vel pre- 
tiofae, polTefliones hsercditate obvenerunt. 

To be borne do^n, Opprimor, deprimor. 

Borne doiun, OpprciVus, deprclTus. 

To be borne [cairiedj Feror. 

Borne, or carried, Latus, gcftatus, portatus. 

To be borne up, Fulcior. 

Borne up^ Siiftentatus, fultus. 

Borne, or carried about, Circumlatus. 

To be borne icilh [indulged] Indulgeor, Cell. 
^[ He bath hoi ne gently ivith me hitherto, me 
'eni paflus eft animo uTque adhuc. 

Borne Out, Dcfenfus. 

^ Borne lui.'h patience, ^quo animo latus. 

fj All charges borne. Omnibus impenfls fup- 

To be borne tuiib [tolerable] Ferendus, tole- 
andus. fl It may be borne -with, fcrendum ali- 
quo modo eft. 

Not to be borne, Intolerabilis. 

Aborough, lurrciv, (Shakefp.) Municipium 

A head borough, Decurioj pagi prasfeilus. 

■[ A borrei man, (Spenf.) Proletarius. Jan. 

To borravj, Aliquid ab aliquo rogarc, mutuc 
umcre, mutuuni accipeic, aliquid ab ahquo uten- 
dum fufcipere. 

To borrtto upon ufe, or intereji, Foenerari, ar- 
gentum fanore fumete. ^ To borroiv upon ufwy 
Iringetb certain beggcry, citius ufura currit quam 

t\ To borrow of one to pay another, Vetfuran- 

Borro^ved, Mutuus, mutuatus, ad utcnduii. 

Borrowed for no certain time, Precarius, 

A borrvtver, Qui mutuo aliquid fumit. 

A borrowing, Mutuatio, 

■\ Bojcaie, (Bacon.) Locus faltuofus. 

■j- Bojky", (Milt.) h-jfy, (Shak.) V. tToody. 

A bojom, Gremium, finus, 4.. 

A bofom [of the fea] Sinus maris. 

fl The wife of _my boJom, Mea chariflima 

A bofom friend, Intimus, amicus familiaris, 
vel chariflimus. fl He is one of my boj'otn fiends, 
in intimis eft meis. 

^ A bofom enemy. Amicus pfrfidus, 

i\ The bofom of a Jhirt, Indufii iill'ura. 

4l To put into one's bofom, lalinuare, in linu 
ponere, iinu com^le^i. 

Abofs, Build 

A little kjs, Clavus, 

A band aft, Pu^il, Vis, c. 

The bofs of a book, Libii ustbilkuh 

B O T 

7U iofs of a buckler. Umbo, diiii, m. 

'1' bjs, or bun.h out, Prominen, cxto. 

Beffed, Gibber, giabus, gibboJ'ui. 

Bifjh in the body, Cibbi, pi. 

Botanical, or botanick. Ad herbarunWcieutiam 

Abotaniji, Herbarum perilus. 

Botany^ Hrrbarum lVlcn:ia. 

Botarga, Muili ova falc & niuria coodlta. 

A boi.h [fwollen ulcer] • Ulcus, Iri,, 11. 

A botch [carbuncle] Carbunculus. 

A hot, h [ill the gioin] * || Bubo, !nis, m. 

A botch [in the niouthj * Aphtha-, pi. 

A hatch about the cars, • |J Parotis, i./ii, f. 

To make a b'.teh, Exulcero, 

^1 A j laifer makirg bolihes, * Eiiulceiatotiiini 

A malingofbiiiihes, Exulceratio. 

Full of botche!, botchy, (Shakcfp,) Ulccrofjs. 

A botch [patch] Panniis. 

To botch, Sarcio, rclarcio, teconcinno, inter- 

To botch [bungle] Opus corrumpere, alitjuii 
inepte, iicl infabti, faccre. 

Botched, Sartus, refarlns. 

A botcher. Sartor, veteramentarius. 

A bctcber, ot bungler, Impctitus, rudis. 

A botcher s flail, Taberna, vel ofiicina, farto- 
ris veteramentarii, 

A botching, Refcflio ; intcrpolatio, Plin, 

II Botcbingly, or bunglingly, ImpcritJ, ineple. 

Both [two] Ambo, ee, uterque, utraque. 

Both [conjunflion] Cilm, turn, et et, qui 
qua, vel vel ; as, ^ I difpleafe both myfeif and 
others, ipfe ci^m mihi turn caeteiis dirplicco. Both 
in time of peace and war, turn in pace tum in 
bello. Mightily toffed to and fro both by land and 
fea, 'I* muUum tc terris jaflatus & alto. Fa* 
mous both for bis father's glory and bis otvn, in- 
lignis qua paterna gloria qua fua. To attend 
much both upon honour and danger, multtJm vel 
honori vel periculo, infervire. 

On b^th fides, Utrinquc, Utrinquefecus, utro- 
bique. ^ Many being killed on both fide,, m'll. 
tis utrinque interteilis. His body is beat on both 
fides, utrinquefecus corpus vapulat. I hod freat 
enemies on both fides, utrobique magnos inimicos 

Both banded. Qui leva dextraque »que utitur. 

yack on borb fdes, Defultorius, qui duobus 
fedet fellis. 

Both ivays, Bifariam, iitroque verfum. 

The bots [in horfcs] • || Al'carides, pi. 

The wringing of tie bots, Venninatio. 

To be (rosibled with the hots, V ermine, ver. 

A bottle, Uter, trit, m. 

A great bottle, + Obba, lagena. 

A little bottle, Laguncula, * phiala ; i^ utri- 

A glafs bottle. Ampulla vftrea. 

A leather bottle, Laguncula c corio confeilat 

A b.ttle n-.adt of a gourd, Cucurbita. 

ff , I fucking bottle. Ampulla int'anti iugendJi 

A bottle of hay, Fteai fafciculas, vet mani* 

A blue bottle [herb] * Cyamis. 

A fmellin^ bottle, Olfa£lorium. 

The mouth of a bottle, Am u ije oj. 

Of, or tike, a bottle, Ampuliaceus, ampulla* 

A tcltle companion, (Addifon) Compotnr. 

A bottle maker, Amoiillarius. 

^ To botve liquors, in ampullas ioiundere, 
in anipullis confervare. 

/! it.e nofeJ, Nalutus. 

Bottled, In ampullis confervatus. 
-/ bottling up, L quorum in ampullis iiifulio. 
vel cooiervatie. 

The bottom. Fundus ; folum, f In tb. h;~ 
torn of tell. Ml imo Tartaro. Bnier Jjan 1. :he 
brim than at the bottom, Tera eft in fundo naiTi- 
monia. Every tub mufi flard e • r :t'^.j -; 

fibi qucmquc cavere oponct. 

A bottom [ftiip] Navis. 

fl Tit hiHom of e fi'p, • Na»ii carijia. 

B O U 



The t^tomi or ^^/-ft, 9/ a rhitt^, Prorimdum, 

The hitttm [Hiegs] fxx, criiVamen, crafl*a. 
mentunvr rcdimentutib 

T* ttach tU hotf«m [in fwimming] Funduni 
tcncre, folum conlingere. 

To htitm [put in a bottom] Fundo mwixt^ 
inftruifre. obftiu?re. 

T» bttom, or greund, a difcourfe, Fundamcnta 
oiationis jac£re. 

ji bottom [vailcy] Vallis, convallis. 
^ yf/ /^ hotfom^ In imo, 
'ibt h^t^ of tbt belly, • U Hypogaftrlum. 
7*^ ^/0n «/ a mauKtaiuf Radices moniis. 
Tie "oery btitomf Fundiius. 
^ fVwK tofi to boftom. A capite ad calcem. 
4[ Tc txsm'we, or y^r, t/ rWi^ ro the bottom^ 
Rem diligentcr cxami.narc, perpeniere, fcrutaii. 
fl" 7o/jf ««'j bottom, Aliqua re niti. 
if Tojlandupon tf ^«x/io//tm [be well to pafs] 
KeiautaeflTe, toroHorere. 

j-l bottom of thtead. Glomus, ^r/j, n. 
yi bctiom to xoind thread 07U * fl Gyrgillus. 
^ A bread bolimed jug, or ^ff/r/**, Obba fcf- 

f yf/jf btttomed barge^ or (^o<7/, * Navigium 
piano fundo. 

fl Bott'.mhjiy or without bottom. Fundi cxpcrs, 
fundo carcns. Af /. Immenius. 

A bottomUfi fit, fp Votago, barathrum j || 

Jiottomry, or bottotrage [money borrowed upon 
a &ip] FidejuiHo navalis. 

A ooude [worm in corn] Vermis frumenta- 

A hoitgh^ Rjmus, 

A little bough, Ramulus, ramufculus. 
A bough plucked iv'ttb fiulc on, Termes, *itii, m. 
A green bcugb of bay, or eli-vd^ Tballus* 
A dead bough t Ramak*, it, n. 
A green lough ^ Frons, dtt, f. 
Full of boughi, Ramofus, ramulofus. 
A bought [arch] Fornix, flexura, 
1 bought, Emi, mercatus fum. ^ / bought 
thii for you, hoc tifei mercatus fum. He ivould 
ha-ve me let him hive it at I bought it, tantidcm 
emptum poflulat (ibi tradi, 

Biugbt, Emptus. fl Bought iv:t h the hefi, 
^xito Aagello mens docetur rcilius. 
Bought agjtn, Redemptus. 
^ Bcughtjor a lo^v price, Vili pietio emptus. 
To be^ or that may be^ bought, Mcrcabilis. 
A thing bought, Merx, eis, f. 
A bounce, or bouncing rtotje. Crepitus, fragor. 
A bounce t or bouncing. V , Boafling, 
To bounce^ Crepo, pulfo ; tundo. 
7* bounce often, Crcpito. 
To bounce, or make a noife, Strepo, ftrepito. 
To bt^unce up, Rrfliiio. 
To bounce, qt leap up, Piofilio. 
^ To bounce at a door, Calcibui fores tnrnltare. 
m To bourne a door o^en^ Foics efliin^ie. 
% To bfitnce, or vapour and romance, Jattare, 
gluriari, fefc vcnditare, vel oftentare, 

^ A bouM ing lad, or iafs, Pugil, homo pin- 
gii« Sc vaicns. 

Bouncing [as a foot ball") Sonora reflexio. 
To bound, Finio, dcfinioj Hmito, termino, 
diHcrmino j terminus pr«efcribere, cancdlos ali- 
cui circundarr. 

A baindf boundi, or boundary, Meta^ termi- 
nus, oeicimifirftio, ISnis, limes. A^livandeied 
lizard ny b'-umh, dum ultra terminum v*»gor. 
ile enlarged the biu/ids of the empire, fines impe. 
lii propagavit. 

^ A bcut:d, or mi'iJtMe, Lapii milliarius. 
^ A bound Ji'^tie [between fields, Gfc.J 1| La- 
p:s tcrminalis. 

To b,i^ndupcn [border] Adjaccrc, confinit cfle, 
A bourdjtter, Fiaitor. 
To keep loitbin boundt, Coercco. 
To break itt bounds. Met. ProfiHo. 
A«M/u/r(i [limited] Finiru^j teiminatus, dif- 
fer mtff<nu« , tcrminis, -w^/ finibus, circu:nl'crip- 
tu». 1^ The Latin tongue IS houndtd ivithin nar- 
mm ha^itif Latiua iin^ua finibas ext^'uit conti- 


Bounded by, or btnUring uptn, Confinil, COn- 
Icrminus, conciguuf. 

^ The mieting of bounds, Limitum terminus, 

A bountUng, LimitatJo, Cfrmlnatio* 

A bounding u^cn, Coiitinium. 

The God of bounds. Terminus, 2. 

The feajl of bo:irfds. Terminjh'a, pi, 

Boundlcjs, Inrerminatus, immenfus, infinitus. 

To bound again, or ba^k [as a ball] RefiJio. 

Abound, ot botn:din^ back agcin, Refuttus. 

Boundfd hack, Repercudus, 

Ta be bound. Obligor, tenei»r, devincior, ob- 
ftringor, conftringor. See "Jo bind. 

Bound, Lig.uui, obJigatus, vinftii% nexus. 
Il Ue is bou-:d to perform his voiv, damnatus eft 
voti, voti reus cih He is bound nvith an oath, 
jurejurando obftri£lua eft. pyhitber are you 
biundf quo nunc eft tibi iter? 

Bound ai a fervant to his creditors. Nexus. 

Biund before, Pra?Jig4tu€, 

Bound [beholden] Devinftus, beneficiis aftri 
clus, Tc/obftriflus. 

f[ Jhu;td by covenant, • obligatus. 

Bound by duty [as near relations] Neccfiitudi- 
iic J [as pcrfons in office] oificio, vel munerc, 
aftridlus, obftridlus, dcvinflus. 

^{ Bouml in a bund, * Chirograpbi cautione 
obftriftus, fycl obligatus. 

% JVith his hands bou^d behind him, Manlbus 
a, tergo vinflis. 

^ Bound neck and hsels, Qu^drupedum more 

ff Bound ivith an oath, Jurejurando obftriftus. 

^s&W [appicntice] Artifici traditus ad artem 
addifcendam, ad rudimenta artis edifcenda ma- 
giftro datus, 

% Bound hard toith cords, Funiculis aftriftus, 
pra^flriitus, vinftus, ligatus, religatus, innexus 

^ Neatly bound [as a book] Concinnc, elc- 
^antur, nitidc, compa^us* 

Bound to, Ailigatus. 

Bound together, Colligatus, 

Bound under, Subftri^us, 

^ Bound up ivith jmall fplinters, AfTuIis aili- 

Bounden, Debitus. ^ According to my bound. e 
duty, pro dcbito meo officio, 

A bounding upon, or rear, Vicinia, vicinitas. 

Bountiful, ox biuntcous, Benificu?, largus, be- 
nigr us, munificus, iiberalis ; eHuTus. 

Bountifully, Bcnignc, copiosc, latge, libera- 
liter, munitice, prolixe, effuse. 

Bsuntifulnejs, hniintcoujr.eji, (P. S.) Bcnigni* 
tas, libcralitas; munificenija, i. 

Bounty, Benignitas, largitas, liberailtas } be* 
neficentiA, munificentia. 

•f- Bountihead, bountihood, (Spent.) Probitas. 

A bourg, Vicus, 

A bourger, or bwrgcfs, Civis, municeps. 

To bourgeon [bud] Germino. 

A bourn, Torrens, tit, m. 

To bcv'ic, i'oto. 

A b-juf.r.g, Poratio, -- 

Boufy, {Dxy^.) bofy, (L. A,) Temulentus. 

At <.r.e bout, or courje, Una vice. Shall cp# 
ha-vt a b:>:it at it f vifne ut ccrtamen Ineamus ? 
/ mnfi have a bout ivith Llm for tiat, mihi 
cum jllo de i^ii re lertandum eft. 
A bjutcfcu, Vitilitigator, liiium iator, 
A boutefcu. V, Incendiary. 
A dritiking liuf, ConipoL-tio, 

A merry bout, Lcetitia, vel hJlaritatis, tcm- 
pus. ^ Let us have a nxrry bout tf it to day, 
hilarem hunc fumamus dicm. 

A bow, A reus, 4. f[ He ksepetb his mind 
bent like a boiv, intentum animum taiiquam ar- 
Cum habct. A bciv long bent at lafi grvwe:h 
ivcat, aicus nimis mtcnfus rumpitur. HeJiuiiJ 
at fwift as an arroiv out of a b'iiv, *\* Nolo t i 
tius voluciique fagitta fugit ^ volat ocyor Euro. 

7«* uend a bow, Arcam tendci'e, t/c/i.ucridete. 

ff To unbend a boiv, Arcum rciendSre, remit- 
icre, vel laxare. 

Made like a boiv, bdV'btnt, (Milt.) Arcuatu? 

The rttin It'jw, * Iris, ^idts^ i\ arcus calcftis, 

arcui pluvitit. 

A boiv /or a violin, ♦ PleArum. 

A crojt boiv, • Bulifti. 

A fieel boio, H Arcubalifta. 

A bciu cafe, • 'Coryius, 

Bow like, Arcu.Him. 

A bow line, or boivUng% Clavis in navt. 

A bow man [archer] Sagittarius, 2. •J* fagit* 
ti potcns, fagittifer, arcitencns. 

A bow net, NaiTa. 

A boio firing, Arcus chorda, vel nervus. 

A boioyer, ox boio maier, Arcuum faber. 

^1 '7he boitf of a key, Annulus clavis. 

% The botu of a jaddle, Selix equeftris arcus* 

The bom of a fhtp^ * Prora. 

Boivfprit, bolifprit, (Shakefp.) Malus navi< 
anterior Sc proclmanf. 

Bowleged, Valgus; «4» fcambus. 

To boiQ, or make to boiv, Fleclo, inflefto j 
curvo J toiqueo. 

fl' To bcio one^s knees. Genua, vel poplites^ 
fliCtcre, demittere, fummittcre. 

To boiv [bend towards] Inclinare, fe inilec* 

A biv [falutation] SalutaCio corpore inelina. 
to fai^a. 

fl To make a boiv t9, Aliquem corporc in- 
cJinato fslutare. 

To boiv backivard, Reclino. 

To boiv Joivn, Incurvo, [neut.] incurvefco. 

To boiv doivn ivith age, Seneflute incurvaria 

To boie, or bend.di/ivmvards, Piaecipito, C«/t 

To bciv round, Circumllcdlo. 

To bozv, or bend to, Acclino. 

To bi boivdd, Curvor, fleilor, incurror. 

Boived, Curvatus, inflexus. 

Bczued about, Ci:cuniflcxus. 

Solved. backward, Rcpandus, recurvatuSa 

Bowed downward, Dcvcxus. 

Bowed upward, Sabvexus. 

Fafdy bowed, Flcxilis, Hexibilij, 

Bowing mith age, Vjdlus. 

A boiviKg, Curvptio, tl'Xtira. 

A boiv:/ig dmvnwards, Ddvexitu. 

A bowing inwards, Inclinatio. 

A bowing outioards. Prominentia. 

^ A bowing and cringing to, SuppHcatio & 
obfec ratio. 

To bowel [embowel] f^ Evifcero ; exentero. 

Boivekd, (Thomfon) Evifceratus. 

The boive!s, Inleft na, pi. interanea, vtfcera. 

Bowels of compajfion^ Miferatiu, miferlcordid, 
^ Aiy bowels yearn after him, Intima ejus com- 
railerationc movcor. 

<fr The boweli of the earth, Abdita tcrrae. 

ii^iihin the bowels, Inteftinus, 

A boioer, or arbour, Pergula, fcena' topiaris^ 
umbraculum. vel tabernaculum froodeum. 

A bcwerj • Anchora ad arcum navis. 

To b:wcr, (Shakefp.) Includo, pr^ecmgo* 
A bowiring, Aiborum concameratio. 
Bowers [mufcles] Mufculi flexures. 

J To bowge a Ji^p, Penetro, perforo j per» 

Boivgtd, Perforatus, 
A boivging, Perforatio. 
A bowl [lor drink] Poculum, * fcyphus. 
A boivl[xQ wafli in] Labrum. 
A b$wi [for play] boui [U A.] Globus, 
A little bowl. Globulus. 
'/■? beivl, Clobum volvere, mitlcrc, jifVare. 
Bowled, Miflus, jafiaius. 
A b.wler, Globorum jaftator. 
Bowling, Gioborum mttlcndorum ci:riainen, 
A bawling a/ley, cr green, Sph^rifterium. 
f T^ byn^cn, (Carew) V. To drench ^ tefoai, 
A box, Area, cifta. ^ Teu are in the wrong 
box, a fcopo ab^rras. 

Al.tilebox, Ciftuia, arculaj • pyxis, ;</», f, 
A b(.x of ointment, • y Myroiheciuro. 
A Jpice box, * Nai thccium. 
A chrijimas bux [the gift] • Strena. Sutt, 
box it; 

[the* receptacle, w 



lliCBuam u- 

^[ AciJib l:x, Cttrr js f^ijf. 



fe R A 

jttlu/l hXf • Pyxis> vci • theca pulverei, 

^1 di.e hx, FrililluB; (}t ore*. 

^ br.hoiing Lox^ Situla. 

^ jiivel hoXy )j Annularium, 

^i .'i jnuff boxy • I*jpxidkula pulveris fternu- 

fl M tobacco box, Pixidicula H tabaci. 

^j The box of a fireiv, * Cochlea: {Iriatum 

^ Boxci in a piaybmft^ Cafe thcatr^Ies, 

^ 'J he pool s box , l*4uperculoium area publica. 

Boxei in a preji, Lotflli, ioculamcnla, pi. 

J>ixesJorgia.frs, Sec. Nidi, pK 

yl boxmaker, Arcaium, ^c, faber, *(/ con- 

Boxbearers, Clftifcri, Jr^ff?, m. pi. * pyxifeii, 

Atadc like a bbx, • Pyxidarus. 

jd box on the far f Aijpa, * colaphus. 

^ lie gii'itb ii'^j'if a Jhnv:J b(.x c?i the car, 
In finam iuum conlpuit. 

4i Tit /'cx on il'e €nr, * P.ilina ali<jiiem pfrcu- 
ler\ * co'aphum inllitCre, i/,/ im^in-^^.c, 

€f Ta bcx togetkei-f Pu^nis cci tjrc. 

^f ^o.i-'.x it out, Pugiiis depugiure. 

A /•oxf, Pugil, 

^ A bi/xing b^utt or matdt, PugaJa concerta- 

Box tooctf^ ri* Biixum, buxus. 

A bcx tree. Huxus, /, t. ^ He hokctb as pale 
Ml boXy oia buxo pallidJoia gerit. 

Bi.x, OTof, or btl.ngingj to box, Buxeus. ^ 
1'ceih as yr/.'jtu at l-jx, dcntes buxci. 

full of box, Buxoi'us. 

yi place nohete box grcnoe'h, ft* Buxsiim, 2, 

^ Box horft^ or priiUy boK, Buxiis fpinofa. 

u4. boy, Puer. ^ He is paji a bcy^ virilem 
togam lumpfit. Boys ivtll have teySf paivulu:^ 
fjcit ut parvulus. 

A liith -b^'y •, * Puerulusj <t» puellus* 

A lohlicr'i boy, C alo ; lixa, cacula, 

A P'iefCi boy, S<Kerdotis minillcr. 

A fchoo! boy, Puer, Wdifcipulus, liteiarius. 

A fcrx/am bey, • Puer, famuJiis. 

A hos urder fourteen yars of age, Impubes. 

A bey of absiit fourteen. y:art of age, l^ubfir, 
*vel pubes. 

•1 To be fafi a boy. Ex ephebls excedere, 

7o play the biy, to ^^_y,•(ihdkt;fp.) J'ueriliter 
facerc. ^ He bath Ift bryi pi :y$^ nuccs reiiquit. 

B-^y games, Pucrilia, pi. 

hoyifh, or boy l.le^ PuerUis. 

B^yijh.'y, Puciiliccr. 

Boyipntfs, boyhood^ (Swifl) boy'tfrn, (Dryd.) 
Pueiilitas, * pucritia. 

A boy, or h^uy [of an anchor] Index * an- 
■chorar, 'vtl • anchcfalis 

A brabble^ Riia, lis. 

To brahhU, Jurgo, alterco, altercor j litigo, 
lites ferSrc. 

^ A bralbhr, AUercator, rixator, vitUitiga- 
tCf ; h'-mo litigiofas. 

A bralUlng, Altcicatio, cavillatio* 

A brace, to join ihtngi togttbcr. Copula. 

A brace [couple] Par. f[ A brace of pi^eom, 
par crjlunibarum. A brace of dogi, copula ca- 
Bum, canes bini, A brace of hundred pounds, 
4ucents libr% pecunix. 

A brace, or boU, • Uncus, hamus* 
• A.ltt/t brace,. Hamulus. 

A trace in b-jilding] Fibula. 

A brase [fl»ip*s great rope] Rudens. 

Alrae [in printing] Uncus, hamulus. 

7"? bracty AMigo, Itgo, colligo j conitringo. 
conjungo; vincio. 

Jha.edy Alligatus, ligatus, colligatus, con- 
ikiiiX\\%j cpnjun^us, bamatus, vintlus. 

A bracer. Alligator. 

A bracing, Alligatio, colligatio, conjunflio, 

A Imcer, or arcbu^t bracts Brarhiale || jacu-' 

A bractUt, Armilla, brachia!e, fpinthcr. 

A bracelet oraktr, Armiliaium contcdlor. 

^ y. brae 'et (f pearls, l.nea margaritanim,, 
coli.r- e raugaijtK cunf ^.um. 

fi t. ling a bracelet f Arnii.alsi. 

Braces, Brachialia, pi. 

A braihe, (Shakclp.) Canir, f, 

Bra:hfi, or braget, * HjJiomtli, • pTOmulfis. 

Bnichygrapby, V. Short hArd^ 

A brack, Vitium, ^. mendum, 

BiaLkan [tern] Fillx, "nu, f. 

y) bracket [in building] Mutulu*. 

Brackijk, Salfus ; amarus, 

Bfackjhncjs, * Saifitudo. V. Brine, 

To b'iig, Glorian, jadtarc, oftcnt.ire, fuper- 
hire, exultarc, fe venditare. ^ Tm ufcd t^ brag 
of your d'j'tngs, te id iWifre gloriarl ifoles. He 
brugeth tuo much of himj-lf, gloriofius dc fe pra:- 
dicat. He brageib of hii great txphits, hie k 
magnifice ja<ttst atque oftcntat. 

A brag, 01 bragingj J^^tdiUia, jaflAtIo, glo- 
riatio, oMentntio, vcndit?t,o, ^ He makcth gne- 
xous brags, intolcr.intius fe j.iftat. Bu}g is a 
S;ood dn, but H ilfafl is a^-r, tantjuam Arei- 
vum clypeum .(bftulcnf, itii t^cri.trur j parturi 
unt inoiites, iiaT'Ctur ndiculus mt.a, 

A bragtr, b^aggari^^ (Sh.ikclp.) braggadocio, 
J. ftator J gloriuluE, • Thralo.- 

Bragingly, bragly, (Spenf.J Glorio&e, jadlan- 

B'.glf, (Shakcfp.) Sine ortentaijone. 

A bia:d of hairj Cincinnusj cirrhus decuHa- 
tim inter fe implicitus. 
. To braid, In'cr fe t!ecu(ratim implicare. 

Braided, Complicdius, ciirarus. 

A Lroiding, bride, (Acidif.) Complicatio, im- 

X A braii [pannc-1 of a has\k] Accipilii' 

The brain, Cerebrum. ^ Had I any b* aim 
ni tuifll'm incogitans. Tour brains are adj'i, 
non tibi fanum tft liii<:iput. He hat b guts in Ix 
brains, acetuin habet itk ped^ore, 
. To brain, beat, or dap^ out., one*s brains, Cere- 
brum comminuere, exluiidere, iiiideie, difper- 

To tale out the b--a;n!, Cerebrum extrahere, 

1 he brain pan. Cranium, calvcaria terta. 

Tbt hinder piirt of tit brain, Cetcbellum. 

^ To beat one^s biains abuut a ibin^'f Ali^uid 
inteniius confiderare, W contemplari j fecum 

Brained^ Cm cerebrum eft illifum, vel excuf- 

B^ainlefs, Inconfultus, temerarius, fluUuSj 
vacuum ccrebro caput, 

Brainfck, or crack brained, hrainifls, (Shak.) 
Ccrebrofus, furiofus, infanus, amens, demcns. 

Brairfickly, (Shakefp.) Languide j tcmere. 

Hair braihid, Temerarius; ccrebrofus. 

^Shatter, or fhutile, brained, Levis, incon- 
llans, >n(labilis, homo mobili iugeuio. 

BrainjUknefs, ti> Phrcnefis. 

A braini'-g, Elifio cerebri. 

S brake, Fregi, fregift',, &c. V, 7o b'ecl, 

A brake [for flax] lailrumentum quo linurr 

Brake [fern] Filix. % Either a brake or a 
bufh, aut navi^ aut galeru^. 

A brake [hor(c-b.t] Oils equim obturamen- 

X A brake [fuch as bakers ufc] ^rca farina. 
ria, * artopta, 

A biah [thickfct] Dumctum. 

Br.iky [iborny] (Shakefp.) Dumofut. 

A brarr.tle, Rubus, paiiurusj fentis, yepres. 

A little branible, Veprecula, 

A fl'irefuU of brambles, Senticctum, vcprc- 
cum, f^t rubctum. 

Brambly, OX full of bramblet, Spinofiil. 

A brambling [bkij ]{ Monti frigi Ha j i* 

Bran, Furtur. 

bull of bran, Furfurofus. 

A branch [of a tree, Gf^.] Ramus, 

A little biantb, RamalculuSj ramulus> fur- 

A iraicb [of difcourfe] Caput, 

y branb of a vine, * Palmes, {armentum. 

Ajruiilejs branch. Stole, • fpado. Col, 

A iy (^rout, or branch, Focancus, CoL 

fl A brjHih k:arir.g cnly leaves, Palmc« 

f* pafnpinnius, 

' A branch with fruit en, (j^ Termes, • palmei 

Having thticaves and branches cnt away, Par»- 

He that cuttetb aivay leaves and brambes, Parw- 

Tie branch of a pedigree, • Slemma, n. ge- 
neris fcrics. 

To branch, or put forth branches, Gerni^m^ 
egermino, ^rOf^ermino. 

fl To bianchout a dijc«urfe, In plore^ p.'rtM 
fermonem divid^re, in plurima capita dill.n- 

Branch [ * difcourfe] In nJCmbr* 

To have branches, Frondeo, 

To begin to have branches, Frond?fc». 

Of, or^ ab'tt xh, Fiondcus. 

Bearing bian.bes, 'J-* Frc-n^iifcr. 

B-ancted, liuii'leus, ramulns- 

^I Brouchtd out [divided] Irt plurcs partes <fi- 
vitti5, in pliinma capita dillin^us, 

A brand er, Accipiicr junior ramus frequea- 

Brancbirg, Cerminans. 

A branching, Germinatio. 

Bian.Utfs, (Shakefp.) If-ihout branches, OT 
uai'ts, Inirudtuous; «J» infrons, Oc 

Branchy, (Pop';} Frondol'us, 

Brancin [of a deti's head) C>rvinoriiTi cor- 
tiuum mcdii arculi, intermedii ramufcuii. 

A brar.ih peafe, Pifum. 

A fre brand, Tori is, fax. 

A/mUy brar.d, Titio, 

A brandircn, * H Chytropus, fulcrum foca* 
lium. L. 

A brand [mark of difgracc] Ignominia in- 
ifta, tie/ noia ttirpitudinis i inufta macula j <^ 

To caff a brand up(m, Infamo, infamiam ali- 
cui iiiuic<e. 

A brand for cattlty Nota,. fignum, •charaacr. 

To brand [ftigniatiKc] l'xiftmi*l:oncm alicu- 
ius lardcie, vti vioUre j notam infamix alicui 
inurcie, aliquem infamia alper^c'C. 

^ Brand ne^v, • Omiiino novus, vf/recers. " 

^ To brand cattle, Nota f:i* j ch.iiadltrc 

Branded as a branded flave, * fligmatiaa, <r, 
m. • ftigmate inuflus. 

Brandednvib a crime, Infamis, irfinjii fla- 
grans, famofui, infamatu?, diffamitus. 

A branding iron, * j] CauteHum. 

^ A branding a perjons reputaticn, Alicnai 
tamie vio!aiio. 

To brandifb, Vibro, corufco j crifpo. 

Brand.JhiKg, Corufcans ; crtfpans. 

Brandy, Vmum adufiuni, vini (piritus. 

^ A brandy b(,:th. Ampulla fpiritu vim* re- 
fer a. 

^ Alran^ fbop, Taberna qua fpiritus via 

fl B*^andy tvine, Vinum concremiluni. 

To bratgU, Rixor, rixofis veibis .iliqucm !a- 
cef^eie, diClis provucare, jur^^io aliqtem adoriri« 
cim aliq;io jur^iis con'.tnoeie. 

yJwrdf'jfjVr, Alteivdior. hitgator, vitiEitigaror. 

A brang.ihg, or brangl:, Rixa, lis; jurgium* 

A brarghng ptrjor., ICiXufus. 

B>-a*ik, or uui^ ivhcat, * Jj Trapopytutvi. 

Brank urjhe [heib] jj Branca uiiiu. 

Brannv, of, oi like bran, lurrufoiui. 

The brant goo je^ \ Braiua. 

f\ ^rafil ^vood, Lignu.n Bidfilitnfe, 

Bra\, >Es, • oriih«icum. 

Brafs ore, or biKftJlcne, Cadmi>, lapis Krofun 

Bran fcaLi, or cindirs, Squ.tiua ;criK. 

A brafs pot, Ahenum, 

A^ittle brafi pot, or po/fnr, Cucunid. 

B'-ajt vfork, \\ j^riftcium. 

Bearing bias, ^rifcr. 

Covered Ti'i.'i brafs, ^ratus. 

Full ef brafs, ^iofu3. 

Brafst brcjfy, or braxkfi, JEncui, aienfur. 

^ Braji plated 'uith g^ld, Auruin fubarr-iufn* 


BR E^ 

B R E 

^ Brafi, or ctumtrfat, mmtj, Pecunti feqni- 

oii' meT<illi. 

1\ Tj .rvtr whb krafs, /Ere aliqulii induccre. 

+ Brafl, (Spcnf ) V. Burfl. 

A brat, or ifger'i ira^t Klsni'id filius. 

^ A cr9fi brat, Int'ans vagitans, 

A hravOito, or iravaJe, Infultatio petulsns. 

Bravt [fill?] Concinniis, UuCns, nitidus, fci- 
tus, fpl^ndidus, eleginj, mollibus v;ftjbus ami- 
dlus. t[ At brave a man at livilh, fplendorf 
nemini cede. [ticellentj Prafttins, exccllens, exi- 
m us, egrcgius. 

/Jciwr^ flkilful] Peiito", fiipiens. 

Brave [valiantj Fortis, • animofus, magna- 
nimus, flrenu'js. 

fl' A hrave youtfg JcIrTier, • Acer bfl!i juvcnis. 

•I A brave navy to /oak a:, Prxdara navis ii: 

^f ll it a brave thing to bepc'inttdat, Pulchrum 
eft digito monnrari, 

% A brntit fcbolar, Non vulgarlter eruditus. 

Pajfing brave, Pcrornatus. 

A brave, bravn, (Gjy) Sicarius, ThraQ). 

^ To be brave fin apparel] Veftibus fplende- 
TV, fplendefcerc, nitere. 

fl' Ti bravt it, Plumas extendere, fefe ofien- 

7*0 brave one, LacefTo, fcrociter aliquem ap - 
petere, aliqji fcrocius infukare. ^ Seeing he 
hf-aveik tr.e to it, quando eo provocat. 

BraveHf Lacefiltus, provocatus. 

Bravely [finely] Concinni, eleganter, )aute, 
nicidr, (cite, fplendide. 

Bravely [excellently] Excellenter, eximic. 

ira»?/y [(kilfully] Peritc, fcienter. 

Bravely [valianllyj Kortitcr, animoEc* 

Very bravely, Perfortiter, 

Slavery [finenefs] Decor, fplendor, concin- 
nius ; ornatus, 

Bravirj [excellency] Ezcellentia, prxftan- 

Bravery [valour] Fortitudo, magnanimitas, 
animt magnitudo, 

A wofai'i bravery, or finery, Mundus muli- 
ebris, ornatus muliebris, munditias, pi. 

A braving, Infultatio ferox,- vel pexuhm. 

A braivl, Rixa, juigium, 2. ^ Some cannot 
Jieep wthotdt braivlifig, quibufdam Ibmnum rixa 

.^.Ard7ij/ [dance] •Chorea, motus * lonicus. 

To/ra^ul, Alierccr, liligo, .Ji dclitigo ; jur. 
po, rixcr, concerto; rixas movere, excitare, con- 

A bmi'.'er, Rabula, alrercator, rixatnr. 

A ti aii'ling, A';ercatio, contentio; jurgium, 
riia, turbi; ciajior, convicium. 

Bratvling, Conlenciofus, rixofus. 

Fri;<:clirg/y, M6re rabularum. 

Brjivn, A;>'ugna,/c//. caro, cailum aprognum. 

^] The krtiiv^ of the body. Panes corporis 
nnvoraf, vrl mufculofx. 

£r.i:un, or hardf.rjh, CalKs, cilliim, 

B'-Mcrt of tie armt, l^ccrtus ; tori, pi. 

^ The hrjzvn of u ca^on, Tulpa caponis. 

V» grysa hard at brawn, Calhf.o, r^» occa 

Sranny, Callofns, 

B'tfivt'^nefi, Cailofa cuti*. 

To bray [pound] • Tcro, contero j tuiido, 
con^ln^'o ; Tubigo. 

To bray fas an a^s] Rurfo. 

To bray fas an cirpliantj |] Bsrrio, Feft, 

To bra-/ [cry our] Emugio, frenio. 

B'ly'i, • Tritus, contrilus, tufus, contufus. 

A iraytr fpomdcf] Tritor. 

Abraying fpoun'ing] Tritura, contufio. 

The bray 11^ of an afi, Rudiius, 4. Aful. 
' TU braylnr of an thphant, ]| Barritus, 4. 

At/ayin^ [ciy'nK o"'J Mujitus, 

To braiu, /lire aliquid induccre, 

<5I Brax-d ovtry y?ite induflus. 

R'a-un, i^neus, ?creus, aheneus. 

Braien fjced, Impudens. procax, protcrvos, 
homo inv^rcc'indus ; <!» efTr'tns, 

t W'/A a brjTuii face, Pcrfrifta ftonte, ore 

doro, >rpe£(ii canino. 

fl To brazen one dnen, Alicujus vertcundiam 

fl To braxen a thing out, Impudenter, vel 
jinterve, aliquid affcrere ; pertinacitis affirmate. 

^ To put on a brazen face, Os pctfricare, pu- 
dorcni ponere.' 

A hraxier, (Swifi) brafur, (Shakerp.) Faber 
atranus, vaforum ajrcorum faber. 

Braxi! ivood. Lignum • acanthinum. 

A breach, Rulna, Ijbefaftalio, rj. f.ncftra. 

A breach b-iiveen ttvo, Sitrultas, ux, pi. 

A breach of fritndji. Ip, * Alienatio. disjunflio; 

ff The breach of fromije, t'unica fides, viola- 
fio fidei. 

A breach made by a rivr, Aggerum everfio, 
inund^tio ; diluvium ; lab -s. 

W breJih of peace, Pacit, ve! tranquilitatis 
public* violaiio. 

A breach of treaty, Pacis, aut foederis, viola- 

fT To^ make a breach in a tvall, Murum tor- 
mentis Jabetaftarc, profternerc, dcturbarc. 

•J To enter the br.ach, IngrelTum muroniiii 
niina pugnando moliri. 

^ -To make a breach hetnveen men, Lites, vrl 
certamen, inter aliquos fcrtre. 

Bread, I'anis. 

Barhy bread.. Panis hordeaceus. 

fyb/aten bread, Panis candidus, triticus, fub- 

Bifiet bread, Panis * nauticus. 

Bnwn bread, houjh.ld bread, Pmn ater, ci- 
barlus, domefticus, plebiius. 

Coarje bread, P-anis fordidus. 

Amniuniticn bread, Panis c^ilrenfis. 

Cake, nrji/gar bread, Panis + dulciarius. 

Dough bread, Panis rubidus, Ftji, 

Light bread, Panis fpongiol'us. 

Shew bread, Panis || propo^titius. 

Leavened bread, Panis ft'rmentatus. 

Unleavened bread, Panis non fermentatus, pa- 
nis fine fcrmento. 

Fine manchet bread, Panis filigineus. Sen, 

Mouldy bread, Panis mucidits. 

9\ Ginger bread, Pani« gmgibere conditus. 

Oaten bread, Panis avenaceus. 

Rye bread. Pants fecalictis. 

f-oio breaJ, • Cyclaminus, rapum terrse. 

tyUie bread, Panis candidus, primarius. 

Second bread, Panis fecundarius, Suet, 

Bread of ihit daft bakin%, Panis hodiernus, 
hodie codlus, «♦* tener. 

Bread of yijierday' t baking, Panit hefternus, 
heti cofliis. 

Tieftoett, * |f Pancreas. 

11 A bread-chipper, (Shakel'p.) Piftori ferviens. 

Brtadcorn, Frumentum, far. 

A crufi tf bread, Fruftum panis. 

The crum of bread, Panis medulla. 

The making of bread. Pan ficium. 

A place to keep bread in, Panarium, •}* pana- 

Breadth, Latitude, ampliludo. 

•d Of one breadth, Ejufdcm latitudinis. 

To breai f-iftj "Frango, int'ringoj rumpo. f| 
I luill break your pate, dimtnuam tibi ctpur. 1 
lull break fhit cttfint of yours, adimam banc tibi 
ton/uetudinem. hie brtaketh hit brains tvithfiu- 
dying, ingenii vires ftudendo comminuit. 

To break [cnliseble] Debilito. 

To break with a^e, Deflorefcere, fenio confici. 

To break the back, Delumbo, 

To bteak the belly, Venttem difrumpere, nimis 

^ To break afajhion, Receptum morem neg- 

To break f neut.] Crepo, rnmpor. 
- T break afundcr, D'fTringo, difrumpo. 

To break [be a bankrupt] Foro cedere ; <}» 
concoqueie, conturbare, deF.cere. 

To b'cak hfore, Pr eiringo. 

To break [bruifej Conttro, rontundo. 

S\ To break com^ianf, Primum fociis invitis fr 

To break dovittt Dcmolior, refciado> dirao. 

% Be tiddeth them to break down tie bridge, peif 
i;m jubet refcindi, intcrrumpi. 

To break fmall, Comminuo j conquaffb. 

To break luiib a fia 1, " Tribulo. 

fl To break ground ['Or a' fi 'ge] Opera oppup. 
Odtona indituere, incJioare, tncipcre. 

To bieak up ground [in hulbandryj Fodio, ful- 
co, profcindo. 

X To break b:ili-, * Navem exonerare. 

7i break a horfe, Domo, manfuefacio. fnbigo. 

To break forth at -water, Scatcn, fcafurio. ' 

To break forth into laughter, Cichinnari, ea- 
ch innum tullere, 

% To break off an ill habit. A pravaronfuetu- 
dino aliqoem abducere, abftrahere, averteie. 

To break [as froftj RefoKo, repelo. 

H To break the ice fin an affjirj Viam ad 
aliquid flerneie, munire, aperire. 

? '^ ^reakajefi, Rifum joco movere, facete 

To break in, Irruo, irrtimpo, introrumpo. ^ 
He ■u.'i:j break into the boufe, fores efiTtinfcet ; 
.cdes expugnabit. 

f\ To break in upon a man'i propfrty, Alienas 
polR-llioars invaderc. 

To break a league, or covenant, Fadus violate, 
Isedere ; piftionem refcindere ; padlum riiffoiv;- 
1 e. *\ He breaketh the hague of hfpitality, Sa- 
luini lelTeram cantVing it, vcl violat. 

^ lo break iooj'e, £lu£lari j clauftrum pet- 

^f To break- oBe'j mind to a perfn, Senfum 
animi allcui aperire, confilium dciegere. 

To break off, Abrumpo, dirumpo, refcindo, 
difcindo, diftraho. 

To break off for a time, Intermitto, interrumpo, 

f\ lo break the neck, Cervicem ditfringere, 
guttur clidere. 

^ To break the neck witb a fall, Priecipitem 
fe dando perire. 

11 To break the neck of an ill cuftom, Pravam 
conluetudinem abolere, refcindere, toliere. 

To break one thing againji another, Allido, iU 

To break his oath, Jusjarandum violare. 

To break open, Ei^'nngo, refringo. 

To break open violently, Expugno, 

To brejk open a letter, Epiftolam refignare, 
linum inciderc. 

To break out as a fire, or plague, Graflbr, 

To break out into a paffion, Ir.i commovcri, 
ardere, acccndi. 

To break out in teart^ • Lachrymas elFundere, 
vel profundere. 

To break one*! tvord, or promife, Fidem la?de- 
re ; fidem datam fallcre. 

To break out, Erumpo, prorumpo } Met. pro> 

^ The ivar brtaketh out, Bellum ardet, gli- 
fcit, ingruit, 

io break out [be known] Innotefco, Tat, 
emanare iti vuhus. 

To break out [a. the fea] Exundo, exaeftuo. 

To break out into pimples, Pufluljs cmittere. 

T'j break, or dajh in piecet, Confringo, dif- 
fringo efKringo, perfringo, dirumpo. 

To break prifon, Carcerem expugnare, vinctUa ' 
Circeris rumpt^re. 

To heak one's reft, or fleep, Koflem info*- 
nem a^e e, fomnum excutiire. 

II To break the fides vjiih laughing, Rifu c* 
tnori, fitu quati. 

^ To brejk. or be broke tvilb forrtrm, M(e> 
rorc confici, ma:c-tccre. 

To break rank, Ordines lurbare. 

To break filence, * Loqui incipere, fileotiuiB' 

To break ibniigh, Perrumpo, parfringo ; per- 

To break ihr'Ugh old lujloms, Confueta negU* 
gere, mores an'iq'iaie. 

To b.~eak undtr, S' fTringo, 

Ti break through dfficultiet, Difficultites fu- 
perare, Tr/vincerc, 

To break up Jtbool, * ScboUffl dimi 'ere, 
2 {CiOls 

B R E-^ 

ffhr^la f.ria, indiciTrr. ^ VV,B,cU hnal up to- 
mmm; cias nobis indlcfntur I. rue 

7v A.«i „/, [,,, an a/r.mbly] i),mHti, fol,i 
f T^-r w.a/irr i,r<,*i „;,, rMt poft nubil. 
rliurbus. ' ^ 

<il r. irM*. or ru-n .w, ALcj icni bonis om- 

^ ^] i«i™* tf^"o"0 «-■'* »«<•, O.mallq,,, 
oMccrJar.-, amiciti.ff nunc.uni alien, r; n)ilt J p 

^i>?m afhvere. 

iUtln'"''' °' '^'^°'"'' ^''"""- '^'•'"' "■•" 

J'" tnak a! an mffofli'ume. Rump!. 
Ti. A,vfl« »;> f<'ccampj Cjfira m-ivHre. 

ST •''o /"-^ai ujK!, itt lubul. Homines in rola 
•!.■/ mdccuifi ) patibulo, rtraii mi-.-nbra lerr.o 
vrc.^c.,ni,i,ire *, difiumpere, frimrre. 

conlcire, ^ ' 

jjl To i}«fl! uw'j ^./>-^, Aniiflandn drfc-tifci. 

7i A.-«i« lu «,i „jf,„ar,;', Knfto, lutbio. 

l-'br.akii-n.ih^tck'.i-au!, PtMo, crepo. 

-•. /".a*, Interftititi.;,, inttrvaltuii. 

B>'akcfdcy. wdaybr..,k, l),i,iculum. 

% ■"->■■ "' "'< *'■'•'»* •/ '/.'J, I'/^ma", cum 
filU'-ulo, fumwo man*. Tbi ,ly br.akctb, Soi 

Ttj bnalfaji, Jento ; jentaculum cdcre. 

A hrcakfajU jcntacuium. 

A bleaker, Ruptor. 

Abnaker cf d'jori, JEA'txim perfoflbr 

A breaker Hi>wn , Demi'litor 

B R E 

i^'krt.ili h:m, SciKum cordis 
yih,ea]l^,,„k [in foitificaiion] Lnrica lapidca 

B R I 

"•'/•"S" krcad hreaf, P, ft,,„r,„ 
«r '«",/» r-T^ '"' '^'''"'•"A H.floral;,. 
/W-,,c- a b eafl flau. Thoraca-us. 
.■„lT V ;,"•"''*• fl-i'-i'-'.^'r, anhclitm: 
IMd ,n y:urbre.„h, anTma.T compri/r.s. /,M,a 
r-aib, zA exiremum halitnm. 

■nut.l.a proiond-rc-, fr„fl,i W,i.'^ ^^^ 
'' *"i-'A 0/ </,>, Aura, 

'Pi.-nd. d,fl,c„l:a,, anhflitus ang„f!„s. 

y.jerjo,, erouhUd ,,'Ub/!:>r,r.efi cf breath, £uf. 
roi.,s. anhciatpr ' ■> J > 

(ibi malum tar.:t. 
if^J''"*' ''«'" b"^ca. indiifrc. 

> Jiir/aefs of ireatl; 

ff A breaker cf the peace, Pacis public* vio- 

% A breaker of horfes, Equnrum domitor. 
A breaker of the law, Legum violator ; leci- 
rupa, FUui. ' '' 

A h.ujehreahr, Parietum perf (Tor. 
A breaker of a league, <{f Fo:d.fijgus. 
II A bnakpromijc, break-uno, (Shaktrfp.) Fidei 
T. »oti vioiaior. 

A breaker up of ground, Novalis fofi" r, vel 

II Ue^ri breahn\\mz locks] Cirrhi amatoHi 
cincinni pcnduli. 

A breai'ng, InftifWci, • fraftura. 
A breaking ,ifu„der, Diruptio, alruptio. 
^ Tbe breaking of a horfe, Equi dr.mitura. 
A breaking ,10'wn, Dcmoluio, excifij. 
A brejking in, Ii ruptio, 
A breaking the loins, Lumbifragiuni, lombo 
rum fraflura. 

A /creaking of the laws, Legum violatio. 
ff A breaking of b-ines, Oilium frafluia. 
A breaking ivUh a noije, Frajjor. 
' A breaking ff, .^^jruptio; puufa. 
A breaking, 'ff for a time, Intermiffio, 
5f ^ treaking m:e's mir.d to, Animi, w/con- 
liln, declaratio. 

A breaking out, Eruptt'o. 
A breaking oat into a feab, * Ulceratio. 
A breaking out in the head, * Sirijfis. 
A breaking out of -waters. .Scaiurien, fcatebra 
7'Ik breaking of a pip, Kaufragiuin. 
A bi caking jn-.all, Tntura. 
A breaking ['viul^ting] Violatio. 
Abr.aUn:' i.f of ground [ tillage] Aratio, 
foflio, [tor a fitgcj terra foflio aa urbem copiis 

A breaking up of etji.ho'1, • ScpIk diiniflio. 
A breaking up of a mill, Tabularum apertura. 
Abieam [fi/li] Cypnnus latuf, ♦ || .ibramis, 
^ A lea bream, ♦ | Abiamis marinus, Ot>t>. 
Tbebreaji, IVftu). "^ 

51 To ketp a thing in one's (mm breafl, • Ani- 
jni a-cana occuitare. 

II ^f // Ittib in his breafi to do it. Penes eum 
tes eft, 

f '-'''' go, or TO-7«, aireaft, JEe^Mi fronte am. 
lulaie, Tc/ incedcie. 

A ii-.mans brcafl, Uber, ^ris, n. * mamma 
A Utile breafi, Mammula, <{. mamilla. 
Ila-v-ng large or full hreafls, Mammofa. 
^ Breafi apples, • Mala • orlhomaftica, a perjm troubled w 

AJIjnkin-r breath, Anima fatida. 
A fragrant breath, 0<-or fuavii. 
^^'T'p' thehrcaih, ,}. Rcfpiramrn. 
SI Al! Ill a breath [without takiiig brclhl 
Lontincnti fpiritu. = J 

Brsathlfs, yT-.s'tanhehnsi exanimis. 
io breathe, Spiro, relpiro, ar.hclo. C 7akc 
your breath, • animam recipe. 

Jo breathe after, Aliquid afFeftare, cuptre, 

f T" hold one's breath, * Animam compri. 
Tjeie. * 

To breathe betiveen, Interfpiro. 

A taking breath betiveen, Inierfpiratio. 

To breathe into, liifpiro, 

To breathe oneU bit. %ff\n, •animam apSre, 
(upremumingemif.i-rej mortem, diem, Wdi- 
em fupremum, obirc. 

To breathe a vein, * Venam fecare, incidgre, 

^ To hreathe nilb riming, tvalking, Sec. Cm 
rcnrlo Wambulando, exercer,-, W fatigjre. 

Inbreathe out [as v.ipours] exhale, -J. halo. 
_ SI To breathe out mifchief. Mala in aliquem 
ipirare, exccg.tare, comminifci. 
To brraihe through, Pcrfpiro. 
To br,a he en, or u^on, Afpn, inftiro ; afflo 
JireaihLble [in which we breathe] Spirabilis, 
Breathed out, Expiratns, exhal.itus. 
Abreatber, Qni, Wqux, fpirat. 
Abreathirg, Halitus, fpiritus, refpiratus ; re- 
lp:r3tio; afpiratio. 

Ad^ep breathing [or fijhj Surpirium, fpfritus 
imo latere pethus; fufpirafus, 4. fufpiratio, 3 
lireathirg, .Spirans. 
Breathing ihi.k andftntt, Anhflii!. 
A l.r.athing hie, or that whereby me ftci 
breath Spiraculum ; rpiramen, fpiramentum. 
A breathing upon. Afflatus, 4. 
A breathing j-weat. Sudor parvus, TC/remiffus. 
The ireatUng ,f a -vein, * Vena ftflio. 
y/.rfrf, Pcperi, See to breed. 
To be bred of, Nafccr, crior. 
BieJ [engendered, or produced] Geaeratus 
rectus, ortus. f l, hfr men, fake that bea/i 
are bret', hcmmam gratia prncratx funt befti'z;, 
rtat nubich is bred in tic bore will net o:,t tf tl, 
flejh, expellas furca licet, ufque recur- 
■ ei; quofemeleft,ta recens fetvabitodo- 
rem Tefta diu. 

Bred [nuurifhed, brought up] Nuttitus, al- 
tu5, eauftus, educatus. 
.B'f^i>, InL'cnitus, ingeneratus ; innatus. 
Bred -with, Congenitus. 
f^ell brtit, Libeve eduftus, bene moratus. ^ 
}le is a we'll bred mm, homo eft ingenuus libera- 
litcrque educatus. They are wejl bred, bene na- 
ti funt. 
J'l hed, Male moratus. 
The brcedi, Podex, clunes, pi. 
%, Hi mskttb a nd fur bit mtti iruct, turdo> 

«■«'•./'«.£ [hnSJ«Ac.nthu,. 
Ab.eeehesjnaker, B.accaium conrcflor. 

«:':'wt'''''Py ?'"P'«f"S, fl.grllat,.,. 
AJ^ee.ier [wh.per] . Pl^gcfus. 

V'b 'i'"^' 7 "•*•/•%. Veiberaio. 

Jo tree; ,ng.nd.r, or bring for.h, Oenrf. 
ro, cipso g,g„„. procrco, pario^-'truilum «"« .! 
•i J hey do not breed abtne fo-ar rim-s , ye ,r Zm 
-usqua-er ,n :.,„o p„|,i„t. e^ /', ^ ^"^ 
'"fi'me, mihi creant periculun:/ ' 

Tj breed, cr.j:,/-, p,uduco. 

Tl breed or be bred, Gignor. 

Tr W„„A, nent.o, dentes emittjre. 

■/■I Oned, Gvnus; r|, eens, fi v., ,1., ,t,, 

f.;^^.^«/W,v.dendu„, uTi:;„itm'n(: 

A female breeder, Genetrix. 

A breeding, Genfratio. 

■ '^Ztj t'^'*"';''"J "ucatio, inftitutio. 

-^Jreedjr of cattle, I^ecorum nutritor. 

A breeding fiaee for eat:!e, Pecuarium, 

Hreedmg of caitie, Fc»:i;t,>. 

A breedi.ig of teeth, Dentit'O. 

or, or for, (reeding, Fruftuarius. 

m A breeding mman, Generande proli acta 
qua; facultatem geneiandi habet. ^ ' 

A breeze [reMleg.,leJ Aura. 

Bre.xy, (Pupc) Aura Icni pu!fus. 

Breme, (Spenf.) Afper, fcvi.s. 

A bret, orbret eocl [fifl,] ViVitT afper. 

Brethren, fratres, pi. 

A brevet, Rrfcriptum. 

A hrpviary, or breviate, Compendmm. 

Abieiiiary [Romifl,] || Breviarium. 

Jo bre-viale, V. /ibbreviate, 

BrpBiatures, Notae. 

Km'i'""-^' " '"'^"'J'' Brevitas ; mationis an. 

To brew [mingle] Mifceo, c-immifceo. 

To b,ew [beer] Potum, nnl cerevifiam , co. 
quere, frf conccq-jgre. 

Brayed,, Mix, us, coflus. f As V5« hat; 
bntved.joyoumuli drink, tute hocjntrjfti. tibi 
cmne eft e«dendum ; «t femeatem leceris, i:a 

A hretner, Cerevifia coflor. 

An ale brrtoer, Cerevifia! Ij illupulatw coflor. 

Abrewhoufe, * || Zythepfiriom. 
coftio '^' ''"^S'> (Shaktfp.) Cererifi* 

J A whleire-u'ing, Potus unins coftionis. 
.nt^'C' ° ''* "'f""^' P'"'= P "S"i jure 

A bribe. Mimu... irptsutidi, pi. cctru-jtfia : 
Jonum, largitio. " • » 

To bribe, Aiiquem moneribus comimpjre ali- 
i>. munera laigiri, munerib,:. oppufoire ad ali- 
■utd agendum, ,^ muncribus eirere 

^' bribe hefrehar.d, ^. Praccrtumpo. 

% To bribe fr an oJfu:e, Donis aliquod .munu. 

Bribed, Corrupta<, fubornatos; emptus. 
S! «< " bribed not to fpcak, Habet bovem in 

A briber, Muneribus corruptos ; ft-qtiefler. 
f, A laker of bribe; Qui moneribus torrup;u» 
liquid agendum f.i'cipit. 
Bribery, Comiptio judicii ; ambitus, 4. 

H » . ^ ;^(., 

B R I 

^ .4ccufeJf 01 (Mtltituftl, ofhrilery, Repltiin- 
4ir-ini actuj^tus, reui, damnjtus. 

Ot\ OT periatn]Kg tOy hrihes, Muiicrariusy Stn. 

^lif'icij Later, <^/a, m. 

AlttUkrkk, Lattrculus. 

Brick c^our, Figlmus, «J» gilvus. 

A hrick half Teftd Uteritia. 

A hick kiln, Furaus Uceritius ; Uteraria^ ^c 

A hiik h-ffr, Literum ftruftor, 

A trick maker, Laterum confct5lor. 

Srick making, Laterum co£l'0, vt'/fabricatio. 

Brick, *ify 01 he'r>n^ing to, brich, Latcritius. 

Airickwa//, Mums coilitis, V'/Utere ftru- 
4l'jsj pjiies l.tTitius, TJ(/ tcOaceus. 

B'i(k, bnckcJ toork, (SwiTl) Om's latcritium. 

ff To hf'uk ctjl'^r. Later: '.^us toluni rternci'C. 

A irida/f Nuptix, pi. fponfjlia, pi, 

A briJtt Sponla, nova ntipla, 

A brhit, Qx bridal h*^, LeOns gcnlalis. 

A bri.'t chamler, * Tiialamui, 

A hridigroont, Spon us. 

A br'uU maid, Proniiba. 

A bride tran, Pioiiubus, 

A bridal Jong, * |j Epithal.imltim, V. Lat. 

A bridiiveH, Piflr;nun^, * ergaftuliim, 

7he mafi.r tif hndtioll, * Efgaflularius. 

A IriJge, Pons, /-i, m, 

A hide h'icge^ PonticuKis. 

A drato bridge. Pons verfatili?. 

Abiid^e cf b-^ais. Pons ex n 'Vtgiis cOTifcdlus 

A Iridve of J}vm, Pons la^ndeus. 

A bridge cj Wood, Pons fubliciu?. 

^f The bridge tf an c-gaa, Modulantium • 
yalmarium abacus, modulantjum antilarum phi- 

7 he bridge of a lute, • || Magas, adii, 

V\ Tbe bridge of the nofe. Inter narcs interfi 
aium, nafi fcpuim. 

A bridje mafier, Pontii curator. 

^ To lay a bridge over, Fluvio pontem inji- 
terf, jacere, iniiere, pontem in fljvio aedific^re 

To dejiroy a bridge, Poniem rami c e, intcr- 
runrifC.e. vellcic, revellers, inrerlc nJcre. 

A brulh, Ffjcnum. ^ He leuth the horf 
have the bridle^ ^ laxas Cijuo remitttt habenas. 

A curb bridle, Lupatum fr^enum* 

A krlile rein, H^btna, lorum. 

The head flail tf a bridle, Front.ile, is, n. 

To brJle, Fr.-rno, infrvnOj rcfrscno j fiJC- 
jium eqiio imronere, fuel injiccrc. 

% To bridle OTse^s pa^i'm^ Iram cohibere, ira- 
eundbm coiitijjcrc, comprin.eiv, repiin.cic, Ira: 

To bridle in, Coerceo. fl I %vill bridle rr.j 
itngue, mc reprimam* 

J^ridfed, Fra;oaiu$, 

N^: bridl.d, V. Uftbridled. 

A bridler^ Fisnatr^r, 

^ briiSling, Coercit'io, 

A britf [writ] Schedula jundica, 

Alriff or Utters patcat, • Dip'oma, at'.t^ n. 

^ A Ir'iif fr lofi by fre, &c. Liierie peti- 
toriae*, a<jclor:[aCe publicu muiiit.'c. 

Brief, Brevis, mod.cusj -Wire, concifus, 
.J B'ief, coit. for rife, F:cqucns, 

A fc:in eHor^i briff. Litis fumma. 

y/ brief dijiourje, Angufta 8c concifa oratio. 

^f Tj b'. tied 10 a Iritf difputing, Difputatio- 
nibii^ cunciHs alligart. 

A brief Jentence, Scntentioia, fententia brevis 

A bitf account ^ Sitmm<tri')m, 

To be britf, Ptefii; & angudc diceic, com- 
fthrme ]* (jui, carptiro, njel leviter, tranfire. 

^ To reduce into brief. In compenJium rcdi- 

B r :' ff y ^ or in b-ief, Biev.tcr, anpufie, prefse, 
»ftrt_*'e. ftiiOim, paitcis teibis. ^ I io.ll ban 
ii- brifjly^ In tranfiiu atlingim. / ztf.U br'ujl\ 
ie:l yiu nohat 1 ^o>:-ld have, nunc in piuci?: 
fiM.firam t\\u^ ej>f) tc velim. Ai b'ijly a I 
tould, qtam brev]fnn;i poiui. 1 'a).U brlefiy re 
Aafe the cauf^, fiimmam ca^fis bieviier cx^wium. 

Mf-re briefiy, Compr?iJiu9. 

A l^icr, Rul:us^ frnt(«, xt^i^i. 

A j'^'eet Incr, • CyaJlbatus, /, f. 

B R I 

avxtl Stur rtfe, * CynorthodoB. 

A trier flat, or pla^c if bni,s, Senticetum, 
fpinctum, rp luhctum. «f[ -ta Uavi one in lb, 
iricri, Alicjuem anguftiis implicatum de/erere. 

Brhrj, or/a// ,f kritr,, Spm.)fu3. 

ji brigade, Tiirma, manipiilur. 
AbrgaJt [ol hoifc] Equ.ium turma, pha- 
'•ii'i [oi fooij Hcdituni cohors. 

^ brigaiiiir, lurmr, tx/ cohortit, duflor. 
^ brigand, (Bramh.) V. A robbtr. 

A hngandine [coat ot mailj Lorica. 

Ahr,ga„dir,i [pinnace] • Phafelus, • cdox, 
»i7j, • mjoparo, !nh, m. 

f A triganimr, or ktub.fmi ta efty, • Navi- 
gium fpcculatorium. 

Bright, Cl.irus, lucultntiis, nitidu", riitilus, 
•piciiu.ilus, fplfiidcns, tandeiir, can<liilu>, »{■ 
ulgidu', illuitris, Jucidut, nitens. 
Bniki afl>,2rtly \tnei muiac. 
Bright ttour, C"lor liicidiis. 
*\ Akuii cf a bright iiarailer. Homo bonis 
moribus, i/r/integrr vir«, 

1| A ir.aa nf bnght faris. Homo magni, acris, 
■vel J.mati, jiidicii j homo fjgaciflinius, -utl e- 
mun^JliC naris, 

A bright fiy, Ccelum lucidum, clarum, fplen 

yery bright, PerJucidus, perlucens ; fj. prar- 

Bright'ijh, ot famr.vhat bright, Niridiufculus j 
'}> fubrutilusj r{. pellucijuliu. 

Thon:,«b bright, l'crlp:cuu<, tranfluciJus. 

7t b: bright, Clatco, coUuceo, tulgeo, nitto ; 
mict' J fji rutilo. 

To brighten, or grmu bright, Lucefco. ^[ /, 
grou'elb bright tvith •■.{.■earing, attiitus /"plcnde 
Icit ; ufu nitet. 

To Jhint bright, Luceo. 

To be veiy bright, I'crluceo, 

Bright [a dog's name] • Lcucon. 

To brighten [make brighcj Polio, limo, r^ 

Brightened, Politus, liraatusj perpolitus, il- 

A brifhierrirg [^making bright] Politio. llir. 

B'ighily, Clare, lucide, nitide, /plendide, 

Sontiiuhat brightly, Nitidiufcule. 
_ Brighinefi, CJariias, fulgor, nitor, fplendor ; 
candor; Aiit. pulchritudo. 

fl The brigbttiejs of a man't chardcler, Morum 
integr:las, •:;(/ piubitas. 

^ Tbe hrijhtiieji of a man'i underjlanding. In 
genii fubtilitas, vil I'agacitas. 

^ Tbe b'ighiiiefi of the fun. Lux, w/jumen, 

II ^irigte [quarrel] Lis, contentio, L, A. 

^ A brilliant diamond, • Adamas maximc 
fulgens, vcl iplendtns. 

The brim of a thing, Margo, ora, labrum ; 
crepido, + limbus, 

Havi'sg a brim, Marginatus. 

^ To fill tt tije brim, to brim, (Dryd.) Imple- 
re ul'quc ad fummam uram valis. 

Brimful, Ad fummiim vafis Oram impletus. 

To brim a! a fatu, Subo, marem appti2re. 

Brimfaheft, of his tore*, (Sh.ikelp.J Omn 


A biinring, Subatio, 

A brlmtr, Cal'x potu cOTOnatus. 

Brimjlcne, Sulphur, urii, n. 

A biimjhne mine, |j Sulphurar/a, DU, 

D'tie nvitb biimjlone^ Sulphuracus. 

Brr.por.y, • Sulpburcus, fulphurofus. 

A brimfione tjualily, * Sulphuratio, Sen. 

Briniiid, (Milt.) brir.dle, or biindled, M.1CU. 
lis diftinflus J varius, varicgatus. 

Brine, Muria, • lalfura, • alex, falfilago, 

A brine pit, Sal:na, 

Aifiilt at brine, SalitHimuf. 

Toe.ifoii •with brine, Salio, • fale, W muria, 

Being long in brine, Muriaticus, Flout, 

B>,r:ijb, or briny, SaUus, 

To Irii; [of a tiling] • Fero, affero, appor- 

^ Mring me a eandlt quiik^y, quin tu luccr- expciliie, *«/ libtiarf , 

B R I 

mm »ftutum mihi expedis. S»:e Uio otre tbteg 
brin^eib on atathtr ! ut aliud ex alio incidit J 

T'j br'tr.g [of a perfon] Ad<Jiuo. 

)| To bring ahout, tfticio, efl'edlum dare, f 
/ loiil bring it about fur you, hoc tibi ego trfct- 
t'-rn redclam. fVe laboured hard to brirg it 
about, opcre maximo dabamu^ operam ut ficrct, 

II fl To bring a thing absut [in di/courie] Per 
ambages loqui. 

To bring abroad, Profero. 

To bring agatn/i one's nviU, Traho> pertraho. 

% To bring to on end, Aliquid perficcre, ad 
i-mbilicum ducere ; ba^fily, ad cxiium tclicem, 
bonum vel fccuntlum, pcrdi cere. 

To gi-vc rjne as good a\ be bnngeib, ReddJ^rv vi- 
Ccm. f] Ify'jugo on railing as this rate, I wvHl 
gite you as gccd ai yw brirg, fi pirgas diicit; quas 
v.s, ea (juic non vis audies. 

^ To bring an a^ion agairfi one. V, Ailion^ 

To bring, or Itad, afu'.e, St- ciico. 

To hnr.g aivayj Abduco, aulero. 

To bring back, Reduco, rcporlo, revcho. 

fl Ta brirg to btd [&& a midwllcj Opem pucr- 
pera; afi'cn-e, p.irlurienti mulien aOcHc. 

To bring dutvn [ItfienJ Irr.minuo, diminuo. 

To bring dotvn [weaken] Att(?nuo, accido. 

f[ 70 bring down a bijiory to tbe f'r-Jait times, 
Hifloriam ad noftra tenipoia perducere. 

To bring, or caji down, Diruo, deflruo, dc- 
molinr, evcrto. 

^ To brir.g doion a perfcns pride, Alicujus fu- 
pfrbiam traiit^re, vJ c. ntuniJcrcj aiicujus at-' 
rogantiam ci^tncre, lul repnmcre. 

To bring by force, Adigo, attraho, rapi'o. 

To bring, or lt2df(.nb. Deduce. 

To bring f. rib, or out, Educo, cffero, profero j 
produco, progigno. 

To bring forth young, ^zxiQ, gigno, edo ; cni- 
tor, fj* crco. 

To bf ready to bring forth, Parturlo. 

To bring forth the time, V. Aborti've., 

To bri'g forth fo-wers, Florco, r^ florcfco* 
Mores productre. 

^ T(j bring forth fruit, Frȣlum cdere, faccre, 
pioducere, cfierre. 

To bring forth plenteoufly, Fundo, cflTundo. 

fl To bring forth ivitnej/es, Tcftcs adhiber«)^ 

To bring fcr^vard [remove] Promovco. 

^ To bring firivard in lea'tting, Aliqucm pr^ 
be indiiutre, •vel ^ozlxt. 

To bring foms Drfsro, deporCo, 

To bring from ctfar, Hvcho. 

To bring in, Induco, introduco ; infero, fm- 
porto J inveho. 

7o bring in place of another, Subftituo. 

fl To bring one in gui.'ty, Ali^uem damnare, 
vel coniemnarc j ad Tupplicijin, %-tl niorti, 

^ To brin^ one in not guilty, Aliquem crimlae 
liber.irc, i;f/abfolvere J a culpa exiir.gie, 

Ij f[ 'fo Iring into a fofs paradtje, Aliqucm 
Jatitjrc, vana Ipe produceie. 

^ To bring one's band in^ Se operi aflueftere, 

^I To bring in, OT tc, an offcc. Ad ho- 

norcs, Tf/ dignitatcs, piomovcre, 

% To brir.g into danger, trouble, tcC. Al!qiieni> 
n pfricuJum, ^;(/ auguftias, adducirc, impeile- 
re, inferre, 

^ To bring into debt, JEs a|;enum contrahcrc. 

To bring into quejiion, Examioare, to rem ali* 
qujm inqu.iere. 

^ To briig one into fubje^ion. Sub Imperium 
uliquem redigerc. 

4[ To into uf, or fafhion, ATquId reno— 
vaie ; in morem reduccre, vr/ perducere. 

To bring lotii, Dpjicio, deducu. 

To bring hiv [ to decay] Labcfadlo, roi- 
nuo. inmmuo, diminuo* 

Ij f| To bring mutters to bear, Rti ad aliquid 
agffdum parnrc, 

<([ '7o bring to an agrtement. Res ad concor^i* 
am deducgre, mter aiiquos j^rariam componere, 
n priftinani concordiam rt^ui-ert:, 

^ Tj bring off, or dijergagi, be ab- aJl^ua J% 


B R I 

f[ To hrhg off, or diffuade from, AliquiJ al;- 
(ui dilTuadcre. 

1'i bring 10 depruBirm, Ai txitium perdutea-. 

I'd bring on a thing, in mediuin afterre. 
■ ^ T* bring to an exfmp<ary pun'ijlmcntj Excm- 
plum in alitjuem ftatuere, 

1o bring ta nothing, PelTundo, abfumo, in ni 
hilum rcdi^ere. 

To bring one to himltif, or right reafon, Ad 
redlam rationtrr redigcre. 

^ To bring to a ionfcffion, Extorqueie ab aii- 
quo ut crimen fuum talcitur, verurn exfcuipere. 

fj To bring one's fi/f to a thing, Se alicui rei 

To bring one to life again, Ad vitam redlgere. 

^ To bring one to fumjln:enl, * Pajiias ab ali- 
quo lumtf e. 

^ To bring on his toay, Aliqucm deducere, vel 

Til bring a thing to perJeBion, Aliquid perfi- 
cere, abloivcte. 

To bring over, Traduco, transfero, trajicio. 

To brinrr oter a partj\ Fled^o ; aijungojper 
vcito j in fdflii neni luam pcnraheic, Ifl He Jc bruigbt him oxer to bit party, tarn iati.e 
fltxit cjrcuincgit()ue. 

Tc bring to li%h:. In lucem proferre. 

To brirg (,ne to poverty. Ad inopiam redigere. 

^ Tj bring one to reajonaile terms. Ad aqua: 
rationes accipiendas aliqucm add*icere. 

To bring out, Prv-liro. fl "ffhy do you not 
iring it out f Cur tu i3 noil proters ? Bring ii 
tut of doirs, foras prefer. 

To bring one out of trouble. Ex anguftiis libe- 

To bring out [in Tpeaking] Aliquid proferre. 

To bring to remembrance, In nriemoriam revo- 
care, leducere, redigcre. 

To bring to paf\, Efficcre, conficere, efFeftum 
dare, ad txitum perducere. 

f\ To bring one to his trial, Coram judicibus 
aliquem fifterc. 

To bring inro a fnare, In fraudcm iliicere. 

To bring tcgaiir, Confero, conduco. 

To bring tidings. Nuncio, annuncio, dcnuncio. 

To bring uniiir, Subjicio, fubigo. fubjungo, 
Met. fubfterno ; in poteftatem redigcre. 

To bring up. All.', educo, i. tollo, attollo. 
9^ The earth bringerh up iviilicd men, terra mains 
homines cducat. i>be brought her up of a littU 
oKf, illam aluit parvulam. Tley purpofed to bring 
kiwi up, decrcverunt toilere, ^s you bring him 
up, jo you muji have him, ut quitque fuuni vult 
eire, ita eft. 

f[ To Iring up children virtuouj^^ Liberos re- 
Jigiose educare. A, 

To iring up the rear, Agmen ducere, 

^ Tu bring up to a trade. Ad artem aliquam 
edii'cendam artifici tradere. 

To bring up [vomit] Evomo, 

^ To bring up an eiil report, Alicujus exifti 

rnarionem lj;dere. 

^ To bring guilt upon. Crimen admittere, »■«.' 

To bring envy upon (ne. Invidiam alicui con 

^1 To bring upon the carpet. In medium affer- 
te, vel proponert j rem aiiis dilceptandam cooi- 

To bring mif:hie/upon Hmfilf, Suo fibi jumen- 
to malum accersere. ^ He bringitb this cala- 
mity on his o^tin pale, turdus fibi irulum crcat ; 
quafi forex fuo indicio perit. — oi the common- 
•utalth, detrimentum injupgerr. 

To bring loord again, Renuncio ; fj» dcfero. 

To hiing tvird before, Pranuncio. 

ji bnnger [carrier J Qui aliquid. repcrtat; por 
ti'.or, Ter. 

A bnnger back ttgaiH, Reduilor, qui aiiquid 

A hr.rger aganji one's TO/.'/, Perduflor. 

ji brinper iiozun, «Ji Dejcdtor. 

A b:i/iier from One place to another, Tradu- 
Itor, tranflaior. 

j4 bringir to nought, Pcrditor. 

/Itnn^tr tofajs, or about, Lfleftor, sfic^ix. 

B R O 

A bringer of tidings, Nuncius. 

A brirgcr up [of children] Nuuitiuj, educa- 
tor, cducatrix, alumnu', alumna, 

A bringer on one's tuay, Deduftor, comes vise. 

^ A bringer up of the rear, Agminit dufior. 

A bringing, Porlatio, adve^tlO, 

A bringing bad, Rcduflio. 

A bringing, or leading forth, deduflio, 

A bringinf firh. Met. frolatio. 

A bringing fcrih of yourg. Partus, '^ foetura. 

A bringing over , at from one to another, Tra- 
duclio, iranllatio, 

A b>irgiKg in, Indu^io. introdu^io. 

Ahringi':giopaf!, Eft'eftio, ctTcflns, confcftio. 

A bringing ditvn, Diminutio. 

A bringing together, Collatio, 

A bringing under, Subjcdlio, A, L, 

A bringing up,' Edufatio, inllitutio, 

Bring'ng forth all tb ngi, r^ Omniparen3. 

A brink, Extremitis, ora, margo, 

Briony, * Bryonia, j. viiis alba, 

Briony [wild vine] Labiufca, • ampeloleuce, 
e<, f. * bryonia nigra. 

Br'tjh, Agilis, alaccr, l.Ttus, vegetus, vividus j 
celer, indullrius, lepidus, ilrenuus. 

To be br<Jk, Vigeo. 

A briji. gale if wind, Vcnti Hitus vebemen- 

fl To give the enemy a brijk charge. In hoftium 
acicm acriter itruere. 

Brifily, Acriter, alacriter, late, vivide, 

Brijkncjs, Agilitas, 3. alacritas, laetitia j Met. 
vigor, viriditas. 

ff To brifi up, Sc hilarem praebcrc. 

The brifket, Pcflus cscfi arnmalis* 

A hriftle. Seta. 

A little brijile, Setula. 

To brijile, ox Jet up the brifles, Horreo, fetaa 

To trijlle a thread, Filo fetam • aptare. 

To brijile up to, Aliquem feiociter aggredi, 

Erijikd, or brijlfy, Horridus, birfutus, hifpi- 
dus, fetufus J «i» fec'ger. 

Ajir.rlng like bri/lies. Horror. 

ErtJIol jionc, S. Vi/icentii cryilallus* 

A Britain, Britannus, Brito, onis, xn* 

Britannka [herb] Britannica. 

Biit'jh, Hrirannicus. 

Brittle, • Fragilis) caducus. ff As brittle as 
glajs, viireus J quam citd vas Samnium conlrin- 
iji fu'ct. 

Not brittle, Infragilis, 

B ifiencf-', Fragilitas. 

A brize [gad b;e] (Spenf.) a breeft, (Hud. 
Dryd.) abr.e, or bree. A, Alilus, tabanus, • 

A brooch, V, Spit. 

Abroatb, or broached [as beer] Terebratu5 ad 

'i'o bioath, or fc! a vejfel abroach, Vas * tere- 
bra-e, vel lelincrc, 

f\ To broach an errour, Alicujus erroris parens 
elTe. ■, .... ■ 

To broaib lies, Falfos rumor's difpcrgcre, 

A bnacier [of beer, iSlc.] Qui, vej qua-, vas 

A brojcber [of errours] Auftor, inventor. 

A broaching [of beer, (^cA Vafis terebratio. 

ff A broaching of lies, FaU'orum rumorum 

Broad, Amplus, latus, patulus, fpatiofus, 
fl lie make-h broad fign', ligna manifefta dat. 
Youjieep till broad day, ad mulium, vel clarum, 
diem ilertis. 

That coftnot be made broad. Quod dilaUri ne- 

Broad aioake, Experreflns, vigilans. 

Broad language. Verba nupta, 

Bi'ad fated, Hl.incus. 

Eroadiyed. (Shakffp ) '^ Omnia luftrans, 

Brojd pouLlercd, (Uryd.) V.Sbou'der. 

% To Jire a broad jid,; Totmeiita I'ellica dif- 
plcdeie ab uno, vel pleno, navigii latere, 

Abroadfidi [ainoog printers] * Scheda char- 
tje major uno unliioi latere typis cxcufa. 

B R 

A broad /licet, of broad vay, Platei, 

As broa.1 as long, Qnadratus. f| As brotd at 
long, ad eanJam redit rem; e6dem redit. 

yery broad, LaiiTimus. 

Broad leaved, Latifolius. 

To mail broait. Dilate, ampllfico. 

To grow broad, to broaden, (Thonif.) Lalcfcv, 
. A making broad Ampltficatio. 

A broad brirmd bat, Galertis lata margine, 

A broad faced pef on, ^omo laio ore. 

To Ifeak broad, PinRuius jufto pronunciare. 

The broad end of an oar, Scalmui. 

Britidly, La'e. 

Broadnefs, Latitudo, amplituc'o. 

Broadntfs in Jpeech, Libertas loquendi j lati- 
tudo verborum. i^mt. 

Broadwije, (Boyle) fecundum lailtudintm, 

Bro ade, or brocado, Pannus aureo & argeiite* 
filo intertcxtus. 

A brock [badger] Taxus, • melis, 

A brocket [f.Twn] Cervus bimul is, tWjunior, 

ff To brtge for eels, Aquam ad capiandas an- 
guillas turbare. 

A brogue [fort of ftioes] Crudiis pero. 

ff 'Ihe brogue oftbt tongue, Mala pronunciatio 
linguae externa? ad m^dum pairii fermon s. 

Broidered, (Tickcll) bioidery (id.) V. Embroi- 

y^ iroiV [quarrel] Riia, jurgium, contcntio. 

./^i/o;/ [tumult] Turba, rediiio, tumultus.^ 

Giien to broils, or ^uarreh, Rixofus,. conteo-- 

Full of broils, or tumults, Tumultuofus, 

To raife broils, Tumultuari, turbas tiere, fe-- 
ditioncm concitarc, o/r/ cou.mcvere. 

A raijer of broJs, Seditiofus, ttirbulentus. 

To broil meat, Cainein in, vel luper, cr»iicul« 

7o broil, or be broiled, <t> Torrefco, torreor. 

Broiled, Tortus. 

Broiled on tie coals, Carbonibus tortus. 

A br'.ikr, <Xj, vel c^vx, carnem torter, 

/ br'.kt, Fregi, ff S.arce ivat the company 
broke up but 1 found, vix dtinj jam ccftu diinrilb 
comperi. He lath b'oke his credit, male vaiilti- 
vit. Tie ivar broke 001 a'l of a fadden, bellum 
fubito cxarfit. Sec To breati. 

Broken, or broke, Frafflus, rupfus. confraiSui, 

ff Broken loofe. Ex vinculis lolurus. 

Broken, or lift, for a time, Intcrruptus, inter- 
milfus, i.milTus. 

Br-Jen a/under. Interruptns, intercif^s. 

Broken before, Pra?fraCtu3, pia;iuptus. 

Broken backed, Delumbis. 

Broken hearted, Abjc^tos. 

Broken ivinded, Anbe;us, ilia ducens. 

Broken bellied, Ramicofus, • hernia laboraiit» 

Broken ntiih age, Senio conl'ectus. 

Broken tviihfuknefi,. ^ Morbo ci.nfe^u?. 

Broken do^un, Lirutus, e^'eifus, defia£^ut, 

Eaflly broken, Fragilis, 

Broken off, Abruptus, 

ff Tofpcik broken Engl p, Anglice loqui iA 

Broken meal, Cibariorum fragmenta. 

Broke open, EtFrai^us, refraftus. 

Brokin off for a time, Uilatus, intermifliii. 

Broken in pieces, Comminutus, coniijfus, in- 
fraftus, perfraitus. , 

Broken [routed] Palatus ; i{* paUns. 

Broken JUep, Somnus interrupius, turbatu!, 

ff Broken tcith forrow, Dolore, ve} angore, 
confettuE, fraflus, prefl'us, oppreflus. 

ff Broken founded, Raucuui crepans, malijnl 

Broken [tamed] Domitui, fubadlus. 

Broken up. Diruptus. 

Broken up [as an .liVembly] Dimiffui. 

Broken [violated] Violaius. 

Broken out by violence, Proruptus, 

Brolen teeth, Dcntes muti!ati. 

Broken, or hokory tvfre, Srtut.t. pi, 

ff Tofftak broktnly, lufciti ioini, inepte pro.- 


B R O 

B R 

B R Y 

A htitr [of biresins] • Proxcneta, fnftitor> 
5. tranaflorj • mtnfo, Srtis m. 

Btiiigi, ot brdiragt, tri jje, (Sprnf B. 
John.) Mineonium, A. • |[ Htox nctirum Vh. 

^i l^ o'.ir [ot clothes] II Iwcrpulalot »eftu'i- 
u» ; vetera^iicntiiius. Sutt. 

fj uilt cx^hiiKit irwr, * Pioxsnf U argenra- 

Aptvn inier, Pigntra'or. ' 

Alirdcr, ct ctti.'fT in U i;otJi, S iitaf "U. 

A hroktr^ i row , Vorum intrrp^'a'<'»r:um. 

% I'o 'rait. jSI ak.)/>/i)r tti ir ker, * I'rox 
«nc!a'" agcrc. 

fi Ta iraKt. m hrt. M a (kf, ' Nsvisfuperfi- 
CJcm emundarr, lord r ablu vf A L, 

J S'onibU'.mVf G ttur'^ direct 0. 

A krouJ, (>, tn.) • tigma S(e Brant/, 

•Srii'ze, (I'oi- ) Ml' Froni pcift <ii 
- jiinoKxe, (Pnor) Nuv.iima, W tignum s- 

AtrxKb [nrtklarrj Monile, ii, n. 

} Erxcb [(4iintii>i4 in one colourj • Mono- 

jltrtmb, (Shakcfp.) Gemma. 

lb knyj^ht (■'^•) Gcmmis oin .'e. 

A i>rBodt Proies, propago, tubules. 

ji brood of thickens, Poilmts 

A brood ten, irtr.dy, (Rav'. f^iHina incubanS' 

Vo br&cdj or Jit bro^d tigt intuuo. 

A brooding Incubatio, 

jibroo'., TiTreoB, /», m, 

AHidcb'ook, ♦ Rivuliis. 

To ^-«-e [bear] Kero, folero, 

fl 7i irM.< jn affront fatienily, Prabere os ad 

Tij brook [a weight] Pondus tolerare. 

Srooklimt [commonj * Anagallic a^uatica 
flong leaveHj niajur. 

Garden brook trnt^ * || Cepdeai 

£70(,m, Spartum j genifta. 

A broom fiUd, Spartarium, 2, 

Thorny bioom, • Af)>a!athuS. 

Sfiani/h broontf Geniila HiTpaD'ca* 

Brco>r, rape, * Orobanche, es, f. 

Butcher^ s b-oom, Rufcus. 

^ butchir'i broils:, Rufcarius. 

Abio.m, Scopjc, pi. 

Abtrchbioom, Scopae en betula confef^z. 

rfT^ bair brcG-n, Scopje fetaccae. 

A broom Jloff, Scoparum manubrium. 

Broth, JuSj/^r/i, m. jufculumj forbitio* 

Fift) broth, • Aleciila^ muria. 

Jelly broth. Jus geiatum. 

Ste^vtd in broth, Juiculentus, 

Abr-tbel hufe, L'lparar, gJnca, fornix. 

To taunt broiiel houfts, Luflror, fcortorj lu- 
panaria Irequentarc. 

A hutinter of broihil hotifet, Ganeo, fcortator. 

Brotbtlry, Scor'atio J impudjcitia^ L. A. 

A b' other, Frater. 

A tittle brother, Fraterculus. 

A brother by the father' t fide, Frater con fan- 

A brother hy the mother' t fide, Frater uterinus 

A brother by the father and mother, Frater gtr- 

A half brother, Gertnanus. 

A broihir m litvi, Mariti, wf/uxoris, frater. 

The htfbar.d'z brother, Levir. 

Afjier'i brother, Sororius. 

A brother' t toife, || Fratria. 

Brother's fbiliiren, Patrueles. 

Afifier brother, \\ Collaaaneus, Vlf, 

Sivrn brothers, Sacramento adafti, 

Ttvin brothers, Gemini, 

Brotherbtod, Germanitas, fratcrnitas, fodali- 

A brother killer, Fratricida. 

Brothirjltiughier, Frateinx necis fcelus. 

Brotherly [adj.] of, or like, a brother, Frater- 

Bniherfy [adv,l Frateme, germane. 

Brotherly love, Mutua amiciiia. 

1 hrougbl, Tuli. See To bring, fl 1 thought 
I hod brought that to fajs, putabam meo laborc 
effe jutfcttum. He btth brought m inn dijgraie, 

mlhi in»!dum conflavit. He hath Irmghl aifgtr 
■f,ot hmj'ilf in fe iram cierivavit. lie ha'i 
hiougft me into a go d t*al of trouble, magna ni 
. iiri & fvlcicudine aftccit. / have brought 'I 
ma'Mr to thit fed, rem Jiucdcdusi. Oldage la n 
n:t yet qu^te brtufti ».r dotcn. non pine i; t 
•nervavii, non afi xn fcnpctus. Tou Itri-' 
1 ought ^Ulr hogs Ii a J air marktl, tibi ad leU.i.-i 
.-E lefliit. 

To be b.eiigi', Affcior, deducor. ^ He is 
br-^u^ht inta datfjtr , in pcriiulum vncatur. Tie 
matter is biougtt to that paft, ado res rediit' 
Ihebujineis may he br^u-_bt to a^i es\r(ement, scl 
concoioLim res reiiuci por.ft. ti'hy d^i yju not 
•■ymmund her to be biou'^bt ovir hither? cur-ni/I 
illani iiuc transleiri j lues ? /.» .annot be brourht 
'/F froi/i it^ ab fo dediici n.'n i^oteft. / tanmt 
yet be b"^ught to do it, nondvm adducor ut l^<- 
ci^icn. ^levjlat I am brought ti^ t hem qjo rc- 
^.(l s fum ! 

'/i be hi ought to bed, P.".-io. 

'To be brought into the ni- 'Id, Procreor, in lu- 
lem edi. 

To ht brought to pelfs, Efficior, conficior ; con- 

To bt brohtht to lis trial. In jus due:, leu! 

Tj hi Iroiicjt up, F.ducor, alor. ff We *tvne 
brou:_bt vp together of little ones, una 6 pueri> 
larvul! educali fiimus. 

Biough', Allatus, adduftu3, advedus. 

Brtmght [condi.tled] Dtdudlus. 

Brought along, I'ervtiluS 

B'ough*- I'Mk, Rcduttus, reportatus. 

Brought to bed, Lnixa. fl She is brought to 
hid, pe[)',*rit. entxa eft. 

% Brought by force, Vi appulfuj. 

Brought forth [publinieiij Produdlu', prolatus 

Brought fotth, Procrcatus, natus, ortns. 

r I ought in, lllatue, induftus, importatus. 

Brought in another's p/au, SubAltutus j fup 
jjofitilius, yarr. 

Brouglt to nought, PefTundatus. 

Brought to paft, * Aftus, pera^us, cAeiSus, 

f[ Brought to poverty. Ad inopiam, egefla- 
cm, W paupertatem, redailus. 

Brought to ruin, Profligatus, ad ruinam per- 

fy Brought to bit Jliifti, Ad incitas, vel ad 
triariiis, reda^us. 

Brought together, Collatus. 

Brought under, Subjeftus, domitus, fubaflus. 

Brought up, Educalus. 

Erought up ill, Male infti;utui, illiberaliter 

Brought up well, Ingenue, -vil liberaliter, 
educatus ; probe do<f>us Se inflruftus. 

Brought up viantoniy, Delicauus, vtl fflolliter, 

A brmo, Frons, tis, f. 

To knii the brow^ Frontem contrahere, cor 

To brnv but, Torvl, vel fevcre, in aliquem 

An eye brow, Palpehra, fupercilium, ^f C/ca- 
up your brov', and look merrily on it, frontem 
cxporrigc, & praebe te hilarcm. 

^f To get one's litiimr ly the fieeat of one's 
brotv, Laborc vitam tolerare, 

The knitting of the browi, Superciliorum con- 

Beetle browed, Caperatus, Varr. 

The fpaic betnuecn the broTvs, \\ Glabella. 

The broiv of a luall, Muri corona, vel lorica 

The brow of a hill, Montis vertex, <v,i cacu- 

Hairy hrowtd, Palpebroful, 

Bremfuk, (Suckl.) Dcjcftus. 

Brcnvn^ Fufcu?, pulius, Tubniger, 

A brirvjn mingled with black and red, Fcri^go. 

Brown blue, Luridns, 

7o make brown, Fufco, fufcum colorem ali- 
cui rei indu^-cre, 

A little brmm, or brnvmjt, Subfufcus, fub- 

^ To It in t-irown Jludy, HJe re aliqui! attentJ 
..■ogit«re, i-c/ nieditaii. 

Browr.nefs, I'ullico, ^7-./>, f, 

Brcnvt boui-.hsj Vfi'ca; frondej. 

To Irimife, A'-onien, londeo, depafCo, fton- 
tes caipeie, hertia pafci. 

B'otvfed on, Altoniiii, dfpaflus. 

Al-i'.wer, Q^i, ve. (ju«, piiium morib tar- 
,>it, <t> I'rondator, 

Abro-ifing, Fjondatio, 

To bruife, Coilii^o, conftingo, contundo. 

To bruife a^aia/l, Allido, lilido, 

Ti. bruije in a moitjr. Pinfo, pinfito. 

To bruifijmall, Commimto, contero. 

To bfuif tie wff',-t-eiupibo. 

A brufe, or brujing, Oollilio, contuflo, fu- 

Bruifed, CoUilu', contritut, contufus, obtu. 

Bi uifd bhaik and bhe, Sugillatus, ex colHfio- 
n« liviUus, 

BrutM .iga'tji. Ailifus. illifus. 

A bruifmg ir, a m', Pinfatio. 

Bruise tvort, Cuiifjlida. 

Biuii. [cnmm'nj Opinio. 

A bruit [leport, or noife] R.umor, fonituj, 

yl little bruit, Rumufculus. 

To bruit, Ruoioiem ipargere, vel i\Ci'crzcic. 

*|I // is bruited cbroad, Fama elt, jaikatur, ta- 
ma emanavit. 

Brwral [belonging to winter] Trutralis, 

A hruneit!, (Ad.'if.) Mulier fufco oris colore, 

hrunnel, Pruutiia. 

A brur.t [afl'aulf, r.r brufli] Imperii?, impref- 
lio, aggreflio. tj, If you he abe to abide the firjl 
brunt, primam C coit:„nem fuftmueiif. To bear 
'he brunt of the batt'e, maximum pralii impe- 
tuci fuiiiocre. 

.1 brunt [eiil accident] Calamitas, infelicitaj, 
infortunium, cafus adverfus, vt/ inteftus, 

A bru/?:, S^opula, veriiccluTi. 

A clothes brufk, Scopula vertiaria. 
* Ajhoi brufh, Peniculus fctis afper ad calceos 

A ftiiners briif:, or pencil, Penicillus. 

A brufh «a«fyScopuiarum J vel penicillorum, 

Abrujh [fmail faggot] Virgultorura fafcis. 

hrufh icood, Cren,ium, 

A brufh, or running agairjl, Occurfus. 

To hrufh, Verni, ctinverro, dettrgeo, 2. fco- 
pis purgaic. ^ I tuiil brufh your coat, excu'uam 
libi togulam. 

Made in thififhion of a brufh, Verriculalus, 

% To brttjh off, or jcanpcr aivay, Ferine au* 
fii^ere, feftinanrer fugam capere. 

ff To brufh by one, * Acrcm impetum in ali- 
cjuem fa^ere. 

BruJljeJ, Everfus, fcopula mundatus, Wpuf- 

A brujher. Qui, Wquae, eonverrit, detergit, 
vel purgat. 

A brufhing, PurgaCiO) A, 

Brufh [in heraldry] Color fubniger. 

II Briifljy, (Bovlr) Afper, villofus. 

To briiflle^ be erigEic, fc tfle magni roomenti 
oftendcre, A. rather, To brijlk. 

To biuftle, Crepitare, ftrepere, Skinn, 

Abiut [fifh] PafTer marinus. 

A brute, • Animal biutom. 

Brutal, or brutilh [fietfc, or cruel] Ferinus, 
belluinus ; [filthy] fcedus, impudicus j [lump- 
ilh] ftupivlus, fatuus, hebes. 

To make brutifu [fieice] Effero, [foolilh, or 
lumpi/h] infatuo. 

To grew brutijh, brutalixed, (Addif.) Ob- 
brutefcere, cfferari, fcevire. 

Biutifhk, brutally, (Arbuth.) [fiercely] Fe. 
lociter; [filthily] Icsde, impudice ; [loollflily] 
tatue, fhipide. 

Brutality, brutinefs, { Spenf. ) or bruii/hneft 
[fiercenefs] Ferocitas, fu;vitia [filthineft] ftcdi- 
tas, 3, impudicicia, [foolii}ii>e£ij fatuitas, ilul> 

Bryonj [herb] ♦ Bryonia, i, 


B U 1> 

Sat, (Prior) v. String bur, 
yllmhhie. Bulla, 
yl lilile I uhbU, Bullulj. 
To l/ulhli up In jccih'ivg, Ferveo, infervefco. 
1o bubble as tvafcr dotif BulliOj ebullio. 
A bubble [trifle'] Nuga;, pi. res leviflima, ve/ 
A bubble [cheat] Fraus, fallac'ia. 
A bubble [filly perfon] Infulfus, ftupidus, fto- 

To bubble [deceive, or trick] Aliquem • dolif 
fa'Ure^ luJilicari, vei ludos faccre j alicui os 
foblinfrp, aliquem ilkidere. 

Bubbling, or bcti/ing up, Bullanc, ebulliens, 
bulbs emiitens j ^ faliens. 

Bubllirg [as ducks in water] Bibulus, 
Abublling, Etullitio. 

AbtibLlei, (Oijby) buhbling, ox deceitful, per- 
f'^it, Fallax, fraudulentus j ludificator. 
A bubby, *, mam ilia ; ubcr. 
A buccaneer, Latro. -wir/ pia;do, j| Americanu$, 
Buik bean [hcib] Tnlolium paludofum. 
'A buck, Dama, cervus. 
Note, Eu.k is uftd to denote the male of fe 
veral animals ; as, 
A buck gcatf Caper. 
A buck coney, Cuniculus, 
^ A buck of clclbcs, Linteorum fordidorum 

^ To back clothes, or ivafii a buck, Lintea lixi- 
via incoqucre. 

luik njhes, Cinis lixivius, cineres ad lixiviam. 
A buck "Wiifher, Lixivia \\ lotrix, 
Buckle, Lixivium, lixivia. 
A bucket, Situla, bydria ; modiolus, Varr. 
*^ haufirum. , 

A bucket •with a beam, * || Telomodiolus, A. 
A little bucket, Situla, urnula. 
Leather buckets for f res, • Siphones incendi- 

A buck's torn, Cornu cervinutn. 
Buckthorn [great] Rhamnus iblutivus. 
Buckthorn [fmallj Rhamnus primus Diofco- 

Buck -u-'heat, * Tragopyrum, A. 
f\ A bucking flock, Scamnum ad lintea lixi- 
via eluenda. 

^ A bucking tub, Vas lixivia repleri Tolitum. 
A buckle, Fibula ; * fpinther, en's,- n. 
To back'e [aclive] Fibula conftringfre, ncc- 
tcre, fubneflt;re, CQlligare. 

^y A buc'.le mti^er, Fihularum confed^or. 
•If A fhoe buckle. Fibula calcearia; t^ anfa. 
Abu. lie [curl of hair] Cinciiinus, 
To buckle, or curl, Cincinnis ornari j cala- 

Buckled, Cihcinnatus. 

.To buckle logeilcer [.as fighting, fife] Confligo, 
cAllnftor; concerto ; cominus certare j manus 
confeiere. / 

II ^ To buckle to a bufneft. Ad opus fe accin- 

geie, opert diligenter incumbcre, opus ag^rcdi 

Jl ^ To buckle to [to yield, or lubmit, to onr] 

AUcui cedtre, fifces fubmiticic, heibam porri- 


Buckled, Fibula confttiflus, vel nrius. 
A buckler, Clypeus, paima; <ii gcftamen, 

A little buckler, Parmula, cetra, pelta. 
A large bucLcr, Scutum. 
A buckler maker, Clypccruci artifcx, fcufariiis. 
% A buckler if beef, Lumbi bovilli pars po- 

A buckler pliyer, • Hoplomachus, A. 
Beating a buckler, Clypeatus, cerratus, par- 
matut, fcutatus. 

Buckler thorn, Pallunis ; fpir.a Chrifti, 

To buckler, (Shakefp.) Met. Dclendo, protege. 

Abucklmg, Fibula olligatio. 

II Abucklmg to, Ol-fcquium, cpfTio, 

Buckram, Pannus craflus, vel cilicinus. 

Buikrams [herb] Allium fylveftre. 

Buckjkiit, Ptllis cervina. 

Bucif-me [merry] Alacer, i.ihris, l^ctui. 

Buiol.iks, • Bdcolica, pL /rrV. c<:.mina, 

ji bud, Ccrnsen, Inis, a. gemma, 

B U I r 

Th bud of a I of I, * Alabaflni", calyx rofe. 
The Lud of a vine. Gemma, oculus. 
To bud, Germino, jemmo, geromafco, flo- 

To begin to bud aga'n, RepulJulafco. 
To'iudout, Egermino, progcrmino. 
To bud ever, Superflorefco. 
To nip in Ike bud, Gfrmen nrgre. f //;, hopes 
are r.iptcd /•; tie bud, Spe concepta decidit. 
To bud together, \\ Congrrminc, Farr, 
Btided, Gi-mmatus. 
A buding, Gcrminatio, gerrainatus, gemma 

B U L 

conditiu, ftruflus, exrtruflu., fobflruftui. 
A builder, ylidificator, condrtor, fltuflor 
■^'""fi'r, or chief, builder, • Architcclui.* 
A building [a vail pile of buildin);] ylJdificI 

urn, ftiufiura. fl I la-ve (urvned allL,., k,.:u^ 

Budge [lambs fur] Pellis agnina. 
11 ■t''"<f', (Milt.) Scceriratcm affeflans. 
(I To budge, I'cdim cicre, gradum efferre. 
II Abudger, (Shakefp.) Defertor. 
A budget, Saccus, vidulum ; pera. 
A huff, buffe, or buffalo, • Bubalus, bifon, 
..,, m. urus i bos fylvelliis, vel fcrus. 

f\^,1 buff coat. Tunica coriacea militaris, tho- 
rax a bovis leri, vel bubali, corio. 

Buff [leather] Corium bubulum, pellij bu. 

A buffet, * Colaphas, alapa. 
To buffet, f to buff, (8. Johnf.) Aliquem co- 
laphis csedere, pugiiis contundere, colaphos ali. 
cui inlringeic, impingcrc, darej.os aiicui ob- 
tundcre ; I'ugellare. 

Buffeted, (;ol;iphis caefus. 
A buffeting, Colaphis verberatio. 
A buffet [repofitory for plate] » Abacus va- 
fis menfjriis reponendis utiiis. 
A buffetcr, Alaparum infiiflor. 
t\ Buffet ftool, Sflla levior portatilis. 
A huffe bead, Bardus, plumbeus ; homo ob- 
tufae mentis, hebetis ingenii. V. Blockhead. 

A buffoon, Sannio, fcurra ; mimua ; <J> para- 
Buffing, (Swift) Cui animus hxret. 
To play the buffoon, • Parafitor, fcurrorj fcur- 
rilitcr ludeie. 

Buffoon tike, Scurrilis, fcurriliter. 
Buffoonry, Scurrilitas, fcurrilis jocus, vel di- 
cacitas, fp procacitas. 

A bug [fort of vermin] Cimex, Ids, m, 
A May bug, * Scarabsus ftridulus. 
A bug bear, Terriculamentum, larva. 
To bugger, * Pjedicor. 
A buggerer, • Paedicator. 
Bugay, Cimicibus abundans, 
Biig^e.y, 11 Pasderaftia, 
Bugle [a kind of giafs] tegmenta vitrea. 
Buf/e [an herb] \\ Bugula. 
Abugle[hea^] BaLxa vitrea. 
A bugle [beaft] Bonafu'. 
/^ bugle horn, Cornu venatorium. 
Bu^lfs, *■ Bugloflum. 
, TfliO^u buglafs. Lingua bovis. 
A fmai! vj'ld bugiojs, Lingua bovis fylveftris. 
Purple lualt buglofs, * Lycopfis Britannica 
flore purpiirfo. 

' t^ipers rou "h bitglofj, * Feb ion flore pullo. 
IVhite ivoll buglofs, * Lycopfis flore albo. 
To build, /Edifico, exiedifico, fabrico ; con- 
do, ftiuo, fonftruo, exftruo, ftatuoj tormn j 
icxo. ^ lie built a fne houji, prxctaram xA\- 
ficavit df.nuini. He built a tiivn at his onvn ex- 
fence, oppidum fua pecunia ietlificavit. Ih built 
afhip by the affijlance of Pallas, tabricavit operc 
Palladio ratem. -there he built three cities, tres 
ibi urtes Oatuit. He votueth to build a church, 
vovct tempium. 
To build abiut, Circumrtruo, 
To build again, Rfa.'difico, 
To build before, Piitftruo- 
To budd in, or ufon, Inaedifico, 
1o build un T, iuliftriio. 
To build by, or ne.^r to, Adftruo, coaedtfico. 
To buiid f>p, Pia-.difico. 
To bi l-uilt, JEi ficor. 

To bui.d, 01 rely, i-pon, N'tor. f\ I build iry 
hopes 6B your pron.i ,, vrbis tuis niter, 

«i T'j uppoin. ivhire a tiKplefliall be built, Ef- 
fari tcmpla, firterc i'ana. 
Builded on, or buiit, ^dificatus, fabricatus. 

fiirveyed all your build- 
igs, omnem asdificatioiiem tuam pertpexi. 
A little building, jEdificatiuncuia. 
Aluildtngup, Cxflruflio, exidificatio. 
The ail of budding, /Edi/icatio. 
The art of building, • Architeftonica. Ce. 
»s ; architeflura. "' 

^f A bay <f building, Menfura viginti quituoc 
pedum. ' 

Built about, Cirfumftrufluj. 

Built anew, Renovatus. 

Built before, Pi;Eltru£tu«. .' 

Built hard by, Coaedificatus. 

Built up, Peraedificatus, exftruflus. 

Built upon, In;edificatus. 

A bulb, Bulbus, 

Bulbous, Bulbofus, 

Bulbonack [herb] Vinla lunaris. 

To *a/j« [as a fliip] Jailor, vacillo. 

ff To be bulged, Scopu!is illidi. V, -f- Bilge, 

II Bulimy, Kamet boviUa, vel ingens. 

A bulk [before a (hop] Appendix, 

D To hulk oor, Prcpciideo, cxubcro, excrefcot 

A bulk, Magnitoiio, amplicudo. 

fl The hulk of a man's body, Statura corporis 

51 The bulk of a fhip, Navis capacitas, 

A vaft bulk. Moles, vaftitas. 

X To break bulk, Navem exoncrarc. 

51 To fell goods by the bulk. Bona femel aufti- 

Bully, [big] Ingens, vaftus. 

Bulky [corpulent] Craflus, corpulentus, pr«. 

Bulky I heavy] Gravis. 

Bi liy [mallyj Solidui, denfuf. 

Bulkinefi, (Locke) Magnitudo. 

A bull, Taurus, bos. 

A young bull, Juvenculus, 

of, or belonging to, a bull, • Taorinuf,. 

Like a bull, Tayriformls. 

11 % Looking as big at bull beef, Titanicua af- . 

II II ^f^ory of a cotk and a bull. Sine capite 
fabuia, cui neque caput neque pedes coofiftunti 
* Archil'chi mcios. 

To bull a cow. Inen, alTilio. 

5f A pope's bull, II Bulla pontificia, • diploma. 
II papa'e, |1 indiiltum pont ficale. 
A bull [blunder in fpccchj • Solcecifmus. 

II A bull beggar, V. Bugbear, 

A bull fr.rt,^ \\ RnbtcMsk - 

A bull fie, Ccivus volans. 
Bull ti'ced, II Jacea i>igia, 
Bulltvort, • Airmi. 

Bullbaiting, Certamen inter canes & taurum* 
The bull chafer, * Taurus volans. 
A lull's pixzle, • Taurea fcutica. 
A tiul dog, Criiiis lanienus. 
A bull faj), Cectamen inter taurum homi- 
A bull trout. It Trutta taurina. 
A hull head l^fifll] Capito, onii, m, 
A bullae e, Piunum fylveftre, 
A bullact free, Prunus fylvcftris. 
A bullet, Glans piumbea, ij^ plumbum. 
51 A cannon bullet, Glans plumbta tcrmcotis' 
ma;oribiis difplodenda. 

51 Sullcl in mouth, Promptis in ora glandi* 
bus, A. 

Bullion [money in the mafs] ^s, argentum,. 
W aurum, gravf, <r/ in roai^a. 
Bulltin, (Bacon) Bullitio. 
A bul'oik, Juvencus. 

A lii.ll ruj/j, Junius, fcirpus, <J« fchsnus,. 
A bull rujh bed, Junceium, 
Of, or be.angirg to, a bull rc/Jh, Junccul. 
full of bull tvjhei, Jiti-.ciTus. 
To bullf one, Aiicui, vtl in aliquem, infaltate, 
A lully, Miles plotiofus, • 'i hrafo. 
A iulvari. Agger, mu:<irDentum, prafidi- 

um, propu^iuculum : vallum. 





atnittere, jare civitatis cxcideie, 

j4 hurgbf or bofcuj:, MiintcipitllM* 

/i hurgbirjhi^^ Jms municipii. 

II A hu>iiiir, i'j.:tiem tttonbr, wl cfTriflor. 

BurgUrvy Pane u!n effoffio, vf/ perfoilio, 

A burgom-ite [unvu court! H Burgi, ftye «p- 
pidi, conventus, civium Cdmitia, concilium mu- 

A burgtmajicr, Municipii prsfc£lus, urbii 

yi lurgravc, Urbis praere£lus. 

BuriabUf Scpilibilis. 

A burial, Funus, fepulfura, 

% Bur'tai duijci, Jufta funerum. 

Burial JoiemnitirSy £aequi:£, pi. 

The arc andcrdtring vj burials, Libitina, V. M. 

Of, or It, funerali, Funcbrii, t'une- 
reus. ' 

, To bury, Sepelio, tufnulo, contumuloy funero, 
'it' condo J humo moriuum iD^ndare, tMoivlo 
djre, fepukitro claudere, ftrpultura afiitSre, vt. 
nunidrcj inhumjte. , ^ 

^ To kury (ilifCj In terrain dcfodtrc. 

To bury h/ore, Frsi'epeiio. 

1o bury togcthtr, Ccniepclio. 

Tpbehuritd, Sepehor, tumulor. 

hurietl, Sepullus, bumatu^, funeratus, con- 

^ Buri-:d ol^-ve. In terram deicfius. 

Nc[ buried, InCcpultus, ini,umulatus* 

A burier, Vefpiilo. 

A burying, ScpuUura, humatio. 

A burying pla,.e, ij^ Scpulcrctum, locus fe- 

J To burl, [pick the knots out of cloth] E- 

X A lur'cr, Ij Enoda'or. 

The buries [ol a deer's head] Subula. Jut:.. 

Burlejque, Jcjcuiaris, ^oculdnus, ludicius. 

^[ To burltj^ue a f erf on, Joculanter in aliijuem 

^ A burlefaue poem. Carmen joculaie, 

fl A burling iron, Forceps /uUonica. 

Burly, Ciiiilus, corpulcntus j tumidu?. 

A burrk, Ambultio , viilnus ex uftiune faflum. 

f\ To be good agaltiji burns, Ambufiionibus. 
W ambullis, medere J ambufta, •uel adulla, fa- 

To hum [aSive] Uro, aduroj cremo ; incen 
do ; <}> fuccendo. ^J Tou burn day ligbl, lucer- 
nam in fole acccndis. 

To burn [jieut.] Ardeo, flagro, conflagto ; 
aeHuo, exxftuo. 

To burn all about, Aniburo. 

To burn again, r)^ Redardcfco. 

^ To burn a perjun alive, Vivum homineno 
comburere, exurere, tiel cremar*. 

To burn, or blax^, in a light fire, Exardefco. 

To burn in a Jaet iftct, Adoh'O. 

To burn itutnje and tdcurs. Tbura & odores 

To burn in the hand, Sligmafe inurcre. 

To burn, or Jcorch, a liitle, Suburo. 

To burn muib, Deurc, exuro, peruro. % A 
ftitr burnetii up bis entrails, vifcera exuiit febris. 

To burn [leaij * Cauicrio urcrc. 

To burn a thing thcn/ugb, Peruro. 

To burn things together, Concremo, comburo. 

% To burn to ajhes [a^.] In cineres rcdigeic. 

■H fl '^'^ burn one t Jinger in an cfair, Dttri- 

mentuin ex ai^^ua re accipcic, cjpgtc Wfavcrc. 

To burn •vehemaitly, OeH.»gro j exatdeo. 

To be burnt u^ as grafs, Exarefco. 

^ To burn *tvich an^er, dtftre, love, Arc. Ira, 
cupiditate, amotc, fljgrarc, aidete, inccnJi, in- 

To be burned, Uror, amburor. 

To bt burned down, Dcfiagro. fl The fame 
night Alexander ivos born, the temple of Diana 
W.JI burnt do7vn, qua noitc Alexander natus eft, 
tcmplum Dianx dcflrafavit. 

To be thoroughly burned (ai vefl'eis «rej perco- 

Burmd, or burnt, Uftus, couibuftus, fxuftus, 

Icrematus, fucceofus; >{> ambuftui, ^ The vil- 
lage was iurneJ ivili lightning, villa de culo 

tf, or Motsging It, a buhnark, VaUirit, <inii- 

The hum. Nates, pi. 

II A bumbaily, Li^or, apparitor. 

AbumbltbiH, Pucus. 
Abuui:>;, Colnnus, ii:fticuj. 

Bumpktnly^ (Richanl'.) Ruftiti, inurbanj. 
A bump [I'wel iiig] lubcr. ^J My head is full 
ff bumps. cji.iphiS tuber eft loium caput. 

II A tump [tliump] • Colaphus, alapa. 

To bump up, Tumeo, lurgco. 

Bumped out [in bui ding] Hroieftus, promi 
nens, exians. - 

A bumper [tu!l flafs] Calix ad fummam mar- 
giaem potu icpletus. 

A bun, or cake, Collyra, libum, 

^ Ai>m'i> [luelling] Gibbus, tuber. 

A little bumh, Tuberculum. 

Abuncb [bundle] Falciculus, 

A bunrb of grapes, Uvarum racemns* 

A hard bunch, Scitrus. 

^ A bunch of gitrlick, Alllorum fafciculus, 

Buitb backed, Gibbol'us, git>bcr. 

To bunch out, Prominco, exto. 

Bunched, bunchy, (Grew) or bunching out, 

A bur.dle, Fafcis, fafciculus, manipulos ; 
f^rcinie, pi. 

A bundje of fir am, Feni tnanipulus, vel faf- 

A bundle of rods carried before ibt iMfgi/lrate, 
Falces, p!. 

Bundle wife, Fafciatim. 

To bundle up, Convafo ; in fafcem conftrin- 
gere, in fafciculumcogcie. 

Jiundled, Confertus ; in fafciculum coaflus, 

A bur.g, Cadi, Wdolii, obturjinenium. 

A bung kele^ Spiraculuni, fpiran-cnlum. 

T'^bun-'up, or flop ivitb a bung, Obturo, 

Bunged up, Oblur.itus. 

To bungle, Ini'abie, vel imperite, a'.iquid con- 
ficere; inconcinne formare. 

Bungled,. Csiii^ Minerva confe^us, rudi for- 
ma fadus. 

A bungler, or bungling fello^o, Impcritus, fci- 

Bungtingly, (Bcntlcy) Infabie, crafsc, rudi 

X A bunt Btu, Funis nauticus. 

iTo bunt on, Protuliero, promineo. 
The bunt f a fail, Vrli finuatio. 

A bunting, II Aljudula, || rubetraa || emberiza 

The buy of a Jhip, Index anchorarius aqus 
innatanSf truDcus, re/ index, ancbotae inferoe 

<J To buoy up ajhip, Navem cupis in alteram 
-partem ex aquis attuilere. 

^ To huay up one tvitb fair promifes, Aliqucm 
f tomiflis fuftinere, vtl fuflentare. 

Bwyidup, Sul^entus. 

Biyancy, (Derli.) Poti-ftas flufluandi, 

BoyanI, (Drjrd.) Flu£luans. 

A bur. Lappa. 

i>f or belonging It), burs, LappacCUSa 

Yull of burs, L.ippis abundans, 

A burbet, Muflcla Huviatilia. 

A burden, V. Burthen: . 

A bureau, (Swift) Menfa fcriptoria cum ci'f- 
Ivlis traftiiibus, ^ fcrinium. 

•}• A butganet [helmet] CjiTis Burgundica. 

^ Abu^Ute, Immun.tas a repatandu burgi 

A burgeon, Germen, gemma. 

To burgeon, V, To bud* 

Bourgeoned, Gemma: us. 

A buigroning, Gcnimatio, germinatio. 

A burgefs, or burgher, Municeps, civis. 

^ To ctoefe a burgefi, In municipium afcri- 

^iar^f/i [magiflrate] || Burgcnfis. 
A burgefi [in 

Of, or brlongiitg ti, a burgcf, Municipalls. 
£urgefifi>ip, Civitas, juB civiiatis 

I pariiameni] Senator, pater con- 

(aflaeft. A burnt child dreadttb the trt, Pifc*. 
tor ictus fapit. 
Half burnt, Scmiuflus, femiuilulatus, .J. fe- 


Burned to fjhes. In cineres redaftus, cino- 

Burned to a In carbones redaftus. 

fiurned much, Ueufluii, p^ruftus. 

Burned br fore, I*ia?uftu5, 

Huimd [as ill roaHingJ Uetorridus, retoftuf. 

Burneci round about, Anjbuftus. 

Buried in the end, and hardened, Ullulatus, ■> 
obultu^, pixuflus. > 

Burned in the hand, • Stigmalejnuftus, 

A burner, incendiariu;, r^ uilor. 

Bur'nei [herb] || Pimpinella. 

Burning [^ft.] Exurens ; torrens. 

Btfrmrg [nfMt.J Ardcnf, flagrant:, xftuans, 

A burning fOal, Pi una. 

P A burring fhtime [fcandalous] Res mali, 
pravi, peflimi, tii' pernicioli, exempli. 

A burnir.g [aifl.] Uft^p, CMfio, concrema- 
tio, inccnlio. '- 

A burning [neat.] Ardor, flagrantia, defla- 

A burning about, Ambuflio. 

^ A burning alive, Vivi exufljo. 

A burnirgpiime, I'lamma, incendium. 

A buriitrg injures, Uredo. 
, A burnir.g ivitb a laujlic, Urigo, 

A burning gsaj;, Vitrum quo les aliqua xAu 
liil-? iicenditur. 

A lurn'.t:g ircn, Cautcriiim. 

^ .yl burning mountain, Mons ardens. 

IJ Burningly, Ardenter, fligrantcr. 

To burnijh [make briglltj Polio, expplio j Ix^ 
ligb ; limo. ^1 The deer burrijle h bis head, cer- 
vus defricat exuvias Loinuum, 

P:trn:Jljtd, Pol tuf, cxpolitus, perpolitus.' 

Eunnjhed. [as as a deer's head] Pofitis exu«' 
viis nitidns. 

A burnijher [in/Irument] inltrumcntum quo 
Joliuntur metal a, ebur, (Sc, 

A burnifjing, Exfol'H'.o. 

Burnt (^CTfn, JCoihbuftuf, incendio dcmo!itus« 

Burn out asfe, Fxultus. 

fl Burnt out of his houje, E domo inccndi* 
dcpulfus, bonis incendio exutus, 

^ Burnt tvith the pox, Luc venerea Inuftus," 

m San burnt, Sole aduAus, vel fufcatus. 

Burnt up [as grafs] Torretaflut, areta£lus. 

^ Burni^up 'u'ith thirfi, Exuftus fi:i tcrvida* 

Burnt ivine, Defrutuin, vinum adullum. 

A burnt ojerinr, * || IlolocauHum, 

^ The burr of itc ear, Auris • || lobus. 

A burr [of a deer's horn] Tuberculum,' 

Burrdoik, Pcxfonata, [| bardana. 

A hitle burdock, or aiich burr, Xanthium, || 
bardana minor. 

Butter burr, * ||, Petafites, 

Burrwecd, ' Sparganium ramofuiii, 

Alurrclflj, Tabjnjs, L. A.' 

A burrotu [covert j I.atibulum, 

A burronu [ibr conies] Cunicuius ; <ji antrum 

To btr.rozv, .In cavum fubire, in cavernam ir- 

Burrowed, Tutus, injutite ventorum minimi 
: The bu'fc [exchange] Forum • bafilicum, 

Abfrfer, Collegii dilpcnfator. ' ' 

II A lurfliolder, Pagi prjeie^us, A. 

To btirjl, Cicpo, difrumpo, dirunipo. 

Te r'urjl ill pieces, DiBilio. 

Burp, Difroptu^, diruptus. 

To burP out, Profili", prorumpo. ^ Tears 
bwfi out, pro61iunt • lachrymae. Tire burjietb 
out, if you firike the flcnt, ignis, ft lapidern 
lapis pcrculferit. 

^ To burfi with laughing. Ilia rifu contender 
, rifu q'laci, i'</ emcn. 

To turji out into hugkter. III rifim prornmpiir:. 
To burji out into tears. In lachrymas eff'undi. 

^ To burfl luith envy, Maxima invidia in all* 
quem commovtri, 

f Rtaii) 


Hf Utadyto hurft, Adeo i-nflatus ut prope crCpet. 

liwjij vt iut/ien, Hernid laborans, 
Siir/i [as a bladd<.rj Difplofus. 
Vi!(f turjt lo-jy, [a riy like a beetle] * Buprcflis. 
^ buijhng^ Kup'io. 
A burj},t:g outj Ertiprio. 
SurJinejSy or lurjieumjt. Hernia j fj* ramex, 
£u ft liKtr^ II htin'una. 
Aburihtn. (rdtherthan ^i/r^/ n)Onus, farcina j 
«^ geltamen. 

A grtat burthetty Moles. 
A iittle Lurden^ Pondus Icvius; farcinuU. 
To hurt ken J Onero, grav) j al.cui onusimpo- 
fUExc j oncribus aliquem cumulate. 

4\ To burthen o-tes jelfivuh^ Ahqua re Te one- 
farCj onu$ lolierr, i/r iufcipere. 

^ To burthen tU conjchttce, Scrupulum alicul 

To carry a burthen^ Oneri fuccedcre. 
<fT To difciatge, or pitchy a burtltn^ Onus ab 
jjcere, "yir/ lieponi-re ; humer>s onere levaie. 

fl To Lilp cue off iCitb a burthttJt Ali^ucm 

Ofj or for a burthen, Onerarius, 
A beaji of burthen^ Jumeutum. 
A fi:>tp of burthen, Navis onfraria. 
Thi burthen of It jtrn^, Verlus intercalaris. 
Tu bear a bur:ht/j in a fonPf Minio infcrvire. 
To be burtbmcdy Oneror j premor ; aggravor. 
BurtkeneUy Oncratus, onuftus, gravatus, 
^^ A Duribsmr, (^i, vd (\y\x. onus imponit. 
Burthi/jf^me, burdtnaui, ^Milt.) Ouerufus, gra- 

To be burthenfome to cncj Alictii oneri efre. 
To bury, ScptJio. V. Burin/. 
A bufh, RuDus. ^ Tou lave not gone about 
the bujhy nihil tircuiuone uliis es. Good Wir.e 
reedeth m bujh, vino bono non opus eft hederii. 
Vne bird in the bund is tvorth fwo in the bujhj 
fpem prciio non emoj quicquid pofTum malo 
auferre in pratentia. One b^c.tcth tbi bujhj ano- 
ther catchab the hare^ alter fementcm tacit, alttr 

Siher bufh [a /hrub] Jovis barba. 
AbuJhofThorm, Dumus. «»i fpinetum. 
Abujh of Bran.bUty ot Brian, Vepretum. 
The Stratvberry bujh. Arbutus, i» J. 
A buJJj of hair, Ctcfaries, 
' Jiifving b^fhy hair, Comatui, 

Bupyy, or full of bupes, bajhing, (Milt, Pope) 
Dumulus \ Ipinotus. 

A bupy p ace, lupment, [Ral.] Dumetum, 
rubeium, tcnticctum. r^» fpinetum. 

A bujhelt [eight gallonsj Modius, ^ Tou 
weajure their cern by your bujhc/, lllos CX tuo 
ingenio judicas. 

A little bujiel, Modiolus. 
A bujhel [two ftrikcs] Medimnus. 
Jlfil/' a bujhfl, Semodms, 
Tbiee bij/^e/s, Trimodium, 
h-.-IJitig three hujhehy Trimodlus, 
IhldingtenbufheU, Decimodius, 
A kujhd and ahalf^ Sefquimodius. 
Tivobupjehandabalf, Culeus, L. A, 
Of, or belonging to, a bujhcl, Modialis. 
Bufe, V. Buj}. 

Bi'fied, Occupatus, verfatus, impeditus, nc- 
gotio di/lentus. 

Bufthji, (Sh.) Otiofus. 
Bufily, Attente, fohcitc, nudiose, 
Bufit;fji [employment] Negotmm, negotiatio, 
occupationes, pi, ^. That a not our bufir.eji, 
id non afeimus. What bu/mcj'i had ycu there f 
<{\\\<\ iftic tibi negotii ? In the htai of your buf mis, 
in fumma occupatione tu^. That n their bujincjs, 
in CO occupati funt. // tuletb one o^ from his 
buftvejs, occupat a rebus geiencis. H'bat bupnej'. 
hath fhe here? quid huic hic rei eft ? Come i, 
the bufr;efs in hand, ad rem redi, WilJyou iaii 
-me to jptuk to your buftne^if mene vis diccre .d 
^uod ad leattinct? The bifmejs is done, tranfi- 
gitur res. Altvays about one bufrejt or a .ether, 
femper agtns ^liquid & mohtns. The i^ujineji 
Vfent on tvell for me, bene profper^que hoc upc- 
ris proceflit mihi. 1 ha've no bufmeji at all l)cn_ 
hic nihil habeu quod agam. lie hath enough to 
do abcuthii ownbufnejtj isierum ruavum Uta)^U 

B U T 

TPhat h.-ifinfs is be aff quam «rtem e«rcet ? 
I zviil maki that my bifinefs, ei rci operam djbc. 

I ivill do hisbujinejt for him^ Cum ad incitas rc- 

A buftnefs [thing] Res, negotium. 
An Kucinug impiobum. 

tl ^ '/a drone's bufinefs, [cafe nature] AJ fo- 
ricds ire, alvuni cxnjierarc. 

fl Tu Kind, or follrw, bufmfs, Rei operam 
dare, opificiu aluui, artj, Wprotcflioni vacare. 

1[ ^0 ^^ bufinejs for another, Operam altcii 
dan-, res alternis prucurarc. 

^ To co!ne into bufmeji. In foro florere, 

^ To find, or make, one btftnefs, Alicui nego- . 
tium laccfaere, 

^ To free one's felf frotn a hufnefs. Ex riiquo 
negotio cmcrgere. 

^ To manage bufinejs, Negotia traftarf, admi- 
niftrare, a^'cre j res gctcre. 

^ Mndy.ur : zun bufintfi. Age tuum nCgotium, 
cura res luas. 

A tna-mgcr f bufiefs, Negotiator, 

A man of bufincji^ Natus rebus gcrendis, 
tradlandis ntgotiis idoneus. 

% This is the chief point of the lujinefs in harj, 
hic cirdo, hoc caput eil hujufcc reij in co ici 
tota vertitur. 

9\ Muh er.gagedin bujinejs, Vehementer occu- 
patus, negotii plenus, multis negotiis diftentus, 
plurimis Bcgotiis diflriftus. 

Full of lujinefs, Ot-Cupatillimus, 

A Jmall buj.nej!, Negotiolum. 

A bufmcjs clojely carried. Dolus, nratagema. 

A hiijky Ligaum pedtoraiCj tulcrura vertiarium 

Abujkin, Cothurnus; fi> pero, 

Bufkincdy Cochcrnatiis , *$' pcronatus, 

A biffs [kifs] Bafium, luavium, ofculum. 

lobufs, Suavior, ofcuiorj rj» bafio, 

Bujjed, ^ Bafiatus. 

A bujiiig, rj» Bafiatio. 

A biifs [ihipj Navigium. 

A bujh, or bujh, Statua curta, W dJmldia fu 
parte inferne tnmca j lignum pedlorc tcnus cffor- 
matum \ ^ Herma. 

A bujiard, "Otis, tdls, m. 

X Bujiian, Pannus lintcus fubtcgminiscra/fio- 

Ahuftle, QX btiftlingy Turba, tumuUus, tumul 
tuatio; feditio; f\> ftrepitus. 

To bufile [make a diftuibance] Turbo, tu 

% To buftle about [be aftive in bufinefs] Rem 
attenie, f/f/diligenter, adminiflrare. 

Abujiling [in bufinefs] Attentio, cura, dili- 

Bufy, Solicitus, Y.bufed, 

Bufy [medling, troublelome] Moleftus, curio 
fu5 J qui fc • alienis negotiis impJicat. ^ Tc\ 
are as bu^y as a bee, fatagis tanquam raus in ma 
leiia. }'Pb!:n you arc bufuft of all, in I'umma oc 
cupationc tua j cum mmime vacat ubi. 

To bufy, Occupo, mtt^ folicito. 

^ To bufy one sfdf in another'' s affairs, Se re- 
bus alienis imtnilcere, t-c/ implicare. 

A bufy body, Ardelio, curiolus ; <+• perconta 
lor, omn;um negotiis le immifceDS , falcem in 
alienam mclVem immittens. 

To be bufy, Satago j negotiis dJftineri. ^ They 
tQcre bufy in Jewing the rope dancers, animum jn 
funambulo occuparunt. 

But [an advcrfdtivc] Aft, at, atqui, autem, 
c:eteriim, fed, vero, veium. ^j But do you fend 
r)Orc, aft plures mittito. But it is plain, at palet. 
hut then ive met ivith no trouble, alqui nullam 
lenfimus turn vexationem. 

But for, N), ab!que. ^ But for one man j ni 
urius vir fuiilec. But for him I had looked nvell tc 
myltlj, abfque e« cflei rcdlc ego mihi vidilfem. 

But [belorc, or before tuatj COm. ^ Hardly 
rudt the former Jtir ended, but Scipio commanded, 
Vix prior tumultus conticuerat cum Scipic ju- 
b't. fi^c. He bad jcurce fpake this, but, vix ea 
uius erat, cOm. }Ie ivas hardly gone cut of tht 
iumn'r room, but he commanded him to be ru,: 
tti ough, vix dum triclmio egrclfum contodi jufli 

But [except] Extra, nifi, prater, projicr- 

-B U T 

juam, f Bui miy ytu, exirj te unum. S'ctt- 
bur you -uniild h,n,i Urr./fitb a fin, t Jtm filftni 
nulla nifi lu parcrc-r. Ih- viaiaml.mntd h 'l!ihi 
voiti Ut cnf, omiiihui fentcntiis praic'r uiiatn 
ddinnatus elt. A'o My JaiJ h bui Cutn, nemo 
Id dixit prtterquam Ciccn.. 

Bui IcnlyJ MoJO, f„|iiin, tantim. ^ Ut 
but nihd by tr.t, mibi nrodi aufcul'a. We htvt 
but Ibt rcfirt, iiunciatioiinn not fuliim hibemuJ. 
Da yiu but be fmihful ic your fUr, tantum fida 
lorori efli velis. 'Ihiy d,},i«ru Init abm m tkiri, 
n re una folilm dimuent. 7ii</ /■»// b-ji ill name 
(fvii-iue m iby mouth, toloi it riolly it tbon 
kmueji not, nomen tantum virtulis ufurpas, qoid 
ipfa valcat ignoras. 

But ibat, Ni, nifi, nifi quod, quoJ nifi. ^ But 
tbat I think ycu knoiu it, I u-ouU tell you, ni e« . 
iftmiarem vos fcire, diccrem. Bui ih,tl the lart 
"f * « funtral detoinbl yiu, nifi fepiihurie cju« 
cura ic detinerct. Bui ibai lue «;« the -UKrilt 
othcriuije, nifi quo! verbis alitor Htamur. Bit 
that I think you h.fvi all tht w-wt, I ivjuld j n.l 
yju Jomf, quod nili aila omnia ad te perferii ar. 
biturcr, iple perfcriberem. 

But [alter a negative] Ne, non, nifi non, 
quam, qum, qui non, u: non. ^ J vu.'uj r.i- 
thing but yriur Ja/eiy, nihil latoro nifi ut tu fal- 
vus lis. ffe }ijj!jt nothing but tvhit ii morlal, 
nil non mortalc She dxth nttUng tlk 
but grieve, nihil aliud quain d.let. / caitnn: 
but ciy cut, non pofium quin excldmem. / ne-vrr 
krciu apart but he ihjughi himjclj the beji, adliuc 
ncminem novi poi-iam qui non upiimui fibi v;de- 
retur. There ii none but it afraid of yeu, nemo 
ell qui non te mctuat. It canmt U but ytm mufi 
fiiy -.i'hat you co not like, fieri nuUo padto poteft, 
ut non dicas quod non probes. 

I'aniculir phrafes. ^ There it none but invio. 
cth, nemo eft qui iielcit. He came but yijlerday, 
heii prinium venit. h'e it but jujl noTv gone, jam 
nuper eft quod dilceflit. But jfaringly, omnino 
modice. Then tuanled but a Utile but he had 
/Iruck him, tantiim non percuilit, parum abfuit 
quin percuteiet. / ■would but for hurting bin.; 
vellcm ni loict ei damno. He it icmmended tvitb 
a But, cum exceptione laudatur. Ihrre -.cai no 
tody at home then tut J, unus turn domi cram. 
I^'hat aileihyoH hut that you may do it} quid im- 
pedit quo minus fiat ? 

But if. Sin, fin au'cm ; quod fi. 

But tf not. Sin minus, fin aliter. 

But rather, Imo, quinimo. 

But jeldom, Raro, 

But a ivhik ago, or Jincc, Non ita pridem, 
nuper admodum ; jam dudu v. 

But juji nyw, Jam nufcr, nuperriroe, rccen- 

^ But for him, Abfque eo. 

Not but that, Non quod non, non quin. 

But only that, Pra;teiquam quod. 

But yet, Tamen, atlamen, veruntamen, at, 

/I butcher, Lanius. 

The butcher [hawk] Lanio. 

T« butcher, Matlo j rj. lanio. 

Abutcber row, or tutihtry, Laniena, maceU 
lum carnarium. 

Butchered, MaOatus, laniatus, 

W butchering, Maflatio. 

A butcher' I Jhop, Macellum, carnarium, Plml,- 
Taberna carnaria, l^arr. 

Butcherly, or belonging to a butcher, Laniontus, 

Butcherly, or trutlly, Crudelitcr, imnuniter, 

t\ Abutchtrly fcllmij, Homolbrdidus&crudeltSa 

Butchers brcom, Rukus. 

Hutcbery [great flaughtcrj Ca?de8, ftragei. 

Abutter, * Vini promus, vel dilpenUtor j cellas 
vinari^ curator. 

An under butler, Cellae vinariie curatorii vica. 

■\ Bulment [in building j Wo//.] Teiama. 

A butt [malic to Ihoot at] Meta. 

Bum [b.inlcs] Aggercs, pi. 

A bu,i [Wine vclici] * Amphora, tcAa j 
cadus, dolium, 


^ Tit tull trj, Exitemitas craflior. 
^ T» run full inn at cue ar.uher, Frontibus 
tdvcrfis conccircrc. 

T; bull, Arie:.', corno ferire, pfreutere. 
ILit ly tuing, Cornu percuflus, cornuuir. 
i^u functus. 

Jiatifd, or h-.imJiJ, Finitus. 
i'il.'ir, • Butyrum. ^ Hi ital itib gKti 
fitrc af talUr, m.y lay it lh:rt »<i h'n briaJ, Cui 
mu'iv-m eft pirens, eiiam oleribus immifcet. lit 
iisitib ai ifbmler tooM no! mtit in bit mousb, pro- 
zninertM auriculae Midjm produntj ovem in 
fronte, iHpum in cotdf, gerir. 

fl Ti Ulttra cake, PUcentam batjiro indncrf, 

!^ AiKiitiedtoafl, Sogmen tofii panis butyrr 
iiliii, loftus panis cum • bulyio, fruilum panif 
butyro iJlitura, fl lie kmvKth tn wbiib Jidt bit 
irt.iil stuiietcd, ftit uti tbro. 

fl liailer ttttb, Dentes anteriores. 
r/ lijiitr lump [bird] • Onocrotalus, ardea 

A hulltr fiy, Papilio, e/lit, f. 
'Ibiiaivk iittter fiy, Prxdatrix. 
fiure' fy [an hcibj Satyrion. 
% A butter pel, Tcda • bntvro condendo apta. 
A butler man, or ■wsmav, Q^i, 'vel qui, » bu- 
tyrum vcnd.t, 

JiuHer milk, * Butyri ferum, lac ferofum. 
Sutler •well, Sanicula eboracenf/!. 
A buttery, Krcmptuarium, cella prompluaria j 
tcllarium, p;;iiarta, /-^^Kr, 

Hurting [w:\nron] Petulcus, lafcivitns. A. 
ylhunxk, Clunis; rales, pi. 
W buttock cf beef, Clunis bubulns. 
yl Utile buttock, y Cluniculus, Gill, 
yt luitiM, fibula, globulus. ^[ A thirg net 
tmrtb a buttcn, res nihili. Kii tail n-.aketh Lut~ 
tins, valiit: trepidar. 

fl A bulion hole, Fifiura cui fibula inditur, 
A buHcn traker, Fibulaium confeflor. 
7q button y Fibulo, conf)bulo, fibuU fubncc- 
tiire. If/ conftringtre. 

Ahution [in plants] Gemma, ocnlus, permen. 
J}a cbehrs Iruilon [herb] • Lycnitis, Idis, {, 
Abntton [fiflij * Echinus, 
. iiuttonedy Fibulatus, fibula conilridus, 
A buttoning, Fibul.^t^o, 

A tuitrejs in taitJing, Fulcrum ; * anteris, 
• erifma, yiir, llatumcn. Col, 
Tobuttrefs [bear up with a buttrefs] SuG'uIcio. 
J ^ AJ'jrrier's iuitrefs, Ferramcntum concifo- 

Abiilmink [bird] Capelli. 
. Butyrous [Floyer] butyri qu-ilitatcm habcns. 
Buxom, Alacer, hilaris, Ktus, 
Vobeii/xcm, Exul'o; h-larita:e perfundi. 
B'lxomly, * Hilarjter, laMe. 
Buxomniji, • Hilaritas, la-ytia. 
To buy, Emo. coijmo , meieor, emerecr ; pe. 
tunia, vrl pretio, aliquid comparare, permu- 
tare. <[[ Jmi/l no: buy a fig in a poke, fpem pre 
tio non rmam. He buyetb of one that hatb ni 
right to fU, a rralo auclore emit, hi Jhewcib 
tt bath a mind to buy, digitum tollit. He bath 
not Viherrwtth to buy a bjlter, non habet quo 
rtftj^m cniar. Tjh carnct bay it but at a very denr 
rate, non parabis nili iminenro ptetio. It :< gocit 
knyitig "ivi'h other jfieni money,. Tcitum eft pciicu- 
Jum ex aliis facerc F'bi quod ex ufu tiet. 
. 7o buy a^ain. Red) mo. 
7b buy a bargain. Bene cmere. V. Bargain, 
To buy before tanil, or ai lU beji, Prae- 
merccr^ pra;rtino. 

^\ To i:iy dear, Pluris.Wmajori pretio, emerc. 
$fl To buy mtrchantahk ivares, A mercatoiibuf 
errtre quod ftatim vendant. 
To buy often, Ernplito. 
To buy mat, Obfonor. 
, . To buy iigelber, Coijmo^ comtnercor. 
To Itty aid Jell, Mcrcor, nundinor. 
To buy to fill again, Mucaturaai facers, ne- 

To buy u'pon trit/l, Fid» data emSre. 
fl 7o buy luilb ready money, Crieca fide mcr- 
€ati, 1 1/ pracfenti pecunia. 

^ 7o t uy off, Pccuaia<Ui<^ucm i fuf pllcio libe- 

B V 

r To buy up, Emcrcor. 
AminJ to Sujfj EmacJtas, 
To iavi A KiiTtd ta huyt Empturto. 
Abuye*^ Emptor, mcrcatcr. %^\ Lit th9 hu^tr 
!oak 10 b'imj€lj\ caveat cmp'or, 
A grtai iuyer, Emax, am. 
Aluymg^ Emptio, mercatus. 
A buying toictkfr, Co'ctnprio. 
To ^ixjc [as a bccj Mutmuro ; ij|» mufTo; 
• bombum cdc-.e. 

To luzx in otters car, Infufurroj in auren" 

^ Ts bttzx a fHng afiout, or ehrcaiU Rumorem 
Tpargcre, difjicrgcrti in vulgoi fetic. 
A buiiutrd^ Biitco, • triorchcs, <p, m. 
ff To he baiQun haiuk arret buaizitrti, incc.tuf 
animt pcndcrp. 

A buz.x^7rd fAfcham]^lhead, 
A buT^mer, Qni bumbitm edit. Mtt. (Sb.) 

A bi/zzhg, BomJ"US, fremitus, murnnur. 
By [a prcpnTition] A, or ab j ^ /.V it'.?: 
/li^in by tie •viiliwit Ab'lhi^ occidit a forti 
AchHJi'. Tity do :i<}t hro-:v (bat theft (h)n^s art 
tau[\bi />■ //'fw, hicc t\X^ ab his prxccpta ncfii- 
«nt. There lum a g^^eat jlaugblcr by tie emmi^i, 
mdgna ab hcltibus t lades crat. 

AJ, or apud J ^ To try U b^ rulff ad nor- 
:nam exigere. He Luh gardanby Ttber, habet 
hortos at Tibetim. By him f.u Sulpiciut, apud 
fum Su!picTus fedebat. He camnsatndtd Um t', 
iper.d ibe n'tfhi hy the water fidi, apudaquam agi 
tare noi£lern jubcr. 

Cum J fifj liy Utak cf d-:iy^ Cum prini.i lure 
De, e, ex , ^[ He h-.cvj.tb I am coming hy tli 
fctvt, De odorc adelfe mc ftlt. He psall hic.i 
no.'hiKg by me, ex nie nihil fcier. Tou rmy guefi 
by biin, ex ilio conjcfturam fades. It tvas done 
(y &grt€ment, <x corrpaflo faflum fu:t. 

Juxta ; ^ Tke rr.aid Jlandetb hy her father ^ 
Jiixta gc-nitrTTn afidt virgo. 

Ob J ^ By teajcn of the davger he had brought 
Lcp'ida intQ^ ob intenta. Lepida; pcricula. IFt 
are hitrcy.d by ^ne perfurti anger ^ Unlus ob irani 

Per i f We •will do the rcfi by cuifeh et, Re- 
iqtia per nos agcnius. He tvUl undo Its father ty 
iui vi/Iairty^ per ft.igitium ad inopiam redlgct p.i- 
trcm. JVcr indeid could Jhe by reafn of her age, 
nequc per xtatem ctiam poterat. Cajer ba'umg 
notice by aj'fy^ Caefar per indice;n certior failus. 
A father by adoption, per adopiioncm paler. 
Our comfavy ivai obliged to retire ly reafcn of the 
tumult^ per tumultum iiofter grex motus loco eft. 
Frs ; % By reufon of fear, Prae metu. 1 am 
not ahU Cj lorite the reji by reafon of tears, pn 
lacrjinis non poiTum rcliqua icribcre. 

Prater; %\ The furtb day be tvent ly A'be'a 
to Tigris, Qi^arto die printer ArbeUm pcnetrar 
ad Tigrim. 

Pro ; fl" By my office. Pro mca auflcritatc. 
Prope ; tf\ By the bank, Prope tipam. 
Propter; ^ By the river fide. Propter aqui 
rivuafi. / can p.tch no catup by reaf,n pf the time 
of the year,, nee callra propter anni tcznpus fa- 
cere polfum. 

Secundum ; ^ He received a ivound in Us 
hejd, bard by bis ear, Vul/ius accepit in C3pit<- 
' ciindum auiem. 

Sub ; ^ By the tcTvn^s fide. Sub ipfb oppido. 
1^'= Theprepofition isfomeiimes to be under- 
ftood, when it fi^^nincth the indrument where- 
with, the caufe why, or manner how; ^ By 
firatagem, not valour, do!o, non virtute. He 
luas o'vercomi hy Jha»H, pudore vtd^us fuit, 7o 
It cruQted by delay, comminui mora. 

Or by a germid in Do^ which is in a manner 
ai ablative: cafe; % Vice is nourif-eJ by beirg 
(onctnUd, Vitium aiitur te^endo. Every calamity 
may be uujuered by f'-jfu^ng, fuperanda omni^ 
torttina fercndo. 

Note, By is fometimps included in an adverb, 
^r a noun put adverbially , as, 

By fome manner, QT means, Aliijuatenus,. 

By all means, * Omnino, 

By Jomi means or ofber, Aliquo modo* 

By ivhat means? Qm} quo padh^ ? quo tnodo? 

BycbameT Cafu, loitc^ i'oriuna. 

B Y A 

Jiy rourfe, or ttern, Viciflim, viclbus alternfj. 
Hy drgre's, Panlaiim, gradatim, pcdetentira, 
ByHttu and little, Scnfim, pcdetentira, 
Byiifcf, Separatim, Itoifum. 
By Lean, Memoritcr, 
By fiealth, Furtim. 
By ro means, Nequaquam. 
By [near, cr hard by j Juxia, prope. 
By r/.fon that, ProplcTca quid ; as, f No a- 
Trr irent could be made, by reajon that be wai net 
contmt, res convenire nullo modo foterat, prcp- 
terea qviod ifte contentus non crat. 

^1 By furh a day, time. Sec. Ad diem, vel Km. 
pu?, diihim. 

By and ly, Conftftim, continuii, e ve'ftigio, 
fxtemplo, jam, illico, mci, protim s, 

II By t'.e ly, or ly the way, Obiter, in tranfitu, 
vet Iranfcui/u. ^| / tcuciej ttife liings by tie 
by, hare obiter attigi. / bad touched them l,gb:li 
by lie -way, leviter m tranfiiu attigeram. Our men 
have handled tl ofe thi!:g! by the ivay, in traiifcurfu 
ea attigcre nrftri. 
By day, Intcrdiu. 
By night, Noftu. 
^1 Ilaid iy. In proximo. 
Bf Kick, Multo. ^T By much the mofl learned of 
IcCreeh, Giascorum lonpe doftiffimus. 
By ht/tu much, Quanto, quo. 
By fo much. Tamo, ei. 

^1 By the way [in travelling] In vij, in iti. 
lere, per viam. 
Byte hat place, octcay. Qua. 
By fame place, or tchiy, Aliqua. 
Pattirular phrafis. f[ / ha-vi the money by me, 
i'enes mc pecunia eft. He took me by the cloak 
prehendit me pallio. By this time fwelie month', 
ante annum elapfum. - By ihjt time I pall have 
er.dd my year's office, Cjo jam annum munus 
confccero. By that time he bad juft ended bit 
rpecch, feimone vix dum finite. He could noitakc 
examfk ly a mijer perjcr, f.ipicntioris exem(lum 
mitari non poterat. I get it by heart, nieniori^ 
maridavi. He faith it by heart, mfiDoriter me- 
r.orat. 1 fiall ft down by myftif, ego decum- 
bam Iblus. 

ff TofrlUyjfa'l, Rctpatticulatim ,-L'</fingu- 
lim vcnCcre, divenderc, veiiundarc. 
f^ To fill by wboltfale. Bona fcmel auftionari* 
Day by day, Qui.tidie, in lingulos dies. 
Drip by drop, Guttatim. 
Man by man, Viritim. 
One by ojte, Singulatim. 
Siree: by Jlreet, Vicatim. 
Tear by year, Quoianni!, finguljt annia. 
A by-blow, V . Baftard. 
Aby-depir.deme [Sh.] Eventus fortuitu3. [Hud.] or view, [Atterb.] Obi. 
ter ccnftitutum. 

A by-end, reffea [Bacon] quod pro fe facitj 
finis Onifter. 

A by-law. Lex privata, decretum privatum. 
A by-matter [Bacon] Appendix. [Camd.J Nomen fiilum, w/pro- 
brofum. ^ 

Aby-fath, lane, or walk [Dryd.] Diverticu- 

Aiy-flace, or room [Sh,] latcbra, feccffus j. 
locus ficrctus. 

A by-fpeecb [Hooker] V. a by-word. 
A by-freet [Gay] Semitii via. 
A by-tuay. Via uevia. 

A by-word [common faying] Adagiom, [«♦ 
proachj Convitiiim, oDprobrium. 
To be by, Aded'e. 

Tl hy, or fee by, Rcpono, fepono ; recondo, 
Tt> fct by [efteeni] /Eftimaie, tr.agni faccre. 
To fet by, vt near, Ailideo. 
To ftandb), Afto. 

To fiand by, or defend, Aliquem juvare, t'et 
adjuvare; alicui adeH'e, i/f/ luppctiasfsrre. 
II By my fa, Ecaftor, mehercle, pol, ;rde ;:o], 
A byas, Inclinatio ; voluntatis propenfio, 
momentum in partem aliquam. 

fl Ihebyoi of a f late. Loci dccli»itaj, devexi- 

Having a hyas, Decllvis, devexus. 
To byat, Tranfverse agere, itx fuas partes flec« 
the, uahcre, pcrtrab:re«. 

C A G 

C A L 

C A L 

To be lyijjid to a parly. Ad, vil in, allquim 
faflioneni inclinare, (iropendcre, incWnatione vo- 
liintacis ferri, protlinari, vergcre. ^ Wt trt 
byjjt'ed to neither party^ neuctani i;i partem fumus 
projicnfiorcs. A mhui mt tyajj'ed in dtiatis, ani 
nius in confulundo libcr. / !,<wn mffelf byajjid in 
bis faviur^ meam voluntatem in cuoi cife pro 
penfioreni fatcor. 

Byat iv'ije, Tranfverse, oblique. 


ACahil [private confederacy] Concilium 
privatum, conciliabulum, 
jtcsLbaUer [Drjd.j Qui chndellinis confiliis 

To eahalt Conciliabulum inire, coitlonfm fa- ■ 
ce e, cccuitum confiliiun cum aliquo liabcrc. 

% To cabal againji osc , Aliquam clandeflinis 
ccnliJiis oppugnare. 

Thiahila of thi J civs, Traditio, decreta a 
patiibu3 tradita, 

A .ab.,lfi, II Cabaiifla. 
Cihaliji::t„, II Cabaliilicus. 
W cabbage, Braliica capitata, caulis. 
^! 'To cabbage, Jn caput coalelccre. 
Ihe cabbage ivorm, Eruca braljicaria. 
% The cabbage jf a deer's head. Matrix cervini 

Cabbaged, or beaded like a cabbage, Capitatus. 
^ To cabbage as a taylor, l-'artem panni, it- 
tici, £?<:. Itippilare. 

A cabin [in a iliip] • Stegaj tabulatum in 
• navi, caiula navaiis. 

A cabin, or booth, in a fair, Cafa, turguriunj 
mcrcaturium ; <|i cadurcum. 

A iiltle cabin, Gurgu(iium, Diapaiio, pi. 
% A cabin tofeep in, Turguriuin dornntorium. 
fl Acabmboy, •I'uerqui in cafuhl navali feivit. 
To cabin [Sh.J In cafula navali dcgerc, vtl 

Cabined [Milt.] In gurguftio retentus. 
A cabinet, Ciftula j t^ i'crinium, capfula, 
Csbifct drawers, Locelli in fciinio, 
A tabinet maker, Capfularum opifex. 
A i.abimt councilt Concilium fecretius. 
The intrigues of the cabinet ^ Secreta, vcl arca- 
na, rcgni confilia, 

A cable, * Anchorale, rudens, funis * nauti- 
cus, I'll anchorjrius. 

A J/:ect cable, Funis anchors facra?. 
Cablijb [brufh woodj Creniium, virgultum. 
"X Caiojhcd, Capitc truncalus, 
Cdciefiiik, Mala babituJine corporis laborans. 
Acachcxy, Mala corporis habitudo, cachexia. 
To caik, Caco. 

A eackeril [fifii] M«na, Wmenj. 
The -while lacierel, Miir.a Candida, * fmaris. 
The ox eyed cackerel, * Boops. 
To cackle, Glocio. 

To cackle, Deblatero, in cachinnum folvi. 
A cack'er, Gcrro. 

The cackling of a hen, Gallinxglocitatio, I.. A. 
Cacloihy^ry [bad digeftionj Malorum liumo- 
rum redundantia. 

A cacodcmon, Mains genius, • cacodxmon, 
Cadaveioui, Cadaverofus, 
AcadJis, eadiiv-jrm, cafeioorm (I.) cadeu), or 
fiiaW'tvcrnt (L.) PhryganioB, L. A. 
^I A cade lar.b, Agnus domi educatus. 
A cade of herrings, C.idus 500 hnlccum. 
fl A caite cf Jf>rats, Cadus loco fardinarum. 
Cadence, cadim} [Diyd.] Numerofa periodi 

A cadii [younger brother] Frater natu minor. 
Cadmia [a ftone] • Cadmia, lapis calaminaris. 
A cadow [Irifh mantle] Gaul'ape, gaufapina 

A cag of Jlurgnn, Acipcnferis tefta. 
A cage fjr bird\. Avium cavea, 
A cage for birds 1'^ fy about in, Aviarium; 
• croiiiioucphiom, l^arr. 

% A cage for maltfellors. Career clatbratuSj 
area robuitca. 

A age to funijb hndmtn in j 'Jf Catafla, 

CageJ [Donne] Inclufus. 
A caiman, • Crocudilu?. 
To cajole, Aflentor, lafto, Isnocinor, ludificor ; 
'J'palpaiij blando Icrmone aliquem deliniri, 
verborum lcnociniispermulc?rc, in fraudem illi- 
cere, inducere ; phalcratis verbis ducerc. % D 
you think to cajole me? duftare me dolis poftulas • 
I'oit kn-iu mt bcio to cajole mm, nefcis inefcaK 

Cajoled, Blando fermonc delinitu], permulfus. 
in fraudi-m illedlus. 

A cajoirr, Delinitor, palpntor 5 fycophanta. 
A<ajdirg. Verborum lenocinia, vel blandi- 
tiae, biandinientum. 

Acaiirf [vile perfon] Nefarius, flagltiofus.. 
!mpius, improbMS, fcejeiiiis, fceleratus. 
A caiiif [!\3ve] Captivus, mancipium. 
A ccke, riaccnraj <J> • popanum. fl Tow 
akt Is dough, ocCTfa eft res tua. 
A little cake, Placentula. 
A bean cake, Placenta fabscca. 
An oat cake, Avenacea placenia, 
A biide take. Placenta nupualis, 
A fpice cake, Panisdukiarius. 
A lakc >iiade of ho'-ey, trcal and oil^ *i> Libum. 
0«,' that filidh jucb cakes, * Libarius, Sen. 
Abroad thin cake, * Collyra. 
Cakes, Panificta, pi. Suet, 
A J'sllei of cakes, Placentinus, Tlaul, 
^ A cake half c, Domus ubi placentre venduntur 
A tureathed cake ; fi> Scnblita, al, ftriblita. 
A cake of phlegm, Accrius phlcginatis. 
^ To cake togeilvr as icals, Cruftie torma coa- 
Icrtcre, in unum coalelcere. 

A calamary |(ilhj I.oligo, ^/;;:i, f, 
A calanine Jione, Lapis calaminaris, 
C.a'.amint, * CalaiTiintha. 
Corn calamiin, • Caiamintha fvivcftris. 
Bufby, or hoary, cala'nir.:, * Calaniintha 

Calamity, Calamitas, infortunium, res ad- 
vcrfa. ^ To iveep for the calamities of a fiend, 
cftund<;re lachrymas in alicujus acerbitatibtis. 

Calamitous, oc full of calamity, Calamitofus, 

^ Sivcet ca'amus, Calamus * aromaticus. 
A ca'ajh, Carpcntum j r^i pilejltum. 
To calinJte, 01 cal.ine, Exuiere, in cinerem 

Calcinated, or calcined, Esuflus, in cinererii 

A caliinirg, or calcination, Exufiio, in cincres 

A calcinatory, Catinus fuforius. 
To cahulate, Rr.tionem putare, vf/ fupputare j 
n'rmcro, if/ ralculis, tJiioncm inire. f[Toi<j/-; 
culate one's difcourje to ordinary capacities, fermom 

familiari, iiel quolidiana, un j accommodalii ad 
fei-.fumcommunemluquij captui vulgifcrmoncm, 
■wt'/oralionem, accommodarc, 

^ To calculjte the motion of the Jlars^ Sidcrum 
curms & motum perfeqtji, 

f[ To calculate [a nativity] Ex alicujus •horo 
Tcopo futura p-a2diccre, 

Calulatid [compnted] Computatus, fupputa- 
tus, fubduitus. 

Calculated [adapted] Accommoilatus. 

A calculating, or calculation, fi/in/f ( Hoivell] 
Computatio, calculus; r.itioiiumfubd"itio. f] 1 
be out in one's calculation, crrare in fubductndi; 

^M/ij//a(or, Ratiocinator; calculator j qui 
rationis ccmputat, 

CcLuloiis, Cahulofe [Brown] calciilofns. 

A caldron, al. cau'dron. If bcs ; caldariiim, 

Calcul fippcr, • Piietitis, fil:quaftrum. 

Acalcivtr, (A) Cal,i;cr, (Sh.) |i Sclopeta ve- 

To calefy ' [Brown] Calefio, 

A calendar, Fafti, pi. 

A calendar [liay bock] Commenlatius diurnu: 
• cphcmcris, Idis, f. 

A calender of cloth, filk, Sec, Panni, fcrici, £?<. 

ff To calender chit, Pannum laevigjre, polirc 
-vel cxpalire. 

Calendered, Lsvigatus, politBS, cxp:ili*.u!. 

j1 ealeniitrsng, Livigatio, polilio, expolici*. 

The calends of itt month, CaltnJ r, pi, 

fj At the Gieik celendx [i.t. never] Ad <3r!B- 
':as (-ilendas. 

A cnlenun, * Msrbua fuKiit^. 

A calf , Vitulus. 

A fia calf, * Plioca, 

The calf of the leg. Sura. 

Of, or belonging 10 a calf, Vitclinus. 

A lolf^s chalebon, Echinus vituhnuf* 

A calf I fid. Pel vitulinut, 

^f«//'(/itf'/. Caput viiulinnm. 

A calf 's pluck, Ex<a vitulina. 

Calf's jnoui [herbj • Antirrhinum, • lych- 
nis fylvcrtrit. 

iahco. Tela molliufcDla'de P Calicuto, -vel 
lU Indica. 

Celulity [Brown] Calof. 

Caligation [id.] Caiigo, 

Cali^raphy [PndeauxJ |]*'graphia. 

ff To calk a fbip, Navcm oblir^re, ftupa navia 
'inias farc^re. 

A calk'r. Qui navem oblinit. 

To call, Appcllo, compeilu, nuncupo, voco, 
mcmoro; perhibeo. <|| lie icill call you to an 
account, laiiotiem de te repetet. // ij called by 
'his mime, flgnatur hoc n0Di>ne. IhadnO'tltttton 
'-iilUd by that name, non niihi co^'hatiis Iiiii quif- 
quam iltoc nomine. Tl ty call 10 he gin.; vai'a 
conclamant. So ihef called hir, illi id erit no- 
Thc fwlcaHetbihe kittle burnt atje, Cludiui 
acculat morchos. 

To call aloud, Exclamo. 

To call apart, ajide, or avtc^, Avoco, fcvofo, 


To call baik, Revoco; rcpeto. 
To call back one's word, Retraflo, denegb.j 
^ TecanTo ; palinodiam cancre. 

To call I y name, Indigito, miininoj i{> ufurpoj" 
nomine appeltare, tjtl nuncupare. ^f iVhat may 
I call your r.amef qui vocaris ? Call me no intrt 
by that name, ne me ifioc nomine appclL'tifis, 

<[ To I ail by a nick name, Nomine fifto, vfl 
lidlitio, aliqimin appelLirc. 

'To roll fir, Arceflb [todemaml] rcpeto. 

To call fr help, aiicujus ir.iplorare. 

To call forth, or cut, Evoco, chiio, excio. 

To cull fir a thing, I'ofco. 

Tocallin, Inirovnco; a/, intpo VPCO, 

To caJl iu [a dog] C^nem inclamare, vet in- 

^ To call in [:< a place] De viJ falutare, ad 
Jon;um al;cujus e via devertcre. 

f| To cad in one's tirlfs, or monei, Pecuniam 
Illi debitam cxi^ctc, rcvocare. 

To call in, or repeal, a de. ree, la^v, &c. Dccra* 
turn, -vel k-gcm, abrog.-»n*, totltre, 

Tn call into court. In juSTrocare, 

^ *7* call sutlanily fo'- a tlirg, .^Itquein pre- 
cibus fatigarc. 

To call inftantly f)r battle, Marlem fatigaie, 
id folititaic. 

fl Tt call till one be hoarje, U(<)ue ad raviiu 
iiofrire. _ 

«f To fall if fiom n bufinejy, Aliquem ab .ili- 
i^Dj rcavcricre, avocarc. 

To call often, Vceito. 

To call on one to do a thing, AJliortcr, 

To call ener names, Nomina leceniEre, ffci- 

Tocalhomiri, or remrmhanee, P.eccrdpr, rc- 
minifcor, rccolo, rcccgiofco. ^ Canyou call it 
■on-ind? nunquid meminifti ? I mil that to n.i>:.i, 
vtnit in menieni ilia res, de ill." re. I can-i-n ,;ii! 
it to mirdnnv, mill) nunc nonoccurrlt. memo;:.!; 
non ell. Ketto 1 coil 10 mind, jam ted-it in nic- 

II Tocfill one allle naught, Convicior, eonvi- 
ciis aliqiicm profcindcre. 

^Ti> all in iju'JUon [doubt] A liquid in du- 
Ilium vocare, dcaliqua le dubitare. 

^ To laUa ferj-v in jacjliar, Aliquem ntami- 
nare, intcrrogare ; in aliq-iem inquircrc. 

fl To call 1} arms, A>\ arma vocare, clafllcum 

1 % «] r« 

C A L 



m To call cnt t» an accourt [for evil prafljce] 
Ad rationcm rcdriendam vocare, 

fl To taU we to an accsuut {for eitpcnces] 
Stimptuum rationcm exigcre, poflulaie, pofcere. 

To cai/to onf, Comprllo. 

To call together^ Convoco, concico. 

TacaUuntOt IncUmo. 

To call up, Cico, 

Toeallfipf^iritt, Manes ctcre, cvocare. 

To €jU one up [in the motnin^j SuTctto, ex* 
pergcfacic, dormientcm excitare, ex fomno 
cjtcirc. ^ 7te irezuing of tbt cock called me up, 
me gaiti cintus rxrufcjcjvic. 

Tt calltjs a paitritl^e 'y *t» Cacabo, 

To caJl upcUf Invcco. 

To call upon fur btlp. Implore j obtcftor} 
% They caUid upon us for help, opem & auxilium 
noftrum flagitarunt. 

Tc call upon often, Indamilo, urgeo. 

To call upon for a witifft, ox judgmer.t ^ Appcllo. 

To call to ivitnefsy Teftor, ccntfftor, obteftor. 
% I call Gad to •w'ilneft, id teftor Drum. Callir^ 
the g^di and men to ^oi'tneft, dcos hominefque con- 

To call upon by the tuay, CompeUo; de via 

To caH uponGod^ Dcum invocare. 

^ To call a council^ parl'ianitnt, &c. Concili- 
um, fenatum convccare, W indiccre. 

f[ Let ut call anoiber cauje, De aliis rebus dif- 

ji call, ot calling, Vocatio, vocatus. 

^ To heat a call, * Tympani figno vocate, W 

^ At a call. Ad nutum. 

1^ To give one a call, Aliquem advocirc. 

Tc he called, Vocor, advocor ; acceifbr. ^ 7'l.ey 
are called to arms, conclamatur ad arma. he 
Jhall he called Venus's grandfon^ Veneris nepos 

To he called, or named, Nuncupor^ nominor ; 

To he called agai*!, Rcpctor. 

Not to he called ba<k, or recalled* IrrcvocabiUs, 

That may he recall fd, Rtvocabiiis, 

To he called up, Excior, />/, 

Called [named] Vocatus, di^us, nominatus. 

Colled [invited] Invitatus. 

Not cAiled, Invocarus. 

CaVfd agihi, Uepetitus. 

Called ba:k, Rcvocatus, 

Cjlltd for, Accitus. 

Callid ly ctmmand, Arce/Titus, 

Callfd ty name, Nuncupatus, 

Ca/fed hy afal/e name. Nomine &€to appelUtus. 

C-afled tften, Vocitatus, 

Called cut, Evocatus. 

Called up, Excicus. 

Called upon, Imploratus. 

^caller. Appellator, vocator, 

A caller for J Arccfli'or. 

A waller forth. Evocator. 

AcaUfl [Sh.] <J» ScoriilUim, 

CaUtmancoy Panni lanei quoddam genus. 

A falling hack, Revocatio. 

A calling for, Accitus, 4. 

A calling f 01 tb, Evocatio. 

A calling from, Avocatio. 

A calling ly name, Compelhtio, 

Acallwg to remembrance, Rccognitio, recor- 

A calling together, Convocatio. 

A cairwgupcn, precatio, obteftatio. 

Of, or belonging to, calling, |{ Appellativus, 
vocativus. Prifc* 

A calling [profcflion] • Ar», * artificiumj 
^uxllus, mumis. 

CalUdity [craftinefi] Calliditas. 

Callfity, or calloufnd't. Callus, -pf/callum. 
/ Callous [brawny] Callofus, 

To grcno callous, Ohcalleo. 

Callno [not fledged] Implumis, dcplumis. 

Calm, Placatuf, placidus, fecundus, fcdatu^, 
frrenus, quietus, tranquillus, IcniSj compoiitus, 
mollis, pacatus, tra£labilis. 

Acalm at jta, • Malacia, maris tranquilica8> 
fiXj freiumftansj unda Arata, 

Calm wexher, Serenkas, fudum^ tranquil - 
lum, tempcft 8 ferena. 

^ In a calm fa, Tranquillo mari. 

To calm, or make calm, Paco, pi;:co, fedo, 
tranquillo j mulceo, compono, Icnio. 

To U calm, Mitcfco, quiefco^ fileo. 

Caln:tdj Pacatiis, lenatus, feiiatus. 

To he calmed. Placer, fcdor, tranquillor* 

A ca'mer [Walton] Pacalor, Sen, 

Acal*, PJacatio, fedatio. 

Calndy, Lrniier, placidc, tranquille ; mclli- 
tcr, palientrr, fcd.ite. 

CalmnefSf Tr.inquillltas, ferenilas. 

Calmncfi [genllenefs] Indulgentia, If^nitas. 

J Calomel, mcrcurius duicis fexlies fublimatus. 

Calirifc [Crew] j] Calorifitus, Cell. 

-^ A calot [leather cap] [| Cudo, Jun. 

Ca t'ops \_An inflrument with iron] 
Murices, pi. * iribuli, pi. 

Sharp like caLniit, Muiicatus. 

Grea: caltrops, oc water caltrops [herb] *||Tii- 
bulus aquaticus. 

Laid caUrofs, * || Tribulus tcrreftris. 

To calve f Vitulum parere. 

Calved, Vitulus in lucem edltus. 

Calves fwt [herb] * Arum. 

To calumniaie [H-inder] Calumnior, infamo j 
falfum crimen in aliquem intendcre. 

Calumniated, Infamatus, calumniis impcticus, 
filso delatus. 

A calumniator. Calumniator, * fycophanta, 
falfus acfufator. 

Calumnious^ Conlumeliofus, injuriofus. 

Calumnioujiy, Per calumniam, injurjose, con- 

Calumny, calumniaiictt [AylifFe] Calumnja, 
falfd criminatio. 

Cambnck, Slndon, onis, f, lintcum H Cama- 
racenfe tenuiflimum. 

/ came, Veni, See Come. % They came to me, 
ad me adilum e(l ab illis. It came by chance, 
fortoito cecidit. It came into my mind, fubiii 
animum, [] // came out fcr all tbjt, ea res tamcn 
prodita eft. Jhiv came that Jufpicion into you: 
headf qui ifthjcc libi incidit fufpicio ? Thi^ 
evil came f rem you, hoc a te ortum eft malum. 
Hoii} came this dfeafe upon you ? unde contraxifti 
morbum ? Difeafes came fuddenly on the country- 
men, in agrefles ingruerunt morbi. Night cair.e 
on tbcm 'while they ivere fgbtlng^ intervenit nox 
illis pr<eliantibus. There cams Jome to me, aliquot 
me adiere. So came ive to know, unde eft cogni- 
tio fa£la. / a^i-d whence that letter came, quxA- 
vi unde eflcc epifiola. 

A i^anul, Camelus. 

Of, QT belonging to, a camel, Camelinus, hair, Pilus camelinus. 

Camels lair [hcibj • Schananthum ; juncus 

A keeper of camels, Camtlorum cuftos. 

A can:ehpard [a beaft] CAmtlopirdus. 

A camerade, ccmerade, Contabernalis. 

A camepdo, camijado, (Howard) Excurfu> 
militum indufia fuper arma hobencium. 

^ To give a camcfado, Antelucanam imprelTio- 
nem hoftibus infenc. 

Camlet, Camolet [Brown] Pannus camelinus, 
-vel ex camelorum capillis confcftus. 

ff Bair camlet, Pannus ex folis camelinis ca 
pillis contextus. 

f[ H'afer camlet, Pannus camelinus variegatus, 
•vel undulatus. 

Cammo.k, || Arrcfta bovls. 
Camomil, V, (i)dmDW(7t-(Spens.) * Chamasme- 
lum, • anthcmis, * leucanthemis. 
Bnfiard camomil, Marathrum. 
Camoys [nofej (Brown) Refimus. One tvitb 
fucb a n'jje. Silo, 

A camp, Caftra, pi. pr.-efidium. f[ He took 
tbt enemies camp, caftris exuit hoftcm ; hoftium 
caftris potitus eft. He raij'ed works ahwi binamp, 
operjbus (^aftra munivic. 

^ To make entrtnchments about a camp, Caftra 
cingere vallo. 

To pitch a camp, Caftramctor, caftra figtre, 
facjre, locare j figna defigvrc, ^ I pitched my 

amp hard by the walls, ad murum caftra porut. 

To raife a camp, Caftra movers. 

To force a camp. In caftra perrumpere. 

The raifng of a camp, Caftrorum molio, copi-' 
rum e caftris difceiTus. 

A running camp, Caftra temporarlaj velcx^c* 

A fandingcamp, Stativa, pi, ' 

fl A rairp rr.ajler, Caftrorum prafcdlus. 

The pitching of a camp, Caftrorum metatio, 

Th' pitcher of a caji:p, Caiirorum metator. 

Of, oc bcioK^lng tOy a camp, C.tftrenjfis, 

Thofe that fi'low the camp, Calorics, pi. 

One that jet'udb the camp, Lixa, a, ni. 

A campaign [or open country] Campus, pla^ 
nitief, locus campeftrts. 

A campaign [taking the fiijldj Expedrtlomi- 
Htaris. ^ Ow arms hwv: Inen fuccejful this, 
campaign, bellumhoc anno fcljcitcr gcftumeft. 

A campa'gn coat, Sagom, chlamys, dis, f". 

^I To cpen the campaign. In expeditioncm edj- 
cere, ex hibernis proficifci. 

To m tkethe campaign loith a pcrfon, Criftra ali~ 
cnjus fequi. ^ He hath made jet'LiJecn campaigns^ 
eptemdccimannorum. ftipendium meruit. 

^ The campaign tvai at hand, Inftabat tempu» 
ad bellum proficiftendi. 

A carr.pane, or campanel [flower J ]| Camp^> 
nella, 1, 

Camped^ V. \ncamped* 

Camphire, {| Campbora, 

Campbirated, TinOarii 1| ctimphorie mUtui* 

A carrpbirt tree, j] Camphora. 

9\ Camphire ivater. Aqua || camphor*. * 

Campi-.ns [an herbj * Lychnis, '"tdis, f, 

f[ Roje canplom Rofa manna, 

lean, poflum, queo, polleo, ^ Can it he fo ? 
Joltrftne fieri ? Do ivhat you can to Ja-ve my Jon, 
l-rva, quod in le eft, filium. That can bear any 
Z''ief, qui ferre queat quofcunqoe dolores. Do 
•what ycu can to get it done, operam ut fiat da. 
Can you he quiet? potin ut definas ? This is all 
that Ica't prcmife, tantum habeo polliccri. 11 They 
.an ill aivay •with it, graviter fcrunt. / tan fnd 
my brother no I'jhere, fr.itrem nufqiiam invenio 
gentium. As like as can be, quam fimillimus j 
ladtr la^ti fimilius cft« Ai Jocnascan be, quaoa 

/ can tell, Scio. 

It is more than you can tell. Nefcfs. 

^ How canyou ttlif Qui fcis ifthuc ? 

^ No body can tell. In incerto eft. 

% No body (an tell Jo ivill as you, tu cs optimus 
teft s. 

^ What I can, Qnantum in me erit. 

To do ivbat one can, Enjtor, conor, operam 

Cannct, Ncqueo. ^ / cannot fay in the houfe, . 
ncqueo in a?dibus durare. Tou cannot hut knoto, 
te non prastetit. Cannct you held your tongue ? 
etiam laccs ? There cannot be a jafer eourfe taken, 
ui tuliftimum eft. / cannot forbear fending te you, 
lacerenon poftum, quinad te mitta>n. 

J cannot teil, Nefcio. ^ They cannot under fiand 
Creek, neffiunt Gra?ce. he camioi tel' lohicb if 
ivhicb, uter fit non quit difcernere. One cannot' 
tell tvbicb tvay it tvill go, non intelligitur otro 
icrir, / cannot tell lubat to do, quid faciam • 

A canal, Canalis. * 

A little canal. Canaliculus. 

A canary bird, * [j Chloris ab infulis || CanariJs 
afporiata, paHer [] Canarius. 

A canary bird [Jcnavej * Planus, improbiftl- 
mus, carcerc dignus. 

Canary grafs, * Phalaris, "tdis, f. 

^ Canary wine, Vinum, || Canaricum, W 

\\ To canary (Sh.) V. to frolic k. 
To cancel [a writing] Obiitcro, deleo, dif- 
pungo, expungo, induce. 

To cancvl [make void] Abrogo, rcfcindo, re» 
figo, iintum faceic, 

Tobe can^ekd, Expungor, deleor. 
Canceled, Dcletus, expumi^us. 
That maybe canceled, **> Delebilis, 
' A catuelcr, Qui, vtl %m£ cxpun^it j deletrix, f ♦ 

A itifi* 




jtcMcermg, Abolitio, 
CaMti/ated {Cratt.) Cjncellatul. 
Acanctr for crab] Cancer. 
A cancer [forej al. Cbmcrc, Cancer, "Ji £an- 

A-caictr [fwelling] • Carcinoma, ai'n, n, 
Tc cartcirair, (L'Eltr .ti^-ie) Cancero, Ptin. 
Canceron; f^i\. Cbamrom^ Ulcerofus j putridus. 
Cardini, (Brown) Candens. 
Candiii, Candidas, ingenuus, icquus, »<^ua- 

A cjFuUdtie, Candidatus. 
^ To fatid candidate for an rfficc, Munus ali- 
^uod ambire. 

Candidly, Candidij ingenuJ, xqui. 
Candidnefi, (Sooth) V, Ciindour, 
Candied, Saecharo condlrus, 
A cand/t, Candela, luctrna. ff Hit candle 
htirnctb ivitb'in the focket, homo depontatus eft. 
IVben candkicrt all 7Ut, all cats are grey, nodtc 
latent inund£. To buld a candle to [be devil, 
fcenae fervire. 

To ligbta candt'c, Candelam accendcre. 
To put out- a candle, Candelam extingncre. 
To jnfff a candle, Candelam emungere. 
Atalkiu carMe^ Candeja fcbacea. 
A tcaich car.dU [watch liglit] Vigil lucerna, 
«andela lucubratoria, 

A laax candle, Candela cerea. 
A candle holder, (Sh.) Speftator humilis. 
Acandleteitk, * Ellychnium. 
I'o tuork, or Jludy, by candle ligbt, Lucubro, 
elucubrO) evigilo. 

Wrougb! ly candle I'glt, Elucubratus, 
• A candle maker, Candeiarum opitex, 
A candlefiick, Canctlubriim. 
Atrancb candlefiick, * Lychnuchus. 
A banging candlejiici, * Lyclinuchus penfilis, 
A plate Cii«i//^/V^, Candelabrum argenteum. 
A candle jnufftr, || Emundlorium. 
He ibai livetb at it it ere by candle ligbt, * Lych - 
nobius. Sen, 

Candlemas day, * {{ Lychnocaia, purificatiii 
virginis Marix. 

, A candle iva/ler, (Sh.) V. A fpendihrifi. 
■ Candour, met. Candor,- aequammitas. 
To candy, Saccharo condire. 
Candy Alexander [herbj Smyrnium crelicum 
A cane, Canna, canna Indies j calamus, 2 
arundo, dlnls, f. 

Tie bead of a cane, Caput, vtl fummitas, 

A cane feller, Cannarum venditor. 
^ Cane cbairi, * Cathedra: tannia cooftrufhtj 
•vel intertextar. 

V A fugar cane, Canna || Saccharata. 
Tt .am, Fufte aliquem cajdcre. 
Ucl.oiv as a cane, Filluhaus. 
A place ivbere canes gro^v, Arundlnetuni. 
Searing canei, * Arundifer. 
Of, or like, a cane, Cany, (Milt.) Aiundina- 
ceus, arundineus. 

full of canes, ^ Arundinofus. 
Cane,!, Fufte caefus. 
Made cf cane, Arundineus, canneus, 
Canel ftree, or fpicej Cinnamomum j <Ji Cin- 
natnum, A. L, 

Acanetng, Fuftuarium, 2. 
Canicular, (Brown) || Canicularij. 
Canine [doggiUl] CaiiinuB. 
Canine appetite, * Phagedzina, inexplebili' 
cibotum aviditas, tames infatiabilis, efuritio 
infeturabilis, rabida • crexis., \\ Caniftrum. 
Acanker [worm] Eruca. 
A canker [(ore] Cancer, •ulcus. 
A canker in tbe mouth, * H A[>hthae, pl< 
A canker in tbe nefi, • Polypus. 
Canker [ruftj Rubigo ^"■■■i, f- 
Tie canker of irafs, /^irugo. 
Ibe canker of iron, Ferrngo. 
Toca':ker, Rubiginem contrahere. 
Canheriit, (Sn.) Dcnte venenato morfuj. 
Cankered, Rubiginofus. 
A canne, * Caatharuj, vas, vtl pocului. 

ne camel l>or,e of the throat, Clavicula, • tra- 
chea ; jugulum. 
Cannibal, (Sh. Bentl.) • Anthropophagui, 
Caanitally, (Sh.) Crudcliter, anthropophago- 
rum more, 

Cannions [of breeches] • p Peiixoiijata, pi, 
brachialia, L. A. 

A canucn [great gun] Tormentum bellicum, 
Brafi cannon, Tormentum aineum. 
Inn cannon, Tormentum ferrcum, 
Tbe carriage of a cannon, Lignea compage: 
tormentum fuftinens. 

ff To cbarge a cannon, Pulverem nitratum glo 
bumque tormcnto iiidi^re, i/t7infercire. 

TbemuxKle of a cannon, Os tormenti bellici. 
^ Acannon ball. Globulus ferreus c tormentis 

Tipcinta cannon, Tormentum bellicum aliqtiu 

Tc /hoot off a catinon, Tormentum bellicum 

f[ To be out of tbe reach of cannon fhot. Extra 
globorum e tormentis dirplolbrum jadtum elVc. 

To cannonade, Tormenta bellica in locum ali- 
quem difplodere, tormentis locum verbcrare, -vel 
quaiere ; majoribus tormentis in ho{lem ejaculari 
A canncttier, Tormeiitorum liberator, 
A canon [rule] Regula. 
A canon [law] Canon, ZrM, m. 
The canon law, Lex j] canonica, jus pontiAcium. 
A canon [in a cathedral] || Canonicus. 
Canons [refrdent] * {| Ctenobitaf, pi. 
Cancnical, Legitimus, j] canonicus. 
Can-nically, Legitime, [j canonice. 
A camnjjt. Juris pontrficii pcritus, || canonifla. 
A canunfhip, canonry, or canon s place, |{ Ca- 
nonicatiis, 4. 

To canonize, Aliquem in divos referte, ad 
fandlorum ordinem adfcribere, numero ccslitum, 
inferere, coniecro. 

Canenixed, In divoi relatus, -vel afctiptus, 

A canonizing, or canonixation. In numerum 
fandlorum relatio, i/<;/afcnpuo j confecratio. 
Canopied, (Milt.) Velatus. 
A Ci-v.opy, Ij Canopeum, A. umbraculum, L. 
Canirus [loud] Canorus. 
A catio^v, canoa, (Ral.) came, (Arbulh.)ra- 
noo, (L.) * Scaphulalndica. 
To cant [caftj Conjicio. 
To cant [talk gibberifli] Sermone fiftitio uti 
ex compadto, [whine] verba cantiliare, iicl 
trahiire, [wheedle] aliqucm drdis ducere, lac- 

Cant [audtion] Audlio, 
To Jell by cant (Swift) Audlionor, audlioneni 

t'd/irrng-, .Conjiciens ; fermonem fidlltium ufur- 
pans J verba cantillans; didtis ducens, 

A canting, Conjedlus, 4, fcrmonis fidlitii 

Canterlury bells [herb] || Campanula, 
Canihwides [Spaniih Kies] * Cantharides, pi. 
A canticle, oc canto, (Sh.) C.rnticum. 
The tanticlts, Caniicum canlicoium. 
A canile, cantlei, (Dryd.) Fruilium,i<!gmcn. 

Acamle [heap] Mafl'a, moles. 
To cantle cat, in fruftra fccare, 
tuntled, (Dryd.) Concims, 
A canton, Tribus ; regio j conventus juiidi- 

To canton, or canlonize. In tribus partiri. 
^ To canfm forces, Copias in plures civitates 
didribueie, vt/ in varia prtefrdia partiri. 

Cantoned, or cantonixed, Divifus in tribus, vel 

Aianired, [hundred] centutia. 
Can-vas, Cannabis, pannus cannabinus. 
Of, or belonging to, canvas, Canrrabinus. 
<^] Cujhion canvas, Carbafina veftis tenuior. 
7ifuni/«j, [fuc for preferment] Ambio, pre- 
icnfo, contendo. 

To canvas [frft, er examine, a bufincfs] Ali- 
. uid examrnare, perpendcre ; in alrquid diligen- 
:cr inqu.rcrc, icJB aliqaam vcfligaic. 

Catma/ed [fued for] Ambitni, prthenfatm, 

Catrvajed [fifted] Examinaius, invcllgatus. 

^ A tufy, or contentious, carvafer. Homo co- 

Canvajtd [much talked o.''] • Agitatut, jac- 
tatus, • exagitatus. 

Acanv.tjing [for an office] Ambttut, ambi- 
tio J petitio, prcniatio. 

A canvajing [fifting, or examining] Iiiquifi- 
ti», invcfligatio, 

A cap, Picnus, pileum, ^ Tf'eiiay thank our 
caps for that, nobis hare pilc.i donant. Dot b be 
think 1 111:11 come up cap in bard to limf is fibi 
me fupplicatutum putai ? His cap is lined -with a 
klierhcad, bardus efl j infulfus audit j nihil 
fapit j Afinus Antronrus. 

A tittle eaf, Pileolus, piieolum, 

^ Capped with iicn. Sec, Ferro pr;cpiIato«j 

To cap a ferjon. Coram aliquo caput aperire, 
vel nudare. f[ / i ' ' 
ham de capitc. 

[ villi cap you, galerum detta- 

Aliitle cap tvorn under the hat, Capitium, yarr. 
A fat cap, Petafus. 

A cap iviibbuit;nsof gold, Pileus clavattrs, 
A fur cap, * llCudon ferinus. ^ Tbey favt 
their heads ly putting on fur caps, caput his CU- 
done ferino Stat cauium. 

Acap of maintenance, PileuJ honorarius. 
A night cap, Pileus nodlutnui, pileum dotmi- 

A Jeamans cap, Pileus nauticus. 

A f^uore cap, Pileum quadraium. 

A three cornel eJcjp, Pileum triangulum. 

pyearing a cap, Pileatus. 

H ^ To put on one^s confderirtg cap, Rem animo 
diligenter agitarc, perpendSre, lecum confijemre. 

A capper, or cap maker, Pileorum opifex, vel 

A capping. Capitis apertr'o, pilei detradlio. 

Full of capping [crouching] Vcnerabundus. 

C^p-d'pie', [armed from to foot] A ca» 
pite ad calc:m armatus, • cataphrad>us. 

f\ Soldiers armed ctp-a-pie'y Gravis armatura: 

^To capvirfes, Alternis verfibus contend?re. 

Capable, Capax, aptus, par, idoneus, potent, 

Capab'enefs, Capacitas. 

Capacious, Capax, amplus. 

Capacioujncjs, or capacity [of a vetrel] capact- 
tas; <J> menfura (of a place.) amplitudo. 

Capacity [ability] Captus, facuUas, intelli- 
gentia, prudentia. 

To capacitate, * I'arem aliquem alicoi rei ge- 
rend^e latere. 

Capacitated, Rei alicui gercnda par fadtus. 

Of good capacity, Soltrs, bona indolis, acu- 
tlflimo ingenio. 

^[ According to my capacity. Pro meo ingenio, 
oru ingenii facultate, pro niodo ingenii. Jam 
r.ot in a capacity cf doirg juch a thing, son miUi 
facultas eft j oeeft facuhas. 

fa A bock fted ti the meaneji capacity, Libeltu^ 
etiam infimis ingeniis accommodatus. 

Aeaparijin, Lorica, crnatus equeflri:. 

To caparifon, Lorica munrre, 

Caparifoi.ed, Loricatus, * cataphradlus, 

A cap cafe, Maniica. • || pileotbeca. 

A cape [at fea] • Navium Datio, promonto- 

^ To double a cape, Promontorium fledlere 
praetervehi, fuperare. 

Tbe cape [of a garment] Veflis |] capa, vet 

A Spanip cape [Ihort cloak] Chlamys Hifi 
paaics, ^ bardocucullus, 

A caper in dancing, Ttipudium, faltus, 4. 

To cafer, Tripudio, aililio, pcrfulto, fub- 

Acrcfscaper, || Subfultatio. 

A caper [privateer] Ailuarium privatum, 
navis piratica. 

A caper [tree, or fruit] • Capparis. 

A capillao.en', Capillarr-cntum, 

m 'I he cefiliaty vi, .s, * [\ Vena; capillSrf*. 

tAiapiritaili [minced n.eall Minutal, A. 

* ' CapitJ 

c A r 

C A K' 


Cafitil [nr chief] Prirciiiuus, cipitalis. 
yl cjfjjl Ictitr, Lrtcrj II uncialisj tirfmajuf- 

Jca(i!ltUff:n,r, Crimtn cagitile. 

^1 :apiul city, Urb! prlniaria, • || metropolis. 

Vl cafiial p>'if, *Navii magna, Wmajor. 

1 jYi-<r/iM/rii*a;7rf.»f, Cipitulum. 

% 7tv cjpii.rl f.od of o camfarrj, Sots opitalis 

' • ■ Cjpitaliier, P/r. 

' j i<m-j\Bcd, Capitis damnari. 
/jf,/ fj/iVj/Zy, 'Capite picifli. 
A nf.iat-jr, or (■«, Capltum sftimatio, vel 

^I to 'jy a cafitar.on tax, Pecuniam in capita 

Ihi tapUsl [in Rorr.rJ Capitolium. 
X Cifittii [coarfc fi kj II Mataxa, L. A. 
y1 rjpliular [Taylor] CapituUre; fciiptuni 
Capitulis diOinflum. 

To caphtilalt, De conditionibus pacis agere ; de 
uibe, -.r/arcs, Jedendji tranfligerf, ^i-/ ♦pacifci. 
C^fira'ii:/J, * PaiVo conrtilutus, 
Cipiiu'aiii'.g, * I'acifccns. ' 
A iapUulaiin^, or cofilutatitm, * PaSio de ur- 
bf, veluce, dcdendS. - 

^ To iem'ani a eafitulalioit, Colloquium de 
oppido dedendo expofcere, 

fT Artklct of capituktion, Dedendi oppidi ca- 
fila & leges. 

A capitulator. Stipulator. 
A cap'i [horfej CabaliuJ, L. A. 
Capon'i tuil [herb] || Valeriana msjor. 
A capon [llone] * Aleftoria, Sc. gemma. 
A capon, Callus fpado; <f capo. 
To cut a cap'^n, Caftro. 

Atapinel, ox youn^ capon, Caponis pullus, A. 
caponil, II capur.tulus, i,. callratus pullur, 
Capoi [jt picket] Duplex viftoria. 
fl dp paper, • Chart) • emporetica. 
T'iifa/ri.fltej [fo«l] jj Capricalca. 
A caprice, or tapricbio [fanufticul humour] 
Rcpentinus animi impctvis, Wmoiur. CJTj/.c- 
4 thing hy caprice rafbcr thai hy mature delibera- 
tion, impctu quodam animi potifis quarn cogila- 
tione aliquid taccre. Ahzitd by a J'udden caprice, 
rcpcntino animi impetu concitatus. 

Caprice, capricioufnefs [obftinate humour] Per- 
tinacia, mcrofitas. 

Capriciotti fiamailical] Inronflans, levis. 
Capricioui [obftinate] Morcfu^, peitillax. 
Caprkioufij [lantailically] Inconftanter, le- 

CapriclouJIy [obftinately] Morose, pertinaclter. 
Caprkibufnt ' '" 
aDimi levitas;. 

ifnej'l [fi 

antafttcalnefs] Inconftaotia, 

Ca/ricorn [one of the figns] Capricornus. 
The caj-riil [fault of a hurfej Enui || rubfulrus. 
The capjlain, ot capfiem, ofajhip, * Eigala 
A captain. Dux. 

Tbe ibicf captain, or captain genera!, Imperator, 
tfiimmus dux, • (Iratepus. 

A captain of the kings guarjs, Praetorii, 've/ 
fateilitum, praefcAus. 

, A captain of grenadiers, or fight bo*fe, Expe- 
^itae, W Icvjtur aimatcrum cquituni, turm^ 

A iapiain of a company, Ordinum duftor, 
A captain of horle, Turmas cquilum duftor, 
A captain o^er tbirty-t^vo men, Decurio, 
A captain tf a hundred, Centurio, 
A eat>tain of a tboujand, • Cliiliarchus, tribu- 
ffus mtiitum. 

the captain of a jhip, or a fea taptaii, * Ma- 
vis pixfe^us, dux nauiicus. 

Tbe captain 'f a caflie, Arcis praefcflus. 
The eaptain in a galtey that commandetb the 
Jtaves, Remigum prxft^tus. 

A cap'aitijhip, cap ainry, (Spenf.) Centuriatus, 
4. prxfe£iura agmmis. 

Capriaut, Litigofui, Met. morofus, contentio- 
fus, d fficihs. 

Cipticut [deceitful] Captioftts, fallax. 
A ^aptioui ^sieflion, f allax & infidiofa interro- 

I^.ry cdftifdi [fitiart] Perargulus, 
A capiitui, or caviling felhw, CiviUator ; 
* lophiiiju 

Capliiujly, Argot}, captioie, fallaciter, 
Ciptioajnefi, Caplio, cavillatio j fallacia, mo- 

To captivate, to captive, (Dryd. Prior) Capti- 
vum faccre, aliquem fuis legibus allringere. 

ff To capti'vate tbe a£effitni, or under/landing, 
Voluiuatcs, vel int«lle€kum, captare, tencre, 

Cr.ptiva'ed, Captivuj fa£ius, legibus alteriu; 

A captive, Capiivus, mancipium. 
Captivity, Captivitjs, fcrvitos. 
<([ To lead one into captivity, Aliquem in cap- 
tivitarem abiucefe. 

^ One returned from captivity, Captlvus rcdu^x. 
A laptor, Qui capturom facit. 
Capture, Captura, comprclienfio, 
A eapuch [monk's hood] CucuUus. 
% A capuchin friar, Frater Fraciftanus, |[ Ca- 
puonus. ■-•"• . ;■ ~ 

\ A carach, or Caratnofel, Navis oneraria 

A cara^na [beaft] || Semivulpes. 1 

A carat [the third part of an ounce] Uncia- 

Acaravan [company] Mercatorum aliorumvc 
peregre euntium fecuricatis ergu congiegata 

Acaravan [foit of carriage] Vehiculum ob- 
longt-mquo plurcs firnui vehiintur. 
A cara^iaijary, (Spcft.) Diverforium. 
f A caravel, or carixl, (I.) camel, (A.) Na- 
ricula j celox. 

ia'atvjyi, * CarU3, pi. 
A carbine, or, || Sclopeta velitaris. 
A carbineer, Velcs, -/m, m# • 
A rarionado, Caro in pruna tolla. 
A cArbiinde [fore] CJrbunc\i]u9. 
A carbuncle [llonej Carbunculus, •pyropws 
Actrhunds [in the eye j Oculi vitium fie <Ji<5l. 
Carbuncled,' \^\\.^ Gemmatu*. 
A carcanet, (Shakefp.) al. cark.inct, Collare, 
t^arr. <J» monile. 

A tarcafs, or carcafe, Cadaver. 
Like a dead carcafe. Cadaverofus. 
The carcafe cf a fial, Carina aviculs. 
A card, * Charta pifta. 
^ P^yirg cards, • Chartae luforias. 
.^ /)./.> c/Var(/j,Foliornm fafcicutus. ^ Here 
are tiuj iL'iyole packs of cards for you , ecce vobis 
fsfciculos duos toliorum intcgros. The car/t go 
againfl you, parum favent tibi charta?. 

f[ A court card, * Charts imagincm huma- 
nam gerens. 

^J A Jingle card, Charta fimplex, wi-^pura. 
A fait of cards, Chattarum faniilia, Tv.'genus, 
Card-marches, Charlx fulphurata:. 
^^ To cut the cards, Chartas pidas dividcic, 
difcindcre, ff/bipar'ire. 

ff To deal the cards, Chartas piflas dKlribucre. 
^ Deal away the cards, Folia diftribue, / mtift 
deal the cards next, me proximum diArlbuere o 

Topaik the cards, * Chartas componere. ^ Voi' 
canpti' k the cards, artem tenes componendi folia 
ff Toplay atcirdi, * Chartis piftis ludcre. 
fl lrjjh:,£}e lie cards, * Chartas piiflas mifcci-e. 
<[ The irui.p, or turn up, card, * Charta jiidix, 
domitntTix, tnumphatrix. 

^ Card playing, * Chartarum, Jiu foliorum 
piftorum, ludus. 

A card maker, *Chartarum pi£larum opifex. 
A mariner s, or fea, card, • Charta marina, 
W tabula naut ca. 

% A card for ivool, Ferreum peftcn quo Una 

I0 card 1V00I, Carmino, lanam carp ere. 
Cardamum, Cardamomum, 
Carded, Carmijiatus. 

A carder. Qui, t/.'/qtiae, lanam carminat. 
A carding, Cartninatio. 
^ Carding and iceaving, Lana & tela. 
A cardinal, Patr*r • purpuratus, 
Oir /ma/ [principal] (CJarend.) Piscrpuus. 
Acardinatfhip,iardinalat;,{VlH\nt\^f) || Car- 
dinalatus, dignitas |t canfijialitia. 
Cardo-^ns, Cauies cinaias. 

Care [concern] Metuj. 

Care [diligence] V. Carefulnefs. ff / ccmm'ii 
it toycur care, committo jc mandohoc luac fidei. 
Care [heed] Cautio. 
Care [regard] Cura, ratio, (ludium. 
Care [truublej Onus. ^ Wr inv* no card 
to trouble us, fumus cutis vacui. 

Carting care, careful cark, [Sfea(.) AnxieUs, 

^T Ca!) aioay rare, memoriam doloris abjice. 
Care ivill i^illa cat, cura facit canos. 

To care, ot lake cart of, C\ito,iaveoi folicituj 
eflV. i 

•11 1 took rare if this hnucver, curavi unum hoc 
Tuidcm. if hat care If quid mea relcrt? }U 
took care for miie but bimjelf, iibi vixit, fibi funip- 
tum fecit. There is fujficieat care taken, fatis 
provifum eft. / can not for kmtuing, nihil moror 
ftire. / care not ifl go tvithyou, tecum ire noit 
re<;ufo, . . / care not nimj ivbat you do, nee raihi 
adeft tantillum penfi jjm. I care net a rufh for 
it, fiocci facio. he taieth care for tbe future, »<- 
ten IocuIq profpicit. Itakeno gieat care oftbcfe 
tiingt, lie his non ita vaide laburo. He take:h 
care for nothing, otiofus eft ab aiiimo. I care not, 
(0 I have but her, mca nihil refert, dum potiar 

To care for, Profplcio, provideo, confulo. ff / 
care not for your fafrty, ulutem tuam nih:l mo- 
tor, ., I perceive Jhe tareth not for you, ejus alie- 
num a le elFe animum cenleo. Tou mufl take care 
for them, iis conlulendum eft. 

To care fr diligently, Studeo, invigilo, ac- 

To have a care, Civto, cj- metuo. % I have 
a care, eft mihi curac. So mu.h care I, eft 
mihi tanii. IVbire is there any care taken f ubi 
cavetur .' / nruji have a care, mihi cautio eft, yi. 
dendum eft. /*■« luill have a care of it, curabi- 
tur. We mu/l have a care of your health, habenda 
r.i\ ratio vaktudinis tur. / tto not much care, 
non magnopere laboro. He bad the care of the 
jrlate, argeniere fupclkcbiis, vel argenteorum 
valorumcura, ei mandaia fuit. 

^ To put, or caft, away cares, Bonoanimoefle, 
aninium reJaxare, w/icmittefc; anxietaiem a- 
nimi ejitijie. 

^ Te be much dffuieted -with care, Sdicitudine 
cruciari, curarum scerbitatc frangi, in magna 
folicitudine efl'e. 

Care taking, Curatio. 

^1 / will take effectual care that, Quoquo mo- 
do efticiam ut. 

^To be under a perfon'tcare, In tutela alicujm 

A career [fpeed] Curfus equi admiflua, cur- 
fus cejer, Tf/incitatus. 

Acareer [fliort turn] AnfraSus, *gytus, L, A. 

A full career, Curl'us concitalftmjs. 

Careering, (Milt.) Cekrrimo motu concitatus, 

Cart/i// [diligent] Diligens, (e.luius, ftudiolus. 
ff To he careful in a friend's iujlnefs, fumniam i« 
amici rebus curam adhibere, 

yery careful, Perftudiofus. 

Care erax^eJ, (Sh.) Cura confeduc. 

To make careful, Solicito. 

To if c.;rf/'a/ [much concerned] Angorj (k. 
tago, laboro. 

Cai-f/iv/ [heedful] Confideratus, circumfpeftu*. 

Careful [Very much concerned] Anxius, fo- 

Careful ^iKUy'\ Cautus, providus, ptudens. 

Carefully [diligently] Diligentcr, accurate, 
impigie, frduio, ftudjose j ztientc, induftnc. 

Carefully [penfively] Anxie, iolicite. 

Cjri^»//y [warily] Oautc, provide j parate. 

Very cartfully, Perftudiote. 

Carefulnefs, [diligence] Diligenlia, induflria j 
feduiitas, accuratio. 

Ci^r^ /fc/;;(yj[ciicumfpcilion] Confideratio, cir- 

Carefulnefs [peofivcnefs] Anxictas, angor; 

Carefulnefs [warineis] Cautio; timiditas; 

Carelifs, Improviduf, inccnfideratus, focrra; 

mdiligens, incautus, impiudens. ^ / ivtuld 

I HI/ 



C A !0 

♦»/ baveyottfo curihfi w elhtr malters, noHm ca- 
tennirn rerum K focorJcm eodom modo. 

Carrlefs [at eafej Securus, lenlus, otiofus, 

Cjrc/cfi if hinifclf, Sui negliter.s. 

Cartl.-fi of bh tefulation, V'ama fuE negligens. 

^ cartlefi difccurfe, Otatio inculta, incompta, 

To tc cm elcp, Negllgo; omnia fufqae deque 
habere. Met. <}' donnitaie. 

Ciircl.Jiiy, Negligenter, indiUpenter, fecuic. 
cfcitantcr, inccnfidciate ; dcfunflorle, 5en. 

CixrtUJfmjs, Nejligcniia, incuiia, indiiigen- 
tia i olcitaiio, fecuriias. ^ Your cu'ehjuifs is 
txtnmily to bi blamed, vitujeranda ell maxime 
tua incurid. 

Toearej!, Indulgeo 5 alicui adblandiii, bJan- 
iitiis permulcere, vcl deliniie ; bene»ole, pct- 
amantfr, peiquam libeialiter, aliquem accipere. 

ji rarefi [treat] Epulum. 

j4 carefi [embrace] Complexus. 

Carejii [compliments] Blanditia;, pi. blan. 
dimenta, pi. 

To carcj's [make much of one] Libcraliter 
aliquem tra£tare, -vel amanter accipe: e. 

Curifl'id, Comitcr & benevole acceptus. 

Carfax [a place where four ways meet] Qua- 

Aca<go, ca-giifoa, (Howel) * Navis onus. 

A cargo [bjii ot lading] Mercium * catalo- 
£us, tW iumT;:), 

A tarirrg fr^ Provifio. 

Tbexanne [bottom of a fliip] Carina. 

To carini, al. /j careen, Caimam purgare, «- 
iiccre, reconcinnare, 

CariojUy, Carici. 

Carious, Cariofu?, 

7o Cork, Solicite, lel ant'ie, curare, 

A carle, Inhumanus, morofus. 

Aa old carli, Silicernium. 

% A carle cjl, Filis mas. 

7lte catline ttjlle, \\ Carlina, j] cailonna, 
• 11 thair.aileo albus. 

J The cart.tigs [of a fliip] Forulorum firma- 

A Carmelite Friar, Frater ]] Carmelita. 

Carminative, Medicamenta jl carminatiya. 

Carra^e, Caedes, occiiio, internecio. 

Carnal, Pravus, coelellium inanis. 

CarneHy, Prave. 

Carncl'.ty, (South) or carnalncfs, Voluptatum 
corporearum appetitus. 

Acamaiion, • |{ Caryopbyllon. 

Carr.ation colour, * |j Carneolus. 

Carnaval, Bacchanalia, n. pi. geniales ante 
^uadragenarium jejunium dies, 

Acernrlian, (Woodw.) V. cornerian, Jlont, 

■f Ciirrml [fage aquatick] * Acefis. 

Carneous (Ray) carnou^, (Brown) Carnofus. 

To carnify, (Hale) 1| Obefior fieri, 

Carni'^orot,!, Carnivotus, 

Cainofity [flefliy excreicence] • Caruncula ; 

The carob [herb] Siliqua, 

■\ A earcehe, Rheda, currus, 

A carol. Carmen natahtiom; • hymnus in 
j Chriftinativitatem. 

A caroufe cf ilrinh, tji * -Amyftis, ^Jis, f. 

To carcufe, Pergr^cor, perpotc, Graco more 
vivcre, intemperantius pctare, plenas amphoras 
ingurgiure, largius fibi potando indulgcre. 

Acaroufer, (Glanvi) Potalor, 

A caroufing, Potatio intempcrar.s, 

A carp, ifCarpio, * cyprinu;;. 

The prickly carp, ]| Pigus. 

M\ A jea carp, |j Carpio marinuj. 

To carp, Vcll'co ; Met, carpo. 

Carped at, Vellicatus, 

Carping, ^^cUican!, a^^. malfdicnt, 

^ taryicr/, Reprchenfor ; Criticus, Zoilus. 

A carpijig, Reprthenfto, vellicatio, 

A CL.rpenier, Faber lignarius. 

An unjktlful carpenter, Faber fcioius, 

A maflcr carpenter, • Arcbiteftus, 

jA'carperter^i lir.e, Lir^ca, libra j amuHll*. 

^ /hip carpenter, • Naupegus, 

^iuu-^erltr'! rule, Noiiiia, icgulti 

A carpiiiter'"! ax, Dolafcra. 

A carpenter's Jbop, Fabrica ligiuria. 

To tvork carpenter's 'U'cri, Fabrico, 

Of, OT belonging to , a car^fw/t/*, Fabrllil. 

Carpenter's herb. Prunella. 

Carpentry, or the carpenter's trade, * Ars fa- 
brilis, materiatura, Viiru-v, 

A carpet, * Taper, • amphimalluJ. ^ This 
affair is no-tv upon tie carptt, dc bac rc' nunc con- 
uiitur, "i/f/delibcratur. 

fl To /'ling a thing upon lie carjiet, Rem deli- 
berandam proponere. 

^ Acarprt hiigl't. Mollis, Whomo delicatus . 

^ A carpet vjay, /Equata & loevis via, via 
bona Sc tu^a. 

ATurhy carpet, * Poljmita, Phrygia, gau- 

pa, pi. 

Carpeted, (Derh.) Inftiatus, 

Acarr, K\ carriage, Carrus, vchiculum. 

A carrman, Qufcarrum, -w^/ vehiculiim, agit 

Carriage [behaviour] Geftus ; habitus j con- 

Good carriage, Urbanitas. 

Ill carriage, Rufticitas, afperitas. 

Carriage [of the body] Gei^us, motus. 

A fnical affcFled carriage, Ccftus atreftatus. 

Carriage [of a burden] Eajulalio, 

Carriage [caitage] Veciuraj geftamen. 

Carriage [money] Veftiva, fc. pecunia j L. A. 
• naulum. 

Carriage [on horfeback] * |1 Hippagium. 

Of, or for, carriage, Vetlorius, onerarius. 

A hcaji of carriage, Jumentum. ^ They hill 
their carriage beajls, farcinaria jumenta intejfi- 

Carriage' [(or artillery] Torment! bellici lig 
nea compages. 

The carriage of an army. Impedimenta, pi 
^ Our men took their hir.dmoji carriages, cxtrenia 
impedimenta a noilris tenebaaiur. 

Carried, Veil us. 

A carrier, Portitor, geftator; bajulus, gero, 

A carrier, V. Carrnian, 

A letter carrier, Tabclbrius : portitor litera- 

A carrier if tales, ]] Rumigcrulus. 

f Acarriik, [ihc fame with Carack, L,] Cor- 
bita, A. 

II A fmal! Jlrong carrick, Acatlcm, A. , 

Carrion, Cadaver, • caro morticina. 

As lean as carrion, Strigofus. 

Refembling, or like carrion, Cadaverofus. 

A carrot, Paftinaca, 

A garden carrot, Paflinaca hortcnfis, vel (i- 

A tvitd carrot, Daucus. 

Wvite carrot, [(kirwort] Sifaron, 

Can o-iy spared, Rulilusj flavam cafariem, 
vel crines rubros, haben's. 

To carry, Gero, gefto, porto j fero, veho, 
develio. ^ He carried an ox on his Jhculders, 
bovem humeris fuftinuit. They carried corn into 
the tomn, frumcntum in oppidum impoitabant. 
He tarrid a letter to him, literas ad eum pertuiit. 
Hecarrielhfre in one hand, and ivater in the other, 
altera manu fert lapidem, pancm oftentat altera. 
Corn carrittb a price, annon.i cara eft. 7hey are 
carried ic-itb full jaUs, paffis vel's pervehuntur. 
They carry tivo faces under one hood, utrofque pa- 
rictes linunt. Hecarrielh his expcHatiom too far, 
fperat ultra quam licet. He will carry bis marl, 
to the grave, quamdiu vixerit habebit ftigma. 
nee illud nifi orcus delebit. To carry coals to 
Netveajlle, or to caft water into the Thames, cro- 
cum in Siliciam ferrejAlcinco poma dare j noc- 
tuas Atheni?, 

To carry, or behave, one's- Jctf, Se gsrcre, ad- 
hibere, par^re. ^ He did not carry bimjelf over 
gallantly, patum fe fplendide gefiit. Sohccarri- 
etb himjelf, ftc fe adhlbet. Have you carried 
yourjelf fo f itane parafti te > Tou have carried 
purJelf'Uke a friend, amice fccifti. He carricth 
himfelf like a fool, ftulte agit. 

To carry about, Circumfero, circumvcho. 

To cary about often, Circumvtfto. 

Ta tarry about luitb him, Ciicumgefto* 

Ti earry along, Perveho. 

To cany alt before me. Omnia ante fe fubr 
ihovere, vintere, fuperare. 

To carry apiart, or afide, Abduco, 

To tarry aiuay, Aufcio^ abduco, dfportOf. 
aveho ; ij> fulfero. 

To carry away by frre, Rapio, diripio. 

^T To earry away the bell, day, or prixe, * Pal-- 
mam (errc, vidloriam reportare. 

To carry ba.k, Reporto, regcro, reduto, re- 

To carry before, Pr rfero, prxporto. 

To carry beyond, Proetcrfcro. 
^%To carry by land, water, lee. Aliquid ter- 
ra, vel aqua, potare, vch(:rc, geltare. 

To carry cajtive. In fervitutem abfttahifrf, 
vel abduceic. 

To carry a caufe, Caiifam obtinere; 

To carry by crt, coai b, tcc, Curru, vd rhe» 
da, vehere, vel convehere. ' " 

To carry a burden, Bajulo, onus portare. 

To carry, or tondufl; Aliquem ducerc, vet 

f 7*0 carry double, as a borjt. Duos fellbrer 
fimul portare. 

To carry far off, Submoveo. 

To carry forth, Eftero. 

To carry do'vn, Devcho. 

To carry from, Afporto. ^ mat arfwer 
Piall I carry from you f quid nunc renunciem 
abs te refponfum } 

To carry from place le place, Tranfporto, cir- 
cumveho, tiaduco. 

To carry forth, Eveho, exporto. 

To carry in, Importo, ingero, inycho. 

^ To carry it •with a high hand, Supt-rbc, vet 
infolenter, ft gerere ; caput altiils attollere, 

fl To carry en horfeback. In cquo portaie, vel 

To carry news. Nuncio, nuacium fcrre, per- 

To carry news back, Renuncio. 

To carry mcvs Icforc, Prsnuacio. 

To carry off, Abduco. 

^ To cany iff a dijlcKper, » Morbum' dcpel- 

<[[ To carry off ape fin [kill himj Aliquem in-» 
lerimcre, de medio tollcie, alicui liioilcm af. 
lyrre, vel inferrc j '|t rapio. 

To carry nfieii, Veflito. 

To carry of en to, Adveflo, 

To carry OK, Promoveo, provcho, fubveho, im- 
pello. ^ lie is carried on by his oivn dejire, fiia 
cupiditate impcllitur. He carried me en to my* . 
ruin, ad exitium me p^a:cipi^avit. 

^ To carry on a jcfl 10^ far, Nimiim jocoit 

To ctiiry on a dejigit. In fententia perfei-erare. 

To carry on a war, Bellum prorogare, t;r/ pro- 

^ To carry oti [a building] Perducercj conti- 

To carry out, Edueo, proferoj eveho, cvporto. 

To carry over, Transfero, tranfporto, trajicio, 

To carry as a porter, Bajulo,- 

To carry to a place, Adveho, defero, aggero, 

To carry through [a place] Perisorto. 

To carry together, Comporto, confcro, congero, 

tjl To carry a matter loo far, Modum cxcedcre,^ 
nimis urgere. 

To carry privately,, Subvcho,. fubporto^. 

To carry wafer, Aquor. 

To carry wood, Lignor. 

To be carried, Velior, feror. 

To be carried about, Circumfcror, 

To be carried away, Alripior, abducor, afpof* 

To be carried up upon, Supervehor. 

To be earned [refolved] Decernor, ' 

Carried, Latui, grftus, veftus. 

Carried arway by force, Raptuj, abieptus* 

Carried about, Circumveilus,. 

Carried ahft, Subvectus. 

Carried apart, Sedoftus,- 

Carried avjay, Abduflu!,, aHatiiS, »vefliu. 
1' CatiitJi 


C^A- S 



tmr'iii htfsre, Prjfveaus. 
CariUi ht^itJ, Pr«ttrl»tu5. 
Carried Ji^vr, Dcvec>u$, 
Carritd in, Imponxus. 
Carritdan [coniinued] PerduftiU. 
CarrieJ eyi, Ebtus, e»tftus. 
Carried fram flaa to place, TjanfportaWs, de 

Carried ihrtugh, or ahig, Pcrveflus. 
CirriedtD, AJvefluj.'' 
^ Carried uf and dovm [as a report] Ultro 
citroquc jaflalus. 

CdrryUfi [as a trade] Vclatura, A. from Varr. 
A earryng, Ccftaun, portjtio, vcflatio. 
A carry:ni avijy, Afportatio, exportatio. 
^ canyinr hy cart, Veftio. 
A carrying cvtr, Trajedlio. 
A carrying to a place. Ad veflio. 
A can, Cairus, carruca, plaullrum 
cum ; rhcda. 

A little cart. Curriculum, vehiculum. 
To drive a can, Autigo, currum tnoderari. 
The driving 'J a cort, Aurigatio. 
AitilJ't carl, + Ploftellum, 
A covered cart , Pljuflrum coopcrtum. 
A bay cart, Pliuftrura ad fenum vrhendum. 
A dray cart, Tiaha. 

A fand cart, I'lauftrum ad arenam vehendam. 
A dung cart, WauftruiTi ad ftcrcus vebcndum. 
fl' The can beftretbe horje, Currut bovem tra- 
hit, prjepofterc. 

fl A cart liDufe, Teilum <juo fubducuntur 

fl A cart hirfe, Jumentum plauftrarium. 
t(iTbeiidy of a carl, Plaaftrum rotis exemp- 

A cart, or chariot, drawn wilt two borfes, 
Biga, bijugc curriculum, 

Tbe driver of a cart, or chariot, with three 
hirfes, Trigarius, Plin. 

A cart drawn with four iorfei, Quadriga, 
currus quadnjugus. 

7he drver, Quadrigarius, Varr. 
Sixborfet in a team, drawing a cart, Sejuges, 
W fejogi. 

Of, or ferving for a cart, Rhedarios, Van: 
A cart load, Vehes, carri, w/ plauftri, onus, 
A cart rut, Orbiti, rota velligia. 
To cart, (Mort.) In vehiculo portare. 
^ To carl a ferfm, or whip at the carCi tail, 
Adplauftromaliquem affixum verberibuscaedere. 
Aiarltl [challenge] * Scheduh provocatoria, 
fcriptum qun quis alterum provscat ad certamen. 
A cartel [for the exchange of prifoners] Ra- 
tiones praefinitae de mutandis captivis. 

in To fettle the cartel, * Pada dc commutandis 
captivis conftitui;re. 

Acarter, Auriga, rhedarius. 
A carihufian friar, Frater [j Carthuftus, vel 
II Carthufianus. 
Acarii.'agc, Cartilago, glnii, f. 
Cariilapmus, Cartilageus, cartilaginofus. 
A carton, or cartoon, Spiflior, vel denfior, 

A eartoacb, or cartridge, Capfula continens 
{lulverem nitratum. 

J A cartiuft iei the urnijb if a pillar, Denti- 

X A carin'dge [in building] Mutulus, 
A car.wLeeJ, Mauftri rota. 
A cariwiighi, Plauftrorum faber. 
Til carve [cut] Seco, defeco, refeco. 
To carve [in (lone, wood, £fc.J Sculjo, ex- 
fculpo, infcilpo. 

To carve meal, Carpo, f xarfuo. 
Carved [as wood] Caelatus, exculptus, inci- 
fu9 ; fcalptus. 

Carved [as meat] Exartuatus. 

To te carved, oi fijr may be carved, Sculptilit. 

A carver, Ciclator, fculptor. 

A'carvir of meat, Carptor j r^ flru£tar, 

A carving [engraving] Sculptura, 

A carving in/lrument, Calum, 

The fierce of carving, * J Anaglyptica, A, 

% AniKk carvin,', • Archctypa ciclatura. 

Tie earvi'g rf meal, Cibi rcfcftio, 

4ftrvin^ knije, CultM ftrufloril. 

4 « Ts «TO« 0B» »m'j own firtunt,-%Mtk fcttu- jtomlni. Itn not long fince bt cafl bit teeth, illl 
Ihatn fingcre, I liaud dm eft dum dentes exciderunt. ffe will , 

- ' ' - _ . ^ . ' cajl a mifl before hit cyei, glaucomam ob oculoi 

Dbjiciemus. To cafl piarl before fifitie, indignil 
ocoefaccrej nuincra ingratis objiccre. 

To carve [a« capons] Caftro, enoafculo. 
Carve,!, CaRratus, difcerptui, 
A caruncle, Ca uncula. 
A cajcade, Praceps aquae llpfut. 
A cafe in law, Caufa ; lis, /xm, f. 
Abtokca'e [a cafe tried berbie] Prajudicium. 
A cafe [matterj Res, caufa, // is a plain 
cafe, res ipla i(i>iicat ; in med.o res eft. It is a 
irie.l cafe, res cer;3 eft. The cafe is not the famr, 
^i.flimil.s ratio eft. As if ii ivere their own 
cafe, quafi fua res .igatur. / thought it a very 
bard cafe, duium admodum milii videbatur. 
Is it all a cafe ? nihilne igitur inttteft ? Tit 
cafe isalieredquoih Plowdcn, mulatto fit; muta 
ta eft ratio. 

^i Acafeof confcience, Scrupulus confcientis. 
A cafe to put ary thing in, * Theca, capfa. 
At'Osk-cafe, bcnniuni._ 
A bow ciji, <i> * Cory tos. 
A needle dife, * Acuum capfula. 
^ A firgcon's cjfe of injiramenis, Inflrumen- 
torum chirurgicorum capfula. 

^ To cafe, or put in a cafe, Capsa includerc, 
condere i capsa immittcre. 
A cafe of a noun, Cafus. 
H^tibiul cafe, * \\ Aptotcn. 
Of one cafe, * 1| Monoptoton ; of two, dipto- 
ton ; of th're:, triptoton ; o/"/<!ar, tretraptdion ; 
of five, pentaptoton ; of many, po.yptoton. 

A cafe [ftate] Conditio, ftatus, ^| If it were 
my cafe, fi ego :n illhoc fim loco, If'ere my cafe 
yours, tu fi hic fis, TiU are every wUt in as 
bad a cafe, in eadcm es nave. / pity your caff, 
duieo vicem tuam j miteret me tui. So the caf 
Jlandcih, fie res eft, fie fe res habet, hoc in locu 
res eft. The cafe is brcught home to my own dior, 
res in rneo vertitur foro. As the cafe Jlar.deth, 
in hoc rerum ftatu. 

To argue the cafe pro and con, Difcepto, i, 
certo, decerto, argumentor j de aliqua re cum 
aliquo contendere. 

II Put the cafe, Puta, finge, f Put the caf 
it be fo, eflo verflm ; veriim ut ita fit; fac ita 
eflTe. Put the cafe there be atoms, ut fint atomi. 
Put the cafe my fon were worthily pun.fhei, tulcrit 
lane filius nofter merito pcenas. 

In no- cafe, Hiudquaquam, nequaquam. 
In gwd cafe [vxell flelhedj Pinguis, nitidus, 
obelus ; bfnc curata cute. 

% To be in good cafe, Belle fe habere. 
^1 To cafe harden, Fcrrum indurare. 
% A cife hardened villain. Homo nefarius, 
vel pcrfriaas frontis. 

J A cafemaie [of a pillar] Sima. 
Acafemeni, Feiicftra, clauftrum, Jun. 
^ A mirchevt's cafh, Pccunia numerata, cen- 
fus mcicatoris, nummus afpcr. 

A^ajbier, or cajh keeper, Servus cui cenfus 

To capicr, Eieauftoro, expungo. 
Cafhlered, Exauftotatus, expunflus, circum- 
Cafngs, Stercus jumcntorum ficcum, L, A, 
A cafk, Tefta, cadus, dotium. 
^'Ihc hcadof a ctifk, Aflis doliaris fummus. 
^ To head a cafk, Dolio fundum adaptare. 
^ Toftink of the ,afk, Teftam olens. 
A cafk [headpiece] Gaka. 
Acafket, Capfula, ciftulaj fcrinlum. 
A liitle iafket, Ciftellula, fcriniolum, 
A cafket bearer^ <i> Ciftifer. 
To cajkct, (Sh.) In ciftula tepono. 
f To cafs, caffaie, (Ray.) Abrogo. 
f Coffanon, Abroi-atio. 
Cijaware [bird] caffineary, (Locke.) |1 Eme- 

Cafs weed, Burfa padorii. 
Caff.a [a fwcet ftirub] Caffia, i>f/ cafia, t 
CaffiJony [herb] * Stachas. 
A cajjidony [ftone] Murrhinum, 
AcaJjUk, Sagum, tunica longior. 
A Utile, or fhort, caffock, SaguluOJ. 
Altofeeajfock, Pallium. _ . 

To cafl, Jafto, jacio, conjicio, injicio. f / 
ham cafi » Hock it bit waj, iojeci rcrupolum 

To cafl all abottt, Circumi icio, 
To cafl one^s eyes all about, Ciicutnfpicio, 
To cajl all abroad. Sparge, bifpergo. 
To cafl accoui!. Compute, rationcs conficcre, 
collig2re, fupputan-, fubducerc. 
Toca/I afar off, Fjjculor. 
To cajl again, RtjiciO, 
To cifi along, Projicio, prollerno. 
To C'tfi a^a.njl, Objicio, 
fl To caji anchor, • Anchoram jacere, if an» 
chora: moriu nivem alligare, • 

To caji. Ill, I'eto, 

^ To cafi anis a:e, Geminas monades jacere, 
Tocafl afide, or away, Abjicio, rcjicio. f^fVhy' 
goyou aloui to cafi ait.-ay yourfif ? cur te is perdi- 
lum ? IL ivAfullycofl away hlmftlf, fci^n , pru- 
.iei!!, vidcnfque Ca^^ away cart, mcino- 
riam doloris abjice ; curas feclude. 
To cafi awry, Obiiquo. 
To cjfl back, Rejicio, regero. 
To cajl back one^s lyes, Refpicio. 
To cajl btfore, Olijicio. 
fl To cajl behind the ba,i, A tergo rejicere. 
To cajl between, loterjicio. 
Te cajl a boiul, Globum mittere. 
To cafl' the coa', or fkin, Exuo, depono. 
To cafi [condemn] Cond'^mno. ^ / have 
cajl hnn, litem abftuii. He is cajl in his Juii, 
lile cccidit; litem perdidit. 
To cafl dart-r, J.iculor. 
II To cajl in one' s dijh, Exprobro. 
Tocafl [devifej Conjicio, meditor. 
To caJi doivn, Dejicio, fubruo, diruo, ^ If 
^ve di but cafi our eyes ever fo Itlle down, fi tan- 
tuliim oculos dejeccrimus. 

Tocajl doTvn j'rom, Deturbo, detrudo, 
fl To cajl down, or difeurage, Alicujus ani- 
mum frangcre, infringSre, debilitate, 

*\ To cajl one's felf down [be difcouragcd] • 
Animum abjicere ; animo cadcre, . coDe;(*erea 
tVangi, dcbilitari, demitti. 

To cafl down headlong, Prxcipitc, praecipi- 
tem dare. 

To cajl dawn into, Demitto, 
To cafl down often, Dejeito, 
To cafi down violently, Proruo, <!■ ab imo 

To cafl down under foot, Peflundo, 
To cajl d'^iun upon, Ingero. 
^ To caJi the fault upon, Culpam in aliquem 
transferre, vtl rejicere. 

To cafi forih, Emitto, ij< ejaculor. 
To cajl f^rth beams, * Radiare, • radios emit- 

^ To cafi a figure. Ex * horofcopo futura pra- 
dicer.-, conjefluram facere. 

To cajl forth a breath, Eialo, anhelo. 
To cajl, or hawk, forth, Exfcrco, expuo. 
To cajl forth largely, Prolundo, 
To caJi :n. Injicio, ingero. 
To caji in [by force] Intorqueo. 
Tocafl [in one's mind] Cogito, reputo; re* 
colo, rj* repeto j in animo verfare, habere, vel 
volvere j fecum volverc. fl / have caji ^uitb 
myfelf all my dif commodities, meditata font mihi 
omnia mei incommoda. 

II fl To caji in one's dijb, or teeth, Allquid ali- 
cui expiobrare, objicere, objedlare. 
To < ft in often, <J> Injedlo, i. 
To cajl in a fuit, Vinco. 
fl To be <.ajl in a fuit, Lite cadSre, caufani 

To cafl into fear, Alicui metum incutere. 
fl Tocafl into prif->n. In carcerem, w/ vincB- 
la, conjiccre. 

fl To cafi into a fleep, Aliquem fopire, confo^ 
pirr, loporare j alicui fomnum afferre, movi-re, 
conciliaie, inducere. 

To caji lots, Soriior ; fortet ducere, forte de- 

fl To cafl a hfire upon, Rei cuipiam fplendo' 
lem addei'c, atfvrre, adjicere. 




fT To caft mtah, Mctalla conflare, t>«/liqaa. 
re } sra liquef'adta tundute. 

^ To ccLJl a mijfovtr, Caligioem alicui rei in- 

^ To cajl a nat'ivi'yt * Horofcopuin ad calcu- 
los vucarcj ex hominis gensfi confctjuentcs even- 
tus divinarc, conjiccrc, pra-diccre. 

To caji of a garmcrt y Exuo, projicio, J^c;. 

To (jji (^[renounce] Rcjicio, ejicio, repu- 
dio, afpcrnor ; abalieno. <f[ lie wity chance to 
(aft « off, noi forfitan rejiciat. Hi taib cajl off 
till gooiinifif vircuti nuncium remifir. 

^1 To cajl off [among pr.nlers] Lineas cnu- 
merando computare. 

To eafi ovtr [beyond] Trajicio, 

To caji over [upon] Superinjicio, ruperingero. 

Tocajioul, tjicio, prt.jicio; e^ero. f\ That 
he could ml be caji out of ihe foivii, ut ex oppido 
ejici non polTet. 

To caji out agatttf Refundo, 

To caft out foam, Exfpumo, 

To caft at length, I'romico. 

To caft out ofm, Projeflo. 

To caft out [expoie] Expono, objicio. 

To caji his rider, ScfTorem exciutre. 

II f\ To caft a fhccfi lye at one, Tranfversc 
aliquem tueu. 

To caft afmell, Redoleo ; odoiem afBare. 

To caji to and fro, • Agito ; ultro chroque 

To caft out by force, Expello, propello. 

To caft out at ^bkgm fi om the ftomach by force, 
Emolio.', fjicio, cxpcClt ro. 

To ci'ft violer.tly agaiiift, Allido, illido. 

To caft under foot, Hiocuico, profteino. 

t^ To caft up a reckoning, Rationes computare, 
fummam colfigeie, 

*\ To caft up his ejes, Otulos erigere, levare, 
toUiirc, attolleie. 

To caft up a vapour, Exhalo, expiro. 

To caft sip earth, Egtro. 

To caft up a bant, Augero. 

To cafl up'in a heap, Coacervo, accuiniila. 

<[f To caft a fault upon ar.otbtr. In alium cu!- 
pam rejiccre. 

To caft thorough, Trajicio. 

To caft to, Adjicio. 

To caft together, Conjicio. 

Toctftup\\om\i\ Evomo; rejicio; + rejeflo. 

To caft up [as il.c feaj Eg!-ro, • expuo. ^[ The 
fea did daily caji the jpo.Is upon the Jhire, ipolia 
in ripam alCdue maria revomtbant. 

To caji up waves, Exaftuo. 

To c.ift upon, Con^cioj liipcrjacio. 

y ^1 To caft a perjons laaiir, Ex igroti lotio 
dc moibo tat tire. 

To caft vJ2ter abort, Relpfrgo, 

dj To caft 'zcarcr upon, JVlicu'i aquam fuffun- 
dcre J al:quim iVigiuj luffun.icrc. 

To caft theyour.g, Abottum facere. ^ 

A caft, J.iClus, mflus. 

A call [at dice] J.iflus. f\ The matter -iiias 
tt tie laft ccft, res crat in exUcnium dikiimen 
fedufta, ad inclas ledafta. 

A lofr.g caft^ Jjftus fupinus. 

A call, Ja£lus pjc;nu5, vcl pronus. 

A caft of one's vol e, Ten'.amen, Ipecimen. 

«JI 73 iaie a eft vit.^ om's eye, Oculos ha- 
bere diftoit.u ac depravatjs. 

Caft, Jaau', (onjeau:. 

Taarmay he.aft, or (A mvi, Mifiilis, 

Caft as, I'ufus, 1 quatus. 

Caft, in law, Eviflus. 

C[ Tbey a,e n ert of your ca/i, Tibi fimilcs lunt. 

f\ A I'cne's cajt,' ]i€im lapidiS. 

Cafl al. out, Ciicumitdlus. 

Caft aboad, Sparlus. 

Caflafide, Rejtftu!. 

Caft a' under, Disji-'iVos. 

Cali aviay, AljeiSiis, ccntemptu^, fpretiis, 

Lai aiva.', oro;^, Rrpiotus, njeflan-ms. 

<\; A rail uway, Homo p--rditui, pri-fl.galus. 
ab ( rcltttua. 

C'tft atvay at (en, Naufiagus. 

Caft clo-lcu ExJ'i*. pl. 

One that katb a laft viilh lis eyes, Strabo. 

Caft btiei, Rcjefliis. 

Caft before, Objc^us. 

Caft betiveen, Inteijefluj, interpofit'is. 

Cafl down, Demolitus, deturbatU!, diC.utba- 
tas, dirutus, everfos. 

Caji down in niijery. Met, Calamitofus, profli- 
gatus ; fj" afflidlus. 

Caft dctvn from, Dcmiffus, dej*'ftus, detrufus. 

Cajl down to the ground, Uisjettus, dejc-dtuSi 

l\/ot caft down, Indejeftus, 

Cajl down headlong, Hrecipitatuj. 

Caft hither and thitber, * Agicatus, ultro ci- 
troque ja^atus. 

Caji in a heap together, Conjeftus, cumuUtU3, 

Caft in, Injeftus. 

Caft [tytnejury] Damnatus. 

Caft off' [as a garnjent] Exutus. 

Cafl off [(orfakenj Abdicatus, tepudiatus ; 

Caji off from, Emotus. ^ The gates caji oj 
the hingii, poftcs cmoti cardine. 

Caft over [beyond] Trajcftus, 

Caft over [covered] Obduftus, ofFufus. 

Caft out, tjcilus, projeilus, exclufus, 

Cajl out [as a cluldj Prtjedlitius, expoGtus, 

Ca;i with violence, Vibratos. 

Oift wi:h violence againft. All fus, iHIfus. 

Cajl up [an account] Subdu^tus, 

Caft up, Erutus, egeilus. 

Cafl up again, Rejsilus. 

A caftcllatn, Arcis, vcl caflelli, cuftos. 

A caftcr, Jaculalor. 

A cafter [counter] Calculus. 

A cjft^nl [hovermg hawk] Tinnonculus. 

To caftigate, Caftigo. 

Caftigatory, Ad cjftigationem pertinens. 

A caftirg, Jaftus, 4. conjcftus j projeflio. 

A cajlir.g, or nelting, of metals, .Mctallorum 
liqujtorum tufio, fufura. 

A ca/ling houfe, ot foundary, Officlna ad ire- 
talJa iiqueLicienda. 

A cafting about, Reff erfio. 

Acajli'g at, Pciitio. 

A cajhng av:ay, Abj "5li0. 

Acc^ftingbefarcen, Ilitiljcflus, 4. interpofitus. 

A cajlir.g ibe coat, or Jkin, Exuriura. 

Thecsjtingof adart, Jaculatjo. 

^ The cafting cf a deer's bead, Cornuum cer- 
vinorum exuvium. 

A ca' irginone'sdip, or teeth, Exprobratio. 

A cafting do-xn, Di-jeftio. 

A cjftii:g down headlong, Prxcipitatio, Sen. 

The cafting of a bawl, Purgamenrura. 

f\ A horjes crfttng Us rider, Ab cquo excuflio, 

A cafting in, Injectio, iujeitus, 4, 

A cafting by the jary, Uamnatio, 

A c^ftmg in tie aind, Cogitatio, mentis agita- 

A cafting of na-ivitles, * Horofcopi || cakulj- 

A cafting net, r{> Fonda. 

Acifting off', Aoj.6 .0. 

A calling oLtj Ejetti", cinifTio, dercliflio j re- 

Acifting over [beyci] Trajeflus, 4. 

A cafting under, bu';jct;o, 

A Ci^ftlng upon, Supc; iei'tio, ^int, 

A ca'mg [vomitin.'j Rijeftio, vomitus, 4. 

^ A ca/ling voire, SuliVrgium p avalens. 

^1 The rough c.ifting ofwa.'ll, Opus tcdorium. 

Cafti^jtion, Calii^acio, aniir.adverdo. 

CaJlinettoes,ca!iai:ets, (Cong.) Cri'pitacula, pi. 

A caJHe, Cuilrum, atx. *\ To buil.l caftles in 
■l^eair, ex Taniali hotto IVuilus quirerc j fpim 
■ ii' fire inanf m. 

.'Iliitleca/lle, Caftfllom. 

A jer vion a hill, * Acropolis. 

Caftlt by caft'le, Callcllatim. 

A cal !e keeper, Arcis pnfcdus. 

Acaftlir.g, Tortus aborllvus. 

A ca/ior [■.•eall] F.ber, ri, m. 

A caffor [li'C] Oaierm fibrinus, 

T>ca.1'au fp^ld] Cjitto, cxeco. 

Tora^rate [ab'ok] Muti'o, exfurgo, 

C'iii//r<i/(rfi L'afl.atus, cxettus. 

A cjftraiing, or taftration, CaAratis, cxtftio* 

Cafual, Contingen", forluitui. 

Cafually, Fortuiti), cafu & fortuitu, 

A cafttal'y [accident] Cafus, 4. , 

Acafiiift, Cafuum Cunfcientiae difceptator, 

Cajuiftical, (Soutii) Ad cafus confcientiac per- 

Cajuiftry, (Pope) In canbu) confcientije fol> 
vcndls pcrltia, vel fcientia. 

Acat, Felis, tn. or X. fl When the eat it a. 
way the mice play, abfeotc domino ftrepunt fer- 
vuli. A cat may look upon a king, ternbilior 
qaam Taevior i vjfu quam re terrilniisr. 

Of, ot belonging to, acat, catlike, (Sh.) Fcli« 

A cat fjh, Felis mar!nu». 

A civet cat, Mus odoratui, vel IndicuSa 

Agit cat, Felis mas. 

Tbeeat'seye [ftone] Ocului felis. 

A cat's head \apf\c^ Pomum decuBunuai. 

A cat's foot, Pes lehnus. 

Cat mint, * Mentha felina. 

Cat fiver [mineral] Mica. 

Cats tail, * II Typha. 

A tame cat. Fells domeftica. 

A muftc cat, Capreolus roofchi. , 

A 1,0.1 cat, Putorius, L.. A. 

fl Cat andtrap [the phy] Ladus buxi & baculi, 

\\ A cat in pan, Praevarkator. 

II To turn cat in pan, Piavaricor. 

Caiaclifm, (Hale) Diluvium. 

Catacombs, • {{ Caemeteri, jj catacomb*. 

^ CaialtBick verfe, Verfus • cataleflicus. 

* (atalcpfts, (Arbuth.) Nervorum rcfolutio. 

A catalogue, • Catilogus, album j index, 

* fyllabus. 

A little catalogue, Libellus, 

A catamite, * Cinaedus, • catamitus, puer 

An old catamite, Exoletus. 

A caiap'afm [poultice] • Cataplaftna. 

Catapults, (Lamb.) •Catapults, pi. 

Acataraii [fall of waters] • CMtSrafla, ca- 
taraftes, m. <}> magnus decuifus aquarum. 

A caiaraB [difeafe in the eyes] • y Cata. 
rafta ; oculi lulTufio. 

A catarrh [rheum] Diftillatio, • epiphSra, 

Full of catarrhs, catarrhal, fFloycr) catarr. 
hous, (Arbuth.) * Rheumaticus. 

^[ Troubled with a catarrh, • |{ Catarrho labo- 

Acalaftrophe, Evcntus, 4. exilus. 

A catch [fong] Cantilena, 

A catch [prize] Pr.<:da, captio, lucrom. 
fl lie bad no mighty catch of it, baud multuni 
utilitatis ex ca re pcrcepit. You have got a g'cat 
catch, fpolia ampl.i refertis. 

A catch [hawk's lure] Palpom. 

The catch of a door. Obex, lets. 

Catch [a dog's name] * Harpj^us. 

II A catch bit, * Parafitus. 

To be, or lie, upon the catch, In infidiis elTif, 
infidiari & obkrvare, occafionem captarc. ?j H'hy 
,l> you lay upon the catch for ntf quid me capias ? 

fl To live upon the catch [as a fmfll fead] 

* Paafirari, * cotnas divitum captarc j [as .1 
thief] rapto vliere. 

Acaichpok [bailiff] Liflor. 

^ TLeccrtcb word [in printing] Vf>x irra? pagi- 
ng fubfcripta feqiientilooc Initium indici'ns. 

To catch [lay hold, ^i.] Arr;pio, capio, pre- 
li ndo 5 tj> excipio, fl Catch mi in a lie, a^id 
•ijng me, Is quidquam mentitom invenias, occi- 
;l:;o. I cstAedhim alone, ptcndo bnminem fo- 
■jrn. J/' /ca/.i jia, fi teapprt'dero. He Ull- 
:lb all be caicUib, quos deprchcn.i;t intetfivit, 

^ Catch as catch can, Vivitur ex npto. 

^[ Nigltcaicl-ed him, Nox eum r.pprcSit. 

I'o catch [overtake] Aliquem alTcqui, velcoa- 

Ul^oi tie ca'ch, Imnungns.^ 

To catch, or rcmr' offS^gj^umvorri, A'i- 
|ue/ii ncc opinantsm, ^^WtJ^W^^KPF'''"'''"' 

* Hirlmcrc. ' *• ^^. 

To catch, ot (natch, V^ifio, abiipio; atiquid 
or villi abiii^cic^. 
T» cjicb again, Rcprehendo, 

K Tt 

C A V 

C A U 

C E L 


T» eaich tviay, or btfiirc anoittr, Praeripio. 
Tacaiti) t calk, Alg«o j |rayedine affici, ten- 
tui, Ubonre. 

To catch a dif-ate^ Morbum contrahere, mor 
bo afflari. fl Wf M«if:/ <Aa/ </;/M/e by bard 
drittiingj compotationibus morbum concepit 

^T Tt catch Dnei dtaib, Sibi pcriculum mortis 
creare, t/.V I'acetierc. 

To catch at, Appeto, capto. fl I will iwhc 
mth'ing that he eat ju^ly e<ilcb at, nihil fcribam 
quod merito ills reprchendere potfft. 

in To calcb Jin, Flammas, «/ignem, conci 

Te catch gritdilyt Capto, 
I'o catch hM cf, Apprthcndo; prenfo, 
*lVcatcb lUiib a hait, Intfco. 
T> calcb in a tict, Illjqufo, inetio. 
To catch tiftcrt, Prchenfo, 
'zTi Caleb up, Artipio, 
CatiLid aw.iy, or bifirthami, Pr«reptus 
Ciiihcd [fuatchsd] R.iptus, abreptus, 
vim ablacus. 

Catctcd in a r.ct, IllatjiiMtus, irretitus, 
Cttiktd [overtaktn] Dciirehenfus, prenfus. 
^ Catiled with a Jitddcn Jh:iv:r, fubito mibic 

t^ Calcicd unanvarts, De improviso oppreflTus 
^ ctihcr, Captator. 
Caiih Jtic [herb] Mufcipula.- 
A catching huld if, Appiehenfio, prehenfio. 
Catchiag, V. contagious, 
Ac'tibing at, Appetcntia. 
Tii •atcibife; Viva voce rudes rudimentis • f 
Cliriflianis imbuSif, ot/ erudite ; fide • |j Chri- 
Ihana aliqtiem in^ruere, 

.4 lattciijn:, Libellusdoarina * {{ Chriftiana;,' 
* II Catecliifmus. ; 

^ caiccbifuig, Legis * || Chriftiana: cxpofitio, 
wi'/cipljc^tio; fidei • I| Chriftianie inftitutio. 

Acaitchifcr, cr cattclij}, Legis * |j Chriitiana? 
prreceptor, qui ignaros fide • || Chtifliana infti 

A(atcchumcn, Qui * || Chriftiana fidei my 
fitrriis imbuitur, ^•(/ erudilur, 

Ciiie^nricalf Ijiter fumma rerum genera. 
Caugoiitallyt Secundum fumma rerum genera. 
Aiaitgory, Summa rerum genera. 
Cttrnarian, (Cheyne) Catcnarius, Sea, 
Ctitinjtio^, (Brown) Connexio. 
It cater, Opfono. 
Atiiiercr, Opf^nator. 
A coterin-r, OpTonatio. 
A ititerpilljr. Vol VOX; <J> eruca* 
C.ttcff'lcr [herb] * || .Scorpuides. 
V'/r cu:cr, r. t^uatre, f^'.in'j Q^:rternio, 
A catenvaitl.tig, Fcluim rugiius. 
Ciitei, (Milt.) Dapes. 
Ci-tiattici, * Calhjrticus. 
A cathedra!, or cathedral cburcb, Templum in 
quo fede» eft * || epifcopi, • || ecclefia • || catlie- 

Hilortgirg ti a cnthsdral, * [| Cathedralitius. 
Calhohck [gcueialj Univeifalis. 
<JI A catLoiick, Fidcm Roinanam am- 

A eath'Jiecn, •}• * Panacea. 
Caliirt [an cjcrefcencc on liazle trees, &f ; ] 
Paniculx, pi. nocamenta, pi. 

Catt/c [fniall] Pecu;, «/<!, f. V. iMf. 
C^it.'e [great] Pccus, Srii, n. pecu, pi. pecua 
llirdi, or Jl\li, Iff cJlle, •}» Peuiiia, pi. 
Tjfc^ a-cupaiion cf keef-.trg ea:tU, Pecuaria, 
A ca:tU houf:, Stabuluin 
fj /I Jlcjier if cait'e, Pecodum ]] .ibaflor, 
Lah^urir.g cattle, Jumenta, pi. 
Of, or i>ei'-,vging to, cattle, PfCua^ios. 
full if cattle, Pe>:uiic abundant, 'J> pccorofus 
^ kieoti in catt'e. Res ampLi pecuaiia. 
' A cauakadt, • Pompa equcftrji, folcnnis 

A tavai'er, EquM. 

A C't^afser Tfojalift] Cefarianu?, L. A. 
Tie ca-valry, rr bor^e in an ariry, Equiiacus, 
copij; cqueftres, Mc:- rq«-». 
A ciueil; Sirbitlo; forbillum. 
'fiCJiir'le, (Sh.) .'^crb tiuuem confirere, 
A t^x-e, ot caiirri, Caviina, fjurlunca. 

AUttle eave, Cavernula, 
A cave fjT wild beaJU, Luftra, pi, 
A cave, or den, Laiibulum, antrum j tf fpe 
."eom J fpecus. 
To lurk in cava, li cave, (Sh.) Latito. 
Caverned, (Pope) Hxcavatuf. 
Full of caves, cavernous, (Woodw.) Caver- 
n )fus. 

Of, or belonging to, a cave, Qr fit, Cavaticus. 
A caveat [warning] Cautio. 
Caved [hollowedj Cavatus, cxcavatus. 
II Cavers, (■'urcs [f fcjptenfulaics, L. A. 
Caught, Prchenfus, apprehenliis, V. Caieled. 
**[ To he caught in a fnare, In t'ovcam dcciderc, 

Caviare, eav':er, (Swift) Acipcnferum ova 
.'ale condita. 

A cavil, Captio, cavillatioj • fophifmaj ca- 
A captious cavil, Captiuncula. 
To cjvil, Caviilor, calumnior, rixor ; argu- 
ias coiifefUri. 
A cavile-, Cavillator, litigator, calumniator 
ri cavil, or caviltng, cavillation, (Hooker) 
Cavillj, jurgium, Irs^ captip. 

Caviling, cavdloui, (AyJiflV) Litigiofus, cap- 
Cavitingly, Captiose, pertinacitcr. 
J A cavijon for a horfc s nofe, Capiftrum. 
% A ca-uifui [talfcrein] Habcna laxa. 
Cavity [hoittwncfs] Cavunj, 
The caul, or tell. Omentum, 
A caul for women's beads, Reticulum; capi 
tal. . 

X^To caulk a pip, • Navem ftipate, 
\ A caulker, Stipaior, 
\ A caulking, Stipatio, 
A caulyflower, (Evcl:n) Braflica florida. 
|| Caujable, (Brown) Q^od etfici poleft. 
11 Caujal, (Wats) || Cdufalisj ad caufam per. 

J Caufality, (Ghnv,) caujaticn, (Brown) Vis 

II Call/ally, (Brown) Ordinatim ; efficienter. 
II Acaujaior, (ij.) a caufer (Sh.) Litigatorj 
Gl!^: Lot. efleflor, audor. 

A caufi, Caula, ^ I fee nj fucb caufe why 
foujhouid conwtend ir.e JO, ego nihil reperio qua . 
b r;m tantopere lauder, I have no cnujt lo b, 
i"^ry, nihil eft quod fuccer.lra.-n. IViai cauji 
hwvj you to dejpair / quid eft quare del'peres .^ / 
•tvill give you caufe to remember me, faciam ur 
m-i nxniuicris. They will htfue caufe lo rejoice 
afenvards, fiet ut poftitiodo giudejiit. An:: 
nu IV, thiul caufe, mc liijuri.i. 7la jiall fnJ yoi 
lid blame me lu.ihoui caufe, me abs te immcrito 
eir.: accuiatum refcifces. 

A cc.ufe [oceafiunj Caufa, gratia ; occafio ; 
'{> argurnentum. 
The firfl caufe, Elementiim, caufa primaria. 
The chief caufe, or original, of a ibing, Ori - 
go, iiiitium. 

Acauje [action Inlaw] • Dica, ff^Tbe cau'i 
icei.t on eur fide, noftra omnis lis eft. 

fl To lofe a caufe, Causa cadetc, fvrmuia ex 

^i/w.r// M.v/";,' Can 'ilia. ^ ?er fa fmall a 
caufe f tantuliiie causa ? 

■io casife [make] f acio, cfiicio ; creo, faceftli j 
Mil. movei). 

To eaufe tprocure] Paro ; g;gno;.r}i e'aboio. 
7o caufe [provoke] Iinjicliu, mcitu, co.itito, 
jji'ovnco, cieo, 

•To iaufe furrow, Do'.orem infcrre, vel atferrc 
fl To JeJ'erd one's cauj-', Alicujus patiociniutD 
iccipcre, caufam ditcre, defendCrr, fuicipiire. 
To Lear, or try, a caufe, Caufam cogm^fcere. 
For what caufe? Quamohrcm ? qu;1 graLia. 
• I' is not lu.thout ca tft, Non teme.c cit. 
For this caufe, Eo nomine. 
/ f ilai ca:fe, Idcirco. 
l-i ju.b a caufe, Jdco, idciico, 
A Jhewlng a eaufe, Prolatio, 
A 1. earing of a caufe, Co| nitio cau'te. 
Aciufcr, HFeiioi, auflor, 
^ F'jr many ciufcs^ M jliis de cauljr, multit 
K>miGibJS. z 

CaufeJ, Faftus, ffTeflus, confeaui, 
Caifelefs, Sine c«usa, 
Caujt.'esly, Immerito. 

A caufcy, coir. caufeway, Semita j via aggef. 
ta, vel ftrata j c{> agger. 
Acaufng, Viiho, efteftio. 
A cauftick, * Caufticum medicamcnlum. 
Caute/oui, C?autus ; iubdolus. 
Cauteloujly, Cauie, fubdolt, 
CaaieloJfnefs, camel, (Sh.) Cautio; fcrupuluj, 
Acauiiry [fearing iron] •Cauterium. 
A cauterization, or cautirianr, • Cautetlo 

To cauterisse, Cauterio inuieie. 
Cauterized, * Cauterio inuftus. 
Caut on, cauiioufrcfs, or care, Cura, pruden. 
tia ; attentio, circumfpeftio, confidcrantia, 

A caution [warning] Monitio, admonitio, 

To caution, or give a caution, Moneo, admo- 
neo, pra;moneo. 

Caution [fecuri;y] Satifdatio ; cautio, 
^f Caution money, Pecunia, quK ex ftipulatio- 
ne debctur. 

Cautionary, Cavens; obfidibus datis pignera- 

Cautious, Cautus, catuj, providus, prudens. 
Cuutioufy, Qmac, catc, provide, prudeiuer, 
accur.Ue, confidtrate, peJctentim, fcrupulose, 

To eau, (Sh.) Crocito. 
A cayman, Crocodi!us. 

To ceafe. Cello, defino, defifto; fuperfedeo; 

To ccafc for a time, Intermitto. ^ 7 ceafed 
nit ore day, nullum intermili diem. 

To ceafe [be at reft] tjuiel'co, conquiefco ; 
Ceafe [no more words] Paufa ; pax. 
To ceafe from, Abfifto, deliilo ; abfccdo, 
^ They ceafed from fighting, pugna abflite- 
lunt. lie ceafed mt from railing, non ceiravic 
contumelias dicere. He ceafed" fom writing, 
cribendi finem fecit. Night caif.d them to ceafe 
from the attack, finem oppugnan.ii nox attuht. 
He ceafe:h not frtm bis labour andfody, non ccf- 
'at inojifr? & ftudio. 
To ceafe from forrvtv, ^ Dedolco. 
lo ccajc from weeping, Ljmenlis parcere, 
dolorem mitigare, minucre. 
To ceafe from 'zvork, Fertor. 
To ceafe 19 be, Denat'cor; int-~rco. 
'Jo ceafe (gooff) Oecedo. 
Ceafed, Dcfitiis, cellatus, remiflus. 
Ceaf.lefi, .Aliii.uuj, perpetuus, continuus, 
A uajlng, Cefratio, M.I. abiiu«. 
A (lafng for a tine, Intcrmifiio. 
A cetfif.g from labour, Quies, requies ; otiiim, 
IViibout ceafmg, AiflJue, pcrpctuo, tonti- 
Cecily [blindnefs] C^c'tas, 
Cfcutier.ey, (Brown) Tanium non cscitas. 
The ce.'.ar tree, • Cedrus, i, ('. 
The great c.deir, Cedrus major, * cedrclate. 
^ TU pri hly cedar, Cedtus Pha^nicia, 
'Iheoyl of le.lar, Cedrium ; ibiplch, ot rofin, 

Of, ct belonging lo, cedar, * Ccd'i>:u>. 
A cedar be, ry, * Cedris, Idis, t. 
Celandine [herb] • Chelidouii, 
To ciii, *f' L-'queo. 
A, L.^qucir. 
To ctl.b,-,ile. Ceil bro, conce'.tbro. 
To celebrate oni's bitib djy, Natalem alicujus 
celcbrare, concckbr-re. 

To ceUbra'c a fall. Diem feftum agvre, -eel 
igitirej diPTn iicbiia religion©<:<-k'b^are. 

To cele'rate one's funeral, Alicujus tuncra & 
cxt'quias ce^ibrare. 

^1 To celebrate, or praife, a perfun, Altquem 
clebraie, l.iud .re, extollcre, lauUutus ctfeirc. 
A celebrating, or crlebratton, Cel braiio., cclebritus, (Grew ) Celebris, ce- 
eb:'r, L.d^Ius, luculentuf, iiluftr.&; rivjlga. 
us. ^ 

Celelrated [folcmnized] Celebrjtus,, 
Ci'.eiiity, Claihudo, ceicbtitas, 


C E N 

Ct/trliy [(wi(tnekj Pernicitas, cclcrim, 

Cr/ffli,i/, Co-Ieftis. 

Ct^rfiir,;, [an order of monks] Caleftini, pi 

t'W, (Arb.uh ) Ca-liacus, P/ln. 

Ctl,6af>, 0, cMacy, Ccolibatus, vita Calebs. 

■n (Cll, C'flla, i, 

'^hertllcf ahrmU, ,j. Mandra. 

■ilflor, Cellarinm; • hypogsum. VUr. 

^!: cel'jT, Cellula, ,}, f,,;.jm. 

51 An»kcdter, Cella || cerevifiaria, W po- 
toria. ' ^ 

% A lone cellar. CelU vinaria. 

0/, or hclnghg ti, a cellar, Cellaris. 

f fillar keeper, or ceUanJI, CelUrii cuftos, 

A cellar laindow, Cellarii Triraculum. 

f Ciui'.BMr «//ara£f, oi- ,ellar room, Cellari- 
uin latts ampluni. 

Crlfitude, Excelfuas, ceintudo, Par<rf 

C E R 

Crt^M/ Imortar] Omentum, int.itum : in- 
fr.ta, arenatum.ySr/cm, • LithocolJa. 

T» «TO« [aet.J Coa^mento, conjungo, con- 
.lolido, lifnjnum opus facere. 

racemem [neut.J Coalcfco. 

To «/««?, or/i.//fr [in a mctsphorical fcnfel 
ConfoJjdo, tlutinc, coj.glutino, aeglutino : fcr. 

MaJe of cement, Cxmsntitius. 
Cemeviid, Coagmentatus. 
Acemtnihg, ni ceiretitaihn, Coagmenfatio. 
Aca„,„ry, (Addif.) I! Cametcrium. 
Curatory, (Brown) Canaticus. 
Ac.rcbns [a green rnalccj * Cenchris 
Cemht.cit, (Still.) II CSanobitalis. 
AccMaph [empty tomb] » || Cenotaphium. 
Cenft (Bacon) Cenfus, 4. 
To ctr.ii [perfume] Adoleo ; * ihus fumans 
agitate ad odoiem diftundendum, 
A ce-^jtr, * Thuribulum, acerra. 
A cenjtr, ot cenfuicr, Ceiifor, animadverfor. 
AciKj-ys o£iie, or cafur/hip, Cenlura, i. 
( enjcr like, cenfuiie, 
Ctrjorwu,, ccrfirian, (Bacon) Cenforius. 
A ccnj rioui perjon, Maledicus, Mit. cenfor. 
tinjiirioufnejs, Malcdiaio ; protacitas. 
A cttifure, Rcprrhenfio, Met. cenfura. 
^1 He -was cerjurcd by alt people, in omnium re- 
prchenlioijt-m incurtebat, Tkh aBhn met mih 
I'arieiy oj cer.jurcs, hue /acinus non pari modo 
probatum eft ab omnibus. Kehher CMld the 
great n,en ejcape the cerfmes of the ■vuhar, ntque 
potmiicres cjluniniis vulgi carucre. 

To cenjure, Taxo, nolo j reprehendo, an^ad- 
verto; dea!iquo fententiam tcrre, Arirt.r.hum 
*f""'> '"Pcrci'^um in aliqucm d.itringcre. 

11 To ccjur- an author i imtings. In alicuius 
icripta animadvtricre, de alicuius fuiptis ju- 

f To cenjure, or blame, ,4hcr ferfir.i aSlor.i, All 
omni rts eeiias.repjct.ciidcre, if/ rnaiiKnicar 
pcrs. ■ ■' 

^To expo/e cue's Jelf to the ccnfure ofthetehol'e 
tvcrld, Ommiiai Imminum reprehen/iuni fc ex 
ponere, ie! objlcere. 

Cenjuiai.e, (Locke) V. Blamralle. 

terjured. Noiatus, rMrl-heufus. 

I0 he cenjjred (or laihcd) Jevirjy, Confcindi 

Ae.rjunng, Noratio, rcj itbrniio. 

f Accnjurer, (Sh.) M. .djx homo & detrec- 
taior, anrmadverlor accr & diligtns viiiorum. 

Aieniaur [half man, half iiorlil • Ctutau- 
rus. •* 

A eerier, r.certie, 'Centrum. 
"Jhe center of an army. Media acics. 
Of, ot idonging to, a center, centric, (Donne) 
" Centralis. * ' 

Acenterfijh, oc cerierjhip Vinket.-] Balneus. 

Jc cemtr, Tcrmiiior. < Ml the dtfigr.i 0) 
tacbof ihan centered in peace, omnia utnufquc 
confilu ad pacem fpeflabant. -Ihe jafety of the 
pa ei, the center of all ny care,, omn's meas cu- 
xas ,n falute leipubhcK defigo. W./v«r hope. 
'»d 'ares are centered on your fon, omnis fp-.s i„ 
iiho coiiftituta eft. ■> ■> ' e • 

^Ccntjugal centripetal, (Cheyne) Ad ccmo 
Kceiiere, t,W ad centrum ferri, 
Leniejimal, Centcliinm. 

CMinody [an herbj || Centinod!., », 1 pro 

.'crpinaca, J ranguinaria. ' "^ 

Action, cento, (Pop.) [p,„ch] • Cen'o. 

'I. c::;^;/um'.'"-'"'-'' f ^° "''"J « ^^-"-" i 
^^<r C-Wory, the greater, • Ccntaurium mag 

Centfiry, the lef!ir, Libadium ; fel teir«. 

Acintry, oteatin.l, V. Sentry. 

tentumwral, Ccntumviralis. 

Acenturion [captamj Centurio, .V,, m. 
CemuT,'."^' """"''^' t"^'''"-^ [hundred] 

t!y ie:iturin, Centuriairm. 

A cen'uiy [ape] Seculum. 

Cephalick, • Ophalicus. 

Tocetc, (Wifem.) V. To wax. 

AcerecUb, cerot, ceete, cerement, (Sh.) Cc- 
raliim j crrotum. ' 

ThecereiJ, (Derh.) Cerebellum. 
co^/""""""'' '^'^" 'itualis, ceremoniarum 
^.^C,«««,/^/ [adj J Ritual!,, 4. || ceremonia- 

Ceremonhut, CeremOniis addiaus. 

yrry ceremonious, Superftitiufus. 

Cercmoimtrjly, Superftitiose, religiose. 

Ceremonious [too comphifantj Nimis officio- 
I"!, m officus nimis diligens, comitatcm pliV 
nimio aftcflans, in officii ac ftudii fignifi.-atione 

Ceremonioufy [compbifahtly] Nimis officiosc. 

y1 cerenf,,y, Ca;nmonia ; ritus, 4. 

CercKony tlormal compliment] Officiofa ur- 
banitas, (alutationei officiofie. 

Ceremony [pomp, or ft ate] Pompa ; folemni. 
■ ■' 3- 1i Before the ceremony ■was over, litibus 
nondum peradis. Thot is tmt a ceremony, nihil 
=rt nih fo, mula. He einertah.ed him .vithout cere- 
^■ony, iJJum familijiiter, W corr.itatis af- 
tectationq, excepit. 

Hi a n^^afier of lie ceremonies, Defignator • au- 
reus ; caremomarummagiiler, fupremus rituum 

Certain [lure] Certus, exploratus, compcrtus, 
imlubitatus, manlieftus. *\ One that hath no cc'. 
tain abiding fUe, homo incerti laris. It is as cer- 
tain as can l.e, certo certius eft, IVe ■u-ere certain 
'f the ■vieiory, exploiata nobis crat vifloria. 

tcrtain [regular] Conftans, CPrtu5. #[ -Jh-rc 
are ro certain days of meeting, nulli lunt Hat, dies 

A certain person, Qi^idam, m. qusdam, f 
non nemo, nonno llus. ff A certain chance fell 
ou, that hindered me, cafus quidam ne lacercm 
impenivit. •■•i-crcro 

t,m""" ^"^°"'' ^"'' '"""'"". ^'i^uof, nor- 
Certiiin others, * Alii, pi. 
// is certain, C'onfiat, liquet. 
^ To he certain of, Cctto fcire, allquid com- 
perium fiabtrcl' ' ' -, ^ 

Of, or fir, urtain, Certfi, exploratj, prncertij. 
*,{ Di y.m fay it for (criain'f pro ictto' tu iftuc 
Uicis? lamas ciain as I am alive, tarn fcio 
quam me vivere. ^s mthiig in this world is cer- 
tain, ut funt humaiia. 

Certainly, Certe, cat6, cquidem, profefto, 
lane, haud dubic, fine dubio j facie. 

A crtainty, cctitude, (Drvd.) Ccrta rei ratio, 
explorata rei coijnitin, vel monitio. fl 'i here is 
'^certainty of ,,„y thing, incerta' font omnia. 
The certainty of the fati, Ceita fi.iej fafti. //•', 
inaji go only upon certainties in a matur of fo great 
mportance, ivfpicienda funt in re taiiia nulla 
ml. cor.firmata & vera, rhere is no certainty or 
conjijicme in him, non cmnino fibi conftat. 

Accrtificate, Scnpta teftificatio, tefiimonium 
(criptum; elogium. Sen. 

To certify, aliquem facgre, fcripto 
ucl verboj teftari j docere. 
Certified, Ccrtior faflus. 
A certifier, Auftor. 
A ceriifiing, Indicjtio, (ignificatio. 
Cervical, (Clu-yne) Ad cervicem periinens. 
Cerulean, (Thomf.) eerulisus, (Boyle) Caru 
cus. . , . - ' ' > 

C H A 

Ceruf, fwhlte lead] CCTuITt, 
Ciruffeel [whiiedj Ceruffaluj. 
To eefs ( laxj Ctnfco, uxo, ^.-ftimo. 

liclre."^' ^ "■' * '^''''^^"' * '*»'''^'^'»' 'li"! 

Crfjation, CefTatio. 

A cej/htion of arms, Induciae, arum, f. p|. Af- 
^iltium, ». arroorum requies. 

Tobecejed, Ccnf-or, t..xur, defcribor. 

Cejed, Cfnfus, defcripfus, 

Acffer, Cenfor, dcfcriptor. 

Ac,£ing, mceffmnt. erf,, (Spenf. SL.) Ccn- 
rus, delcnpiio, isdicatio. 

^'mfv' ^°'S^y) ^"'' «pugnans. 

CJibtlity, (ij.) Qaljtasctuendi line repugnin. 

AceJJion, or giving up. Ccmo. 

Cetaceou,, (Ray.) j| Cftlrius. 

To chace, Infequor, V . COaie. 

Achace, .Saltos, 4. ^ 

^cA^.v [ufed_ in printingj Feriea compage, 

Th^.lad Ihlh] Clup?a. 

7»rf«/e [«arm] Calefacio, fervr-facio. 

Toche.fe[y,x] Irarum aliqurmreddfre : iram. 
bileir,, w . ftomachum, .l.cui movcre. ' ' 

fucTentf ff'" "fJ *■ ■''"-"•'''■or, indipnor. 
fuc en eo, fremo, fa:v.o. f Do not ctafe I t.i 
fcv, tanropere. //. ;, ,^, ,„ ^^ ■ ^j { .^> I 
"■itur; iracundiorefl. ■' "*"""« 


. In a chafe, ^.ftuans, » (Icmachofu.. fT /;, 
"tn a great chafe, ardet iracund.a. I .u,a i„ ^ 

ttZt.-'^-'J '-''■'''"-"'• -^^ '^^"''^ 
To ch.fe much Excandefco, irj concitari. 
1° '■/<' ■"'"/"" tAmfdf, ningor. 
1 "Chafe with the h.-,nd, Frico, defriqo. mace 

'"Jf"-'J'< afiiduS fricatione difcutjetur 

CeJL'^rie'^or!"'' ^ '" "'''" '" '"^ '"""'/J 
To be chafed [gallcdj Aduror. 
To be chafed [warmed] Calefio. 
Eftlv^;tf-^"^f'"=''J ^'-O'"— i. nPer. 
Chafed [warmed] Calefaftus, ferrcfaft, ,. 
C*^/>,/ [vexed] Inc.nfus,, iratus 
* ftomachofus ; ^, vexafus. ' 

Chafed -with the band, tn&m, molitus. »». 
cerattis. ' "^ 

^fij/Jr [beetle] "Scarabsus. 

A g'.at chafer, Cjpricoinus. 
A green chafer, * Scarahreus arboreus. 
Aihafrg [warming] Fncatio. 
Aeh.ifing [vcxmg] Indignaiio. 

attriiul'^'"'''' °' ^''"'"^' '^""'' *'' "ticute, 

Ci.>^ [vexing] Indicnabnndus, indignani 
ftomachabund,.; ,ra cfjirvefccns, e'xcand/S 
-^ chafing d,fh, Foculus menf-rius. 5 

Chaff, Palta, • acus, c>« n 
Ac>>affincb, FriHijilla. 
A chajf heap, AcCTvos pale.T. 
A chaff hiufi; Paleare, is, n. . 

Chaff iveed, * Gnaplialiom. 
Chaffy or «/rf /,^ „„Vi ,A^.f, Pajeatus. 
5 J-r,.'/ of ehajf, Palci abundans. - 

'^"'#/'. (Sh.) A Palea vacuus. 
To cA»/-«- [trarSckJ Mercor, negotior ; mer. 
caturam laccre; commniare. 
TV , Afl/,V [afit the price] Licitor. 

rlTA ,f i""^,'l^"'"«j Mercmonium. njctx. 
Oood chaffer, Mcrces probj-. 

Achcffcrer, AJercator, licitalor. v 

Mcrcatura, commerciuni, negotialio, nundin!: 

A chaffering [a/fcing the price] Licitatio 

Of, OS hUngj^to, chaffering, Aler«toriu«, 

Ackafiein, (.aldanum. 

Chagrin [difcontent] AfttfUtia, moleft/a • 
rnaior, fclicituilo, animi a-gtitudo. ' 

T, chagrin, Alicui merorem, molefiiaaj. «; 
')licin,dinem, create, .:r/ affei.e. 

Ta le chagrined, Marorc, moleftia, ^.-'tnimi 
'^ * afgiiruJinr, 

C H A 

trgritudine, afHci; in morofitxem odiofam in 
cidCTC, argritudinrm ex aliqu^ re fufcipcic. 
jt chain, CatcDi, 
yl liiiU chain, CjtelU. 
jl cojin tf gM, Toiquts au«us, « / aiTM. 
% Ciai.i Jb:t, ot bulltii, Concatcnati globi. 
Ci..-/<:M'3.i, (S.S.I V. Hork. 
H'taring a . itf/ff, Torquatus. 
7<f iwti c/ a ibjin, Catenae fcries. 
7*3 chjin, Ca'ena ligare. 
7<, fill in chains, Alitui catenaj injicere. 
To chain lagcihir, C.\tena coUigarc. 
Ci.uii:t.:, CatciiaTUS. 
ji chaim/tg, Ca'tnatio. 
Ciiiini [flavery] CaptiviUs, fervitus. 
ji chair. Sella, • cathedra. 
jSn tafy chair, Supiii.i in delicias cathedra. 
ji chair ,./ Jlate, * Thronus. 
A foUiing chair. Sella plicatilis, 
Achair 10 C-^rty tntin. Sella, leftica. 
A chair ivih elhiius, Solium. 
A chair ivith a clofc jiool. Sella familiarit. 
Of, Cit ttitigingta, a chair, • Cithtdrartus. 
^ Paji 111! chair, or ene thai hath bten mayor. 
Homo confularis, inonere prartorio fundlus, 
A chairman^ LeOicarius. 
A Jiairman [or mender] • Calhedrarum re- 

A cha'.rman nf a joAety, lee, Societatis prae- 
fes, vei praef'cdlus, 

A chaiji, Currus levior. 
Chalcedony [a done] • Chalcedonius. 
AcaiJ's chali/ron, chaulcfmn, (Sh.) * Eclii- 
nur, vituli icteilana, Wexta. 

A chaldron, al. a chauld'cti, of coals, Modii 
triginta I'tx carbonum foliilium. 

A cbaliu, r, calicc, (Taylor) Calix, fimpu 

Chalk, Crcta, ^ 1 talk of chalk, and you of 
$bicfe, egode aliis loquor, tu de cepis refpcndes 
Ai like as chalk and chicfr, allud noftua fonat, ali- 
ttd coturnix j tain Hmile quam quod eft dilTimiJ- 

2i chalk, Creta notarf, vJ defcribi-re. 
A chalk fit, Cretarium, crctaf fodina. 
Cf, or hcUnging to, chalk, Crctaceus. 
^ Chalked cut, Creta notatus, iiil dcfcriptus. 
Citlicd, Cretatus, 
A (talking, Creta notatio. 
Chalky, or full of chalk, Cretaceut, cretofus 
A 11 fight, Vindiciae, pi. provocatio 
^ Me hath Jem him a challenge, arietcm emifit; 

A letta of challenge, Literae || provocatoriae. 
A challenge [matter of exception] Calumnia, 

7o challenge [or take to hirofelf] Arrogo, 
vindiio ; affero ; lumo, ^ lie challengeth every 
thing ly arms, nihil non arrogat armis. The 
Chians challenge Homer for their o*ivn, Homcruro 
Chii vindicaut fuum. 

To challenge, or give a challenge [to fight] 
Provoco, ad pugnam, vtl in • palKllram, vo- 
care, lacef^ere. ^ He cballcged him to fight a 
duel, fingulare ccrtamen illi indixit. Seeing he 
ihallengeih me to it, quando hue me provocat. 
/ challenge jrea to Jhev) me that, ut id mihi often - 
das poflulo. 

To challenge a juryman, Juratorcm rejicere, 
7'a challenge a ptrjoris ^romife, Proinili'um ab 
aliqud exigcre, repetcie, flagitare, 

^ To cbalhnge at tilling. Ad concurrendum 
cum laoccis provocare ; excire. 

73 chal'eiigc, or gainfay, Rcclamo. 
To challenge, or accufe one, I'oftulo, accufo, 
% To chal.'enge, ox except againji, a vi'itnefs, 
Ttftimonium cTcv.irc. 

Claller.ged [so fight] Provocatus, laceflitus. 
A ^i^alletger, Provocator. 
Of, c^r for, challeiigirg, || Provccatorius, Cf//. 
A ch'fler.^rg to 6n.*i Jelf, Vindicatio. 
A challrr.gtng into the field. Ad, iiel in, pug- 
T)am prnvocaiio. 

fl A cbalUngitig tf imlncffa, Teftium elevatio 
fafla ol'j'ilicne. 
Acboloi, W.Slaht. 
Chaljbaue, * CMybe miituii 

c r I A 

^ chamheff Cubiculum, camera, 

yj BM cbambirt Dormitorium, cubilc* 

yikridf cbamhtrf •Thalamus, 

Agurjlcbamhrj Hofpitale cubiculunn* 

A dining iiambtr^ • Canatio, * triclininm. 

A pri'vyj or withJraiving, chamber^ Conclave 

A damper of prtjcnct^ or a large outivara 
flaither, • Ccenatio laqueata. 

AdcubUhtdcbambeTj * Amphirbalamus. 

^^te ntm chamber^ • Andron, onts^ IB. Plin. 

'ihetoontenscbimhery • G^nseccum. 

A cbitmber for thf /Jck, Vdletudina: ium. 

Tbe Jiar ckamf er. Camera flc]lat3. 

^ic cbatiUr tf London^ .^rarium \\ Londi 

At. anti chatnhcr, * Antlthalamus. 

Achntj.berflfoTv, Co.itubernalis. 

An ujhcr i.f the cba^nhdr, \\ Admiflionalis, 

^ A gentleman of tbe king's bed cbamber, Rcgi 
•I cubicuiis. 

Cowpi^ny /yiig in om chamle'-^ Contubernium. 
Tbs prhfy council (bdmbcr, Sccrctioris conciiii 

1'he Exchequer cbamber, Rationum regiarum^ 
feu filici, curia, 

Acbamberer^ (Sh.) Qui vafre agir, clande^i- 
nis confiiiis utens. 

A chamberlain, or groom of the chamter, Cu- 

% Tbe lord cbatnherlain, Cubiculariorum de- 

A cbamherfain^ i office^ Qu^nura, 
Of or befimging to J: cbf Qujsftorius* 
Clamber lye, * Una-', * lotium, 
A chamber maid, Anciila cublcularia. 
A young cbamber maid, Anciliula. 
A chan.ber fot, Matula j ^ matelia. 
Chambers [fireworks] * Pyn holi, pi. 
X Cbambletted, (Bacon) t. can:Utted, Viricga 

A cbamekon, * Chameleon, ontis. 
I'be black chameleon th'flie^ ♦ Chamaeleon niger. 
XTocbamfer [in a pillar] Strio, fulco. 
Chamfered, Stnatus. 
A chamfering y Striatura, firla. 
\ Tq cbamfret [(lope the ed^e] PoHo, 
A chamoife, Caprea, caper (ylveftris. 
To champs Mando, 3. manduco. 
fl" To champ upon tbe bit, Franum mordere, 
•vel mandere. 

A champaign country, Planjtics, regio cam- 

XCbamparty, Litium redemptio, 
J ChampartQurs, Litium redemptores. 
Champed, Manducatus, manfus. 
A c hamper y Qui, t/^/ qupc, manducat. 
Champignon, Fungus, campeftris, 
A champitjn^ Pugil, pugnator, defenfof. 
Champion like, Fugilice, * athlciice. 
^ Tbe champion of a party, AntcfignanuF 

A champion* t exercife, Pugillatus, 4. 
Of or belonging to a champion, Pugiilato- 

To champion, (Sh.) V, To challenge. 
A chance, Cafus, eventus ; fortuna, fors. 
f[ T'M hnozo not ivbat chance bath happened to mct 
nefcis quid mihi obrigerit. h is impnjJibU to 
forcfee tvhat may happ->i by mere chance, quod fit 
cffico cafu ccrto prslentirc impoflibile eft. What' 
ever chance may happen, qoemcunque fors tulerit 
cafum. Tbe chance of armi is uncertain, forlun 1 
pugn<e eft anceps. What aprctty chance I food } 
quanto in periculo verfatus fui ? He bai'c hut 
le chance for it, hoc unum experjcndum eft. 
IVLat a poor charec have }f quotas (unt fortes 

A chance at dice, Alea, fors, ^ ff^e muf take 
(,ur charge ja^a eft alca. 
A goodchaHCy Fors fortuna. 
A good chance at dice, Vcneiius ja£lu8. 
^ bad cb-ince. Infortunium. 
A bad chance at dice, Jadtus fupinus, canicula 
f To take care cf tbe main than;if Rem fornix 

C H A 

Harem prudentcr adminifl-rare, quae ad familUni 
luam luftcntandam nccefTaria funt curare. 

A chance cifiomtr, Emptor fortuiiuJ, W in- 

A chance gueflf Hofpes fortuituS. 

Ch:.n.-e mi, ly, HumicJdium fortultum» 

7a chance^ Actido, cado, contingo, vfnio ; 
ievfiiio % If any man chance to afk, fi /one 
iliq Jis requiret. 

« Ai it cbarcetb. Pro re nata. 

By ibance, Furtc, fortuito, cafu ; obiter j 
i-rrnoi rj. ibiti. 

To chance [light upon] Incido. 

To get ly chance, or lot, Sortior. 

^ To take one^s chance, Fortunae fe commit- 
u-re, incertam adirc fortunanij fortunam tcntais 
.ic jericiiiari. 

f f 7o try the chance cf tiiar^ Ma; t's aleam ex- 
pen ri. 

Happening by chance, chanceahle,{%\Anty) For- 

At ail chances, Utcunque erit, vet ceciderit. 

li cbancttb, Accidit, contictit,evenit. ^That 
cbjticetb in an hour lubiib may rot hap/ en in jeiin 
years, plus fati valet hora Lenient, Quim ft tc 
Veneris commendetepiftola Marti. 

A chancel, • Adytum, facrarium j cancelli, pi* 

A ch.^nce!kr, j| CAucellarius. 

A bijkofs chancellor, \ Officialis. 

^ A lord chancclhr, Summus Magna Britan» 
nitc 11 cancclLirius. 

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Fife! j] cancella- 

A char.cfUorJhip , |1 Canccllariatus, 4. 

9\ The ciiuri of chancery, || CanccUariae curia. 
Of, or belonging to J the chancery ^ [I C^ncellarius, 

A chancery man [drawer of writs] Foimula- 

A chandler, Candelarum opifex, f?/ venditor* 

A corn chandler, i rumenti venditor. 

A Jbip chandler, Commeatuum in nave vcn* 

A ivax chandler f Cerarlus. 

^ A chandler to the o'dnanre, Qui tormcnto- 
rum bellicorum curatoribus neceftaria fuppeditat* 

A chanel, Canalis. 

A little chanel. Canaliculus, 

Tbe chanel of a ri-ucr, Alveus, rivu8« 

Tbe chanel bone, •Trachea. 

Th? chanel cf a ivine prejs, Tcrculan 

A chanel, or narro^v Jca, Fretum, 

A chanel in ^one, Strix, 

To cbanel pone, Strio, 

Chanekd, Slriatiis, fulcatus ; alveatus* 

A chanelir^, Striatura. 

A change [alteration] Viciflitudo, znutatiO^ 
commutatio, immutatio, permutatio. 

A change [variety] Varietas; indinatio. 

A change [of the limes] Momentum j vcr* 
ratio, Sem 

Change [among tradefmen] Pecuniae conn- 
mutatio, vel permutatio, 

A change, or exchange, where merchants meet, 
Jl Excambium, 

Tbe change ^f tbe moM, Intcrlunium, lunse 

To change, or be changed, Vario, muter, de- 
mutor J vertor, invertor. 

To change [afl.] Muto, commuto, permuto, 
convcrto. ^ Fortune began to change, fortuna fc 

To change a child, Puerum fubdcre, fuppo* 

To change cne^s colour, or countenance, Faciem 
mutare, rubore fufTundi. ^ His coun:enance 
changeth, non conilat ci color. 

T(, change a cufitm, Inftituta pricrum rr':tare. 

To change ones Icdgirg, Ex holpitio demi-. 

To change one" s manners, Morum mutationem 
accre ; mores mutarc. 

To change one'' s mind, Sententiam pcrmuta-e, 

a fcnlentia difcedere. ^ He is dn-ven toiherge 

bis mind, dc mentis futu dejicitur. He has 

hanged his mind, AefentemuAcctffit, a feCH'ceflit. 

Given to change, Incotiftans, levif, inftabilis. 

To change again, DcaiMio, r<mulo« 


C H A 


C H A 

Tj chaitre mmry, I'ecuniam pcrir.utare, ncl 

^t) changt [as the moon] Renovor. 

To cbunge onei ti^mfi Tianfnomino, 

To change one thing tor anjberj Summuto. 

Frctn cne Jbape to amtherf 'i'ransiormo. 

To change one*s fitr^ojij Concilium mutare, 
de gratlu Lcucie. 
■ To ck(.ttgt fiom jlace to [>i:ee, Dcmigro. 

Ci'arigeablt; Mvnabilis, commutabilis, 

/>'it ipungtabitf lmif.u;abilt5. 

Changeable •wtuiber, Vatians ctelum, 

Cbar.genbU in •w'jrjs, or Meiit, VtifipelHs, vcr- 

Changeable, cbangefsil, (Pope) [unconftant] 
Intonit^ns, Icvis, initabilis. 

^ changeable cMur, Color mixtus, verficolor. 

A garment of chang<able Jiik, Vcflis fericulata 

Changeableneji, Mutabilitas, levitas, inftabi- 
lius I inconftintia. 

Cbangcab/y, Muiabiliter, Farr. 

To he changed, Mjior, commutor, permutor, 

To be changed into, Immutor, 

Changed, MuUtJs, permuutu', vatiatus, ver- 

A changer, «Ji Mutator. 

A changer [binkerj Numtnulatius, menfa- 

A cbangeAng, I'uer fubdiius, fuppofititiu . 

A clanjeUng [fool] Ineptus, ftultus, * idi- 
otn. fl lie IS J mere changeling, ftultior ftullilli 
nio eft. He is no ciangejing, l, e. is a perlun i 
reiuJiition^ libi perptiuo conHat. 

A changing, Mutatio, commutatio, demuta 
tiO} imniiitatio, variatio. 

A changing by courfe, Viciffi'udo. 

A changing one thing for amthcr, Pcimutatio 

A cbangv.g from [Idic to ^lace, Migratio, dc 

A changing of ,ne's f:irj>ofe, Confilii mutatio 

Chant, (Miit.) Cantus, 4. 

To chant. Cm, canto, decanto, modulor, 

A chantecUer, Gallus, * I'hcebeus ales. 

A chanter, I'iseccntor, » cliori prffitcflus. 

A chantrijs, Cantrix, V^rr, 

Chanter [a dog's naiiej • Hylax, • hylac 

Acbaniery, or chantry, || Canteiia. 

A chaos. Chaos; rudis itidigeflaque moles. 

Chaotic, (Deih.) hdigejius ; mdis. 

A chap [i-liinkj Fiirutj, rima, itiflura, 

A htt/e chaf, Kimula. 

A chap of the cheek, Bucca. 

Cbap-fa!n, (Sh.) Buc^a delapsa. 

Chafbji, (Sh ) Bucca oibatus. 

A chap of tie ground. Hiatus, 4. 

'Jo chap, Hio J latilco j rinjas agere. 

Chafed, Rimas agens, fatifcenS, fciffuf, 6flus, 

A chaping, FilTio, 

Cbaf,s ,n the bamis, Rhagades, rhagadia, pi. 

Tu chaps, lulg. chops [jaws] Fauces, pi. 

Of a cLanel, tiuminiS Irfuce;,, .I'f/oftium. 

hull of cha}s, cbapt, (Dryd.j Rimofus, dif- 

To flop chaps, or chinks, Rimas obturare. 

By chaps, fliulte. 

A chape [the iron point of a fcabbard] Va- 
gina fcrramcmum, roftrum, mucio. 

Cbapilifs, (Sli.) Sine ferramento. 

Afhaf-el, i^dicula, facellum, facratium. 

A pri'vate chapel, || l.^uariuoi, Lampr, 

7if chapiter of a pillar, Capituluii), * ep^y- 
liuiii, Fiir, 

A ihaplan, A facris. 

A ihap/.iinjhip. y Sacellani munus. 

A cl.-ifiUt, Corolla, fertum. 

A cl up, or cbapm-in, Liiitator, mercator, 

Chapmanfhv^, Ars inilitorla. 

Aihapiir if a hiok, {{ ''aput, capitulum. 

Chapter by chapter, Capitulatim. 
. M chapter in a cathedral fiariij^ConfclTus, 

K.-/ conventus, faecrdotum j || Capitulum, 
Of, or belonging to, fuch chapter, || ' 'apitularis. 
4y In chai.ter, or ivith ccnjCni oj the thapiet 
Su::iagante capitulo. 

^ A chapter houfe, Domus [j canonicorun 
convejitibu& habendi:> dcflinata j • extdra. 
Acbarailer [mark] Nota, • char.idlcr. 

A charaSltr [defcnption] Defcriptio, clog! 
urn. ^ j-jll men gift him that chara£ier, \\ 
eum omncs illud contentiunt eloijiuin. 
A cbaralltr [letter] Liicra, * lypuj, s. 

^y 7(? write in cbaraSlers, Qt fhort hand, Notib 

A 'zuritcr in charafjers, r^-* Notarius. 

A cbara^er [ public k office] Munus. 

% To come •with apublick cbara:ier. Cum ptib- 
lica audtoritalc ac tefhiTioniis venire. 

CharaHer [reputation] Exiit.mjtio, fama, 
nomcn. V\ lie bad the charafler of a gc:d ora- 
tour, mignus orator habetur. 

A g''Otl character. Bona fama, Tc/exiftimatio 

^ A man of good, or clear cbara£ier. Home 
nullo probro noiatus., Mala fama, tw/exiftimatio. 

^[ A man of a fcandalcus cbarabler. Home 
^urpitudinc vuie notatus. 

in Tkry ivantid mthing but this to ccmpletethei 
d\iralhr, id unuin iis ad abfolutatn laudem de- 
ill' videbatur, 

^ To git himflf a good charaeJer, Famam bo- 
liira fibi comparare, acqutrere, fatSre. 

^ 'Jo give one a good iharacicr, Aliquemlau- 
3aie, JauJibus efferre, bene de aliquo dicere. 

^ To give one a bad charaOir, Aliqutm vitu 
otrarc, maie f.c ai quo diccre. 

fl 7o endanger one's charailer. Venire in dif- 
crimcn ex.ftimationis fuie. 

fj 7o lije one's charailer, Famam attetete, 
;xtjnj!ijere, obliterair, obruere. 

fl To have a go'jd, or bad, charailer, Bene, 
uel male, audire. 

^[ To lea-ve a go^ii charailer behind one, Civitati 
jucundiliimam virtutum fuarum mcmoiiam re- 

To tarnifh one's charailer, Famam bonam ob- 

ff To aH perfeHly out of charailer, Digna fua 
penona quae lunt nequaquam teminiCcit 

To charailer, (Sh.) Infcribo. 

Charallerlejs, (Sh.) Sine nomine. 

Cl.arallery, (Sh.) Nota ; imprejTio, 

CharaSenJlick, Ad rerum defcriptionem per- 

To charallerife. Ad vivum defcribcre, _• gra- 
phite dt'pingere j dclineo. 

Cbaracleriued, Ad vivum defcriptus. 

A cbarafferixing. Viva defcriptio. 

Charcoal, Ctrbo lignarius. 

The chard of an artichoke, Quod e radicibus 
veterum cynararum fuccrefcit. 

A chare, char, (Dryd.) Opera ; penfum. 

Acharetuoman, Meiccnaiia, adjutiix ; a char 
woman, (Swift) mul;er ad everrendam domum 
concudia, Skinn, 

Alittiechaie, or fmalliufincfs, Njgotiolum. 

A charge [accufation] Accufatio, criminatio, 
incufatio, infimulatio, 

1\ To draw up a charge againJI one, Crimen in 
aliquem contcxcre, vtl moliri. 

To anfvjer a charge, Oblatas criminJtiones 

A trifling charge, Accufatio nugatoria, 

A fharp charge, Accufatio acris, 

A charge [afiault] Itijpiefiio, aggrc.Tio ; im- 
pe'.u?, incurlio, incurfus, ^[ The JirJI charge i; 
the hotefi, prima ccitio acerrima eft. They hrave- 
.')■ ruei-ued tie charge, flgna inferentibus fortitc: 
CL-ltiterunt. They loere not able to endure the ebarge 
f the horje, equitum vim fuftirerc non potcrant 

fl The charge -was founded, Signum pugna: 
datum erat. 

Charge [burden] Onus. «[[ Eaje me of thi 
charge, leva me hoc onere. Lay what charg. 
yiu Will upon vte, quidvis oncris impone, 

A tha-gf [command] ManJitum, prasccp- 
turn, imp ciium julium, diftum. ^[ To pane. 

to one's charge, impt-riiim exequi, Ca-f-f rfr-* 
me a charge not to jvffcr any one to go out rij I;.,.-:, 
paitcs niil'.i Cafar iinpc.iuit, ne qui'm 
.! fceUre ex Italia paterer. 1 wll txetuie yeur 
large Jiligintly, curabu mandaium tuum di)i- 

The charge [of a bilhop, or judge, ©"<.] Hor- 
atio, adhortatio, cohortati^, exhortatio. 

Charge [CoHJ chargeaHeneJs, iBoyle) Im- 
penfa;, pi. fumptus. ^ He is perfumed at my 
charge, plet unguenium de meo. He livtth at 
ireeit charges, profufis fumptibus vivit. It it 
cji charge to keep an afi than a cr.ia, faciliis afel- 
tus quam vacca alitiir. In fo little charge did it 
land, tantulo impendio fteiit. lit ban a pert 
if tbe charge, venit in partem impenfaium. lie 
u-ijt at great charge in feajiing the con'ul, mag- 
num ftimptum in prandium confulis fecit. 

fl To bear a perjon's charges, Sumptus alicui 

in At as fmall charge as poffthlt, Q^itm mini- 
mo fumptu fieri poiuic. 

A charge [office, or emplovment] Munu':, 
negotium, minifterium ; provincia, magif- 
tratus. ^y By that rime my charge will be at an 
end, ego I'm munus confeceio. Since you bear 
fi great a charge, cum tanta fufl^neas negotia. 
He was employed in a pnUiek chaige, publicum miniflcrium. lit haib undertaken a trcu' 
bUfome charge, duram fulcepit provincum. My 
charge is to receive grangers, mea? partes func 
lufcipiendorum hofpitum. I betork myjclf again 
to my charge, me ad rr.cum munus revocavi* 
He neg/eUeth his charge, muneri fuo dccft. 

To perform ore's charge, Munere fuo perfungi. 

A charge [truH] Cudodia, cura ; curatjo. 
^ The whole charge rejieth on you, ad te fum- 
ma rerum redit. That thing; is ccmmiited to my 
charge, id rei ell curationis miie. 

^ The charge of a gun, I'ulveris ac plumbi mo- 
dus ad tormentum djlp'.o^.endum. 

Cha'gt [in heraldry] Onus. 

^ To execute a charge, or orilers, Alicujus 
mandata proff qui, vel conftcere ; parcre alicu- 
jus prajcepto, imperata faccre, juiVa exeqm. 

To charge, or lay to one's charge [accufe] Ali- 
quem accul'arc, iiicufare, infimulare, criminari ; 
a liquid alicui exprobare, objiccre. fl I will net 
charge him with any greater matters, nolo in lUutrj 
graviiis diccre. He chargeih himfelf with feioi.y, 
hie furti fe alligat. He was charged rather with 
an invidious that true accuiiiion, invidioto magia 
qu.\m vero arcefTebalur crirrfine. Tour concieme 
filently chargeth you, verberaris tacitoc(;ituionij 
convicio. He charged him with the meanngfs of his 
famih, ignobilitatem illi objecit. 

To charge [alTault] Adorior, aggredior ; im- 
prefTionem, *■?/ imfetum, in aliquem fac^rc ; 
in hoftium •.icicm irruerc ; certamen, praelium. 
If/ pugnam, cum hofle inire. fl He charged tie 
enemiei horfe, in holtlumequitatum imprcliionem 
fecit, invedbis eft. Tar^uin charged furioujly, 
Tarquinius equum infeftus admifit. 

^[ To charge the enemy in th-e rear, Terga hof- 
tium impognare, noviflimos preir.efe, hoilem k 
tergo adoiirj, vel aggiedi. 

To ftand a charge, Impetum excipcre, fu(!i- 

Tt> charge [burden] Onero. fl He charged 
the peol le tvith too gieat burdens, impofuit nimi- 
iim oneris plcbi. He overcharged his ficmach, 
cibis nimium oncravit ftomachum He charged 
apart of his ejiare tvith payment of debts, partem 
fun.lcrum ad debit.-! folvcnda frpot'utt. 

To ehmge [command] Mando, impero ; pr-s- 
cipio, jubeo. fl / charged him to le jeni for, 
acccrfi ilium mardavi. He charged the cties la 
f-jr-nrfh him with fome cavalry, rquitcs imperavit 
civitatibus. / charged him to •watTb a tine, pras- 
cepi ei ut tempos oblervaret. He charged bim t> 
give in his anjwcr before, jufTlt ptius tefpondere. 
He delivtri what le had in charge, niandat.1 
depoluit. Did I not charge ytut cdixiu' ilbs.> 
The^ ar^rlarged with arm;, arma impetanttir. 

To charge hi fink end, Hradico. 

fl To cbargt, or tcttitf), with, Alicui aliquid 

C H A 

J*nnndirf, vem tllcujui fidcl committ^rei vfl 
delegare \ negotiuro, wl ptoviiictam^ alicui 

^ Tff i*t»f charge oft Rem aliquam curare, 
alicui rei prxene. 

^ To Ad«^ charge of anctter't hufir^effj Al'e 
na procur^re, munus alterius obire, vd luilinere 
^ T<3 commit to one'i itarge, Altquem alicui 
rci prxficcre. 

^ 9*0 itfir (Largtof, Ncgotium fafcii)crr, itrv 
aliq'jam capefsert. 

To ibargt gooiis [fix a price upon them] Mer- 
fibus pretium imponcre, flaiuere, faccrc. fl //c 
thargtdibe gocHi too ti^b, or diar^ mercium pre- 
tia auxit, accen'lit. Hi charged the goods af tot^ 
imv a pricty parvum, W vile, pierium tncrci- 
bu? impofuic. Ht charged thi lo^ues at a reafon- 
uii: frict, orilimam aeftimationem bonis ftatuit. 
•J To citt'ge oit*i accouuti with a Jum, Aii- 
quam |)ecuai<i: fummani in rationem induceic, 
vt/rationibus inferre. 

7o charge r.ot to do a thingt Interdico. 
7<j charge to'itb threotemng^ Intcrminor. fj 
Did I mt charge you not to do it ? Intermiiutus 
Jam ne faceres ? 

^ '7*0 cbjr^e a gun, Sclopetum pulvccc nitrate 
& ifUnde plumbea inflruere, lormento pulvereni 
& ^landem indcie. 

m To charge a car.flabk ivitb one, * [| Ircnar- 
chac al qu?m commiitere. 

7*0 charge faij'dy, Caluoinior. 
77».- njftgrmcni nf a charge, Delcgatio. 
Ccmm.tiid to OHi''j charge^ Comniendatus, de, 
m.indjtus, fidei al'cujus creditus, T't/commilTus. 
Laid to Dt:e*i charge^ Objiiflus, cxprobatus, 
Chargfiihie [coldly] Sumptuoru<:, mullo con- 
f^ans, ^ Tin huUdtng katb hten tury (bjrgeabU 
to him, magnam pccuniam in hoc sdificiun^. 
conjecit. His grandfn ivai very cbargCuiUe n, 
b'rm, in neputem magiios fumptiis fecit j nepo.< 
xnutto ei conftitic, 

Chnrgeahit [burdenfome] Onerofus, gravis. 
^^rgeal^iy, (A'cha-n) J-ompruor.c. 
Charged by comma ndt JufTus, mandatus. 
Charged b^ ajjaidty Impu^natus, oppugnatuj. 
Charged [laden] Onerdtu6, onuflus, farcioa- 

Charged with a crime, Accuhlxxs^ infimuld- 

C H A 

Charged fin hcra!»lryj Onuftus. 

Cb,:r^ai [in painting] Color aflriAns, Vi-I 

ji chargir, cr large 4[lh-, Patina, carinus, 

% The charge tf a gun, Infundibulum tormen- 
tarii puiveris. 

A (barging, or lay'ir.g tn sne's charge, Sxpro 


A charging fcommanHing] Praecsptio. 

^ ji cfoargirg hirfe, Stt-«nax Cquus. 

ChjrUy, Aiteiite, ililigenccr, Iclicile, fludi- 

Clarimfs, (Sh.) AttcDtIo, cura, dligentia; 
fjl-citurfr, flwdium. 

Adbarhi, Rhc-di, corrus, "J) effedum, ffitl 
four iorfci, Qlladriga. 

Of, at bekngir.g to the .fame, Qiiadrijugis, >^ 

A hull cl arid. Curriculum, carruca; 'J- co 

A chariot tuherein the images of the godi lotre 
tarried in pricfjion, * Thenfa, 

ji cbar-ot ujiJ in folemririct, in religious affairs, 
fji Pilrnt'im. carptntuin. 

yl Galtick djaiiot tvith four wheels^ tji Veto- 

'Jo drift a chario*, Aurigo. 

y) ebariotic' , or chatiot driver, Rhedarius^ 
auriE*;i ; tfiVdarios; qu^drigariud 

'ji chariot maker, Rhedarum artifex* 

^ chariot-race, V . Race, 

Chariuile, Benignus, bcneficu^, liberali') 
miinifiMis erga inn^xt. 

fl To le charitalle to the pxr, EgPno um, vet 
pauMrum, miferiam levare) de fuo pan, iribus, nun. laey im lutm 
jirgiri, pteuniam is fubfidium jnopum ejogarcil iniequtntcj fa,l;igabant 

ChirttaUi [in ceofuring] Omoii In meliii, 
vtl meliorem partem, aciipitns. 

Chai iiablerefi, Bcnignitas, bencficentia, libc- 
ralitas erga pauperci, 

Chaniahly, ISmignc, libcraliter, mu.nifici. 
IT 1' judge ch.iriia/ily of, ^quo, vel propl- 
tio, aninio, de re aliqua judicarc. 

^f Charitaily inclintd. Ad pauperet Cublevan - 
ios prodivis. 

Charily [alms] Inopi*, egfftatis, vel pau- 
pcrtatis, fubfidium, i/w Isvamentum. 
To beg chari.'y, Mendico. 
^ To he in charity with all men. Omnibus be- 
ne precari, omnet amore profcqui. 

Charity [love] Met. Caritas. <(! Charity h.-- 
ginneih at heme, p;t;ximus Tum e^omet mihi, 
ornnes mrlius effe fibl (nalunt quaro al':>>. 

|ff Charity ehildten, Hueri, vel puelia!, libe-' 
r^lica'e alinrum fduC3ti. 

^ Chwit^ movey, Pecunia ad paupcres fuble 
vaudos colie^a. 

f[ Charity fchooU, Ludi literarji ad pauperum 
liberos educandos inftituti. 
To cbark^ (Giew) In carbones redigcre, 
Aci;a'la:ar. [quack] Circulator. 
Cbarliiia\ical, Circnia'orius. 
Cbarlis'i team, Urfa major, • arflas major, 
fepter.trion<"5, pi. 

CharLck [herb] Rapillrum, 
A charni, or charming [enchantment] Ir.- 
• Hiitara»ntum, fafcmatio, cantio j carmen * ma- 

A charm [allurement] Ilieccbra, lenocinium 
./rf/i7t/« ciarm, Amatorium carmen; 'f phil- 

T^ charm one [enchant] Al'qnem fafcinare. 
ill cere, excaniarej incantamentis, i/f/ t'afcina- 
(lonibus, alligaie. 

To charm [pleafe extremely] AHcuius ani- 
miim pcrmiiicerej dclinirc, dejeCtarc, eblanditi. 
^ Mitjlck charmeih the t3rs. Tonus & numcrui 
^lermulcent antes. 

Charmed, Incantatus. fafcinationibus alligt- 
(Inarmed [plfafcd] Permulfus, de'initu:. 
A charmer, Qni, <vcl ({vlx, fafcinat. 
A yhamier, Uelinitor, gui, vel quse per- 

Charming f Fafcinans, effaTcihans. 
Chiming [pleafing] Petmulcens, deliniens. 
A iharmuig beauty, Exiniia pulchritudo, ex- 
cellent fotmx yenuftas. 

A rhai ming difcourfe, Suavis, luculenta, ad- 
'nirabilis, oratio. 

Charmirg ^le.fure, JucundilTlma, fuaviiljma, 
blan iiiJima, vohipias. 

Charmingly, Jucundiflime, blandi/Timc ; bea- 

To live charmingly, Amainiflime vivere, ve! 
vitani ("e^jere. 

A charjul houfe, Onium conditorium. 
To dark, Aduro. 

A chart [draujjht] Lineamentum, 
^ yl [ca ihprt, Ciiarta tnarina. 
Athjrter, * DiplcMwa regium. 
% A charter houfe, || Canhultanorum [[ mo- 
% Charter land, Terra per charlam pofTe.Ta. 
^ A charier l-arty, * Cliarta partita, * Ijn- 
gr4(iha utriqut-contrahcntium riciprocj tradjta. 
Chartered, (Sh) Imnuni?. 
Ctarjiil, 01 fUrvil [herb] Ccrsfolium, chse- 
Clary [waty] Cautiis. 

^I To be chary, or cartful, of a thing, Rem 
jliquam diligentcr fcrvarr, prudenter difpenfare 
Aihafe [bird] Fringiila. 
Aclojc [tcrcit] Sylva, faltus, vivarium. 
A chafe at teiMn, Meta, terminus, inflitio, 
pila; mora. 

ff 7I> get the chafe, Inftitionem vincere, mo- 
rani atifcrrc. 

To chafe, Venor, fcftor, agito, prragito ; •}' 
fequDr. ^j He fdlioijcd the chaje. Curium tf- 
nuit. They hi them a cbaji, iu iugam verfi, 


^ To ehafi an ef,emy, HoUem fugsre, pell&e, 
in ftigam conjicire, diijicSre, ai'crtSre. 

To ihaje av/ay, Al qucra ex aliquo loco pel- 
USre, dtpelitte, cxpellSre, abiotic, cxipiSre, e'i- 
cttc. protelarr, ^. exagitare> f He ihajelh 
("je from ike corn, de frumento aneies abigit. 
He d-afth km away zvilb flones, iJluni lapidibus 
pr,-vci(:i!tm egit. 

<I To chafe [plate] Argentum (ignis decotare. 

To chafe firteard, Propello, propulfo, 

Chafcaile, Agitabilis. ' 

Chafed, Agitatus. 

Chjfd arv.iy, Fugatus, pulAis, propulfuj. 

^ Chafd plate, Argentum cxtantibus fignij 

A chafer, Venator. 

A clJ/inr, Venitio. 

Of, or bi/otiging u cbajing, Venatoriui, 

A chafing for^card, i'ropuifjtio. 

Achitjm [*uie gaping] Hiatus; • charma. 

Cba?e, Cajlvis, contii;ens, pudicus, puius, 
ntfger, a Venerc alienm. 

Makiiig claf,-, Caft^ficuf, Sen. 

The ihajie tree, Agnus caftus; vitex, /./i. 

Ck'Oe lu^od \\it\h^ Coton-a. ' 

Xf'*<y?(/)r, Cade, continehtcr, pudice, pure, 
lanUe. ' ' - > - » 

To ckaften, or cbajiixe, Cgftig^o, punio, pa-* 
nas ab al.quo repctete, in aliquera ' amiradver-" 
I ere. 

Ckaflijed, Cafligatus, punitus. 

pTcriJy to be cha/iif:d, Cifligabilis ; caftigati?- 
ne, pcena, v^Z-animadvcrrKint:, .nianus, 

A chafifer, Caftigator, yunilcr. 

A chajiifrng, or chajiifemcnl , Cafligatio, ani- 
madve. fio; coercitio. 

Chaf.ity, Caflitas, caftimonia ; Mel. conti- 
ntntia ; pudor. 

% Virgin cbafliiy, Incorrupta, inviolala, in- 
tadla, iniegra, caflitas ; iilibata virginitas. 

A dafulle [a piicft's cope at mar*] Palla 
lacerdotjlis j || oafula. 

Chat, or chautrir.g, Garrulitas, loquacitas. • 

Chii chat, Fabutie, pi. nugae. 

To chat, Garrio, fabulor. 

To chat imfenincnily, BUtero, deblafero. 

To held a (hat ivi b one, Cum aliquo (eimones 
ciedcrc ; confabulor. 

To chat lagiih.'r, Confabulor. 

To chat ptrdy, Argutor. 

Chai iL-ood, Premium, 

A chatterer, Garrulus, loqusx. 

Achating together, Contabulatio. 

A cbj*ir.ggrffp, Lingul.ica 
A 'chat ' - . - - 

V l ditio. 

A'cbatchiy, (Dryd.) 


Caflcllana provincia, 
realia non 

Cbaitelt real £or lands] Bona, 

Clauds perjr.nal [as bcafts] Bona mobilia, 

To chatter, or prjte, Garrio, effutio. 

TS chatter [like a crow] Ccrntcincr. 

To chatter like a magpie. Ad modum picae de* 

To chatter, as a ftualloto. M-nurio. 

% Tf chitier, as the lei'h, for r-li, Dentibus 
pr;e horrnie crcpitare, Jrcnccre, flridcie, 

Cl-ailiri'-g [prating] Girruios. 

Chatitrtng, a'-the t((ih, Ciejiitans. 

A chattering of ih: teeth. Crepitus d'ntium. 

The chr.ttcring of birds. Avium garritus. 

yl cbaltrr pie. Pica loquax. 

A (havcndcr [fill] * Cepbalus, capitO. 

To (haie, Mando, cibum conficcrc. 

The chatos, (S.S.) or jazvs, Fauces, pi. 

Cheap, Vilis, vile pretium. 

D^g cheap, Vilifiimus. ^ Ci.m is dog cheapo 
f/nmcntum pretium non Iiaber, laxat, levatur. 
Vrvuifi'.ns are become very cheap, viliras caram 
^.nncnam confccuta eft. Farn.s may be bad ve.y 
(heap, jaccnt pretia pr:edicrum. U'lat a perfcn 
iinnct do tvilhout, is cheap enough coji -what it 
■Mill, quanti bene emitur quod neceHe ef?. 

Cbtaper, or more cheap, Viiior, pretii minoris, 
^hen things '•ojere cheaper a great deal than they 
are noiv, rebus vitoribus muIio, 


C H fi 

Ti it vtry cheap, Vili proflrare. 
To gi o'.u chap, Evilefco. 
To buy cheap, Vili emerc. 
fl To fell ■very cheap, Diirolutc venJcre. 
Tc cbsapet, Liccor, licitor. 
Cbeapy, Vi'iter. % You may buy !t -very cheap- 
ly, or Jor a tnfe, Viliffime cmitur. Tau frail 
mat com.- off fo cLeaply another time, .J. pod mihi 
non fimili pana Coinmiira luetis. / niujl need, 
fay I Came cff very cheaply, naecura ben]6iie ac- 
tum fuiffe dicendum eft, 
•^ cbiapcner, Licitator. 

Cbeapnefi, Vilius. f The clMprefs of thhiri 
ba'b Icjjsned our inci)V;e, viiius noftros irudl'Js 

A cieapenir.g, Licitatio. 
Chear [couiuenincej cheer, fi:c. (I.) Vu!tu!, 
fatlM. <(]^ BeofgMd ch^m, or put oi: a good face 
'" "''•""fiy, iiJ adreifis vuUum fecund* I'ortuna; 

Chiar [heart, coura|e] Animus. X Bi of 
good dear, bono animo lac fis ; erige anirtum 

dear [provifionj Dapes, pi. 

^ Goodchear, * Cana reftj, dubia, magni. 
fica, opipara; laitus & eleganj viflus, ^.Z ap 
faratus. "^ 

^f .SW//, Viftus tenuis, pavcltnonia ii: 
yiflu, pauluin obfonii, cojna CynicJ, fcra 
Ik, vel fji ambulans. 

<|T Dainty chear, Saliares dapes. 

.^ T° ""'*' •?"'"• "' 'I'iii'y, chear for one\ 
Jnetidi, Opipare epulari, menlam cxquifitiiJi^ 
mis cibis exttuere, w/ Mtiuaani ha{,5rc j hu- 
tum vadium & cle|jnt;;m magnifice coicie. 

_ ^I lo make but jUidcr chear, Parcc & fobrii 
vivire, parce viifluatc, lenui vicVu ccntsntu- 

To chear, chear up, or mah another chear ful, 
Lstifico, ♦ hilaro, exhilart^, oblefto j alicui 
oijlc:a,tioi:em, vel Ijetitiam, .TfTerre ; aliquen 
l.el:ti.i affi.ere. f rhe f,^it cf you cbearob u: 
my Jpina, conlpeitus veiier refic.t & recreac 
mcntem mcam. Tour coming much cheated me, 
tuus me maxime Jevarat advtntus. 

To clear up [comfort] Confolor, folor, )e- 

To chear [cnco'uragcj Hcrtor, exhottor. 
To cUar up onc'i jelf, HiJa^j^fcc, lator, 
Tultu h.lari irfii. ^i Qhcar up yourfelf, expor;i- 
£e rrontem. . 

^ To mail cne goid chear, Laute, vtl lauto 
api-arJtii, alicjucm excipcr;. 

1^ To muke one poor dear, Tenui apparati. 
ajiqucm exciftre. 

f To eb-ar one't fclf daintily, 
gul«, indulgctc ; jcniiliter vitam 
Cold chear, Exceptio maligna. 
Heavy chear, Tiiftitij, ir.a^iitia. 
Chcared t'p, Lenitu?, refotill.ttus. 
A dearer, cheerer, (Thoml.) Confolator : 
<Ji folator. 
Chearlefs, (Thntrpf.) Triftis ; inaman.js. 
Chearful, ch.cily, (Dryd.) cheery, (Gay) Ls- 
tus, alacer, hilani, lubcnsj rj. genialis, Ma. 

^ thearfully, Alacriter, lieic, hilariter, hila- 

To look chearfuUi, Gaiidtre, laetaii, frontcm 
explicjre, vultu hiiari efie. fl lie doth not Ixk 
cb/urfuli'y, cxciditilii vultus. 

Chcarfulnefi, oi livc.'.nefs, Abrrlta?. 
Ctcarfulnfi, ct pleafuntnef!, Jlilaritas. 
A cbea'ing [f ncouraging] Hortatio, horte- 
men, hort, 

Cheary [fomewhat chrarful] I'aulo, hila- 
rior, l.c:i.,.r. 

C.heartr.g, [.enifns, re fixilljns, Sen, 
_ To cheat, Frau io, drfiauJo j decipio ; alicui 
imponfre, aliqucm fallL-re, circumveniic, cir- 
eumduccre; d.pio! alicui n-Mlit, fabricate, 
d'llis aliquem fallL'rp, duftare. 

f( To be chtattd by fair fromifei, Pioinjflis in 
fraudi-m impel li, 

A dtat, or cheater, Fraudator, • planu', ho- 
mo lal ax ; triudulentu';, veterjtor, doll fabii- 
«ati r j fycopbanta ; ci;cum(cripior. 


Km^'m'; "J- '''"'i'-S'"''^' •Dolus, fallacia, 

ac perfid.a t.lice, alicui fucum facere : Met 
circumvcnire; emungrte. ' 

%\ To cheat the cheater, Vulpem laqueo capCre 
Crctcnfem agere con. Creeenn. ^ ^ ' 

S ?, ' ,'.','•.'="'"'"•"'"»• IT rou ar, evenfaitly 

^""^betngcheettedcfhirmorey, emunfto Simone. 

AcLeattrg, I-raudaiio. cicumfcriptio. 
fm^itr'^-''' ^'""''"•' iiC«liose, fubdolj, 

ccrTTnif"'* f'""?™''] Reprehends, redargue,: 
toriipio, increpo. 

^To give 6r.ei, check. Verbis aliquem cafti ' 
^aa, exag;[ate, Corripcrc. 

DrimV^''''* ■'•'■'"'■•"",^ ^°'^'^^°' '"hibeo; com 
pri'io, tfprinioj teftano. 

To check priy.U:, Submoheo, fummoneo. 
jaeiura ''""'-' '^*"'""'"' ''"rimentum , 


^cte^, or r*,M;,, Reprrhenfio, objurgatio 
Ajhcck [teflraK;rf Coiircitio, cohibitio. 


^ .i.-a or ,^;<r, Convitium, ^. ditlcrium. 
-«^*«i [at chef;] Latrunculi, pi. 
*,\ Achtckof concierce. An rm confcii cru 
c,au,5, confc.entis argor, fol.citudo, r,/ fti 

^c'l'}'"^ f;.n writing to prevent counterfeits! 

scnptum al.quod curvis liueis unSiq-ue dufli' 

circumclufum. ^ 

Cirrf „a!e [at chefs] Incite ; rex cohclufus. 
«l| lo checkmate. Ad incitas redij^re 
Checked [reproved] Reprelie„rus,.objurgatus 

,idTlls ^"""'""'J Coiifcitus, telhiftus, re- 

^\^ Checked at chef,, Petitus in l„do 1| fcaccario 
^ duk.r [rcprimandcrj Reprchcnibr, objur- 
gator, monitor. > " J"' 

"^yt'cker or elejuer, Fifcus, V. E-ccbequer. 
^,\ tixcker *«a;-./,- Alveolus telfdatus. 
^Cfci^rwwi, Opus tclTelatum.. 
To checker, or chdjuer, Vdrin. 
To ntake checler -uori, Vertnic'iilor. 
Checkered, ctequcied, or cheeky, fin herildryl 
rem-latus, colore vaiiod;thna„; ^ "*'<"-J'j 
qi To p'am tree, checker rm/i-, Arbores in 
qu^ncuncem dingErc, i/f/conr-iif.e. 
She cheeUtb Lin fahonrj] Ludificatur. 
ih- cheek, Ccnj, mala, bucca. 
A little cixek, ^ Buccul.;. 
II fl 7i t^alk cheek hyj-ue, Teggre alicujus la 
tu!, crqua fronic ambubre. 
Ti- rf,.-* ,,,,i^ o„,;.s maxillares. 
The cheekbone. Maxilla. 
^. ^/' "" Monging t:, the cheek hotte. Maxilla. 

Full cheeked, or H„i cheeked, Bucfo. 
A ho^'s deck, Rofirum porcinum. 
Aj ox; cheek, C.ipiiis hcvini pa,s dimidia. 
To rbeep [as birds do] V. Cbir,-' 
Ctc.-r, V. Clear. ' 

Cheefe, Cidus. ^ No more a'ike than cbiU 
'-■d cce {e, Aqmlam noa-fia conipar.r«. 7t, 
ircuU make me believe the moon is made of a ^ria 
chnfr, furdo fabui,im njtras. * 

A little ebeej,, Cafeolus. . 
Ocam eheefe, Cafus ex laftis flore conflaus 
thefe curd, Lac prclTum, vel condenfatuni. 
io/', or nnv, chce.e, C'af'us reccns. 
M.'ldy eheefe, Caieus, ^ mucidus, vel vcr. 
Parmefan cheife, Cafeus Parmenfis. 
Ach.efeehake, Placrnta ex lafte prelTo. 
-'Ji-'f' dairy, Or thcefe hufe, Caf.ale. 
A ehcfe v,it. Forma caff aria ; caUthus j Cil. 


A eheefe frei, Frsliim, prelum cafearium. 

Cheefe rennet, Coapulum. 

Chee/etiori [hnh] li G.liu-n. 

0/", 01- belonging to, cheife, Cafeariui. 

^'bely, (chw) Chela. 


iiu^^x ^*"' *"="'' ^•"'<"*. f- nutritor, 

C^-r,;^/.^ Foven, den,, fi,fte„t,„,. 
I Zt'r'p^' '^'■""ic. molliter. 
I i't?:;"^S)^""--=ro.ame„. 

_^^y^.i/..vlcir,r^, .Cerafum nigrum duraci. 

^'A'r,;y^W„, Locu, » cerafis confuus 
Aeoerry ftone. Acinus. ' 

,,„y ""0"^"'"'/^, Vinum aduftum ••ceralb 
•"in fuccointmaum. «raio- 

^^^a.^O'^/^r, Color . cerafinus. ,,,/rubicun- 
ke'gi"""*""" f "'B'"*'-'' f-errie.] || Alka- 

Tbej^^etrfderry ,r„, * Chamscerafus, /. f. 
.ulll^r ""*'■'''■"■^••^^"^^"'"ll'"- 
;^cZ■r,/.„/,, P^ninfuia; • cherfonefus. 
Jo cberetit, |i Cacabo A. 

che^brm'.t?"' •'Ml'rior, Sh.) Chetub. 
a^erulic (M,|t.) rA.r.4;,. (Sh.) || Angelicus 
a,/r, Ludus latnmculorum, fc^u' or«m. 
^\ Achejiboard, Latr.inculcmm alveolus •»>/ 

tabula; latrun.ularia, A. tabula. '""'"'• '"^^ 

T^<ri..yV«„.. La;iunculi, pi. calculi. 

7<.;>/^j>a/cA,/r, Latruncuiis-ljaen'. certare 
contendere. » •^""'f, 

-^c*.y?, Cifti, eapfa, 

A great chef!. Area. 

^'''•\'beji Areola, ciftula, capful,, 

lUiha: y.Jefieth, Pollinaor. 
-S'kc* a ehejlm^,- Poll;n«ura. 

T, f »*f =//;"«". Cilfute trafliles. 
A eheft for elcthn, Vcftiarium. 
A.heftfirpreciot:, thing,, Scriiiium. 
A <l'f! naker, Arculjiius. 
J cbefl keeper, or treafurer, ^Erarii pr,ftc- 

^Z",'"-!'}^' ■?>"■,' 'i? '^ '*«*' -A«S cond-re. 
Jbe<h.-fl [bieali] Peans.. 

Bread d fled, Pefloiofus. 

^ A'i-rto .vS^fi, peftore aneufto pra.'!:.. ' 

^.iY>»', N"caflawa. ^ " Pr^-'". . 

A cbefiiml tree, Cal'an'-a. 

//»--/? .'/.ryy„„r, Cjftanea || caballina. 

'he great cbffnut, [|'jm. 
TA^Cr*, M./*, ,,,,, i| c.ilanus mas. 

rh'tvatercheflnut, • Tnb.lus aquaticos. 
1j'^"M'hfl':ut, II Caft.-,nus (emina. 
Acbefhut gtovr, Caftanetum. 
, or A7wy»^ to a cbejhrut. Caftaneus, 
i-beflnut cdoured. Calianeu'^, b^ticus 
^he r,u,b fkeVt of a cbefinut. • Echini, « 
^chin.'.ti caiices. ' ^ » «, 

A chevalier, Eqi'es. 
Aeheveri', Caper fvlveftris. 
Cheverd i/atirr, Peilis c^urina. 
--/f^rtA-r.B, nr ri.w»,, Cantherinj, ticn-m 

Acheim [chub] Capito fluviatilis. 
t y4 chevlfance [an unla-vful b.,rtain1 • Pa-. 
t:o.ll.g,,ima A. [ent.rpr+,.,1.] rcgef*." 
_/i cbciv, Manduco, mandoj c.bum 

C H I 

To el-no tfitti, II Miiifito. 

fl To chnafmUj, DiJBculter minduore. 

To ctt!u ibt cud, Rumino, ruininorj re- 
ma ndo, Met. 

To cttu upon a tl'irg, Ruminaii aliquM, ae 
re aliqu attente lecogiure. m I tave given bim 
famlhirf I, ebrw upcn, fcrupulum illi injeci. 

Ckeiucd, Manducatus, commanducatus, man- 
fa >. 

fl Cbnued mat fir cbilJren, Cibus prsman- 

fl A ctewiirg 0/ iKtat, Elcatum confeflio. 

^■i cbnving lie (Hi/, Ruminatio. 

0,:e eliL-ayt cbewi':g, Eda«, || manio, yarr, 

A ci id, Cepa\i. 

'to cbicjite. Collide Ic fraudulenter litigare. 

Cbiiane, or chicmerj, Cavillatio, veibotum 

cavilUtJones, callida fraudulentaque litigandi 


., A Meaner, (Ucke) Sophifta. 

A chiche /<.!/>, Cicer. 

A eh.ehdling, Ciccmili. 

^ cbici or chkter, Pulliis g;illinaceus. ^Yoa 
aun: y,ur chichm brfjre tiey be baliltJ, inccrta 
pro certis deputas. 

A hmchntg of chicktm, HulUtio, Co!. 

^I To batch tbichnt, Ovis incubarf, puUos 

% A cbickennnu'y halcheil, Pullus leccrs ex 

j1 bncd tf ckkieifi, Pullities, 5. 

Of, or ie'aniwg 10, chickens, Pullinus, 

^ The chicken jKX, Q Variola! puftulis alb'i- 

Chick loeeJ, * Alfinc, es, (. 

Bafard chici iveeJ, • Alfme fpuria. 

^] 7t>^ chick ive/d, * Alfine foliis hxderaceis. 

CH<ten-hearied, (Sh.) V. divard. [h=ib] • Laihyr. 

tirder grohKti chickling, Arachidna, 

Tocbidi, Juigo, objurjo; iiicrepo, increpito ; 
compello, concerto, intlanio ; moneo. f] Shculd 
I cbide bim f(jr /hit tvnng done tr.e? cum eo inju- 
x\?-m banc expofttilcm ? 

To chide [fcold] Rixor, jurgiis contendere. 

To cbide earnejily, Delitigo, aliquem afperio- 
ritus vtibii reprchendei'e, v'/ profcindere. 

Chid, or cb.den, Objurgatus, increpitus. 

Acbider, t)bjurgator. 

Chiding, Objurgans, incrcpans, increpitans. 

Of, or i'ch'^ging 10, chiding, Objurgatorius. 

A chiding, Objurgatio, jurgium. % He fell 
a cbidim bis br-.tber tit the market f'lace, jurgio 
iVatrcm adcrtuseft apud forum. 

Chid'mr/y, Objurgantis modo increpare. 

Chief, Vrimas, pra^cipuus, primarius, prin- 
ceps. ^ lie gnieib him ibe chief place, piimis 
illi dcfert. Ht boldcih the chief fhce, primas 
tener. The chief, and in a manner only hope, prae- 
cipua fpes & prop^n^.odum unica, l^hen he ivas 
commander in chief, cum ertcc cum impeiio, //; 
Spain Rufus commanded in chief, Hifpuniae praq- 
rat Rufus. That is the chief feim, caj.ut illud 

«y A lira ehiif jujlict, Sumniu», vcl fupre- 
niu5, judjx. " 

The chief men of a city, Optimates, pi. pri- 
malf, rrincipes. 

^ A chief heir, Hssrcs prims ccrjf . 

Chief n,le, Primatus, priccipatus. 

A chief [in heraldry] Scuti caput, i/r/ frons. 

II Cbitf./l, Supremus. fvi'iimus. 

Cb-ejiy, Prasclpuc, fumme, maximi, potllTi- 
niilm, pvafcrtlm. 

A chief, or ihiefiain, Impcratcr. 

Cbi-Jlefi, (Pope) Sine duce, W imperatore. 

•j- 7 s rlit-ve, Succedo. •] Fair ehieve yiu, 
' opus tuum fortune! Ueus, afpiret labori tuo. 

I hievei [of dowers] Fila florum. 

A ihdiflein. Pernio. 
, A iiiil' chilblain, Perniunculus. 

A chdJ, Inlans, putr. ^ jyien be tons 
4 child, fe pucro, He ij piji a child, nuces re- 
liqu.t; cxceffii ex ephcbis. A iwni child d'ead- 
<rb the f'e, ifloi pifcator fapit. || He is daddy s 
vw« child, pairis clt F.lius, 


A liille child, * PuCo. 

A child viboje father died before hit grandfather, 
i) Opitcr, m. || opitru, f. Fejl, 

A •u'onian child, • Puella, rf, vlrfuncula. 

A child in lie womb, Crudua & indigcllus par- 

fl A child htm hefrt his time, Puer abortivus. 

A coild nevj born, Puerpeiium, 

^ A child born after his father's death, • Puer 
poflhumus, proles ^otlbunu, 

A fi herleji child, Pupillus, patre orbus. 

fl Afne child, Scitus puer. 

A fojler, or nurje child, Puer coUaflaneus, 

A cl'iU cat out of Bis mother s belly, Cafo. 

To ^raii', or aFI, as a chil.l, Pucr.<f4:o. 

To groiu a child tigtt,n, Repuerafco. 

fl To play the child, • I'ueriliter agere, 

^t f'lom a very child. Jam iade a puero, a 
pueritla, a teneris unguiculis. 

ffiih child, big, or great, iviib child. Gravi- 
da, prsegnjus, fl l>'fy daughter ivas brought 
from your houfe big tvilb child, abdufta a vcbis 
pr2 jnans fu:t filia. |{ / am -with lidd to know 
it, avide cupio fcire. 

A being tvith child, Prsgnatio, graviditas. 

7i bring forth a child, to child, (Sh.) Pa 

Chlded, (Sh.) Filium iiabens. 

Child hirih. Partus. 

A chili hearing tuoman, Femina, gravida, vel 
quas per annos pariire poteft. f| She is pojl child 
bearing, parere ha!C per annos non pottft. 

A liioman in child bed, Puerpera. 

A luomjns being in child bed, Puerpetium. 

^ Child bed linen, Linca veftimcnta.puerpcr 

m A 'woman of her frji chill, Piimo partu 

Child bearing, Nixus, partus. 

Of, or belonging to, a child, Puerjlis. 

'J he child's jhiri in the 'urnmbt Secundi, pi. 

Childeim'isday, S. S. innncentium dies. 

Childboid, Pueritia, infan:ia, xtas tenella ; 

From bis childhood, Ab ineunte aetatc ; a 
nueritia ; a parvulo ; ab incunabulis j a teneris 
innis, wi7 unguiculis. V\ Dfi'ous of praijC from 
his rhildhiod, a puer.) g'.oriae cupidus. 

CbUd.Jh, Puerilis j ludicer. 

Chiiaijh pajlimcs, Crcpund a, nuces, pi, 

A childijh aB, Faftum puerile. 

Clildifuly, Pueriliter. 

Chiidijhiiejs, I'uerilitas, 

Childlcjs, Sine liberis, liS-cris otbus, i/e.'orba. 

Childlike, (Hooker) (^uoj filium decet. 

Children, Liberi, filii j, proU-s ; .}. 
pignora, pi. ^ Ch.ldnn and fotjls live merry 
lives, in nihil fapiendo jucunditlinia vita. Chil- 
dren and f oh tell truth, Nuda Veritas. 

Threi ciiidrix at a birth. Tcrgeniini. 

A cbiiiad [thnufand] * H Chilias, a.'is, f. 

A chdiajl [m;lleniryj » I Chiliaita, a, m. 

Ch I', or chilly, A!goius, alliufus, »J» algidus, 

To chill, ^Peftringo, lefrigero ; algorem ali- 
cui JncQtere. 

To be chill, Algeo, fiigeo. 

Chi led, Algidu', fiigidus. 

(billy, Frigide. 

Chitnejs, or chillinef:, A l^jor. 

fl To chime bells, || Cdmp.uias numoroie, vel 
modulate, pulfare. 

A chime, or chiming, [j Cimpanarum modu- 

A climer, jj C impanarum ad numerot pul- 

The dimes, |j Campana; modulate fnnan'e'. 

Chime tunes, Numeri ad quos || campanx pul- 

A chime keeper, || Campanarum, vel || nt la- 
rum, modtilatarum curator. 

% A maker of chimes, Faber |] campaaarum 

Chimeras | idle wbimGes] Vigilan'ium fom 
nia, deiiramejita, vana & inanij commenta, v.i 



A chimera [feigned monrterj • Chimar*. 

Chimerical, Coii.mentitius, futilis. 

Chimtrically, Fulilitcr. 

jf chimney, Cam.nus. 

%\ A chimney xo.tb fire in it. Focus lucens. 

The tunnel of a chimney, iJ. Fumarium, tubui 

Made in form of a chimney, Caminatus. 

m A chimney back. Lapis camini, lateritia 
lltu^ura, vel lerrea lamina foci. 

lie chimney corner, Sedes || tbcaria. 

^ A chimcey piece. Opus fronti camini in- 
fcuiplum, vel appcnlum, 

A ibi'T.ney fweeper, Camlnorum munditor A. 

A chin, Mentum, ' 

A long chin, or one laving a long chin, Mento. 

fl 7he chin, or chine cwgb, kincougb, (I.) 
Tuflis convulfiva ; • catarrhus ferinus. 

A chin cloih, or chin piece of a hi I nee, Focale. 

China [a root from thenccj Lignum Sioenfc. 

China -ware, Vafa fiflilia Sineafia. 

A chinch, Cimex. 

The chine. Vertebra, pi. fpina dorfi. 

The chine cf a fijh. Spina pifcis. 

^ A chine fbeef, Perpetui tergum bovis, ter-. 
^um bovillum. 

A dine of perk, Tergum porcinum, 

To chine, Lxdolfuo, 

Achi'k [cliap] Rima. 

To chink, or have chinks, Rimas agcre. 

Chink [money] Petunia, j] f So ive have the 
chink, -we will a-.vay luiih the fink, lucri bonus 
L'ft oclor ex re qualibet. 

To chink as money, Crcpito, tinnio. 

Chinked, or full of chinks, chinky, (Drvd.) 
Rimofus, rimarum plenum. 

To flop chinks, Stipo ; obturo. 

Chillis, (Pope) Vcftfis Xylina Indica flori- 
tus contenca. 

f Cbioppines, (Sh. Cow.) Calceamenta alti- 
tjfcula J cothurnus. 

A chip, Scgmen, afTula, fecamcmum, brac- 
t-a. f A chip of the old Heck, patris eft filiuj. 
He is like a chip in porridge, aljis nee obeft nee 

Thi chip of a plough, Bura. 

A chip ax, Afcia. 

To chip, or cut into chips, Dlftrinfo, 

To thp braid, Cruftam panis diftringEre, 

To clip ^vitb an ax, Afcio, dedo'o, 

Ciiped, Dinridtus, dedolat'js. 

A chiping. In fruilnla d.fltdHo. 

Chipir.^s of kriad, Refcgmina panij. 

Chips io kindle a fre, Fonies, iiis, m, 

Chiragrical, (Br.) Chiragricu5, 

A chirographir. Qui mulftas in tabnlas pub- 
I'cas reiert, || * chirograplius. 

Chiromancy, A.ct, divinandi ex manuum infpec- 

To chirp, cheruf, corr. chlrup, <J> • Pipilo, 
pipioj minurio. As a cricket, or grafshitper 
llridto. o J er 1 

The chirping of birds, Minaritio, j, 

CLirurgeiy, Ea medicinae pars qua raanu cu-, medicina • chiiurgica. 

Of, or belonging to, chirurgery, chirurgical, * 
Chirur^icus. "^ 

A ihirurgeon, corr. Surgeon, * Chirufjjus. 

Achfcl, Scilper, fcalpium. 

A little ehijel, Scjipe lus, fcalpel urn. 

To chifel, or cut iviih a cbijel, Calo, 

Aclit lark, Cairita. 

A chit [freckle] L'^ntigo. 

Full of chits, Lentiginofus, V. Max. Spafr* 
ore, Ter. 

A chit, or eliitiface, • Puellus, » puellula. 
Hf Y'.u chit you I rho ineptc ! 

To chit [in hul)3ndry] Germino, egermino. 

Chitchat, corr. Kitcat, Cairitus, 

A chiitaling, rj, Ilii;a. 
.,t^hit;ciling', *J^ Omafum. 

Chivalrous, (Sp'nf.) Fortis j audjir. 

Chivalry [ptowcfs] Fottiiudo, m.ignanimitas, 

Chivalry [kj ighthooJ] Eijuitatus, oido cquef- 


C H O 

Chivalry fknights fervicc] Scrvitlum mill- 

Chivalry [horfemanfliip] Militia equeflris. 

Chivii, Cepulx, pi. 

Chtcolati [a tree] || Cacao. 

Chocolate [the driiik] Potus ex {| cacao con- 

fl Aebonlate pit, Vas in quo potus ex || ca- 
cao conficitur. 

A choice, Eledlio, eleflus, dcleftus, arbitra- 
tes, arbitrium, judicium, fl Take your choke, 
optio fit tua. He may tahe his choice, ei liberum 
eft. I jhallmt be Img in choice of death, in ne- 
cis eleftu parva futura mjra eft. If it tvcre put 
to your choice, fi conditio proponatur. 

Choici [div'eifi;yj Vatietas. ^ He hath great 
chvice of thefe ccm»Kdities, hujufniiodi rerum 
magnam varietatem habet. 

Choice, adj. [exquifitej Leflus, tleftus, egre 
gius, exquifitus, eximius. fl Things delivered 
in choice tvordi, res ele£tis didlata vetbis. Hii 
dijcourfe ii rfpkrijhed tuith choice exprejinns, fen- 
tentiis verbifque k^i/iimis dicit, -Ihe choiceft 
men in the city, ele£liHimi viri civitatis. 

Choice [extraordinary] Exfors. 

To be choice of, Diligenter aliquid curare. 

To make choice of, Aliquid dcligerc, -vcl feli- 
gtre i deleiflum aiicujus rei * agcre, ■z/."/ habere. 
^ Xou jh-juld make choice of proper loordsy vet- 
borum proptiorum dele£lus eft adhibendu:.. 

Of cne*s o^vn choice, Sponte, ultro. 

Cboicelefs, (Hamm.) Arbitrio carens. 

Choicer.efs, Caritas, 3. 

Choicely, Lefliflime, egregie, elefte, r'C'an- 
ter, eximie. 

ji cioir^ Chorus. 

To choke, SufFoco, pra?foco, ftrangulo, ango. 

% Achokepear, * PyrulD, *ftrangulans, -vel 
i?ringens guljm. ff To gvue one a choke pear, 
ictupiilum alicui injicere. 

Chokrzveed, \\ Ervangina. 

To choke, or flop, up, Obftruo, »J» oppilo. 

^ To he ready to be choked by eating grudily, 
Pra aviditate edendi fete prKlocari, 

Choked, Suffocatus, • ftrangulatus. 

To be choked for 'want of drink, Siti enecari. 

Choking, or choky, * Strangulans. 

A choking, Sufiocatio, praevocatio, Arangula 

Choler, Cholera, bills, ftomachns, 

^f Choler adufi, * Bilis atra, • melancholia. 

Cholerick, * Biliofusj Cels. afper, morol'us, 
iracundus, * ftomachofus, ingenio itritabil 
immodicus itz j rp cerebrofus. 

^ To he -very cholerick, Ira seftuare, iracundiu 

To cboofe, Eligo, deligo, feligo, lego, opto, 
fumo ; dcleftum ficZrt, tet • agere. ^ Th, 
mind cannot choo:e but be doing, nihil agere ani- 
mus non poteft. He chcfe the heft of each fort. 
optima quaeque i'elegit. I g^ive you leave to ciooje 
Hubicb of the thee jou pleafi, perroit'o de iribus 
ul eligas quern velii. 

To chooje [appoiiit] Conftituo, defigno. 

To choofe into a company, Afcifco, coopto. 
C He cboje me to be one of hii adiOLates, me inter 
p.ittonos afcivit. Hi teas chofe by ice fuffrage of 
lie people, fulTragio populi alleftus fuit. They 
ci.oje h.m iihen abjent i/i'o 'hat honourable Jociey, 
ilium abfencem in amplilTimum collegium coop- 

To chofe into the p'ace of another, Subflituo. 
fuggero ; in locum alterius fufpontre, vel iuin- 
tictrc, by ht, Subfonior. 

fj To let one chooje, Opiionem alicui facers, 
care, concederc ; poteftatcm alicui aliquid agen- 
ci facere. 

To choofe by hit, Sorte, vel fortit J, eligere. 

To choofe out, Eximo, feligo } excerpo. 

To fb:ofe raiher, Malo. 

7 canioi cho-f: hut, Non pcftum non, nequec 
<,uin, non polfum f»ccre, vd pati qun. i\ 
1 annot thoofe but cry out, non polTum quin extla- 

A cbvfer, Eleflor. f Bege>s muJI not b. 
ehoofcn, ne eligat is qui dcnum actipit. 

e H R 

A cbtoflng, Ekaio, deleftuj, 

A choofmg out, Seleflio. 

A choofmg by lot, Sottitio, in the place of am- 
iher, Subfortitio. 

A chop, Fruftrum, recatnentum. 

^T A mutton chop, Offula carnit ovinz. 

A chop houfe, Caupona* 

To chap, Confcindo, concido, incido, 

jl To chop, or change, Permuto. 

•U To chop logick. Verba commutaie. 

To chop at a thing, Capto. 

II % To chop in. Ex improvifo intervenire, 
tanquam lupus in fabui,i intervenire. 

To chop fiort, PrsEcido, fuccido. 

To chop off, Trunco, pr;ecido, ptafcindo, ab 
fcindo J abrado; .J> demeto. 

II ^ l^he wind it choped about, Ventus muta- 

Achoperoff, Qui truncat, vel praecidit. 

Choped, chopt, Concil'us. 

Choped off, Truncatus, prsecifus, abfciiTus. 

A choping, Decurtatio. 

II A choping boy, (Kenton) Pucr grandiufculus 

A choping off, Abfcifiio. 

^1 A choping block, Mcnfa lanionia. 

fl A choping knife [to chop herbs] Culter 

^ A choping knife, [for meat] Culter ad mi- 
nuial conficiendum. 

IVith choping, Cafim. 

II A choping and changing, Permutatio. 

Ch^fy, (Sh.) Rhagadiis plenus. 

Choral, AA * chorum pertiiiens, 

Acljord [ftring] » Chorda. 

Chorded, (Dryd.) Fidibus inft.-uffuf. 

^ A chord in geometry. Chorda, * Gcometrica 

^ Choriambick verje, Verlus * chorianibicus. 

A choriji, or chorifter. Cantor in cboru. 

A chorographer. Qui regiones deftribit, * cho- 
rographus, 2. 

Chorography, Regionum defcriptio. 

The chorus in a play, * Chorus. 

1 chofe, Elegi, V. Choofe. 

Chfen, Eledlus, deleflu?, fubleflus. 

Chofen into a company, Cooptatus, afcitus. 

By lot in the place of another, Subfortitus. 

Chofen out, Seleilus, excmptus, 

A chough, Monedula. 

A cornifh chough, Graculus. 

To chatter like a chough, «J* Cornicor. 

The choule, (crop. Br.) vulg. Jowl, Inglu- 

To choufe, Decipio, fallo, eludo ; fublefto ; 
alicui imponere, lucam facere, vt-/ os fublimere. 
^ He is finely cheufed, probe os illi fublitum eft, 
du^^us eft dolis. 

\\ A choofe, Stultus, fatuus. 

Choufed, Deceptus, fiaudatus. 

A choiifmg, Fraus, * dolus. 

To chouier, (t'iiilips) r}' Murmuro, de aliqao 
queri, ^'c/conqueri, 

A cbcuterlng, Murmuratio, Sen. querela. 

Chrifm, * (Hamm.) Unftio; • Chrifma. 

Aihri^matory [little veilcl] * || Chrifmato- 

Chrijoms, Infantes qui mortui funt intra men- 
fern a partu. 

fl A chrif'jn cloth, Panniis quo caput infantis 
rccens • j) baptizati tegiiur. 

Chrijl, » II Chriftuf, || Meftias, ee, m. 

To cbrijien. Aqua luftrali tingere, falutati la- 
vacro abluere, || Chriftianc: religionis facris iiii- 

Chripendom, * |{ Cliriftianus orbis, 

Cbr'jJened, Aquai luftrali ab.'utu!, fanfliflimo 
ablutioiiis factainento luftratus, W initiatus. 

fl A chrifiening day, Dies luftricus. 

A chrijieiiing, • || Baptifmus. 

fl To mate a great ihrijitning, Magnis epulis 

II baptifmum alicujus celebrate. 

fl Ore's ChriJIian name, Ncmcn alicui indituni 
in * 11 baptifmo. 

Aihrijiian, * || Chrlftianns. 

Chrijlianijni, or ihrijlianiiy, * \\ Chriftianif- 


To chrijliaiiize, (Orjd.) V. To thrijle*. 

c H y 

fl CirlJUan lUe, Ut • |J chriftianum dccet. 

Cbrijtmas, • || Chrifti natalium feftum. fl They 
keep Chi if mas all the year, fcmper Saturnalia a- 
gunt, Chriflmai comttb tut once a ytar, feroel in 
anno ridet Apollo. 

fl Chriflmas-day, Die» • || Chrifti natalii. 

A chrijlmoi-box, Strena, i . V. Box. 

fl A chrijlmas carol. Carmen, vel* hymnut, 
in » II Chrifti nativitatem. 

The chrificrojs row, Elementa litcranim ex or- 
dine collocata. || Before the {brijicrofi row, ante 
alpha & beta, 

Chrifi thorn, Pallurus. 

fl Chri/l's wort, Herba • || Chrifti. 

*,] St. CbriJIopber'i herb, Hetba fancli Chri- 

Chiomatick, Colofstus j ] Chromaticum meloi. 

A chronical, or chroniik diftajt, * Morbuj 
diuturnus, vcl iaveteiatus. 

To chronicle, In annates refetre, mtmoric, 
vf/ pofteritati, mandare. 

A chronicle. Annates, fafti, pi. chronica, pi. 

Chronicled, Memoria; mandatus, in failos, 
«/annalds, relatus. 

A chronicler, chronologer, or cbionohgifi, || 
Chronologus j tempotum, vel annahum, Icrip- 

Chrtnography, Tcmporum defcriptio. 

Chronological, Ad tcmporum dcfcriptioncm 

Chronology, Temporum hiftotia, vr/do^rina. 

A chtonon.e'er, (Derh.) Temporis menlura. 

Chrjfalis, Blatia, 67. K 

Chryjanthcir.on [herb] * || Heliocbryfos. 

Chryficolla, * Chryfocolla. 

A chryfoUte, • Chryfolithus. 

Cryfoprafus [a prcciom ftone, S. S,] 

Acbub [fifti] V. Chevin. 

II A chub, or chuckleheadcd fellvm. Met. Capi- 
to, m. hcbcs, ftipes. 

fl A Jhort chubed lad, Cuitus & cralTus puer. 

fl A chuck under iht chin, Iftus levis fub 

fl To chuck one under iht tbiii, AUquem levi- 
ter imo mento peicutcre. 

^ Chuck farthing, Ludus dc afreis nummis in 
cavernulam conjiciendis. 

To chuck, or cry, like a partridge, Cacabo. 

To chuckle. In cachinnum erumpere, vet 

.^ c4o^ [clown] Rufticus, || infubidus, C»//. 

Chuffy, chuffily, (Richards) Inurbauus, iile- 

A chum, Contubernalis. 

A chump, Ttuncus. 

A churih, Templum, aedes facrae. fl The 
netrer the church the farther frott Cod, quo pro- 
pricr templo, eo nequior. 

Tie church, Fidelium * ccetus. 

Church government, Impcrium • || ccctefiaftt- 

A churchman, or clergyman, Sacerdos, facri- 
co'a ; * II clericus. 

Of, or belonging to, churchmen, Sacerdotalij. 

A church book, |l RegiCrum • y buptifniale. 

Church lands, Glebje, pi. 

A church p-rcb, Templi poiticus. 

A chuich robber, %icsi\i:i\ii. 

fl Church time, I'enipus vublicsrum precum. 

A ch:irihtvard.n, i^dituus, facrovum c-jftoi, 

A chur.hwardcKpip, .i^dilita*, lacroium cui- , 

A church yatd, ' || Cameteritim, , »^ fepul- 

fl A •momans churching, Pueipcrjc primus in 
templum icgreffus ad ^raiias agenJ .$. 

Of, or belonging to, the church, * |j Ecdefial- 

Acbuil, RufticuJ, truculcntus. fl To pat a 
hurl upon a gentleman, poll metum vappam bi- 
A churl [covetous hunks] Sordidus, parcus. 
Churl fa dog's name] • Lycifca. 
Churiijb, Inurbacus, inhumanut, ili.beralis, 

L Chii'li.y 

C I P 

ChurKfi in cnuKUnAnct, Tctncus, fupertiliofus, 
truculent uSyafpcOu terribilis. 
StB rxhai fhurlijh, Stibagrffiis, 
Cburhjhty [cowni/hly] RulUcc, UriberaUtcr, 
tnjrbjiif, truculcnlcr. 

Cbtirlijbfy [ngoroiilli] Incleroc^mer, inhu- 

ChuriiJbnS. Rnfticitas, morum afpftrltas. 
fl Churlijha^ji ef counttna^ ttf VuItGs alpcritas. 
Chiu-me^ (^Ikn:on)| r. C7-irjr.'y CUmor tuiiiultus. 
Acburn, r. ti**/-!*, Vas in qno agitatur cod^u 
lum J cirncj, I-. A. fidclia, R. 

T& fi-flz-n, Laf, 1/r/ dorciii lacli?, agiiarc a*i 
• butyruni larientlnni. 

A cbutB jliffy Bacillus quo agiutur coagU' 

^^rwJ, LstWs coagulati modo agitatus.. 
./f churm/tgt Lad^fe agitario. 
^ tlfur tvorm, (Skinn.) • [[ Gryllota-lpa. 
CJ'jfau'Sus, (Fioycr) chylous, ^Arb.) Ad chy- 
lam pcrtir.ens. 

lit ihl', • H Chylu*. 

Chy'ifaihryt (lU.) Chylum parans,!;?/ L-ffici- 

ChyJip.aflon, (Br.) chy/ifiSlion, (Arb ) * 1| 

thym'ual, • H Chymicus. 
Chymiiallyy * |[ Chymice. 
Cbymickt • Ari • || chymiM, • || Tpargirica. 
jichymiftj • jj AlchymiUa, tf, m, 
Chymifiry, • || Chymia, r. * [j alchymia. 
^ cicjirU-i, (Sh.) Cic*itrix. 
ji iiitfe c'lcatrlUy Cicitricula. 
/W, o/" ckatricu, Cliatricoiiis. 
CUariiiGjt'iony (Harv.) Cycatricis obdadlio. 
To cicatrizft Cicairicem obduccre. 
Ckatrhtd^ Cicarrice cbJuftus. 
Cicatrix'rrg^ Cicatricem obducens, 
Ci.t/y [the herb] • Myrrhis, "idisf f. 
^ JVi/ii defy, II Cicaturid vulgaris^ 
Ctccry, • Hcliotropium. 
The a-mmcn eic'-ry, Ambubia, tr^/ambngiat 
*/a cicuratt [tamej Domo ; tnanfuct'acio j 
cicuio, yatr, 

Oiwaffin, (Ray.) Aflus domandi. 
^ yii'jl:ur.{ cid, Dominus inv.dtus & prxpo 
tens, L, A. 
Cidiff Sgpcus c pomis exprends. 
51 /i cider hcufi, OHiciua ubi potus t pomis 
cont'tilus venditur. 

CUrry, Voluta. L. A. 

^ Ta c'e! a rcom, Cunclave laqucari, vei U 
cunflri, U-nart. 
Cle'td^ Laqucatus. 
Cyiary^ (Ray.) Ad cilia pertinent. 
Cihc.vut, (Br.) Ex || cilicio confeftus. 
A citnhir^ ^Qir , Scimitar f Afinaces, enfis fal- 

• j^» 9^d cimafer^ Aleatorufu pcrJtus, A, 
j1 ciriiure^ Cinguliim, cingulus j * zona, i. 
Cinders, Cinis, reliquiae car bonis exufti. 
^ ^ cinder mat:, or nvomany Q^y vel qua, 
cincrcs colligit ut vendat. 

Cineritio;.!, (Cheync) Cinercus, 

t'mnabar, Cinnabaris,- miniuro* 

^ A cin^It for a hcrje^ Cingulum equintim. 

Cinnany-rf i innamuro, cinn^momuni, 

^1 Made of cintMKKnf £x cinnamumo confec 

Tte cin^e poinr, • H Pcntas, aditj f, 
Cirt^ufjMl, ■ Pentap! ylU^n. 
J Unque-bact, (bti ) LtnluS CiUus. 
•1 Tieciryuc pc"ts> Qoinquc poiius. 
^ Barbtti (ff tise Cift^ttf j->9r(i [| 6a i ones quin 
que pcrtuum. 

7>c lord ivarefett, * |1 Limcnarcha, <f, m, 
A cLr.t a>. cysfl iurculua, i^olo, clavola, 

Ci/frtui fa fort of bulruH)] * Cyperis, Idts, t. 
Junius ^nguiofu}, A- 

A cipher y Nfumerl not«, not* • || arithmctica 

AcipbiT fnnught] Circulii*, nihil, nihilum. 

^ 7 J ft .r.d for a cipher-, Nthili cRi:. 

•[ A cipltr on a feal, or rtr^^* Nonien cxlito- 
tii ioLci it uraatc involulis iouicxium. 

C I R 

Ciphers, m Jecra tiaracler; Kotae, arcaox, 
veJ occuitae. 

U dpber [Itarij accounts] • Arithmeticam 
difccre, rationes compuiandi arlcm edifcere. 

Cipl-iring, Kationo compuundi ats. 

fl Tataii in ciptirs, Notis exciiitre. 

Lirctrjian gamn, Ludi circenfes. 

/* cinU, Circulus, orbis j t^ gyras, 

^ litt/s drcft, Orbiculus, 

Half a circk, Si-mlcirculus, femiotWs, Sin. 

1o rnakc a eircU, Ciiculum, vd orbcin, du- 

'Ibi arch about tht moor, * Halo ; corona in 
forniain vrbis. 

Ihi tlock circlt akul lbs rye, •Iris, 'idit, f. 

Of, or Manging lo, a cinU, cirdtil, (Sh.) cii 
cling, ^Milt.} circular, Rotundus, in circulum 

Circk tdfe. In orbem ; crrcalatim, orbicula. 

To circle [move round] (Pope) Circumferor. 

Ta circle [i\xitoanA'\ (frior) Amplfftor j cir- 

'ft circle in [confine] (Digbj) Circumdoj pro- 

Acirc'et (Pope) || Circitelluo, 

A circuit, Circuitus. 

T> circuit, Ambio, ciicuBieo. 

ji circuit about, Ambitns. circuity]. 

The circuit of a roof, Orbilc, A. 

To go a circuit [as a judge] Juredicundo con- 
'cniua obire, 

fl A judge of a circuit, Judex |J itinerarius. 

A circuitir, (Pope) Q^i cncunjfcrcur, 

A circuition, tZMcWiiio, j. 

Circular, II Circulaiis. % He fer.l circular 
Iclten to the go-jerr.ors of fromncit, citca prst'cc- 
:os iiieras mifit. 

Cntular motion. Quod in circulo movetur. 

Ciriularly, Jn circulo. 

Circularity, (Br.) Forma, || circularis. 

To circulate [be earned round] Circumferor. 
fl Money circulateth but poorly, pjruoi pecuniae 

To circulate [terminate] Terminw, 

Circu /d/cJjCirculaius, V. Lat, 

Circulation, or tirtulatiitg, Motus in circulo ; 
circu:andi aftus, yur. 

^ The circulation of the blood, SanguiniE |] cir- 

Circulatory, || Circulatotius, V. Circular. 

Circumambient, Ambiens. 

Ti circwnc'ije, Prafputium amputare, circum- 

Circumcijsd, Circumcifus ; cji curtMS. 

Ore circumcifed, Apclla, verpub. 

Circumcifion, Prjeputii abt'cilJiOi || circumciCo. 

A circumference^ C'lrculus, extrcmilas. 

A circumjiex [accent] Circumliexus. 

Circumvent, circunyiuoui, (Miit.) Circum- 

Circumfufed, (Milt.) Circumfurus. 

Circumfitjiie, (I*ope) C^iioU fundi, vel liquaii 

To circumgyrate, (Ray.) In gyrum movfo* 

Cinuntgyration, (Cheyne) In gyrum movcndi 

Circumjaant, Circumjacens. 

Circumljcuiitn, Citcuitio, anfra€lus ; peri- 

CircummureJ, (Sh.) Muro cin.fius. 

Circutmia'vigable, (Ray.) Quud circiun navi- 
ari ()()tcl>. 

Circumnavigation, (Arb.) AiSus circum navj- 

•Jo circuwfcribe, Circumfccibo. 

Ciicumjcribcd, Circumfcriprui. 

A arcuirjcribtng, or cinumj^ription, Circum- 

Circiimfj>u1, circuirffefiiit, (Pppe) Cautus, 
confidcriius, circumlpcilus, cjiiidus, cacus. 

To Le circumjpeff, Cavco, prolpic.o, provider, 

yery Lircunffe^, Percautua. 

Ciicum'pca:<,n, or circumfpiclnefi, (Wott.J Cir- 
cu mrpcitio, cautio, ceiifideratio. 

C I T 

Ciftumfpiaty, Cauti, circutBfpeaj, profidi. 

Acircumfiance, Attiibntio, conditio j circum. 
ftaiilu, ISuwt. res circumftans, Cic. ^ I ant 
in that unbjppy circumjlanc<, ego in eum incidi 
intclix locum. 

A circun^ar.ce of werdt. Ambages, pi. 

CircumJIanced, Status, habitus, circumftanti't 

fl A perfin in good, or bad, circumftancei. He- 
mo in re lauta, ■vel tenoi. 

1[ tyithjuch ciriumjiancet. Rebus fic ftaotibui, 
ita fe halentibue. 

Circum/la/it, (Digby) Circumftans, 

Circumflaniial, \\ Ctrcumftantialts. 

Circumflaniiatly, Attnbmionibus fuis. 

To cirtumftantiate, Circumftantiis vcftlre, A. 

CirtuavaiktUn, Circummuailio, foflic drcum- 

To circumvent, Circumvenio. 

Circunvevted, Circumventus. 

A circumvention, or circumventing, Deceptio i 

To circumvolve, (Glanv,) Circumvslvo. 

A circumvolution, j| Circumvolucio. 

A cirque, or circus. Circus. 

f Cijierttan monks, * || Moiiachi || Ciaertiani. 

Acifiern, Cifterna. 

A biile cifiern, || CifternaJa, A. 

A cifiern cod. Papilla, • Maftus. 

Aaftern lo ivafo cups or glafjes in, \ Aquimi- 

Of, or belonging to, a cifiern, Ciflerninuc, 

Cifius [herb] Cirtus. 

Acit, or cinxen, a ciiejji, (Dryd,) Civis, 

A citadel, Arx, •acropolis. 

A dial, (Sh.) Infimulatio. 

A citing, citation, or jummons, p Citatio. 

A citation, or quoting. Loci alicujus ex fcrip* 
tore quopiam pralatio. ^ Citations from the an- 
cients give an authority and credit to a dijaurfe^ 
cimmemoratio antiquitatis audloritatem orationi 
ad'ert & ftdem. 

II Citatory, (Ayl.) Ad || citationem pertinens. 

To cite rrummunj Cito, arceflb ; in jus vo- 
cire, clara voce nomina recrum pronunciare. 
^ He cited him before the fer.aie t» give an account 
of his athons, v.ocavic ilium ad uifquiliiiuncnt 

To cite [quote] Cito, teftem prodiKere, aue- 
toicm laudare. 

To cite, or quote, fal/cfy, False, vil mala 
fide, auflorem citare. 

Cited, Citaius, laudatus. 

A cittr, (Atterb.) Qui citat, vtl autorem 

A citizen, Civis j municeps. 

m A fellow citixen, Civis eju'dem municipii. 

<|j To make a tititun, Civitate, vel civitatem, 
donare j aliquem civsm, vel in civitatem, ad^ 
fifcere j alicui civitatem tribuere, dare, imper- 
tiii, largiii. 

Citizen like, Civiliier, urbaniter. 

Tit company, or fate, of citixcns, Civitas. 

Of, or bthnging to, citizens, Civiiis, urbanus, 

Cilizenfbip, or freedom. Jus civitatis. 

Citron [apple] • Malum citreum, medicum,. 

A citron Irti, Citruf, r> f. • lualu! Aflyria, 
xitrea, mcdica. 

Of,, or like, citron, cilriac, (Grew.) Citreur, 

^ Citron ■water, Potus ex malo citreo confcc- 

Citron baJU [herb] • Ocymum citreum. 

A citron cucumber, Cucumis Citrca. 

Cilrul [heib] |i Citrullut. 

A ciitcrn, or ciihern, * Cithnra, • firtrum, 

A city, Oppidum ; urbs. fl A'« very far 
from the city, non ita procul ab urbe. He ii 
made governour of the city, urbi. prxficitur. Jt 
ifrtefir any matt la the city, omnibus civibua 

A c'ly [the fociety] C'vitas. <|[ The ci'y is. 
lip in arms, civitas in armis cil. 

A chief city, Urbs primaria. 

A bijixp offucb a city, * |[ Metropolitanus. 

A nttU 

C L A 

€ L A 

C L A 

A !iti!i illy, II Urblcula, 
j4 city, or town, corftrjtt, MunJcijiUim. 
Of, or teknghig /o, fmh j tiiy, Municipalis, 
nrbanus, civilis ; ur'uicus, Suit. f\ I live a 
my life, vitam urbanam feculuj fiim, 
71)= city loalli, Mcnia, pi. 
Civti, II Zibethum, fclis Sabaese ftercus, 
^ civil cat, Fclis labaa. 
fl Pcrfitncd with civet, \\ Zibethum olcns. 
ji iivici crmvn. Corona civica. 
Civil [belonging to a city] Civilis, civicus. 
Civil [courteous] Comis, urbanus, hutna- 
•Hi, oflicicfus, civilis, 
f^ery civil, Perurbanus. 
fl Ttt civil latv, civilis, jus civile. 
4y Ji civil la-.iycr, or Civilian, Juris civilis 
peritus, juris confultus. 

yl civil '.var, Bellum inteftinum, vcl civile. 
Civility, Conr.itas, humanitas, uibanitas, ci- 
vilitas, clegantia ; »Ji commoditas. fl / iva^ 
viilling to perfcrm this f in of civility tmcorth 
tim, hoc illi officium prwftare volui. In tits 
taji he offended againjl cujlom ard civility, fecit 
in hac re contra inotem confuetudinemijue civi- 

To civilize, Manfuefacio, aliqucm ad huma- 
fiitatcm informarc, vd inftrucre. 

Civilized, Manluefaftus, excultus, ad huma- 
nitatem, vel comitatcm, inflruftus. 

A civilixer, (Philips) Qni alios ad humanita- 
tcm inftruit. 

A civitiaing. Ad bumanitatem, vel comita- 
tcm, inl^ruAio, 

Civilly, Comiter, urbaniter, hunur.e, civi- 

Aclack, Crepitaculum. 

jStlcKk, Liiigulaca, lingua garrula, ^ Tour 
cl-ici nver licih Jlilt, lingua tua nunquam Blct. 
To cluck, Crepito. 

^ 70 chck wool [cut off the mark] Picis 
imprefiionem exftcarc. 

f Clack gafi, Anfercs || Scotici. 
Clacking, Cre'pax, Sen, 
A clacking, || Crepitatio, A. 
Clad, V. Clothed. A woman clad in mens 
itottes, Mulier virili vcflitu induta. 
A claim, Vindicatio, aiTcrtto. 
Ti claim, or lay claim to, VindicO, pofco, 

To claim to one's felf, Arrogo ; alTumo. 
To claim, or lay claim to, again, Repofco. 
Claimable, Hollulandus. 

A claimant, or ciaimer, || Vendicator, A. Qui 

A claimer again, Repetitor. 
A claiming, Vendicatio, A. poftulatio. 
Tt clamber, Scando. 
A clamlisting, Scanfio, T^itr, 
Cammed (L'Eftr.) Conglutinatus. 
Clammy, Glutinofus, fequax ; 't> tenaXi 
Very clammy, Reglutinofus. 
Clamminejt, Humuris glutinofi qualitas. 
Clamour, Clamor. 

To clamour, Climo, magna contentionc ex- 
clamare, plenis faucibus, vel magno clamoic, 

f\ To clamour again/}. Contra aliquem, vel 
aliquid, exclimare, clamorcs toUcre, vel voci. 

Clanuunui, Clamofus { importunus ; •{< Ari 

Chmft [in a (hip] Trabes navales. 
A clan, Clicntela, i. tribus, 4, famulitium. 
fl To clan together, Coitionem faccre. 
Clancular, fji Oancularius. 
Clandtfiine [fecret] Clandellinus ; abditivus. 
Ctand^fiinely, Clandcftino, clam, occullc, clan- 

A clang, or clangour. Clangor, 
To clang, Clango. 
Clargoiii, (Br.) Clangens. 
Clank [of fetters] Compedum tinnitus. 
To clank, Timiiie. 

A eiap [blow, cr flroke] Iclus, * colaphus, 
plaga. i\ lie gave him a fntart clap en the Jhcul- 
dcrij Uli vcbcmentcm plagam faumeris intiixit. 

A clap [noife] Crepitus ; ftrepituj, ^ The 
dtori gave a great clap, fores crcpuerunt elate } 
claufx funt fores magno fragore. 

A^ clap of thunder, • Fragor tonitru, vel to- 

An after clnf, Quod poft fponfionem pcftula- 

^ At one clap, Un.i vice, iino ifiu. 
A clap [venereal difcafcj • Lues Venerea, 
To cLp againjl one another, Collido. 
^ To clap a writ tn cne'i back, Alicui • <fi- 
cam impingete, 

^[ To clap fpurt to til horfe, ~Equo calcar ad- 
derc, vel fubdere ; cquum calcaribus concitdre. 

^[ To clap a lack on a door, Seram foribus af- 
figere, vet imponere. 

II To clap one't hand on a perfon, Prehendo, 
apprehenHo, comprehcndo. 

^[ To clap one's hand on a place, Manum ad 
locum aliquem apponcre. 

To clap, or heal, i.nes breajl, PUngo. 
To dap [at a play] Plaudo, plaufum dare. 
To clap [or put] dtnvn, Depnmo, depono. 
C To clap one gently on the hack, Tergum dc- 
mulcere, • poppyfmate demulcere, t/r/ delinire 
To give one a clap, or blo^v, Ferio ; pcrcutio. 
^[ To clap a perfon, or give one the clap, * 
Lue Venerea aliquem inutcre, vel inficure. 

To clap [make a noife] Crepo, flrepoj cre- 
pitum, vel ftrcpitum, cdere. 

m To clap a door to. Fores violenter occludcre. 
^ To clap one's knees clofe to a borfcs Jides, 
Equum genibus arfte complcdli. 

% To c'ap en a piece of cloth to a garment. Pan 
num all'ucre. 

To clap in [aft.] Immitto, 
II To clap ia [neut.] Irruo, repcnte, vel vio- 
lenter, aliquo iiigredi : fubito intrare. 

^y To clap on the Jaili, Vela date, pandcrc, 

To clap up a bargain. Cum aliquo • pacifci, 
cum aliquo * paflum confummare, vel conficcrc. 
^ Clap up a bargain tvith Apclla for the pillars, 
cum Apella contice dc colun.nis. 

fl To clap up a pcaiC, Pacem cum aliquo fa- 
cere, vel conticere. 

ff To clap up a Jbtm peacti, Pacem fimula- 
tam faccre. 

ff To clap up in prifon. In cuAodiam, vel 
vinrula, conjicere, dare, tradere. 

%\ To clip, or wrap, up together. In fafciculum 
compingere, complicare, colligerc, cogere. 

To clip the wings, Alas qualere, vel concu- 
ii;rej alls plaucere. ^ He p^ot the pigeon as jhe 
was clapping her 'wings, alls plaudcntcm hxil 

*\ Clap boards for cajii. Materia cadorum. 
tlaped, Piaufus. 

Clapcd [poxed] • Lue Venerea taftuf, vcl 

A daper, Plaufnr, applaufor. 
The claper 'f a bell, Tintinnibuli,f</|| earn- 
pans, mallcui ; || nolie fcrrea clava. 

A daper of eimc!. Vivarium, 2. loculamen- 
tum ; ag^er cuniculorum luftns fuffoflus. 
The claper of a door, Oftii malleus. 
The claper of a mill, Crepitaculum mo'are, 
II To (laperclaw, (Sh. Hud.) Indamo j con- 

A claping of the hands, Plaufus, applaufus. 
^ A claping of the wirps. Alarum plaufus. 
A claping [lliokinf] • Poppylmus, <t' pop- 

J Clare-obfiurt, (Prior) Qusdam luminis et 
umbta piodificatio, 

^ Clarencieux king at arms, \\ Clarentius rex 

^ Claret, Vinum rubrum, vel rubellom, A. 

Claricordi, * || Organuii) quoddam muficum 
fidibus inientum. 
^ fV:ld elarir, Oculus • || Chrifti. 
To clarify, Clarum leddcte. 
•1 To ciarify h^u^Y, Liquoicm diUere, vel ^ 
faece purgare j dclpumare. 

To clarify [neut.] Clarefco, c!»ruf /it>i, 

Clarified [u liquor] Defccatut, drpnraiuf, 
a ficcc purgatus. 
A clarifier. Qui, vel qua, liquorem, &e, ii- 


A clarification, or clarifying, Def roatio, Ctl,, 
Clarigaiion, or rtprixal, || Clarigatio. 
A clarion. Tuba argutula, vel acutiotij fcni, 
Clarity, (Ral.) Splendor; claritas. 
Clatj^[\ic\\s'] Horminium. 
To ilafh [difagrcc] Difcrcpo, il'ffideo, 
A cUfiiing, Dii&dium, || dilcrepatlo. 
To cfajli, Citngo, tlaiigorcm edcre. 
A clajhing [noili] Clangor, fremitus, ^f 77< 
clajhing of arms, arnoivm fremitus, ^ fonitut. 
To clajh, Alliio, illido, c<;llido. 
Clafh'utg, AUidens, illideiis, collidens, 
A clajhistfr, Conftiftio. 

Aclafp [buckle] Anful.i, fibula; * fpinther. 
To claff> [bucklrj Infibulo, aiifula, W fibu- 
a, conjuRgcrc, -Lr/ conncdle-c. 

To clafp [embrace] AmilcCTor, compleftor. 
^ Hhe claped him about the neck, coUo implicuic 
brachia, amplcxa eft. 

^[ To clafp one's hands, Manus conjungcre. 
A clafp, clafper, (Ray.) [tendtcl] • CUiri. 

The hook of a clafp, * H Untinulus. 
^ To clafp beneath. Fibula fubnedlere. 
Clafped [having cliifpsj Fibulis indrut'luttf 
Clajped, Anl'uhl, v*-/ nbula, nexus, 
C'afpir.g, Nexilis. 
Clafping about, Inneflens. 
A clafping [tying] In nodum col'Igat'o. 
% A tiajp knife, Culter lamina in anfam re> 

A clafs [order] ClaiTis, feties, 
ClaJJleal, or clajfick, ClaHictis. 
^ A clajpck authour, Iiloneus au£lor, fcriptot 

To clatter, Strepo, f}" fono. 
A clattering, Strepitus, 4. 
To clatter [prattle] Garrio, blateto, 
To clatter [jar] Altercor, litigo. 
To clatter and break things, Confrinjo. ^ To 
make a clattering ivitb tie feet by rur.ning up 
and down, curfitando pedibus ftrepitum edeie. 

To male a clatter, or a clattering, Magno fo* 
nitu confrir-gt-re. 

A clattering noife, Strepitus j fraftura cutn 
magno fonitu. 
A clattering [prattling] Garrims, litiginm, 
A clattering [jarin j] Altercatie. 
Clattering, Strepitans, garriens, akercans, 
/ clave, Fidi. See Cleave. 
Clavated (Woodvv.) |{ Clavatus. 
XClavellated, (Aib.) 1| Clavellatut. 
Claver, or clover graft, • Trifolium, 
Clavicles, ♦ Clavicuur, pi. 
A claufe [article] Caput, articulus. 
A claufe [Icntcnce] • Claufula ; fentenfii. 
By fhort daufcs, Cafim, intifim, membratisi. 
Claujiral, (Ayl.) V. Cioijler'd up. 
Claufure, (Geddtt) ',| Cla'ifura, fcg, 
A claw, L'^nguis, ungula. 
To claw, or fcralch, Scalpo j •}> Sea bo. t\ 
They clotv one ono'her, tradtint operas mutuas. 
C/flW me and I -jiill claw thee, da mihi mutuun 

To claw [flatter] Altcui blandiri, ali<juem 
mulccrc, demuKerc, vtl blando ferrootK dtU- 

Clawed, Unguibus laceratus. 
II To cliw it a-xay [nuke hafie] Operi dili- 
genter incunibcic. 

II To claw it tff [in eating] Voto, d«von>; 
ividc cdSre. 

U To clo'.v off [beat foandly] Pugnis, vd fuf- 
libus, aliquem ccntundcre, pectSie, dolare. 

II To cldw off a difiemper [get rid o( it] Con- 
valefiere, a • morbo libcrari. || Tie difiimprr 
lab fe^erely clawed htm ff, * Morbus ilium 
niife. e pr^datus eft. 

Clawitg, Unjuibus lacerans. 
Clawing [fl.iltering] Adulalio. 
Adneing with tie ntil, Laceiatio unguibus 
• jfli. 


C L E 

C L I 

Thi ttam »/ 9 fip, Pifcis • acetabula j 
chcJ:r, qrumt f< p^ 

Ilavirg f/.SMi [of heart", fifli, fife] Ungyi 
bus, vel • chelij, inftruflus. 

fl' Hiving gnat c,'a«>i, Unguibus przlongis. 
^Idavihaei, (Sewcl) Sycophanta. 
Cl<nv /iaed, Muhifidus. 
C/jjf, Luturn. 
Blmt clay, Trrra pingnis. 
Fini clay. Terra figillaris. 
Fuller' i clay. Terra pinguis, Cimolia terra. 
Poter'i day, Arg.lla, creta figilljris. 
Of. or h-'ogtnr fo, {.(iiir'i chy, ArgilUccus, 
JVatt chy, * \ Leucargilliop. 
Wbtc clay [for crucibles] Tafconium. 
Today, or cover voilb clay, Deluto, luto, vei 
arg^lia, oblinere. 

Ti btHKt tliiy, Lutefco. 
^Clay graiwd, tetti\aie>. 
A cUy fit. Locus ex quo argilla efToditur 
Full of clay, or dirt, Lutofus. 
Pull of ivbiie clay, Argillofus, 
C/aycdd, (Rowe) Exanimis. 
Claytd mitr, Luto, vcl argiUa, oblitus, 
Claity, or dayijh, Lutofus, argillaceus. 
dcati, Mundus, putus, nitidus. ^ }Ve Jhall 
give them the demeji ivater that can be, quam 
puriHimam praebebimus aquam. [{ At clean at 
a fenny, nihil videtur mundius. 

Clean [neat] Expolitus, tetfus, nitidus, ele- 

^Siuiie and clean, Prorsiis, • omnino, fundi 
tus. ^ / quite and clean forgot myjelf, proi siis ob 
litus Aim mei. Tbey are quite and than loft, 
omnino nunquam reperiuntur. 1 am of a clean 
contrary opinion, ego longe fecijs exiJlimo, You 
have quite and clean ruined the city, urbem fundi- 
lus evcrtifti. He quite and clean defiroyed himjelf, 
penitiis feipfum perdidit. 
l^ery clean, Permundus. 
To clean, or make clean, Mundo, cmundo ; 
purgo, expurgo, depurgo ; purifico, emacu'o. 
^ therefore the 'vtjjdi mujl he oftencr made clean, 
ob id crebrius vafa mundanda, 

fl To dean the nofe, Narcs mungerc, vd entiun- 

To make clean hy •, E!uo, 3. diluo ; 
\^by brujh'.ng, or tviping^ abflergeo, detergeo. 
To dean [polilh] Elimo, polio. 
To be clean, Niteo, eniteo ; nitefco, 
Made clean, or cleaned, Emundatus ; purga- 
tus; abdcrfus; emunftus. 

Cleanly [adj.] Mundus, nitidus. 
Cleanly [adv.] Pure, munde, munditer, 
Cleanlinefs, or cleannefs, Mundities, munditia, 
e'eganiia ; niter. 

To cleanfe, Emundo, purgo, expurgo, depur- 
go ; detergeo. 

To cleanfe again, Repurgo. 
^ To cleanfe from chaff, A glumis repurgare. 
Cleanfed, Mundatus, purgatus. 
Cleanjid thoroughly, Pcrpurgatus. 
Cleanfed by facrflce, Expiatus. 
Cleanfed from dregi, Defaecatus, fxcibus pur- 

A cleanfr. Qui, i/c/q«ae, emundat, Wpurgat. 
% Purl it a cleanfer of the blood, Cereviiia ab- 
finthio mixta fanguinem purgat. 

A deanfing, Purificatio, purgatio ; ablutio. 
Cl-anfing, Purificans, purgans, abluens ; <Ji 

Cliavfnft, Purgatrenta, pi. 
Clear [bright] Lucidus, perlucidus, ff Clearer 
than giaft, vitro pellucidior & limpidior. As 
clear as cryflal, cryftallo pellucidior, 
fl Clear neater. Aqua Jimpida. 
CUar [fair] Serenus, tranquillus, candidus ; 
4> fudus. % It is a dear fky, coclum ferenum 

^ A dear night, Nox fideribua illuftrit, clara, 

Clear [manifeft] Manif-.lus, confpicuus, a- 
pertus, lucDlentus, evidens ; Met. planus. ^ /, 
it a char cafcf palam tft j mauifcfte patet ; in 

Very deer, Placlarus. 
Clear [calm] Imi'erturbatus ; ferenus. 
Clear pure] Liquidus, limpidus, purus. 
Clear 'in found] CLuus, funorus. 
Clear yithout infcdion] Integer, 
ff ■'i ferfon of a clear conjcience, Sibi nu'lius 
confcius culpa?, integer vitie. 

Clear [without mixture] Merus, purus, fin- 
cerus ; •J' meracus. 

A clear, or fair nmflexion. Color cximius, 
vd decorus. 

Clear [out of debt] jKtc alieno folutus. 
A clear cjiatc. Res lamiliaris acre alieno vacua. 
Clear of fight, or clear fghicd, Pcrfpicax, 
A clear bead, Ingeniura * acre, eximium, 
optimum, prajclarum, fagax, perfpicax, 
Clear, Perlucidus, tranflucidus. 
Clear [innocent] Innoccns, innoxios, infons, 
a culpa immimis, vel remutus. 9^ J am clear 
from this fluff, a me hxc culpa procul eft. 

A clear charaEler, or reputation. Bona fania, 
bona exiftimatio. 

Clear weather, Tempus fudum, tempeftas fe- 
rena. It is very clear •weather, calum jam mire 
ferenum eft. 
A clear forehead, Frons tranquilla, fercna, 
II Clear [quite] Prorfus, * omnino. / am 
c'ear againft it, animus abhorret ab hac re, lon- 
ge fecus exiftimo. I am clear out of love ivith 
myfelf, mihi totus difpliceo. All that I reckon 
clear gain, omne id efie in lucro deputo, 

^ The coafi is clear, A periculo tuti fumus. 
To cliar, or make bright. Polio, expolio. 
To clear, or make clear, Purifico, expurgo. 
Toclear [acquit] Abfolvo; * diluo, expurgo. 
fl' Clear yourjdf of this blame, te hoc crimine 
expedi. Let me dear myfdf, fine me expurgem 
He cleared himfilf, noxa fe cxemit. 

To dear a dcubt, or difficulty. Rem dubiam, 
vd difficilem, expedire, cxplicare, explanare, 
enodare , Met. pcrpurgare, 

^f To dear hmfelf of a crime, Se purgare, 
crimen diluere, culpam a fe amovere, 

fl To clear a table, Fcrcula de mensa tollcre, 
vel auferre, 

To clear a fhip at the cuficm-houfe, Veftigalia 
^ To come off clear. Tutus ex periculo evadere 
To keep clear from danger, Peticulum vitare, 
evitare, declinare. 

To clear from, Libero, expedio, eripio. 
To clear an account, or debt, Rationes exae- 
quare ; a:9 alienum diflblvere. 

To clear, or get clearly, Veftigal luculentum 

To he clear, or bright, Clareo, niteo. 
To be very dear, Perluceo. 
To make clear, <|» Sereno. ^ Clear up your 
bro'w, exporrige frortem. 

fl To get clear of a thing, Se a re aliqua ex- 

To JIand clear, or make may. Loco cedere. 
// is clear, or manfrji. Liquet, conftat, patet. 
To clear up, or gro*tv clear, Clarefco, eiuceo. 
^ The day gro*tveth clear. Lux albcfcit. 
^ Clearances of a fhip at the cuftom-hiufe, 
Syngrapha ve^igalis foluti. 

Cleared, or made bright, Potitus, expolitus. 
Cleared [clarified] * Uilutus. 
Cleared f made manifeft] Patefaflus. 
Cleared [acquited] • Abfolutus, liberatus. 
Cleared from, Expedilus, Met, pcrpurgatus ; 

A clearer, (Addi.) Qui purificat ; Willuminat. 
A clearing [brightening] Politic, expoJitio, 
A clearing; [illuftiating] Illuftratio. 
A clearing [acquiring] Abfolutio. 
A clearing fn-m, Purgatio, expurgatio. 
Clearly [plainly] Claie, perfpicue, plane, li- 
qui('u, mauifeJlc, cilucidc, aperle ; enodate, 
evidenter, explanaie, explicate, luculente, lucu- 

Clearly [purely] Pure ; liquide. 
Clearly, Omnino, prorbiis. ^ You are clearly 
*nifiaken, tota crras via j toto erras caio. / am 

promptu eft omnibus. As clear as the day, luct 

clarius. He embaraffed a very clear cafe, teai' dearly if another mind, I'jnge aliter lentio, 

cxpbcatam pcrtuibavit. Cfariuji [brigbtnefs] Splcodor, nitor. 

Clearnefi of water, Limpitudo. 
Clrarnefs of the luraiber, Cccli ferenita*. 
Clearnefi [plainnefs] Pcrfpicuitas, evident*. 
C'earneft [purenefs] Puritas, finceritas. 
Clearnefs [in found, or fight] Claritas. 
Cleamefs [from fault] Innocentia, integritaj. 
To cleave, or force afunder, Findo, diffindo ; 
fcindo, difcindo j dilTeco. 

To cleave [neut.] Dehifco, hio, rimas agc'ie. 
To cleave thorough, or //; the mid/I, Perfcindo. 
To c'tave unto, Adha:ieo, inharro, adhserefco. 
^f It cleave:h to the rocks, ad faxa adhierelcit. 
Envy cicaveih citfe to the higbeft, invidia alt:/ii- 
mis adhnercr. Can this Jin cleave to this man? 
poteft hoc homini huic haerere peccatum ? 
Cleaved, Fiftus, diffifTus, 
^ A ekavir of viood. Qui lignum findit, 
A butcher's chaver, Ciunaculum, Gdl, 
A cleaving to, Adha?fio. 
^f A cleaving cf ivood, Fiflio ligni. 
Cleaving fojl to, Agglutinatus, adharens. 
Cleaving, or fluking, Glutinofus, 
Cleft, Fiffus. 

/, 'bou, he, cleft, Fidi, V. Cleave. 
Cleft in twain, Bifidus. 
Cleft in three, Trifidus. 
To be cltft, or that may he ckft, Fiflilis. 
A deft, Rima, filjura; fifl'um, fiffus. 
The cleft of a pen, || Crena. 
Full of clefts, Rimofus, 
Having many clefts, Multifidus. 
Clemency, dementia, lenitas, manfuetudo. 
Clement [mild] Clemens, mitis, manfueius. 
To clepe, (Sh.) Voco ; nomino. 
^he clergy, Ordo facer. 
Of, or belonging to, the clergy, Saeerdotalis. 
A clergyman, or clerk, • |j Clericus. 
fj The bentft of the clergy to condemned perfons, 
Criminis • |[ cleri gratia condonatio. 
Clerical, * || Ckricalis. 
A parifh clerk, |( Sacrifta. 
A writing clerk, Scriba j a manu ; amanu- 
enns. Suet. 

A clerk of the exchequer, Scriha aerarius, 
A clerk of the cufloms, Vefligalium fcriptor, 
A clerk of the kitchen, Obfonator. 
^ A clerk of the peace, * \\ Clericus pacis, A. 
A clerk of the market, /Sdilis libripcns. 
Clerks oj the rolls, Scrinarii. 
A gentleman t clerk, Scriba, notarius. 
A petty clerk, Leguleius. 
Of, or belonging to, a clerk, * || Clcricalij, 
Clerkpip, * II Clericatus. 
Clever, • Dexter, • agilis, expeditus j folers ; 
Met. teres. 

Cleverly, • Dextre, * agiliter, urbane j 'dex- 
tro Mercuric. 

fl The clevj of a fail. Pes veli, cxtremus veil 

A cleio garnet, Fuftisquo pes veli aliigatur. 
A cleui of thread. Glomus. 
The eltys of a crab, • Chels, acetabula, pi. 
To dick, Crepito, linnio. 
A clicket, Crepitaculum oftio aftixum. 
A clicking. Tinnitus. 
A client, Cliens , confultor. 
0/ a client, Ad clientelam pertinens. 
A company of clients, clientjhip, (Dryd.} CWfli. 
tele, (B. Johnf.) Clicntela. 

A cliff, or chft, Rupcs, petra, fcopulus. 
A cliff in mujick, » Clavis. 
A cliff of wood, Ligni fragmentum, vel fru- 
A cliff, Rima, V. Cleft. 
Clima^erical, or dima^erick, * Clima^cricus. 
^ I am in my clima£icrick year, cUmad^ericum 
tempus liabeo. 

A climate, or clime, (Milt.) •Clima, ij> pla- 
ga J regio ; traftus. 

To climate, (Sh.) Habito. 
A climax [m rhetorickj Gradatio. 
To climb, Scandu, conicendo. 
To climb over, Traofcejido j cji fupcio, or 
upon, fuperfcando. 

To climb up into, Infcendo. 
To climb up unti, Afcendo. 
Ta limb up a free, la arborem adrepere, ar. 


C L O 

C L O 

C L O 

borttn confcendcrr. 

Hard to climb up, Praeruptus, inafccnfus. 

To be clln:bid, or tbnt way be cltmbedi Scinfills, 

/I dim ir, tjui conlcc-iniit. 

A cliD'b'wg, Confcenfio. 

jiclimbivgup unto, Afcenfio. 
Climben, or climers, * Clematidcs. 

^ Climbers of Virginia, Hedera j) Canadenfis 
qiiinqne folii^. 

To clinch, Contraho. ^ Clinch your fjl, 
contrahe pugnum. 

To clinch a nail, Inflefto, repango ; mucro- 
nem clavi retundere. 

A clincher [witty pcrfon] Homo fcftivus, fa- 
cetus, jocofus. urbanus. 

j4 cl.ncher [fmall fea veflel] • Navigiolum. 

J AcUn:ber [cramp, or holdfaft] {Pope) Sub- 

Clinched [as the firt] Contraftus. 

To clinch togg-htf, Comprimo, 

Clinches [witty fayings] Facetiae, pi. 

Clinched [as a nail] Repaitus, retufus, 

j1 clinching of Ike f.jl, Pugni contra£lio, 

A clinching of a nail, \ Retufio, A. 

% A clinching argument. Ratio ferrea, certa, 
»iarix; argumentum Hcrculeum, probatio in- 

To cling to, or unto, AdhaeieOi 

To cling together, Cohaereo. 

Clingy, GJutinofus. 

Clinical, or climck, * Clinicus« 

To clink, Ciepo, tinnio. 

A clinking. Crepitus, tinnitus. 

To clip [fliave, or (hear] Tondeo, detondeo, 

To clip, or cut off, or amay, Abfcindo, re- 
fcco, defeco. 

To clip [in language] MalJ pronunciare, 
Orce & Volfce loqu:. 

fl To clip one's tuings, Pennas alicui incidere ; 
criftas tondere. 

To clip about, Ciicumtondeo. 

To clip about the neck, Ampleftor, compkc. 
tor, collo brachia circumdare. 

fl To clip money, Nummos circumcidere, mo- 
net:m acciderc, pecuniam diminuere. 
■ To clip, or fhave often, Tonfito. 

To clip fiort. Pi aecido. 

Cliped [rtieared] Tonfus, detonfus. 

Not cliped, Intonfus. 

To be cliped, or that may be clifed, Tonfilis, 

A cliper, Tonfor. 

A cliper. Qui nummos accidit. 

Acliping [Saving] Tonfura. 

A clifing about the nick, Amplexus, cosn- 

A cliping fhort, Praecifio. 

Of, or belonging to, cliping, Tonforius. 

Clipings, Piiefcgmina, pi. 

Clipings of trees, or hedges, Segmina, pi. bar- 
ba virguJtorum tonfilis. 

A place -were they ufed to clip, Tonftrina. 

m Clipt money, Nummus accifus, ■uel dimi- 

Clivcr, or c/i«« [goofe grafs] » || Aparine, 

To cloalh, V. Clctie. 

A clock * Horologium, 

The clock [hourT • flora, f One o'cleci, 
liorj prima, ^hat is it o'clock f quota eft hora ? 
See lohat o'clock it is? conteirplare quota fit hora. 
About eight o'clock, oftavam circiter horam. 
See nvhat o'clock it is both by the clock and the dial, 
ai'picito 8c in horologio machinali qua; fit ho 
Ta & in gnomone, 

Clock-zoork, f[ Opus hoiologii more confec- 

A rhck keeper, • Horologii curator. 

A clotk maker, * Horologiorum faber, vel fa- 

^ A bob clock, * Horologium fetro pcndulo 

€[ A long pendulum clock, * Horologium ferro 
peiiHulo lungiori, 

fl A lueek clock, • Horologium cijus rota fin- 
gulia fcptim-inis demittuntur. 

^ The clock of a /locking. Tibialis ima pars 
contcxta ornatiore formi. 

A clock [beetle] • Scarabaui. 

To do k, or cluck [as a hen] Glocio, 4. 

The clocking of a ken, Glocitatio, L. A. 

^f A c.'ocitmgben, Gullina incubatrix, 

A clod, Cleba, r{. ccfpes, 

A little clod, .{■ Glebula. 

51 Aclod, or clot, of blood. Sanguinis grumus. 

A clodpate, clodfoV, cloihead, at clotpolt, (Sh.) 
Bardus ; hebcs, ftipes, caiidex. 

To break clods, Occo ; raftris glebas frangere. 

To clod, cloder, or gro^v cloddy, Cuagulor. 

Cloded, Concretus, denfatu". 

CtoJely, or full of clods, Glebofus. 

■ti clog, or hindrance, Jmpedimcntum, obex, 
mora. ^| There is a clog on hi: eflate, fund, 
ejus sre nlicno piemuntur. 

*^ A clog of confciena, * Angor & folicitudc 

PVoaden clogs, Sculponea? ; calones, pi. Fefi. 

^ Leather clogs, Sculponeae ex corio confeila:. 

A clog for i orfes. Obex. 

To clog, or hinder, Impedio, praspedio j im- 
pedimento alicui efie. 

To clog, or load, Onero, 

To clog, or flop, up, Obrtruo. 

Cloged [hindered] Impeditus, prapeditus, 

C'oged loaden] Oneratus. 

Cloged [ftufTed up] Obftniftus. 

Cloggy, (Boyle.) Obftrueis, craflus, 

A cloging, Impeditio, obftruftio. 

Acloifler, or piaaxa,Pon\tas ; * periftyllum. 

A cloijier, or monaftery, • || Monafterium, 

fl' To cloijier up, • {{ Monafterio aliquem in- 
dudere, concludere, vel fepire. 

^ Cloiflered up, * Clauftris feptus. 

% A ekijitral life. Vita folitaria, vel * \ mo- 

Acloyflrefs, (Sh.) Y.Anun. 

A'cloke, Pallium, » chlamys. ^ My coal is 
nearer ,kan my cloke, tunica palllo propior, 

A little light cloke, Palliolum. 

A child's cloke, Prajtexta, 

A thick riding cloke, Penula, lacerna. 

^ A long cloke with Jlceves, Pallium talare 

A prieji's cloke, Lasna, 

A foldier's cloke, Sagum, iheno, 

A 'MO ran s fhort cloke, Pallula. 

% A begcr's patched cloke, Veftis cji pannucea. 

^f A thread bare cloke, Lacerna trita. 

A cloke hag, Mantica, facciperium j * liippo- 
pera. Sen, 

A cloke [colour for a fault] Praetextus, pra;- 
textuni, obtentus, integumcntum. ^ Under the 
cloke of religion, per fpeciem religionis, |j He 
levied money under the cloke of railing a feet, daf- 
fis nomine pecuniam imperavit. j] Under the 
dike of the I'anhian war, fimulatione belli Par- 

To cloke [hide, or dilTemble] Diflimulo, ve- 
lo ; contego ; Met, pr^texo, colorem alicui rri 
inducere. t^ He clokeib bis fault ivith fair 
words, obvolvit vitium decoris verbis. They 
cloke their faults, objiciunt noftem fraudibus. 

To cl'-ke, or put on a cloke. Pallium induete j 
pallio veliire. 

Cbktd, Palliatus, penutatus, lacernatus, 

Cloked, or diffembhd, Teftus, fimulatus, ve- 
latus, involutus, 

A closing, or diffembliiig, Simulatio, diflimu- 

I ilonib. Sec. pret. of to dimi, (Milt.) 

To doom, (Mort.) r, Cleam, Agglutinu j glu- 
tinr affig-.-re. 

Cioje [ftiut] • Claufus, ocdufu!. 

Ciofe [iccret] Secretus, occultus, arcanus, 

Clofe [dark] Tenebrofus, nubilus. 

L/'. "• i'.if^) Firmus. 

C/yJc, cloje pent, (Uryd.) Arftus, anguftus ; 

'.'■•fer [ftraiter] Intentior. 

C/'j,- [near, or adjoining to] Contiguus, ccn- 
fermmcs, conlincB^. '^ He bought the grou^id 
that ivas dole by his civn land, fundo fuo conti- 
nenru prxoia mcrcatus eft. 

CloJ'e [referved] Tacitus, t.uiturauS3 teftusj 

t> mode/l uti fj fPIt was mere anfUiraie, «»w« 
cWe, mere prudent than he? quit confidcraliur, 
quis teftior, quis prud^ntior ? 
Cloje [thick] Dcnfus, fpilfus, 

Chfe fifted, clofe banded, (Arb.) [co»etou»l 
Parcus, avarus, tenax. 

Cl'fe [unkncwnj Arcanus, obfcurus, 

Chfe logcihir [of parts] Continuus. 

Cloje banded, (Milt.) f adcre conjunftus. 

tfi A clofe-bodied coat, Tunica ad juftam cor- 
poris menlutam accommodata, 

A clofe fight, or engagement, Certamen comi- 
nus confettum, 

Clofe by, or bard by, Juxta, prope, propter, 
fecuBdum. ^ If you can lie cloje, fi it&i rcte. 
ris accubare. He Jollyicnb cioje, inftat veitigiss. 
They viere Jet ekfe by one another, junflim loca- 
i'antur. Clofe by the lake there is a band mill, 
ii ipfum lacum eft piftrilla. 

CA/i hy [adj.] Vicinus, propinquus. ^ From 
my farm ivhicb is clofe by, ex meo prtipinquo 
'ure. Clofe to the market, vicina foro. 

To chfe, ax fhut, [aft.] • Claudo. 

To clofe [concluje] A liquid cUudere, con- 
cludere, -vet * abfolv..Te. 

To clofe, or be cl fed, Coalefco. 

To cloje about, C:rcumvenio. 

To clje in, Praecingo, includo, intercludo. 

To follow one cloje, Veftigiis alicujus inhx- 

To herf clofe, or conceal, Celo, reticeo, fup- 
primo, clam habere. ^ V y'" "''' "•"ije keep 
clofe ivhal you know, tu fi iapis, id quod fcis, 
nefcis. Seeyou keep all clofe, cave ne quicquam 

^ To keep clofe to bis fiudiei, in ftudia diligen. 
ter incumbere. 

To keep doJ! in, Ccercere. 

To lie clofe to the ground, Humo fterni. 

To fland cloje, or tbick, in battle, Ordines 

To fiick clofe, Ar&e adhasrere, Wcohitrere, 
rei alicui. 

To put doje, Arfle claudere. 

To clofe in with [in fighting] Congredior, 
confertis manibus, v^/cominus, pugnaie. 

Lying clofe to the ground, Humi flralus. 

Clofe by. In propinquo, in proximo, 

Tt clofe, or hedge, in, Sepio, interfepio j lo- 
cum muro cingere, vel circumdare. 

To clofe together, Cogo ; conjungo. 

To clofe up a letter, EpiSolam complicare, 
vel confignare. 

To clofe up a "Wound, Vulneri cicatricem ob- 
ducere, explere ; vulnus folidare, glutinare, Celi. 

To clofe up as a tutund, Solidefco, cicatrice 

To clofe, or agree, Cum aliquo • pacifci. 

A clofe, or clofing, Condufio, finis ; Met, da- 

Cloje together , [adj.] Denfus, condenl'us, con- 

Cloje together, [adv.] Conjunfli:, confertim, 

^ Made cloje to one's body, Ad corporis men* 
furam aptatus. 

Kept clofe, Celatus ; refervatus, 

A keeping clofe, Occultatio, taciturnitaj. 

A keeping clofe in, C omprcfiio ; coaritatio. 

Claped cloje [woven] Cuarfiatus, arde co.n- 

Clofe written, Prefse, vel dense, fcriptus. 

A chfe prifoner, Ar£ta cuftodia vinftus. 

A clofe [indofurc] Septum ; fundus. *\ il, 
jhetved him a certain clofe, ei quondam cunfcplum 
jgium oftendit. 

Aclojefiool, Lafanum, fcUa faniiliaris, vil 

% To go to the clofe fiool, Alvum fella peitusa 

Clojed, * Claufus, occlufus. 

Clojed about, Circummunitu', flipatus. 

CJofedin, Circumvei.ius, obfefius. 

Clojed in round about, Ciicumclufus, prscinc- 
tus, undique feptus. 

Clofd tcgcihcr, ComprelTus, coartlatus. 

CUf'd, or j aiiii up, Obfignatus, 

C L O 

Cye-l uf [aliwotunlj Cicttrice obduAuS. 

CWtd, or btuUdf u^f Confolidatiis. 

Chft/y, or ovirtly, • Teflt, fimulate, dilli- 
inu)j»t«r, occtilte. 

CU[dy rihickly] Dense, fpiftc. 

Ckjt:j [ftraitlyf Aifte, angufte. 

Osjtty [toncifcly] Attenuate, breviter, ftrie- 

ttere ckfjy, Prefliiis, aAriAius. 

Ctcfely let, Confertim, 

Chji:y [priviljr] CUticulum. 

Ciofinefi [narruwner»J Anguflia. 

C-'tferh'fsy Coiuinuatio ; continuitas. 

Chfiticfi [n'pgardlincff] Parfimonia. 

OcftTxjs [refcmcdnefsj Circurofpcdio, confi- 

Clif_n,-fi [iVcrefy] Tacitornitas, filentlum, 

Chjiiufi [tliitkntfsj Denfiias, Ipiliitas, 

Atlofa, Conclave, is, ii, 

A <hfct 16 fiudy in, * Murciim. 

^ A cH:t for btUih^ raritia, Cella in qua 
rti pretioiK funt rcconditx, conditorium rario- 

A chfef ihf^er, * Mufei ctiftos. 

A cljfitin^. In conclavi intlufio. 

to dafct. In conclavi inciudeic. 

ClofticJ, In conclavi inclufus. 

A thji-gin, or jy>j ctifitrt, (Sh.) Inclufio. 

A/hftrg togelier, clofure, Conjunclio, 

TAtf clofing ij a toaund, Vuhieris labiorum 

Cbj'urt [of a letter] (Pcpe^) colligatio. 

A d:t [of earth] V. ChJ. 

It del, or ckucr, Coa^ulo, concrefco. 

Ac'lnt bird, Czriileo. 

A clot bur, Bardana. 

Cktb, Pannus ; laneum textile. ff Mtat, 
ir'irk, and clo:b, vi^us Si veflitufi. To be found 
Kviih mijt, drh.k, ar.d doth, ab alicjao ali & ve 

CtJiJe doib, Pannii! erafli texturae. 

Cotton doth, Paniius * xylinus. 

hmcn ihtb, Linteum ; tela lintea, 

H^oolrn t/cib, Pannus laneus. 

ScttrLt <Utb, Pannus coccineus. 

A s.'o.'b of fiote, • Canopetim. 

Cloth of artai, * Tapes, tapctes, tapctum. 

Ciotb of nttdU-ivork, Veftis, {| acupi^la. 

dotb of gold, Pannui aureus, vd auro, in- 

f\ Club of tijjtit, Pannus fericus, vd * bom- 
bycinus auro intertext'js ; veftis Attalica. 

Broad doth, Pannus majoris latitui'inis. 

I\'arrc%v diib, Pannus minoris latitudinis. 

Hair d'.ib, Cilicium. 

ff A btarft dnh, Veftis feralis cadaveri in 

Ihmi ffun doib. Tela domeftica. 

A birje doiL, Equi ftraguium. 

fl CUtb witba nap, Pannus villofuSt 

// ctrc doib, * Ccrotum. 

A p-ce of doth, or ng, Panniculus. 

A tabu iktb, Mdppa. 

^ To Uy ibt doib, Menfans linteo fternere. 
7te doib it laid, inflrata eft mcnfa. 

A doib vnrktr, Panni opifex, qui paonos 

Madi of doth, Ex panno confeAus, 

To doibi, Amicio, veftio ; •}> veto. 

To dolbt ont'iftlf, Veftem inducre, 6bi veftem 
inducre, fe vtfte inducre. ^ She doihed btrjdi 
very risdy, fciie & eleganter fioi vcftes aptavit. 

7i dolbt another, Alicui veftem induere, %el 
aliquem vefte induere. 

To find one in doibei, Aliquem veftirc, al'icui 
veftiium dare, vel ptarbere. 

To bi dubed, or dad, Veftior, amicior, vefte 

Clotbtd, Amicus, vertitus, veSe indutut ; 
•t> velatus. 

L! dotted, Male vcftitus. 
'Wr// dotbed. Bene, nitide, vd fplendidc, 
»cfl tn«. 

Clothed in I'rnen, Linteatus. 

Ctoihut Kitb pmk, ej» Segmcntatus. 

CMid in mmrning, PuHatus, atratus. 

C L O 

tletlid i» furpli, Purpuratuj, purputJ *mi«. 

Clotbtd in a rohe of flaie, Prastextatiis. 

Clothed in ruffe! , »r gray, rji » Leucophaatus. 

Ckthed in fackdoib, Citicio iudutus. 

Clothed in ^k, Sericains. 

Ciotbed in wbiif, Candidatus, 

Chtbed in tviol, Lanicus. 

Cloibei, or « fuit of d ibei, dotUng, Veftis, 
veftJmcntufn, indumeiuum ; indjcie, iadutus j 
vcftitus, amicus, cultus, li.ibitus. 

Bed dcibes, Sttagulum, veftis Itragula j tora- 
!e i c}» toral. 

Linen doibit, Lintea veftimenta. 

To ebjnge one': dotbti, Vcfleni mutare. 

To mendone'i doibet, Veftem refarcirc. 

A do:hiir, Panni opifcx. 

Clothing, or making of doth, Lanificium. 

To dotur, Concrefco, coagulor. 

CUttered as milk, clouted, (Gay) Coagulatus. 

Clot/ered blood. Sanguis concrctus, 

A dotierirg, Concretio, 

Clotty, Concrelus, 

A cloud, Nubcs ; rft nubilum. ^\ The •aiintb 
drive iiivay the clouds, venti agunt, differunt, 
nubila, Virg. depellunt, Tib. dividunt, deter- 
gent, Hor. disjiciunt ; pcllunt, Ov. perfiant. 
portant, verrunt, Luc. findunt, Ucerant, Suit. 

A little cloud. Nubecula, nebula. 

II •11 TV ii aur.V a cloud, Fortuna duriore con - 
fiidtari ; adverfis premi. 

To doiid, or grow cloudy, Nubilo ; nube 
tegl, obfcarari. 

Engendered of a cloud, r^ Nubigena, 

Bringing ckuds, Nubifer. 

Driving aivay clouds, *|> Nubit'ugul, 

Cl:uds in painting, Nubila, pi, 

Chuded, or cloudy, Nubihn, prznubilus. 

Clouded, or rcjembling clouds, or v;avei, Un- 
datus, undulatus. 

^ To cloud, or conceal one* 5 ^'fg" 'tvitb doubt - 
ful txpyifftons, Ambigiiis verbis confilium tegere. 

Cloud capi, (Sh.) -t' Caput inter nubila con- 

CUudcomfdllng, (Dryd. Pope) Nhibes-cogens. 

A broio cloudy with anger, Frons nubila ira. 

A cloudy countenance, Vultus nubilus j frons 

Cl-.udy iceatber, Calum nubilum. ^ Cloudy 
tnornings turn to clear evenings, non fi male nunc 
Sc olim fic erit. Tie fun brigbtenetb cloudy and 
fenfive tbougbts, nubila humani animi Ibl fcre- 

Some^iobat cloudy, Subnubilus. 

^f Cloudily, or tviib a cloudy htk, Facie nu- 

Cloudinefs, Tempeftas nubila. 

Cloudlejs, (Cheyne, Pope) •{> InnubiluS. 

A dove, * j{ Caryopliyllum. 

The dove tree, • || Caryophyllus, /, f. 

Clove gillifo^uers, * {| Caryopliylla, pi. 

A dove of garlick, Allii ncucleus, vd (fit*. 

A dove of cietfe, Ca(ei S librz, 

A clove of ivjol, Laiigs 7 libra?. 

/, tkou, be, dove, Fidi, fidifti, fidit. V. Cleave. 

Cl'Ven, Fiflus. 

Cloven footed, drven booft, (Br.) Bifidus, bi- 

Chwr graft, T, claver, • Trifolium pratenfe. 

Cioverid, (Thomf.) Trifolio teftus, we/ferax. 

A d^ugb, Convallis. 

Clougb [in commerce] Dedu£lio, 2. librarum 
in ico in rti alicujus pondere. 

A doit, Panniculus, pcniculus. 

A do:it, Qx patch, upon ontiflioe, AflTumea- 
turn calcei. 

A linen chut, Linteolum. 

A dfh clout, or Jhoe chut, Pcnicillus. 

To iloui, Sarcio, refarcio ; aftuo. 

^j To doui an axle tree, Axi auras induccre. 

Clouts of iron at tbe end of axle treet, Aurx. 

A clouted /hoc, Calceus rufticus. 

fl Aclouiedy, or dumjy, Jell-jit), Vir magnar 
ftatura; & inhabilis, iueptus, ftupidus, rudiv, 

Cl.ulirly, Inliiie, tQvcnuftc, inutbajic. 

C O A 

J . lou-n, or eountty drxvit, Agrcftis, rvKicui 
niftictnui, colonui. ' 

^ To play tbe clo'.t.n. Inurbane fe geiete. 

Clo-wnt treacle. Allium. 

fl A company of dotuns, Rufticorum grex. 

Clo'Jjnifh, * Agreftis, incultus, rudis, rufti. 
cus, inutbanus, invenuftui} dutus, illiberalij, 

Somewhat dotvnip, Subrufticui, fubagreftis. 

Clowniply, Rullice, inculte, inurbane. 

Clomrsfhnefs, Rufticitas; alperitJt, 

To cloy, Satio, faturo j exfatio, exfaturo, 
ad • naufeam cxplere. ^[ lam aulie cloyed v/ith 
that matter, ejus rei me tenet fatietas. 

Cloyed, Satur, faturatos, fatiatus. 

A cloying, doymcni (Sh.) Satias, fatoratio ; 

To cloy with words, Verbis onerare, ^ He 
mas doyid •with loving, fatias eum cepit amoris. 
IVbencver be was cloyed with company, Ccubi fa- 
tietas haminem ceperat. 

Cioyhfs, (Sh.) Quod nequit fatiare, 

Adub, Clava, fuftis, baculus. 

Achb [at cards] » [l Trifolium. 

Adub fmeeriiigj Compotaiio, convivium. 

Adub [fcarc ot a reckoning] • Symbola, 

To demand each perfm' s cluh, Colleaam a fin- 
gulis cxigcre. 

fl Ci'ub law [among drinkers] Jus inter 
compntores fancitnm. 

Club latv [for fighting] Fuftuarium. 

To dub, or pay one's club, * Symbolam con. 

H Ti ''"/• together, or a£!J} one another, in a 
dtfign. Operas mutuas traderc. 

Bearing a club, rj. Claviger. 

Club fooled, Loripes, edit, m. 

Club beaded, (Derh.) Denfo capite. 

A cluh room, (AdHif.) Ccenaculum. 

Td duck, (I.) [as a hen] Glocito, V. Clock. 

A dump, V. Lump. 

A dumps [numbflcuU] Bardus ; hebes, Skinn. 

Clumfiif, Crafte, pinguj, ve/ crafsa, Miner- 

Ctumfnefs, Rufticitas. 

Clumfy, Inhabilis, dextcritatis expers. 

/ clung to, Adhatfi, V. Cling. 

■f To clung [as wood after it is cut] Arefca, 

Aclufier [of grapes, fefc.J Racemus, 

A little clufer, Racemulus. 

To dufler, c}> Racemos ferre. 

CluJIery, or full of dujiers, Raremofui. 

Bearing dujters, dujlering, iji Racemifer, 

Aclufier, or heap, Acervus, cumulus. 

II To dutch the fft, Pugnum contrahere, vl 

II To duieb a thing, Arftc complefli. 

11 To fall into one's dutches. In manus, vet 
fub poteftatem, alicujus venire. , 

II To keep out of one's clutches, Ab aliquo ca- 

II To keep under one's chtcia. In mamibus ha- 

II ^[ To lay one's clutches upon, Manus alicui 

The chtches, ungues, pK 

To clutter together, Confertim, vet frequentes, 

A duller, * Turba, tumultus, motui. 

To make a clutter, Tumultuor, tuibas ciere* 

^ To keep a clutter. Importune obllrepete, 

A dyfler, • Clyfter, erit, m. 

To give a clylicr, • Clyfterera applicare. 

To coacervate [heap] Coacervo. 

A (oacervaticn, Co.icervatio. 

A coaib, Rheda, currus. 

A coach box, Rheda; capfus. 

A cojcb maler, Rhcdarum artifei, 

A cta^tman, Auriga, rhcdarius. 

Of, or belonging to, a coacb, Rhcdarius. 

A coach boife, Kquus efTcdarius. 

Aeojcb bouje, Stabulum quo fubducttur rhe- 
da, vel currus ; ftabulum rhedarium. 

A hackney ctact, Curius Eieritorius, 

A rate 

C O A 

A gill fo' a ceiib to f aft liicugi, Vilve. 

Touan, (Sh.) Inter it agere, 

Ccaliion [compulfion] Vis. 

Ccadive, (R»l.) Violcntus. 

CeaHive (Sli.) Ex compafio agens. 

Ccatljutani, (Philips) Adjuvans 3 operam ad 
ifliquid conlenns. 

UcoaJjuicr, Coadjutor, collcga, ir, c, 

Cosiij-.tiiizncy, (Br.) Operjr collatio. 

yl cMdun*iin [bringing together] Coa£t!o. 

Tocta^Kent, (Clanv.) Congrego. 

CoJgmcrtfatierj, (B. Johnf.) ConjunAio. 

Cotgvlabk, (Bojie) Quod potell coaguUri, 
vel concrefcere. 

^I Caagulalh't, (Hoyle) coagiilator, (Arb.) 
Quod vim habct coagnlandi. 

To coagulate [curdle] Coagulo. 

Coagulaltii, Coagulatus. 

ji coagitlatinjr, or (oj^ufati'jftf CoaguUtio. 

j^ coaly or charcoal, Carbo. 

ji burning coalf Pruna. 

Pit coal, or /m coal, Carbo foflilis, lapis ni- 
ger, ^[ Ts carry coals to NcmcaJIU, AIcidol 
porr.a dare. 

A Jmall coal, Carbanculus. 

Coal black [adj.] • Anthracinus, Varr. 

Accad fre, * {| Anthr.icia, L. A. 

the coal fp, Afellus niger. 

ji coal houjc, Catbonum repnfitorium, 

A coal merchant, Carbonarius. 

% 'to fo!:.iLi the coal trade, Carbonarium ne- 
gotium exerccie. 

AcoalmouJ!, || Parus major, j| fringill4go. 

^ A coal pit. or coalmine, Cflfbonariatodina. 

A coal rake, Rulal'ulam. 

Acoalh^x, * P)xis carbonaria. 

Toeoal, (Camd.) Carbone delinere. 

To coal, (Catew) In carnonem redigere. 

Coaly, ( il'.) Carbones cxiiibens. 

To ccalejce, Coalcfco. 

Coalition [di^fing together] Canjun£lio ; con 

To coarB, (A)l.) Coerceo. 

CoarBatkn [preiring together] CoSrftatio, 

Coarje, Craffus, kvidenlis. 

Coarje [voice] Agreflis. 

Coarsely, Cralse. 

Cmi-/c«/j, Craflitudo, (L'Eftr.) Inconcinnitas, 
(Ganh.) rufticitas, afperitas, (Addi.) tenuitjs. 

Acioji [country] • Ora, traflus, r{. plaga. 

Acoaft [quarttr] Terminus, limes. 

% A coajl of mutton, Coftae ovillic, cervix com 

The pa coajl, Littus, • ora maritima. 

f^ToaaJl along, Oram legerc, circumnavi 

Ccajled, C.rcumnavigatus. 

A coafter [Dryi.) Qui circnmnavrgat. 

A coat, or ganncni. Tunica. ^ My coat 
muji fay for that, ifthaec in me cndetur taba. 
1\'car ti my coat, hut nearer ii my jkin, tunica 
pallio propior eft. Cut your coat according tc 
your cloth, fi non poffis quod velis, veils id quod 

A coat loitb Jlcities, Tun'ca manicata, 

A Jl'C'tl-fi coat , • Chlamis. 

A long fide coal [caffock] Palla Gallica, 

A child's coat, Veftis putrilis, 

A beger's patclcctccai, Veftis pannucea. 

A ^I'aiJIcoat, rp Subucula. 

^ The coat feaihcts of a bird^ Penns veftitri- 

A coat of mail, Lorica. 

A Utile cat of mail, Loriciila. 

To fut on a Ciat of mail, Lorico. 

^ A coal of arms, Infigna gentilitiam. 

A hir.ild't, or prime's, coat of armour, Palu- 

ty.anng a coa' of armour, PalodatMS. 

<!) Alavh cf the fiji coat, Accitiit<:r bimus. 

The I orW s coat, or hair. Set?!' equinsf. 

^ The korjc cajleth hit coat, Equus pilos mu- 

To coal, Tunico, luiicaffi inkluae, 

Cualtd, I'unicalin, 

c o c 

To uax, Ablandior, ileraulcea< 

11 A coaxor, Ailintator. 

{{ Coaxing, Blandilocjuus, 

A cob, or fa cob, Larus, 

A herring cob, * Halcc parva, vet parvum. 

A cob iron, * II Crate uteiium, L. A. 

A cob fwan, * Cygnus. 

Cobalt, (Hill) Fofiile, ex qao arfentcum eon- 

II Cehly, Vegetus, viridus, A. 

To cobble, Sdrcio, 

To cobble fins, Calceamenta refarcire, W re- 

Cobbled, Rcfartus, denuo refedius. 

Acobkr, Cerdo, fu'or. ff Let not the coiler 
go beyond his lafl, ne futor ultra crepidam. 

A cobltr's fhop, Sufrina ; futrinum, .SVff, 

Acobnut, Nux primaria, vcl * baTilica, 

A oobiveb, Atanea { araocz tela ; arancum j 
(• caffis. 

<J Cobweb laivn, Linea nebula, toga vitrea, 
ventus textilis. 

Wrought like a cobweb, Scutulatus, 

Full of cobtvebs, Araneofus. 

Cochineal to die fcarlet, Granum infcftoriom, 
A. tin^loiium, L. •coccus, A. vermiculus, Ifid. 

Cochleary, cocb-lcated, (Bi») CothKars. 

A cock, Ga lus. ^ The young cod crotvcth 
after the old one, naturs lequitur Icmina quifque 

Aroo/iCici, or cockerel, Gallus gallinaceus, 

A game cock, Gallus pugnax. 

A cock's comb, Calli crifta. 

The cock's fione, Gallinacca, A. 

A cock's Jfur, Galli cakar. 

AiOck's crowing, Galliciniom. 

fl A cock's wattles, Calli palex, Col, «|i pa- 

Of, or belonging t», » cock, Gallinaceus. 

The cock of a dial, • Gnomon. 

II 'lo be cock a hoop, AmpuUor, infolefco, 
crillas eiigere, fibi placere. 

A cock's treadle, i Galaxias, L. A. 

A cock If I, Teguiis proxima contignatic. 

^ To ibrno at cocks, Callos fuftc miflo pe- 

To cock [one's hat] Attollo, erigo. 

II To be Lock Jure, Faflam rem ftatim putare. 
f\ It is cock Jure [fate] res in vado- eft. 

Acockpii^ Cavea, galli pugnatoriura. 

Cock Jtghting, C.illorum certamcn. 

To fit cocks a fighting, Gallos inter fe com- 

A cocker, or cock mafier, Gallorum lanilla. 

A heath cock, Tetrao. 

A fca cock [infedl] Cancer heracleoticus. 

A Turkey cock, Gallus Nuinidicus. 

Acock rocke [inieft] Blatta non alata. 

A winged cock roche, Biatta alata. 

Acock of hay, Foeni meta. 

A little cock of bay, Fceni le. 

^ To cock hay. In cumu!os feenum ftruSre. 

The cock of a ciflern, &c. • Epiftomium, Sen 

A little cock of a cifcn, Papilla, ya/r. 

Cock's head [an herb] Caput gallinaceum, 
* oriobrychi?.'s foot grajs, Cramen • iTchiemon, 

Cock tvccd, • Pipcritis, Idis, f. 

^ A puttie cock, I'ennae fuberi ir.fixae rcti 
culis a iuloribus vicilhm repulse. 

A weather cock, * Triton, Vilr. 

The CO k of a gun. Serpentina, L. A. 

To cock a gun, Scrpentmim adduccre, 

A cock boat, • Scapha. 

A little cock boat, * Scaphula. 

The cock of an arronir, Saiiittae crena, 

^ To cock an arroiu, Sa^ittam arcui aptaic, 
arcum intcndcre. 

To cock, (Dryd. Add if.) V. To frut. 

I] The game at cock a 1, Ludu> talatis. 

A cwkatrice, * Bafilifcus ; letpens reguliis. , 

Cocibra:i'rd, Temerarius. 

A cockade, V Ma, iiel tania, rof;e forma con 

To corker, Indn'ge^, adbbndior. 

Ccled fas a [iiin-] Adduilus. 


Coded [ti hay] In cumu'oa ftroflui, 

Cochred, Mo.liter enotritus, vel cinloi; 
iclicaie habi'us. 

Cockering, Indulgens, adblandiens. 

A cockering, Iiidul^cntia, 

A cockerel, Galli puUus. 

Acockct, • Schedula mercatoria ttftani vefli- 
gal perfylutum. 

Cocket bread , Panis fecundarius. 

Cockri [bride, malapert] Petulant. 

Cockierje, (Prior) Exuluns, ju. equo inCdeni, 

Cockifi, Salax, acit. 

Cickle [herb] • Zizania, lolium. 

A cockle [fifli] • Concha, cochlea j p«Qun- 

A cockle fill!, Tefta. 

^ }lot cockles [a fort of pJay] Ludus in quo 
u:ius capit Inclinat manu in tctgo impofita. It 
alter manum petcutit. 

To c.ckle [as cloth] Cornsgor. 

A cockrcy, Delicatulus • pnellut, vir, -vet 
puer, uibanui rerum rufticarum prorffis igna- 

A cock fwain, corr. Coxen, Cymbse pracieCtvt. 

Coflion, (Arb.) Aclus coquendi. 

A cod fhuflc] Sihqua, folliculus. 

Tht cod of a man, &c. Teftis, tercicolos, eo- 

The outward' Jkin of the cods, * || Plbriafis. 

Thecodfijh, Afellus, anifcusj capito. ^[ Dried, 
frigore dnratus. Frejh, infalfus. Salted, lalitut. 

A cod's head, Alelli caput. % He is a iiry 
cod's head, non habet plua fapientiae quam lapis, 

A cod piete, * Perizoma, atii, n. 

Wearing t codpiece, • Perizomate pnecinftit. 

^l^Tour.tie the cod pice point, Fibulam fulvcte. 

Coded [as peas] Siliquatus. 

A code, (Pcpe) Codex. 

A Codicil, II Codieillus. 

To coddle, Coquo, elixo, coftlta, L. 

Coddled, Coflus, elixus. 

C'diniack, Cutoneatum, * cydonites. 

^ Codiniack cf grapes, Uvaium conditura. 

A codltn, Pomum prxcox • acidum. 

' AcocUin [any apple coddle. ij Pomum cofiile^ 

Codware, Semen, x-rf gramcn, in itliqtiis la- 
tens ; niiquatum. 

Coefficient, Simul efficiens. 

CoeffiCiency, Opera? callalio. 

Gumption, (Bacon) Coemptio. 

Coequal, coequaUty, Ejufdcm aequaliiatis 

To coerce, (Ayl.) Coerceo. 

Coercion [I'crtraint] Coercitio. 

Coercive, Coercens. 

Coejjintial, Ejufdcm efTenti.'s. 

Coaanceus, Ejufdeni a::atif. 

Coeterttal, Ab retcrno afquali:;., (Hojker) .,lique ab seterno. 

Coeterniiy, (Hamm.) Ab a:terno xqu..lita9. 

Coeval, (Po|>e) Cocvous, (South) FJuiucT. 

To coexifi, Simul exiftcre. 

Ccexiflence, (LorUe) A^qual's || exiftentia. 

Coejtijiint, EjulV.em liati.rLC, fimul exifiens. 

To coexiend, (Grew.) Simul exiend:-re. 

Cotxieifion, (Hale) || Kjufdein extenfioni-. 

Coffer, II Cliuava, kupha, fiuftus Eunjn-.' 

A coffee loiife, \\ Kuphipolium. 

Ti>e cofce tree, ||Hunaaibor. 

Acoffc, Area, opfa j fcrinium. 

A Ittilc coffer, 'J' Capfiila. 

To cffer, (Bacon) In area reponerf. 

A offerer, Dlfpenfator. 

*\ A offerer 10 the king, Qiiiffor neratius. 

A coffer maker, Capfatum fabricator. 

A C'ffii, Lcculus, area, fandapiU. 

A c-ffn iraier, Faber locularins. 

To cog [flattet] Adiilcr, alTv-n'or. 

fl "i^i! cog a die, Aleaffl componarc. 

TLt log cf a wheel. Beta dans. ^ In a -xiii 
wl-ttl, ko!:e molans denticulu?. 

fl A ctz wheel. Rota denticuljra» 

Cegcd [as a wheel] Drntatiis. 

^ Cogency cf argument, Argiimcnri yi\ »■'.' 


t.'cf*i(. Cogens, 
Co^n:!^, EAicaciter. 
,4 ccgtr [(IjttertrJ Adulator, palpator, 
C.cgir.g, AduUiio, palpatio. 
^ A ioging gait.rptr, Aleator fallax, vilfrta- 

Ctgrlijisni, (Skin.) Lapis minutuj. 
C'gilaiiiitt [thought] Cogitatio. 
Cegiiailve, (Bcntl.) Quod poteft cogitate. 
Cgnifmci [knowledge I Cognitio, notitia, 
^ 'Ti havr cngnijanci 'f en affair, De ic, ""ti 
taus;!, aliqua, rrm, vel caufam, cognofcete. 

ft To fall under a perfons cogfifance. Ad 
-ajicujus cognitioncm pervenire. 

jicogritinci [badge] Infigrie, is, n. 
Oigniptnee [of a judge] Cognitio. 
7o lake cogn^fancc, Judico, perpendo, ad exa. 
anen rcvocare. 
Ccgn'siUn, (Sh.) Cognitio. 
Cognitive, (South) {{ Cbgnitivui, 
CcgnixakU, (Ayl.) Notabilis. 
Citg!:omiiial, (Br.) Cugnuminis. 
Cngneainat^cj), (6i.) Cognomen, cognomen- 

CogmfcihU, (Hale) Quod poteft cognofci. 
To cckahit, bimul habito. 
A cebatiiing, or abatiiation, Conviflus. 
A coheir, ur cohiircji, Cohieres, 
'To cohere, Cohaereo. 

A C'.birenie, coterincy, or cobefion, Cohaerentia. 
^ His d:fciurfe had m cubcrince, diflbluta erat 
iUius oratio J illius fcrmo non cohaerebat. 

Cohenrii, Cohasiens, congruons, aptus, ac- 

A cohobation, Iterata difliliatio ; ex fsecRius 
fubjefto igoe repctita li^uoris cxpreflio, vel co- 

A cohort, Cohors. 
A coif, Capiiale, • anadema. 
A net ivork coif. Reticulum. 
Coifed, Redimita caput mitella. 
Coiffure, (Addif.) 1| Calantica, V. Lat. 
A coil, Strepitus, tumultus. 
To keep a coil, Strepo, tixor, tumultuor, * 
tuibas cicre. 

^ To coil a rope, Rudentem glomerart, in 
fpiram contorquere. 

Coin, Pecunia ; nummus, (Ji moneta. ^ 
Much coin, much care, creicentem fequitur cu- 
ra pecuniam. 

IJ To pay a per Jon in his own coin, • Par • pari 

^J Current coin. Bona & Icgalis moneta. 
Bafe, or counicrfiu coin, .Muneta metalli fe- 
^uioris, -uel adulteriaa. 

To coin money, Nummum cudere, iignare, 
fercuteie, (erire, procudere. 

To clip the kings coin, Nummos publicos ac- 
ciiieve, I'el minuere. 
To coin again, Recudo. 
To coin more, Accudo, 

To coin jhriec, Fabulas fingtfe, vtl commi- 

The coin, ot JIa'np, Forma. 
A Unit piece of coin, Nummulus. 
Coinage, Monetre percuHio. 
Co:nec(, Cufus, fignatus, 
fl Ar>7ci coined -xords. Verba recenter fifla. 
A coiner, Nummi cufor. 
*i\ A cimng of money, Numifmatis perci'flio. 
Coins in building, * A ncones, * prolh yrides, 
'/t coincide, CongruOj convenio. 
Ciinci'lint, Coovcnieiis. 
A coincidence, Concu.-fus, concurfio. 
^0 cejoin, (Sh.) Conjungo. 
A cciflril [taniviiy cock] Gallui jmbcUis ; 
Mel. homo tjmidus. 
Actit, • Di/i,us. 

fl T, p'ay at ceils, MitteDd:s • difcie certare. 
Coition, Coitio, 

Coke, Catbo foffilii ad prunam fumo vacuirt 

A, Operarius. 

A Colander, * Colum. 

Calender-like, Pcrforalui. 

Cold, Fiigidu?, gelidus, algidus, ^fl His lean 


IS very told, gelido frigore peiSus aftriftum eft. 
As cold as ice, frigidior hyem; Gallica. In cold 
blood, animo tranquillo, Wbene compofito. 
Cold [fubft.l Frigas ; algor. 
Cild [chilly] Algiduj. 
Somttobat told, «J' Frigidulusj paulo * fri- 

Very cold, Prasgelidus, perfrigidus, prafiigi- 
d'JS, algofus ; >t> egelidus. 
Cold [indifferent] Remifliis, frigidus. 
Cold cheer, VIi>us tenuis. 
Cold con-fort, Solatio tenuis. 
^T Cold entertainment, Male acceptus. 
A cold, Gravcdo, iinis, f. 
To be troubled •zuilb a cold, G'avedine laborare. 
ff A cold trough, Linter aqua repleta ad fer- 
rum ardtns refrigerandum. 
Cold of conjiitution, Alfiofus. 
ff Shaking fi.r cold, Frigore horrens. 
^f To catch cold, Frigui cootrahere ; ex fri- 
gore male affici. 

Hci-ving caught cold. Ex frigore male affeftos, 
iVigore latiorans. 

To if cold, Frigeo, frigefco, 3, ^ His love 
is not cold, atr.or illi non refrixit. He is ufcd to 
cold and hinger, algere & efurire confuevit. It it 
cold in the mornings and evenings, vefperlinis at- 
que matutinis temporibus frigus eft. 

To gra^u cold, * Frigefco. f[ The blood gre^v 
cold for fear, fanguis gelidus formidine dirtguit. 
IVith delaying the matter grew cold, differendo res 

To be Jliff ivitb cold, Rigeo, obrigeo, <!' di- 
rigeo ; rigefco. 
To Jhivtr tvith eold, Horreo ; •}• perfrigeo. 
To grozo cold [as the weather] Perfrigefco. 
To grttv cold, VI- indifferent, Defervefco. 
To grow cold again, Refrigeo. 
Very great cold, or coldnefs, Algor, rigor. 
To make cold, Refrigero. 
Made cold, Refrigeratus, 
Jl is cold, Friget, frigefcit. 
Neither hot nor cold, Egelidus, tepidus. 
Cauftng cold, * Frigus inducens, >J< horrifer, 
^ A cold north wind, Horrifer 'Boreas. 
A cold bath; Frigidarium, 
II Coldlfily, Tepide, 

Cold tvatir, Frjgida, tji gelida, fc, aqua. 
Coldly, Frigic'e, gelide. 

To receive one coldly, Frigide aliqiiem excipcre, 
^ Somewhat coldly, Paulo frigidius. 
Very coldly, Frit^idiiTime- 
Coldly ffienderly] Tenuiter, jejuni. 
Coldly [flothfully] Sfgniter. 
Cole, cale, or colnoork, Braflxca caulii. 
Cabbage cole, BralTica capital;!. V. Cabbage. 
Red cabbaj^e cole, Braflica, rubra capitata. 
Sea cole, BralTica marina. 
Colezvort Jloioers, BrafTica Horida. 
The rape coleivort, BralTica n.ipi. 
The red, or bitter, coleivort, Braflica rubra. 
The luild colewori, Braffica fylvedris. 
Curled garden coleivort, Brailica apiana. 
The c'Jick, dolor * colicus, i.?/ in inteftino. 
^ Subjeil to the colick, Colicus, colico dolori 

^ Troubled tviib the cojirt, || Colica laborans. 
The f one cofick, Calculus, * || lithiafi!, 3. 
The -wind alick. Flatus, • || hypocondriacus ; 
ventris tormina. 
To c.ll, Collum amplefti, w/complefti, L, A. 
CollayfLd, Collaplus. 
A collar, Capiftrum. 
Adog'sco'lar, Millus, V. Lat. 
A horje's collar, * || Helcium, Apul. 
A ho'fe collar maker, * || Helciorum opifex. 
An iron collar for offenders, Columbar, nu- 

fl To flip ore's netk cut of lie collar, Se a re 
perici.lcL.1 exptdire. 

Ihe collar of a garment, Collarc, is, n. 
f] To collar one, or take by the colhr, Injeftis 
■ n fauces manib^s lum a'iquo luOari, itel co!- 
luftari ; obiorto cello trahtre. 

^i A collar of I'rawn, * |1 Cjro aprugna con- 


fl A collar of Effes, or 5 S. Torquis ab eiiui. 
tibus e perifcelide gellus. 

To collate fbeftow] Do, dono; confero. 

Id collate [compare] Comparo, confero, exa- 

fl To collate, or compare, a copy luitb the eri. 
glnal, Exfcripta cum archetypis conferre,defcr!p. 
uexempla ex archetype lecognofcere.rcifcriptK, 
vel imprcffa;, fidem ad ratiunem archetypi ex- 

fl To collate becks. Ad exacien libri pagina* 

Collated, Comparatus, collatus. 

Collateral, collaterally, (Dryd.) Ejufdem lateris, 
ad iatus. 

A collateral offurance, Obligatio addita ex a- 

A collateral proof, or argument, Argumentum 
eandem fere vim habens. 
A collation [entertainment] Merenda. 
A collation [comparing] Comparalio, collatio. 
The collation of a benefc; Beneficii collatio. 
A fhort collation, * Ctenula. 
A collator. Collator, 
To collaud, CoUaudo, 
A colleague, Collega, confers, 
Colleagued, (Sh.) Conjundus. 
A collea [/hort prayer] || CoUeila, 
To colUa, CoUigo. 

fl To collea publick money, Coafliones argen- 
tarias faftitare. 
Colleaed, Colleflus. 
Colkaible, (Br.) Quod colligi poteft, 
A colleflion, or coleaing, CoUeftio. 
A eolleliion [club, or reckoning] Collefla, 
A fhort coV.eliion, Summa. 
Colkaions, CoUeftanea, excerpta, pi. Sen, 
Colhaive, Colle£tivus, Sen, 
Colkaimly, Simul. 
AcolleClor, Qui coUigit. 
A colkaor of tribute, Tributorum exaflor. 
A colkaor of taxes. Sec. Coador argenidrms, 
A college [Society] Collegium, fraternitai. 
A college [in an unirerlity] Collegium ; * 
gymnafium liteiarium. 

A collegian, * || Academicus. 
fl A collegiate church, • || Ecclefia collegiafa, 
vel collegialis. 

A fellow collegiate, Ejufdem collcgii fociut, 

fl A collet of a ring, Annuli pala. 
Collided, (Br.) Collifus. 
A collier, Carbonarius, 
A collier [coal (hip] • Navis carbonaria. 
A colliery [coalpit] Fodina carbonaria. 
The colliery, or coal trade, Mercatus carbona- 

She collielb [of a hauk] Annuit. 
Colligation, (Br.) Colligatio. 
CoUiquable, (Harv.) Facile co]li>]uefa£lus. 
To colliq-tate, (Boyle) Liquefacio. 
Colliquative, (Harv.) Liquefaciens. 
Colliquefaaion, (Bacon) || LiquelaAio. 
To collocate, (Bacon) Coiloco, 
Colliquation, || Colliquatio. 
Acollfion, Collifio. 

To collogue, Adiilor, adblandior, aflcntior. 
A colloguer, Adulator. 
A C'Mguing, Adulatio, lenocinium, 
A collop, Olfula, buccea. 
C'jllops, Lardum concifuni Sc frixum, 
fl Coihps and eggs, Lardi offulas cum ovii 

A colloquy. Colloquium. 
ColluSation, (Woodw.) Colluftatio. 
To collude, Coiludu. 

Col.'ufon [covin, or fraud] * Dolus, collu/io. 
By ctllujion, or collufrveiy, Fallaciter,- fifle, 
rVaudulenter, dolo malo. 
A flader ly collujion, Pra!varicator. 
CJlufory, or collufve, Fallax, fraudulen:us, 

Cd'y [rcotine.''s] Nigror, fuligo. 
To colly, Dcnigro, nigrorc, w/ ful'ginej in- 



C O M 


To h cslliui, Nigrcfco, nigrors, vel fuligine 

CollyeJ, Nigiore infetlus, 

ji loleier [deck prieft] Sactrdos, L. A. 

j4 iolin [a point marked thui [;j Colon. 

7ht oihn [arfe gut] Inteftinum reftum, V 
hatt Longano, 

y? nkmi, Lrgionis tribunus, * chiliarchus. 

^ A aloml of horfe, Turms equeftris, -vt 
equitum^ preefedtus. 

^J /4 abncl of foot, Peditum pt«feftus. 

/i coUnelJhif, i'rjefcftura. 

/I colimnade, * Perifljlium, 

A colony, Colonia. 

^ 'To lead tut a coJory, Coloniam, ml colonos, 

f[ To fie, or efiahlijh, a cotony, to cohnizc, 
Coloniam conftitucre, I'ti coUocarc, 

Of, or bebtigittg to, a iolnny, Coionicus. 

C'jh^uiniidj [a wild gourd j • Colocynthis. 

Cohratioit, (Bacon) Ars colorandi. 

Colorific, (Newt,) Oolorem induccns. 

A cohji, or cohjlui [huge ftatuej * Coloflus. 

C hjfcan, Coloileus, colo/Ticus, 

A colour. Color, tinftus, % He c.ifdy dij- 
tcrnetb that colour, cum cjlorcra raciliime I'pecu- 
latur. His colour cometb and goeib, nou conftal 
ct color. 

An artificial colour. Color faftitius, 

A changeable colour. Color mixtus. 

A dark colour. Color obfcuniSj vel nubilus. 

A /•'ding colour, Coior languefcens, langui 
i\ii, evanidus. 

A fine colour. Color fplcndidus, 

A b:gb colour. Color rubicundior. 

A lively, ot frcjh colour. Color floridus, vi- 
«ldus, vegetus. 

A natural colour. Color nativus. 

A fale, or ghajily colour. Color pallidus, vc 

A falj'e, or coavterfeit, colour, Fucus. 

A colour [pretence] Cauia, umbra 5 prastex- 
tus, obteotus J fpecies ; litulus ; praiicripiio, 
Cie/. ^ Under colour of a peace, tub I'pecie pac ^ 
Vndcr colour of a league, fob umbra fadet- 
Prosperity is a locnderful colour for vice, res fe- 
cunda: mire funt vitiis obtentm. Under colour oj 
old frierJJbiff veteiis amicitix prxtextu, Undei 
colour of anger, licr.uUtione irae. 

Soldiers colours, Vexilia, figna militaria. 
f\ They fiandto their colours, conveniunt ad figna 
Vitji Jollow their colours, figna I'ubfequuntui 
Jli advanced the colours and charged, in hoften 
ii^na intu;it. Jie ran from his coours, figna re 
iiq'iitj ab fignis difcdlit. fUth colours difplayej 
pjiTis vexillis. 

^ To come off" tvith filing colours, V. Come of 

io colour [tinge] Colore, colore aliquid im 
kuere, inficere ; colorem aiicui rti induccre. 

To colour [bluftij Erubefco, rubore lurtundi 
. to citlour [counterfeitj Fuco, infuco j tu 
cuTTiy vel fpetiem, rei obtendSic, vcl pictten- 
de're, ^ he intended to colour his avarice iindc^ 
the name of parfmory, avaritiie conabatur parlj- 
monia? vela obtendere, 

^ To colour over a fault, Culpam, vel rltium 
fptcie virtutis obte^Sie. 

To fejr no colours, Pericula intrepfde obire. C| 
} charge you fear no coLurs, animo efle otio;c 
^os j'jneo. 

Painters clours, Pigmenta, pi. 

^ A fiea biien colour. Color varius, vtl ma 
cu'is diltinclus. 

Colour in grain, * Dibsphus. 

A Hue. or •wachtt colour. Color • cyaneos. 

A bright Jky colour. Color cserulcus, 

A carnation colour. Color * occineus. 

A dari crimjon, or murrey, colour. Color pur 

A fame colour. Color flammeus, vel rutiliis 

A ground (olour. Color imns. 

A h'.'Ujewife' s gray colour. Color pullus, to/ 

A tntufe dun colour. Color miirinus. 

A very high redcolour, Col'r ardentiflimus, 

A jea gricn colour, Color vitreui. 

A fmoke ikrk colour. Color furcuti vtl (qui 


A frail) colour, Color • inelinus. 

A Turkey, or yimce, Hut colour. Color Veoe- 
till, vel '!> thalalfinus. 

Atvhilifi pMrple cohitr. Color • U molocbi- 

fl A ahur Jhop, Taberna qua colore« venales 

Of the fame colour, •{> Concolor. 

liai'ing lojl its colour, Dccoiuracu^ decolor. 

A lofing its colour, Decoloratio. 

Of many colours. Multicolor, variur. 

One, i-wo, or three colours, Unicolor, bicolor, 

Of jundry colours, Dilcolor. 

Changing lolour, Verficoior. 

To change colour, Colorem mutare. 

C'Joura/jc pretence, Prstextus fpeciofus. 

Colouralfly, Modo, piaufibili, vel fpeciofo. 

CoLured [tinged] caloraie, (Ray.) Coloratus, 
colore tinflus, vt/ imbutus. 

Coloured [counterfeited] Fucatus, infucatus. 

Wan, or dead, coloured, Luridus* 

To grow dead coloured, Pallefco. 

A colouring, Coluiis indu£lio. 

Coliuring, or paint, Pigaicntum, fucus. 

A'oloi-riji, In coloribus inducendis peritus. 

C'lourlefi, (Newt.) Coluris cxpers. 

A coll, PuUus equmus. ^ A ragged colt may 
■nuke a good horje, improbus puer aliquando in 
virum probum evadit. She bath a colt's tooth in 
ber head, anus cotlioniHat. 

Aborfecolt, Equulus ; amarecolt, Equula, 

The colt of an afs, Pullus afininus. 

To coir, (Spenf.) Lafcivio. 

'Jo colt, (Sh.) Luiiificor, 

Coltsfoot [hcibj Turtilago, bechion. 

A celt fiaff, Plialanga, veflis, 

Coli'p, PuUinus. 

Acolumhary [dove houfe] Columbarium. 

Columbines, j[ Columbinar. 

A column, or pillar. Columns, 

A jniall column, Coiumiiclla. 

The colures, * Coluri, pi. 

Con.atofe, (Crew.) VeternofuS. 

A comb, Pedlen, Inis, n, 

^ Lady's comb [herb] Peften Veneris. 

To comb, • Como,. pefto, depeflo. ^[ They 
're a year a combing of tbsmjelvei, dum comuntur 
innus eft. 

To comb again, Repefto. 

^ To comb one's head, Alicujus capillum, vel 
capillos, peflere; crines peftine dcducere. 

Like a comb, Peftinatim. 

To comb tvoel, Lanam peftere, vcl carminare. 

A curry comb, Strigil, )lis, m. 

^ To turry comb a horj'e, Equum ftringere. 

A comb maker, PciSinum fabricator. 

A comb hrufh, Pcftinis verriculum, fetaceuro. 

A comb cafe, Peftinis • theca. 

A Oik's comb, Calli crifta. 

A fax comb, ♦ H^mus ferreuSi 

A honey tomb, FavuS. 

A horn comb, Peften corneum. 

To cut one's comb, Criilas alicujus tondere. 

A combatant, Pugnator, pugil, llis, c. 

A combat, Pugna, certamen, pr:eiiiim. ^fl /( 
ivas a very Jhurp coxbai, magna pertinacia ni- 
nicalum ell. The comha l&jied fom four to fun 
ci, ab hcra quaria ad foli occafum pugnatum 
jft. Oar army had tie belter in ihe combat, noftcr 
■xercitus praeliis ufiis eft fiscundis. 

To try the combat, Certamen experiri, praslium 

To begin a com'at, Prslium infre. 

To renew a com' at, Prjclium redintcgrare, W 
lenovare , pugnam reftitu^re, i/c/ inilaurare. 

A fmgle combat, Certamen fingalarc, duel- 

A combat of gladiatours, Pugna gladJatoria, 
c;rtamen gladiatorium. 

To combat, Prselior, dimico ; >J> belle ; pra- 
lio ccrtare, W deccrtarc ; pugnam committSrc, 
decerncre ; pugnam, vel manum, confcrere. 

To combat an enetny. Cum hoftc pugnate, vel 

certamen confcicx. 

% 7o combat by way of atgument, Alfquem r«- 
tioiii^us oppugnaie, vel imputEuaic j alicujus 
raiiunes aliis rationibus impugnare. 

^1 To combat tviib a diftemper. Contra »i«u 
gravitatemque m^^rbi contendere. 

^ To combat ivilh one's o-wn inclination, Belli- 
i;erare cum gcniis tuis. 

Comlaied, Certamine, vt/ pralio, acccptus, 

A combating, Pugna, certamen. 

Ccmbaiinr, Piignax. 

Combed, Pcxus, depexus. 

Combed again, Repexus. 

Combed fifiely, Comptus. 

A comber, or wool ca;nber. Qui lanas car.Dinat. 

Combinate, (Sh.) Dcfpunfatus. 

Combination [1 joining together] Conjunf^io, 
copulatio ; complcxio. 

Combination [ploting together] Conjutatio, 

To combine. Res multas conne£li!re, eapalare> 
conjunfere. Plot together, Confpiro, conjuro. 

Combined, Conjun£lus, cjpulatus ) conj'jxa* 
tus, confpiratus. 

Comblefs, (Sh.) Sine crifta. 

CombuJIible, Materies uftioni apta, Widoim< 

A combufticn [burning] Uflio. 

A ccmbiiflion [tumult] Tumullus, feditio, 

To make. Or flir up, a combuflion, Tumttllum 
excitare, res turbare, vcl miftere. % The /«/- 
dicrs make a combuflion every where, milites ubi- 
que miferiarum incendia excitant. 

Come [fmall firings of malt] • || Bynes fila^ 
menta, A. 

To come, Venio ; incedo ; proficifcor. ^I" / 
had ill luik 10 come hither, baud aufpicatJ hue 
me appuli. It eometh by too much eajt, fit ex ni- 
mio otio. Hctu Jhouli I come to know ? qui re- 
fcifcerem ? He 'will come prefently, jam hic ade- 
rit. Come, be of good cheer, quin tu animo bono 
es. That mifibicf is yet to come, id m.hi rcftat 
mali. fyhai will come of thai affair? Quid de 
iila re fiet } IVhat cometh of it at lajlY quid fit 
d:T)ique ? Is it come to this f adeone res rcdiJt ? 
For the time to come, in pofleruni, deinceps. / 
fia I I come even ivith him, referam illi gratiam^ 
poftvjriores non fcram. Hence it cometh to paj's, 
inde eft quod j ex eo eft ut. It all cometh to 
one, tantundem eft; e6d;ni recidit. hJeed I 
come fairly c-ff, imo veio pulcrc difcedo. Firji 
come, firji jerved, qui primus vencrit, primaa 
tenebit. Ifhen we come to die. Cum mors inliabit. 

To come againft one, Invado, adorior. 

To come envay from a place, A loco difccdere. 

To come behind, or follow after, Subfeqnor ; 
aliquem equi. My wife comitb behind. Pone 
fubit conjux. 

To come abroad, Prodeo, 

To come about. Gratia aliqua venire. •[ Hlji 
Jo you come about? quid hue venis ? quid tibieit 
negotii i 

To come again, or lack, Redeo, iivenio, re- 
vet tor. 

To come to himfrlf again, Refipifco ; ad fe re- 
diie i • animum retipere. 

To comt alorg, ProceJo, pergo. fl Cs*» on, 
or along, cja, age ! 

To come a/under, Disjicior, disjungor, clus. 

To come at [overtake 1 Aliequor, attingo j 

To come at [obtain] Obtineo. 

Ti> come away, Abeo, difcedo. 

To comt before, Prscvcnio, antereoio j ante- 
vert o. 

^ To come before one, or in one's waj; Viam 
pra.-clud?re ; moram alicui objicere. 

To come before a fudge. In jus ambulare. 

^ To come lebiisd [be inferior to] Alicui ali- 
qua re cedere. 

To cme between, Intervenio, uUerponor, 

To come, or pafs by, Pr?;tcrco. 

To come [as butter] la • bulyruni denfcri j 
in lac dcnfum mutari. 

7i cotne by, or obtain, a thing, Naacicor, 
adipilcor, _ 




% nnn [m chef fe] Coagulor, concrefco, 

Ti cone dnun fmm a flea, Ab aliquo loco 

Tt come Jtnvn, or tt afftafej. Placer, fedor, 
^ Hh Jltr:aib /I HOW C9miiti.ti>n^ jam mifis eft. 

Ta ca»e Jotib \i% a book] £dor, in lucem 
eniilti, • lypia divulgari. 

To ccm forth, Exto, prodco, provenio. 
To coBK Jerib It fee, Provifo. 
To cvmt jc'^vard, I'roctdo, prcgredior. 
% 'To comifwzvjrilin Iturving, Progrefljonem 
•<■/ |)iOi;rc(iuni, faierc in Uteris. 
To fowt-j or frixitfi frtmt) Orior^ 
7o ?o an't tooif, Commeo. 
'J'ii c^nt in, Intioeo, ingrcdror. 
^ To cjoi? i:Jrer, cr in f Ju of another, All- 
till < luccedcr!, in alicujus locum fubire. Lei 
f, rjh ,mc in the [.laee ef llofe that be tueary, 
imegri c*erV.[!is fuccedant. 

T» fOKK in lie inKrim, Intervcnio. 
fl To coKi in reiutjt, or ■v.gie. In honore & 
prptio tflir. 

f To erne in requefl again, E contcirptibus 

f To erne in [fubmit] Se alicui dtdere, -ve! 

7oai::e in iite'i-way, Occurrc ; obviaai veni- 
Xtf V't ii arc'it dare. 

<1 To iome in tije, Ufu vcairf. 
^ I'd ceme info lufnifs, In foro florcre. 
^ To cone into 'lian'g.r, Hcriculis cxponi, w 
•M ci. £)/■///•, periculom capitis adire. 
if[ To :'o:,.e into f.0'1, Ad portum venire. 
To coite, or pil off, Dccido. 
Torowf off •Will, or ;//, in an affair. Bene, lel 
male, lutcicore in re al.quS. <|1 1 cane fairly 
iff. pulcli.e dil'cedo & pribe. He haii hke ii, 
iii-v'. come fiarvi'y off, neq'iitcr pcne expedivit 
A'c firmf off tui'b tis life, vita faivS- evalit. Hi 
cam^ ^ff iciib credit, or iviih fjifg co'c'tri, fe ab 
iflo ncgoiio magnD ho.nore expedivit. lie cairn 
off a C'^yQutrour, vi^oriam repoitavit. 1 came t£ 
a gnat looj'r Ij that affair, niejnum dettimcn 
turn mihi ifta res attulit. 

7o tomt often, Ventito. ^ They come often to 
eur louje, ab illis domus nodra cclebratur. 

^T To co-ne ivir to one's fill;. In partes alicujus 
defcendeic ; ad alitim dclcirccre j cum aliquo 
locietaLL-m coirc. 

To come, or pajs, over, Tranfco. 
To cime ifvir, or deceive, a p.r/ti iy fah 
fpeecbei, Circumvenio, dfcipio ; verbis blaiidis 
jliiquem in fiaudcm allicSre, 

%,T» come out of a pla-e. Ex aliqi:o loco exire, 
vel prodirc. / tvtil fay for you here till you comt 
tul, tgo Ilk taniil'per d'lm exis te oppcriar. 

To c'lme oiit, cr le knvivny ViUm fieti, evul- 
fari. <f[ All n come out, paler, mater, herus, 
lefcivit omnein rem. 
Come out tut, Apage. 

Ty come 10, AJcu, advenio, kj" j acccdo, ag- 
gredior, cvaio. ^ There came jome to me, ali- 
quot ir,K adtLre, Coin* to that poinf, in turn lo- 
cum pro^rcdece. } ilHI jee fjt^ac thej: cling' 
Tt'ill ctne toj ifta quo evafura funt videbo. Cowe 
to the 6ufnels e'gain, ad lem rcdi.. I uever ibottghi 
ft tctn/ld Lave ctutt to-ihat, nunqoam putavi foic. 
J ar,i tome to icgtrj, ad mf niicitateni redaflus 
Kim. tfe is come to the crown, regnum adeptu^ 
fH. mat contih al' nf quanta i/Ih.Tc fmnma ? 
/.' ;i come ri the hfi pvjh, ad triarius vcniuon eft. 
// cortith all t'l nothing, iii'nas nihilo eft,- H'bet. 
all cometh to all, ad cxtremunTj t.indein. 
To come to fconlent, or jield] AlTentiOr 
To come to [to coftj ConHo. ffiii, i.. 
*\Ti etnte loan agmmenl, Aliquid cum ali- 
quu • pjcilcij • ;aciioiiea) tacrae cum aliquc 
dc re aliqu5. 

To tme :o an end, Aliquid conetudeir, ve 

' 51 To cime to an eftate of iiikeriteuice, H.-enedi • 
tat>:m auin-, terncri' ; tutido? Iiifri'diiario jure 
iHcipii?. ^' If I come to tiat ejicte. Si mihi 
J'undu! haied.iaie obwcntrit. 

^Toceimctigo^d [ol a thing] Profpete /irc- 
f To «r? /» gtod t»* » fcirfiKi] lo protum , 

virutn cvadcre j in meliiij proficere, 

fl 1 ffiiiil come to fpetk of that by and hy, Mcx 
de ilia re di^urus Turn. 

fl To come to the kni^ioledge of, or to inrti), a 
thing, Aliquid reTcifcere, vel cognofcere j no- 
tum, vf/ exploratum, habere, 

51 7c ccn:e to the kninvlcdgc of, or be kmrwn to, 
Innotffco, enotefco. 

To come to mind, Subeo, obverfor, occurro j 
in mentem venire. 51 ^/./j cometh often to my 
mind; hoc a>*;mo I'xpe rccurfat. 

To come near, or nigh, Appropinquo. 51 None 
is able to come near him in luorkmanjhip, artifcx 
ionge citra temulum, Aquis alius, praiflantifli- 
mu?. Come not near, cave cancm. 

To eo'.ne to hand, Occurro j ad manus alicujus 
pervenire, 5f He doth what comttb next to band, 
tacit quod in proclivi elV. 

5[ To erne next, Proxinr.c aliquem fequi, vel 
alicui in muntre fuccedere. 

5f To come to one's ear, ad aures permanare, 
vel pervenire. 

To come to paft, Evenio, provenio, accido, 
evado, contingo. If it Jhoutd ever come lo pajs, 
Si ufus Veniat, 

To he come to fajs, Fio. 

To corae quiciy lo one, Advoio, adpropero ; fc- 

To come to a place, Pervenio. 51 As foon as 
ever lue caaie to land, ubi primum teriam teti- 

To come to hy little and li'tle, Prolabor. 51 ^ler 
wilfulnefs came to this, prolapfa eft hue libido. 

To come too often, Advcntito. 

To come to life again, Ad vitam redive. 

To come to I'ght, A-ppareo j manifeftus fio. 

To come to particulars. Res fingulatim narra- 
te j ad res iiagulasj t/if/ riiigula, venire. 

To come to preferment. Ad honores promovcri j 
ad dignitates pruvchi. 

To come ffort of, or in, Deficio, 

To come ffort in one's duty. Officio fuo deelTe. 

51 To C!.me far Jhort of a pcrfn. or he much 
inferior to 'aim, Longc alicui interior tile, 

51 The portion vhicb comeib lo your Jhare^ Por- 
tia qu« tibi obtigit, 

5[ IViL en it cometh loyo/ir turn, Cum tuum erit ; 
ciim tuar vice»fuerint, 

'I'o tome as a *wjintin ivith (bild, Parturio. 

Tj came together, Coeo. 

To ccir.c up, Alcendo. 

51 To tome up -wiib one [overtake] AlJquem 
alfequi, vf/ occupare. 

51 To come up with one. Pit pari referre. 

To come up hy vomiting, * Evomi. 

To come up [as corn, or herbs] Germino. 

To eome up [as a falhion, fSc.'] lullitui, in- 

To cme- ufon, Sopcrvcnio,. or lefal, Inter- 

5} To come upon one for a delt, Ab aliqgo ass 
aiienum exi^cre. 

51 To eome upon one -with violence, \n aiiqueiTi 
\l iriuere, vel in^ri.erc. 

^0 eome up young, Pullillo, pullulaf.o, 

Cotxe^ther, Adeflo, adefdutn, ehodu.ii; ad me. 

She cometh [of a hawk] Ad.volat, 5[ She 
cometh laell, ad nutum icvolat, 
• ^ To come vjith one, Aliquem comitari, ali- 
cujus latus claiidere. 
' Coi::inatided to con.e, Accituf. 
, He is come, Venit. 

5r The ft [of a difeafej I'j almojl come, * |] 
Panixjfmua inftat. 

Come a?ain, Redux. 

C5";f (^iwrt^ Dt'taprus, . 

Come in, In^rtflua. 

5f Come nigh, Propinquus fa^lus. 

Cone if [ucTiended from] Ottus, fatus, crc*- 
tus, aditus, 51 ^^1"' ^f a good family, lior.ello 
locofiatufij familia nobili ortua.. 

A eome o,f [pretence, or (hjftj Praeteitus, 
excu'iifio,. fim-jlatio. 

51 A j^ood come off, Ejcu'atio fpecinfa, 
5[ a" pitiful eome of , Excufaao niilera, vl 
Ceicc offi or efcafed, Elapfus. 

Ctnuoul [of t houfe, tovvn, (jfc] EgrelTui, 

Come out [as a book] Editus, cvulgatut. 

Come It a place, Appulfus. 

C'Ku, or lifted, up, Elacus, 

51 Come up! or marry eome lift Eja I fi diij 

Come upon, Obortus, 

51 Come in the may, Obvius faflus. 

Not lobe come unto, Inacctfl'us. 

51 Hard to come at, Aditu difiicilis, 

Aamedian, • Comadus, • adlor *comicuj,. 
vel • fcenicuEj •raimus, • comcedianim 'ac 

A-writer of comedies, * Comicutt 

A comedy, » Comtrdia, fabula. 

The Uf. part of a comedy, * |{ Cataftrophe, 

Ibe bu^ fait of a comedy, •yEpitalis, V. 
, Like a comedy, • ComicJ, comosiice, fcenic4. 

Ccmelinejs, Pulchritude, venullas j vultui ni- 
ter, formofitas, formie dignitas. 

ComcUneJs [decency] Dccul, decorum, decor^ 
condtcontia ; cenudas. 

Comely [as a perlbnj Formofos, pulcher, ve- 
nuftijs, Ipeciofus. 

Com.ely [as a habit] Decern, decoras. 

To make comely, Dccoro, crno. 

Somctvhat comely, Venuftuius, 

f^eiy comely, Perdecorus. 

Comly, Decore, decentcr, ornate, ijitidJj, 
venufte, fpeciose. 

It is comely, Decct, convenit, decorum eft, 
• pared. 

A comer [gueft] Hofpes. 5f His houfe it cptnt 
to all comers, Domus omnibus patet. 

51 A nezo comer, Novus hofpes. 
A comer to, [j AccelTor. 

A comet, Stella crinita, cometa, <*? cometci, 

Comfis, * Tragemata ; bellaria arida. 

51 A comft maker, Pilior <ii dulciarius. 

Comfort, Conlclatin, folatium, allrvamen— - 
tum ; rj. folamen. 5J / want ihofi comforts,... 
ta me folatia deficiunt. Tou -will give her fima 
.onifori, illi animum relevabis. Ii is fome comfort 
me, id me nonnulla confolatione afhcit. Tkit 
is my only comfort, hitc me una cor^olatio Aiften- 
tat. Hope is a man's only comfort in great affiiQl* 
oas, fpcs ioU homincm in mii'eriis folatur. 

A fmall comfort, Levis, lei tenuis, confola* 
tio J f^T foiatiojum. 

nfort, or chear one up, Aliquem confo- 

lari, folari, etigere, confiimare, reficere ; ali- 
cui confclationein adhibere, folatium dare, 
pr*bere. afferre ; alicujus dolorcm confola.-ido 
cvare. ^ Confer i yourfelf, ne te a.'Bifles. Ccot- 
fort her all you can, illam quam potes fac confo- 
eiis. 1 lame comforted the minds of good men its 
their affli^icns, ego recreav; afSiAos animos bo- 
norum. Jf^e are eoin/cried hy the recital of the fi 
things, earum rerum commemoratione lenimur, 
/ am .fo affiled that nothing can comfort me, vincic t 
omncm confolationem dolor. 

To comfort again, Refovco, relevo. 

Comfortable, or c-.mforiitig, Confolans. 

Comfortable [pleafantj Amanus, dulcis, ju^ 

Comforted, • r.xhllaratus, fotus. 

Comfortallenefs, Dulcitudo, jucunditas* 

Cvmfoitably, DuJciter, jucunde.. 

To be comforted, Confolatione levari, vel re., 
creari. ^'The mind is comforted hy expeilation of 
^ood things, erigitur animus expeftatioae renun 

51 To take comfort. Bono animo effe, molefla* 
im levaie ; luftiim, dolotem, mcerorem abller- 

Not to be comforted, Inconfojabilis.' 

A comforter, ii^, vel quae, aliquem ffonrola— . 
tur j "J, fcilator, ]| folatrix, Boet. 

The comforter [Holy Ghoft} » |1 Paradetus. 

It comforteth, Juvat. 

Of or belonging lo, comforting, Confo atuiius. 

A comforting, Confoiatio. 

Comforilefi, Triftis, mcedus, folatii expeis,- 
<-onfolatione vacuus, omni fpe {'.ilutis orbatus, 

Comfrey, Confolida. 

Creat.comfrey, ConfoWa Biajor» , 



€ O M 

<: O M 

Comicaff or comickt Comicus. 
Conncal [mcrryj Urbanus, facctuj, feflivus. 
fl A comicaU or fo;//;V, ^r, * PoCU comicus 
<onioediarum kri[)tor. 

Comically^ ConiJce j feftive. 
Comings Veniens. fl 1 jhall bt ttvtnty ytan 
jild coming ', vicefimo anno perveoiam. / 
Jkall he Jhut out from com'irtg to yuuj cxtrudar 
hinc ne cam ad vos. 

Forth comings Jn medio, in noflra poteftale. 
^ The ivnftngs are forth coff.itig, ubuliC tunt in 

^\ Night is coming ort, Nox inftat. 
Com: ng and going y Commcdns. 
^'o be coming, Advciiio. 
Cc/ming again, ui back agoirif Redlens, 
Ciming Jrom heyznd Jta, Traiifmarinus, 
Ccmingin the u-ay, Obvius, 
A coming, Adventus. 
ji CQming about, Circultio. 
A coming aivay, Dilcc^ruS. 
A coming baiky or again, Reditus, reciirfus. 
Ihe commg of a woman ivith child, Farturicndi 

A coming aga'mj}, Incurfio ; impetus. 
A comihg hefuieen, Interventus, or together, 

A coming damn, Defcenfus. 
^coming, <yr tumbling, do^vn, Rulna, 
yi coming foith, ox out, Egreiras. 
A coming forward, pjogrelFio, progrefTuS. 
A coming in, IngrefTus, introitus. 
Ccmings in, Reditus, Vvd^jga!, 
A coming out of the earth, Exortus, gtrmina- 
. A coming Jhort, Defetf^Io, defeftus, 

jl ^ A coming Jiomacb, Cupiditas cdcndi, * 
ilumachi latratus. 

A coming tOj Acceflu?, aditus. 
A coming nigh unto, Appropinquatio. 
A C'-mirg up, Afcenfio. 

A coming upon fuddcnly, Supervcntua. V, Lat. 
A c'.mirtg in the "ivay, Occurfus. 
^ The comings in a Jhip, Trabes dux per qua: 
Remittitur * fcapha^ L. A. 
' Ccmitiai, Comitialis. 
A comma, * Comma, atis, n. 
*To command, or hid, Jubeo, mando. ^ lit 
commanded h'lm to gi've over his enti>priz.e, julTii 
incepto defiftere. / commarided him to hejer.tfor, 
ilium accerfi mandavi. 

To commana, or appoint, hy authority, Impero. 
jmpcrito, ^ Ready to do ivhat he commanded, 
parati qua Jmperavit facere. 

To command, or order, Edico, praecipio, ^ Ih 
tommanded the plunder to he giv^n to the fcldtcrs 
edixit militibus praedam. He had cunmandcd 
bis men, luis pr.xcepcrat, 

f[ To command, or haife the chief comm.and of, 
Summx rei prieeflc ; fummam rcrum admini- 
firare j fummo in imperio, vei cum impcrio,. 

To command, or overlook, a phccy Supercmi- 

To command hforth and, Pra?dico, 
Ccmmandcd, Mandatir, ^ mori'us. 
Commanded to appear, Cltatus, tvocatus, 
' Ac(,mmandcr, ^ui mand it, rj» mandatrix, f. 
A fommander in chief, Imperator, imperatrJx, f. 
Acommander, Dux, miiitum pr*ete^us, 
Accmmandrefs, (Hooker) Dux. 
Aammandir [rammer] FiftiKa, pavicula, 
Comm.anding, Mandans, imperanr, jubens. 
Having the command, or charge of, I'rxpcfitus. 

A commanding^ JufTus, V, hat* 
A c-jmmar.d [place cf command] Prxfe^lora. 
Jmpenum. ^ lie could net endure to he 'ut rj 
command, imperio carere non potuit. lie ha: 
the lommand vf a province, provinciam tcnebat 
^ To he in command, Cum imperio clfc ; // 
xlief, Rerum potiri J fummo imperio pr^eiK-. 

A command, or commandment, Mandalum 
imperium, prasccptum, imptratum jufTuir ; 
tp monirum monitus. ^ Hedo'h what he batl 
in con' mandata facic^ vcl exequitur. Tl.l 

{on:tnand was obeyed, obeditum crat imjierio. 

^ To be at one's command, Alicui lubfervirf, 
vel le totum dcdcrc j qua quia imperavit fa- 

^ To exfcufe a perJcnU commandt, Imperat^ 
ficere j alicujus miinaata conficcic, cxcqui, pio 
Tequi i alicujus pracipto jurerr. 

^ To have the commund ff one's ^if, at fajfions, 
Cupidilatibus luia imperare. 

^ To Ujl one's jelf under one's command, Apu.i 
liquem (iicramentum dicerr, notnen alicui dare 
A folhiving ous comtnand, Obfcquiuni, ob- 

^ At fly command, Tuo juHu* 
M^iitout command, InjulTu, 
The tin ccmmandmenis, Del, t^tf/divina, dcceii 
precept a. 

Comnmtcrial, (Bacon) Ex eadem materia. 
Comnicmcrah/e, Commcmorabilis, 
To comn-e,norate, Commcmoro, memorian. 

A commemoration, Commcmoratio, mcmoria.* 
alicujus cclebratio. 

^ A yearly csmmemoraticn, Anniveifaria mor- 
tui alicujus commcmoraiio j dies ftftus quot- 
annis recurrens. 

Commemorative f (Atterb.) Ad fc/in mcmori- 

To commence, or begin, Aliquid inchoare, inci- 
pcre, occipere, aggredi, ordiri, exordiri. f[ From 
•'hat time he commenced a pleader, tum piimum 
cauLis iradlare aique agcrecocpit. 

m To cmmence an aSiion, • A6lioni-m alicui 
intcndere, vd * dicam fcribere; in jus aliquem 

To commfKce, or take a degree, Initior, 
^ To commence, or proceed, do^or in divinity, 
* II Theologijc laurea donari, [[ dofloratvis tiiu- 
lo infigniri, in (j doftorum numetum, i/t/ otdi- 
nem, alcifci. 

Commenced, or begun, Inccptus, inchoatus. 
i-le4i>at bath ne^uly commenced, Inceptor, 3, 
CommOKfment, (Woodw.) Y , A begining. 
iff A ccmmerccment, or ail, in the univtrjlties, 
Comitia * || Academica. 

To ccmmind, Conimendo, laudo, coilaudo ; 
ailaudo, celebro, comprobo, plaudo j omnia bo- 
na de aliquo dicere ; laude aliquem afiiccre j 
laudcm alicui tribuere, dare, impertire ; laudi- 
bus aliquem efterre vd ornzrc. ff Tcu commended 
him to the piici, qucm tu verbis ad ccelum extu 
\\iMu 1 commended you to him, ev te commendavi. 
If Jhe commend hit hcauty, li laudabit hffiC illius 

To commend [commit unto] Commendo, 
mando ; aliquid i>l cujus fidci committere, il.ire, 
concrcdcte, tradcre. ^ / commend this to ycur' 
iare and truji, hoc cummltto & manJo tuie 

To commend one^t f:f or fend Qne^s comp/imenti 
*o a pcrjon, Aliquem fdlutare j alicui laiiiicm 
impertiic, %el; impertire aliquem faluto. 
f[ lie'h himff icry kindly to you, plu- 
rima te falutc impcrtjt i tibi f^lut^m p.uriman 
dicit. Commend me -v.ry kindly to A:t!i.a, Attica- 
falutcm plurimam velim dicaf, Con.mi.nd me to 
your father, meis ve. bispatrem faluCa. 

Cr.mmer.dab!e, Laudabilis, iaudandus, pr«cdi 
candus i laudibus effVrcndus, 

Commerdahlfy Laudabi.iier, if> fplcndidc. 
^ To hold a living in commentti-m, * jj Bencfi 
cium • jj ccclefufticum fibi ficuciariil poflefiione 
commendalum habere. 

A I'lmmendatiO'f, Laus, prreconi-im. 
Commendations [falutaiio.'uj Salutationes, 
To fi.nd commendations, Salulo, ialutcm alicui 
impertire, dictfre, mititre. 

^ To do commenduttons, Saiutcm annunciare, 
tliquem falvcrc jubcrr, aliua nomine aliquem 

•y Letters of commendation, Liters commenda- 

Ccmmendatory, Commcndatitius. 
Commanded, Laudatus, p^redicatus. 
To he commended [or laudable] Laudabilis. 
Highly CQinmcndcd, Celebris, laudatiffimui, 

A cornmender, Laudator^ laudatrbr, f, 
C'j'T.menjalify, (Br.) Cunvidlus. 
Comtrenjurabhf.ejs, (Hale) Pioportio. 
To ctm^/.Mjurete, (Br.) Adtrqu'j. 
dmrnenjurahle, l*roportionc tequindus. 
Comme/rfurate, A'iAquiinSy proportione arquani, 
A ccniment, or cn^KJeKurj, i^cuMc n.<, 
ommentarium, * fciioljum ; fcriptorit alicujui 
r.ierprctatio, vel explanatio, 

^ To ammertt, or Kvrite C'^ttcutf, Scrlptcril 
.bi03 commciitari, intrrpft.'.ri, illultrarr, enar- 
arc, explanare, cip'ic^ii:, dilucidarc, 

A commentator, commcr.ttr, (Donnc) Alicpjut 
criptoris inierpres, qui in aliquem fcnptorrm 
mmentatur, * |J glofjljraphoa, z. * || Itholi- 
'(Irs, a, m. 

Com.jctid on, Notis, Wcommrntariis, illu* 
!ritu>, crxpianaTus, cxplicrftua, dilucuatua. 

Commentiticus, Commeniicius, fidtiif, fictitiui. 

Commerce, Commcnium, mercaiura. 

^ C-mmcrce, or inuri-juric, ify tiufs, Com- 
ncrcia hterarum. 

Commerce Ccorrefpondence] Commcrciom, u« 
us, coniueiudo. 

To hiive commerce ivith, Confuc'co. •) I havf 
no manner of ccmmcice ivith him, tniUi cucnnicr' 
cium ullius rei cum iiJo non efl. 

Ccmmercial, Ad commerLiirai pertineni. 

A (ommigmlion, (VVondw.} Cum m^rdiio, 5fff* 

A comminution, Comminatio, minatio. 

Comrtimitory, Commtn.iMoneTi contincns. 

To commingle, (Bacon) CoTimiiceo. 

Ccmminub/e, (Br.) Quod comminui potclS 

Comminution, (Bent.) Afiu; commmuendi. 

CommiferahU, (Bacon) Miferatione di^iHiS* 

To a.mmife-ate, Commifcror, mifereor. 

Commiferared, Cu;i;s niilcrtum elt, 

Ccmmijcrati'sn, Coir.miferalio. 

.4 c.mmjjaiy [dtjegatc] Curator ; judex dele- 
gatus, vit leleAus. 

.^ffi«ff;^*iry£eeclefiaftical officer] jj O.licialis 

A ccmmifjary [muAer mailer] Armorum lu- 
ftrator, vel ccnfor. 

A comm^£ion, Mandatum, auftoritas, delega- 
io. --jH 

To comm'JJson, commfjiunaie, ax put into commtf- 
lion, Aliquid alicui dcniandire, Icgare, delegare.) 
poteftatcm alicujus rei procuranJa (,»cc:c. 

The commijftn of the peace, • || Ii'narchra. 

^ A comm-Jjion of (ar.krvpcy, Decretum quo 
conturbaioris pofi*dtiones aliorum fidci concrc- 
duntur ad debitas pecuiiijs dtUblvendas. 

^ A commi£i<m ff^t-A, Prast'cdtus mii. tarts re- 
ijio * diplomate conAit.u:us. 

To put onesut of his cotrmifftot, Exau^oro, ^«/f. 

Commijfwed , 01 cojttir.'^jji nated, DcJCgSlus, con- 

A commijlonir [delc^att-] CuraUir ad rtm a!i- 
-quam agciidam J delegatus, 4. 

A camtr.fjioner [ap]H>inTPd bt-riA'Ccn two parties] 
Arbi'^er itoj.orariu* ; arbiter rx compromi'To, 

A comm'ffi'..ncr [to trcai -with fore.^n prmctsj 
* II Synd'ius, 

Ccww^/Kri', (Ray.) CommlTura. 

To con.m-.T, or do, CoiRmitio, admJttoj pa- 
tro, perpetro, 

To ccmmit a fault, Delinquo, pecco, culpam 
in le admittcre J in noxatflei cnlpam comme- 

To commit etdahery, V. ATiultcyM 

To commit tnurder, V. Murder, 

To con.mi: murder upon muiJer, C«dcm cacic 

To ommit to memory, Memorix manda.ty pro« 
:iere, traderc. 

To commit an c^eto one, Munus nlicui defenc, 
(are, conimitlcie. 

To commit tnajcn, Majeftatem Ia:dcrc. 

To (onmi't unto, Trado, credo; aeiegn, de- 
mando. ^ I commit her to your cjre, c»m twae 
mando fidci. ^ / %rt/i commit this hufir.'fs ti 
Da-vus, Davo ifthuc dedam ne|.o[it. 

fl To commit in truJi, Afud aiiqusm dc}-oil<frc ; 
ilicujus fidei concrtdei«. 

To commit bimfeif to, Commcndo, -% He cut' 
M z imtii-ii 





miittlb himftlf and all kit foiVuna to y>u, 
ic omntfque opes commiltit. 

To comml M prijtm. In cuftodiani, carccreir, 
vt! vinciila, aliqucm conjicerc, dare, InAitt. 

4If 7i cilixmit a ihtni to au'i Jifrtlim, Arbitrio 
alicujus trm permiticre. 

CmmitiJ, or rfim, Partus, patratue. 
CammiuJ unio, Commiirus, creditus, depofitus, 
eoncrcdilus, maiidaius, i^emandacus. 

^ umimnnM, or commiting to frijon. In cufto- 
diam traditio. A, 

yf nnmiiiit, Arbitrorum confelTus, curatorci 
ftle^li, quidam ex majori numcro ad reni ali- 
quam difcept.indam delegati. 

^ A ctmnilttc man, Unus ex curatoribus k 
y1 ccmaiiini;, Commi'Tio. 
^ ammitrng to one's iruft, || Depcfilio, A . 
yi commix, Commifceo. 
Conmixtd, fj> CommiftuSi 
rff commix'iortf or commixture, Admi Aid 
Acmuixdt, (Addi.) V. Hcj.!-J,,ji. 
Commodious, Commodua, ucilis, aptus, op- 

yiry eommoJious, Peropportunos. 
Conmodioujly, Commodi, commodum, apte, 
Cpportunc, utilitcr. 

ConacdiMjrtfs, or temmodiiy fconveniency, 
or profit] Commodicas, utilitas, opportunitus j 
commodum, cmoiumentum. 

CiirModiiiei [waies] Mcrces, jam, f, pi. 
W coiKKodore, * Navium praefe£lus. 
Commer, CjmiKOKaile, (Bacon) Communis, 
CoTuKiou [ordinary] Fopuiaris, vulgaris, pub 
licus, quotidianus, ufitatus, confuctusj prota 
nu5, prcmi:'cuus. rtccptus. <[f Tte more com 
Kin a good^ihir.g it, fie hdter it is, bonum quo 
<^ommunius, Co melius. It it a common j'iyin^ 
vulgo d Jci fo'et. h is the lommon talk, in ore e;; 
omni populo. It is groivn a common provcrl, 
sbtit in prnverbii iocum. Con f tilt for our com- 
tnon good, confule in medium. Do tahat jbatl 
he f-^r tht common good, in commune conlulas. 
Common [wcil known] Vulgaius, vulgaris, 

More common, Pervolgatior. 
Mift cmmon, VulgatilTimus, perrulgatiflimus, 

In cenmen, Communiter, de medio, ptomi- 

SI lie eoismon council, Civitatis commune con - 

j1 common council man , Unuse civitatis com- 
muni conciJio, 

rbe cotrmon people, or commonahy^ Vulgus, 
picbs, plebccuia. 
j^ cc^nmon place, Communis locus. 
^ common place bock, Adverlaria, pi, com- 

% To C(,mmcnplace,[yt\ton) Commentor ; com- 
meniarios conricerc. 

^ The conmiin PIras, \\ Communia placita, 
^ cotrWion prayer hook, Precuai communium 

ji (oKtnoti proverb, or fay'ng, Vetus vcrbum, 
lutnm provcrbium. 

j^ common fewer. Cloaca, 
y/ eommen Joldier, Miles gregarius. 
The common^oeclth , Rerpubilca. ^ IJc it an 
ejuc/lent fommor.Kuealtb'' i man both in peace and 
•uiar, civia tarn in toga, quam in armis, inlig- 
A is. 

^f To Ine the cmmonwealtb, Fidem & ani- 
iT.iim fiDguiaiem in renipublicam h.)bere. 

^ 'To ro/f the commontvcalih, Publicam pccu- 
niam compi'are, peculari, depeculari, 
ji common 'v'borc, I'rof^ibulum. 
yi common [or common pailurej Agcr com- 
^nfciiiis, paftuum publicum, 

^ To l>cc .ine, or irotv, common, Vulgo fiSri. 
'I'o tie Common, Incuitu^ j.i(cie. 
To make common, Livu'to, in medium afFerre, 
Of tU common fort, tirc^arius, pltbtivfs. 
h It lety contmon, Pervulgitum eft. 
tyuh common conjint, Couimuniter, canuouoi 
fuilra^io, W coafenru. 

/I companion ai play, Collttfor, Plin, 
J^ companion at Jctool, Condifcipului, 
^ companion in office, Co!lega. 
A boon, ComifTator, homo vita: fo« 

yi merry companion, Congerro ; homofenivut, 
facctus, fepidu!, commodis muribus. 

A pot companion, Compotor, compotrix, f. 

^ /i mean, or iafe, companion. Caput vile, 
homo teruncii, vel mhili. 

yl companion in arms, Commilito. 
yi companion in fervice, Confcrvus, conferva. 
A companion [pal taker] Confors, pariiceps. 
Companionable, (Clar.) Sociabilis j urbanus. 
Ct-mfamorjbip, (Sh.) Sodalit um. 
yl cjnpuny [airembly] Conventus, ctetuj, 
^ f^e zuere a great comiary of us, Irequcntei, fui- 
nius. fVc ate ibrongid*tvitb company, liominum 
multitudine circumtundimur. But that you luere 
n.t in company, excepto qucid non fimul effcs. 

A grca: company, Examen, fiequentia, ^j lU 
came to meet bim nvitb a large company of bit 
<nvn, obviam cum bene magna caterva fua vc. 

Company [fociety] Societas, Todalitasj foda- 
litium. fl Atimit m.e, 1 pray you, into your com- 
pany, oro ut ms in grtgeni veftrum rccipiatis.. 
He was pleafant company, Ixtum egit comitcm. 
/ never let bim go out of my company, ilium nullo 
tempore a me patior difcedtre. Ibis is done for 
leant of your company, id fir defiderio tuo. 

To delight in company, Socios appetere, expe> 

To hear, or keep, one company, Comitor. <[ 
IVi'b ivhomjoever be kept company, cum quibus 
erac cunque una. 

f\ To frequent had company. Cum improbis 
focittatem mire, vel ccire ; cum perditis homi> 
facile aliquid cum alioj nibus confuetudinem jungere, confui:fce:e. 

To he much in company, or lo keep company nili, 
Confuefco, verforj familiariter cum al.quo vi- 
vcie. m Tbcy are much in their company, iVe- 
quentes cum liiis funt. 

To pun, or not to cart for, company, Homi- 
num congreflus fugere. 

f[ To company carnally, Mu'.ieri ccnfuefcere, 
cum muliere rem habere, confuetudinem fa. 

To break company, Diflbcio, a fociis difcederc. 
To get company lo one's Jelf, Sibi focios adl'cif- 
cere, -vel adjungere. 

A company [corporation] Corpus, civitas, 

^ The Eajl I/tdia company, Mercaturae in In- 
dia oriental! faciendx locietas. 

^ To take one in to he a member of a company^ 
In collegium aliquem cooplare, 

A company of leii/d perjoiis, Colluvies, coUu- 

A company of fotJiers, Cohors, manus, mili. 
turn globus. Sf He had fix companies there in 
garrijon, fex cohortes ibi in pr.-cridio habuerat. 
They 'would fight in thin companies, raii pugna- 
rent, difperfique. He goeth about from company 
to compary, .m.iiiipulcs circuit, 

% A company of dragoons, £xpedita levis ar- 
matiii£ turma. 

A company of foot, Peditum caterva. 
A company oj borjt, Equitum turma. 
To diiiide into companies, Decurio j in decurias 

By companies, CaTcrvatim, gregatim. 
A companying, Confociatio, communitas. 
A bre.iktr.g of company, Dillbciatio. 
Comparable, Compatabilis, comparandus, con- 

Comparably, Per modum comparationis. 
Comparaii-ve, Comparafivus. 
Comparatively, in cimparijon, or reJpeB, Con- 

^ The comparative degree, Gradus compara* 

lo compare, Aliquid alicui, vel cum aliquo, 
comparaic, contcrrc, componere. f] He is not 
to be iom^ared wiib bim, cumparaodus illi noa 

Commonage [tight of pafture] Jus compaf- 


fl A commoner in an univerfily, Collcgii focius. 
Commonly, Vulgo, vulgariter, magna ex par- 
if, feic. 

Commonnefs, (Swift) Frequentia. 
fl Ibe houfe of ammons, Seiiatus inferior, 
plebi^ conventus. 

Commons, or allowaree, Demenfum. 
^ Short commons, Demeiifum Cenue. 
Commons, Conviiflus. 
To live in commons, Convivo. 
Commoraiiee, commorancy, (Hale) Habitalio. 
Commoranr, (Ayl.) Commorans, 
Commoratton, Conimoratio. 
A commotion. Commotio, feditie J niotus, 
lumultus i turba. 

To fiir up a commotion, Tumultuor j tumul- 
tus excitare. 

Commoted (Thompf.) Commotus, agitatus. 
To commune together, Aliquid cum aliqno 
commiinicare; de a!iqu.i re cum aliquo colloquij 
confabulari, vel fermones credere. 

CovKuhicabU, Q^od cum aliquo cominunicar 
A communicant, * |[ Eucharifti.T particeps. 
To coir,m:inicaic [impart to] Aliquid cum ali. 
quo communicate, aliquid alicui impertire. 

To communicate [receive the facrament] * || 
Euchariftiie, vel • ccenae || Dominica: particeps 

To communicate "with [divide] Participo. 
Communicated, Communicatus. 
A ccmmunicating, or communication, ccmmuni- 
cativencfs, (Norris) Communicatio. 

Commiinkation [difcourfe] Colloquium, fer- 
mo, fermocinatio, ^J Evil communications cor- 
rupt good manners, mala confortia bono: mores 

( ommunicaiive. Qui 

The communion, * Coena || Dominica, * 

^ To receive the communion, Sacro convivio 
intercffe; divino paftu recreari j aalmum calefti 
pabulo rcficcre. 

Communion, or community, Communio, com- 
munitas ; confortium. 

Community [commonwealth] Refpublica. 
Commutation [change] Cummutatio. 
Commu.'ative, jj Commulativus. 
To commute [buy off puniihmentj Culpam 
prctio foluto rediraete, 

't< Commuiual, (Sh. Pope) Mutuus. 
A compad [agreement] Compaflum, fcedus. 
f\ On, or hy compaS, ex compaflo. 

To ccmpacl [fallen together] ^ompingo, con 

To be compared [made up of] Conflor, con 
fio, fl Of ■which things it is conipaBed and made, 
quibus ex rebus conftatur & efficitur. 

Compaa [made.up of] Conflatus, faftus.] [preflcd together] Compaflus, com- 
prefl'us, coarflatus. fl A compail narration, 
nairatio prelTa, brevis, concinna. 

Compaq [fet in order] Concinnus, nitidus, 

Compact [ftrong] Firmus, fulidus. 
H'eii compaSid, Elaboratus, exa^us, accura- 

f[ A li'iil compaHed ftyle, Concionitai elabo- 

A comparting, Compaflio, coagmentatic, con- 
ftru^io; lliuSura. 

CompaSly [clo'ely] Ccmprefse, arfie. 
CompaBly [neatly] Concinne, apte, nitide, 

Compaflly [ilrongly] Firmc, folidc. 
CompaiJnfjs, compaLialnejs, (Cheync) Concin- 
nitas, firmitas. 

A comparer. Qui compingit. 
A co'ipaSluie, Compages, is, f. compago, 
^inis, f, coaj^nicntum, 2. 

II Companablemfi, (Sidney) Socialitas, Plin. 
A companion, Comes, fgciut, focia, fodalis, c. 




eft, / wil! ceiKpure the lap viitb lie Jirfl, novif. 
fima conlerani primis. / ujed tt, aajian grtal 
things •with jmal!, parvis componere magna fo. 
lebani. Norn: dtn compare loUh yjfncjnuiy ad 
Africanum afpirdre ricmo poteiK Hi may c^m 
pare luith any Roman gentUmart for bravery j ipien- 
dorc ncmini Romano equici ctdit. 

To compare [make cqiulj ^cjuo, adsequo, 
tequiparo. ^ No body litjs to compare tuiti 
Uanntboij Hannibau niinu par tuit. 

Beyond coKparCf or coinpurijon, incomparabilis, 
nihil fupta. 

Compared, Comparatus, collatus. 

Acompanng, ccmpaie, (M;lt.) or comfarif'm, 
Coniparatio, colhtio, ^ Avery uneven com - 
fan/on. Cons ad Chi im. Cimparifom are o^ioui, 
comparationes odiora; funC, 

In comparijcn of, PriE, ad (when it govcrneth 
a cafe ; when it dotli not) prie quam, vet ptie 
ut. ^ Tou are oappy in companion of us, pr* 
nobis beatus cs. Bui Jhe is tobody in comparison 
of ibis beautiful creatuie of curs, at nihil ad iio- 
ftram hanc. In compurijon of that ivbcn thty put 
you to experces, prss quum ubi fumptus peiunt. 
Jn cotnparijon oj tubal his tnadnfs iviit produce, 
pr<s ui rabies hujus qua dabit. 

f[ IVitboui comparijon. Sine controverfia. 

"To compart, (Wott. ) Senior, divido. 

A eompartmetit, DiviHo, dLmeniio, 

A compafs, or circuit, Circuitus, ambitus 
% By fetching a longer cwipafs about, they cfcaped 
the horfe guards, longiore citcuilu cuAodias equi- 
tum vitabant. 

The compafs of the moon, Orbita lunae. 

In compajs of our memory, Mcmoria no/?ra. 

Tie iimp-.ijs of the -world. Mania mundi, 

•[ A mariner's compafs, • Pyxis nautica, in- 
dea nauticus. 

Aconipafs [or fpace] Complexus. 

A compjfs of -words [a periodj Verborum 

A iomfufs, or pair of compaffes, Circtnus. 

To miufure -with a pair of ismpaJJ'es, Circino. 

Compafs [limits] Limiies, urn, m, pi. 

<(1 It IS above the compafs of art, Artem fupe- 

A compafs [winding] Ambages, pi. 

To draw into a narroiv compafs, Contraho. 

To fticb acompajs, Per ambages ire. 

To rap -within compafs, Modum tenere. 

fl Thai I may fpeak luilbin compafs, Ne quid 

To compafs, or fetch a compafs about, Ambio, 
circumeo, obeo. 

Tocompafs [attain] AflTequor, confcquor. ^ 
He lui'd eafity be able to compafs that, jd autem 
facile con{equi poterit. By -what means may tve 
be able to compafs the goood tvill of men ? quibus 
rationibus hominum Itudia con^pleOamur ? 

^ To compafs a bufnefs. Or bring it to a conclu- 
fion, Negotium conficeie, v^ ad exitum per- 

^ To eompafi by force, Aliquld ab aliquo ex- 

To compafs by entreaty, Exoro, exorando ali- 
quid impetrare. 

^ 7o compafs, or imagine, the death of a per- 
fen, De interliciendo aiiquo conferre, rationcm 

fl To eompafi mit ends, Votorum potiri, vel 
compos fieii. 

To compafs round about, AmpleSor, cODiplcc- 

To compafs [go about to take a view of ] Lu - 
llro, perlultro. 

To compact with a trench, Obvallo, circum- 

To compafs about with a h;dge, Circumfepio. 

Compojjed [furiounded] Ambitus, circum- 
(efliis, fiiccinAus. 

Compajf'ed [brought to pafs] £fie£tul) impe- 

Ctmiafjed [gone about] Ludratus. 

CompaJJcd about -with a trencbf Obvallatus, 
circuinvaibtus, vallo cblcfius. 

AcitHpaffmg [fuirounding] Ambitus, eircui 
tus J circuuio, 

A eompaffing [to view] Luflratio. 

A coinpjjjing [attaining] lmp;tratio. 

Compajjior, Milcricordia, miferatio, clcmtntia. 

To c(.mpaffionate,eompaffion, (Sh.) oi take ctm 
pajfion oJ, JVliiiercor. ^| 'yake companion of mc 
no-iii a poor man, inopis le nunc mileicfcat mti. 

To be moved with compaj/ion, Mifurecordia 
commovcri. ^ A'n body is mo-ued h compaJfcK 
at the pur.ifhmcnt of airaitor, nemo in prudiioris 
fuppjicio miiericordia commovetur. 

Dtf Irving, or -worthy, of compajjion, Mifera 
b'lis, miferandus. 

One -without compafjion, Immirericors, ferns, 

Compaffionaie, Mifericors, ciemens. 

Compajjiotiattly, Miferabilitcr, clcmenter. 

Compatabiliiy , Habilis return inter le coocili- 

Compatible, Confifteni, ^ Thefe tioo things 
are compatible, hsec duo fimul elle, confifttte, 
vel inter fe conciliaii, poflunt. 

ff Not compatible. Res qua: inter fe repugnant, 
vel conciliari non polTunt. 

Acompatriot, Popularis, civls. 

A compeer. Comes, squalis, compar. 

To compeer, (Sh.) Compar elf:; j fc. adaequare. 

To compel, Compello, cogo, dettiido. 

Corr.pelable, Qui, vel qux, ad aliquid facien- 
dum compelli poteft. 

CompcUation [a calling by n.ime] Compellatio. 

Competed, Compulfu^, coa<£lus. 

A compcUr, Qui ad aliquid agendum cogit. 

Compeling, Compellens, cogens, 

A competing. Vis, 

Compendious [brief] Brevis, compendiarius, 

Compendioujly, Breviter, fummatim j aftii^te. 

fl To fpeak comptndioujly, Conferre verba in 
compendium j brevi compie^li, 

CcKpendioufneJs, Brevilas. 

A compendium, compend, (Watts) Summa- 
rium ; • epitome, 

^ To make a com.pendiam of bijiory, • Epito- 
men alicujus hillorix conficerc, hilloriam in 
epitomen contrahcre, vet cogere, A. 

7o conpenfate, to compinfc, (Bacon) Unam rem 
aiiii, T/tV cum alia, compenfare. 

A compenfatioii, or compenfating, Compenfatio. 

To comperenttinaie [put oit ] Comperendino, 

Ccmperendination, Compercndinatio. 

A competence, competency, or competent eftate, 
Opes, vet facultates, modica:' , quod falls eft. 

Competency [ability] Facultas. 

Competent, competible, (Hamm,) Congruens 
conveniens, idoneus, 

A competent judge. Judex legitimus, vel ido- 

A competent febolar. Satis doflus, vel erudi- 

Competently, Satis, convenienter, congruen- 

Compelilion, Ejufdem lei cum alio defiderium. 

^ To come in competition -with. Cum alio con- 
ferendus, vel comparandus. 

fl To put in competition tvitb, Rem aliquam 
cum alia comparare, 

fl To /land in competition -with, Eandem rem 
cum alio defiderare, vel profcqui. 

A competitor. Competitor, riv.ilis ; femulus. 

A compilation, or compilement, CoUeOio rcrum 
ex aliis excerpta. 

To compile, Compono; varia ex alioriim fcrip- 
tis excerpta colligi're j %Jet. raremari, l^arr. 

Compiled, Compofitus, coUedlus. 

A compiler. Qui varias res ex divcrfis fcripto- 
ribus colligit. 

A compiling, Compofitio, collcftio. 

Complacence, or coniplacemy, Deltftatio, oh- 
leftatio; deleiftamentum, obk£lamentum. 

To complain, ^eror, conqueror; expodulo. 
^ He complained to the people, apud populu«i 
qucflus eft. He complained of his hard fortune, 
conqueflus eft fortunam adverlam. Complain oJ 
that to your JiepmoUier, ifthoc apud novrrcam 
quereie. lie ioipltintd itmt -with Itari inhU eyef, 

lacbryminj ir.ccum qoeftus eft. Shall I gi l» him 
■rnd complain vj this injury t adcaronc ad conii 
^ cum CO injuriam hanc cxpollultm f 

To complain of, or a-ainfl, Acruio, inciifa, 
i.riminor, poftulo ; def ro. ^ Ton frail '^i' 
no eceafion hereafter to complain of my negUff in 
loiiiing, non commiltam poDhac, ut mc tccu- 
fare dc ipiftol.irum rugligcntia poffii They 
complain cf Calius, thai Le bad prepared poifon im 
order nfhoi ten the days of the fjme Ckdia, ve- 
I enuni cjufdcni Clodix nccandie cauja parafle 
Cicliuin crimiiianlur. Pylms complained cj his 
bribery, Pylius ite repetundis eum pollulavit, I 
luill complain of you to the Preetcr, dcferam no- 
men tuum ad Pr%torem, 

To complain greatly, Qi^iri'or, claroilo. 

To complain, or lame n, gtievoujlj, Laracntor, 
ploro ; querelam cfl'undeie. 

To complain fofily, <^ Muflb. 

A comptainatit, or plaintiff, * Aflor, acculii- 
tor, petitor. 

Complained of, Accufatus, dclitus, incolatu^, 

A complainer, or murmurtr, Querjlus. 

A falfe eomplainer, ' Sycopbaiita, ec, ni« 

A feci et con.p^iner. Delator, 

Complaining, or apt to complain, Quctibnndu!,. 

A complaining, Conqueftio, quiritatio. 

A complaint, (i;«;rela, qjeiimoniaj queftui. 

A complairt, or lamti.tation, Phnflus, gemi— 
tus ; lamentatio. 

A complaint againjl one, Delatio, incufatio. 

A talfe complaint, * Sycophantia, 

A bill of complaint, • Ailio, delatio j lihellut- 

Ccmplaifance [obliging behaviour] Comitas, 
niorum facilttaf, urbanitas, 

Complaifance [cuiideicenfion] Obfequiom, ob- 
I'cquentia, indulgentia, Ctxf, 

Comphifar.t, Comis, urbanus, indulgins, ofli- 
ciofus, atfjbilis, bcl;us, morigcr ; al.cui pla- 
cendi, vd gratiiiciindi," ftudiofus. 

Complaifariiy, (Pope) Comiler, ftudiose, 

Compla.ateii, (Uerh.) Complanatus. 

A complement, ttmpletenmt, (D'jd,) Comple- 

Complete, Perfeflus, confummatus, omnibus 
numeris abfolutus, completus. 

To complete, Perficio, conficio j pcrtendo> 
expleo ; ad umbilicum, vel exitum, ducete. 

Completely, Perfcilc, abfolutc, accurate, eia- 
muillm, ad amuilim, 

Con.plitenefs, completion, Perfeflio. 

Complexien [conftituiion of the body] Corpo- 
ris habitus, vel conlhtutio. 

Complexion [colour of the face^ Oris color,. 

A ^^ne complexion, Eximius, ir/decorus, color, 

A pale complexion, Pallidus oris color. 

A lively complexion, Vcgctus oris color. 

Complex, complicated, AJuitiplex, coroplcxuj, 

Complexly, Conjunfle, conjunQim. 

Con-plexional, (Fiddes) Ad conftltutionem 

Ccmplexioned, Conftitutus ; coloralus. 

Cmpleeure, con.piexednefs, (Locke) Coagsien. 
tatio, compaSio, copulalio. 

Compliance, Afichlus, obfequium, indulgeo- 

To cemplieate, (Boyle) Complico, implico. 

^ A eornplitated difeeijfe, Morbus Oiuliipleir. 

Complication, ccinplieaicdneft, [HiW] Conprier. 

A comphce, (Sh.) V, ArcomfJice, aier£try,- 

t!^ Complied with, Cni afftnfuspnebetur, 

^ A coirplier iviih the times. Qui * fcenx 
vet tempori, fervit. 

To coiiipl.m-.nt cue, or ivitb ere, Ablindicr, 
blandiot; .J- aitibio ; bhindis & benignit verbis 
& geflibus aliquem cxcipere, urbanitatit ofiiciis 
aliquein profcqui, ■ 

tVith-.ui crpHment, Sine blanditiis. 

^ To flard'ufon toir-f-Tmer.ti, Urbanitatis c fii 
cia expettare, •:■«/ pneftare, 

Complime:!al, or fu'l of coir.plimnti, Blandns, 
officiofu', torois i imbitMit** ' 





CjimfrmntaVj, (Brown) Comiter, urtanUer, 

CMfUmei.itJ, Dclinitui officiij, feibis bUndis 

^ camplitru-'ner, Urbanitatit nimls ftudioful. 

yl • emfl',m;ri wg, Officiofj falulat'.o. 

tttcmpl •::, Freces vcfpertiniE, vefpera. 

Aioaipl.t, at cmnitau'.rii, Confyiiatio, conju- 
tatio, coiiiu; Mtt. tnachinitio, 

Bf c'Mflot, Compiclj, ex, «/(ie, compiflo, 

loccmft^, Contra aliquem confpirare, inali- 
'quc-ni conjurare. 

CuiK/ilfted, Conftitutus, pa(flus. 

A comfUitcr, (Dryd.) Confpiratus, conjura- 

Cpmfhiing, or fill of comfhli, Infidiofus, do- 

To amtply, AHintior, aflentio j aflentor, obe- 
dio, parcoj airenTum alicui praebere. 

A coirffy'trg, Aninfii!, confenfus. 

Com/yjrmt, (Newt.) Componens, 

To comfori, or behave, Morigeror, altcrius 
obfequi ituiiiis, ad ulterius arbitrium k Hngere 
^ accommoda:e. 

To comfort [agree, or fuit] Convenio, accom 
niodor, aptor. 

C.;mfmt, comportarut, (Spenf.) ar ampcnwini, 
•Vita: ratio, mores, pi. agendi vivendiquc ratio 

To ccmfoji, Compono, texo, costeio, condo. 

To comp^fi vtrfe, Pango, faftito. 

«J To compofe [as printers] Typos componere, 
%tt connedlerc. 

To ct,mfofc [make agreement] V. To compounii. 

To c-^nftfe [quiet one's I'piritJ Sedo, place, 
paco; lenio. 

To compoft: okc'i fe/f 10 JUtp, %i fomno dare 

(*mpcj'fii [agTeedJ Pattus, compadlus. 

Con.pofitl [(tamed, or made] Compofitus, 
■confcdtus^ Mef^ confiatus, conditus. 

Cev'pij d [quieted] Sedatus, lenitus, placa 
tus, pacatu^. 

/I cimpojtd countenance, Vultus fcdatus, feie 
nus, tranquillus. 

ji compoftd mind. Mens tranquilla. 

Comfojcdyf (C!ar.) Tranquilie, placide. 

A com^ofer^ Compofitor. 

A compaj'er of Jongi, * \\ MufuiguS. 

Acompojing [as printers] •Typorum difpofi- 

% A rsmpuf:nrjlick [among pnnters] Inftru- 
XTifntum terreum * typis difponendis accom- 

Ccmfo/lte, Compofitus, 

Vi cMpoftioa [make] Compofitio, conllruc- 

A compcjiilon [agreement] PaAum, compac- 

Compofiiioit, or mixtaref Compofitio. 

A liitipojitbr, or cifitipojer [in a printing houfe] 
• Typorum difpofitor, * 1| typothct^, a;, m. 

A iomp-J]ejji.r, Prxdii Ibcius, -vel particeps, 

Comfijl for inanl/riiig land, Stercus. 

To ampoji, (Bacon) V . To manure. 

Compojlure, (Sh.) V. Manure. 

A comprjure [pi-cc of writing] CompoHtio, 
fcriptio, fl PbUoj'^pbical compojuni, philofophi- 
ca Tcripta, W opera. 

Compofure, coinpojidiufi, (Harris) or tranju'ili- 
ty, of mind, Aninii tranquiUitas, vel fcrenitaS. 

Ci/ntpotation, Computatio. 

To compound, Compono, cum aliquo dc re ali- 
qua pacifci, -ve/ tranligcre, 

fl To compound a difference, Litem componere, 
dirimere, -vel decKcrc. 

To compound, at buy off, a thing, Rcdimo. 

To compound, or m:x, feveral things, Milceo, 
admifccu, commifceo, immifcco, 

^ To compound •wiih one' i creditors. Cum cre- 
dkoribus * pacilici. 

fl A comfouuJ, Vfrbum compofitum, 

A cimpound, or mixture of dfutrl ingredients 
Compolitio, farrago. 

Compoundabte, Componendus, 

Compounded, Compofitus, confeftus, concre- 

dmfeumlej foTf Deciliii, 

Cempour.ieitv'itb, Commiftuj, 

A compounder, (Swift) Cunciliator, 

A cowpiunding, Compofitio, 

A compounding toitb, Decifio. 

A compoundirg, or mixing, Admiflio, 

To comprehend, Comprehcndo, cumpleclor, 

fl To comprehend in mind, Mente capere, con- 
cipi;re, petcipcre; animo complefti, vrl Venice. 

Tc comprehend muih in a few words, Pcrftrin- 
go, paucis compiefli. 

To comprehend, or conceive. Rem tencrc, ve/ 
intclle€lu confequi. 

Comprehended, Comprchenfus, complcxus. 

Not to te comprehended, Imomprehcnfus. 

ComprehenfibI:; Comprthenlibilis. 

Comprebcnfibly, (Till.) Plane, perfpicui. 

A eomprcbending, Comprehenfio, compJcxus j 

An all ofcomprehenfion, * |{ Syncretifmus, L. A. 

A conprcbenjion, Comprehenfio. 

ComprihL-nfive [containing] Capix, contincns. 

Comprthenjive [compendious] Contradlus, 
plura t>reviter contiiieus, 

Cotr.prebtnfiver.cjs, (Addi.) Rerum compreflio. 

A compn'js [in lurgery] PeniciUus vcns inci- 
(m impofitus ad fillendum fanguinem. 

To comprejs, Comp.imo. 

Comprcjj'ed, Compreffus. 

Comprtffible, Q^ud comprimi poteft. I 

Compr^iin, com^reff'u.'e, (Boyle) Compreflio. . 

Comprcjjive, Ad compreifionein pertinens. 

7'o toniprije, Comprehendo, contineo, com- 
plefljt, cunicquor, conjicio, conclude. 

Comprijed, Compiehenfus, contentus ; com- 
plcxus i lubjeftus. 

Comprebaticn, (Br.) Comprabatloa 

A compromije, Compromilium. 

'lo compromife, Comproinitto ; arbitriis rem 
prrmittcie, compromiHum de aliqua re facSre, 
ibiirum, lel arbiiros, funiere. 

Hi.' by tir'hom a comroverjy is eompromijtd, Arbi-; 
ter, lit:s diremptor. 

■f Compt, (Sh.) tc compi, V, Account, count. 

A conipirolUr, V. Controltr. 

Compui'atoiy, (Sh.) comfulfary, (Swift) 
;ompellins; prater vuluntattm. 

Cotr.pulfs'.n, Vie. 

Comfuljive, Ad vim, vel violentiam, perti- 

CompunEiion, Compun£ltOt 

Compunlliout, (Sh.) Triftis ; in morem pieni- 

A compurgator, Q^i teftimonium dicit. 

Computabie, Computabilis, .F/tn. 

A computation, Computatio j calculus. 

To roinpute, Coniputo, numcroj duco. 

m "Jo compute the charges ofa/iit. Litem atfti- 

Ccmpufed, Computatus, duflus. 

A computer, or compuiji, Numerandi peritus. 

A computing, Computatio, e(limatio. 

A comrade, ax chamber mate, Contubernalis. 

A comrade, or companion, Sodaiis, collega^ 
Ibcius ; commilito. 

To ion [get without book] Memorise man- 
Jare; rj^ tdifcere. 

To con one thanks, (Sb.) Gratias alicui agere, 
gratiam habere. 

^J To con over, Memoria repetere. 

To concamerate, (Grew) Concamero. 

Ci,r.camcraiicn, (Glaiiv.) Concamcratio, Viir 

Concatenated, Ne,tus, cunnexus, ccUigatus. 

yj concatenation. Series, 

Cncave, or concavom [hollow] Concavus. 

Made concave, £xcavatos, 

A concavity, Cavum, caverna, 

1o conceal, C«lo, occulta; reticeo ; abftrudo. 
obtcgo, Mtt. occulo, obumbrn, premo. ^, 
Not to conceal any thing from you, nc quid ti 

Conccalable, (Br.) Quod poteft celari. 

7o be concealed, Latto, oblitdco, ncculor. 

Onccalcd, Celatu!, occultus, ocdufus, fup- 
(ireilus ; abdilus, abllruius. 

A concealer, Occultator. 

A conetalini, or ancealmtni, Occulttt'o ; fup^ 


To lonceJe [grant] .'iiinuo, conccdo, 

A conceit, or opinion, Ojjinio, exiltimatio J 

A -uitty conceit, Lepor, 

A corccit, or fancy, Imaginatio. 

A conctt, or Jeji, jocus ; 't Diaerium, le- 
pidum didlum. 

Pretty cor.ce:is, * Salff, faceti*, pi. 

A fantajiical conceit, Ineptia;, pi. tricas, 

Uic eonceiii, Nuga, fabulse, • logi. 

Full of pleajani conceits, Lepidus, tacetuf. 

Out of conceit mith, Jmpiobans, rejiciens. 

7b bring, or put, one out of conceit luiib, • 

7j corcrif [fancy, or imagine] Imaginor, 

Conceited [rantaftlcal] Cerebrofus } vecors. 

Counted [art'edledj Nimis aiteftatus, oimiiS 
coniiniiatis (tudiol'us. 

Comeited [proud] Gloriofus, fupetbui, 

^\ Conceited language, or Jlile, Affeftata ver- 
borum concinnitas, fermonis venuftas nimii 
exquifna ; rp fuavidici verfus, Lucr. 

^1 Jo be ivcll conceited of bitnjelf, Altiim fi- 
pere j plus aequo fibi tribuere, nimiuin fibi pla- 

Conceitedly, Cum affeflatione ; arroganter. 

Conceitcdnefs, Vccordia, iffcdlatio, ^int. 

Self conceit, Nimia fui tiducia, arro^jantia ; 
■^ philautia, Sluint, 

Cineciilcfs, (Sn.) Sine affeftatione. 

Cor.'ci-MHe, corccptible, (Hale) ^od * animo 
comprehendi, toncipi, vcl peicipi, poteft, Met. 
planum, perfpicuuE. 

To conceive, Concipio, percipio ; complcftor, 
comprehendo, mente, -ael * animo, confequi, 

To coKceive, or fuppifi, Exiftimo, fentio, re- 
or, dtftino. 

To coneeiiie beforehand, Prxcipio. 

To conceive of, Judico. 

^ As I conceive, Ut opinor, ut puto. 

To LOnceivc [a child, or young] Concipio, 

To.ancehe a dijpleajurc againft one, Indignor, 

To conceive mifchief, Pernicicm alicui "machi- 
nari, vel ftrucrc. 

To conceive a jtaloufy, Alicui invidere, • ze- 
iotypia laborare. 

Coi.ceived, Pfrceptus, campr<!henfus. 

Not to be conceived, Incomprehenfus. 

Conceived at a child, Conceptus. 

A concent, or concert, Concentus. 

Conciniered, In unum conflatus, eodenj ♦ cen- 
tro terminatus. 

To concenter, Arfle convcnire, intime concor- 
•iare, in unum conflari, eodem pundto, «(/cen- 
tro, terminari. 

Concentrated, (Arb) Comprcflus. 

Concentration [in natural philofophy] Corpo- 
rum in eodem pun£lo, vel centro, terminatio, 

CcttCtniricA, concentrical, (Ray,) £udcm ten- 

A conceptacle, Conceptaculum. 

A conception [notion] Cogitatio, notio ; fen- 

A conception, or conceiving with young, Con- 
ceptio ; canceptus. 

A tuomans falje conception, Mola. 

Conceptious, (Sh.) conceptive, (Br.) Fcecun- 
da, f. 

A concern [affair, or bufinefs] Negotium, rej, 
■,'. ff Have a care of the common concern, cura 
I em communem. Shcutd be have jo little care 
in fo great a concern? tantamne rem tarn ncgli- 
g'-nter ageret ? They are a little cartlejs about their 
main concernt, ab re funt omnilTiores paujo. 

Concern, Dolor, mceftitia, triAitia, 

Concern [caiej Cura, atieatio j ftudium, m«> 

A concern for, <}• Reverentia. 

^[ Of great concern, or ancernmttit, Afagni 
moment i, Sc ponderis. 

Ofjmail coneun, Levis, vil minimi momea- 


To antetn, or helaxg to, Pertineo, attineoj 

// concerHitb t»e, tier, Urn, Pcrtinct, fpeflai 
ad mc, te, le; relert, vtl intereft, mca, lua. 
iua. HI It comerndh ir.any, few, more, all, mul- 
torum, * paucorum, plunum, oir.nium, inter- 
eft. It concernelb mc mt, mihi ntc obeft, ncc 
prodeft, j4t to ivbat coiictrnelb me, quod ad mt 

To ecnurn [aft'eft, or trouble] Solicito ; mte- 
rorem, molcftiam, alicui creare, vel alfcrre. 

Ta be comerreil, Trepido j ex aliqua re ajgri- 
tudincm, v?/ mokftiam, fulcip ere ; propter ali- 
quid jegntudtne, muleftia, vei iolicitudine, aHi- 
ci. ^ He ivoi concerned at tbe fx^ence, angcba- 
tur ad impenfas illius animus, kit was not con- 
ferried, nihil pL-nii habuit. 

Concermd, or interejied in, Qucm, vel ad quern, 
res Ijeflat, vel attinet. ^ H^ill ycu bave li.e 
to Jfeak to lubat ccriurnetb you? mi-'ne vis diceie 
quod at te attinet ? He ihMetb not bimjelf loti- 
terr,ea in it, a fe alienutn putat. As if I "w'rt 
not at much concerr.ed as you, quafi ifthic minus 
mea res agitur quam tua. To concern bimfclf ir. 
etber fe-jfle's tujwefs, alienis rebus fefe immil- 
cere. Do not concern ibyJeJf, ne te admifce. My 
life and firtimc are conurmd, agitur de capite Sc 
tortunis meis, 

^ To bt concerned, or engaged, in an ajfair.^ 
Re aliquS .iligaii, impiicari, applicari, operari 

fl Tc he concerned iviib a fcrjon, Rem aliquam 
iimul cum alio tradlare, vel adminiflrare. 

Concerned in. Met. Fermixtus, Tac, 

Conccniirg, De, quod ad. ^ lio far as I ub- 
defiand tbe old snaiis mind concerning tbe ivedingi 
quantum imellcxi, fenii fentcntiam de noptiis 
Concerning Pomfoma I luould Lave ytu iirite. 
quod ad i^uniponiam fcribas vdiu. 

yl concert, ai.covjort [in mufick] Concentus 

To concert, De re aliqua cum alio delibeiarCj 
^ confultare ; confilia cum aliquo de iicgotiu 
conferre, ijtl comilccre. 

Ccnierted, Re perpensa, deliberatione habita. 

ji concerting, Delibi:ratio, confjltatio. 

£y concert, Corapaflo, ex coaipa4\o, de com 

Aconcefjion, Conccflio. 

A^coneb, (Dryd.) 'J> Concha. 

I'o conciiiate, Concilio. 

Ctttcdiamry, Ad conciliationem pettinens. 

Ccncinniry [neatneisj Conciniiitas. 

Concfc, Concilus, ftri^us. 

Merc concift; Pi sefrailior. 

Concif/y, Attenuate, ftrifle. 

Concifer.cJ's, Brevitas j paucitas. 

Ccnci/ion, £xcilla. 

Concitation, (Br.) Concitatio. 

A condimation, Conclamatio, 

A conclave [inner room] Conclave. 

To conclude, Ccndudo, tonficio, hnlo, fran 

To conclude. Or gmhr by rtj/in,' Aliquid ex 
alia re inferre, vel colligcre. *\ from Leme 
y(,u may conclude bow bajy I am, ex eo colligtie 
potes quanta uccupatione 

•Toomlude [tetemine] Deceino, drcido. 

jiln-.oj) concluded, or ncur a con.ufon, Pciii. 
tonfcftus. HI H'efee the war in a great for 
wardntfs, or, to fay truly, almoji comlided, oe! 
Jum attiajm viJcmus, & veic ut dicam, peni 

To conclude [refcilve with himfelf] Statur- 
fj The matter is concluded ufir;, cunftituam eii 
ccrtum c(l. 

•Jo conclude [m?ke ftiort] Drnique, quid fu 
perefl r nifi u:, &c. quid niulta ? 

HI To ju^ffir mc'i JclJ to. l/e- Cine lulled by tl 
judgment uj oiLers, Sc alioium juoicio toiiimii 

Oinduded, or diCpaicbid, Tranfaflus, con 

Cor.cluded, 01 ended, Alfulutus, »d fincm per- 

Contludtd, er decided, Decifoi, detcrminatus 

HI Concluded in fetu vnrds, Bitvitei cumprt- 
ktiiUii, vil &ii<Xi-^ 


J concluding, or eonelufon [ending] Oonclu- 
fio, finis I /umma ; Met, determinatio. 

Coneludeni, (Hale) dndufnic, conelufible, 
(Hamra.) Cerlus ; cenfotius. 

The conilufion of a difcourje, Peroratio, clau- 
fula ; conncxura j orationis conclufio, •epilogus. 

A concluflov, lonctudeniy, (Hale) Ccnclufivenejs 
[inletencc] Confecutio, conlequentia, corolla- 

H[ To dratu a eentlufion from, Aliquid ex re 
aliqua infcrre, tiel coUigtre. 

HI The conclufin of a contrnitrfy. Litis deter- 
minaiio, niel decifio. 

Tbe conclujion of a play, •Epilogus, 

H[ The conclufion cj a letter, book, &c. Extre- 
ma claui'ula. 

HI A deceitful conclujion, Falfa ratiocinatio, 
V. Paral'ygijm, 

Jn conchjion, Denique, pofiremo, in fumma, 
ad fuminam. 

Conclufive [laftj Extremus, poftremus. 

Qorxlujvve [binding] Alligans, obliganf. 

Concluftvely, (Bacon) Definire. 

To concoct, Cuncoquo, digero* 

Csnco[led, r}> Conco^us. 

A concoliton, or eoncoSing, Cotszo&.\o, digcf- 

Ccncomitanry , Comitatus, 4. 

A concomitant, or companion. Comes. 

HI Concomiiant tvitb another thing, Alia re co- 

Toconcemirate, (Harv.) Comitorj adhaerco. 

Concord, concordance, conccrdancy, Concordia, 
unanimiias, voluntatum, Itudiurum, vel ien- 
tentiarum, confenfio j unitas, ^en. 

Concord [in giammar]^ Convenientia, 

Concord [in mufick] Coiicentus, • harmo- 
nia, • fymphonia. 

To be at concord, Concordo, confentio, 

A concordance [book] Index • || B.bliorum. 

Concordant, Concoroans, coofentiens. 

Concordatej (Swift) Cofiventus, 

To concorporate, Commifceo j concorporo. 

Ccncorpcrated, Commiflus; concorporatus, 

A comokrje of people, Coiicurl'us, accutfus ; 
coetu? i frequentia , rjj* orbis. HI ^^^ ^''y never 
had befre Jo great a concourje of all joris of peo- 
ple, nunquam antehac civitas tanta celebritate 
omnis generis hominum flaruit. There it;as a 
gteal concourje to exi!7:gu:Jb tbe fre, concuriitur 
undique ad incendium exting endum. 

Ccncrement, (Hals) a concrete, (Bentl.) Concre- 

Concrejcence, (Ral,) Concretio. 

Concrete, or concreted, Concretus* 

To concrete, (Newt.) Coalel'co. 

Concretely, (Norris) Conjunftim. 

Concretive, (Br.) Vim habens coajulandi, 

Conaction, Concreius, 

Concubinage, Concubinatus. 

A eoncub'ine, Concubina. 

A concubine to a married man, Pellofj f. 

A little concub:ne, Mtietricula. 

To cor.culcate [tread upon] Conculco, coa- 

Comulcaicd, Conculcatus. 

A concntating, or conculcaticn, Conculcatio. 

C'.nci'pijcence, Libido, cupid«, eflVienatus^ vei 
mmodcratus, appetitus. 

O.xckpjceat, (Sh.) Libidinofus. 

Corcupifible, Pertupiiius. 

To ccncur [agree] Confeirtio, convenio, afien- 

To ccncur [help] Concurro, confpiro. 

HI Concur/ ed in. Quo convciitnm eft, 

^l, Allei:flts, CO'iifijfus. 

Lon>.urrente [meeting] Co..curfus, 

C'.ncurren', ir co . yrring, c( ncuticns, 

A concujur., (f Cuniuliw, •!> concufTu. 

J To ciJ, Giibernatorem quo.nodo leraoncm 
Jir^at dt.'Cirre, L. A. 

■ To condemn, Dimno, condemno ; judicium in 
aliquem dare, aliqucm fupplitio addncie. 

HI To condemn to death, cr to die, Morti all 
qicm addicere,W capite damnaie. 

Toutdeencbefjeband, Pritdaniiio, 


Tc cindcmit [blame] Vitunero, culpo : le- 
prehendo. ' 

Tocondonn [difliica] Imnrobo, darano, 

HT To condema, or cajl, in a lata Juit, Litem 

Cxdemnable, Vitupcrandus, culpandui, re- 

A condemnation, Damnalio, damnatui, P/in, 

Condemnat'.ry, DaiTInatorius. 

HI yi cenden:natory fenlaice, or fentenci of ccn- 
demnat'.m, Judicium damnatorium. 

To be nnt/emned, Oamnor, condemnor i reus 

^^,Tole condemned, or ccijl, !n a Juit, Lite ca • 
dere, litem perdire. 

Condemned, Damnatus, condemnatus. 

O/ndemned before, Pr«damnatu5. 

fVoriby to be condemned, if. Damnandue, d;m- 
natione dignus. 

Aeondemner, Condeitinator. 

HI Ihe condemned hold. Locus in carcere till 
capite damnati vinfti tenentur. 

Condenjable, (Digby) Quod comprimi poteft. 
. To condenfate, or coinUnJe [make thick] Con- 
denfo, e}f condcnfeo. 

Condenje [thick] Condenfus. 

Condenfed, or condenjated, Condenfatuff. 

Acchdenjing, ox c.ndcnjation, [fiitstles) Den- 

Condenfity, Denfitas. 

Conders, • Halecum fpeculatores, L. A. 

To condefcend, Se demitlSre; 

HI To condefcend to ajk a favutr, Defcendcit ' 
ad preces. 

To condefcend [yield] Concedo, alicui, viP 
alicujgs vuluntaci^ obfequi ; alicoi morigerari, ■ 
ij/morem gcrere. 

To condefcend [vouchfafe] Dignor. ' 

HI Csndcfccnded unto, Cui conceflum eft". 

A condejcending, condef tendency, or condefcen/iottf • 
Obl'equium, indulgenlia ; fui demiflio. 

Condefcending, or condefeenfiie, Oblcquens, inw 
julgens, commodus, fe demittcns, 

Condefcendingly, (^Atierb.) Benigne, comitar. 

Condign, Dignus, meritus, condigaus. 

Cordgnly, Uigne, condigne. 

Condiment, (Br.) C> ndimentum. 

To condite, (Grciv) Condio. 

A condition [ftate] Conditio, fortunS, fors^ . 
Haiui. HI yf'ere you in my condition, tu fi hic 
edcs. His condition is Jo much tbe better, co eft 
meliore conditione. If 1 bad not been content 
tvith my ctvn condition, fi propria non pellc qui- 
efiem, J am in a bad condition [of health] ma* 
le me habeo. Habile things -were in a good condi- 
tion, re Integra. He is in a poor condition, pzn* 
pertatem perfcrt gravem. / am in a Jefperate 
Condition, ad reftim mihi quidesa res rcdnt pla- 

A condition [covenant] Conditio, lex, paAtim. 
HI She accepted of tbe condition, accepit conditio* 
nem. On that condition, ca lege. They were 
born with this condition, hac lege generati font* 
Slavijh conditions were impofid, Jeget fervitutis * 
impulitae funt. This was ibe form ef tbt coneli- 
uon, h;cc fuit padVi & conventi ttirmula, 

HI A condition of making, over an e^ejte, LrjC 

Condition [difpofition] Mos, indolei, HT Such 
is tb: condition of the man, fie eft hie j eo eft in- 

A cordirion [rank] Ordoy locKSi • 

Conditioned, Moratus, 

Fair, or good, condititned, Benignus, can4i- 
dus, bene moratus. HI ^' "'"' " /'"*' coisd'tti' 
v.ed man, erat in ilto viro comiuie coodita: gra- 

Ill conditioned, tliiy<%nvi, morofus, ioipiobutt 

To condition, Pacifcor. 

Conditional, Cum exccptione. 

Conditionally) Sub conditione ; hac lege lit. 

Conditionary, conditionare, (H^niiij.) Cui ad*' 
jCiHa eft conditio. •• 

A conditioning, •'"Paftio. ■- 

To condole, Simul dojche,' alicijaf cafo affiel j . 
oommifeteor, . 



i:-ndc::i::i, or ccnddimnit, Doldr M ilterius 
jsloic conceptDs. 
AnnJihr, Qti^i, Wijur, condolct. 
CoiM^Ttg, Simul dolens. 
C^ndBahie^ ccnducive, or corduclrtgf Utilis, 
iptus, accommodus ; conducibilis. 
To ceudta, (Wott.) Conduce. 
CsuJacitteK/t, (Boyle) CommoditiS. 
To emJuH [lead, or bring] Duco, deduce. 
7a esnduS, or mamgt, Trafto, adniinirtto. 
Csndua [behaviour] Vit*, faAorum, vel 
Korum ratio. 

Q,ndka, Duflus, aufpicium. ^f Ht fUhteett 
fUturc'i avdull, naCuram ducem fequitur, Sufi 
ccadud, fides publica, commeatus. He granted 
fiifi curJu-T, (idem publicam dedir. 

fl To require fafe anduS, Fidem publicam 

dndu.-.'fd [led] Duflur, deduflus. 
Ccndu^ed [managed] Adminiftratus. 
A ctinJuPirig [leading] Deduflio. 
AconduHing [managing] Adminlftratio. 
4i cinduilnr, DeduiSor j dux itineris, iiet vise. 
ji conduit, Canalis. 
A fmall coniuilf Canaliculua, Col. 
A conduit pipe t * Siphon, tubus, alveus. 
%The coiduit of a tuaur mill, Oftiuni mo- 
lendini aquatici. 

fl Conduit heads, Cailella aquatica, L. A. 
A cone, • Coous. 

To canfahulate, Confabulor } fermones ferSre, 
*iei ciedSre. 

A corfab'.iUt'ion, Colloquium, 
1o ccnfilf [prefcrve] Condio, 
Confclied, Conditus. 

Tit to bt confeBed, Conditaneus, conditivus, 

A cmJeHing, or arfellkn. Conditio, condi- 

A cmf/eiion, Compofiiio medica. 
A •.onfiBionir, coitfeBior.sry, (Sh.) Piftor dul- 
ciarius, rcrum conditarum veaditor. 


praberc, ff/commodare. 
ConfJ/id, ConfelTus, agnitaSi 
Conjrffcdh, Ex confeflb. 

C O N 

A c'jnjcjwg, or corfijfiDn, Confeffio, agnitio. 
^' AuncuUr nnfcjfiony Confeflio aurlcuiaris. 
Aconfrjjor, 0^1 confitelur, -vel agnofcit. 
Aco:j/g^, at father conftgor [prieft] Sacer- Idbtus, 

dos a conieffioaibus, tt/qui confitentibus aurem 


// it KnfeJI, In confeflb eft 5 nemint dubium 

Tn • II Chri/tiana fide confirmatio. 

// ^:.njirmatnn, or c.nfrmirg, Confirmatio, 

Ctnfirmed, or freKgtientd, Firmatus, confir. 
matus, corroboratut. 
Covf.rmd, or ratified, Ratu«, comprobatuj. 

A confederacy, confedetation, (Bacon) [alliance] 
Fadus, I'ociecas. 

A Cf^fidtracy, Conjaratio, confpiratlo. 
A cinftderate, Socius, confilii particeps. 

*To confederate ene*s fetf ivitb, Socio, focieta- 
tttn cum aliquo conflare, conjungSre, faccre, 

fl To confiderat! againji a perjon. Contra ali- 
^uem conjurarc, in aliquem confpirare. 

Confederate, or (onfideratsd, Ftcderatus, focia. 
tuj, tojdcreconjunftus. 

Confederates, or adies, Socii, faderati j ami- 
citia & tede.-e conjunfli. 

Of, ot heknging to, cotfederates\ii].'\Scci!A\s, 
To ctnftr [beftow] Confcro, tribuo, attri- 

To confer [compare] Unam rem alieri, vei 
•um altera, conferre, comparare, coroponere. 

•y To confer together, Commerciom inter ft 
habere; conferre. 

To confer ntfith, CoUoquor, aliquid cum aliquo 
conimunicare, drliberaic, vtl confultare j con- 
li.lia, conferre, i-el commifcere. 

^ To anfcf a oenctice, or living, upon oi:e. Jut 
II beneficii ' \ c^cclcfialiici in aliquem conferre, 
•sxl alicui tribuere. 

^I To confer ttncur or. oni, Alicui faonorem 

A confcrenuf Colloquium, collocutio, coir- 

Ap'eafant conference, Facetia, pi. 
Confered, Colljtus, donalus, tributus, attri- 

A ccnferer. Collator, largitor, dator. 
A eonffrirtg, CoUatio, donatio, Jargitio, 
To confefs, Confiteor, agnofco. 
To confefs freely, Fateor, ptofiteor. 
^ to ciinf^sa crime, Deliflum, vel de delifto, 

fl To coiffs one's felf to a priefl, Saccrdoti 
fui peccata patefaccre, apcrire, confitcri, 

f! To tcKfeJs one as a priiji, or hear me's con- 
f'JJ!^n, Ai.'quem Confitentcm auriire, alicujus 
eonfefliujxm acci^^ere, alicui coq^tcjiti aures 

To confide, Fido, confido. 
Confidence [trull] Fiducia, confidcntia j mag- 
na animotum conjunftio, fumma cum aliquo 
rerum arcanarum communicatio. fl tVbat I dc 
is through the eonfidei:ce I repcfi in you, quicquid 
hujus Hdo, tui fiducia facio. 

To lave, or put, confidence in, Confido, nitor. 
^ lie putetb very great confidtr.ce in you, libi 
maximam fidem rcrum fuarum habet, Tyranti 
can put no confidence in any perjons, in tyrannorum 
vita nulla benevolentiae fidocia effe poteft. 

fl To have a pare in a perjon s confidence, Ver- 
fari in alicujus familiaritate. 

To put Jmalt confidence in, Male credire, dif- 

Having confidence in, Fretus, confifus, nixus. 
Confidence [boldnefs] Confidentia, fidcntia, 
audacia. | 

^J Self confidence, Sui fiducia. 
Confident, Confidenj ; audax ; cerfus. 
A confident, (South, Dryd.) Confidant, (Pope) 
Intimus confiliis; cui pr^cipue fides habetur ; 
interpres ; amicus certus. ^ He .was a.counied 
one of his chief confidents, inter fidcles illius foci- 
os habebatuf. He is a cbif confident of theirs, 
eorum intimus eft confiliis. 

^ To converfe luith a pcifon as a confident. Cum 
aliquo familiaritcr & amice coUoqui ; aliquid 
cum aliquo libere communicate j aliquem arca- 
ni participem facere. 

fl Self confident, Sibi ipfi nimiiim irdens. 
<(l Confidently, or ivith confidence [as a friend] 
Cum fiducia. 

Confidently [boldly] Confidenter, audafter, J 
aftevcranter, fidentcr. 

fl To affirm confidently. Pro ccrto aflirmare. 
Confiding in, Confifus, nixus. 
A configuration of fiars, Syderum, vel a/lro- 
rum, affeftio. 
To configure, (Bentl.) Conformo. 
To confine [keep in] Coerceo, cohibeo ; re- 
primo ; cancellos alicui circundare. 

To confine [banilh to a certain place] Relego. 
To confine in prijon, Aliquem incaicere inclu- 
dcre, vel detinere ; aliquem in vinculis habere. 
Toionfine, or border, upon, Conterminut, vel 
confinis, elfe. 

^ To confine one's defires, Avidum domare fpi- 
ritum, animi impetum, vel cupiOitates, repri- 
mere, c ohibere, vel refranare. 
Confined, Coerciius, reprertus. 
Confined [to a certain] Relegatuj. 
Confined in prifoM, In carcere inclufus, vet it- 

I0 be confined by fichufs, * Morbo detineri. 
7* be confijied by bifinejs, Negotiis diftincri, 
vel implicari. 

^y To be ccnfined to one room, Unum tantum 
cubiculum habere. 

Confinci, Confinia, pi, limites. 
W confining, or confinement [reftrainingj Coer- 
citio, cohibitio. 
Confinelefs, (Sh.) Infinitus, immenfus. 
Confiaerr.cni [in prifon] In carcere deten'jo, 
Corfi/:etrcnt by bufinefs, Occupy tio. 
Acoifincr, (Sh.) Accola, •f. confinis. 
To confirm [ftrengihen] Confiimo, firmo, 

To confirm [ratify] Aliquid approbare, aflir- 
mare, coroprobarc, t<« latum hab'ire. 

fl To lO'firm a child. In • || Chriftiana fide 

Confirmable, (Br.) De quo jure contcndi non 
pott ft. 
A confirming, or (onfimuttitn [bjr the bifliop] 

Confirmed by lav), Sancitus. 

Acirfirmer, (Sb.) confirmator, (Br.) Confir- 
mator, adftipuUtor. 

To^ carfifiate, Confifco, V. Lot. in ararium 
rcdigere, m publicum addicere, bona proftribc- 
re, vd publicare. 

Confijcate, ot confifcalid, Confifcatus. in pub- 
licum redattus, publicatus. 

Aconfifcaiion, Publicatio, profcriptio. feflio. 
confilcatio, Flor. • «- » , 

A buyer of confifcated goods, Scftor, fearix. 
Corfiis, • Bellaria, pi. 
A confit feller. Qui beilaria vendlt. 
Confiture, (Bacon) Beilaria, pi. farr. 
To confix, (Sh.) Configo. 
Corfiagrant, (Milt.) Conflagrans. 
A conflagration, Detiagratio, incendium. 
Confation, (Bacon) Aflus conriandi. 
A corfiia [conieftj Contentio, concerutio i 
controverfiaj Ma. confliilus. 
I Aconflia [fight] Certamen, pugna, prali. 
urn ; Met. confliiSio. r . r 

A violent confiiB, Impetus; impulfus. 
To confiia, ConHigo, certo, concerto, decerlo, 
dimico, prwlior ; manum, vel certamen, con- 

A corfiuence [refort of people] Frequcntia, 
coitus, concurfus ; celebritas. 

Confluence [the meeting of rivers] Confluens. 
Confluent [Howing together] Confluens. 
Corflux, (Milt.) Concurfus. 
To conform [make agieeable to] Conformo, 
Jccommodo. ff I defire to conform my inclinations 
wholly to yours, volo me ad luam penitiis volun- 
tatem conforr.iare. 

To conform to the eflablijhcd church, Se • j| ec- 
clefia: lege ftabilitis conformarc. 

To confirm to anoiter's -will, Morigetor, alicui 
rnorem gerere, ad volunutcm alterius fe con- 

Conform, or conformnble to, Confentaneus, 
congruens, conveniens. 

Conformably, Congruenter, convenienter. 
Conformation, Conformatio. 
Aconformlft, Qui fe * || ecdefia lege ftabilita 

Conformed, Conformatus, 
Conforming, Conformans. 
Conformity, or conformaiUr.efs, Congruentia, 
convcnientia. f" He iiv.d w conformity to lit 
loBrine he profijed, congruens erat cum ea difci- 
plina qaam colebat. 

fi Conformity of opinions, Opinionum confen- 
fio, vei confenfus. 

^ Conformity to the tuill of God, Voluntatis 
fu!e cum divina confenfio. 

To confound [dcflroy, 'or wafte] PeflUndo, 
perdo, profundo, ellundo. 

Confounded, I'crditus, profufus, efTufus. 
To confound [mix together] Conlundo, per- 
mifceo, commifceo. 
Confounded, Confufus, commifius, per.tiiftus. 
To confound [put out of older] ConiunCo, 
conturbo, penurbo ; diflurbo, fxtuibo. 

Confounded, Conlufus, conturbatus, perturba- 

f[ To corfound by arguments, Argumcntis ali- 
quem vincere, Wevincere. 

To confound [put out ot countenance] Alicui 
pudorem incutC-re, vel ruburem eliceie ; pudore 
aliquem perccilere. 

^y yj conJo:iHded, or unlucky, bufinefs. Res in- 
iclix, vel calamitofa. 

Confoundedly [horribly] Honendum, i/</hor- 
ribikm, in modum. 

A confiundtr, or luafler, of his patrimony, 
Prodigui, rfi conturbator, Mart. 
Aeonfottndtr [difturbtrj Turbator. 

A confounding. 


A nnfsuniiiig, Confurw, tffufio, tontarliltio ; 
Vlria permutatio. 

dnfraUrmiy , (Still,) Societal, 

to confrontj Coram confcrre, adversiim fiftere, 

CmfrdMed, Coram ailverfario addiiftus. 

A confronting, Hominii cum homine veri in- 
dagandi cauja commiflio. 

Confufed [mixed togeiber] Conrufus, indif- 
tin^us, promifcuus. 

Confuted [out of order] Inconditus. 

A confujrd bcnf, .»> Rudis indigeftaque moles; 
catcus acervus. 

Kot ccnfujed, Inconfiirus, Sin, 

% A ccnfujed cry, or mijt, Clamor, diflbnus, 
n/d conrufus, 

^ Aconfufcdfiiii of tocrk, Ncgotium turbu- 
lentum j res turbata. 

Confufcdiy; ConfusS, pcrturbace, mixte, pro- 
mifcuc, fparCm; inconditii. 

Ccnfujednej!, or confufim [difordcr] Confufio, 

Confufum [deilruftionj Pernicles, labcs. 

Ccnfufon ffliame] Pudor, 3. 

Carfufon [of mindj Exagitats menlii con- 
curfatio, 5m. 

To be confuted, I'crmirceor, 

To hinginioionfujion, Confundo, perdo. 

Brought into ccnfufott, Confnfus, perditus. 

To put into confujion^ V. To ctnfawd. 

Ccnfutiilc, (Br.) De quo difpuuri poteft. 

A confutation, or a ecnfiiting, Confutatio, re. 

To confu'c. Confute, refuto ; refello, convcl 
lo, redarguo, coarguo ; convince. 

ff To confutt an argument, or ohjeflion, Argu- 
mentum, infirmarc, enervare, refelleie, convel- 

f[ To confutt a flandtr, Calumniara • dilucre , 

Confuted, Rcfutatus j infirmatus. 

To congeal [«ft.] Congclo, adftrirgo, i}> gla- 
cii», nc^o. 

To congeal [neut.] Concrcfco, gelafco, tigeo, 

Congeahble, Congelationi idoneus. 

C'.ngealeJ, Congelatus, concrefos, glaclatus. 

A congealing, congalation, Congejatio j r^ 

A ccngeaHng, or congealment, (Sh.) [neut.] 

A conge, (Sh. Swift) al., (A.) Vencra- 
bunda corporis infleftio, -ucl inclinatio. 

To conge, (Sh.) ai. Congy, (A.) Corpus in- 
clino , poplitem fieftere ; vale dicerc. 

Conge d^ejlire, Venia cligendl, 

Congenertui, (Arb.) Eiufdem generis. 

Ccngenial, congtnite, (Hale) Congenitus, Met. 
fiinis J f{> vicinus. 

Acongtr [fifli] •Conger, gri, m, 

A congejlton, Coacervatio, congcflus. 

Act"giury, (Addi.) Congiarium. 

To ecnglaciate, (Br.) Conglacio. 

Conglobate, (Chcync) conglobated, (Grew) 

CoKglobalion, (Br.) Conglubatio, Sen, 

Toconghbe, (Milt. Pope) Conglobo, 

Cinglomeratid, Conglomeratus, Celt, 

Conglomeration, (Bacon) Admiilio, 

To congluliruiti, Conglutino. 

Conglutinated, Conglutinatus. 

Aconglutinating, or conglutination, Congluti- 

Congralulani, (Milt.) Congratulans. 

To congratulate, Giatulor, congratulor ; <{• gra- 
tor. ^ I congratulate your jaft return, falvum tc 
rcdiilTe gaudeo. 

Congratulated, Congratulationibus exceptus. 

A ci'rgratulaiion, Congralulatio, "V^Lat, 

Congratulatory, Gratulabundus. 

Tceongrct, (.Sh.) Confentio. 

Tc c'/ngreet, (Sh.) Itivicem falutare. 

Td congregate [gather together] Congrego. 

Congre^-otcd, CongregdtiiS. 

A congregation, C-tngrcj-atio, catus, concio. 

Congreganonal, Congtegationij fuSTtagio pen 

A ccagi egaiion bnjc, Comitism. 


A etngreft, or meeting, CoiigrefTui, conTCnCui. 

Acongrefi [encounter] CoagrffTus, coitio. 

Congruence, ox congruiiy, congrumeni, (B. John.) 
Coiigruentia, convenientia. 

Congruent, congriiing, (Sh.) or ccngrutus. Con- 

Con^ruouJJy, (Boyle) Congruenter. 

Corneal, or conick, • || Conicus. 

Of the /hafe of a cone, * || Conoides. 

Conjalural, Conjefluralis, in conjefluru pofi- 
tus, opinabilis, 

ConjeHurally, Ex conjeflurl. 

A «n;>ffarc, Cor.jeflura, crnjcQitio, anguri- 
um, opinio. 

To con'ieSlure, Conjicio, conjeflo, ariolor, aii. 
guror, fufpicor j traho, Tac. conjefluram fa- 
cere, conjctlora duci. ff yl, farai I ctnjeaure, 
quantum conjefluia auguror, 

ConjeSlurcd, Divinatus, conjef^us, 

A conjeHurer, conjcilor, (Swift) Conjeflor ; 

A conjefluring, Conjeflatio, atiolatio. 

ConjeSiuring, Divinans. 

Coniferoui, •{> • Conifer. 

II Toconjobhle, (I.) V. To ancert. 

To conjoin, CoDJungo, Met, conneflo. 

Conjoined, or conjoint, Conjunflus, connexus. 

A conjoining, Conjunflio, <j' Connexus. 

Conjointly, Conjunftc, conjunclim. 
_ Conjugal, Ad conjugium pcrtinens ; tji conju- 

^ To conjugate a verb, Verbum jnfleflere, 
inciinare, declinare, Van: 

Conjugated, Inflexus, dedinatus. 

A conjugating, InBcxio, declinatio, S^mt, 

A conjugation [of words from the lame root, 
^i Sapiens, fapienler,fal>:entia'\ || Conjugatio, Gr. 
IVhence Jucb iiordi are called, Conjugata, pi. 

Conjunfl, (Sh.) Concuvrens. 

A conjunHion, Conjiinftio, adjunflio. 

The ccnjunfjion of lie fun and moon, Intetlu- 
nium, coitus, luna; cum fole conjun^lio. 

Cotijunnii^e, |( Conjunflivus, Cr, 

A conjunflure, or joining tcgithcr, Junflura. 

Conjunclure [ftate of aft'aitsj Temporis ratio, 
reruni ftatiis, lel concurfus. ^ In this conjunFl. 
of affairs, rebus /Ic ftantibus. Ik had regard to 
tbt LonjhnHure of affairs at that /imc, lationcm ha- 
buit temporum illorum. 

A conjura:ion, Conjuralio, confpiratio, 

A conjuration [in magick] Incantamentun), 

To conjure [confpire] Conjure, confpiro. 

To conjure [adjure] Ore, obfecro ; per omncs 
Jcos fidcm alicujus obtcHari. 

To conjure [as magicians] Fafcino, ritu ma- 
gico lufirare. 

A conjurer, * Magus, veneficus. ^ He is no 
conjurer, cerebrum non habet. 

A conjuring [as magicians] Fafcinatio. 

A corjjuritig, ecijuremcnt, (Sh.) [adjuring] 
Obfefiatio, obfccratio. 

Ccnnat^; or connatural, Innatus, natura inii- 
tus, I'd ingeneratus. 

^ Connate ideas, Confignatae in animis notio- 

Connaturally, (Hale) Naturaliter. 

Connaturainijs, (Pearfon) annaiuralitj, (Hale) 
Ejufdt-m naturae communicatio. 

To conneS, Conneclo, alligo, 1. 

CcnneSed, ctnnexed, (Hale) Connexus, alii 

ConncHivtly, (Swift) Conjiinflim. 

A connexion, Connexio, n^xu^, fcries. 

Connexive, (Watts) Conneflendi vim babens. 

Ci^nnivance, Diirimulatio. 

To conniue, Mit. Conniveo, diflimulo. 

Connived at, Diffimulatns. 
To connotate, (Hjmm.) to connote, (South) 
Denoto, annoio. 

Connubial, + Conjugialis, connubialis. 
A con- id, * H Conoides. 

Te conquaffatt, (Haw.) Conquaffo, Cato. 
Toconifutr, Vinco, fubigo, expugno, debcllo, 
fuprro, dome, in ditionem redigeiej vi^eriaoi 


Conjuerahlr, Saperabilit, Wncibilit. 

Conjuired, Viflus, expugnatus, demifei, fiih. 
aftut, <f fuperatBs, fub jufum mitrui. 

Not to be conquered, InviAui. 

A conquering, Expugnatio. 

f Aconjuiring army, Viftor exetcitui, 

Aconjuerour, Viilor, debcUator, djmiter, 

A anjuefl, Viftorii. 

Conjarguincoui, (Sh.) >> Confanguinfui. 

Confavguinity, Confanguinitas, coRnatio, 

The ccnfcienif, Confcientia. ^ lie iva\ fHint , 
heUg etmiHedby hit emn confcience, Confcientii 
viftus conticuit. / think myfelf obliged in cenfci- 
incl to /land to that ebUgalior, ego me illius voti 
religione obflriOum pato. Their eir:fiicKei e/ii 
no luayt reproach them, fibi r.uliius erant confcii 
culp». lie aUtd corlrary to hittonlcitfr, a rec- 
ta confcientia difceffit. He unburdened hit confi- 
ence, confeientiam excneravit fuam. 

A good, or clear, eorfeience, Confcientia refta. 

A fcruple of mifiime, Scrupulus. ^[ /ivv# 
a Jtriple of confcience, religio eft. 

Of a frupuhus confcience, Religiofus. 

Confcience [fear and regard of ] Religio. 

^ A large confcience. Animus religione vaeuti», 
Punica fides. 

^f To have a very large confcience. Fas & nefat 
pari loco habere. 

To difcharge hit confcience, Animam liberart, 
vel exonerare. 

To be troubled in confcience, Confcientia cru- 

^ To make confcience of, Religione habere, 
confcientiae praefcriptiones fcqui. 

To burden, or charge, bit confcience, Religione 
fe obfiringere. 

^ Enough in all confcience. Sat fuplrqtje, vet 
affatim quovis judice. 

^ Remorfe of confciinci, Angor & {iilicituda 

^ Searednefs of ccnjcience, Confcientia nuUS 
religione ta£la. 

Confcientioui, /Equus, juflus, integer, aqui- 
tatis cultor. 

Confcientioujly, Religiose, pie. 

Confciei:lioufnefs, (Locke) Refll confcientia ; 
acqui reverentia. 

Conjcionable, Equus, juftus. 

Confcionablenefs, y^iquitas, juftitia. 

Confc'onably, >'Equc, jufte, ex ajquo & bcns. 

Conjcious, Confcius. 

Conjeioufy, Ex confcientia. 

Ccnjcioufnefs, Confcientia ; memoria. 

To conjecrate, Sacro, tonfecro, diro, dedicc j 
* Deo vovere, cultui divino dedinare. 

To be confecratid, Cimfecror, dedtcor. 

Confwated, Conffcratus, dicatus, dedicatui. 

A lonfecrater, Qji confecrat. 

A confcirating, or corftcratim, Cosrecratio, 

A confcilary, Confcftarium. 

Confecution, (Newt.) Coiifecutio. 

Confecutive, Sequcns, conOrqucnr, fukfequerif. 

Confent, confeniion, (Bent.) Confeiifjs, tonfen- 

Confent, or affent, Affenfus, alTcnCo. 

To ccnfertr, Confenio, convcntio, congruo. 

To confent, cr give his c:t.fent, Adenfo, alTcn- 
tior, fuffragor, concino ; accede j alfcnfum 
pr.f bere. 

To git ene't corfent, Veniam imptirare, fii 

To confent, OT yield, to, Indulgeo, conccio, 
annuo, »/. 

Agairfl my confent, Me invito. 

Without my arfint. Me inconfolte. 

IViik one confent, Corcoiditcr, tninium CM* 
fenfu, una mertc. 

Con'intancoas, Confentaneus, congruent, 

Confer.taneoufly, (Boyle) Congruenter. 

f Cinjemtd 10, Confcnfu approbatns. 

Ccnfenticr.t, Confcntiens, tonfpirani. 

A confcntin^ It, Afl'enCo, approbatio ; aiTcn* 

fus, , 

K Atonltjutltie, 


Jl ccnfcjimut., Coiifetutio, confeqnens ; con- 
fe^oentia, conrtflirium. ^ That ii no ^ooii 
tnfijutnce, illud vetd minimc coni'eftatiuni 

By, or if, eonfrjiietict, Id«o, ergo, idcirco, 
ob tarn cauUm, eS de cauiJ. % ffbai ctnjtjuuu 
Jijcu drew fr<im ibinci f quid inde coUitiis^f i"l 
ConBcis^ I'rsm ivbat both bten advanced I d/'^iiu 
thi% Cd'ftj^tnUi ex lis qua diili funt hoc confi- 

Of dangerous c^nfe^uefta. Res pcrlculoia. 

Of glial anfeijuince, Res magni mctnenti, 
t«/ponderis ; res gr.ivis, negotiuin inagn;eutili- 
tatis, -vcl ernblumenti. 

OfliliJc cirftquem-e. Res levis, rts minimi 
ponderis* vil momenli. 

Of ra fmje^uir.ce. Res nihil!. 

^ Aitindtd 11/ilb ill coifejuence:, Malis eventis 

Cotfijutnt, Confeqwens j confeflarius. 

Cmjejuentijl, Conl'entaneus, congruens, 

Ccnfequinl/y, or conjequcnually, NeccfTaric, de- 

Cmjtrvullon, Confervatip. ^ He applied him- 
fef diligently ta the cotfei'vaiton tf the fiatCf dili- 
gcncer incubuit ad reipublicze faliitem. 

A confervjtor, C mlervator, confervatrlit, f. 

A toafirvaicry, Conditoiium, repofitorium. 

To confemi [keep, or maintain] Confetvo, 
fervo J cuftiidio ; tueor. 

■ To arferve [prefervc with fugar, &c.'\ Sac- 
cbaro ccndire. 

Conferred [as fruits] CondTtus. 

A ccrfcr-vtr, Qui res conditivas parat. 

•f Co^fti-vei cj lofii, violets, &c. Rofs, -vtl 
vioiae, conditivae, yarr. 

To eonfider, Confidero, contemplor, fpeculor, 
fpeflo ; animadverto, pondcro, expendo, pro- 
pendo, perpendo, video, confulo ; «^ vcrfo j 
voluto, fccum volveie ; rem * aniroo diligentcr 
kgitare, vel fecum confidfraie. IT Coyf.dt.r again 
and aga'm, ctiam atque etiam, 'vel ma^is magif- 
que, cogita. It muji he confulered, videndum eft. 
CoKjidering one thing after another, aliam rem ex 
alia cogitans. lie haib confJered rightly of it, 
earn Tecum rem recia repuiavit via. Let us ccti- 
Jidir the thing as in it/elf, rem ipfam puiemus. 
ft is a thing to be corfticni of, in deliberationem 
cadit. Do not eonfider hotu much, noJi fpeflarc 
quanti. Take fome time ty conjidtr of this matt:' 
1 pray you, i te peto ut aliquid impertias tcni- 
poris huic cogitationi. / tvill eonfider of that at 
ff;y leisure, iAam rem in otio recogitabo. / bav: 
oinfidcred of all thefe matters, meditata mihi font 
hxc omnia. 

To eonfider hfore hand, Prafmcditor. 

To anjiiier often, Rctradlo, revolvo, cogito. 

To eonfider deeply, Medilor, Tecum altius co 
Jitarc, rj- dubito. 

To confdir thoroughly, Excogito. 
' To eonfider {remember a tiling] In memoria 
habere, recoliire, rcvolvcre. 

To eonfider [requite one] Remunero ; Met 
reTpicio ; gratiam referre ; grates rependere. 

■ To tonfdtr [regard] Rationcm alicujus ba- 
. here. 

fl Nil to confder [regard] Sufque deque ha- 
bere ; nihil pcnfi habere. 

Confiierabie, Alicujus momenti, baud afper- 
nanJus, confideratione digiius. 

Confiderable afficins, Fafta illuftria, celebria 
clara, praeclara. 

A eanfderaile perfon, Vir claros, eximius 
illuftnV, infignis, nobilis, fpcflatus, fpettabilis 
* Aconfderatle ejlate. Opes aroplie, res lautx, 
pr.fdia amph. 

^ A eonfderahle thing. Res non parva, re; 
magni momenti, vel ponderis. 

Confderab:tneJs,(Jioy\e) Dignitas; Mrf.momen- 

CoxJideiaHy, Multum, maxime, non afpcr- 
fiando modo. 

^ Confdtrahly heavier, light'', &c, Multt 
{raviu;^ leviiis. 

Corfderaic, Confideratus, circvunfpeflus, con- 
fultus, frudeo!, frovidcns. 


Confi^erablyt canfi^eratelyt or tmh (Orjideradoftf 
Confidcrate, copliate, c nfulto, 

^ To afi conJiiLraSij/f Confiieratc n!iquid a- 
gJSir, nihil temerc, vf/ inconlulre, fjcerc, 

Ctnftdtrater.ejif Prudcntia, cautio, 

Conjideration, ccnfidcravccj (Sh.) a conjldrr'tftg^ 
Confideratio, contcmplatio, cogiutto, 

^ To hanje con/idcrathn c/" £take care of] a 
thing, Alicui rei confulerc. 

CcnJiiUration [requital] Remuncratio, com- 

Ccnjiderati&n [regard] R.itio, rcfpeflu5, 4. 

Conjidtrat'icn [meafure] Modus. 

Vpcrt ivhat cot:Jidirat\ot} ? Q^o nomine? qua 
dc causa ? quamcbiem ? 

Upon that confideratiotf Ea I^ge, ca c.iusa. 

For many ccnfidtrat'iam^ Muhis nominibus, 
multis de caufis. 

A perjon nvubout conjtdcratiortt V. Jnccnjidcrate. 

JVi.'bout coKfideratioTt, Tcmere, inc<<nfulte. 

U'U bout cofijider alien [careleMy] Negligenter. 

Aficr confidcration, "ikz peri'pedta atquc cog- 

A det^p conjiderat'ion, Meditatio, contemp'atio. 

Conftderaficns [mo:ivcs] Incitamcnta, monita. 

To take a thing into conjideration, Aliquid, 'vel 
de aliqua re, cogitare j aliquid animo, i/el \n 
jnimp, habere, i/c-/ vcrfaiej cum animo, -vel 
Tecum, volvcre, ^JdcJireyiU to take tbis affair 
into con/ideration, de bis rebus rogo vos ut cogi- 
tationem fufcipiatis. ^ 

ConfiJeredt Confideratus, perpenfus, fpeftatus. 

Conjidend before hand, Provifus, prameJitatus, 

Ct^njidered often. Met, Penfitatus. 

AconfMrer^ Contcmplator ; fpedlator. 

C'.nfider'ir.g [thinking] Cogitans, contem- 
plans, mcditins, animo verl'ans. 

Conjulering [full of thought] Meditans. 

[I To put on one's con^dering cap. Rem accura- 
tius perpendere. 

Conjideringt or conftdering that, Quando, quan- 
doquidem, utpote. ^ Confde'ing the capacity of 
ftirvanti, ut captus eft fervorum. 

To confign, Configno, aflignn, <|» damno. 

Conjignation , Confignaiio, S^uintt 

Confined, Confignatus, aflignatiis. 

A configning, or confgnment, Afiignatio, con- 

To covfifi [be placed in, tr made of J In re 
aliqua confifiere, ex aiiqua'rc conftare. 

Tq ccnfif, or be confiflent ivitb, Convenio, 
congruo, cohxreo. ^ Tbefe tbingi are not con- 
fifient one ivith the other, has res repugnant, vel 
male conveniunt inter fs, 

Confiftcnce [laftingnefs] FJrmitas, fiabilltas. 

Ci.njiftence [thicknsfs of liquid things] Con 
cretio, fplflitas. 

Confijlence [fuitablenefs] Convcnientia, con- 
gruent! a. 

Conji/ient, Confonus, confentaneus, congruens 

fl To be conjijient Kvitb cns^i felf, Sibi conflarc. 

Confi(ient!yy Convenienter, congruenter, 

Conjiflng, Conftan5, pofitus. 

A confijiory. Concilium, 2, fenaculum< 

A confocia'.e, (H^yw.) Socius, confors. 

To confoc'iate, Confocio, 1. focietatem Cum 
aliquo facere, coirc, inire. 

Confociated, Confociatus, con)unfto«, 

A confociating, confadatlcn, (B. John.^ Confo 
ciatio, conjunc^io. 

Ccnjo'abU, ConfolabJlis. 

To confolate, confole, (t'ope) or confort, All- 
quern folari, -vel confoiari ; alicui confolatio 
nem adhibere ; alicujus dolorem confolando le- 
vare ; alicui folatium dare, prsbcic, afferre. 

Conjoiaticn, Solatium, confolatio j alloquium ; 
confirmatio ; <J» folamcn. 

A confolator, confoler, Qui confolatur* 
. Ccnjc/jtory, ConfolatoriiiS. 
' 'To ccnfohdafe, Solido, onfolido. 

To confoiidare a wound, Vulnus conglutlnare. 

To confohdatCj or he confcltdated, Solidefco. 

Conjstltdated, Confolidatiis. 

A ronfolidating, or (ino/idathn, Ccnglutinatio. 

Confonance, Confonantiaj, (Sh.} 
const uenlia. 


Cotifonant, Confentaneus, confonjns; 

A confmant, Confi.nan5, feil. litera. 

To he conjcnant , Confono ; congruo. 

% To he conjor.ant to himjeif, Sibi conl^are. 

ConJO'tanlly, Convenienter, congruenter. 

Conjopiation, (Digby) Somni induftio. 

A ciijort, Confors, V . Companion. 

A i^nforl [wile] Conjux, uxor. 

Thircyal eifijort, Regina, conjux regia. 

•y To cor.jortiuiih, Socieiatcm cum aliquo ini- 
re ; apuH aliqurm frequenter verfari j focium 
.iliquem fibi adhibere, adjungi-re, vel afcifcere. 

Corfo'tablc, (Wott.^ ConfcrrnduSj ic^ualit. 

Ccnjortid, (Milt.) Confociatus, 

Confound [herb] Confolida. 

Coiifpciliiity, (Sh.) Conipeflus. 

C^ntpi^uity, (Ghnv.) Splencor. 

Conjpicucur.efs, (Boyle) Dignitas, 

Conjpic-^ous [eafy to be {zzzi"^ Manifeftus, con- 
fpicuus, penpicuus. 

Confpicuous [fiimous] Tlluftris, «|t notabilis. 

Conjp'icuoujly, Maniiefle, perfpicue. 

A conjpiiajy, or conjp'iring, Confpiratio, con- 

Confpirarl, (Sh.) Ccnfpirans. 

A conjp'iraior, eonfpirer, (Sh.) Confpiratus, 

To eonfpire, or plot together. Met. Confpiro, 

To conjpire, or agree together, In unum con- 
fentire. ^ All things ecnjp-rt to make him happy, 
omnia ad iliius felicitatem confpirant. 

To conjpire agaitiji one's life, la alicujus exi- 
tium conjurare. 

Confpurc.ition, or dealing, Inquinamentum, 

A conlluhlc, * \\ Irenarcha, Ulp. V, Lat. |j 

fl A high ctnjlahlt, Irenarcha fuperior. 

% A corfable of the toiuer of London, Arcis |] 
Londinenfis prasteftus. 

A conjiabltjhip, Munus, vel provincia irena- 

II To outrun the conJIaHe, or fpend more than ont 
can afford^ Sumptus extra modum prodigere. 

Conjlancy, or Jledfafinejs, Firmiludo, immuta* 
bilitas, conftantia, V. ImI. 

Conjlancy [faithfulnefs] Fides, fidelitas, 

Conjiav.^y in Jtiferirg, P?.tlentia, tolerantia, 

Conftancy in ailing, Perfcveranlia ; pertina- 
tia ; obftinatioj pervicatia, V. Lat. 

Confiant, or evin, Certus, sequabilis. 

Conflant [ftedfaft] Conftans, ftabilis, firmus, 
fixus, iramotus, immutabilis. fl A eonftant 
mind, mens folida. 

Conjlant [faithful] Fidus, fidelis. 

Conjiant to a furpofe, Tenax propoSti, perti- 

Corfant in fuffering, Paticns, tolerans. 

Conjlant [lading] Perpetuus, alTiduus. ^ A 
conjlant faith, fides perpetua, perennis. 

Conftani againJI, Obftinatus, contumax, per- 

ff A confant report, Fama confentiens, qu« 
in ore eft omni pnpulo. 

Cinjlantly, ortviih conjlancy, Conftanter, aequa-. 
biliter, fortiter, pertinaciter, obftinate, pcrfc- 

Toconjlellale, (Boyle) Colluceo. 

A conjitllation, Sydus, (ignum cceUfle. 

Conjit-rnation, Conflernatio, Liv. 

To he in a ccrjlernation, Animo, vel animis, 

To put into a conjlcrnation, Aliquem confternare* 

To conjiipate, or cram cloje together, Conftipo. 

To conjiipaic, or bind, the billy, Alvum altrin- 
gere, contrahcrc, fupprimere. 

Conjiifated, Conftipatus j aftriflus ; fuppref- 

Conjlipation, or eraming elofe togeihc, Stipa^'o, 

^ Canjlipatic^n of the bowels, Alvi aftriftio, 
t'^/ iupptenio ; alvus aftrifla, vf/fupprelTa, 

A confiitueni, or conjlituter, Conftiiutor, S^intt 

To conjiiiutc, Conftituo, 

Con/liiuted, Cinftitutus, 

Corjiituting, CoilftitucjUt 


AcinJlUm-mg, or a cnjiitutlm, Conftitutlo. 
•Jbt anjiiiuucn ,f tit tofy, Conflitutio, habi 
tus, tempcratio, ftatu>, Crlf. 

^J'-r""'"!' [governinentj Relpublic* confti 
tutio, iif/ forma. 

Corjiiiutimal, (Shurpe) Ingenitui. 
ConJI,iu,i've, (Br.) In rei naturil pontui. 
7i conftt^m, Met. Conftringo, premo, com 
pello, propdlo; cogo.urgto, * fubigo : necef 
fitatem alicui compingerc. ^\ NecePi.y cmftrai. 
r«hu, ,, „, txpreffit hoc ncceffitas.-^ ///„,/•- 
tramidlhim t,fyr„„dfr, pepdit cos ad deditio- 
litm. He cor,Jlralmd ihe feofU to ei-vt thehvsice 
extorfit per vim fufFragia poVuli. ^ ' 

"To becorjl,ained, Met. Conftringor, cogor. 
(IT^'"""'J 5°"^"^''^' ""'Pulfw. coaflus. 
extorta fuit *'"" '""' ""■P'-'''""''' vox illius 
iVb/ contained, Volnntarius. 
Aco-,J{rai„,r, Qui cogir, adigif, impellit. 

,j,^""A™""!?' " "«>""', Vis, necc/Titat, 
aaactio; impulfus, 4, ' 

AconJIraUt [keeping in] CoeVcitfo. 

rm4 "'^'"■^:' " ''nfiraUedy, Vi, invitj, 
coactu, ]ngratJi5, '' ' 

libc^"^°"' ""^'■'""' "'"■°' ^" ''"'"''' '■'"P'f. 

tZVf"'"'- ^'^'■"'•^ '° "">'■'!?'' (Sh.)Con. 
traho, comprimo. «> » / 

■^ Knjlriliion [binding] Colligatio. 

Conftrivgm, (Thomf.) Conftringcns, 

7t!cor:firua, (Boyle) Conftruo. ' 

^arijiruahn [in building] Conftruflio. 

i.oxftrua.o,,. Met. Verborum conftruftio. 

■ Mc„npuawnUantiXM\'ni\ Interpretatio, Met 
•xplicat.o, expofitio. 

■ If To pu! a grateful cmflneikn on, Grato ani 
^o, ^el mitioiem m partem, aliquid interpre 

Cmjlrueiure, (Blackm.) .Edificium. 

Jo «^/«. .nterpretor, Mel. explico, expono 

Corjlrued, £xpl,catus, expofitus, illuftratus, 

^0 conftufratc [d.flower] Conftupro. 

CovflufrMed, Con/iupratus. 

Cmfuhfliimal, Ejufdem fubftantiie. ■ 
Imetfo "'''"' '°"'"'" futftaati-irumcon- 

^«,r/:,.', [among the Romans] Conful. 
^conjulformereham,, Conful, *|| lyndicus. 
A^njuljhtp, confulatc, (Addi.) Confulatus 
4. officium confulare. 

^\^r,^"ii''''"''^'''"'"'' JufiWiaio, i../cog- 
nit:o, conlulari!, » fa 

IT //. that ta.-b heen ecnful, Confulari, dignita- 
tis T.rconlularis, confudtu perfunftuj. ^ 

Unful like, Confulariter. 

Confu.'ar, Confularis. 
^A eonjult or conjultathn, Confultatio, delibera 



t»belco. maJci^o •&;.„" «'.^. .«,.y Ex- Omn. acie ingenii ali,u„ 

(t»belio. ma^ce'co "iw •^f " "'"'''' "■"'>' 
1° "">"' r/evour] Devoro, excJo. 
7> cnjume [as metal in refining! Excoquo 

7i ?">"/ ''"'. Tempus tere"re, «/conte,?.e 
tor pt;^"""'' ^''"'■'""''^' ^"' "'fl-. dil- 

tus comefus, exefus, exhauflusj'perJmptus. 
i''>i:Jumcd awaa , Liouefaft,.= «T r i^'us. 

2 7 Tr ' '^""= maceror ignibus. 
„u«:r ^"""''"'J Attraus,%fi-„tu,, atte- 

^^:S::fezitr'^"-^— ^• 

TotT^' "'^'^"^ "'^"f" TaMdu,,marc!dut, 
i° ""J^'mtate. Confummo, perficio! 

|contfc;;Va^;;''>"-'^. Confu^matus, 

dtHlif/"/'" "/""/"«"'«'/'-'-</.««, Homo pru 

prude^rntr""' ''°'"° '""^^"■" ^""* 

7*"'* '^' "tmofi Mteniictt, • 
. = ■• --iqu'U contempljri, 

deratT' • '^'*"* '"'"' '"*»"'"« ""C" 

'emplatio, lonfideratio. * ' "'• *-'"" 

C.««„;,^„W Contcmpbtivu., fpeaativus, 
conteniplator, t,«' fpeculator. 

fl Aconempla,wel,fi.Viti contemplativa. Ser. 
I C<,„,e„fla,i^,i stuiici, meditanlium more. 

ipunir^^'"""'^'' ^"' "'' '■"""^'' «">•■»"- 

nil '^"'^7'^",""' "/'"""•'. Natura contem. 
pi. lor, *e/rpeculator ; rerumdiligen,, Waccu- 
ratus, invcftigator. 

Ccni,m/cra,f, or totemporary, /Equali, eiuf- 
demaetafs, Wtemporis; /iquJus "' 

(.»«»Tp,, Contemptus, contemptio. Met. 
de^ftusj defpeaio,defpicrentii. 

f, Cor.tempt to a eourt. Curia auftoritatij con. 
temptus i vadimonium defertum. 

here!*""^ "" '"" ""'""t"> In odium pertra. 

. fogniKiniocoraempt, Ignominiam contrahgre fufciperej defpcdlui habcri. ' 

5 r» i,^«,7,j, ,/ contempt to a court, Coria: 
ferfrc! '" ""'"""''*» »»<iimonium dc- 

Had in contempt, Contemptus, defpcftui. vU 

ntemOtUI. h:ihirii<: . J— ;r.. ^ ' 

abfoluta. '^ ''' *^"» ''"«». perfc^la & contemptui, haSitus; dcrifu,. 

- - ZaL"."""^'' t'^''°"°'P"'''r] wntemptim. 

^.^^««>«««;,^, ox conjummm-.on, Confumma 

A conjunpthn, Confumptio. 

ha eonfumj.i!cn, T.blduj, • atiophus, 

".^^."-^•^hTht:-^"' '""'" "'"'"•"'''' «"'«- 

^^^n«f;>;^ ox occafi>nmi,a eonjumpihn, Tabefi- 

Aconfumptiveperfin, • Phthificus. 
^^v?^'./^// ««^fl;.;,, (Br.; [touch] Contac. 

rZ'"'^'"" Confagio, contagie., contagium. 
&»ra;„^, + peft.ferus, tabificus. 
tontagioufncf!. Vis tabifita. 


Contemptiili, Contcmnendus, deWciendu. 
afpernandus, defpicatui habendus "'"'""''"•» 

vili^ f fft"*'''/»'-'J'/'&«', Homotreflis, 
viiis, ftvabjectus, 

Cuntemptibler.ep, Vilitas. 

IT 'To tbink contemptibly of a perfon, Aliquem 
coiuemptui, tcI defpicatui, habfre. 

Contemptuous, Faftidiofus. 

Cv:tcn:p-u'.ufy, Faftidiosc, contumeliose. 

To contend. Cum aliquo contendere, certare 
concertare, confligere. litigare, altercari, difcep! 
tare, diglad.ari, luftari. armia decerneie, de- 
Pujnare ^f He contended frarplj^oitb theyad,,,, 
cum judicjbus jurgio contendeuat. Do not if 
ter pur_ bretberen to contend luilh one arctber 
nohpat. htigare fratres. 1 nvill contend ^ul 
you no more, non lodtabor tecum amphils. Tie 
^to,ci, contend -with tbe Peripatetic^, pognant 
Sto.a cum Peripateticis. Tbj eonte„d%,4 
\great ■wratb, magrS confligitur jra". AnniSal 

To confult or ajl a perfin't ad-vice. A] 

«hqu4 reconfulere, aliqueminconfiliumadb 
Bere, ao ajiquo confilium petere. 

iJtlT-!"'' '""■'"''• Oraculum confuljre: 
lortes poicere, ' 

y,of.S-^"'""''7 '-^ f^y^"""'' Medicorum con- 
vocatorum confultatio. 

reconfukare, Wuel.berare; ,cm animo per 
pendere, volvcre, volutare. '^ 

cnJm °"-^"'' '^"^ '"'°'*"'' ^°"'^"» "■" aliquo 
commun'care. ^ 

Jo corrfuh an autUr, Auflcrem confulm-, 

Jc cnUtt, provide for, Alicui rei confuiere, 
vf/ providrre ; rem aiiquam curare. 

Ibat periaiMb to corftltatton, Deliberativus. 

tonjulted of, Delibeiatus, perpenfus. 

Athngayned upon ly confult, Confultum, 

^eonjulter, Confultijr, d. liberator. 
^Co-fuitng, Confulen», deliberans, pcrpen- 

CenfwnMe, Res qua confumi pot- ft. 
. Toeonfume [ad.] Confumo, abfumo, infumo 

ill ciricuj. 

i» unfume, otfjuaitder a-wsf, Profundo, ef 

r, «„/a/V, [k„p chaftel Libidinrm f U--"' '5™'*. magrS confligitur ira". An 

.eprimere, colrcere. ^ L.b.dmtm (,«n,c,:,\e.n,cnded .u-,tb the p eople of Rome ahout the em. 

Toconia:n [kiep in] Cnhibeo. 

To he contained, Cc.tineor, comprehenjor. 

Unta,ned, Contentus, compiehcHfus ; inclu- 
lus; (ubjcftus. ' 

Al:le to contain, containable, (Boyle) Capax. 

A containing, Comprehenfio, complexio. 

L-mtamtng, Continens, cap;ens, 
To conra,rinaie [dtfilc] Contamino, fcedo. 
inqulno; poliuo, ui ;. '' 

Contaminated, Cootaminatus, inquinatus, rf. 
pollutus, fcEjatus. * 

A contaminating or contamination, Labes, 
lordesj commacuUtiQ, 

To ccmemn, Tcmno, contemno; fperno, af- 
pernor. ' "^ ' 

_ To_ eoiticmn difdainfuly, Proculco ; defpicatui 
nabcre, nihili, W flocci, fateie. 

Contemned, Contemptus, fpretus. Met. def I 
pectus, defpicatus, I 

yLomcmner, Con'.emptor, fprstor. 

Aanitmning, Contcinptio, Met. defpicientia 

1oconttmper,{9.i'j) coniemporate, (Br.) Tern- 

^^^""^P^ramcnt, ifltth.) Ki:lemjeri:t!e„, (Hale) 

tipaier d.gladiatus cilcum Carneade. 

To contend againjl, Obluclor, adverfor, re- 
pugno. ' 

^ To contend for mapery, De iropetio certare. 
concertare, contendi^re. 

To contend for a tenet, Propugno, i. 
Acontender, Ccrtator, concertator, •Tac, 
Aioni,nding,otC'.,:tention, Controvcrfij, con- 
tent.o, y. conleJI. q I lave no contention -with 
\bm, mihi cum eo contto¥er/;.e nihil eft, Tbt 

G^et.t are more defrou! of contention than of truth. 
Grsci contcntionis cupidiores quam veritatis 


Contendinglfm.yontinJent (L'Eflr.) Conten. 

Onient, or contentment, Satisfaftio ; dele. 
ctatio, ob.cclatio. 

full content, 01 great content, • Animo faflum 
voliipe. ^ I took great content in your tctien, 
pliiiiraumjucunditatis ex Uteris tuis capiebam. 

*i t nm t9tiyii^Ji e^^t*.^t ^^^^1.^ J «.* I 

lian ivbich content of mind there can I e no greater 
qi:.i vtluptate aniir.i nulla ceitc poleft eai ma- 

Conten'rd, Contentus, placitus ; quietus. 

Content, or / am ccr.'int, Eflo, fiat, placet, 
p;r me livCt, • a^e, pet me toa flat, eso veto 
N s ■lut:n% 


noil lili«m. % 1 lat ttnteat viitb erf th'ingA 
mihii] lidiU fjitiseft. 

/ am »• •// ctmeiH, Facile patior. ^ J am wr A 
wt'cn: itai hefujfcr vihat be dtjirveih, uufiin 
■on dico quin, quod meritua eft, fcriti 

To cuntent, AUciii fatisfaccre, *animum alicu- 
jui capltre, cxfaturare. He ccufd give tbem no cm 
text fjtisfacerc honiinibus iion potuit. Cmient 
j/iiirfilj'w:fi> -wha! yia beve, forte tua contcntus 
abi. H'c tmji eiuiavoar re nrJiiil ail ferfont, 
ianda opera ift ut omni grneti fatisfacerc pof- 
iimufl. lie vi-at not eaeUtited tf h/rve /taden him 
witb in'jur'i^as exprt^oni^ hut adtifd iU'ws alfoy 
noa fatn babuit nunc probiis oneralle, qoiii eti 
am tc pugnis laceOivir. 

Ts cmteu: f paci'y one] Placo, delinio, mulceo. 

^ Ti dfmerj cue fcr bit Judns, &c. Pretium 
perfolvtre, conipenfjie. 

To give cmta:! tc, Placco ; alhiber<o< 

TbecoKtenl [compafs o> a tbing] Ambitui, 

To he emleittid iviib, /Equo • aniino ali 
quid fcire, ^ Nature it contented xvitk Jmali 
frcvipin, parvo culm natnia conteiita eft. 
Jf't are m-t contented tajh d'tr ccnJitiott, noftri nof* 
mat pcrnitet. tie faiti hipalike lac'.l atUenteti 
ivithithatcvtr yr.u flia'l fl-aje to bejiow upon him, 
fath fuper<]ue habere dicit quod ftbi » te tribiietur. 
ji ci':tented mind it a untinua! feafl, felU eft qui 
f.>rte fua contentus vivit. 

Eafy to beuntented, Placabilis, qui aequo ani 
mo cil. 

Eafinefs efhelng ecnienled, Placabilitas. 

Co!ttei:tedn/ft or eontentalinn, jiiquos ani 
isus, spquanimitas, 

Conitntidly, patienter, quicte, scquo * animo. 
•If He died contentedly, Equo animo paratoque 
aiortuus ell, 

Cemttntful. QiHjd fatis eft. 

An enrnejl contention, Concutfitatio. 

tonientious, Contentiofus, litigiofus, pugnax. 

A ccmeniiom perfon, Viiilitigator, Plin. 

Ccnientioujly, Pugnaciter. 

Contemicujr.efs, Moro6tas, ingenium ad al- 
tfrcationes proclite. 

Conter.llrjs (SVi.) OfFenfus. 

The eententi of a book or chapter, Argumen- 
tom. %, The continti of the letter tvattbii, caput 
literarum hoc erat. 

% The conltntt of a bale, vtffe!, &c. Res in 
farcina, -vel vafc, contents. 

Contcrminou!, (Hale) Contcrminus, 

ToconteJI, Coniroverfor. 

To conie/l with, Certo, concerto ; liligo, 

Aconiejt, conlejiation, or contefting. Lis, rixa, 

j utgiutn, difceptatio, conccrtatio, altercatio, 

crtamen. ^ The fbilofopbert fpend their life: 

n vain eontefis, philofophi ^tatein in vanis li- 

tibus conterunt, / never hadaiy manner ofcoti- 

f^,4 ivitb htm, nunquam accidif , uc cum eo verbo 

u no concertarim. There it much contejiing het-zceen 

the tvio Iroibirt, exiftunt inter ambos fratres 

j urgia. They are always eonte fling with one a- 

noiber, altercantur fcmper inter le. 

ConieJIahlf, Quod in dubium vocari poteft; 
^ dubitabilis. 

Ccniejicdfor, Controverfur, dccertatut, 

Coniexed, (Boylc) Contcxus. 

A context, Orationit contexua, fermonia con- 

A contexture, Contextus. 

A contignation [laying of rafters] Contignatio, 

Contiguity^ or cor.tiguoifncfi Propinquitas, 

Conti^uom, Contiguus, continens, adjunftus. 

Ctn'iguouJIy, (Dtyd.jSttiilim, picUs. 

Continence, or ccntintncy, Continentia, tem- 
peiantia, caftimonia, pudicitia, imegritas ; cj^ 

Ccttinenl, Continens, callus, pudicus. 
, A continent [main land] Continens, fc. terra. 

Continently, Contincnter, caflc, pudiic. 

A ccn:ingence or contingency [chance] Cafuf, 
cventus fortuitus. 

ConiirgenI, Contingens, cafa accidens, 

A contin^en:, or jucta. Pars rei alicujtis quam 
CM coiripauo quis accipcre aut penJcte debet. 


Contingent, Que contingunt, vel ad rem ali- 
quam pertinent. 

C'-ntingcmly, Cafu, fortuitu, fortui'o. 

Continual [pernianeot, lafting] Hermanens, 
jusisj ptrennis, f Continual peace confirmed it, 
pacii diuiurnitas confirinavit. 

Continually, Perpetuo, aflidue, ufque. 
fl He wai coniinuallj -with me, ailiJuuB crat me- 

Continually [coniinued.'y,J Contincnter, iffidao, 
perpedm, fine ulla intermiffione. 

Continual [uninterrupted] Continuus. af- 
fiduus, perpetuus, f By reaf.n cf the continual 
■wart, propter afliduitatem beliorum. 

Con.'inuance, Perpetuitas, 3., af- 
fiduicas, diulurnitat j alTuetudo. f[ Continuance 
jn^tket menpcrfcSl, nfus promptos facir, 

Coniinuanne [abode] Commoraiio, manfio, 

Continuance [] Spatium. 

Of long continuance, *J» Spatiofus. 

Of longer continuance, Diuturnior. f[ Troubi,t 
of longer coniinuante, diuturniores moleflijc. 
A conflant continuance, I'edeverantia. 
The coiUinuance of a writ, Prorogatio caufs. 
In continuance of tine, Progreflu tcmporis. 
A continuation, Continuatio. 

A continuaior, a continuer, (Sh.) Qui rem ali- 
quam continuat, qui perfeverat. 

To continue [abide] Co.-nmoror, maneo, re- 
Gdeo, periideo. 

To continue [neut.] Confto, perfto, perfevero ; 
pcrfifto, perduro, permaneo. ^f It ccntinueth 
raining, non intermittit plucre. bJe conitnoeti 
in hit purpofe, incepto permanet. ft bile that 
Jhall continue, dum id extabit. 

To continue [a£l.] Continuo, perpetno; 
^ He continued his difcourfe late in the nigbi, 
Sermonem in multam noctem perduxit. I have 
continued my tv-jri unto your days, Deduxi opus 
perpetuum ad tua tempora. 

To continue long, Perenno. ^ He makith ri- 
ncnon to continue for ever, laudcm propagat in 
lempiternam memoriam. 

To continue fas a cuftom] Inveterafco. 

Tocontinue [goon] f'ergo, profequor, exequor. 

To continue in ov upon, Moror, immoror. 

^ 1 continue on hii race, Curfum tencre. 

To continue [prolong] Produco, protraho ; 
ex!r.>ho, eitendo j profero. 

fyiiiih will net continue, Fugax. 

Continued, cortinuate (Hook) Continuatus. 
continuus, perpetuus : extenfus, perduilus. 

A continuing or abiding, PermanCo. 

Continuing [lading] Uurans j Stabilis, 

A continuing [prolonging] Produitio. 

Continuing long, Diuturnus, diutinus. 

Continuity, Continuitas, continuatio. 

Acontorfton, Contor6o, diftoitio. 

Contorted, (Ray.) contortus. 

A contour, [in graving] Ambitus, circuitus. 

Contrabctnd, V. Counterband, 

A contraci, Paflum, compai^um. V. covenant. 

A contraSl [betrothing] Sponfalia, pi. 

7'«f(»r/raJ?,[abridge] In compendium tcdigcre ; 
fubftringere, ^ini. 

To conirdB tlcflen,] Ccrripio, 

To contrail [bargain] • Pacifcor, cum aliquo 
de re aligua paftionem faccre. 

To contraSl, or draw together, Contraho, com- 

To contra!} crfbrini, Se contrahere. 

ToconirtH a debt, JEi alienum contrahere. 
faccre, conflare. 

To eontr<lB fricnifhip with one, Amicitiatn 
cum aliquo jungere, vel inire. 

To contrast a difiafe, Morbum contrahere, 
vel concipcre. 

To contraSi ababit, Habitum acquirere. 

To conirdfl [by marriage] Spondeo. 

Such a contra^ maker, Sponfor. 

So conlraUed, Sponfus, defponfatns. 

f\ To keep to a contrast, Paiflum ferv.ire. 

ConiraSed, Contraflus, complicaius ; in com- 
pendium redaOus. 

CoiuraSlMs, (Arb.) Quod poteft c«nti ah i. 


Aconlrofliiig, Pjftio. 

AcontraSlir, Qui contraSit ; qui pjcifcitiJ!*. 

Contr.iSiton at flirinking, Contrac~tio. 

To coniradtSi, Contradico, adferfor, argoo, 
refragor, ^ He comradiStetb bimf.lf, fecum 
difcrepat, pufuat. Jf he do not contradict him- 
{elf, fi ipfe fibi confentiat. 

Contradicted, ContradicVus. 

A contradiSler, Qui alicui contcadicit, v:l ti-. 

ContradiBing, Contradicens. 

A contradiSling, or contradiSiitn, Coatra« 

Contradifticns, Inter fe pugiuntii, vel repug« 

CantraJiltory, contrad.Slitus, (Collier) Contra- 

Contrad.Stioufnft,, (»forris) Repugnantia. 

ContradiSlorilf, (Br.) Contrarie, abfurde. 

To contradiftinguifh, Aliquid ab alio dif- 
tingucrc, 'Kc/difcernere. 

Contradipinguijhcd, Diftinflus, <J. di/cretm. 

Cor.tradiSlion, (South) Per oppofitioncm 

A coniramurc [out wall] Agger. 

A contraindieate, (Haw.) cr ccntrakdicatioit, 
(Arb.) E contrario indicium. 

Contrarigulariiy, (Norris) ReguUe repugnantia. 

Contrariety, Kepugnaiitia, difcrepantia, ad- 

C.ntrarily, ctnlrariaufly, (Sh.) or toatrari- 
vife, Contrarie. 

C:«!rary, comrarijnt, (Ayl.) Contrarius, di. 
virfus, adverfarius, avcrlus, inimicus. ^ They 
looked at if they bad gone ti contrary ^t^ay, contra- 
riam in partem ire videbantur, y,cei are con- 
trary to vinues, vitia virtutibus, vel virtutum, 
coniraria funt. They luent a coairary way from 
what they bad intended, erat iter a propofito 
divcrfum. A contrary expeSlation, adverfaria 
expeilatio, Motiont contrary to reafon, motus 
iverfi a ratione. Driven by contrary "winds, aftj 
lentis difcordibos. It fll cut ttiiraryia his 
■xpeSlation, prater ipfius cogitationem accidit, 
praeter fpem efenit. 

Contrary to, Oppofitus, contrapofitus,' &iint, 
ff Tbefeaie contrary one to the other, hac inter fe 
oppofi'a funt. lie fpeakctb contrary to what he 
tltnhth, aliud fentit ac loquitur. 

Contrary to onts ir.clinaiioni, lovitus^ inTitS 

To be or aSl contrary tc, Adverfor, repugno, 
piigno, difiUeo. fl Do not you eSi contrary to 
me, noli adverfari mihi. They are contrary lo all 
men, omnibus hominibus advcrfantur. I do not 
fay It the contrary, nihil repugno. 1 did it eon'' 
trary to my mind, invitus feci. 

On the contrary. Contra, e contrario. 

Contrary to [Pra!p.] Contra, adverfus, prat- 
ter. ^ CotUrary to what moji tnen do, quod con- 
tra fit a plerifque. Contrary to the hint, ad- 
verfus Jeges. Contrary to expeSation, praeter 

A eonlraj} [in painting] Divecfa figurarum 
pofitio; T>r/Diirimilitudo. 

To contraji, Figuras in divcrfo fitu pooere, 
vel collocare. 

Cor.trajltdy Diverfo iltu pofitus. 

Contravalialion, Aggerdu£lus ad obfufTores de- 

To antravtnt [offend, or aft, againSj Violo, 
Met. perfringo, perrumpo. 

A contravention, Violatio, 

CcntriStation Contrc(5tatio, 

Cor.tributary, Stipendiarius. 

To contribute, Contribuo, confero, a/Terer. 

Contributed, Tributus, contributus, collatus. 

A contributer. Collator, qui aliquid tribuit 
vel confert. 

A contributing or tofitribution, Peconix coUa- 

^ To put a country under contribution. Region! 
tvibutum, vel pKuniam, imponere, vel im- 

To contrifta'e, (Bacon) Con'rifto. 

Contrite [penitent] Dtpeccatis a fe admif- 





fif multum dolent j (]ui magno pecatonim ru- 
orutndoloreaBicitur, vf/ cruciatar. 

Cmrititu, • Acerbus dolor «x deliaorum re. 
corJarionc fufccptus, * animi dolor ob peccara. 

A coiUriviiig or tonitivavtif Inventio, exco- 
(itatio; agendi via, Tt/ ratio. 

C^niriTtTKCe [ingenuity] Ars, • artificium. 
5'» ctatrive [dcvife] Comtninil'cor, concipio, 
fingo, excogito; <t< incogito. 

To contrive, [detign, plot] Statuo, molior^ 
• machinor, ftruo ; invenio, <t> moveo. 

7» contrive [manage] Adminiftro, tracts, 

CmlriveMe, (WUk.) Qnod potell excogitari. 

Contrived [itMci'\ ExcogitatuI, fi^tts ; com- 

^ An ill conlrivij rti^l, Male conciliatus. 

^ A lutl cvnirived hiujc, JE,itt commode 
fabricjta*, vel ilruftas, 

Acontnver, Au£lor, inventor, artifcx Afet, 
micliioator, molitor, r^ molitrix. 

Ctntrol [fubft.] Reprehenfio. ^ Helivedviith- 
0ut contrtlf libcrc vivendi fuit poteltas. 

7*0 control [difprove] Redarguo, contradico> 
ctnfuto, fet'oto j infirmo. 

To control [as a controler] Obfcrvo, examino, 
ad calculuoQ revocare. 

A comrolir^ Rationum iDfpeftor, xW cuftos. 

A controUr of manners^ Morum cenfor. 

^ The controler of the Pipe in the exchequer^ 
|[ Duplex ingri)flator. 

The controler of tit king' I Loujhold, Aa\s re- 
gime cenfor. 

7ht conirtler of the Pofi OJice, Epiilolarum 
rnittendarum cur.itor, 

7be cenrroltr of a family, Rcram domeflicarum 
adminiflrator, v^/ procurator. 

A controlerjhipy Munus adminiflratoris, vel 

A conlrotment, Adminlftratio, infpe(3io, pro- 

A controver [forger of falfe news] Falforum 
romorum 63or. 

Contrtmerfial, Ad controverriam cf.tinens, res 
qi^ieiii controverfiam adduci potelh 

A contrcrverfy, Controverfia, aUercatio, difcep- 
tatio, certamen. ^ The matter is in contrcmeriy, 
in difcrimine ret eft, de re ilia ambigunt rouUi, 
iubjudice lis eft. 

A contraverfy in law, Caufa, lis, * a£lio. 

It it out of controver fyf Patct, palam eft. 

^ Beyond all controversy, Extia coiuroverfiae 
aleam politus. 

ff^iltmt nntrwerjy. Sine controwrfia, fine 

To have a contnverfy, Difcepto, litigo, 

Td ca.trovert, De re aliqua arr.big(5re, Wdif- 
«ep(are ; conttovcrfari. 

Cortrcvei ted, Centroverfus. fl It it a con- 
troverted point, ambigilur, in controverfiam 
Tocalur, vel adducitur j in difquifitionem ve- 
oit; fubjudice lis eft. 

Contrcvertiile, (Br.) Dequodifputari poteft. 

Acontroveriiji, (Till.) Difputator. 

Contumaciout, Contumax, pertinax, pcrvicax, 

Contamacioujly, Contumaciter, pertisaciter ; 
pervicaciiis, Liv. 

Contumacy,, (Wych.) Contu- 
maciam pcrtinacia, pervicacia j obftinatio. 

Contumely, [reproach] Contume.ia, convi- 
cium, maledi^um. 

Contamelioiii. Contumeliofur, maledicus, 

Contujnelicvjly, ContumclioJe, maledice, 

*Tc contufe (Bacon) Conlundo. 

A corttijion, [bruife] Contufio, 3. 

Corvalifcence (Clar.) Ab ffigriiudine recreatio. 
' Cor.venahle [agreeable] Con^ruens, aptus ; »!• 

ConvenMe [called together] Congrej abifis. 
' To Convene [come together] Convenio, con- 
jrepor, cot'o. 

To convene [call together] Convoco, cito ; 
tieo, 2. convcntos indiccre. 

Convened, Convocatui. 

A couxtHti^ct, or cimjcnicncj, Commodum, 

Commodltaj. ^[ No cimveniency ruitheut in in- 
ccnvenience, omriis commoditaj Aia fert incom- 
moda Tecum. 

Convenience, Opportunitas ; facultas. 


Convenient [fit] Commoduj, • aptui, ido- 
neus, appofitus ; utilis. 

Convenient [agieeable] Congrners, conven- 
niens, confentaneus, confonus. 

Convenient [feafonable] TempeftiTus, oppor- 

7o he convenient, Competo, confentio. 

It it coxmnient, ./Equumeft; par ell: opus 

It it not convenient, Dedecet, •!< difconvenit. 

yiry convenient, Peridoneus, pei'opportunus, 

Conveniently [fitly] Commode, appofite, • 
apte, rile, congruenicr, convcnicnter, idonci}. 

Conveniently [in due time] Tempeftivc, op- 
portune ; per tempus. 

A convent [convention, §r affembly] Conven- 
tus, catus ; frequentia. 

A convent [mooaftery] *\\ Monafterium, ». 
[ coEnobium. 

To convent [before a judge] Arceflb, cito, in 
jus vocare. 

Convented, Accitus, arceflitus. 

A conventing, Convocatio. 

A conventicle, Conventiculum, conciliabulum. 

A conventider, (Dryd) V. Dijjer.ter, 

A convention^ Convencus, conventio, Varr. 

A convention or agreement, Convcntum, • 
pactum; * pa^io. 

Conventional, Ad coaventuni, vel pa^um 

Conventual, Ad *y monafterium pertinens. 

To converge, (Thomf. ) Eodem rergere. 

Convergent, or converging^ eodcm defie^ens, 

Converfant, Verfatus, probe exercitatus. 

Converjant about. In re allqua verfatus, vel 

To he converfant in, Re aliqua vetfari, occu- 
pari, exerceri. 

To be converfant •x/ilt, Aliquo familiariter 
uli ; in alicujus congrelTum fatpe venire, 

Converfe or converfaticn, Confuetudo, ufus, 
congrclTus; commercium,alloquium, colloquium, 
colloiutio ; ftrmonis communicatio, familiaris 
cum aliquo ferms» 

^ A per] on of good ccnverfation, Homo mo- 
ribus fuavilfimis, magna urbaniiate, finguiari 

fl Evil convtrfatim, Prava vivendi ratio, col- 
loquia prava. 

Eafy of eonverfdtion, converfahle^ AiTabilis, 
aditu tacilis, comis. 

Co-verfative, (Wott.) Ad confuetudinem 

To converfe, Verfor; utor. 

To converfe togetbir, Collcquor, ccngredior. 

A converjicn [change] Converfio, mutatio. 

Conveijion [change ot manners] Morum infti- 
tutorumque mutatio in meliiis. 

^ Convcrfion to the Chriflian religion, A numi- 
num inanium cultu ad * jjChriftianam religionem 

A eoirvert, converiite, (Sh.) Ad fidem •[j 
Cliriftianam convcrfus. 

To convert, Aliquid in aliud ccnvcrti-re. 

To his oiun life. In ufum fuum conver'ere. 

To convert from vice, A viliis aliquem revo- 
care ; in frugem convertere, t>(/ reducere, 

^ To (OKvert heathens to the Chnfian ref^ion, 
•p Ethnicos ad •!( Chnfti cultum rcdigcre. 

Cor.vcrtcd, Converfus, revccalus, 

Coivtrtihle, Mutabilis. 

CorvertUiy, (South) Contra. 

A convening, Convctfio, ad meliorem fru- 
j'cni revccatio. 

Convex, Gibbiis. 

Convendly, [Br.) Convexly, (Grew)gibba for- 

I Ccnvexi/y, Co»»eiita.«, riin. 

To esrvty, Deiloro, perdoeo, comifor, Jc 
ttro, perteho, froreho. 

To convey avjay, Afpotto, ■fcducc, abt'pia, 

To cor.veytvHylaftlly, Eripio, conlpio. 

To ctn^'iy iiU'rivily, Submit:*, fubduco. 

To f or.vfji bfcxrt, Conveho, doeho. 
^fl Totonvty^ i.ivnia fcftiriiy, Mcmorije yre- 
t:re, fr/ tranfmittrre. 

To convey over, Trajicio, tranfvelio. 

To convty in, Impoito. 

To comity cut, Exporto, eveho. 

^T To convey or make ever an tflate, Fundnin 
alicui tranfi^-ibere, vtl tbalienare. 

Conveyance [carrying] Deportatio, t«portat!e; 

Aconveyance [deed in writing] Abalienationis 
inftrumrntum, tabulx alienatioais confignatie. 

Acovucytneeof viater, Aqux dedu£iio, perduc- 
tio, v//du£)us. 

% A comieytmt in lavi. Qui abalienationis 
inftrumentum conficit ; cantor formularum. 

To be conveyed, Deteror. fl They are con- 
veyed by jhift It the farth^ pdrn, nivi dcfe- 
runtur ad ultoriores partes. 

Conveyed, Deport.^tus, dcduAus. 

dr.veyed aivay [removed] Subduftus. 

Conveyed away [pilfered] Inierverfui, fu^urt* 

Ctnveyed beyond, Prseteneftus. 

fl Conveyed down «o cur times, MetAoria: nof- 
tr3E proditu!. < 

Conveyedfroni, AbduAus. 

Convtyeain, Import a tus. 

Conveyed over, Trajeflus, tranrvcAss. 

A Conveyor [carrier] Portitor, {''^aror; b«- 
julus ; dudlor. 

A conveying [carrying] Subvcflio, fubveflus, 

A conveying atuay, Suoduftio, 

A conveying in, ]ndu3io. 

Acor.veying ever, Tranfve^io, trojeflio. 

A conveying tut, Exportatio. 

A convlSi. Convi^us, evi^lns. 

lo convifi, Convinco, evinco. 
-^ To conv'B an aicufed ferfn, Keutij cox* 
vincere, evinciSrc, arguerc, coarguere; criinea 
intcntum probare. 

To he conviSied, Convincor, evincor. 

fl ConviSied of a lie , Mendacii convifluc. 

ConviBive, Ad aliquid convinceadiim valem 

Acow'.Sior., al. eenvincctnent, Conviclio, Au^ 

To convince, Convinco, coarguo. 

Convinced, ConviOus, evirtus. 

Convincible (Br.) Quod convinci potcfi. 

Convincingly, Manifeflc. 

To convive (Sh) Convivo. 

Convivial (Dcrh.) Convivalis. 

A convocation, Ccnvocalio. 

fl" A co'.vcccticn lonfe, Comitiorum •jj ccde- 
fiafticorum fenatus. 

To corrvoke, Convoco, convent^" indicere. 

Corvc/f(irf(Milt.) cor.volyitd (W«odw,} con- 

Convolution, (Thomf.) Volutatio. 

Acenvoy [guide] Deduflor. 

A convoy [guard] Praefidium, prsfidiario- 
rum manus. 

To convoy. In via comitati, vtl deduccre. 

Convoyed, Deduftus. 

Toconvulfe. (Thomf.) Convello. 

Cotrvulfe.i, Convulfus, conviilfione affi;£^'J9. 

A convoljion. Convjifioj nervorum diftsB* 
lio, v(/contra(^io. 

Corvulfve, Ad convulfioncm pertinens* 

A ccrey, Cuniculus. 

Fall ^ coneys, tj) Cunicolofus. 

A coney borough, Cuniculus. 

Coney jiir.!, Cuniculoiun pelles. 

A coney viarrcK, Septum in quo alontDr caoU 

To coo [as 3 dove] ■J' Gemo. 

The cooing [of a dove] Gemitu}, 

Aeooi, Coquus. 

Amajler ccek, Coqwrum magiScr, w/ pra:- 
fedjs; • 1J1 arch.magiru . 

A paltry coti, Cupcdio. liut, 

5 .4 ««* 




^ A ttsl mail, Ancilla culinaria. 

^ Acockin ajhif, Coquus * naucicuii 

A ^ooi room, (^ Culina. 

^cseii^i?^, or ordinary^ P>^pina. 

A hiiu'ter cJcmVi Jhopi, ^ Popino. 

Thtcir-iiti rt/u', torum coquinum. 

^ y4.c;*'iyf','-'o<)ui lucelium fupra (lifendium, 
Jicctifijb, Tinea marina, mcruia. 

To ectii, Coquo. 

Cr.kcJ, Co&ai. 

Coiktiy, Ars coquinatia, vtl culinaria. 

fl A book cf cookery, • Philofophia culinaria. 
,^cookini, Coftio. 

CM/ffoDiewhat cold] •}> Frigiduluf. 


7a cod or make cool, Refrigeio. 

To cool, or grow cool, •Frigefco. 

Tij bi very ceol, <p Perfrigeo, perfrigefco. 

^ To become, or grow, cool in an affair ^ Re. 
tnilTius aliqu'd agcre, gerere, WadminiOrire. 

^f To «;/ onc't courage, Animum frangcre, 
vtl debilitare. 

Cooled, rcfiigeratui. 

Cooled [flackenedj Remirtiis, remiflior. 

Cooky, Frigide. 

fery cosily. Frigid fiime. 

ji cooler, RefrijjCrator, refrJgcratvix, 

jiioiler, Vas in quoliquoics retVigerantur. 

A ccol'ng [refrefliing] Refrig^raiio. 

Cooling medicinei, Medicamcnta refrigerato- 
lia, vel ri«.igcrantia. 

Coolnefs, *Frigus. 

A coomb, or coyinb of corn, Menfura frumenti 
quatuor modiorum. 

A Cxp, Cors, •ornithotrophinm, farr, 

Acoopfor duih, *Neflbtrophium, CoL 

To coop up, Cavca includerc. 

To coop in, or up, Oblideo, circumciogo. 

Cooptdio, or up, Obfeflus, circumcinflus. 

Coope'e [in heraldry] AbfciirjSt 

A coofiir, Victor doliarius. 

^ A "Wine cooper, Vietor vinarius. 

^ Acoop:r'i addict, Afcia victoria. 

To cooptrate, Operam ad aiiquid conferre, all- 
quern juvarc in aliqua re. 

Cooporatng, Operam ad aiiquid conferens. 

A cooperating, or cooperatio-i, Operie cuUatio. 

Acoopira'.or, Qui operam ad aiiquid confert. 

Coordinate, Ejuldem ordinis, squalis. 

Coordination, (Dryd.) .<9iqualitas. 

A coot, Fulica, fulix, giaculus palmipes. 

^ Ajea coot, Fulica marina. 

Acof [top of a thing] Apex, caput, cacumen. 

A ■of [tuft on the heads of birds] Crifla. 

^ A cop ofhiy, Focni meta. 

Copal, Alba quxdam refiaaab India occiden- 
tali allata ficdiila. 

Coparcener, Q^ii. -vel quae, rem aliquam fi- 
mul cum alio polfidet. 

Acopartncr, Socius, pirticeps, confors. 

Coftarinerjhip, Sucietas. 

A cope [pricft's garment] Trabea facerdotalis, 
veflis lacra oluvialis. 

% Undir the cope of heaven, Ufquam per to- 
tum tcrrarum orbcm. 

Acope,ovarcb, Fornix; palatum. 

To iope together or 'with, Collu<5tor, congre- 
dior, dcxtras conferSre. ^ / niy? cope with 
t'abiuialor.r, foli obluftaiidum Fabio. 

Tocopt [jet out] Pron-.incc, projicior. 

Coped togeihtr, Confertus. 

•f Acopfemaie, Socius, z. 

A copier or copiji, Libraiius, qui libros^ 
epiftolu, fif ■. dcfcribit, exfcribit, tranfcribit. 

Acofii'f^ loociher, Ci>]!i:dlatio, confrelTus. 

Theccpcing, or ridge, of a houfe, Faftigiunj. 

The C'peingcf atvull, Prrjfftura, K/.'r. 

Copious, Ct'piofus, aflluens, abundans, uber. 

Copioujly, C ipioic, atFatirr, abundantcr, fuse, 
cumulate, prolixJ, opero-c j uberrima, ubertjin, 

M'/re copioui, LoC'ipIelior, uberior. 

Cob:oufnefj, Abundantia ; faculta^, vis, 

Cofpe , or ccped, Cacuminatus 5 cridatus, 

lotrakt copped, cj. Cacumiuo. 

^ Togrnu copped, In caput coalefcere. 

^1 A^nUirMBf cofpel, AuriAr s catiojs. 

Copper, Cuprum, •orichalcum, cj Cyprlum. 

A copper [furnace] Ahenum, caldariuin. 

The topper ivorm, •Teredo. 

^ A copper plate. Tabula xnea. 

4f Copper for ordnance, ^s turmentis bellicis 
fundendis utile. 

Copper, adj. JEneus, zrarius, Cyprius. 

^\ Asyellow ai cofptr, • Orichalcum colore 

f A copper nofe, Nafus gemmatus. 

Copper ruj}. j^rugo. 

Acoj-per Jtr.ub, Faber asrarlus. 

A copper ftone, •Pyrites, a, m. 

Copperas, Sutniium alramentum, || vitriolum. 

A copfe or coppice, Sylva csdua, fyivula. 

To copje (Switt) Sylvulam fervare. 

To copulate, Copulo, copula neftere. 

A copulation, Copulatio,. conjun£lio. 

Cariwl cop:ih!ion. Coitus, cbncubitus. 

Copulittt've, II' Copulativus. 

Acopy, Exemplar, exemplum, defcriptio. 

The cofy or traijcripi of any luriting, Exfcrip- 
tum, • apographon, Plin. 

The firji copy, * Archetypum. ^ / delivered 
my jirji copy, refervln^ no counterpart, archety- 
pum illi tiadidi, nujio *autogtapha apud me 

A copy of the author's nwn ban:!, Chyrogra- 
phum autorii, 

A copy to turite after. Exemplar. 

A copy hook. Liber fcripturae exempla con- 

A copy ofverfes, Carminum exemplar. 

To Jet one a copy, Literas alicui pracformare. 

To Jet a copy to imitate, Exemplum imitan- 
dum proponere. 

To copy after or mitale, Tmitor, aliquem imi- 
tando effingere, vel cxprimere ; aliquem imi- 
tatione afTequi, Wconfequi. 

To copy out, Defcrlbo, exfcribo, tranfcribo. 

Copjeti out. Dcfcripius, exicriptus, tranlcriptus, 

A copying after, Imitatio. 

Acopyin gout, Defcriptio. 

Acopy toil, Przdium || beneficiarium, ||ten- 
ura per copiam rotuli curiae, fl Met. This af- 
fair touchetb your copy bold, agitur res tua. 

% Copy money, Pccunia pro cxemplari alicu- 
juslibri *typis cvulgandi foluta. 

J The coq'itluchoe [a fever with a cough] * 
Morbus cucullus, A. 

A coquet, Virgo It/ mulier, carta fed mori 
bus non fatis feveris. 

^ To plajthe cojurt, PetulantiCis cum viris 

Cofuetry, Petulantia. 

Coral [a fea plant] • Corallium, V. Lat. 

^ A coral fjr young children, Crepitaculum 

* coralloornatum. 

Made of coral, Ex * corallioconfciflus. 

Coralline or coral rtwjs, Mufcus marinus. 

A coranto, curranto or ccrar.t [dance] Tripu- 
dium curforiam ; chorea curforia. 

A corian [alms box] "H Gaaoypbylacium, 
A/,f/c«. donarium. 

Corie [Spenf.J Gurus, gibbus, 

A corbel, or corbetal [nivhc for an image] Sta- 
tuae loculamentum, 

Wrcr^t/[in mafonry] Mutulus. 

A cord or rope, Funir, rcflis ; fiinalc; tomex, 

AjtJiall cord. Funiculus, refticula, ^arr, 

A cord ivhernuicb condemned perjons were bound, 

* Camus, Plaul, 

fl To cord up, Reftibus fuccingcre. 

Mailing cords, Coaftilia, pi. 

^ A cord of tuqikl , Lignorum ftrues. 

^ To make into c.rds, Redes contorqucrc, 

yl cord maker, Kediu. 

Cordage, Funcs, pi. funium apparatus. 

Small cor.-lare in a jbip. Funiculi, pi, 

^ Corded up, Reilibus fucciiiftus. 

A cordelier [gray friar of the order of St. 
Francis] 1[ Francilcanus. 

A coriiial, IVtio cardiaca, I., cardiaca, pi. 

Ccrt/jj/ [medicine] Cordi utilis, conveniens. [htirtyl Kx aiiinfi amicus , vcjc bc- 
nevclus j amotis & (iudii plenus. 

Cordially, Ex animo| ex imo peflorej W» 
pedlorci I'ummo iludio j fumma voluntate. 

Ccrdiah;ejt, cordiality. Amor verus, Ungularis^ 
vfl fummus, in, vc/crga, aliquem. 

The cording!, or firings, of a trumpet, Tubae 

The cordon of a wall, Muri corona. 

^ Cordovan leather, Corium Cotdubenfe, co« 
rium caprinum. 

Acordweincr, Sutor ; calccarius. 

The core of fruit, Cicus, a/, cicum ; volva; 
loculus lemmum. 

^1 The care of a bile, * Ulceris medulla, ve/finuSt 

Cariceous, (Arb.) Ex corio. 

CoriancUr feed, Granum coriandri, 

Aioiky Suber, rrij, n. 

Tie cork tree, Suber [arbor.] 

Of cork, corky, (Sh.) Subereus, L. A. 

ff A cork /hoe, Calceus fubere nixus. 

f[ To cork, ot fiop with a cork, Suberimmit* 
tere, I'uberc ocdudere. 

Corked, Subereocdufus. 

A cormorant, Curvus, aquatlcus, *phalacro- 
corax, Plin. 

A carmorahl [glutton] Helluo, vorax j Met, 

Corn, Far, frumentum ; frugis, gen, granum, 
annona. 'Note, none of thefe words Cgnify 
what we mean by corn j Far and frumentum 
come neareft, but are ufed only of wheal, that 
Cometh up in ears j frugis chiefly and properly 
relateth to pulfe, beans, peas, vetches, (Sfc, 
rranum fignifieth both the former ; annona fig- 
nifieth all the former, and alfo wine, oil, flclh, 
&c. Annona macelli, Suet, Tiber, c. 34. f[ 
The corn was new near ripe, leges jam piopu 
matura erat. Corn growetb dear, annona iagra- 
vcfcit. By all thefe means corn rofe in price, hia 
tamen omnibus annona crevit. Corn is cheap, 
annona evilefcit, A. 

A f'-gle carnorgiah, Granum. 

Standing corn, Scges. 

Aarnfdd, Arvum, with corn growing, fe- 
gete ornatum. 

f\ Corn that rijeth of the lafi year's feed, Seges 

The beard of corn, AriHa. 

An ear of corn, 'Spica, fpicum. 

Mtjlin corn, Farrago. 

m St. Peter's corn. Panic»m loculare. 

^f March com, Triticum trimefire. 

Arnmel corn, or fiarcb corn, *Amylum« 

Indian corn, Milium Indicum. 

Of, or belonging to corn, 'l- Triticeus, farrens. 

Cornripe, Seges (lava, Wadulta. 
J^hiapnefs f corn, Anncna vilitas. 

Dearr.efs of corn, Annona caritas. 

To gather corn, Ftumentor, frugcs perciftre, , 

A .orn gatherer, + Frugilegus. 

Acorn lift, Granarium, horreum. 

Corn ground to meal. Farina, 

Corn rofe, Lolium, •melanthlon. 

Corn flag, or corn fedge. Gladiolus. 

Abartey corn, Granum hordei, "piperij. 

A pepper com, Granum. 

Corn fallad, Laftuca agnina. 

Acorn of fall, Salis mica, W granum. 

f To CO' n with fall, Salem infpergiirf, fa.'e 

Corned, Salecondltus. • 

A corn en the toes. Callus, callum ; pedum 
*clavu5, Celf, 

% Tocut corns. Pedum 'clavos fuperraderc. 

% Aarn cutler, 'Clavorum pedis eiemptor. 

Cornai^e, \\ Corn.igium. 

Aoriiil tree, Cornuj, /'. f. 

Alitlll corncltree, CotnrcluS, ;. f. 

A grove of cornels, Corrietum. 

Of, orhthnging to. cornels, Cotneui. 

A cornel berry, Cornum. 

A cornelian p.M, Sarda lajis, "Onyx corneola. 

Corneous, corny, (Milt.) Corncus, ( l' Prior,) 

A corner, Anguluj. ^ I will creep into fomo 
corr]:r, in angulum aliquo abibo* 

A ctrter [lurking hole] Latebra, teceflus, 

Utibulum. e[ 'JJhcuid hill iit" "'•""' «■'"* 



mny though fverfo I'ttth a corncfy quamvis parvjs 
Jatcbris contenius elfcm, 

Ofy or hehngjr^ to a corner^ Angularis. 
Ji rormr houfif Domus anculaiis, 
j^ corner Jioney Lapis anguUns, 
^be i-6rntr of a touje^ or ivall^ whae men turfif 

jilittid corner, r^ Angtrllu?, al. angululus. 
Corners of riven, Flnfrimim cornua. 
Oftivo corners, Habensduos anjiulos. 
■ Of three corner Sf Trianf.ulus, trijn:;ul3ris. 
Of fur corners, Quadrangulr.ris, C;/. 
^he inner corner cftbc eye, Hirquus, 
CorneredorfuJ/ of corners, An%ii\o{us, ff "^"l- 

Fu/i effecret corners, Latebrofus. 
^ Corner ivife, A iigulo ob verlb. 
Mjde corner tv'fe, Angiilatus. 
In a corner, Secret6» clanculum, 
£y corrers, *\\ Angulatim, Apul. 
Tbecornerofafireei^ or -zv ay, Compltum. 
Ctrners in njualis^ *Anconcs, pi. 
ji cornet [\\\.k\c hornj Buccina. 
^ A mufical cornet, Cornu aeris flexi. 
Jl little CQrmt, Lituus. 

fT To found a CQrr.t$, Bucciaam inflare, buc- 
cinu cane re. 

A ccrnetter (Hakew) Buccinator; cornlcen. 
Accrnetofborfc, Vexilliler, cquitum fignifer. 
% A ccrnct of Paper., Cucullus *=char[aceus. 
A C'.rnet fjh, Buccinum. 
% the corni<.e of a bid, Ledli corona. 
Ibe cornice [of a piilar, or wall] Corona, 

Cornkufafe, Cornkulatus, 
Cornigerout, '^ Coiniger, 
A comyh chough, Craculus. 
^ To cortiute [cuckold] one, * Alienum leftum 
temerdre, wtf/concutcre j nuptam ftuprare. 
Cornuted, Cornutus, 

A corollary, Corollarium^co«rectariunny accef- 

f[ f be coronal future, ComminTura cranii coro- 
Coronary (Bentl.) coronarius. 
The coronation of a king, Pompa qua rex inau- 
guratufy corona: impofirto. 

A coroner, or croivncry Cardis quccfitor. 
Ai-oronct, Corolla, icr'.um. 
Acorporal Manipularius, decurlo, 
^be corporal [fine linen in which the Sacra- 
ment is put] Sacrofan^um pulvinar. 

11 7a take h'n corporal oath, Liquido, "vel con 
ceptis verbis, jurare. 

Corporal, or corporeal, cnrporeus. 
Corporally, ov corpijreaUy, Corpore, fecuodum 

Corporate, Corporatus. 
A corporation Municip'um, 
Of ox IWonging thereto, Municipalls. 
A corporation [company] Sodalitium, fo- 
cictas, vel communltas, corporata, 

Corpcreiy, (Still.) Subftanlia corporca. 
A corps, cadaver. 
A corps du guard, Prjefidium. 
Corpulency ^ Obelitas, crairuies, corpulcntia, 

Corpulent, Corpulentus, obefus, craiTus, pin- 
guis, plenus. 

More corpulent, Corpulentior, habitlor, 
Corpufaes^ Corpufcula, *atomi. 
Corpujcular, Ad corpufcula pertinens. 
A corracle, •Navicula quasdam ex viminibus 
^ontexa & pellibus muniia. A. 

Corradiation, (Bacon) Radiorum conjun£lio. 
Til correal or am^nd, Emendo, elimo, emaculo j 
recognofco. ^ To iorre£i the, no- 
dum in fcirpo quxrere. 

To corte^} anew, Recudo, rctToquo, x/, 
T: Cifrefl [pumrtij Cjftigo, punio. 
Toccrrecl [reprove] Reprehendo. 
C.rre^,oT correiied, Emendatus, cmaculatus. 
C'.rrtn [accural.] Accuiatus, 
A corietlorj Corrcilor, eracxidator, cxcn 
'•frix, f, caftigatur, 
A carrcehr of manners, Cenfor* 


Ccrrc^ing, or torreSiiorr, Correflio. f[ My 
ivrii'mg ivahted the Ujl corniliori^ ultima lima 

efuit mels fcrjptis. 

Cornftion, [puniihmcntj Supplicium, cru- 

CcrreSIion of manners, Cenfura. 

A boufe ofcorrcBion, •Ergaftulam, 

CorreSily^ Ennciidatc, caftipalc. 

Correflnefs in ivrif'rng or [peaking, Aceuratio, 

Corrcfrivc, (South) Vim habcnscorrigendi. 

Correlate, Zjufdem affinitatia. 

Correlatives, Qua fub candem rationcm ca- 

To correfpcnd [fuit] Congruo, convenio. 

Correfpondaice [commerce, or familiarity] Con- 
fortium, Confuerudo, commercium, occulta, 
i;c/mutua, communicatio. 

Correjpondency [agreement] CongruentJa, con- 

ff To hold a correfpondence xoUb one. Literal 
ultro cilroque tranfmittere j cum aliquo con- 
filia communicare. 

Correfpordenl, i or ref ponding, correjponjive (Sh.) 
[fuitabJe] Conveniens, congrucns, confentaneus, 

A ccrrefpondent [bofom friend] Intimus, fami- 
liaris, contiliorum focius & particeps. 

A correfpondcnt [in trade] Abfentis negotio- 
rum procurator, 

A corrider [curtain in fortification] Lorica, 

Corrigible, Quod corrigi potefl;. 

A corrival, Rivalis, aemulus, competitor 
competitrix, f. 

Ct^rroborant, (Bacon) Roborans ; confirmans. 

To corroborate [confirm an agreement] Con- 
firmo, ratum facere. 

To forroierar* [ftrengthen a weakpart] Ro- 
boro, firmo, ccnfirino. 

Corroborated, Roboratus, confirmatus. 

Ccrrcbsrative, Ad rtm aliquam confirmandam 

To corrode Corrodo. 

Corroded, Corrofus. 

A corroding, or cor r of on, a£lus corrodendi. 

Corroding t a '■e, AnxieEas, fulicitudo. 

Corroding, or corroftve, Rodens, exedenj, exe- 
^icndi vi pr^editus, rodsndi vim habcns, 

Corrofveneji, Vis rorrodendi. 

To corrugate \vir\n\c\t'\ Corrugo. 

Corrugated, Corrugatus. 

To corrupt [aft. ) Corrumpo. % To corrupt 
truth by bribery, fidem pretio label'adlare. To 
endeavour to corrupt or:e's hor.cfy, fidem alicui at- 
tentare. He fuffered himfelf to be eafily corrupted, 
pretio habuit addiiflam fidem. Should J fnffer 
myfelfto be corrupted by money to the defruSiion cf 
an innocent perf on ? fidem mcam ad perniciem 
innocentis pecunia commutarem? No money 
Lould corrupt Lim, hunc nulla conditio pecuoijca 
[umma integntate deduxit. 

To corrupt [deflroy] Perdo, difperdo. Met. 

To corrupt [defile] Contamino, cwnquino j 

To corrupt [debauch] Vitio, ftupro, violo. 

To corrupt [infeftj inficio, contagione ali- 
quem afflare. 

To corrupt [fpoil] Depravo, vjtio, pervcrto. 

To corrupt with evil manners, Mahs moribus 

To corrupt, or grovj corrupted, Pulrcfco, mar- 
cefcc, tabefco. 

Corrupt [faulty] Mendofus, vitiofus. 

Corrupt [infeftious] pffliJens. 

Corrupt [naughty] Malus, pravus j infincc- 

Corrupt [noifome] Infalubrls, morbidus. 

Corrupt [rotcn, or tainted] Depravatus, viti- 

Corrupt hkcd. Pus, tabum. % A fux oj 
corrupt flood, finguinis tetri profiuviuro. 

Corr^iptcd [biibedj Donis eaipti^s, numina- 

fl A corrupt Judge, Judex nummaiius. 

C*rrv;rfii [debauched] VitiataV ftupMtus. 


Cvrufi/tJ [Jepnvtd] Inijuuuitui, fodatui 
dcpnviitui. ' 

Cmupitd [putrifiedl Rancidoi, potiMoi, ih 

Not corrufttd, Incorruptui, fincfrai, eiftui, 

Aampiir, Corruptor, violator. 

Ccir.ipiillc, Corruptioni obnoxiui, caducut, 

Cirruftibly, (Sh.l Ex quo^t corruptio. 

A corruption, or corrupiioa of mannir<, Drprl- 
vatio, corruptio, moiet dfpraTati, morum cor« 
rupieJa, ir/ pravitas. 

Corruption [bribery] Rrpetnndae, pi. 

Corruption [in the bodyj tabes. 

Corruptive, Tabificus. 

C rrupiion [infeftion] Corruptela, labej. 

Corruption [roicnnefsj ■}• Potrcdo, pntror, 

Corruplkjt, (Dryd.) Cortuptionis eipcrs. 

Corruptly, Corrupte, depravate* 

Corruptly [filthily] Purulente, fordidJ j d*. 
pravate, mcndofe, perdite. 

Atorjiet, Lorica. 

A corjlri, or broad giriVi, •Periiooiun), prae. 

Cortical (Ch?ync) CortlettteJ (Br.) eorticatui, 

V ApiicKaa tucuring a corjkt. Miles hafiutiis, 
^e/ ioncatus. 

Corufiant [glittering] Rutilans, corufcant. 

A corufiation, |] Cotufcatio, Ailguratio, Sen, 

Corymhifcroui, rj> Corymbifcr. 

Cofmtticks, Qua: ad ornatum pertinSnt. 

Cofmical (fit.) Simu) oriens cum fole. 

Acojmograpker, Orbis dcfcriptor. 

Cojinograpbical, Ad muudi defcriptionem per- 

Cofmogro^hy, Mundi dcfcriptio. 

f\ Coffct iamht, Agni cordi. 

Cofl, Impenfa, fumptus. fl' Ue luitl d» 
it toyour ccji, ficiet, neque fine tuo magno mz- 
lo. / have Icarr.t it to my coji, non levi docu- 
mentoexpertus fum, opera & impcnfa periit. 

The cofl of a fuit, Impenfa; a£lionis judicialis. 

1o tax the cojli of a Juit, Litem aenimaie. 

To hfi:/iu coji upon, Impenfam & fumptura 
in rem aiiquam taccre. 

To cojl, Ccnfto. f^ Nothing toill afiUfs, re» 
nulla minoris conftabit, // njieth nothing, gra. 
ttsconftat. Ji coflelb left by half, minoris conf- 
tat dimidio. Whxcvcr itcojleib it is ixell Uu^ht^ 
quanti quanti bene emitur. 

Eelonging to coji, Sumptuarius. 

Af>]l [m herakry] Fafciula. 

Coftal, (Br.) Ad coilds pertinens. 

C^JIjrJ (Sh.) Caput. 

A ccflard, {{ QKErarium. 

A coward tree, |j Quaerarius, /, f. 

A c-jjiard monger, Poniarius, inrtitor poma- 

Coflivc, Dunis, conllipatus, compteflbs, alvo 

To make ccfiive, Aftringo, alvum contrahcre, 

fl The lelly h cojiivi, Con&itit venter, piger 
eft venter. 

Co/live, maiirg cofiive, Aftringens, •ftypti- 

Tbt toJ}rvt tree. Arbor {| Atnericana ftyptica. 

Ceihi'enefi, Alvi allridtio, duritia. 

CoJI/iiufi, Cirilas. 

^[ Cfllinffs in apparel, Vcftitus mollis. 

Ccfly [dear, adj.] Pretiofus, carus, magno 
ccnftanF, 'vi/emptus. 

Ctjily [cxpenfire] Sumptuofus, luTuriofus- 

Ccji.'y [ftately] Splendidus, magoi^cus, lau- 

Cojily [in banqueting] Opiparus, dapfilis, <i% 

'Jofi!y, Sumptuost, magnilicenter. 

CoJ:yinfare\zA\.'^ Opiparc, laute. 

Coftmary, Mentha Grxca. 

^f Ale c^Jt, Coftus hortortim. 

Coflus [a fvutelheib] Coftus, i, f. 

A cot, cot ^uciiif, or c^fifh ftrjin. Qui fe re- 
bus »d TTiuIiercspertinentibus niinis intermirccC. 

Cot [refufe wool] Lana rejeftanea, 

AeolOtcmiage, Cafa, luguiium, gur^uflium. 

C O V 

'Aft>*ep c0, ^ CmU, orikc, u, fir 

Csntemfsrary, Kqualis, <p squaevut; ejoriflrr 

yi li ! tie cot tare y Cafula, tugariolum^ 2* 

jictttagff^ Tufurii iiicota. 

Cutony *Xyion, goflipinm. 

O/i or heheging w, «f/£»», •XylinuJ, goffipi- 

ff Cottonehtb, Veftis •xylina. 

Whiti C9tton^ •Leuconiom. 

TbfiuffivitfdCittoM, «Xy}ofuff\ilcii«, 

Stuffed ttittb cotton^ •Xjio fuff'ultus. 

T* f3.7?v, (Swift) Convenio, confentio, 

C'.itCK^rafij Gramen |) tomontofum. 

C:ttoTt tbijikf • Aocia, •acanthion, 

Ctit^Hiveed, I Coton:iria, 

Acoucb, •GraWatiis, teflos, ftratumi 

/I c<imb f^'ime^ Piuteus, ie^olus. 

A ciucb-, ofka-va^ or ^rgfij ""Stibadiuni. 

T? c9ueb[\Xi wririRgJScriptoconcludcre, com- 
frehendcre, complefti, innucie. 

7o ceucb [compriiej Comprehcndo, com 

f| Ta f5x.-o tf?i ^'f, •Lcucoma detrahcre, 've/ 

TV foacZ)^ or Rf, ^^n, Cubo, procumbo, 
fuccumto, (uhuif proftcrnor, 

CiuchiiiUf Cubans, jacans* 

Coucfxdf Comprehenfu?, 

^ Co'.icb grafsy Crflmencaninum. 

A coucb-felli'zo, (Sh.) ConlubernaKs. 

A couching [in or under] Subjcclus. 

AcGicbingj GT lying fisfivnj Cubatio, ^tffr, 

A couebing ofrbings tcgeibcry Coagmentum. 

Covenab/e [agrceablcj Conveniens, accom 

A covenant, Conventum, Compaftura pac 
tutn ; paOio, fponfio ; fcedus; votum. 

A cyveftant breaker t Foedtfragus. 

A (oueaant fertiantf Servus ex compaflo. 

%Tofiick to bn fo-vinant, Convencis ftar«, * 
pactum ferv2re, paifliunibus mantre. 

To ar/ee up^r. covenantiy *De-.>acircor, 

T« c!!vcnen(f • PacKcor, ftipulor, inftipulor, 
contraho, paclionem tacere j inducias, pacenn, 
ioc'etatem pangere. 

Httv'ir.g co-venanteJy Paftus, dcpaftus. 

C»ver:ariretiy Paitus, coniUtutus. 

A (cvem^ntiHgy *Paftio. 

A co'venty V. Ccjrvent, 

Covent-ybcIU [hfrb] Violae Mariana?, 

A rofiry Operculum, legmen, 

^beccverofa ho^k, *Sittybus, vel potiiis ut 
fcripfit, Cic. ffiTTt//?;f. 

Ibcccverofaiveily Puteal. 

Actver [pretence] PreBtcxtus, prstcxtuDi; 
obtfntiis, 4. 

Ta co^tr, Tcgo, intego, protego, operio, velo, 
advel<>, occuTtOiVeftio. 

To cii.'vefy or co'ic^al, AliquJd aliquem celare. 

To Clever all about y Ciicutntego, circumgbruo, 

To c'^vcr Ufore^ Praf tcgo. 

Ta cvtr [difguife] Alicui rci fpcciem, vel 
alicnam formam, inducere. 

'To (cvir fas a b-'d] Stcrno, compono. 

T-j cover [as a horl'c] Inro, equam allilire. 

To cover OTtefy Obduco, obtego, ebumbro, 
fuperintego, fupcr^mpono, fuperftsrno. 

To cover a tabUy Menfdm inftrocrc. 

To cctfcr over and over, S uperobruo. 

To he coTJered, Tf gor. 

Covired, Teftu?, inteftus, obte£lus, opcrtos, 
adopcrttis, invclut'i', 

ff £ecGvere<!y Operi caput. 

C'.v€red abou'y CircumvoliituSj circamt':<£Vm. 

Covered all over lu'ilb armour^ •Cataphrac- 

Covered before y Pr*tertns. 

C&veredivuh earthy Obrutui, dcfofTus, 

Covered ivi'h f tat Lei i, *> PUmiatuB. 

r.rafs (ovtred':v:tb goldy Siib»iatii5. 

Covered ovcry Obduiftus, coopcrlus j inflratus. 

Ci-vered cvtr and fivery Mcrfns. 

A covered tt'^y fin fortification] Pluteus. 

Acoieriigy Teamen, vcbmen^ icguaiciitum, 

C o U 

veliMtntum, tnteguituntum, «perim:ntum. 

A over'm^ofarr^s^ •Peri/lroma, tf.-ii, n. 

Tl'C wvir'tng of a iietff Sfra^u'iim, 

T*^ cmtrin^cf a haufe, Tf^u^n. 

Th/ covtring of tt koujc, with f ale, or lilt, "J" 

^j covering [the aftion] OMoftio. , 

ji csvthiig \dolh'mf] Amiftus, veftilos. 

^fc;i/i//n5j- [hiding] Praetextus, fimulado. 

^ coviring (of defence) Munimentum, 

7her6ur:J covering tfahoufc^ "Petafus, 

T&t cmiring eft mare, Initus, admiffura, 

The covering of a ten;, *Peripetafma. 

j4 ctver.'ti, Ihagula, flratiulum, inftratum, 
rtratum j velamen j opertorium, Sen, 

A coarje cwtrlit, *Tcge5 «J» pallia, pi. 

Cover:, Tci^us. 

A cmert fir htajii, Latibulum, laKbra. 

A covert baron. Uxor, mulier fub poteftate 

Covertly [fecretly] Clam, claneulum, •tefle, 
ibdite, tacite, diflimulanter, 

C vertwjsy Arcanum, 

Under crvcrtun. Sub tuteJa & poteftate viri. 

to covel, Cufio, appeto, inhio ; aveo. %\ 
AH eovit, ell l«fe, Camelus dcfiderans cornua 
ctiam amt^s perdidit. 

To co^ei earjujily, Sitio, concupifco, percu- 
pio ; cxpeto. 

Coveted, Cupitns, concupitus, dslideratus. 

Coveting, Cupiens, appetens. 

A coveting, Cupiditas, appetitus, appetitio, 

Cvetous [avaricious] Avarus ; auri, petunia, 
divitiarum, cupidus, avtdtis, appetens, 

Covdout [defironsj Cupidus, avidus, appe- 

Somewhat covetous, Parcus, ad rem attentior, 
Met. tenax. 

y^ry covetous, Valde avarus. ^ He is very 
iO^'etous, infatiabili divtiarum fiti flagrat, 

Covttpijjly, A'varc, avide, cupide. 

Coveio-jjr.efs, covcifi; (Sfenf.) Avaritia, i. 
pecunix aviditas, vet cupiditas ; argeoti litis, 
auri fames, r^> cufit^o. 

fl A cwcy of, fatridges, Perdicum puUities, 
vel grex. 

A ccugh, Ti.(!i3, 

To cough, Tuliio. 

To cm^gL cut, or cafl out hy coughing, Exfcreare, 
Ifxtuflire ; tu(1iendo expueie, 

A little co-go, Tufficula, 

^ The chin cough, Tulfis anhela, vel fpinalis, 

A cough of tie lungs, Tuliis pulmonaria, 

A cougher, Tuffi laborans. 

Covin, Collufio, pravaiicat'O ; fraus. 

By cyi'in, Fraiide, fradulenter, dolose, 

I could, Poffiim, foltii. ^J / never could, 
nunquam mihi licitum eft. 1 -would flrive all 
thai ever I could, quantCim maxime poflum con- 
tenderem, Wh-.lfl I could fee, dura poteftas fuit 
mihi vidcndi. You brought tbcm u^ as vrll as 
you could, illos pro re toUebas lua. By asgreat 
marches as ever I could, quam potui maximis 
itineiibus, / htlped the bcfi I could, pro mea 
par'e adjiivi. ]f be could any way, ii qua facuK 
tasfu dirt. 

A coulit. Jus gallinaccum, L. A.